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' .■ / ^ ^c^VfX - Co-iftr^vr,, 

^./^ /r. 

• H « » »»* 





liOBKliT FINCH, M.A:, 





r • 


I • 




• • 








10 N D Nf 

• < 

'ffomD roK w. rcAcocK k soks, Salisbury. sotiAJtc 


PHnterf bjr 


TfterbgroHcit- Court, rlccb-Sir«f% 



, THB 



HOWEVER unworthy this little work may 
appear of the conspicuous h6nour of being the 
first inscribed, to Your Royal Highness, it may 
stand as a proof of 'the value o'f that illustrious 
patronage which can give grace tq an offering sq 
humble, and dignity to.a produption which might 
else be disregarded. >ilt js hot;*rlthout heartfelt 
pride that we boast of tEe"permission we have- 
obtained to dedicate this small performance io 
Your Royal Highness; a work which has for its 
object to facilitate among Britons the under- 
standing of those epic poets who have comme- 
monited the illustrious House of Este, a House 
which numbers among its ancestors those who 



belong to that, ever dear to the people of these 
Islands, the House of Hanover. With all the 
•entiments of enthusiastic veneration and dutiful 
attachment which such recollections can inspire, 
strengthened by a profound sense of Your Royal 
Highnesses gracious condescension, wc humbly. 
lay this trifle before you, requesting Your Rpyal 
Highness to believe that we are, 

with all duty, byaljy.,-and respect, 


Your Royal HighnessV 

most obedient 

and devoted 

humble Servants, 

TIFE proprietors! 


IN the work here presented tQ tbe Public, U has 
been the cndeavoar of the Proprietors to unite elcganci;. 
with utility. The models, presented to them in th€ 
{publication of several. Dictionaries in the size and^ form, 
here adopted, led them to imagine that one of the. Ita- 
lian language would be a desiiable addition to those 
* compendious stores of information. That ^nguaget in- 
deed had a peculiar claim to the recommendations o^ 
elegance, since its use in the mere ordinary transactions 
of life is very limited, while it is to tbe libera], the po- 
lite, the refined, and the noble, a source of increasing intel- 
ligence^ and perpetual flight. The votaries of fashion- 
able amusement will find this little work an instructive 
and useful companion, while those who are disposed to 
explore the repositories of information to which they are 
invited by the researches of recent writers, such as Roscoe 

and Walker, will draw continual aid from this copious 
though portable expositor. 

Every attempt at utility is diminished in its effect, 
if not intirely frustrated, by an appearance of arrogant 
pretension or interested deceit. It is not, therefore, to 
be denied, that the principal parts of this Dictionary an 


derived from the publications of the same kind which 
have made their appearance in diflfcrent parts of Europe, 
particularly London and Paris, but it is trusted that those 
who compare with accuracy and impartiahty will dis- 
cover that not only the best parts of those works have 
been selected, but many useful particulars added. 

In general, it has been the intent of this book to 
avoid the fault so commonly found in abridgments, that 
of furnishing a mere glossarial explanation of words, and 
although the size did not allow of all the extension of 
matter which would constitute a complete critical Dic- 
tionary, yet to give such ample and diversified explana- 
tions as will enable the inquirer to ascertain all the varied 
meanings and applications of terms in cither language. 


It cannol be expected that so comprncfions a work as, the present shonM 
conuio a complete gratpnan The rules of pronuvciation, etymology, and 
sjnt-tx iBQit btf acqaired by the aid of a master, or from a more detailed 
tmiise, before a dictiotiary can be used to advaotage, and therefore the few 
grammatical tables which are subjoined mast be considered merely as intended 
toremore a momentary diihculty which may arise in varying tite case or tense 
0/ anaan or verb, when found in the dictionary, and not as a body of instruo- 
ttoQ fuiEcicDt to guide a person unacquainted with the laognage. 

The parts of speech in Italian arc nirje. 

The Artkk denoted hi thu dictionary by „„ gri, 

X3un,vh,ich being divided into substanliTe and adjective, and the former -v s. m, 
distiogaished by masculine and feminine, is denoted in each > s.A 
state, by thcK marks ^ ......-' aif* 

Pr:mcmt « „ jtrm, Ccnjunctton eon/* 

Vfrb ...„,.„ <»....... V, Preposit'tM ..., fref, 

Pvt'xifie part. ' and 

JUvtrh ,.,. aiv. InterjKthn ,.... « interj* 

THE AHTICLE is used in the declension of Nounii, and serves to indicate 
tl'.pir gender, and distinguish tbe singular from the plural number. Th(,)se used 
before neons of the masculine gender are //, and k, which, by coiilraciioB, 
viiere the noun begins with a vowel, becomes /*. That applied to the feminine 
is L3, or when contracted r. The following specimens will clearly display this 
part of the subject ; but it must be ivemised that the article has no vocatire 


The masculine il joined to a noun. 




n libro tiie book 


I librl the books 


del libro of the book 


del or de' libri of the books 


al libro t9 ihebook 


ai or a' libri to the books 


il libro tlie book 


I librl the books 


o libro o book 


o libri books 

A '. 

dal libro from the book. 


dal or dd' libri from the bool 

The masculine lo joined to a noun. 
Singular, Vturdl. 

>:-j. loscolare the scholar V'm. gli scolari the scholaw 

t". delloscoUre of the scholar Cm. degll scolari of the schoUra 

I*/. aUoscoIare to the scholar Dr.r. agli scolari to the scbolcirs 

-.V. loscolare the scholar A:.-, gliscal.u-l the scholars 

r-. osGoiarc o scholar vo.-. osco:.iri ° "'"'^A^^holaf 

Akl. daliofC9Ur« from the scholar. 4W. dagli scolari from the scoo* 


The maicalipe Article coolracted into f 




1' inello 

the ring 


gli anelU 

the riagt 


dell' ane!Io 

of the ring 


(iegli aiirlll 

of the ringf 


«n* aoello 

to the ring 


agli and 11 

to the rings 


1' aoclio 

Hie ring 


gli andli 

the rings 






• riogs 


dalt' ancilo 

from tlie ring. 


dagli anein 

• from tlie rio 

The fcmi&iM Article to, wiUianuun. 

\»otn, la prlncipeu# tlie prtnccai 
Gm. delta principena of the princess 
TMt. alia principe&ia to the princes* 
Ate* la principeM* the priBcess 
Koc. o priQClpesia. opttnccsi 

M0CB. 1« principeni the prlnemet 

Cm. dellepriacipcMi of ihepriacesses , 
Vat. alk* prlncl|)essl to the grincesMiL 
jtv. Iw- principeasi the prinresics 
Koc. o principeasi o princcsset 

AhL daitapriocipeia^fromtbeprUMCse ^Ai. dalle priacipeat IromthcprlnocKM 

Tlie femiQio« Article contracted. 




V anlraa 

tiie f ou) 


le aolme 

llif souls 


dell' anima 

of tlie soul 


delle aninie 

of the souls 


all* aolma 

to the <oul 


allc anime 

to the bohIs 


1' nnima 

the »oul 


le anhne 

the souls 






Q souls 


dall' anima 

fioui the soul 


daUe unime 

from the souls. 

To some Kouns wblrh d«no(e the proper names of persons and places, tlie,lodc# 
«lte. artida is used, whidt is tlui4 declined. 



of Ijondon 
to London 
o London 

Vom. Giorgio Ceorgfl Vom* Loodra 

Ctn. di Giorgio of Gcorse ikti. di Londra 

Hat. a Giorgio to Ccorgo. Hat* > l^ondr^ 

Ati. Giorgio George ak, Londra 

Voc. Giorgio o George Voc. o Loodrs 

Ahl. da Giorg>o by or from George 4M. da Londra 

But It should be oliserved that by the Idiom of the Italian Language some proper 
names are declined with the definite article, as Twso, \l Tajto,, FAriano. 

The rules rclntlnt to the Gendcn of N'oiins and the comparatives of Adject Itcs, are 
too numerous to be inserted berei nor will il be necessary to olTcr more than one 
general ohwrrallonon (he aiigmeoiative and diminutive terminations so moch used 
In Italian. Tlie former are generally.made by adding to a noun, wliether substantive 
or adjectire, aceh, or ont, and are most frequently expressive of disgust f the latter 
Which principally consist in ins, iwi etto, itta; Imlft Jeeie, and some acenmula* 
tions and variations of these, an la HD<ral.uied to •icp«iM«Bdearaicot« baC<8eme* 
liHIff to iikd^t«.Q«ptcmp(4 * 


ttiOSO\JJIS>^MI0^if% UuM dfcUnei. 

Van. 40 

CM. di me 
^*of» «me 
ice. flse 



of me 

4(1. da me from or by ne 

First penen. 

Npm,, ooi 

Gm. di nai 

Dot, a noi 

Ac^ noi 

4V, da npl 

of u« 
to OS 

from or by 




di te 






of (bee 

to thee 




Horn, Tol 

Grtu di Toi 

B9t* a vol 

Ac. roi 

Vae. o roi 

Abu da Toi ' from or by yoe. 

j-e or jom 

of you 
to yo» 






of blm 
to bim 

Tbifi.fKnoft maaeulSiie* 

Vom, es^|po0rc(4ofp Utef 

dl loro of (iiem 


a loro 

4H. da lai fromor by bin) Aid, 4a loro 

to tliem 


fraaor l«y<i>MBi» 





elia or cSm (he 

dilef ofber 

a lei to her 

lei ber 
da lei 

Third person feminine, 


N9m> elleoo pr e|fc crcaloro they 
Cm. di loro of ibem 

Dot* a. loro. to them 

Ate lore Ihcm 

from or by her Ait. dalofo 

from or by tlifiA* 

SCj 00^ self, is of botb lUUnboe^nnd! gCAder»; and for more elegance the 
tord stesso is generally added — it is declined with di—a — and Ja, 
for the ciUier classes of pronouns the read<r is referr.ed to ih(^ Grammars* 

VEXB9. Beside the Auxiliary verbs,, tliere are three regular Conjugations, 
the forms of all which are iufajolncd» but the pronouns k, tu, egli or tUa ; flo^ 
**i,tiim, w,tUaH, am not rc^eate4,,eJc<;epLwWfiQ«.ces»ry> 

The auxiliary verb.AV£'Rf« tp.b^vf^ 

Pmatt. Tm/t* 
loho, t hatfli to bai. t^ft» hast; egjl h*» W»»W »eiAb'»l*'«n<'* we hate » 
*Vi avetc ye bate i cgUcb bauooi they hate* 



I'retcrimperfect— 1 had, &c< 
ArcfrOt are'* I, ave'va |— «veTa'mo« aTeva'le^ artffUM, 

Freterperi^ct deflnite— I had, &c. 
■bbl, are'sti, e'bbe ;— afe'mtno, are'ttei ebbe'ro, or ebbo'noi 

Freterperfect indefinite— I hare liad, &c. 
Xo aTu'to, hal aTato, ha ayuto;— abbiamo avato, avete avato, banno arnto. 

Fi-eterpluperfcct Indefinite— I Lad had, &c. 
Arero atuIOi avevi avu'.o, aveva aruto ;— 4TeTamo aratOy averate amtO|» 

are? ano arato. 

Freterpluperfect definite— I bad had, &c; 

Ebbt aratOf avcsli avuto, ebbe abuto ;— avemmo avuto, areite ayvto, ebben 


Future— I shall or nill have. 

Avro't arra'i, arra'; — avre'roo, avre'te, aTra'nno* 


Abbia tu, have thou ; Abbia egli, let him have; AbblaW noli letHSkare; 
Abbiate vol, have you ; Abbiano eglino, let them have.. 


Prcacnt— That I have, *c. 

V Che io aT bia, che tu abMa, ch' egll abbia ;— che nol abblamo, cbe rol tith 
biate, ch' eglino abbiano. 

■ • 

First preterlm perfect'— That or if I liad. 
Che or se ave'ssi— ave's>i— ave'ase;— ave'aiimo— ave'aie, avc'sfero.] 

Second prcteri m perfect— ^I would or could have. 
Avre'i, avre'nti, avie'bbe;— avre'mmo, avre'slc, avre'bbero* 

Cbe io abbia avuto— That 1 bare had, &c. 

Che or se io ave'ui avulo— That or if I had, Arc. 

Second preterplupcrfect. 
Io avrci avuto— I could, tliouid, or would hare had, Irc. 

Ouando Io avro avuto— When I shall have bad, &c» 

Fresent— Ave're, to have. 
Praterperfecf.— Avere aruto — to have had. 
ff Hiure.->Averc ad av«r« or csiere per arerci te be aboui to hare* 


rarticiple. — Artilo— {mas.) avuta {/enuy—pt. avaU« artte, luid. 

CeniBds.— ^rendo, coU* avere, nell' arere, batinc, or in bafiBg areiito 
Voto; harioglui]. 

The auxiliary verb £'SS£SE-4o be. 

Present— 1 am, &c. 
Bo'no, se^> e* ;— 4ia'mo, sit/te, •o'no. 

Preterim perfect— I was, fcc. 
I'ro, c'ri, e'ra ;— <nTa'mo, ereya'ie, e'ran^b 

Preterperfect— I was, &c. 
Pui, fo'sti, fu* i — fu'mmo, fostCj^ fu'rono. 

Preterperfect indefinite— I hare been, Ac. 
SoBO itato, sei suto, e stato ;— siamo stati, siete statij sobo staU* 

Preterplaperfect indefinite. 
£ro stato— I had been, &c. 
Preterplaperfect deAnite. 
Pal stato— I had been, &c. 

Putare— I shall or will be, kc, 
Saro^ lara'i, sara* ;— aare'mo, sare'te, sara'ono. 


>ii er lU ta, be thoa ; Sia egli, let him be ; Sia'mo, let ui be; Sia'tCj be J9 ; 
Ka'ap, let them be. 


Present;— That 1 be, &c. 
Che io tl'a— tu sia— egU sia i— che noi aia'mo— roi sla'te— eglino lia'no* 

First preterimperfiect— That I were, might or coaW be, Ac. 
Che or se io fossi—fosst— fosse— fossimo, fo'ste, fi/ssero* 

lecond preterimperfect- 1 should, would, or could be, &c« 
eare'i, sare'sti, sarelibe j— sare'mmo, sare'ste, saro^bbero. 

Cbe io sia stato;— that I hare been, Ac— lathe plural stati, 

6e io fbasi siato— If I had been, Ac. 

Second Preterpluperfcct. - 
Io sarei stato— 1 should, would, or could have been, Ac. 

««o lUlo, lan'i lUta, %uii^ lUlOj-wc'iBO lUU, Jare'le »Uti, 8»ra'«»o stole. 












PKtcrperfect ; lliat 1 bare lo? fd, &r* 




First preterpluperfect ; If 1 bad lovtdi &f . 




Secoad preterpluperfecl ; I should or would have lorcdi At, 







• Arro 





Future ; I (ball hare lored, &t. 




Preaent.— Ama'rc— Tcnae're— aentl're— To lote, fear, hear. 
Prelerpcrfect.--Averc ama'to— temu'lo—atDti'lo ;— to have Toved, &«. 
f iture.— Avere a, or easere per, amare, temere, sentire ;— to be about to lov«4 
rariicIple.—Aniato {nuu.) Amata Wetn.y-Vl. Amati^ amate, lored. 
Temuto [moj.) Temuta (/em.) TemutI, temute, feared. 
Senttto {riMt.) Seniita (/em.) Sentiti, lentfte, heard* 
Cerundi.— Amando, coU' amare, nell' amare, loring, or in loviof. 
Avendo amato, having l0Ted« 
Temendo &c. trarlng. 
Sentendo, 6tc. hearing. 

Each of Ibese conjugations has masy Irregular rerbs which are foand is 
Cram mars. 

The remaining parts of Speech, being undeclined, require no elucidation io 1| 






! A itidef. art. a me, to me ; a toi, to you. LAbbarbica'to, adj. rooted. 
■**> A, prtf. to,lDjby, with, tow arils, 

, Abbarra're, v. to bar. 
upon, at ; nutri're a latte, tp nourtsh Abbarutfame'nto, t.m. an affraf 
with milk; a tt-amonta'Da, towards the Abbaniifa'rr, r. toskuffle, dispute, 
north ; a cre'di to, upon trust ; a casa,[Abbassagio'ne, ^./. 
at home'. 

Abade'tsa, s,f. an abbess. 

Aba'ie^ s. m. an abbot. 

Abat(/ne, j. jb. a fat, or rich abbot. 

Abatii'ccio, s. tn. a little^ or poor abbot. 

Abaz/a, s.f. an abbey. 

Abbaca're, v. to be confused. 

Abbachia're, v. to beat down with a pole. 

Abbacbi'ata, '• «• S *° *"'>»»*•*"=""'. 
Abbaciname'nto, s.m. theactof d:)Z2ltii?. 
Abbacina're, v. to dazzle, cloud, blind. 
Abbicina'to, aJj. dazzled, blinded. 
A'bbaco, s. m, arithmetic. 
Abbada're, v. to take care ; abba'da a te, 

uke care of yourself. 
t^bideftRB, s.f. an abbess. 
Abbadi'a, s.J an abbey. 
Abbagliame'nto, s.m. a dazzling, rashness, 
ibbaglia're, v. to dazzle, to beguile. 
ibb;iglia'to, aJj. dazzled. 

bb^i^lid'nza, s.f. a mistake, dazzling. 

jba'ulio, s.m* ) , j___ii^_ 

.baglio're, i.m} *'**">'"«• 
-bbajame'nto, s.m. a barking. 
bbija'nte, adj. barklnv, baying. 
ibbaj /re, v. to bark, disclose, boast, talk 


Ibb^j/to, a4/. barked, disclosed. 
ibbaiato're, s.m. a barker, dun, slanderer. 
tbi)a'ino, s.m, a dormer- wmdow. 
ibballa're, v. to pack up. 
ibballato're, s.m. a packer. 
>b'>atordi're, v. to stun, 
b'andoname'nto, s.m, abandoning. 

!) indona'rf, v. to iorsake, give over; ab- 
ba ndona'rst, to despond. 

'bandonatnme'nte, adv. vehemently. 

Dbiitdon 'to, oi/. forsaken, given over. 

>b')andonat(/re, s.m. a forsaker, deserter. 

bbandonevolme'ote, adv. desperately. 

ibbaodo'no, s.m. abandoning ; lascia're in 
abbandono, to leave in confusion. 

ibharbagtia're, v. to dazzle. 

Ujbarba'glio, s.m. a dazzling. 

vbbarbiciCiSi^ i<i to Uk« root* 

lAbassarnVnto, *.i,. } * W»»<UniinuUon, 

Abbassa're, v. to lower, decline. 

Abbassato're, s.m. he that lowers. 

Abba'sso, adv. below. 

Abba'zso. s.m. fail of price. 

Abbasta'nza, adv. enough. 

Abbatac. bia're; beat down with a pole.. 

Abba'ie, s.m. an abhot. 

Abba'Ltere, v. to throw or pull dono, to 
abate:abba'ttersi,to meetw!l,hby rhance. 

Abbattime'nto,.r.jR. weakue^is-, a speciacie« 

Abbat^ito're, s.m. he that throws down. 

^bbatufTola're, v. to inlangle, mix con- 
fused! r. 

Abbella're, T>. to beautify, please. 


Abbelli're, v. to paint, adurn. 

AbbfSiiitu'ra, s.f. cmbel!i»iitnent. 

Abbenche', adv. althC, nolwitlutandinjr. 

Abb(>nda're, v. to bend. 

Abbertesca're, v. to fortify with baltlc. 

Abbeven're, v. to water, drench. 

Abbecato^o, s.m. a waleriog place. 

Abbiada're, v. to give a horse oats. 

Abbica're, v. to heap up. . 

Abbicci^ s.m. tiie a.).habpt. 

Abbte'nte, adj. rich, capable. * 

Abbietta're, vi to disgrace. 

Abbiette'zza, s.f. meanness. . 

Abbie'lto, a4J. vile, abject. 

Abbiezio'ne, s.f. worthles&ness.- 

AbbJgliame'nCo, s.m. dress, furniture. 

Abbiglia're, t>. to adorn, furnish. 

Abbindola'.e, v. to puzzle, deceive. 

Abbiocca'rc, v. to. cluck (like hens). 

Abbioscii're, v. to tall, to l^ag. 

AbViSv-gna're, v. to want; abbiso'gna cU" 
io vada, t must go. 

Abbi'sso, i.m. an abyss. 

Abbituma're, v. to cement. 

Abbiura're, v. to abjure. 

Abbiurazio'nc, s.f. abjtiration. 

Abboccame'itto, s.m. conference. 

Ab'jocca're, v. to fiHupi abboccare «« 


tntitc, to disi:barge into the sea ; abboC' 

ca'rsi, to coofrr. 
Abhoccft'iu. aJJ. sweet, palatable. 
A'yboccottire, v. to cu< ver> sma:!. 
AbbiiJi're, v. to abolji-h. 
Abbolizlo'ne, jj. abolition. 
Abbomina'bile, a4J. abominable. 
Abbotniname'nto, s.m, . abomination. 
Abbomina'nza, <./. ... . execration. 
Al)bominaz> /nc, i./... ' detestation. 
Abbomina'i'i;, i>. to drte«t, liaie. 
Abbomine'vole, aJj* abominable. 
Abhomtnei'olmc/nte, adv. abominably. 
Abbomi'nio, t.m, abomination. 
Abbomino'dO, adj. detestable. 
Abbonacciamc'nto, /.m. a calm. 
Abbonaccia're, V. to calm, parity; ilmar 

s'abbona'ccia, the a^'a grows calm. 
, Abboname'nlo, t.m. agreement. 
* Abbona'i'e, v. tu mend ( abona'rsi, to grow 

Abbondame'ntOi/.m. abundance. 
>bbondafntei aJj. dbundaot. 
Abbondanleroe'nte, adv. abondanlljr. 
Abbonda'nza, i./. plenty. 
Abbondanzie'rv, i.m. a Tictualling com- 
AbboAda'rCf v. to abound. 
Abbonde'vole, aif* plentiiul. 
Abbondcvolmc'nte, adv. plentifully. 
Abbonde'zsa, t.f. abundance. 
Abbondosame'nte, adv. copiously. 
Abbondo'so, adj. copious. 
Abboni're, v. to perfect i aboni'rti, uHm- 

Abborda're, t>. to board, or hail t ship. 
Abbi/rdo, s. m. r«nnrng a ship aboard, 

accesa ; uo'mo di facile abbo'rdo, a man 

of easy access. 
Abborracciyre, v. to cobble { abborracci- 

arsi, to get drunk. 
Abborra're, t'. to wander. 
Abborre'vole, a^j. detestable. 
Abborrlroe'olOt i.«. abhorrence. 
Abborri're, v. to abhor, loatb. 
Abborrito're, *.m. be tliat abhors. 
Abborritr/ce* *J. she that abhors. 
Abbottinaroe'nto, s.m. plunder. 
Abbotttna're, f. to rob ; abboltina'rs', to 

Ahboilona're, v. to button. 
Abbott >natu'i-a,>./ button and buttonholes. 
Abboaxdme'nto, « m. a rough sketch. 
Abbofta're, v. to slteich. 
Abbozza'ia, t,f. a rude draught. 
Abbotzatt'ccio, a^;. Iialf iketcbed. 

l>riiccia(ne'nto, s.m. an embrace. 
>rACcit're,t'.Ui embrace, to usdertak.-. 


Abbracia're, v. to set on Are. 
Abbranca're, v. to srratch, grasp. 
Abbreviame'nto, t.m. an abhdKing. 
Abbreria're, v. t » abridge, shorten. 
Abbreiriai</re, t.m. an abridger. 
Abbrriaiu'ra, t.ft i _. , _. ., 
AbbrcTlazto'nc. i^. , "bbreriatlo.. 
Abbrica're, v. to hurl. 
Abbrira're, t>. to be under way. 

iK',"i'"; ,';:}'■> '"•I"' -I'"' '••''• 

Abbronzame'oto, t.m. a sun-burning. 
Abbronzn're, v. to tan, scorch. 
Abbrosii'i-e, f>. to wither. 
Abbruciaccbia're, v. to born but little. 
Abbruciame'oto, t.m. a burning. 
Abbruria'nte, aij. burning. 
Abbrucla'rc, v. to burn. 
Abbrunamef'nto, t. m. a darkening. 
Abbrunrt're, t>. i to burnish, darken, tun 
Abbruni'ic, v. y brown. 
Abbrustia're, v. l.^.i-.. «.««.k 
Abbru-li'ie, t;. / 'f "'"««» "^orch. 
Abbi uitola're, v. \ ,„ «_t-_ ,«_., ...«««». 
AbbniaioU're. v. \ ^ ^^'^•P» **»«*' ^^^^' 
Abbuccina're/ v, to stun with noise. 
AbbujA're, t>. to grow d4rk. 
Abburatta'rc, t>. to bolt, to sift. 
Abburattatoi're, t.m. a bolter. 
Abdica're. v. to resign. 
Ahdlcnzicrne, t./. abdication. 
Abeceda'rio, t.m, a teacher of A, B. C : an 

A, B. c, book. 
Abespe'rto, adv. by experience. 
Abcta'ja, t4/. a wood of fir-trees. 
Abe'te, t.m. a fir-tree. 
A'l )1«, adj. able, skilful. 
Abillta', t.f. \ 

Ab\)\ttfdr,it/. > ability, address^skill, art. 
Abiliii'te.i^ ) 
Abili' /re, v. to enable. 
Abilmc'ote, adv. ably. 
Abl&sa're, v. to precipitate, perish. 
Abi'sso, i.fli. an abyss, obscurity, hell. 
Abitq'bile. a4J. habitable. 
Abita'cojo, t.m. 
Abila're, t«<to n(i'«blt. 
Abitato're, t.m, an inbabttanf. 
A italri'ce, t.f. a woman inhabitant. 
Abitazlonc^ild, t.f. a cuitxgc. 
Abitazi«/ne, «./. an habiiaii.jn. 
Abit</vol<> <}.<;. babiiabiv, convenient. 
A'bito, t.m, drem. habit, custom. 
Abitu I'le, d^r* habitual. 
Ab lUHJme'nie, aJv. iialiitually. 
Abitua're,T'.touWi abitua'rsi, tokccustoi 

one'k ell. 

a, t.m. \ 
J, t.m. f 
oe,t.f. t 
ntOfi m. J 

an habitation. 

bSf«fo";.t j " •«""«!• \ Jl;uM«'.r///-} '•"»"• '-'"•• 


Abita'ra, t,m. an habitation. 
Ablat/To, j.m. the abiatite case. 
I Abluzio'oe, s./. ablatioo. 
Abjli'Fe> T«. to abolish, repesil. 
Aboliii</ne, s.f. abotitfoo, repeil. 

Aborri're, t». to abhor. 

A*oivi\o, a4f. abortive. 

Abyrto, i.«. an abortiooa 

Ai)-og,,'re, t». to anna], repeal. 

A&rj.^aaii/nr, «./. abrogation. 

Abri/tdno, abraoiiao, s.m southera-ivood. 

Ab)('aza, abse'nxia, J./, absence. 

A .usa'nr, t/. to abuse, raisose. 

Abj3if iiine^ote, aJxu abuiireljr. 

Abusi'ro, aij, abushre. 

Abu'io, t.m. an abax. 

Abuzza'go, /.n. a boszard. 

Acaci'a, aeasi'a, *. f. a liiB4 of yeUow 

Acant'oo, alj. cruel, 
Aca'nto, brank-unine. 
Aca'ro, 4.01. a hand-wonn. 
Acca, s.f. the letter U { boo rale un acca, 

0(X worth a pin. 
Acradc'inta, i./. an academy. 
Acrademicanie'nte, adv. accademically* 
Accadc'mico, *.m. an academist. 
Arcad/ic, t>. to happen ; non accafdemi 

dicia'te, jrou need not tell me. 
Accadime'ntoi, s.m, accident, chance* 
AccalTa're, v. lo snap, snatch. 
Acr agiooam^nto, *.m, impittation. 
Acc^igioiu're, t>. to impute. 
AccaUppia'rc, v. to ensnare. 
Accalora're, «. to heat. 
Accampame'nto, s. m. an encainpmvat. 
AccainM'iT, V. lo encamp. 
AccanxWre, v. to channel, to chamfer. 
Accaaalatu'ra, J. /. citainiier ng* 
Accjna're, arcaneggia're, accaai're, v. to 

uncouple (cha^ term). 
Accanrlb'rr, v. to wihd a sketn. 
Arcaniumc'iiie, adv, lunouflf . 
Acra'nto, aiv. aside. -^ 

Ace apace 18*10, aif, tired with mental fV 

Acc^p«'z2a're, r. to finish. 
Accapifllame'ntO!, *.m. piack'og by the 

AccapiBlta're, i>. to dtspate, l!sbt. 
Arcapiglia'.u'i.i, J./, tcarios oat the hair. 
4ec3imola're, «. to make hcad-bandat'or 

A'cjppatfilo^ i.fli. a kind of cloak. 
Arrapp-a'rr, «. to tie vitn a running knot, 

to taanare. 
Accapplats'n, /./. a slip-knot, snare. 
Acci >poM'i^ «r. to make capons. 


AccapKccla're,accapriccla'(si, V. to Au^' 

der witli horror. 
Accarczzame'Bio, J.m. carnses. 
Accarezza'rc, n. to coax, caress. 
Arcarcsze'vole, 04/ , flattering. 
Accama're, arcarni're, t>. to fall fool oa 

one, to oenetrate deeply. 
Accasamrnto, i.m, a weddiaf. 
Accasa're, accasa'rai, v. lo marry. 
Acrata'to, a^. nurried, settled, full of 

AccasCii're. v. to happen. 
Accjtcriamc/ato, s. m. weakness, decre> 

Accascia're, accascia'ni, «. to be «ora 

oat with age, to decay. 
Accatarrame^nio, M,m, a cold. 
Accatarra're, v. lo catch cold. 
Accatasta're, v. to heap up. _ 

Accattabrt'ghe, stm. a quarrelsome felknr* 
Accattamc'nto, s>m. beggary. 
Accattaoa'Dc, «.m. a beggar. 
Accatta re, v. to beg, borrow, obtain. 
Accaltato're, i.fw. a mendican', b<»Tower. 
Accattalo'ssi, t»m. a beggar. 
Accattatri'ce, J.f, a the beggar. 
Accattatu'ra, *•/. i - !„.„ w«--«,:«. 
Accatteri'a. z./. ) * »o«n* «»rn»w'"«- 
Acca'lto^i.m.gatn; fare un boon acca'ttcb 

to make a good bargain. 
Accatt</ne. **m. a beggar. 
Accaralcia're, tr. to ride a straddle. ^ 
Accaralcia'to, fort. set a stnddle. 
Accavalla're, v. to place a straddle. 
Accerame'nto, /.<n. blindness, error. 
Accera're, o. to blind. 
Accecato're, s,m. he that makes bllod. 
Accecatri'ce, s.f. she that makes blind. 
Accede']^, i>. to approach, to arrive. 
AccelTa're, v. to snatch wiUi the teeth. 
AccCggia, /./. a w.^odcock. 
Accelerame'Bto, t.m. } ,^.^ !...«.. 

Accelef*'nxa, j.f. ( "P*'^' ^•""Tr. 

Accelera're, t>. to has* en. 
Acceleratamente, aJv. hastily. 
Acccicrazio'De, i./ haste, eageme^. 
Accc'ndere, v. lo kindle, in name, excite. 
Accendi'bile, adj. ial^an-mable. 
Acrendime'nto, s.m. burn'ng, incentiTr. 
Accend'to'jo, z.m. a malcii. 
Acc.ndito're, sm. • incendiary. 
Acccndiir/ce, *./. * ' 

Accennarae'nto, s.m. a nod, hint. 
Accenna're, v. lo nod, feign, hint, advise. 
Accennau'ra *./. a nod, sign. 
Acccns/bile, aij. combusUbJe. 
AccensiCne, j./. a conflagration. 
AccenU're, t». lo accent. 
Acce'nto, z.m. accent, tone, no^e. 
Accenma're, r. to accent, pronounce. 



Accerciiia'i*. «. to hoop, furroand. 
Accerchiella're, v. to boop round. 

Accerta'oia, / /. / confirmation. 
Accertft're, v* to tature, certify, promiac. 
Aceertaaio'ne, t.f. an Msurance. 
Accrrte'llo, j.m. a kestrel (a bird of prey) 
AcceMine'nte, aJv. ardently. 
Acctfao.part. Iiindied, Inflamed. 
AcccMiniile, aJj. accesaible, 
Accctii'onr, j./. accession, addition. 
Acce'iso, i.m. acccw, admittance. 
Aoceaaoriame'nte, adv. acceiaorily. 
Acce9s</rio, aJj. accesiory. 
Acce'tta, i./. an axe. 
Accel ta'bilc, adj. acceptable. 
AccetlJRio'ne, i./. acceptance. 
Accetta're» t*. to accept, approve. 
Accel tato'rc, i.m. \ an accepter, a partial 
Accettairi'ce, *./. f judge. 
Accettaaio'ne, s./, arcepiance. 
Accetle'volc, aJJ. agreeable. 
AcceiteTOlfoe^nte, aJv. wllijigly. 
Acce'lto,«4</. g atcful, acceptuble. 
AcchetaTc, v. to iiuab.calm, appisne. 
AcchiappaVe, v. to catch, cheat, trick. 
AcchinaVe, v. to stoop, bowr, yield. 
Accbiocciola'rsi, v. to squat do#a. 
Arcbiu'deae, v. to abut in, inclose. 
A'ccia, s./. thread. 
Acclabaita^, u. to cobble, bungle. 
Arclflcca're, «. to crusii, pound. 
Accia'cco.i.m. affront, wrong, distemper. 
Accia'jo, s.m. steel. 

AcclajiK/lo, i.m. a ateclto alrike Are with. 
Acciappioa're, v. to do any thing hastily; 

acctapplDa'rei, to fret. 
Aceia're, t>. lo hash. 

AccI ir'ttio, s.m. a steel to atrlkc fire with. 
Accia'ro, i.m. steel ; (poetically) a sword. 
Acclarpa're, v. to patch, botch. 
ACC denta'le, aij. accidenoil, casual. 
Acctdentalm«^nU*, aiv. accidentally. 
Acclde'nte, i.m. accident, chance. 
Acci'dia, s.f. laslness, sloth. 
Accldiosdme'nte. aW. lasily. 
Acctdio w, adj. slothful, negligent. Idle. 
Accirca're, v. to blind. 
Accigliame'nto, i.m. sorrow, chagrin. 
AcciglUVe^Kto seal the eyes, to frown, to 

Accipnc'ni. accinge'rsi, v. to prepare 

one's self. 
Acciirnime'nto, t.m. preparation. 
Acci'nto, aif. ready, gin about. 


Acclottola're, v. to pare with pebble*. 
/cciufTa're, v. to snatch, take by the hair. 
Acriu'ga, /./. anchoty. 
Acci?etta'io,o</. caul logs, wise. 

Accivia'.'oto, t.m. profisioo, good luck. 


AcclTc're, V. to provide, rapply. 
Acclaraa're, v. to exclaim, occlatm. 
Acclamaa iorne, /./. exclamation. 

Acdl'fe,' ^.* [ 'n«J>M<*. P«>n«. !«»«> l». 
AccliTlta', /./. accllTlly. 
Accocca're,v. to notch; accocc^rla a ono, 

to play one a trick. 
Accoccola'rsi, i'. to stoop Sown. 
Accoda'rsI, v. 'to follow close. 
Accuglie'nza, <./. reception. 
Acco'gllere, v. to receive, aaMmble, »\*- 

Accoglimenta'ccio, i.m. cool reception. 
Aecugyme'nto,«jM.rerpption,aaaemblag ■. 
Accogliti'ccio, adj. gathered up hastily. 
Accogitio're, i.m. a receiver, collector. 
Acco'lito, j.«. an acolyth. 
Accola'n*, V. to embrace ; accola'ni, to 

take on one's self. 
Accolpa're, v. to blame, accuse. 
Accolpa'to,-<i^'. accused, criminal. 
Acco'Ita, t.f. an as^mbly. 
Accoltella'nte, s.m. a gladiator. 
Accoliella're, v. to strike with a knife. 
Accoliclia'ia, s./. a stab with a kaifir. 
Accoltcllaiu'rr, i.mut gladiator, swaggerer. 
Acculto, atj. entCitatncd, received. 
Acconiandiigio'ne,i./. protection. 
Accomanda're, v. to recommead^o fasten. 

Accommiaia'ni, v. to take l<fave. 
Accomodafbile, a4/'. thai may be accon. 

Acromodame'ntOfi.m. agreement, repair. 
Accomuda're, v. to adjust, mend. 
Accomodatame'ote, adv. suitably. 
Accomoda'to, adj. suitable. 
Accomodevoime'nte, adv. conveniently. 
Accompagname'Qto, i.«».accomp«alaeat, 

Accompaitnd're, v. to accompany; accom- 

pagaa'rsi, to be a companion , partner. 

Accompagnato're, '.«• (' "u"^"!^' 
A««A...!..«ni>,..i'A>i . /• < oaewnoaccom* 
Accompagnatrlcc, i./.\ p,„i«,<i„„„ic) 

Accomuname'nto, s.m. community. 
Acco:niina're,i>.to pot, or live in common. 
Acconce'xza, s.f. ornament, dreaa, con- 

Acconc iame'n ' e, adv. con vr nie nt I y ,fi nciy* 
Acconciame'nto, s.m. .accommodation. 
Acconcia're, v. to fit, mend, adorn, pre* 

pare, pacify, marry. 
Acconcia'rii, v. to suUmtt, go lo aenric^ 

sil do-An .It vasf. 
Acconrlatame'nte, aJif. pntperly. 
Acconciato're, s.m. a monder. 
Acconciatri'ce, s.f. a milliner. 
Arconciatu'ra, s.f. a liead«dma; pcrdcf 

TaccoBCialu'ra, to«iis9 oaci 4in, 


Accc/ncio, i.«. gain, adt aatafe. 
Acco'ticio. adj. nieiHled, dresscd,addtcted. 
Accoosentime'tatOk s,m, coasent. 
Acconsenti'rej.v. toanentj coueati 
Accoppa're, t». to knock do*n. 
Accoppiame'nto, s.m. copulation. 
Accoppla're, V. to couple, join togetber. 
Accopptato're, j.m. a coapler. 
Arcopi^-jn/ni, J./, conjunction. 
>'c.oraroe'nto, s.m, angniah. 
Accura're, v. to grieve at heart. 
Accora'to. aij. griered. vexed. 
Accorato'jo, um. disaster. 
Acconaio'ae, /./. excesiire smror. 
Accorciame'nto, s.m, a shorteninit. 
Accorcia're, f. to sltorten, diminish. 
Accorciatame'nte, adv. suramarily . 
Accorciato're, s.m. an abbrevistw. 
Accorciatu'ra, /./. abbreviation. 
Accordame'nto, s. m. > agreement, con- 

Accorda'oaa, s.f. 3 cord (in roustc.) 

Accorda're, v. o agree, to tune ; accor 

da'ni, to pi«y in unisjn. 
Accordatame'nte, adv. unanimotaly. 
Accorda'to, j.m. harmony of design and 

colouring in a picture. 
AccordntoTe, s.m. an instrument taner. 
Accordato're, s.m. a mediator. 
Accordatri'ce, s.f. a mediatrix. 
Accordnttt'ra, s.f. concord, harmoay. 
Accorde'vole, adj. tunable, suitable. 
Acco^rdo, s.m. harrooof , contract. 
Acco'rgere, v. to inform ; accorgersl, to 

Accorgtf'vote> adj, crafty. 
Accorgime'n.a, s.m, wariness, capacity. 
Acco'rrere, v. to run, hasten, poriue. 
Accormo'mo, mterj. help, help ! 
Acco'rso, aij. ran to. 
Accortnine'nte, aiv. warily, cunningly. 
Accortarae'nto, s.m. a shortening. 
Accorta're, «. to short: n. 
Accortc'zsa, s.f. penetration, wit. 
Accortina'io, adj. curtained. 
Acco'rto, adj. prudent, subtle. 
Accoacia're.v. to cower, to sit cross legged. 
Accostarae'nto, s.m. approACti. 
Accosta'ntc, aij. snppie, pliant. 
Accostn're. v. to accost, approach. 
Accostali/m» «./. connexion. 
Accoste'vole, aJ/tt accessible, agreeable. 
Acco'sto, adv. near, side by side. 
ArcoMnma^nm, s. f. custom. 
Accostuma're, i«. to use, accustom. 
Arcostuma'ame'nt -, adxu customarily. 
Acco^itmi'io, adit, accustomed, good. 
A'-coton-j'rc, t». to n«p cloth. 
Accolonato're, s.m, Ik wio naps cloth. 
Accovaccia'r , f. to lie «quat. 
Accovona're, v, to bind up in sheaves. 

r Ac*o«»rae'nto, s.m. a blow, cortcossioo. Acquariiera'rei.».i«-«- 
' . -/— « h. ««•* •« hnttlilMramijLACouargc'nie.J./. or»»»y 


Accredite*re, v. to accneiie* 
Accresce'nsa, *,f. increase. 
Accre'scere, v. to increase. 
Accrescimc'jito, /.as. increase^ Imptmt- 

Accrescio'to, adj. increased. 
Accudi'ce, v. to take care of. 
Accola'ni, a. to be idle. 
Accula'to, adj. idle, slothful. 

Accumulame'nto, '."s.T. k-.* -*ii-*.:« 

Accurtola'naa. /./. j *»"^ collccUon. 

Accumuk're, v. to accumulate. 
Accumulatame'nte, adv. abundantly. 
Accomnlato're, s.m, \ a hoarder, a saver 
Accumolatri'ce, s,f. ) of money. 
Accunulaxio'ae, «./. accdmtrfation. 
Accurataroe'nte, adv. carefully. 
Accorate'zza, s.f, care, accwvcy. 
Accura'to, aij. carelul, diligent. 

Accu'sa, s.f, ) accusation, Impot** 

Accusame'nto, s.m. ( tion, chargo* 
Accusa'nte, s.m. an accuser. 
Accuss'ne, v, to accuse, impeach* 
Accusati'v-o. s.m, the accnsaiivc case. 
Accosa o're, /. m. | __ ,_-„^, »««»««•,. 
Accusairi'ce, /././" «««»««'. iafonner. 
Accusaxio'ne, /./. accusation. • 
Acerbame'nte, adv. obstinately, cruelly. 
Acerbe'na, /. /. bitterness^ shnrpness, 

Acerbita\ s.f. asperity, shyness. 
Ace'rbo, adj, unnpe, sonr, fierce cnwi. 
A'cero, J. m. a maple-tree. 
Acerte'llo, s.m, a kestrel. 
AcetalMlo, s.m. a cruet. 
Aceta^o, s.m. a vinegar^seller or maker. 
Aceta'to, aij. soar. . 
AcetiVe, v. to grow sour. 
Ace'to, i.m. vinegar. 
Aceto'sa, s.f. sorrel. 
Acetoseila, /./. wild*torrel. 
Acetosita.', s.f. acidity. 
Aceto'so,.!!^;. sour, acid. 
Achi'nra, s.f. « nag. 

Acidita', J./. /■c*««r- 

A'cido, aij. sharp, sour. 

A'cino, s.m. the kem;l of a grape. 

Aco. <.m. a needle. 

ACdhi'to, s.m. woirs-bane ; aconite. 

A'cqoa, s.f. water ; a'cqua morta, stand- 

ing water; a'cqoa rosa, rose water; 

s^cqua fc/rte, aqua-fortis. 
Acquacchta're, v. to grow weak. 
Acqua'ccia, s. f. foul water. 
Acqua'io, s.m. a sink, a gutter. 
Acqua'jo. f^J- waicry. wet. 
AcQuaiuo'lo, s.m. a waterman. 
Acqu.Jjuo'lo, aij. walerish, w. t. . 
Acqua'rc, v. to watt r (plants, &c.) 
I. Acquariiera'r»!,».to take a lodatnt. 


Acqua'tico, *</• aqudtic. 

A(r^ua'to, adj. watered; ?ino a'qaato, 

wine ani water* 
Acquatla'ni, v. to lie, to squat. 
Acquairi'ie, t.f. brandy. 
Acquari'ra, #./. spring water. 
Acquazao'ne, i. f. a ftrt-at shower. 
Acf|uaxz</flo, n./;. rainy. 
A'ccjufo, oJ;. wateriilu 
Acquer^'ccia, /. /. an ewer. 
Arqiicre'Ila, #./. driszUnfl rain. 
A querfllarctV. topaintin water-coloun. 
Acqucre'Uo, t.m. waler>c.-lour. 
Acqucru'ffiola, j./. a drixxl ng rain. 
Acqueia're, v, to appease. 
Acque'tta, /./. wine and water; small 

Acquice'lla, t.f, a lirulet. 
A quidu'so, adj. damp, watery. 
Acquido^ccio, s.m. \ .. .^. _ j...., 
Acquido'to.i.m. }"«q"educt. 
Acquicia're v. to nppcns^, pacify. 
Acquif<icio'ne, <./. acquisition. 
Acquis! tu, ad), acquired. 
A-guUiiu'rc. .91. a purchaser. 
Arquisiame'nto, i.m. pur liase. 
Acqui^taVi*. V. 10 et, purchase. 

Acquistc'vuie. aij. ittdinablc. 

Acqu'itto, s.m. acquisition. 

Acquit n'nOfj.ffi. a manh, ten. 

AcquoJi'na J./, small rain. 

Acquit fin. -'io, fl\j. marsdy. 

Arquu<iitn', s.f. humidity. 

Ac^uo'so, aij, watery. 

A'cre .lij. sour, sh irp, acrid. 

Acrc'ilinc, t.f. acnmony. 

Acremc'nt", oAm. sourly, hirshW. 

Acnm 'nia, t.f. sharpnes'*, acrimony. 

Acrimi/nico, <i^. rurr jsive. 

Acrita\/./ sourness, sitaipners. 

A'cro, a\}. Sour, crabbed, w ugh. 

Acro'siico, i.m. an acrostic. 

ACii't<i\ t.f. acuttncss, sli.irpress. 

Acu'ine, j.ffi. a j}6 pt, quick wit. 

Acumini/to, a\j, pointc .1. 

Acuiainc'nte, oJi>. acutely, subtly. 

Acute'zaa, t.f. P' nctratlun, lone. 

Acu'to, a(u Hharp, quick : voce acu'ta, a 
shrill foire ; do<<>re acu'to, extreme 
pain: accenloacu'<o, acute accent. 

Ad, prtp. to ; ad unoad uno, one at a time. 

Ad'icquatne'nto, i m. the net of watering. 

Ad'icquaVe, v. to water. 

Ada«i«'re, t>. to accommodate; adagia'nl« 
to delay. 

A'la'Klo, j.ffl. adaire, ease, coovenicnce. 

Ada'f 'o, aiv. leisurely, slowly. 

Adama nte, i.«t. a d amond. 

Adamanti'no, aij adamantine. 
. AdB<p«ra'i«> V. lo make rough* 


Adaspri're, v. to provoke. 

Adastiame'nto, i.m. envy. 

Adastla're, t>. to envy. 

Adatia'bile, aij. applicable. 

Adatiame'nte, a-kv. aptly. 

Adattame'iito, i.m.) .„,--^ ■«««/..»•«« 

Adatia'naa, t.f..... \ »Pt««»«. «PPl«cat.on. 

Adatta're, t>. to adapt, to fiL 
Adatta'iu, adu'lio, cUj. ad.ipted, fit. 
Addanaja'to, aAj. rich. 
Adda'rc, t'. to perceive ; ad Ja'rsl, to ap- 
ply m. 
Adcifboiime'nto, i.m. weakness. 
Aidebpli're, t>. to weakt n. 
Adii'cima'rr.T'.to la) , orgatlier he t> tkc. 
Addejita're, v. to bite. 
Addcntella'iv, v. to dentel, (term in ar* 

Addcntella'io, t,m. a dcntel. 
A'tde'ntro, alv. within. 
Addestu're, v. to awjkc. 
Addestrame'nio, i,m, ipstriictinn. 
Addestra re, f . to ntttruct; add(,Blra'nii« 

to exercise, practise. 
AddesiratQ're, /.(». a tutor. 
Addiace'ntc, aij. djacent. 
Addie'tro, aiv, behind ; per 1'addictrOf 

AddietiiSq, t.m. an adJ9<^tive. 
Addimanda're, v. to demand, enquire ; 

addunandaVsi, to be named. 
Addlmandato're, i,m. demandant, peii* 

1 1 oner. 
Addima'ndita. t.f. a petili -n, request. 
Addimratica're, v> tuiame, dome-ticate>» 
Addi'o, aiv. adieu, farewell. 
Addirimpe'ito, fttf, facing, opiwsite (o. 
Addlrizssme'nto, t.m. direction, conducL 
Addirlzs./re, i>. to d.rt'ct, ^t^aigllten, coi^ 

reel; addiriaa 'rsl, to take tlie road lo. 
Additiime'nto, t.m, a beck, Indicilion* 
Addita're, T). to point out,^ show. 
Additato'ie, t.m, he who Indicate!, 
Addiveni're, f. to chance, happen. 
Addifio'ne, s, f. addition. 
Addobbaroc'nto, t.m. ornament, dreg*. 
Adddbba're, v. to adorn, furniSh. ^^ 
Addu'lih >, t.m, omameni, luruUure. 
Addoga'io, aU' striped. 
Addolca'rc, t>. to mollify, soften. 
Addolcia're, i'. to sweeten. 
Addolcime'nto, t.m, mitigation. 
AiMulci're,t>.to»wccicn, mitigate, indulge* 
A.l'loicltiNo, aij, lenitive. 
Add.tlora're. v, to grieve. 
AddomandaTC, v. lo demand, lend for. 
Addome rjcame'nto, famiharily. 
Addomestica'rr,vi,i^ tame; ac^JonieaucaVsi, 

to be familiar. 
Addo'niire, t.m. tlie abdomen. 
Addoppk'r^i, t>. to hide one's self bebin4. 
Addeppiamc'oiOi i.fli. dupikaiivn* 


Mdopiv^'iT, V. to doubir, tocrrase. 
Addoppiaiu'ra, s.f. a reduabiio;. 
Addt/ppi , tUv. doubly. 
AtHormentame'n o, s.m. drowMncM. 
A-lionneoU'rc, t». to liU to «kep. 
K\ lorment/lj, adj. sleepy. 
A«IJ rmi're, «. to lull to sleep. 
Add^.same' acl of laying upon ; 

trouMe. . . . , J 

Addo*w're, lay on one's back, to wad- 

Adi(/iM>. aiv. on one's back; andar.' 
ad3^so, 10 Ull upon ; me'tler I'occh o 
aiosiio. lo cast ao e>e on , nan lio da- 
na'ri ado«60, I ija»e nj money about me ; 
metterleoiABi adlosso, to lay bold,ap- 
prcHiCiid. _. J 

Ad loiiora'te, t». to take a doc oi-s degree. 

Adijtirin^mc'nte, <iJf. learnedly. 

Addjtirina're, t». lo-in»'.rucl. 

A IdJtir Olio, fart, taught. 

A,iarai*pi'w. wJ>. aijrned w;lb fine lianj,- 

A-ldrti'lo, ai«». back, backward, 

AJdua're. V. lo double. 

A.ldiicUo're, >.«• a le**»f'", « producer. 

Ad 4u rre, t . to brinp, alledge. 

Addu'ilo, addo'lto,i).irf. led, induced. 

Adegja'ie, v. to, compare, ba- 
lance an account. 

A'ieguataint'nte, flJt>. equally. 

>^drmpKbile, ai/. teas:bie. 

Ad.^nipiere, t>. to accomplish, fulfil. 

Adempirae'nto, um. execution. 

Adempi're, w. to fulhl, «:xecu e. 

Adempit-./re.i.'». «.e who executes. 

Adtmpiu'.o, p^t- »unincd. 

Aie'ntro, flJv. inwardly, tar. 

A 1 auVr«, v. tocqualiae, make e»en. 

AJeqoalame'i.le, a*w. exactly ; rispondere 
adoqaiiamCnie, to give a riglit an- 

swcr. . 

Adcqua'to, <M/. proportioned. 
Adt-qjiszio ne, i.f- evenness, equality. 
Ad« rbVre, v, o lecd »ith grass. 
A.K n-'nie, a^. adherent, favour .ng. 
Airre'nza, *,/• adherence. 
Adc'rgere. i». to extol, lilt ap, 
Aderi're, t». to adhere. 
Adeica're, t*. to allure, entice. 
Ade^cato're, i,w». ) g wlictdlcr. 
Adescairi'ce, i.f. S . 
Ad slf/ne, i./. adhesion. 
Ade'sflo, ad.v. noir, insUntiy } adesy adesso, 
by and by. 

Ade'ito, i.«»« an adept. 

AdUce'ote, flV. adjacent. 

Adiace'nva,!./ tictnlty, proKlmUy. 

Adia'nto, tjn. maiden hair. 

Adima re. t.. lo pull down, 10 descend. 

A<li'pe, <.«•. (at. 

Adipo'te, aii' very fat. 

ADO . 

AdWre, t». lo profoke; adira'rtf, to be 

Adiratame'iite, oJt». angrily. 

Adir<i'Ui, alj. angry. 

Adinmpie't.o, fftp. Tdcing, against. 

Adin'iio, aiv, sir<«it;btlv. justly. 

Adir^amente,<>iT>. angrily. 

Adir^so. oJ;'. choleric, passionate. 

Alimisu'ra, aJ*». beyond measure. 
! Adispe'tto, aiv. in spile of. 
( Adi'to, J.oi. access, opportunity. 
I Adiunxia'ne, i./. addition. 
I Ad:utu're, s.m. an aMiatant. 

Adiutu'riki, 5.fl». asiislanCf. 

Ad aio'n •, s.f. acctSjio • (>a» lerm,,. 

Ad 2Z I'le, V. to urgp, lo evasjvralc. 

Adjcchiame'nl.), *.»i. a leer, o«le. 

AtJoccisia'r*-, V. to jsaa.', stare at. 

Adol "(-.'lite, j.m- a y^.uiii. 

Adulesce'nz^, >./• yoiiUi. 

Adombraste'nty, j ^. sLade, 

Adumbra're, t«. lo shade, lo fancy ; adui»- 
bia'rsi, lo start back lt;r te^ir. 

Adumb aaio'ne, i.f. a s:>ade. 

Ado'n o, ipWi- Adonis dower. 

Adonta'ie, v. to affront. 

Ad 'ptrame'nto, i.m. use. , ; 

A.I .pcra're, f. to use, to acl ; adopera r«i, 
to interest one s se»f. 

Adopcraio're, j.m. an emp'oyer. 

A1jpera*io'De, i./. use. . 

Adjppiamt'uio, i,m. the act of gwnf an 
opiate } diOKsineis. 

Adoppia're, t*. lo give opium. 

A lopp'a'to, 4.TO. an i fusion of opiuoi. 

Adotn'bile, L'ij. adorable. 

Adorjmc'uto, >.«n. adoration. 

Adora're, v. lo adore, worship. 

Adoratt)'ie, ^•'"•lan adorer, worshipper, 
Adoratn'ce, i./.f 
Adoratj'rio, i.ffl. a temple. 
Adoraaio'ne, s.f. adorali^-n. 
Adordina'rsi, i». to get ready. 
Adorname'nte, rtJtt. eUgantly, gaily, 
Adornamt/iiio, >.!»• ornament. 
Adurr.a'i-e, v. to adorn. 
Adornalame'nte, aiv. neatly, elegantly, 
Adoi na'to, pjrt, adorned. 
AdomatoVe, s.m. \ .„ embellisher. 
Adorn >:n'ce, J,/. < , ^ 

Adornalu'ra, 4. /.> decking, irm«tn«, 
Adome'aaa, j./» 3 elegance. 
Ado'rno, i.m. ornament. 
Ado'mo, aij. adorned, deckel. 
Adotiame'nio, i-m. adopuon. 
Adott^'re, V. to adopt. 
Adoltati'vo, aij. adoptive. 
Adotiatti're, J.*"- \ «„ adopter . 
Adoltairi'ce, *./.) , 

Adouaaii/ne, s.J. adoptiun. 

Adotti'vo, a4/. *'»"l?*»'i'' t. 
Adovra'rcv. t»1|<»«.i»*<='- 


MAotWni, s.f. Adoption. 

Adrafa'nti, s.m. a kind of gam. 

Adrrnto, adv. Within. 

Aduggtame'nto, s.m. a hurtful sliade. 
' Aduggia're, t>. to eclipse, shade, ohscore. 

Adaggia'to, adj. daric, gloomy. 

Adugna're, v. to snatch with the talent. 

V^dula'nte, a^f. flattering. 

Adula're, v. to flatter, cajole. 

Adulat(/re, i.m.\ „ ««..--«r 

Arfulatri'ci, J./. < ■ «»"erer. 

Adulato'rio, adj. flattering. 

Aduiazio'nr, s.f. adulation. 

Adu'ltera, t.f. an adult ress. 

Adulterame'nte, aJxt. like an adulterer. 

Adult-fra'rc, v. to forge, adulterate, com- 
mit adultery. 

Adulterato're, s.m. an aduUerrr. 

Adulteratri'cc, s.f. an aduitress. 

Adulterazio'nc, s.f. corruption. 

AduUeri'no, aJJ, forged, begotten in adul- 

Adulte'rio, s.m. adulters. 

AduMiero, s.m. an adulterer. 

Adu'lto,/ii/. adult, of full age ; eta* adullt, 
marriageable age. 

Aduname'nto, s.m. i an aavemblage, con- 

Aduna'hza, '. /. f iregatlon. 

Aduna'rr, v. lu assemble. 

Aduna^a, s.f. an assembly, meeting. 

Adunati/re, s.m. ) a collector, one who 

AdunatriVc, i./. ) assembles. 

Adunaai(/ne, /./. an aswrnblage. 

Adunca're, v. to bend, crook. 

Adu'nco, adj. booked, crooked. 

Adungliia're, v. to seiae with claws. 

Adu'nque, cor{f. then, therefore. 

Adiista're, v. to scorch, parch, crisp. 

aS"1:::J^. } «lryness,burning, aridity. 
Adustlva'mente, aSv. dryly. 
Adusti'vo, at^. drying, scorching. 
Adu'sto, adj. dry, scorched. 
Ae're,-i.fM. the air. 
Ae'reo, adj. airy, jfcthbrlftl. 
Acrlma'nie, s.m. Ite ♦'ho divines by the 

Aerimsnzl'a, s f ieWmthcy. 
Aesca'r.e, f. to allure. 
Afa, s. f. sultrv heat, trodble. 
Afa'to, tiij. nippfrt, withered. 
Afatu'ccioi adj. sickly and ihln. 
Affn'blle. adj. atTablej pdlltf. 

^J'fil-K'J'fr \a'T'>l>'^''>'. courtesy* po- 
^f-'';«Jf.;/-l litcness. 
Affabilita'te.j./. > 

Afl'uhilme'nie, ait*. efTably. 
^ir.Kpn'tH'rjl, V. to be very busy. 
AfTacendn'to, adj. busy. 
AAacetit're, v. lofAce^, to cut facetrWiie ; 
ra term med by lapidiri^.) 


ATaccWre, v. to square, malie even $ Aff»- 

cia'rs', to took out. 
AAacciatame^nte, aJ%t. impudently. 
Afl'accia'to, adj. impudent. 
AfTalda're, xt. to plait, fold. 
Aifalsa're, v. to fttiify. 
Airama're, v. to famish, sUrve. 
Afflama'io, adj. hungry, famiahed. 
Affamatu'aio,fl<y.a poor starveling wretch. 
Afl^ami're, v. to be hungry. 
AlTanga're, v. to bemire, to grow moddy.. 
Affanname'nto, s.m. anxiety. 
Aflanna're, v. to griere, trouble j affan- 

na'rsi, to endeavour. 
AAjiniia'to,<i^i. grieved. 
Afl^inne'vole, adj. distressing. 
Affa'nno, s.m. vexation, sorrow. 
Aflfanno'ne, s.m. a busy-body. 
Afi'annoneri'a, *./. eagemrss. 
Afl'annosame'nte, adv. restlessly. 
Aff'anno's), adj. tad, troublesome. 
Afrardella're, v. to pack up. 
AfTa're, s.m. business, afl'air, quality. 
AiTa'rsi, i;. to suit, become. 
AflTascia're, v. to make into faggots. 
A(lascin;tme'nto, s.m. ftiscinatioB. 
Afl^ascina're, t». to bewitch, charm. 
Aflascinato're, s.m. an enchanter. 
Aftascinatri'ce, s.f. an enchantreii. 
Afl'tstelia'rc, v. to confuse, todoatricward- 

ly, to make into faggots. 
Affata're, t». to make invulnerable. 
AfTaticame'nto, s.m. labour, pains. 
Afl">(ica'nte, oif. indefatigable. 
Affa(ic«?'re, t>. to fatigue, aflTatlca'rsi, to 

take pain'!. 

^IT''!'^"!''!/*'' '•'"/Ian industrious person. 
Aflaticatri'ce, J./.) 

AjTatiche'vole, oJ/'.-l i.borlous. 
AlTatico'so, adj..... j 
Afla'tto, aJv. entirely, q'llic. 
Afl"9i(uramR'nt ', s.m. sorcery. 
Afl"altur/n', v. to bewitch. 
Afl^altunto'rc, t.m. a magician. 
Affaituratri'cc, i./. a sorceress. 
AfTaturaziu'nc', *./. enchantment. 
Aff'azauname'nto, s.m. on. anient. 
Afl^<iaaonaV(', t». to adftrn. 
Afle', adii. Mth, dpon my word. 
AfTci mame'nto, jt.m. allirmatlon. 
AfTerma'ntc^ aij. affirmative. 
Afferma're, v. to affirm } afTerma'ril, to 

raha still. 
AflTcrmat'ivamc'nte, adv. affirmatively. 
Aflnprmaii'vo, a</. affinhativfe. 
Afiermato're, ) ,„ ^iscrtor. 
AflennAtri'c^i t.f. S 
A/r«Tmaxi-yne, t.f. affirmation, assertion, 

Afferra're, t». to lioltl fast, catch, appre- 
• hend. i\mht to ltol« fait with* 


AfTetUfre, v. to cat small, fc>og for« affect. 
AlTettataine'nte, adv, affectedly. 
AtTetta'to, adf. affected, studied. 
Affcttaai</ae, ». f. affeclatioD. 
Affettatu'zzo, i.n. a conceited coxcomb. 
Afe'ito, 4.111. loTC, affectioQ. 
AfTe'tto, adj. inclined. 
AffcUau8amc<4ite, adv. affectionatclj. 
AfTettuo'so, adj. kind, tender. 
AflFeaionafrr, v. to excite love ; alTesion- 

arv, to grow fond of. 
Aflezionatame'ote, adv, affcctioiiately. 
Affezio'ne, i./. lore, affection. 
Affiama're, v, to inflame. 
Afiihbi3fg,Vto,s.m. a clasp, buckle. 
A fb bbiame'n to,i.ffi.a joining, or buttoning. 
Artibbia'rc. v. to but on, or fasten. 
Aifibbiatf/jo, j.m. a button hole. 
Ailibbtalirra, J./, clasp, buttons* 
Afficca're, t*. to drive, thrust in. 
Afhda're, V. to assnre, trust. 
Afiiebofa're, t/."| 

Affieboli're, v. >to weaken, debilitate. 
AScToli're, v. J 
A.'Ticrolime'otOyi.m. weakness. 
Affi'gerc, t«. to fix, to set, to tie. 
Affi'sffere, v, to move, stimulate. 
Atfiguraree'Dto, s.m. recognition. 
Aifigura're, v. to peicelve, recollect ; •&< 

gura'rsi, to imagine. 
Affila're, v. torange^to sharpen. 
Atfila'to, a</. sharp, handsome. 
Affilatu'ra, s.f. an edge. 
Affileita'pe, w- to set nets. 
Aflinaroe'Dto, J.m. repining. 
Adina're, v.. to refine, sharpen. 
Aninato'jo, s.m. a. hatchet. 
Affinato're, s,m, a refiner. 
Affinche', aJxf. to the end that. 
AKi'ne, adj. related, of kin. 
Affmita', s.f. affinity, kindred. 
Afliocame'nto, t.m. hoarseness. 
Aflioca're, v. to grow hoarse, weak. 
Aflioca'to, a4/. hMrse, languishing. 
Affiocatn'ra, s.f. hoaneneas. 
Affisame'nto, s.m, a fixed stare. 
AfTisa're, affisM're, v. to stare at, to fasten. 
Aff/sso, a4f*.a£iiaBA. 
Ai):iiajuo'lo,/.m. a farmer. 
Affiita're, v. to let, to hire. 
AfTiTiato're, s.m. a landlord. 
AfIi'((o,-J.m. rent, hire. 
Affli'ggere, v. to attlcti grieve. 
Afl!it(t'vo, a4/. alUctlng. 
A.truo, a^. nflUcled* poor. 
Ai'Hizia^nc, t.f. tiUclion. 
AH'Jc'nte, a^f. abundant. 
Alliienterat.-'ntc, adv. abundantly. 
Aflue'nza, s.f. aflnncp, pletity. 
AiToca'rir, v. to set on fire. 
Affbcario, k(/. fiery» red; oro adTocttOi 

«■* mmXA. 


AfTodillo, /.Iks the daffodil. 
Affoga'ggine, s.f. stoppage of bretthUlf* 
Affogame'nto, s.m. suffocation. 
Affoga're, v. to strangle, choak. -f. 
Affolla're, v. to croud, to pant. 
Affolta're, H. to rush on. 
Affolta'ta, J.f. speed, haste. 
AflTondame'nto, s.m. sinking. 
Affonda're, v. to sink, to dig, to end. 
Affoodatu'ra, s.f. sinking (a well.) 
Affo'ndo, adj. deep, hollow. 
Affo^ndo, adv. to the bottom. 
Afforestiera're, v. to estrange. 
Affortificame'nto, s.m. fortification. 
Afforlifica'rc, t«. to fortify. 
Afforzame'nio, s.m. strength. 
Afforza're, v. to strengthen. 
Affossamc'nto, s.m. a moat. 
Affpssa're, v. to moat roand, intrench* 
Affra'gnere, v. to break. 
Affrali're, v. to weaken. 
AffTanca're, t>. to enfranchise, incite. 
Affhi'ngere, i'. to break, weaken. 
Affra'nto, a(/. broken, weakened, weary. 
Affrappa're, v. to cnt in pieces. 
Affratellame'nto, j.m.l t>rothe< ly-love, in- 
Affratella'nsa, s.f. 3 tifnary. 
A^TratellaVsi, v. to live like brothers. 
Affredda're, v. tochlil, cool; afltedda'rai« 

to relent, grow coM. 
Affteoame'nto, s.m. restriction. 
Affrena're, v. to curb, restrain. 
Affrettame'nto, s.m. haste, spe^. 
Afiflnetu're, v. to hasten. 
Affrettatame'nte, adxu swiftly. 
Afitetto'so, 04/. quick, hasty. 
A'fftiCQ, s.m. south wind. 
Affrittella're, v. to fry. 
Affrontamc'nto, s.m. an attack, charge 
Affronta're, v. to charge, attack, adHrout. 
Affivnta'ta, s.f. a skirtoish, attack* 
AfTronta'to, a4f. attacked, abused. 
AfTrontato'. e, s.m. an assailant. 
Affra'nto, s.m. an affront, rencounter. 
Affnmicame'nto, s.m. fumigation. 
Afforoica're, v. to snsoke. 
Affumica'ta, s.f. fumigation. 
Affuoca're, if. to set on fire. 
AffnoVi, mtv. except. 
AffusoU're, v. to adorn. 
Afori'smo, s.m. aphorism. 
Afre'tto, a4^. sooriah. 
Afre'zza, s. f. tartness, roughness. 
A'tht, adf. sour, sharp. 
Afroni'tro, 1. m. aplinnsiie. 
Aga'rico, a fungus growing on trees. 
A'gau, »./. agate, a needle-fuU. 
Age'nte, s.m. an agent, factor. 
Ag'i'nte, adj. active. 
Agenzi'a, s. f. agency. 
AgevoUme'uto, s.m. «c"«tT« 
Aaevola're, t». to tnwUtate. 


Agi^roXe, AJJ. practicable, swift, cuf . 
Agerole^xsa, s.f, facility. 
Agerolmc'nte, oJv. easilf, quickly. 
Aggartgna'rc, v. (o clasp, seite. 
Agxccck/rjj, V. to djeapond. 
Aggelrf're v. to frei-ac, congeal. 
Aggelazio'ne, a/, congrlat on. 
Aggentili're, ti. to enn I'lle, adorn. 
Aggc'lti'vo, s.m. an adjectir«>. 
Ag^iieriQiKlia re, i>. to lioH in tlie claws. 
Agghiacciaoiento, /.Ml. irosi. 
A((^hiaccia're, v. to (reexe. 
Aggiija'ccio, urn. a sheep-fold. 
A^glll4dalnc'ntn, s.m. numbness. 
Agghiada'rc, v. to b. numb, d.scourage, to 

grow stiA*. 
Agghiada'!o,^jr/. benumbed, grieved. 
Argiace'iiza, s. f. vicinity. 
Aggiace're, v. to adjoin, be ronr«nient. 
A^^inocciiia'rsi, v. to itiieei down. 
Agxijga'i-e, V. to yolce. 
Agxiurname'nlo, s.m. ndjo'irnment. 
Aggiorn/re, v. to fix a day, to adjourn, 

to dawn. 
Aggiramc'nto, s.m, a going round, an 

Aggira're, v. to encircle, revolve; aggi- 

ra'n!, to wander, lose one's self. 
Aggira'i'i, $.f. an encircling. 
Agvirait/re, s.m.} a cheat, deceiver, va- 
Aagiratri ce, s. f. ) gabond. 
Ag^iudica're. v. to adjudge. 
Ai<giudic<iiio'ne, i./. aljudication. 
Aprgiu'nitere, v. \ loadd, join, reach, over- 
Aggiu'gnere. ti.) take. 
Aggiuvnime'nto, s.m. junction. 
Aggiu'nia, s.f. advantage, increase. 
Aggiuniio'ne, /./. addition. 
Aggiura're, t*. to swear, aHjure. 
Avgiusttim-^'nto, s.m. adjustment. 
Ai;<rius:a're, v. to adjust, n-concile. 
AggJuitatami-'nte, tUv* orderly. 
Aggiustate zca, s.f. exactOMi. 
Agglutina'rp, v. to glue, cement. 
Aag.imi ula're, v. to wind into a cleir. 
Aggornito'a'to, part* wound up. 
AgK ittaVe. V. !• pump up. 
Aggrade'voie, aij. acceptable. 
AggridKre, v. to a> cept, welcome, please* 
AggraiTa're, agii.affia're, v. to grasp. 
Agg ana're, v. to seed. 
AggrancliiaVe, v, to benumb. 
Aggraoci're, v, to seise, grasp. 
Aegrandi're, v. to aggrandise, enlarge. 
Aggrappamrnto, s.m. grappling. 
Aggrappa're, v. to grapple i aggrappa'ni, 

to climb. 
Aggraticcia'rc, v. to creep, twine. 
Aggratiflia're, v. to citain, fetter. 
Aggravame'nto, s.m, burden, incrCMt* 
AigrtTA'aie, o^/. aggrtvaUiiit 

Aggrtra're, v. to surcharfe, oppress j aj» 

graa'rsl, to grow hifavy. 
Aggiavatit/no, s.f. load, increase. 
AggrdMo, s.m. wron<r, injur}'> shame. 
Agj|iras;ata;nr'nie, aiv. gracef illy. 
AgfTcgame'iito, s.m. a collection, assem- 

Agi^rdga're, x», to aegrrgale, co!'e t. 
Ag^reKa'to, >.m. association. 
Aogrrgaa.o'ne, s.f. aggregation. 
A grcg.ia'if, V. (o natlicr into a iicrd. 
Agt:rciis.>r4*, s.m. an aggressor. 
Aggrcvrf'rr.t'. to overcliir^c. 
Aggrcaza're, «. to starve with cold. 
Aggrit chia'i-e, v. to benumb with cold. 

JKhS?;?;';:-} ">«•"■*•«.'•'■•--■ 

Aggroppa're, v. to knot, tu iae, lieap up. 
AgMTotta're, t*. to rou^iicn ; aggrottar le 

riglia, tu Irown. 
Aggr.)itos a';o, s.m. grotesque-work. 
Aggrovjglia're, v. to become entangled; 

ag%r«»vig!ia'rsi, to curl, to shriiJu 
Aggruma'to, aJJ. curdled. 
Aggrumold're, v, to tioard up. 
AgKrupi>ame'nto, s.m. ilie making a knot. 
Aggnippa're, v, to tie a knot. 
Aiit^uagliame'nio, /.m.) equality, confor- 
Agguaglia'naa, s.f, y mity. 
AgguagiiaVe, t>. to equal, compare. 
Agguatjliataroe'nte, aJv. equally. 
Agguagliato'-r^, s,m. he who equals. 
Agguagliazio'ne, s.f. uniformity. 
Aggua'glio, s.m. comparison. 
Agguanta're, v, to snatch. 
A.'guardam<j^nto, s.m. caution. 
AtrgU'ii'daVcT, If. to consider. 
Aggu'it.i're, V. to He in ambuscade^ 
Ag^ua'to, s.m. ambu«Ci4 i:*. 
AggiicflTa'rc, v, to •irt'l, join. 
Aggucrn're, t>. to triin up in war. 
Ass>J'ndoiame'nto,i.m.tliowinJ.iig askeia } 

deceit, artifice. 
Ajitguiniiola re, v, to wind ailk. 
Aggui'ndolo, s.m. a iilk«winder. 
Aggusta'rc, V. to give pleasure. 
Aghe'tta, s.f. litharge. 
Aghc'ito, s.m. the tag of a lace. 
Afthiada're, t'. to freeze. 
Aghia'do, adv. treacherously. 
Aghiro^ne, s.m. a heron. 
Agiame'nto, s.m. ease, convenieaco. 
Agiami'oa, s. f. dwnask'work. 
Agia're, v. to accommodate, fir. 
Agialaroe'nlet oiv. easily, commodiously. 
Agiatc'ssa. s. /. convenience. 
Agia'to, a4f' rich, convenient^ laxy. 
ABn>ll, 44/. feasible. 
A^gile. 04/. nimble, active. 
Agilila*, /./. I 

Agiltta'de, s.f. Ufilitj. otaUcAfn, 
Aimu'tc, 4./, J 


A|ilita're, v. to make nimble. 

A^ilmt'nie, Aftf. nimblr. 

A'gi.), j.ffi. ea^e, leisun:; a bcU'agie, lei* 

Arfi're, V. to «ct, to do. 
Agilame'nto, t,m agitation, motion. 
A ita're, v. (o jigiUiie, sluke, tre^it. 
A«iut./re, J.M. tie who agiuies. 
Ajdi aziu'nt-, .-./. agi ation. 
Aglia'u, s. f. a garlic-sauce. 
, A'^ii.i, t.m. gai Jic. 
A {.na, f.f, a she-lamb. 
A iia'Ui, j.m. a k.a>inan. 
Atf.jazid'nc, s.f. kindred. 
A^iir* la, i. /. a siic-iamb. 

A^iiviii no, s.m. } 

Agnelt/oo, oi/. of a lamb, lamblike. 

A^iie'Ilo, J m. a lamb. 

ARniiio'ne, J./, recugnition. 

A|gao, i.ffi. a lamb. 

A'tsnulo, j.Hi. an angel. 

A&niiiSc'l, J.m. a piece of uax bleased by 

tii« I'Ope, and impressed wiili tbe figure 

of a iamb. 
A'gj, s.m.i needle, a ittng ; ago da capo, 

a bo.ik>n ; ago da buitsola, the needle ol' 

a compass. 
Aso^na're, n. U> covet, des rr, aspire to. 
A ojnai-yrc^ s.m. a covetous man. 
A jn.-, J.m. a stc^t needle; a list for 

comba s. ^^ Tt-ySjt . 
Agoni'a, .«. /. agonjr, horror. 
Agjni'i.a, .«.m.a chamt>ion,a pnzcfigbter. 
Ajoriaza'nte, aij. dying. 
A?on:2aaVe, <>. to be dying. 
Atfor<i'jo, j.«. a ncedle-mak.T ; a needle- 

A3ui:a'ro, *,nu a gold coin qf Augustui. 
A|!osti'no, a4/. bom in August. 
Afo'iiu, i.m. tbe month of August. 
A^o^'BKno,i'"*.an overseer of galley-slayei. 
Aicramc'Dte, aiv, sourly, seicr^ly. 
A<(ra'rio, aij. agrarian. 
A«re'ste, a4i. rural, rustic, rude. 
Agiieste'ssa, uf. rusticity, acidity. 
Acrcati'ao, <Uj, acid, sourish. 
Agft'tto, sour g < apes, verjuice. 
Ann^tu'me, acidi y, sharpBcsi. 
A»,ri.''ito, i.p, a nasturtiuou 
A,;re'tto, <t(;. sourisb. 
A^rc zza, i.f. sharpaess, tartness. 

Agn'col , /. iw. ) husbandoiao, 
A«ricoltof're,J.m. J * Mu.u«iiu««»«» 

Air.coltu'ra, i. /. agrculture. 

A;rir(/glio, i.m. holly. 

Ar!riVD0,4i</. sour, savage, fierce. 

A.riinenso're, i.m. a land surveyor. 

/ftrjinensu'ra, t.f. land-sunreyin^, 

A,;r mo^nia, i./. agrimooy. 

MS <f\Mk,s.S. a sour species of clierry. 


A'gr», iM/. Aarp, sour, rough, ci%c1. 
Agrodo^lce, i.m. a thing luUl^aeet, lialf- 

Agni'ccio, aij, sourish. 
Agru'me, i.m. a general name for all fruits 

tliat have a kUarp acid taste j an imper* 

tinent ielluw. 
Aguaglia'iisa, s.f. equality. 
Aguarda're,i«.tooUerve, watch attentive!/* 
Aguasia're, v. to spoil, iia le. 
Aguata're, v. to lit- in wait, insnare. 
Aguauto'rf , J.0I. \ ,„ . .„,- - 
Aguatair.'ce. ,. /. ( *" 'nsoarcr. 
Ai;occhia'ri-, v. osew, to &ti'.ch« 
Agucchia.o'Fe, i.M. a lay lor. 
Agu'gli;),i./. anobea!>k,a nr-iUe ^an eagle. 
Aguglia' a, s.J. a meilL-fuU. 
Aguglio'ue, i.m. a uoad. 
Aguna'naa, ». /. an a^iiembiy. 
Aguna're, v. to assemble. 
Agu'ra, i./. , 

Agu^no, i. /, .an omen, a presage, luck* 
Agu'rio, i.fn,i 
Aguryso, aJj. 8uper!titioui. 
Agute'IIo, i. m. a lack. 
Agute'aaa, i./. sii .rpaess, 
Agu'(o,.i*m. a nail. 
Aguzaime'nto, i.m. a sharpening. 
Aguzza'ie, :ilurpco, whet -, aguxzar Itt 

ciglia, to fruwn. 
AguzzatoVe, s.m. a grinder. 
Aguzz itu'ra, s.J. a !>harpeningi 
Aguzze'tto,i.m.a sort ant employed to exe* 

cttie any wickv-d dettign. 
Aguzzt'no,i.m. anoverieor of galley-slaves. 
Agu'zsj, oAj, pointed, sharp. 
Ah, uierj..,\i\ al.s* iiow ■' wha.^ ah ver< 

gogna fie for shame I 

Ahi, inierj 1 , , 

Ahime',in.'rfy. ;*'*'* ■ 

Aia, i./. .in area, bam'<floor; governess. ■ 

Aia'to, rii(;..vaj;ranl, lambUng. 

Aime', intnj. alas ! 

Aio, s.m,. a governor, tutor. 

Aiu'ne,ir0f. a vagabond \ andire aioae, to 

wander about. 
Aio'sa, <Wt'. abundantly. 
AJn/ne, s,m. a heron. 
Aissa're, v. to prooke, set on* 
Ai'ta, tf. /.help, asstsunce. 
Aita'nic, aij. courageous, vigorous. 
Aita're, v. to Itelp, awist^ 
Aito^rio, i.mi. help, assista^ceT ^ 

Ajuo'la, i./. a small bJ^rntflpar, .. ' 

Ajuo'lo, i.iBk a neti tirar I'ajuo'lo, to die« 
Ajut.iine'nto, s.m. help, aacccwr. 
Aiuta'nte, s.m. an assistant, adjutant ; aj u 
ta'otc di campo, i ajuw a^' 

I di c .'mera. e'rooro of the cLambers. 
I Aiuta'nte, a^/'-j'trong, robust. 
I AluU're, V. to vd, fel'e/e- 
I Amttti'vo, fl V. 3ervlc««W<» 



iijuUtri'cc, i. /.;■"»"'■<••'• 
Ajute'vole, 0,0' propitious, kiod. 
•Aji/to, j.m. aid, auttunce. 
Aiuto^re, *,m. an aasiaiant. 
Aj[uto'rio, /.m. help, relief. 
Alutri'cc. i. /. an aaaiiUnt. 
Ai2zanie'nto,/.0i.provocation» incitemcaL 
Ai aaa're, v. to proroke, Kt on. 
Aixf ato're, s.m. 1 ._ i„,.i„,^- 

Ala, /./. wing, protection, an ell ; ala di 
capello, the brim of a bat { aia dl peace, 
fin of a Jish ; ala di remo, the blade of 
an oari starBull'ali, to be ready to fo; 
far ala, to make room. 

Alaba'rda, s. /. an halberd. 

Alabardie're, t.m, an halberdiefr 

Alabaatri'no, a4/. of alabaiur. 

Alaba'itro, s.m. alabaster. 

A acriu*, /./. alacrity. 

Aiama'nna, i./. a kind of musk grape. 

Alama'oo, a surtout. 

Alami're, j.f. a note in music. 

Ala'no, s m. a bu1l-do«r, masiiir. 

Ala'rc, J.m. an andiron. 

Aia'rc, t'. to wing, fasten onwinft. 

Alatc'rno, J.m. priret. 

Ala'to, o^/. winged. 

Alba, i./. the dawn of day. 

Albagi'a, s./. ostentation, pride. 

Albaalo'Bo, 04/. proud, ram. 

Alba'na, s./. a white grape. 

Alba'no, i. m, a sweet wine made neu 

Alba'iico, s.m. a kind of white grape. 

Albe'djne, /. /. whiteneas. 

Albeggiame'nto, t.m. whiteness, lustre. 

Albrggla'nte, a</. whitish. 

Albeggia're, t>. to be whilisli, to dawn. 

Alljera're, v. to raiw, set up, pl<inL 

Alber.i'ta, s.f. a grove, ateoue. 

Alberco'cca, s.f. an apri<rot. 

/lf>rTco'cco, t.m. an apricot-tree. 

Allierdla, #./. an aipin>trw. 

Albere'llo, t.m. a little va«e, gallipot. 

Albere'se, t.f. lime-Slonr, nill-sMo*. 

Albcre'ta, s./. a nursery. 

Albere'i'o, t.m. a shrub. 

Albergamc'nto, t.m. an tnn, lodgiop. 

Alberga're, v. to lodge, inhabit. 

Alberga'to. a^. ladged, popnlodg. 

Albergato^rv, t.m. an hor, InaKkccpef. 

AllMTgitri'ce, <•/. an hoiteaa, 

Alhtfteo, t.m. an Inn, lodginvs. 

Alh^n'no, t.m. a thfub. 

A'ib«TO, /. M. a tree ; albero di yw.tttWo, 
the mau of a ship ; andar au per Ic cime 
degU aiberi, to pretend more than mc 

Albici'ntr, port, whitf nin|. 

Aibi'vcie^ *(/ wkJtisli. 


Albieo^cca, t.f. an apricot. 

Albico'cco, t.m. an aphcot-tree. 

AlbiligtKstre» adj. while as a pnvet-Sower* 1 

Albo. aii. white. 

Albo^re, i.m. tliedawn, light, brigbtncts.^ 

AltM/re, t.m, a tree. 

Alboro'tto, t.m. a rumour, commotion. 

Albu'gine, *,/. a disease in the cornea •( 

the eye. 
Albu'roe, t.m. .the while of an egg. 
Albu'mo, t.m. a white lurcNlree. 
Alca'do, t.m. an Alcaid. 
A'Icall, i.ffl. a kind ol salt. 
Alca'nna, /./. an herb used to dye red. 
Alca'nzo, t,m. a courier. 
Alcatn/aao, t.m. a kind of aea^gnll. 
Alee, t.m. an elk. 

Alchi'mla^j./. alchyroy, craft, trick. 
Alchi'mico, a^. alchymical. 
Alchimi'sta, SMt. an alchyniist. 
Alchimizza're, v, topraciise alcbymf, (• 

Alclo'no, t.m* an hakyon. 
Alcora'no, t.m. the alcoran. 
Alcu'vo, t.m. an alcove. 
Aicunamt'iite, adv. by 00 means. 
AlcuTno, a4/. some, somebody ; alcana ! 

rolta. sometimes. 
Alcan(/rB, aiv. )-«_,.,i-.-* 
Alda'rga, /./. a target. 
A'lega, t.f. a sea-weed. 
Alffrgla're, i*. to spread Ike ikings* 
Alc'ita, t.f. brraih. 
Alename'nto, .(.m. brealhing, breath. 
Alcna're, v. to breathe, feed. 
Aleui/so, a4j, out of breath. 
Alcpa'rdo, i.m. a leopard. 
A essiiarmaco, t.m. an antidote. 
Ale'(ta, t.f. a amall wing ( alette di peace, 

flns of fish. 
Alta, t.f. the first IcUcr in ti»e Oreck ai- 

piiabct ; 'alfa ed omoga, Uie lirst aad 

>h(.' la t. 
Aliabetiiamc'ttte, o^. alphabclicalli'. 
All<ibc'(ico,04'. alphabetical. 
Aliabe'io, t.m. tho alphabet. 
Alfa'na, /./. a kiod ofwiM mart CioMfff aed 

by poeta) 

AlS^S: ;.«:} "^wifi^tuadard-bearer/ 
Alga, t.f. a sea'^eed. 
A'lgebra, t.f. algebra. 
Algebri'tta, t.m, an alfekr^fst. 
Alte'ote, «.</. cold, freeshii. 
A'lgcre, V. to frcpie, to be chlH. 
Aldo'rc, t.m, hard frost, chilloeas. 
Algu'<iO, aij. full of sca-werd. 
A'lla, t.f. wing of a building. 
AliaVi-, V. to fly or wheel round. 
Ali'ce, t.f. an anchory, a pilchard* 
Alidawrnte, a^v» dryly* 


*lMi're, V. lo in, -hlifr, r> 
Alldo, a4). tri, fKittd. 

i^rgglnv, V. to vh»1 nMiM 

.trimnuru, oil. loitTWiiii. 

aimn, fa krtat p 


AlMbf re, t*. to turn pale for fear. 
4^i1ib -nme'nto, enteriog in • book. 
Ailit)r./i-c,r. to registrr, Iwok. 
Ahieraini, v. to grow up. 
Ailie^TO, s.m. ■ scholar, papil. 
•^ Alligna're, v. to take root. 

Alliiidato'rr, s.m. an embrKUher. 
Aliingua'to, a{/. prattling, chatlefiog. 
Alliriuldi'rr, v. to melt like wax. 
Aliividime'iiio, s.m. lividity. 
Alllvidi're, V. to grow llvtd. 
Allocca'i-r, V. to ie in wait* 
Allncciirri'a, i./. in owlU baunt. 
Allt/cco, s.m. an owl. 
Allodia Ir, a^. alkMlial. 
Allodlalita*, s,/. allodiaiity. 
Allo'dio, s.m. an allodial posie«ioa. 
Alio dula, s. /. a lark i mHngiar came d' 

allodola, to take plea«iire ill flattery ; 

darKallodola,to flatter. 

Alloga're,i>. to place, leave, farm ; altoga're 

qaalcuno, to get one a placet aUogarsi, 

tii fettle, set up. 
Allogato're, t.m. a landlord. 
Allogatn'ce,/./. a landlady^ 
Alloggiame'Dto, J.m. ins, Mgisfft 
Alloggia'nte, s.m. a lodger. 
Allognia're, i*. to lodge, quarter toldiera. 
Allogf lati/re, t.m. an iim-keeper. 
Allo'ggio, t.m. an inn, lodgings. 
Allovlia'to, atj* atupld. 
A.kmtanamc'nto, s. m. ) diatance, reraote- 
Allontana'nsa, s.f. } neii. 
Allontana're, v. to remote to a dittaoce ; 

allontana'rsi, to leave, tbnake ; allonta- 

narsi dalia strada, to loae one's way. 
Alloppia're, tn to lull to sleep with opium. 
Allappio, s.m. an opiate. 
ARo'ra. adv. then, nt that time ; secondo 

il tempo d'ailora, according to those 

times ; d'ailora innant I, since that time ; 

d'ailora In qua', since; ailora allora, at 

that very time. 
A lion' no, a^f. of lau'-el. 
Allo'ro, s.m. the laurel-tree. 
^ Alli/tia. adv. tlit-n, at that lime. 
Ailiicia're, v, to gasc on. 
Allucignola're, v. to tw M. 
Allucina'rsi, v. to mistake. 
AlMdnt s.f. sheep^s leathers 
Aiht'diTi', V. to allude* to. 
Alluma're, v>. to set fire to, to steep fo 

lilum water. 
Allu'me, s.m. alum* 
Alkiminame'Nto, i.m. ilomlnation, inspi- 

railo- . 
k Allumina're, V. to lllomina^e, enlighten. 
^ AUuminaaiaoe, /./. lllttmiDatioo. 


Allum1nq'fi>,A<;. full of alum. 
AllongameHitOi /. m. extensiotw distance, 

AlluBga're, v. to lengthen, prolong ; altuA' 

garsi, to remove from. j 

Atlunrato're, s.m. he that lengthens. 
Allungatu'ra, s.f. prolongation. 
Allupa'rc. V, to starre. 
Allosiniarrc, v. to flatter. 
Allusio'Be,'./. allusion, reference. 
Allusi'vo, 4M/< allusive. 
Alluvio'nc, s.f. ablution. 
Alma, s.f. the soul. 
Almage'sto, s.m, a mathenatical work by 

A]maiiacca're,v'. to build castles la the air* 
Almana'cco, s.m. an almanac. 

Almtra'nte, t.m. an admiral, lltc admiral' i 

Almo, ai/. kind, famous, fair, f00d« oou* 

Alo', /.4I. an owl, booby, sot. 
Aloe, s.m. an aloe. 

Alope'cia, t. /.\ the fox't evil, the fiallioi 
Alopc'sfa. «./«/ of the hail. 
Alpc. M. /. the Alps. 

Alpe'stre^o^/. 1 Aiplne,rooBntaino«8,ri-/Ckr, 
Alpe'stro,d</. ) wildfSavaee, barab. 
Alpiaia'no, a4/i \ Alpine, inhabitant of the 
AlpiVno, 4i4/. / Alps. 
Aiqua'nto, a4f. fome, not many. 
Alqua'nio, adv. somewhat, a liitlo. 
Altalc'na, s.f. a swing. 
Altfikr.a'rf, V. to Swing. 
AKale'nj s.m. a swing'gate. 
Altame'Ate, adv. on high, deeply, lovdly, 

nobly, splendidly, geoerously. 
Alia'oa, .•«/. a turre*, terrace. 
Alia'i-e, s.m. an altar. 
AliHri'no, s.m. a little altan 
Alte'a. J /. a marsh-m illow. 
Altera'blle, a</« alterable, dumgcdble. 
Alteraroe'ntc, Ah/, baughiily. 
Alienrae'nto, s,m, alteratioii, change. 
Alt'-rn're, v. tu alter, change ; alterani, 

to grow angry. 
AlteraiamCnte. adv. furiooaly* 
Alierati'vo, a4;. alterative. 
Alterusl(/ne, /./. alteration, change. 
Aiterca're, v, to wrangle, sroid. 
Altrrca(l(/ne. s.f. altercation, diapute. 
Alttre^lo, adf. somewhat high. 
A lierKf !«,/./. I baughtioess, prlde,oitC}.' 
Aitiri'pia, s.f. > tation, arrufattcc. 
Alternamc'nte, adv. alternately. 
A I tern I'rr, v. to do by turns. 
Altrrnati'va, s./. an alternative. 
Altematlvame'nte, adtu alternately. 
Altcrnati'yo, adv. alternate. 
Altemaile^ne, #. /• alteroalioa. 


AUe^rno, m4f. alternate. 

Ale'ro, t^f. \ proud, scornful, dudaia- 

Ali«ro'to,tfiy.3 . ful« 

A\xeuo,Mf' somewbat high. 

A\ie'xz*t s.f. bright, depth, power, great- 
Hf ss, courage ; Sua Altet xsi,Hli HighncM. 

Ali'ccio, oAj- tipsy. 

Altieramc'ote, oM: proodtf , baughtilf. 

/.Itie^'c'saa, *. f. pride, haugbttans. 

>lti(/ro,<M;. prood, hnaghty, great, noble. 

>U\troiHl</M^ «4r. «itli a tol'ted top. 

AUime^ria, j. /. aitjfnctry. 

A It i' re, f. to ascrni, moun*. O^s. 

Altisooa'ate, adv. bigb*oounding. 

Altis^imamcTDte, adv. ttrj bighly, very 

AUi'ssimo, t.m, God, The Most High. 

Altitona'nle, <M;.thondcring Irom on high. 

APtiu'dine, /./. altitude, di^pth. 

Ahivola'nte) a4;\ higb-tlying. 

Alto, aJj. bigii, tall, deep, eminent, sob- 
lime»dangerous,bn)ad, loud ; alto aonno, 
sound steep ; alto mare, high tea ; toce 
a!ta, loud voice; di alto, irom abofe ; 
uomo d*alto sapere. man of great learn- 
ing ; donna d'alto lignaggio, wjtnan of 
noble extracton; panno alto, broad- 
cloth; alto di colore, htgh-coloared ; 
i.ire alio, to halt ; iare alto e basso, to 
do as one plea~es. 

Alto, adv. on high, loudly. 

Atiramc^ote, aJv. otiicrwise, else. 

Atrcs*', adi: uto, too, likewise. 

A'tr« tta'le, aJJ. such, like. 

A I r tta'ntu, a^. as muih, as much more. 

A'ltri, fnH. other. 

Alirtche, aUv. except. 

Ahrie'ri.div. tiie day before yesterday. 

A I rlBte'nti, aJv. otherwise, else. 

Altro. a4/. other, anoilicr; I'uno e I'altro, 
hoth; ne' I'uoo ne'l'xltro, neltlicr; to- 
lete altro, viil jou have any thing else ; 
per aitro, however ; non d>te altro, say 
no mor i non enerd^ialiio ; to be good 
tt»r nothing eise. 

Ahrorhe*, aax*. < xcepc, untesi. 

A'tro'ndc, aJv. Irom elsewhere, besides. 

Ahrota'lr, a^. such another. 

Aitro've, <»it«. cliewhere. 

AHru'i, frvt. Others; I'altrui, other pte. 
pit 'k giMfds. 

A't .'ra, J./, height. 

Alu'ccia, i./. a Utile wing. 

Alvea^re, i.m. » ^ y,^ bee-hlye. 

Al»e«'rio, s.m. > » 

A'lT('(«,i.m.canal, pipci I' alveo d'un fiunie , 

the bed ut a river. -V""" 
Alvi'nu, o<^'. ui the belly. 
Al-/ntc, i.m, alum. 
Alunns, *./.»a „. 

Alunno, i./.j *^ *^ 
Alve, t.m, the woab, bally. 


Ataa'ja, s. f. a small cable. 

Alaame'nto, *.m. elevation, Asc^n*.. 

Aica're, v. to raise, lilt up, boi&t { alsar Ic 
cart^>. to cut the cards; alsare i maxai, 
to run awav ; alz jre 11 grenibiule, to get* 
or be with child; alaar le coma, %» 
grow prood. 

Alaatu'ra, j./. elevation. 

Ama'bile. aif. amiaKle, lovely, kin'1. 

Amabilita', /./< aoiiablenesa^'kindnesi* 

Amabilme'nte, adi: amiably. 

Ama-Wre, i.«i. a lover, gallant. 

Ama'lfama, s.f. amaliianution. 

Amalgama're, V4 to amalfMoiate. 

Amalgamasit/ne, *. /< atnalgamation* 

A ma nie, j.m. a lover, gallanti 

Amanteme'nte, adi». lovingly^ 

Amanuf'iise, t.m. all imanueasist 

Ama'naa, t.f. a mistiTss. 

Aroaraccio, o^;. nauseously bitter. 

Amaraine'nie, adt: bitterl)-, grievously* 

Amara'nto, s.m- an amaranth. 

Amara'sco, um. a kind of cheiry-tree. 

Ama're, v. to love, delight in; ania# 
megiio, to prefer. 

Amareggiamr'nio, s.m, blttemcM. 

Amareggia're, v, to imbitter, afllict. 

Amare'lla, 1./. rougwort. 

Amare'na, s. /. a sort of cherry. 

Amare'tto, 04;'. bitterish. 

Amare'xxa, s.f. bitterness, grief. 

Amarexza're, v. to imbitter. 

Amari'ccio, <i<(/. bitti-rish. 

Aman'no, s.m. a sort of tart cherry. 

Amari're, v. to imbitten 

Amarjtu'diiie, s, /* ) bitterness, grief, 

i^ira'ro, '.m 



Ama'io, a4f. bitter, cruel, grievous 

Aman/goolo, a4/» bitterisb. 
Aman/ie, j.m. bittermss, grief, severity. 
Amati'sia, s, /< an amethyst. 
Amati'vo, ajjt lovely. 
Amato're, s.m. a lovc-r. 
Amato'rio, a^f, loving, amoroua. 
Am Iri'ce, t.f. a mistress. 
/ tn'.sx(/ne, *./. an amaaon. 
<Vn)ba'g •, s.f. preamble, circamlocotioa* 
Ambasceri'd, J./, embassy. 
Amliascia, j./. sliortoess of breath, aufo' 

AtTibasriad</re, s.m. an ambassador. 
Anibasci4dort/x8a, J.m. a deputy. 
AtiibisriKii'i'ce, «./. an embassadress. 
Ambascia're, t . to grieve, to pant. 
AmlMjci ,'ii\, *./. embassy, mt ssage. 

Ambaiiriutu'ro, J.m. an ambassador. 

Ambasciatri'i e, *. /. an ambassadress. 

Amitasciu'so, a4J' sad, auxioot, dwtiissc«< 

Ambe, a^t \ 

Awbi, alj >bolh. 

Ambidu'e, aif* J 

— « « 


Ambia'nte, adj. ambliof. 
Ambia'rc, v. to amble. 
Ambiatu'ra, $. f. an ambte. 
Avbide'itro, a4/. ambidexter. 
Aobido'i, <M/.both. 
Amble'Dte, a4i, anbieot. 
Ambiffuame'nte, adv. amblfaoittlf . 

AiabKgoo, «</. amblfooat, irreMlate. 
A'inbio, ambk. 
Ainbi're, v. to aspire to, to enTiron. 
Ambi'to, s.m. cabal. 
Ambif io'De» /./« anbttioa. 
AmbixioiaiBC'nte, aiv. ambltiooalT. 
Ambixio'so, a4i. ambitioua. 
Ambo. adj. 1 v^.w 
Ainbodu'e,*(/. S °*'*°* 
Ambra, t. j. amber. 

Ambracana'io, a</. perfumed with am- 
ber gria. 
Ambraca'ne, i./. ambcrgrit. 
Amhra're, v. to perfume with anbeffria. 
Aailux/jio, i./. ambrosia. 
Ambrosia'no, adj. ambrosial. 
Ambula're, v. to walii awajr. 
Ambulato'rio, a^j. ambulatory. 
Amename'nte, aiv, agreeably. 
Amendu'e, a4/.^ } bolt. 

amenity, pleasantoess. 

Amendu'ni, adjy 

Amenita*, s.f. 

Amenita'dc, /. 

Amenita'ie, s., 

Ame'no, aij. piensanS sweet 

Amfi'bio, adj, amphibious. 

Amia'oto, i.m. amianthus, asbestof. ' 

Ami'ca, i./. a mistress. 

Aaico'bile, adj. amicable, friendly. 

Amicame'Dt< , adv. amicablv. 

Amtca'rsi, v. to reconcile, contract friend- 

ahip Willi. 
Amiche'votc,.tf4/. amicable, friendly. 
Amiciirrolme'nte, adv. amicably, kindly. 
Amici'cia, /./. fricnd'-liip. 
''Ami'co, urn. a friend \ amico atretto, an 

intimate friend, a gallant; amico da 

bonaccia, a trenclier-friend. 
A'mido, s^nu starch. 
Amiata*. /./. *) 

Attista'de, i./. > friendship, amity. 
Am sta'nzii, s.f. i 

Amroaccame'nto, i m. contusion, braise. 
Ammacca're, v. to crush, bruise, beat. 
Ammaccatu'ra, t.f. bruise, contusion. 
Ammacchia'rr, v. o bide amotig briars. 
Ammaestrame'nte, aiv. learnsdiy. 
Amniaesirame'nto, i.m.\ instruction, edu- 
Ammaest a'naa, s.f. \ cation. 
Amm testraVe. v. to instruct, teach. 
Ammaestrati'vo, alj. instructive. 
Ammaestrato're, iJn. a tutor. 
AmmaeiU-atri'ce, u f. a govcraeu. 


Ammaestratu'ra, i./. ) inatrootipB, «di^ 
Anunacstraxio^iic, 1 f.) cation. 
Ammaeatre'Tole, aij. docile, tractable. 
AmmaestreYolmcfnte, a^. tractably* 
Ammaglia'rcj v. to bind up. 

iSSJSfSf;^:} «••"-•■'»• 

Amm^a're,v.lo4e€k with leaf ef or iowov. 
AmmaiB^re, v. to losrer the hUi. 
Anunala're, v. to grow lick. 
Ammalati'ccio, aj/. *tckly. 
Ammala'to, adj, sick* ill ; on aosisialat^ 

an invalid. 
Ammaliame'nto, i.m. witchcraft, charm* 
AnwDtlia're, v. to bewitch, charm. hH' 
Ammaliato're, t.m. a wizard, sorcerer. 
AmoMiliatri'ce, ».f,% witch, lorcereca. 
Ammaiiatu'ra, ».f. encbantiqent, charm. 
Ammalizia'to, adj. grown malicious. 
Ammanetta're, v. to manacl*. 
Ammanaja're, v. to behead. 
Ammanname'oto, j.ot. preparation ; am* 

maonamenti di nave, the conlase of a 


AmraansaTre, v. to tamr, soften. 
Aramanta're, v. to cover, cloak, defend. 
AraBiant<iU/ra, s.f. covering with a cloak, 

a mantle, cloak. 
Ammantella're, v. to cover with a cloak; 
Amma'alo, i.m. a roanile. 
Ammarcime'nto, s.m. putrefaction. 
Ammarci're, v. to rot, putrefy. 
Ammarglna're, t*. to cicatrize. 
Ammartclla're, v. to hammer, tonaeat, 

make jealous. 
Ammartella'to, a^j. jealous. 
Ammassame'oto, i.m. acrumulatioa. 
Ammaaaa're, v. to heap up, apiais* 
Ammassato're, $.m. an accumulator. 
Ammassiccia'sv, v. to heap up lildc by 

Anima'sao, jjv. a lieap. 
Ammatasia're, t'. to wind into skeins. 
Ammatt.'re, v. to madden. 
Ammattooame'nto,i.m. pavement ofbricku 
Ammaltuna're, v. to pave with bricks. 
Ammazzame'nto, s.m. slaughter, carnage. 
Amra^zza're, v. to kill, murder i am> 

mnzzarsi, to commit suicide, take great 

Ammazzise^tte, s.m. a braggart, bully. 
Amroazzalo jo, s.m. a slaugbur-hooac. 
Ammazzato're, s.m.t ^ murderer. 
Ammazzatn'ce, s. /. 
Ammazzera're, v. to make or become 

tough. , , 

Amroazzola're, v. to make into no^s^tys. 
to sink In the mire ; 
ammemmarsi, toea* 



I're, V. V 
la'rc, I't J 

UAllc OAfi'i icu; 

Amne'nda,«./. recompence, fine, peoalty ; 
incorrer I'ammenda, lo forfeit. 

Ammcndaliile, adj. carrigibie. 

ATnnieQdame'ato, j.m. amendment. 

Ammcnda'ri*, v. to amend, iinproYe, re- 

Amniendazio'ne, ■»./."> reformation, cor* 
•Ammc'ndo, i. in .y - rection. 

AmracnU're, v. lo recollect. Ols. 

Amme'sso, pjrt. admitted. 

Amme'ttere, v. to admit, receire. 

Ammczzarae'nto, i.m. divis on, moietf. 

Ammezca're, v. to cut in two, grow ripe ; 
ammezzar ia via, to roert half way. 

Ammezzaio're, s.m. he who divides. 

Ammicca'rc, v. to winJc. ^> 

Ammiccalo're, SMt. he who winks. ' 

Ammigliora're, x>. to meliorate. 

Amminicola're, t*. to prop, assist. 

Ammint'colo, s.m. support, help. 

Amministragio'he, s. f. administration. 

Amministra're, v. to administer, mitnage, 

Amminisirate're, s.m. an administrator. 
Amministrati'ce, J./, an administratrix. 
Amministrazio'ne, s. f. administration. 
Amminuta're, v. lo mince, cut very small. 
Ammira'bile, aJ/. ad'Tiirable. 
Arnmirabilita*, j.f. the wohderful. 
Amm irab Irac'nte, adtt. admirably. 
Ammiraglii'to, J.m. admiralsbip, the ad« 

Ammira'glio, s.m. an admiral. 
Ainmiramc'nto, s.m. admiration. Oit. 
Amirira'Ddo, aif. admirable. 
A: rnira'nza, s./. admiration. 
Ammir3're, v. lo admire, wonder aty be 

Arnmirati'ro, (lU. admiring. 

AT-.mirato^re, ■'•'«•') an adnilfcr. 
Ammiratrrce, /./. > 
Atnmiraxio'ne, s.f. admiration. 
Arnmisera're, v. lo grow miserable, stingy. 
Amm.s'ri'bilc, adj. admisisible. 
A<ni7ii4'>io'ne, s.f, admission. 
A'ni-.iisura're, v. to measure. 
A mmistio'nc, s.f. mixture. 
A'liiiii'iuraiame'nte, aJv. moderately, so- 

Ainiiii«ura'lo, aJJ. moderate, sober. 
Arnnii'tto, J.M. an amice. 
A- imodaiame'nie, aJtr. moderately. 
.*•. -imoUa'lo, ai/, rooderati*, sober. 

• imoderUjmc'nle, a«t/. lemperalely. 

A.nmoderna're, v. lo modernize. 

vrT.tiijgliame'nto, s.m. marriage. 
Anmoglla'rejT'.to marry, give in marriage. 

Arnmogllatore, J.m. a match-maker. 

■ imioina're, t». to carrts, coax. 
/ > iinollame'nto, s.m. mollification, 
^•'imolin're, V. to mollify, appease, gro'»^ 
».ulsCi lo tel go, let loose. 

A M O 

Aihmollati'yo, aij. moistening. 

Ammollic'nte, aJJ. emollient. 

Ammolli re, %>. lo open, loosen the belly ; 

lo more, nflect. 
Ammoiiislo'ne, J./. ) admonition, wam- 
Ammonime'nio, J.M. j Ing. 
Ammoni'rc, v, to admonish, reprimand. 
Ammotiito're, J.m. an admonrshcr. 
AiAmonizionce'ila, .<./. gentle reproof. 
Ammonizio'nc, s.f. admonition. 
Ammontii're, v. \ . . .„ „„ " _" „ 
Amraontlv iVe.t;. | **» *»**P "P' »■""• 
Aramontic'clla'cc, t». to make into helps. 
Ammonticchu'rc, t». > ,^ . „.„ ,„«„»i.., ^ 
Ammanziccl.ia'rc, t-. f *° ''"P 'o«eU»cr. f 
Ammorha're, v. to infect, taint. 
Amroorbidaoie'nlo, s.m. gentleness, soft" 


Ammorblda're, v. fS^f^^^ L IT*"/™!* 
Ammorbidi're,v.|Ji7j; ^° «"" *''^°"- 

Ad morsel la'io, j.m. a hash. 
Ammdrtame nto, s,m: extinction. 
Ammorta're, v:i .^ ... . . „^ . 
Amroorti're, v. / *° ej^l'nguish, cool. 

Amoijrza're, T». to quench, repress, tame. 
AmAioscyre, V. to languish. 
Ammosta're, v, to press grapes. 
Ammostato^o, s.m. the trough of a wine- 

Ammoizica're, v. to cut in pieces. 
AmmuccJiiaVe, tt. to heap, amass. 
Ammusa're, v. to pout, to meet face to 

Ammutiname'nto, j.»ii. mutiny. 
Ammulina'fsi, f. to mutiny- 
Aramutina'to, aJj'. seditious; gli ammuti- 

nati, mutineers. 
Amreutinalo're, /.w. a rebel, mutineer. 
Ammutire, v. ^ 
Anirautola'rc, t;. [ to become dumb. 
Ammu'oli'ie, t-. i 

AZri'''?;°4:l •■«'"'"'■■"""• 

Amnisti'a, J./, amnesty. 
Amo, s.m. a hook, lish-hook. 
Amo'mo, s.m. an aromatic plant. 
Amora'ccio, s.m. ) _ ... 
Amora'zzo, ■'.m. [ *'"°"''' 'ntf'8"'- 
Amo're, j.ct.Iovc, afl'cction ; amor propri-"*, 

self-love; poriar am.'rr, lu love ; amor 

roio, my love. 
AmoreRqianie'nto, s.m. conristvip, wooing. 
Amorc3t,ia'ro, v. to woo, make '.o»c to. 
Amore'vole, <i./r. kir 1. fricn.-Uy, aP.ible. 
Amorcvoic*?Bia're, t>. to caress, c".j.)it. 
Amoix'vo!j'z";Ta, s.f. friendship, iovc. 
Amorrvnlczzi'na, s.,t. kind words. 
Amort'vohne'nte, rulv. lovingly. 
Amofi'n.-). j.f.-i. aHtil^lo.e. 
; /moro'.-.i, '. f'. a Tr.iMress,, 
1 .Muoros-.T.K r.f, r..:v- amoror.>. 


Amorosenio, aij. \ prettjr, eenteel, loreljr, 

Amoruse'tto, aif, J wantoo. 

Aiaort/M, aJJ. amorous \ kuerft araorosa, 

Amon/so, i ffl. a lover, gallant, s;)ark. 
Amoro'lto, f.m. rising luve. 
Auiosia'iite, t.m. a man of gicatdignitjr 

among (he Arabians. 
Amovi'bile, aJj. removrable, 
Arapiame'n e, aJv- ampljr, fully. 
Ampie'fxa, j,/. amplitude, extent. 
A'mpio, aij. large, wide, spacious, full. 
A'mpio, ijn. brcadili, extt-ni. 
Ampiagiova'nte, <t4/. fit for manjr things. 
Amploregn8*nte, aij, one wbo reigns over 

a great empire. 
AmplcSso, s.m. embrace. 
Amptla're, t>. to extend, enlarge. 
Aispltn2l(/nc, J./. ampUatioD, extcasioa. 
AmpliHcaYe, «. to amplify. 
Amplirica o're, / m. an amplifier. 
AmpliAcayio'ne, J./, amplirication, 
Amplissitname'nle, <i4/. most amply. 
Ampiitu'dine, i./. amplitude. 
A'mpio, <!<(/. Urge, full. 
Ampo^la. i.f. a bottle, flaggon, phial. 

Ampollosane'nte, aiv. borabasticallv. 
Ampollosita*, J./, bombast, turgid style. 

AmpotluSo, aij. bombastic. 
Ampolu'zza, j«/. a small phial ; bubble. 
Anabatti^ta, t.m. an anabaptist. 
Anaca'rdo, .<.«>. a plant so called. 
Anacorc'tu, s.m. as aticiiorite, hermit. 
Anacorctizza're, v. to live like an hermit. 
Anacixi/ptica, .«./. anacreontic od<*. 
Anacre-'niico, adj. anacreontic. 
Anacroni'smo, .•.m. anachronism. 
Anagn'tio, t.m. a plant so called. 
Anagi'ridf, t./. a plant so called. 
An Mnu'ste, s.m. a I cturer. [mystery. 
Anagogi'a, s.f. a mystical sense, religious 
Anagogicame'nte, adv. mystically. 
Anago'gico, a4;< aoagogetiial. 
Ana<ira'nima, t.m anagram. 
AnagrammatizZ'i'rt', v. to make anagrams. 
Ana'lisi, i./. analysis. 
Antii'tiro, aJj. .malyticai. 
Analogi'a, i./. analogy. 

Ana'm-:, s.m. a pine-apple. 
Anarchi'.!, s. f. atiarcliy. 
Ana'rcliico, dlj. anarchical. 
And'teiiia, s.tu. anitlicma. 
AnAteniizza'rc, v. to anathematize. 
Analo'mia, t.f. anatomy. 
Andtumieamrntc, iidv. anatomically. 
'Ml Ku'iii (o, aij. anttumiC'il. 
Anato'miCvi, *,m. ) an anitorai^f, a pra- 


Anatomixza're, v. to anatomize. 

A'natra, s. f. a duck. 

Anca, t.f. a haunch, hip. 

Ancaio^nc, aiv. limpingly, laraeljr. 

Ance'l a, s.f. a maid, waiting-maid. 

Aaciie^^AA;. also, too, likewise ; per anche^ 
yet, as yet ; ne^ anche, neither, not, 
not even ; quand' anche, though. 

Ancheggin'rCfTMo wag one's legs, to canter. 

Ancid/rc, i». to kiil, slay. 

Ancidilt/re,i.>n. a murderer. Obs, 

Anci'lla. J./, a maid. 

Anciao^rc, J.m. a murd rcr. Obs, 

Anci'no, s.m. a hedge-hog. 

Anco, adv. also, yet, s.ll/. 

A'ncora, i. . an anchor ; gittar I'ancon 
to cast ant. hor ; esiere all'ancora, to nd* 
at anchor; lerar I'ancora, to wci^ 

Anco'ra. aiv.. also, yet, as yet, again. 

Ancorache', caii/. though, although. 

Ancora'ggio, s.m. anchorage. 

Ancore^ta, s.f. a small anchor. 

Ancu'dine, s.f. an anvil. 

Andame'nto, s.m. gait, deportment, wat 

Andanterae'nte, o<iv. fluently, ea.Mly. 

Anda're, f. to go, depart; andare all 
lunga, to draw out in length; an da is 
nanzi, to grow, to thrive ; andare il 
incontro, to go lo meet ; andare peik 
grino, to wander; andare a vela, to sail 
and^rne la vita, to risk one's life; as 
dare a marito, to marry ; andare a nils 
to be pillaged ; andare bene, lo succeed 
andare a seconda, to go with the stream 
andar sotto, to set; andar di bri^ia 
to go toceiher; andare a sambe levan 
to faih miscany ; a lungo andare, i 
l.>ni( lun ; andare a galla, lo go adiiBj, to decay, to be gone. 

An tii'rc, s.m. gait, step, walking. 

AiidaVi, s.m. walks, alleys. 

Anda'la, *. f. the act of going, gait ; dHj 
la buona an l.ita a'servi, to give thete 
vanis something to drink. 

Andnt I'ccia, /. /. a violent purging. 

Andd'io, fnrt, goni", past. 

Andato'r^, s.m. a traveller, walker. 

Andaiu'ra,.(./j»alkiug ; saquell' andatJi 
in ihnl manner. 

Anda'zao, s.m. mode, fashion, inftucnc' 

Andirirlc'ni, s. m. windings, iDCOlKft 

h diicourses. 

A'n.lito, s.m. passage, entrance. 

Andro'nc, s.m. aniiciiamber, pasaage. 

Anc'ddytto, s.m. an anecdote. 

AnHa'nie, aSJ. panting. \ 

AnHa'rc, v, to pant, breathe short, 
pire to. 
I An •Wui s.m. slutrtncas of breath, naatii 


AQi'llo, i.m, a ring, thimble ; dar1*anel!o, 

tobctrotu; ..nellj di capclU, • rinflct 

ol hair. 
>ne'.Io'nc, s.m. a laffC Ting. 
>n<llo'$o, auj. made like a chain. 
Anc'[t, ajj. out ol breafh. 
^ni-l,/so, aij. siiort-brcalhed. 
>n.'monc, i.f. anemone, » m<l-flo*rer. 
^n^\o, s.m. a plant like teonel. 
>^Dcu^'»nn, t.m. aneurism. 
A.n aname'nio s.m. prating, nonsense. 
>ni inj'rc,T>. lo talk wildty, nonsensically; 

aiiunarsi, tu wander. 
An'ina. o're, s.m. a prattler, babbkr. 
^oianairi'ce, s.f. a gossip. 
Am jneggia le, i'.' to talk idly. 
y*.n uni'iy s.f. nonsense, prattling. 
Anie'iibe'na, /• /. a Serpent that has a head 

at both ends. 
An, /bio, aij, amphibious. 
A'! i.ooiogi'a, s.f. amphiboiogy. 
<^'i ^iMlo^iCame'nte, adv. ambiguously. 
An. boio'gico, aif. amphibolous. 
An.' Set, i.ra. Ampliiscii. 
A ) .cjd'iru, s.m. an amphitheatre. 

■iiora, s.f.'*. kilderkin, 
r'tntra tlu, s.m. a narpun dark plact*. 
\» urii'T^t V. to overcharge, oppress. 
' i\ nr ati/re, s.m. an' oppressor. 
' 'i i? -la, s.f. an anijel. 
Vi -( ii-'sco, a4J. angelical. 
\i .'o'lka, s.f. angelica (a plant). 
Ki'/ciicamr'nte, aJv. angelically. 
\ t (:<.- 1 ica'to a Ij. angelical. 
^iigt-liclur'xza,'./. the nature ofanaogel. 
' iLie lico, a4j. angelic, lovely. 
I'l-i-clo, /.ID. an angel; angelo custode, 

f angtl ; angelo di badia, a wca- 

V'n-pre, v. to griere, Tex (P»/.) 
*r 'licri'a^/./.fiolence, force, compnlsfon. 

LMtria'rc, v. to force, oppress. 
^' i'lin, i./. squinancy. 
\ . .u'u, s.f. an angel. 

''. ui/iio, s.m. a little angel. 

' • ■•.po'rto, s.m. a returning portal. 

' • nc a'no, aif. anglican. 

*| Mc/jjno, s.m. Anglicium. 

*■• ..«. an Lngiishman. 

^n^foli'rc, a-U- angular, curnered ; pictra 

■■rj,«j!are, corner-stone. 
^ ''(ol.iruie'nte, a4x>. anguUtrly. 
^'i: -<ii I, s.m. an angle, comer. 
Kt i'iWio, aJj. angular. 
^ to' re, i.m. grief, passion, pain, 
irijuicc'vole, <uli. sorrow I'u I, paintul. 
Vfi/o'-tcia, t.f. '^anguuli, vexation^ 


Anfoacia'rF, v. to gri<iVc, vex. 
Angosciosame'ntc, otfv. sorrowfiilfy. 
Aofuwio'so, a4f. torronhil, anxioiu, paiflo 

A'ngue, s.mL a snake (Fatf.) 
An^ui^ia, i. /. an eel. 
Anguilta're, t. m. a long and itraighl rov 
of rii 

IKI^r,-;-;?:}— "n«'.•^• 

Angu'slia, /./. disticis, perplexity, scar- 
city \ aogustia di tempo, shortness »t 

Angukiia're, v. to aJBkt, harrass, distress. 

Angustio'so, a4j. sad, grievous, anxioa!>. 

Ango'slo, adj. narrow, close, small. . 

Aoi'ce, i. m. anise, aniseed ; ion dati gl' 
anici, the business is over. 

Ani'le, aJj, old, antient. 

A'nima, j./. the soul, spirit, a person, 
a ke.nei, a mould; anima di hot o:iv, 
a button>mould. 

Animala'ccio j.«ii.a blockhead, %rtA\ tf..*t., 

Anima'le, s.m. an animal, a dunce. *^X^L 

Anim^le, <!«(;. animal. a ^^ 

Animale'sco, adj. beaally, stupid. 

Aninulc/lto, s.m. t animalcule, lilUe aal- 

Animali'iio, i. m.) iral. 

AoimaliiH', J./, animation. 

Animalo'iie, s.m. a great Iwast, dunce. 

Aniinalu'ccio, t.n, > a little animai, asi' 

AnimaJu'zzo, /. m. 3 malcule. 

Anima'nte, s.m. an animate creature. 

Anima're, v. to animate, encouraiic. 

Anima'to oJ/. aaimatc ; aflettoanima'lo, 
sincere aflcction. 

Animarversiu'ne, s.f. animadversion. 

Aolmazio'ne, i./. animation. 

Aoimeilfl, s.f. the tongge of any thins ; 
animelladi pompa.tbesuckerufaputnp, 
aniroella di vilcllo, swec-t-brt-ad. 

A'nimo, s.m. mind, opinion, fancy, incli- 
nation, disposition, courage; ^Ll:^-e^c 
neli'anireo, to consider j ho ncH'.-iT.imo, 
1 intend, design ; perdersi d'aii'iiia» tu 
prove laint-heartcd ; f«Mi dLimu, (» 
pluck upahearl; dare an'ino, iucmou- 
ragc ; animo vile, cowarciivc, nie;iniic>>i 
aiiimu nobil^, generusily, bra tr.\. 

A'niroo, intirj. cht-cr up '. on, on '. 

Animosamc'nii:, adv. courHgcou^iy, vio- 

Aniino^it..\ f-f- \ courare, 1,.. <1n( '-. 

Aniinositii'do, i.f. \ gnimoviv, n>.>l" 

Animosita'le, j. /. » 

Animo'so, aii. brave, stout, vulian:. 

Animu'ccia, s.f. a siUy sou . 

A'nitra, s.f. a duck. 

Anitra'icio, s.m. I . d^kline 



AnitrKrii, /./. duck.wced. 
Anltri'no, s.m. a yunng drake. 
Anitri'o, j.m. the nfighinj? of a hone. 
w^nitri'rc, v. to neigh, Vbinnjr. 
Aniiro'cco, i.«. >. duckling. 

Annacquanit'nio, J.m. a watering. 
Annacqua'rr, v. lo mix water witli wine. 
Anniirqu.nrccio, adj. mixed wilh a littic 

Annamamc'nto, J.ffl. tlv act of watering. 
Ann.iffia'rc, v. to water, irrigate. 
Annaflia'o'jo, s.m. a watcriBg-pot' 
Anna'Ic, a4j. annual, yearly. 
Annali, J.m. aniiaW. 
Aitnal/Kta, i m. »n annalis*. 
Aniiasa'n*, t». to snwil, hunt upon scent. 
Annaspa'rc, v. to reel, or wind yarn. 
Anna ta, t.f. • year i P">fit of a year. 
Anncbbiamc'nto, s.m. « clouding 5 dark 

Anneijbia're, r. to cloud, blast ; annebbi- 

arsi, to grow cloudy, lobltnrf one's self. 
Anncpamc'nto, s.m. the act of drowniug. 
Annega'rc, v. to drown, to deny. 
Annegazio'nc, s./. sclf-dcnUI. 
Annegljjtti'rc, v. to (trow lazy. 
Annoijhittl'to, aJJ. id 0, slighted. 
Annegra're, v. to blacken. 
Anncrame'Dto, *►«».« blackening, black- 
AnneraVf, t>. 7 toblacken.defanie ; anner- 
Anncri're, v. J arsi. to grow btack^or dark. 
Anni'sso, adj. annexed. 
Anncsiame'nto, s.m. iirifting. 
AnnMta're, v. to graM. 
Anneva're, v. to reiresh with snow. 
Annichllame'nio, i.f»... ) annihilation. 
Annichila'naa, J./, ow- ♦ 
Annichila're, tM» annihilate, destroy ; an- 

nichilarsl, to debase one's self. 
Annirhilflzlo'ne, .'.A^^'ruc'^on. 
Annirhill're, v. t<n«p;oy. 
Annida're, v. to iWtIc ; annldarti, td 

make one's nest, to «ctt.e. 
Annlcntame'nto, f.m. destrucuon, 
Annicnta're, t<. to dfsiroy. 
•Annlghltti'rc, v. to grow lazv. 
Anninna're, t-. to rock, lull aMecp. 
Anniversa'rio, s.m. anniversary. 
Anno, s.m. year ; cap . d'anno, new years 

day; d'anno in anno, iroin year to year ; 

in capo all'anno, at the yeflrsend ; en- 

trar negll anni, to grow old. 
Annobiji're, v. j ,q mnoble. 
Annobill.ta rc.t'. i 
Annodamc'nto, s.m. a tvln«. 
Ann d-i'rc. v 10 ti--. knit, bind. 
Arn)i.i'lo./>.»rr. tied; concluded. 

Ann ).1^tu'» I, s.f. i , tying, binding. 

*'ui.)<ln5;iii'ni*. .«./• i 


Annoja're, t». to veary tire/annoy; M 

nojarsi, to be displeased. 
Annojosame'nte, air/, tedio'isly. O^s. 
Annojo'so, nJJ. tedious, tiicsiumc. 9*'« , 
Annola'rr, v. to lieight. 
Annoma're, f. o narao, to call.'Oii. j 
Auno'nj, J./, prov sionof torn and ncd 

suries. | 

Annu'so, a4j. old, antient. 
Annola're, v. to note, remark. 
Annotato're, s.m. an .innotatur. 
AnnoLaxiu'ne, J./ annota'ion. 
Artnoiu'rc, t'. M" K'"**' dusk, towaf 
Annott 'rp, T'. r evening. ' 

Annorelta'lo, a4/> fabulous, deceived. 
AniiDverame'nio, s.m. enumeration. 
Annover.i'nte, a.ij. enumerating. I 

An.iOTcr-Vr?. v- to reckon, count. 
Anno^cIalo're, i.m. arccKoner. 
Aniiuvercvo'le, a^t. computable. 
An nu'vcro, s.m. compulation. 
Annua'lc, Mf- annual. 
Annua'le, s.m. an anniver ary. I 

AnnujInic'Dle, adv. annually. 
Annupola're, v. lo gniw cloudy. 
Annut;ola'lo, a4;, cloudrd. j'oe, /./. { abrogation, repel 
Annullatne'nlo, J.»i. ) ^upp^e8s^on. 
Annulla're, v. to annul, suppress. | 

Annulia'to, aO'. void, unnuilcd. 
Annullato're, s.m. a suppressor. 
Annullaiio'ne, j./. abrocation. 
Annum, ra' re, v. lo enumerate. 
Annunziamc'nto, s.m, prediction. 
Annunxia'rc, v. to foretel, bring news. 
Annuii2ia(/ie, «.«. a propliet, rcporiet 
Annunz itri'ce, *./. a proplictrts. 
Aunuojfia'la, s./.... Khe Aaounciatioc, 
Anniinziaziune, s.j. > 
Annu'nzio, s.m. an omen, ntessafc. 
A'nnuo, aJJ. annual, yearly. 
Annuvola're, v. t ^^ ^^^^^ oteicaat. 
Annuvolrre, v.J 
Ano, s.m. the fundament. 
Anodi'no, a^f. anodyne. 
Ano'malo, adj. anomalous. 
Anoni'mo, fl"</. anonymous. 
Anotonii'a, s.f. anatomy. 
Anutomi^sia, s.m. anatomist. 
Ansame'nto, s.m. shortness of bKatlu 
Ansa'nle, a4^» panting. 
Ansa're, v. to pant, breathe short. 
A'naia, s./. anxiety, perplexity. 
Ansia're, v. to breathe sliort. 
Ansieta', i./. sorrow, anxiety, 
A'osio. a<ij. sad, anxious. 
Ansiosame'ntc, aJm. anxiously, 
Ansio'so, adj. restless, anxtout, griere^ 
Antaironi'sta, s.m. anugonlst. 
Anta'rtico, a^;'. antarctic. 
Ante, fifff. before.^ _ ,„_ 


^Titecede'nlc, t.m. ttit antecedent, 
^ntecedc'naa, *./". precedency. 
Antece«o're, /./. pirtdeceaaor, ancesCor. 

Aiittluca'uo, adj. bcfoft d^y-lli^u 
^ntcmura'le, s.fn. defence, screen. 
\i!!end'to, s.m. a prosfenitor, ancestor. 
^ntf'nna, /./. a sail-yard, pole, spear. 
Antennc'tta, /./, a smail sail-jrard; 
Aiiteno'rsi, i. /. a place in Heli where 

traitors are punished. Dante* 
Ani'-penu'ltinoo, i.Pt. the aatepeaolt. 
Aritepc/rre, v. to prefer. 
A[i;epo«izio'fte, s.ji preference.- 
An'.t.-po'sto, aij. preferred; 
A.nte-ro're, ajj. interior, former. 
An!criv>rila', /./. piriortty. 
Ai.t'.Tionne'nte, ihiv. before. 
An e^rri'tto, o^*. aboTe-wrltten. 
Antrterra'gtlo, s.m. a lield-pale. 
Anie<igiia'no, s.m. a standard-bearer. 
^riti, prfp. before. 
'Vntiandd're, v. to precede. 
^atira'glia, J./, an antique. 
yiiCim^nte, nJv. aniiently, antiquely* 
^niica'mera, /./. antichamber. 
^'■•:i .I'tj. aJj. antiquated, used. 

' '.cbit^\ J./.... ^ antiquity. 
ktUicJiita'de, s.J'. 7 
^rucipame'ntOj j.m. anticipation. 

■.ri',ipa're, v. to anticipate, 
iriicipatame'nf, aJx: beforo-Iiand, 
' tici;j,izione, s.f. anticipation. 
iiitiVn, aiJ. antique, old; anticbi, an* 

cc-urj ; all' aoiica, after the manner of 

I « antien's. 
I.'n'z.c,'ne, i.f.l foreknowledge. 
"' '■ or.o>ct; nza, s./. > 
t.-.icony.rere, f. to foresee. 

' •ir.>niglie're, s.m. preserver of prlvi- 

II.' ci/.-rere, t>. to run before. 

vr,;'i^»rri-'Y*, s.m. a forerunn^rr. 

*i.-i u'vu-, s.f. a fore-Cuart. 

\..-.\- tii'u), -lij. antj-cliristian. 

\ i.-r'sto, s.m. antichrist. 

'r !■. 10 re, .«.»j* a dis'.'ase in horses* 

'< I'-iiiWrj, t.m. a forerunner. 

^ ! U';a, .«. /. anifdite. 

''• • I 'fo, a-V. foretold. 

'r -licirac'nfo, s.m. ( redtction. 

*r.'.. ; 're, V. to for-'tcl. 

A'.'i v/to, i.»«. an antidote. 

A-' 'Mna, /./. anthem. 

Aj:'\>nu'rio, an anlh -m-sinser; a book of 

/».-\'iriM. s.f. antiphraM^. 
A-) • r'i idicare, v. to prcju'lje. 
•' :i inrla're, v. to loresce. 
>*■ " •i.Vrila, J./. Tan^iia d. 
Ai* ; i.'tjcre, V. to prefer, c>teca* 
^^:i;n/olo, f.w. aatimony." 


Antimura're, v. to make a parapet. 
jAntimu'ro, A«. outmost wait* jiafapet. 
Antino'me,J.m.a prbnten ; the flrst nan-.e of- 
iile threewhich'tiK Roonus usually lud. 
.Antipa'pa, s.m, antipope. 
Antipa'sto, t.m. first-course* 
Antipati'aj s, f. antipathy. 
Aotipa'tit o, adj. averae." ' 
Antipati22a're, v. to bear ap averstoa tOb 
Antipatizza'to, ptvt. luted. 
Antrpensa're, v. to premeditate. 
Antipensa'to, adj. preraeditated;i^ 
Anti'jxKli, s.m. antipodes. 
Antipo'rre, z<. to prefer, esteem. 


Anlipre'ndere, v. to take before-hand. . 
Antiqua'rio, s.m. an antiquary. 
Antiqua'io, alj. obsolete, old. 
•Antisape're, v. to foresee. 
Aatiaapjs'role, adj. tlut may be foreseen. 
Antisapu'ta, *./. forcsi^tht. 
Antiscorbu'tico, adj. antiscorbutic. 
Antiserra'glio, J.m. a kind of fore-court, or 

Anti'stc, s.m. a prelate, a chief. 
Anti'tesi, s.f. antitliesia. 
Antivede're, v. to foresee, foreknov* 
Antiredime'nta, San. foresigiit. 
Aniivedito're, s.m* who foresees. 
An tivedutame'ate, aiv. with foresight. 
Antivedu'to, adj. foreseen. 
Antivegne'nte, adj. prevehtiDg. 
Aril veni're, v. to prevent, anticipate. 
Antivigi'iia, /./. the evening before. 
Afltologi'a, s. f. anthology. 
Antra'ce, s.f.'ti carbuncle, (precious- 
Antra'cia, s. f.S stone). 
Antro, s.m. den, cave, grotto. 
Anuia're, o4/.> annular; ditoanularc, the 
Anuld'i-io,a47. ) ring finger. 
Anai, adv. rather, on the contrary, even, 

Anai, pirtp. sooner, before; anzlche*, be- 

tore that, rather; anzi pure, rather 

than not. * 

Anzima'tico, J. m. the church-warden's 

Anzi.inita\ J. /....")_ 

Anz anita'de, s.f. ^> antiquity, aeniority. 
Anzianita'te, s. f. ^ 
Anafa'no, s.m. senior. 
Anzia'no, (7<t/. ol^, ancient. 
Auziche'no, adv. rather, sooner. 
Anzina'to, alj, fir*t-l)orn, eld. St. 
Aocchia're, v. to ogle. 
Aoncina're, v. to m.;ke crooked. 
Aorca'rd, t^ to stransle, choak, bang. 
Aorma'rc, v. to quest (chase term). 
Ao'tta.«it».orten; aotta aolta, now and then. 
Apatin, i. f. insensibility, apathy. 
Apati Bta, i.m. an indolent fallow. 


Ape, 9./. • bee. 

Ayelio'U, J.m eist vind. 

Appennt'nof i. «. Apeooine aoantallii is 

Aperi're, v. to «peo^ 

i!s«';~' 2^: ;«'«''"'.-""«'"• 

Ape'rta, j./. aprrtiire, bole, silt, gap. 
ApertaiBe'Dte, oiv. openly, frankly. 
Ape'rto, a4f, open, plain, bold : un ffora 

aperto, a blown flower ; a bracci* aper« 

te, with open arms. 
Aprrto're, s.m. who opens. 
Apjrtu'ra, j. /. ) apertdre,oferture|raeaM^ 
Apf rxlo'nCjj./. ) opportunity* 
Apice, t.m. top, height. 
Api'colo, s.m. a little height. 
ApocalKMe, s./. apocalypse. 
Apoci/pi', t./. apocope. 
/po'crif«>,<ii(/. apocryphal; libri apocrill, 

(he apocrypha. 
Apotfe o, t.m. spovee. 
ApofogK'cico, adj. apologetic. 
Apologi'a, «./. apology, defence. 
Apologi'sia, s.m, an apologist. 
Apologo, s.m, apologue, fable. 
Apopletsi'a, /. /. apoplexy. 
Apopltr'tico, a4/. apoplectic. 
Aposiasi'a, /./. apoaiacy. 
Apo'stata, s.m. apoitate, renegado. 
Apostata're, v. to apoalatixe. 
Apofta'tico, d4/. aposiaticat. 
Aposlatri'cc, t./. a female apostate. 
Aposte'ma, s./. an impostbume. 
Apostcma're, v. lo suppurate, to mature. 
Apostola'to, t.m. ap >stolate, aposllcship. 
Apon^nico, adj. apottolical. 
Apo'atolo, t.m. apostle. 
ApostrofaVe, v, to pat an apostrophe, 

Apostrofatame'ntcaJfi.with an apottrophe. 
Apo' apostrophe (in rhetoric). 
Apo'strofo, epostrophe(in grammar). 
Apo'stumo, aJj' posthumous. 
Apotc'gma, t./. apophtiiegm. 
Apoie^si, J, /. apotheosis. 
Appaclame'nto, s.m, pacification. 
Appacia're, t*. to pacify, assuage. 
Appadigliona're, v. to incamp. 
Appadifiliona'to, adj. incampcd. 
Appofi^bilr, <tij. that may be satisfled. 
Appagame'nto, t.m. satisraction, content. 
Appaga're, v. to s»tiify,'to please; appa- 

gani, to dellKht in. 
Appaaa'to, adj. sal'sfied, pleased. 
Appa'Ro, s.m. satUfactioo, conf nt. 
Appaj I're, v. to pair, to match. 
Appnia'to, adJ. matched. 
Appa)e«a're, v, to discofer, to declare* 
Appallottula'rc, i>. to form as a ball. 
Appalt I'rc, V* t > lei to farm. 
Appattate'rc« s.m. Ui lacr. 

AppaTto, t.m, farm. 
Apptltonafto, a4f» lewd, dcbaoelied. 
Appalto'ne, t.m. a man of intrigue. 
Appftona'ggio, t.m. appendage. 
Appanname'flto, t.m. dimoesa. 
Appanna're, v, to dim, cloud, tamtsl 

draw a net. 
Appannrto, aiJ. ensnared. 
Appannato^Oi t.m, what dims, or dacsU 
I AppannntuTty/./. dimness. 
I Appara're, v. to learn, furnish, prepare. 
Appara'to^. adf. learned, prepared. 
Appara'to, s.m. preparation, furniture, r 

tlnue ; eon apparaio, sumptuously. 
Apparecchiamc'nto^ «.!». preparation, fu 

Apparecchia're, v. to prepare, to treat 

appareccbiare la tavoia, toUy the cloit 

apparecchitrsi, to pet one's self ready 

to fiimish one's sell with. 
Apparecchia'to, fart, prepared. 
Apparecchiato're, s m. preparer, irafter. 

Appareggia'ie, v. to put in competition, I 

Apparenta're, v, to match ) to make ob< 

self familiar. 
Apparenta'to, a4/. related to. 
Appaa''ole,a<i(/. plain, efident, seeming. 
Apparenlemc'nie, ad%i. apparmdy. 
Appare'na a, s. /. ouuide-shew.probabiUtti 
Appare'rc. v. to apjtear. 
Apparime'nto, s.m, apparition, vision. 
App irtVe, T'. to appear, to sliew one's sc'l 
Appariscrnte, adJ. handsome; manifest 
Appnrisce'nza, s, /. carriage, mien, a; 

pea ranee. 
Appiiri'ia, s. /. apparition, appearance 

I'apparita del giorno, tlic da)obreak 

I'apparita del sole, sun-rising. 
Apparito're, s.m. a balliir. 
AppariKiu'ne, s./. apparition. 
Appartame'nto, t.m. apartment, lodginiSi 
Apparta're, v. to sever, to put asandcr ; sf 

parta'rsi, to withdraw. 
Apparlatame'nte, adv, asonder, secretly. 
App <r a'io.parr.sepanited,cho^p,set atid< 
Appartcne'ste, tf^;* belonging, appettiU 

\n^, suitable, interested. 
Appnriene'nza^ t./. appurtenance. 
Appartene'rc, v. to belong, to regard, t 

concern, become. 
Appa<<sa'rc, v. to wither, to decay. 
Appasi oname'nto, t.m. passion, lore. 
Appa>(<onHiatT.e'nte, 0>/t>. pAssionatcly. 
Apuassiona're, t*. to make one suffer, ci 

dure; nnpaSNion.irsI, to have a stroi 

passion for any thing. 
Ajip.iss]ona'to, aJJ. endured, suffered, a 


Appaai'fe, «. to gn>«r dot), drr* «U». 
AppaMa're, v. to i tick u paste. '^ 
Appella'bile, a4/\ that may be appealed 

Appellagio'ne, s. f. appeal. 
Appella'nte, s.m. appellant. 
Appella're« v, to name, call, accuse, ap> 

Appellali'fOy /.OS. an appellatire. 
AppeUalt'vo, o^. appellatiTe; lasclar il 

proprio per I'appeflativoj to leave the 

aubsiance for the shadow. 

Appt/Ho. s, «.....-. ) «««»ance. 
Appe'na, adv. bardlj, scarce. 
Appena're, v. to sufTer, endure, grieve. 
AppenaUo,a</. grieved, torturea,fatigued. 
Appefodere, v. to hang, hang up. 
Appendrce, j.J. appendix, supplement; 
Appennecchia're, v. to fill a distaff. 
Appeosa're, v. to design, propose. 
Appeosatame'nte, 0<iii. maturely, seriously, 

Appe'so, fart, hanged, hung on. 
Appesta're, v. to infect, to corrupt, 
^ppete'nie, (ti(;. desirous, longing. 
Appete'naa, s, /. appetence, desire, affeC' 

Appeti'irile, <M/. desirable. 
Aopeti're, ti. to desire, covet. 
Appetiti'ro, aJJ' that provokes appetite. 
Appeti'to, t.m. appetite, desire. 
Appetic/so, <»//. tliat prov(M(et Hppetite< 
Appeiiaio'nc, J./, appetite, desire; appe- 

(izionc d. riciiczze, thirst of riches.'rc, t>. to bave at lieart, to interest 

Khc's self. 
Appc'tto, aJv. in comparison, over against, 

facing; cumbattcrc appcltu appelto, to 

tifiht a duH. 
AppiacevoH're, t». to appease, taror. 
Ap'piana're, v. to remove, level, make even, 

sunaount difficulties. 
Appiastra're, V. to cU-ave to, engraft ; ap- 

piastnreun diamante, to seta diamond i 

appiasirarsi, to stick. 
Appiastra'to, fart, daubed witli any thing 

Apptistricciame'nto, i.m, conglutination. 
Appiasfrictla'ie, v. f . „^^ 
^P^iasirxcica're,v. \ " "'^''• 
Appia tame'nto, s,m. act of concealing. 
App'aita'r-, v. lo lie concealed*, appiat> 

ani, (o iiide one's self. 
A^piatutame'ntc,aJv. b> stealth, secretly* 
A,jpialta'.o, «»r;. concealed. 
Ap.xcca'gnulo, i.m. a huok, (enter, sir ng. 
A,>,)iccame'nto,/.m. (he act of huhging, or 

ij^iening to. 
Apimca'nie, <!•(/. viscous, glullnous. 
A;)>).cca're, v. to tie, ratten ; appiccarii. 


to icecp cloar. itick, catch, thiriv« ; arp- 
piccar lonagli, to slander ; appiccariA 
ad OQO, to play one a trick ; appiccar la 
xulTa, la batuglia, to give battle : la mal* 
erba rappicca per tut to, ill weedi thrive 
every where. 

Appiccati'crjo, a^f. clammy, sticky ; male 
appiccatjccio, a contagious distemper. 

Appiccati'ccio, s.m» a troublesome fellow, 
trencher friend: 

Appiccati'vo, 04/. contagious. 

Appicca^o, 04/. fast, sticking^ 

Appiccato'jo, s\m». a hold'fast, hook. 

AppiccatuTa, s./. the iron work of a win- 
dow, or door. 

Appiccia're, v. \ to stick fast to, cling, ad- 

Appiccica're,v.3 here. 

Appiccini're, v. to make snialler, lessen, 

Appi'cco, J.ffi. connection, adhesion, ocra* 
sion, motive : dare appicco,to give iiotjci. 

Appicculami/nlo, J, m. lessening, din.i- 

Appiccola're, i>.tO diminish, retrench, U - 
sen, shorten. 

Appie'no, oitf. fully, intirely. 
Appigionamt'nto, s.m, rent of a housC:, ov 

Appigiona're, T». to let, hire. 
Appigio'nasi, j.ot. a bill upon a door. ~ 
Appi^liame'iito, s.m. junelion, aalic>Ion, 

taking root. 
Appiglla're, t'. to follow; appigliarsi, to 

conform tOj adhere, take root. 
Appii.'fi'rsi, v. to grow idle. 
Appil!otta'rsi, t». 10 trifle away one's time. 
A'ppio, s. m. parslev ; appio domestico, 

gar-ten parsley ; appio paliistre, wild 

parsley ; appio montano, hill parsley ; 

appto macedonico, celery ; appio ail- 

V est re, hor^e-radlsiu 
Appiuo'la, s./. a golden p*ppin. 
Appiuo^lo, s.m. go'den pippin tree. 
Ai>niai.M„.., •. ( *o applaud, recoinTTiend ; 

Applaudi'to, pirt. applauded. 
Appla'uso, s.m. applause. 
Applausf/re, s.m. nlio applauds. 
Applica'bile, adj. applicable. 
Applicame'nto, s.m. application. 
ApplicaVe. t». to assign, to appoint, apply ; 

applicarsi, to set about. 
Applicatame'ntc, aM: atttcntlvejyg^ 
AppUcatu're, s.m. an appiier, stx^ent. 
AiJpllcaiio'nc, s./. application, diligence, 


Appo'co appo'co. rtif. by lllc andl'""'- 
Ajpojgiame alio, s.m. an elbow-place. 

Appfifgia're, v. to support, .to protect, to 

Jeati upon ; appuggiani, to trust to. 
^PPf>f!8ii«'to, adj. propped. 

^PPOguia'ta, J./.... t.nrnr. •..»«rtr» 

^PPO'83'o. ■».»». prop, stay^ defence, help ; 

e un nomo clu: ha dcllappoggioincortc, 

he is protected at court, 
j^ppollaja're, t>. to roost. 
Appomicia're, t;. to rub with pounce, 
Appo'nf-rsi, t». to guess, to coiijccture. 
•^pponime'nto, J.m.) jj-.- ,. 

^pponizlo'ne, /. /.} "ddition, appendix. 

Appo'rre, i». to Impute, to oppos?; ap- 
jjorsi, to guess ; m'apposi ch«r non ^arebbe 
venuto, I thought he would not come. 

Appoita're, v, to convey, procure, breed. 

Apportafo'rc, i.m. > „ „„„„„„,_ 

Apportatri'ce.j./. "'"""-"K^^- 
I AMpositi'ccio, a4j. superadded. 
I ■•'■ipositi'vo, </</;' apposite. 
I ^pposlzio'ne, J./, appo.^itioq, addition. 

Appo'sta, fl-'r-. on purpose. 

Appobtame'nto, f.m. ambush, snare. 

Appobla'rc, 7'. to sp\, to >vatf h,to appoint; 
appostar I' anodolc, to be a spy. 

•AppostatMme'nte, adv. dcsii-ncdiy. 

Apposta'to, aJj. placed, watched, 

Appostato're, s.m. )nsnarer. 

Appoiti'ccio, adj. a'ided. 

A ppo'sio, parr, impuied, guessed; ben mi 
Honoappusto, I thought so. 

Appostola'tico, s.m, the papal dicnitv. 

AppoJtoIa'to, J. TO. apostol.ite, apostlesliip. 

Apoifoiica'le, <j//. apostolical, ponti/ical. 

Apjjostolicatr.c'nt", adv. after the manner 
i>f the apostk-s. 

Apposro'llco, adj. apo.stolical, 

Appij.fto'Iico, s.m. the Pope. 

Ai!))o's'o'o, J.w. apslle. 

Apirendc'nte, adj. that learns, 

Apprc'nderc, v. to Jearn, CDnceke, appre* 
hend, t.ike, teach : a piendt-rsid'amore, 
to lall in love ; bisogna apprcnderci ::ll' 
ajuto degli amtci, wc mu&l have recourse 
to o'lr friends. 

Appieiide'vole, aij- comprehend hie. 

Approndime'nto, .(.m. learning, skill.know- 

Apprcndho're, f.m. scholar, apprentice. 

Apprensi'blle, aij. to be conceived. 

Apprens'o'nc, J./, jealousy, fear, compre- 

Apprentl'va, /./. spprchension, Judgment, 

Apprensi'v >, adj. Icariul, timorous, apt to 

>j'pre enta're, x;. to show, to represent 
lino !»er. 

Appre'so, aij. comprehended. 

Appi cstame'nio.j.m. approach, neighbour- 
I hood. 
L^i'l'rcisa'rei f • to draw near, to approaclt. 

Appn/aso, fttp. near by, aftet, nexf to j 

quattru giorni appresso, four days after. 
Appre'sso.aiT'. after, afterwards ; appresso 

a poco, almost, nrar; la mattina d' ap* 

presso, thene.xt morning. 
Appressochc', adv. almost. 
Apprestame'nto, s.m. preparation. 
.Apprestii're, v. to prepare, make ready* 
Apj)re'.slo, s.m. preparation. 
Apprczza'bile, «?i/. valuable. 
Apprezzame'ntOi.i.m. valuation, estimation. 
Apprezza're,v. to appraise, toratc,e-tceiD. 
ApprcifZH^to, adj. appraised, estceaied. 
Apprezzatr/re, J.m. an appraiser. 
Appreziazio'nc, s. f. appraisement. 
Approba'rc, v. to approve, like. 
Approbazit/ne, s.f. approbation, conaent. 
Approrciamc'nto, s.m, approach. 
Approccia're, v. to approach. 
Appro'ccio, s.m. approach ; gll approcci 

d' un asscdio, the approaches in a siege. 
Approda'rc, v, to arrWc, to be profitable, 

to become valiJnir '* -f- 
Appro.itta'ro, v, to profit. 
Approrond.i're, v. \ ,^ j;„ ,„ ..,»i,.. j«_ _ 
Approlondi're, v, ] ^° **'8'^° ""''* «*««?«'» 
Appropia're, t<. to appropriate. 
Appropinfjuagio'ne, s.f. \ approxfmatior, 
Appropinc|uame'nlo,j.m. ) appioach. 
Appropin^ua're,fi. to approacli.draw near. 
Appropo'sito, aiv. apropos, exactly. 
Appropria'rsi, v. to appropriate; appro» 

priare, to apply one th ng to another* 

Appropri-j'io, aij. appropriate, fit. 

Appropriaz'o'i r, s.j\ appropriation. 

Approssinidtnc'.'.io s.m. approirh. 

Approssima'nu-, aj. near, something likCf 

Approbsiir,a'n/4, s.f. ijro>imity. 

Approosinia're, v. to come n'gh. 

Approssimazio'nc, s.f. appruach. 

Approva'bilc, adj. laudable. 

Approvagio'ne. s. f ) approbation. 
Approvam('nio,J.OT.) hh«"'""»v»i«. 

Approva're, v. to approve, to confirm. 
App'ovatame'nte, adv, in an approvable 

Appro a to, aij. approved ; un approvato 

antico, an old siying. 
Approvato're, s.m. \ -_„-,«.,^ .u^ ,m. 
Approvatri'ce.i./.l 'PP*^^"' «How*. 
Approv.zio'nc, s,f. approbation. 
Approveccia'rsi, »j to sri some profit. 
Appulcra'n*, V, to cmbflUsh, 
Appunlame'nie, adv. precisely. 
Appui'tamc'nto. s, m. agreement ; retttre 

In appirntamento, to agree. 
Appu ta're, T<. to sew, to blame, tosharpcn, 

to set down, to find fault, to fix, to ap« 

Appuntatame'nte, adv. exactly, dilltentlv. 
Appunta'to, J. m. an Bcc>>iint agreed u|A)a« 
AppMni4't0| 0^, KiUhf d^ Ilt«rp«9f4, 


ApponUlfl^, urn, critic, i«fonner> cfeir- 

Appuniatu'ra, t./. mark. 
AppuateUa're, V. to support, prop,bfear up. 
Appuntfoo, adv. precisely, just. 
Apin/jitOy adv* precisely ; per I'appunto, 

exactly; mettersi io appunto, to get 

Appura're, v. to purify» vrite fair. 
Appazsame'ntP, stench. 
Appusiafrc, V. ) to beitinl^ poison with 
AppaazoU're,T>.j stench. 
AptVco, aJj. sunny ; piaggia apnea, an 

open plain. 
Aprile, J. m. April ; Aprile dell'eta*, ' the 

prime of age. 
Aprime^oto, s.m. the act of opening. 
Apripo'rla, s.m. a door-keeper, 
Aprt're, v. to open, to clea?e ; aprirsi, to 

stretch the arms, to blow (as flowers), to 

clear ap» to crack ; aprir bottega, to set 

up a shop. 
Apritt'ro, 04/, aperient. 
Aprit(/re, J. ffl. he that opens; apritoredi 

case, house-breaker. 
Apriiyra, s.f. silt, chink. 
^qja'rio,j.m.aqDarius, asign of thezo'iac. 
Aqji'tico, a4;\ aquatic, waterisfa, rainy. 
Acq.jcita', s./.... ■ i,„_;jj,_ 

A quro adj. watery. 

Aqudytto, s.m. an aqueduct. 

//qui '3, i. /. eacle. 

Anu li'no, aJj. hau|ced, aquilinf. 

Aijuilona're, s.m. north--.v ind. 

Aqjilu'ne, s.m. the north ; a large eagle. 

Af.ui'o'tto, s.m an earlct. 

Ariiosjta', s.f. humidity. 

Aq ii/so, aJj. I amy. 

An, J./, altar; a star so called. 

Arabe'scj, a4/, arabesque. 

Ara'Drco, a.ii, Arabian. 

Ar.i'bile, fll; arable. 

A'rabo, s.m. an Arabian. 

ir'""'''i' fa spider. 
An irno, >.m. 3 

A.;i'(]o, s.m. a herald. 

Ari n'-'iifo, s.m. UV.A^r, plbughf»g. 

/.r 'ncin, .«. /. a orangf. 

Ar-n'-ijj't ', './. c»n'\-f'\ on»Tige peel. 

Annci /to, aJj. or.mge colour. 

Ar ni-ia'lo, *.»n. :in "rangery. 

Arjnci'no, s.m. a China orange. 

ArVncio, i.m. an orange, orange-tree. 

Ari'n la, a randa, nJv. exactly, precisely. 

Ar/r«?, V. to p'ough. 

Ar.'iolo, J.ffi a plough. 

Arito're, i.m. husbitndmaii, tiller, ploaelv 


At*' ro, s.m. plough. 

Antu'n,^./. Ulligc, plougliitiB. 

lAnstie're, s.m. tapeatry-maker • 
Ara'azQ, s.m, tapestry, hangings* 
Arbitra' gio, s.m, arb-tration. 
Arb.tra'nte, s.m* an arbitrator. 
Arbiirare, t'. to adjudge, regolate, arbi« 

trate; jud^c, talue. 
Arbitrariame'ute, aJv. arbitrarily^ despo^ 

Arbitra'rio, o^/. arbitrary. 
Arbiira'to, s.m. arbitration, award* 
Arbiirat^re, s.m arbiter. 
Arbt'triu, J.m. will, power, judgment; li- 

bero arbitrio, free will. 

A'rbitro, s.m, arbiter, umpire, sorcreigtw 

A'rbore, s.m. a tree. 

Arbo'reo, <i4/. woolly. 

Arhore'to, s.m. 4 plantation* 

Arbosce'llo, s.m... "i 

Arbu SCO, s. m.... ^^a shrub, little tree. 

Arbu'scu'la, s. /... ) 

Arbusd'na, s' /.\ , ^.;m .(«i» 
A-u,.cii'„J . J- f ■ viim Tine. 
Arbusti no, s.m.) 

Arbu'sto, s.Wt. shrub, sprout. 

Area, /./. chest, coffer; Arcadi Noe', tho 

ark 01' Noah. 

Arca'ccia, s. /. an old trunk. 

ArcaMico, a^-.P'^"'*'«"- 

Aj"cado'rc,j.m.a bow-man, a deceiTer,knare* 

Arca'Knoio, s.m. arciianael. 

Arcd'le, s.m. arch, centre. 

Arca'me,j.»i. skeleton. 

Arcanaine'nte, iux>. s.crelly. 

Arca'ngelj, J.m. arciianm). 

Arra'ny, s,m. secr-t, niyst<-ry. 

Arc.i're,v. to bcnd,arcl>, clieat, shoot, dart. 

Arca'ia, s.f. bow-slwt ; tirar in areata, to 
judge raslily. 

Arca'.o, aJJ. arched, bent. 

Arato'ie, j.f?;. ;.r her, bow-man. 

ArCd'v^la, .«,/. gr<'a;-cTeat grandmother. 

Arca'voio, s.m. greal-:;re it frandtaiher. 

Archrgr aV.'.t'.lo <'rch, to bt-nd like a bow* 
' Archt'o'gia'to, aJj. like a bow or arch. 
' Arch<»ti'j)o, J.m. arclietypc. 

f\rche:ti'iio, j. m. a bow, (to play on tfa* 
violin, Ar.) 

Archf'ito, s.m, fiddle-stick, springe, little 
bow ; star su gU archciti, to lie in wait. 
lArchibugia're, 7/. / ,_shoaf 

Arcliibu; id'ti, s./. > arq-.icbiaadc, the shot 
Archibui I'ta, s.f. > of an arquebase. 
Arcliibu'Tc'ia, J./, a loop-hole. 
Archibusi<j're, s.m, a gunner. 
Arrhibu'so. s.m. an urqutbuse. 
Arcljidia'coAo, s.m. arch-tcacon. 
Archimanilri'ta, s.m. leadtr, prelate, pripr, 
ArcHipe'i»rtv>lo, s.m. a plumnict. ^ 
Archipensolii'rc, v. to lake ihelCYt 

, Archipt'nsolo, s.m. a plumm«t. 

[•AfcUitetti're, v. <o b«iw. 



Archllctto* HM. architect. 
Architetio'nlco, ail. of arcbitectarr. 
ArchUettt/ra, «./. archKecture. 
ArchiiraVe, t.m. architrave. 
ATchiMo, z.fM. archives. 
Archlf i'lta, s,m. the keeper or the records. 
Arcibe'llo, adj. feij handsome. 
Arcibeni'ss mo, aiJ, exceeding!/ welk 
Arcibricco'ne, J.m. an errant scoundrel-. 
Arclco'nwio, t.m. first consul; 
Arcidiicona'iOfi.fffc archdeaconihip. 
ArcidiR^ -..Ao, i.m. an hdeacon. 
Arcidu'ca, s.m. arcfadake. 
Arefduca'io s.m. an arch-dukedooi. 
Arciduclie'9S3,j. /. archduchess. 
Arcieloqucnli'ssimn, aif. most eloquent* 
Arcieuisco[>a'iet adj. archiepiscopal. 

A^ii-JS ;.«:}•"•«'«■•• ""•"""• 

ArcifanranVre, v. to boast. 

ArciTundati/re, s.m, fint founder. 

Arcfglallafre, /. m. a juggler, a facetious 

Arcignamc'nte, adiu sharply. 

Arcigne'aaa, s./. sharpnt-jis. 

Arci'gno,/ii(/.3rin), sullen ; far vlsoarcigno, 
to frown. 

Arcimaes((/so, aij. mo^t majestic. 

Arcimae'stro, t.m. an excellent master. 

ArcimcntiVct'. totcJlnmost impudentiie. 

Arci«/ne, j m. s.iddlc<boMr. 

Arcipe'lago, j.m. Archipelago. 

ArcipoCta. t.m, the firsf ot poels. 

AfclpoUrO'ne, s.m. cowardly poltroon. 

Arcipresbitcra'tu, t.m. } th;' ollice uf an 

Arclprctu'to, s.m f arch-priest. 

Arciprr'sso, t.m. cypress'tree. 

Arcipn-'tr, t.m. arch-priest. 

Arctricclii'asimo, aV- very opulent. 

Arclsqui'.tiio, M/. very exquisite. 

Arcive'r*?, fl</. most true. 

Arclvescova'do, s,m. archbishoprick. 

ArcivescoTa'le ai;. archlepiiwopal. 

Arcivc'scovo, t,m, archbisiiop. 

Arco, t.m. a bow, an arch ; star colV arco 
teso, to look about every way ; I' arco 
delta schiena. the back bone i coll* arco 
dell' osso, with all one's might. 

Arcobale'no, s.m. rninbow. 

Aruobtt'^io, s.m. an arquebu^e. 

Ardela'ju, t.m, a reel ; <iggirar ooo come 
un arcolajo. to puzzle one. 

Arcola'j, t.m cutfei in it>e air, whiou. 

Arconrc'Ilo. s.m. i little bow. 

Arcua'io, aiJ. crooked, arched. 

Arcu'ccio, s.m. a liit!e arch. 

Arde'nt's ajj. hot, burning, violent, amo- 
rous, desirous. 

Ardrnteme'ate, oJv. vebeineotly. 

Arie'aia, /./, a |feat beat. 

A'Here, v, to burn, to b« inflanled, to d« 

sire, to shine, to be bright. 
Ardiglio'ne, s.m. the tongue of a buckle. 
Ardlmw'nto, s,m impudence, freedom, cosn 

Ardimento'to^ a4^, bold, coarageous, iiB- 

Ardi'n», v. to dare. 
Ardi're, s.m, boldness, confidence, asaa- 

Ardha'cciO} s.m. exceative Intrepidity. 
Arditame'nie, adv> courageouaiy* coafi- 

Arditczaa, '. /. boldnesi. 
Ardi'to, aif. courageous, daring, insolent, 

Ardo^re, t. m, heat, lore, paadoo, zeal* 

Arduame'nte, adv, arduously. . 
Arduita', s./,... i 

Arduita'de, i./. > difficulty; steepneai* 
Arduila'te, t.jr. ) 
A'r'luo, t.m, hardship. 
A'r luo, (hO. difficult, high, periloiii. 
Arciu'ra, s./. ardour, beat. 
Are'gano, t.m. wild marjoram. 
Are'nn, s.f. sand, gravel. 

iS;u;'de.{:/: \»«nrf'«ie..,arenoie mat- 
Arcnosita'le, /./. } **'^' 
Areno'so, ai/. sandy, gravelly. 
Arfasa'tto, t.m. a mean, base, pitiful feU 

low, a paltry fellow. 
Arga'oo, s.m. wihdla^s, crane, iron crow. 
Argcntajo, t.m. silver-smith. 
Argenta'lf, al/. silver coloured. 
Argi-nta'rlo, s.m. silver^smitli. 
Aiycnta'to, ndj. silrered over* 
Argeniatu're, t.m. one wlio silvers* 
Argi/nteo, aO» silvery. 
Argentrri'a,^./. plate, silver plate. 
Argentit'^ra, s.f. silver mine. 
Ai •lentie're, t,m. silvcnmith. 
Argcnti'no, a4[/. silver coloured ; suonoar* 

gcntino, clear iootid. 
Arge'nto, t.m. s<lvi^-r ; argento filato,siIvcr. 

wire; argento solimato, argento vivo. 

quicksilver I capelli d' argento, hoary 

Argi'glia, /./. white clay, potter's earth. 
Argiglio'so, aO. argiUous. 
Argiila, /■/• clay. 
Ar«illt/so, a4}. argllloas. 
Arginame'nto, s.m, the making of banks, 

m<>les, Ac. 
Argin^'rc, v. to fortlfv, to eampart. 
Argina'u), nlj. banked. 
A'rsine, t.m. a bank, rampart. 
ArgmuNo, aJj full of banks. 
Arxno'nc, fm. a kidney. 
ArgomentaVcio, t.m, silly argument. 
ArgoroeDia're,i>.t9 reaiOQ, dbcounc^argue. 

ArgofneoUsti/n *, j./. argumentatioa. 
Artomv'ato, t.m. reaioii, arsament, sign, 

presampt.oo, device, Dre:ext, appear- 
ance ; instrumem, engine ; tbcooet mb- 

Ject; glister. 
Argoii<enu/8o,''4/. expert, cotiTincing* 
ArsuiV.-, V. to argae, to reprimand, to con- 
clude, infer. 
Argumenta'nte, s.m, opponent, disputant. 
Argumentn're, v, to argne; (aeeArgomen- 

Argume'nto, i.m. argument; (aec Argo» 

Argutame'nle, aJv. canninsiT* 
Argtite'zza, *. J. A quibble, pan, witty 

Argu'to, adj. subtle, witty, brisk. 
Areu'zia, $./. sraartneas, repartee. 
Arid, i./. air, wind, mien, tune, air; in 

aria, in vaia ; il da dell* arie, he gives 

t^imselfairs; farcasteili in aria, to build 

castles in the air. 
Aridciine'nte. aJx: dryly. 
Aridita*, f. f. drynesa. 
A'rido, aij. barren, poor, wretched* 
Aricggia re, v. to look like. 
Anc'nto, *.m. silver. Oht. 
Arictn're, v. to batter with a ram (a ma- 
chine of war). 
Arie'te. $. m. Aries, one or the celestial 

^irns ; a battering ram. 
Arie ttd, s. f. a short air or song. 
Aiftti'iia, »,f. a little tmng, or tune. 
A.iiiitne'lica, i.f. Brthmctlc. 
Arimmc'tico. alj. arithmetical. 
Ar'nga, /. /. discourse, speech ; herring. 

Ar.rcam</nto, t.m. a di«course, harangue. 

Aripgj're, V. to harang'ie. 

Ar njfftif fp, speaVer. 

Aringheri'a, *. /. h irangue. 

Anrj;hie'ra, /./. Chair, pulpit, bar. 

An'ngo, j.m. lists ; correr V aringo, to run 
fur a prix^. 

Ari(/so. aXj. Iiehtfl?me, airy ; handsome. 

Ari^me'tica, i.f. arithmetic. 

Art'ua, t.f. rhins ol poilc. 

A'Ma'rco, t.m. a severe critic. 

AriMoaVtico, ai}, arlslocratical. 

Ari<tocra»i'a, i.f. aristocracy. 

Ariu^logKa, i.f. Itartwort. 

Ariimr'iica, i.f arithmetic. 

Aritme'iico, at/, arithmetical. 

Ariime'tico, J.m. arithmetician. 

Ar'trrhi'no, i.fii. lurlrquin. 

Arlo'ito, *.m. glutton, devoiirer. 

Aril I, i.f. arm, (in tjie ancient poets, in- 

Am»Cf/lio,«Jv.crois-wise (as a bandalier). 

Amtdn'ra, <./. cvit of nail, arms, prop, 


Amadoreta, t, f. a tight 

Ann4}tt(/lo, S.IIB. annonrer, gnn-nAcA 

Armamentirrio, tjiu xrmtoamr. 

Aimamcfnio, urn, armour, armament. 

Arma'rp, v. to arm. to put on armour ; tv 
prop; afmare una ragna, to draw up a 
net ; armare uo vascello, to it oat a ship ; 
armani, to take up arms. 

Arma'rio, s.m. press, chest. 

Arma'ta, 4./. navy, fleet. 

Armatarae'nte, (tJv. with araM, beatilely* 

Arma'to, aiJ. armed, liamassed. 

Armato're, j. as. captain of a pritatcer ; t 

Armatifra, $. /. armour. 

Arme,/./. arm«, armonr, harness $ muorer 
l*armi, to declare war; fard'armr, to 
flght: araie a looco. fire arms; panar 
per le armi, to shoot, or be shut to 
death ; uon d* armi, a soldier; gented* 
armi> militia ;. far il riso delie arme, to 
lo>ik angry. 

Arme, /./. arms, coat of arms. 

Armeggert'a, a./. Ultini, play at arms. 

Armegge'vole, a4f, warlike, quarrelsome. 

Armfgglamc'nto, i.m. lilting, play alarms. 

Armeggia're, v. to jostle, run a tilt ; con- 
fuse one's self in talking ; armeggiart 
on vascello, to moor a ship. 

Armeggia'ta, s. f. jusiin-.', tiUing. 

Anneggiato're, 4, gladiator, 

Armc-'gg'o, s.m. fightiiiR in piay. 

Armelli'no, s.m. ermine. 

Armrnia'rio, sm. a caitlc-keeper. 

Armcnta'rio, Mj. belonging to cattle. 

Arme'nto, i.m. herd, drove of cattle. 

Anneri'a, t.f. armoury. 

Armetremc^odo, aij. dreadful in anas. 

Armtc^la, s.f. small arms. 

Armi'gero, a4/< martial. 

Armi'lla, t.f. a bracelet* 

Armiila're, aij. armillary. 

Armipote'nte, aij. powerful in arms. 

Armtsti'aio, i.m. armistice. 

Armo'nia, /.OT. harmony. 

Armonta'co, t.m. gum ammoniac. 

Armonia'le, aij, liarmonious, musical. 

Armonia'to, aii. set in order, ranged. Oht, 

Armo'nico, A^'.'} musical, harmonious* 

Armonio'si.ot/. ) melodious. 

Armoniosame'nte, oiv. harmoniously. 

A-monizsa're, v. to hannon»ic. 

Armonizsa'to, <M/* »«t in order. 

Armora'cc»o,*.m. ox-fly, don-fly. 

Arne'se, s.m. implements, forniiure,i«r. 
ncs<s. oroamcin ; es«jr bene •""f "''fj: 
to be in tsoaH order j esscr male JO « 
ne«e, to be ill eou.pped. 

Ami'a. *./• a »>«f:*i'**; 

Aroio'ae» '•■»• • •"<!««/• 

Aromitt'rUK4.m. « ilruggitt. 

AromaHche'xxa, j./. \ 

Aromaiicitu*, *./.„.. f aromatic quality of 

ADtnaticiU'dc, s. f. C pJanti, Ac. 

AromaticiU'le, i.j. J 

Aromft'tico, alj. odoriferom, iplcy, bu* 

niorouv, crobi. 
Afoma'tico, J. m. a mixture of all aweet 

smelling spicus. 
Aromatizza're, t>. to embalm, peifume, 
Aroma'tu, <i<^ iwe«t, fragrant, spicy. 


Arpe.pgiame'nto, J.ffl. harping. 

A^pcg^ia'^e, \u to play upoo the harp. 

Arpe'ggio, t.m* harping* 

Arpi'a, s. f. an liarp^-. 

Arpica'ic, v. to climb up; arptcar col 
cerv'l'o, to reflect. 

Aipico^rdo, s.m. a harpaichord. 

Ai pi(/nc, t.m, a Innge, h ok, tenler. 

Arra, s f. ei.rncst-m mi-y. 

Arrabatta'm, t'. to endeavour. 

Ai'r4bbiHme'nlo,J.fl». raging madnets. 

Arrabbia'te, ir. lo rai<e, tu go mad ; arrab- 
biaisi, to frow very angry; arrabblar 
del 'a fame, to rage with hunger. 

Aj-r.ibbi4t;ir)i«'^nte, aiv, outrageoualy. 

Arr.ibl)i.iti''iio, afl(/. enraged, mad, furiouB. 

Arr.ibbia'to, a^j. road, fierce, Ciuel. 

AilnJiv', J'.* f '° *"'''*' '"**<^'»» catch,tcar. 
Ai r.iir.Tfi'lo, aij. wresU-'d, caiched. 
Anamacrhid're, v. t«i drag on a hurdle. 
Arramatd'rc, v. to take buds with bough! 

ill tlic night. 
ArrHmi)ic I'rr, v. to climb, 
Arranca're, v. lo go lame, lo limp along 

very fast; TOga arraocalu, h»rl row- 
Arrarriclla're, v. to tie fast, hurt, run away 

Arrangola're, v. to fly in a passion, 
Arrantola'to, a.ii. h04r«. 
Arra^;in I'to, flt/- prevish, morose. 
Arrapjia'rf , v. to wring, to w^e^t. 
Arrapp4(o're, i. m. ) a raviihcr, robber, 
Arrapp^tr/cc, s. f, > snatclicr. 
Arr<ispH're, v. tu rasp, scrape, rob. 
Arra'ta, i. /. earne<*(>moiiev. 
Arreca'pe,t>.tobri. g.tucunvey; arrecarti, 

to mnke it up, cons<'nt. 
Am-ta'lo, part, brought. 
Arrtcrjto're, j. m. ) a carrier, bearer, roes- 
Arrcc'arl'cr, i. /. r senger. 
Arrrda'i-c v. to prepare, to equip ; arrc- 

darr on raacello, to fit out a ship. 
ArriAlo, t.m. I'umitnre, implerecnia; ar- 

redo di Dave, rigging of a ship. 
Arrcotmc'oio^j.m. ruaalac airoondt 

Arreaa're, v. to run agroa»4,. dciiti* t« 
pMWh immMc. 

Arrendamu'oio, J.fli. a lease* 

Arrendatu'rc, renttr. 

Arre'ndcrsi, v. to sumndcr, to stretch, to' 

Arrende'vole. aij. trsclable, eagy« pliaat, 

Arrendevule'zaa, '. /• flexibility^ docility. 
Arrcndevulme'nte, aiv, submissively, fle^i* 

Arreniimc'nto, J.m. a surrender* 
Arre'so, ^»rr. surrendered. 
Arrestame'ntOf j.m. an aireit. 
Arresta're, i». to arrest, detain ; arrestarsi, 

to slay, tarry; arresiar ia laacia, u 

couch the lance. 
ArreeiUtoVe, j.m. one who arrestJ. 
Arrc'sto, t.m, arre»t, delay. 
Arrctra'rOfV. lo retard, putoflT; arretrar*^ 

to go back. 
Arret li'xio, aij. oppressed. 
ArK-2zaYe, v. to slude, to shadotr. 
AiTi, inirrJ.R word used bj; carriers to uijc 

on tlieirassi-sor mules. 
Amcchime'nto, J.m. enriching. 
ArriciiKri;, v. to enricli, to. ador.i; arrtc> 

ch=rai, lu grow rich. 
Arricchi^o, part, enriched. 
Arriccianie'nio. i. m. horror* dread; the 

act or curling. 
Arriccia're, f. lo stand ao end, lo rurl ; 

arricciaril miiyo, to disdain ; arricciare 

il inuro, lo rougu-cast a wall; arrtcci* 

ar'<i, to lie aiKTv. 
Arriccia'ld, ii.J. ^ arled. 
Arrircialu'ra, s f. iIk* rougli Cast of a wall. 
Arn'.icre, t>. to smile, lo favour : la fortuna 

arriJc alle nosire iinprese, tortunc smiks 

on us. 
Arnil'a're. v. to play at sweep'takea. 
Arnnisam' 'nto, t.m. an harangue. 
ArriuBa r-, t'. .q harangue. 
Arr.pi'n'.T'. lo a'>proacli the shore, to land. 
Arrisric'vole, adj. bold, d.<rng, resoUle. 
Arrhrhirfnic'nto, J./a. risk, d ngcr. 
Arri<cliiii'iilc, <!.(;• bold, hardv. 
Arrischia're, t>. (o vmiuru, to expose ; ar» 

risriiiarsi, t6 be bold. 
ArrifriitiliMnc'nte, adx*. haaardouily. 
Arrischic'vole, a^j. bold, hardy* 
Arri iri'ie, v. lo venture, hazaiit. 
Arrisiyre. x>. to quarrel, brawl. 
Arriv'dinc'nto, t.m. arrival. 
Arr.vaV.', v. tO arrive at, reach, land, 

amoun- to, overtake, accomplish i arri« 

var bene, lo Succeed. 

Arri v'o, J.m.... S 

AtT ir. i'r.', V. lo raise, to set uprigliU 
Arrocu're, v. to grow hoari^. 
AiToc/io, (t {/. Jioanct 


AfToccafre, v. to fiil a dittaff ; to caiUe 

(at chess> 
ArroccbU're, v. to cobble, to bangle ; cat 

in pieces. 
Arroganu'ccio, s.m. avery insoleat fellow. 
Arroi,t'ote, uij. proud, arrogant.* 
Arroganleme'nte.'aiv. arroganti/. 
Arroganto'ne,^i; very arrogant. 
ArrogVaza, .<. /. arros-tnce, pride. 
Arroiia're, v. to arrogate, claiQi. 
Arro'gerr,- t>. to add, to gire to boot. 
ArrOjfinitr'nio, s.m. addition. 
Arrala're, t», to enroll; arrolani,- to enlist. 
j^rr</nipere, t>. to break, .to remove. 
Ar.onca're. t»< to weed, 
^r-roncialia're, t>. to twist, .wind abotit. 
Arror^f cc, v. to bedew, SfTtakle with water. 
Arros^a're, v. to biosh. 
Arrjssime'nto, s. in< r«d<lciiiagy Mnsbing. 
Afrossi're, V. to blosh, reddeiK 
AfMK a'rsi, t«. tvstmfgie, .strive against ; 

arrostarsi col la spada, to pMlry witk ikc 

.Arrosticcia'na, 5. /. a steaks 
Arrostime'nio, i.m. roosting.^ 
Arrosti're,- v. to bum, to parrh, roast ; tfr^ 

rostiresopra gratkola, to broil. 
Arrosti'to, adj. roasted; paae^ anoftito, 

Arroslitu'ra, s.f. roasting^ 
Arro'ito, s.m. roast meat. 
Arru'ta, s.f. surplusage, overplus v perar- 

rota alle mie disgrdzie, to complete my 

Arrets me'n'o, /. m. the aharpeniiig My 

cutting tool. 
Arroia'ic, T', to whet, to sharpen, smooth ; 

ai rotarfi, to be restless. 
Arrota'io, adj. sharpened, smoothed* 

Arrotato're,i.»H.> , i„igr. 
Arroli'no, s.m.) ■ 

Arrotola'rc, tf. to make op into a ball. 
Arrovclia' be aogry,to make one mad 

with aiMKT. 
Arroveniiam<<nte, «iti. 4'uriou$ly. 
Arroveila'to, a^/. mad, furious. 
Arro\entame'nto,4.f7>. making red bythe fire. 
. , / toinaketery,red-hot, to 

Arr(„ciita;re,T..t „j wax hot, be 

Arrovcnti're, v.|^» „„fl^/ 

ArrotrscianK-'nto, s.m. overthrow, ruin. 

Arrovescia're,t'.to overthrow, to confound, 
to destroy. 

Arr.ivesclaiu'ra, j* /. <l»forder< rain. 

Arrove'scio, adv. against the hair, the 
wron<t way. 

Anozz/re, t». to makeroogh, Iwrsli, rug- 
ged ; arrozairst, to grow rough. 

/•to malte fuby-cohMired ; 

Anrobmfa're, v. 1 arrubinarfc H fiasco, to 

Amibina'ie, t», \ fil* the beifle with, red 


JignStSre, v«.to entangle, ravel ; amffaris, 
to take one another by tlie hair. 

Arruflfa'to, .adj. cntanglpd, uncombed. 

Amifrat'o're, s.m. lie t)utcniaQc;les. 

Arruffiana're, v. to pimp ; polish up- 

Arruggini'i'e^.if. to grow rvwiy. 

Arruotafo'rbici, t,m. a grinder. 

Arruota're, V. ta4liarpan, grind. 

Arruoiola're, v. to.nrnke rouitd. 

Arruvida're, t^/to grow rough* 

Arruvida'to,-a4/> rouiib, haxsh* 

Arsella, /./. a masfrle. 

Arsena'ie, s.m. a do; k, anenad* 

Arse'nico, s.m. arsenic. 

Arsi'bile, mij. combuiitible. 

Arsiccia're, v. to dry by the sun, to toast* 

Arsi'cc:», adj. half burned. 

Arsio'ne,j./. con flagr<ition» excessive heat. 

Arso, aij, bnrnt. 

Arsnfra, s.f. burning, heat,, drought, ex- 
treme miaery. 

Artagoticam{^nte,<aiv. wonderfully. 

Artalame'nte, adv. artfully, ingeniously. 

Arte, s.f. art, slyness; fore arte d' una 
cosa, to follow a business; peracte,con 
arte, ad arte, on purpose, jpaliciouily, 

Artefa'tto, adj. artificial. 

Arte'fice, s.m. workman, artificer. 

Arteficc'lio. s. m. -• 

Arteficiuo'lo,.r.ffl. ['an unskilled woikman* 

Arteficio'ssorf.fl»« j 

Artcmt'sia, s.f, mugwort. 

Arte'ria, s.f. artery. 

Arteria'le, adj. arterial. 

Arteriologi'a, s, f. artcriology. 

Arterio'so, aJj. arterious. 

Arleriototoi'a, s.f. venesection. 

ArterJu'xza, s.f. a little artery. 

Arte'tica, s.f. the gout. 

Arte'tico, adj. gouty. 

Arte'zaa, s. f. narrowness. 

Articc^ila, s.f. business of little profit. 

Artici'na, s.f. industry. 

Arti'oo, adj. arctic, northern. 

ArtiCoIa're, v. to pronounce distinctly, >r« 

Artlcola're, adj. articular. 

Articolatame'nte,oii;. distinctly. 

Articola'to, aij. articulate. 

Articotazlt/ne, s.f. articulation. 

Arti'colo, s.m. article, liead, point, joint, 

Artie're, s.m. a tradesman, artisan. 

Artlficaaio'ne, j./. (in painting) care, art, 

Artificia'le, adj, artificial, jartful. .. . ,. 

Artlficialmc'nie,a4T.. artfully, arti<h:la»r. 

ArtiUcia'to, adj. »«><•<:»*•'■.'**".'•. .^.-.-nt 
ATtlfi'cio. s.m. industry,, •o;i'"">«"** 
engine, implement, artifice, <*e««j%raf. 
Artiftciosame'me, «<iv. workaaa^Hke, «rau 



a", /./....■) 
i'df, J./. \ 
tt'te, J./. J 

art, skill, cunning, 


^nificioM'lto, <M/' ■ooiewhat trtfal, pret- 
tily cunning. 




Anif\ci(/90, <!.(;. sic'.ilul, runniDg. 

AriificiAtanie'nle, adv. irtlficlally. 

Artifif ia'k, a4j. artificiaL 

Artlh'z'io, j,m. artifice. 

Artigia'no. i.m. 'rade>maa, ar.iian« 

Artig a'DOf-A^/. oi' an artificer. 

Art glia'ie, v. to si*icc, or scratch with the 

Arijplie'rp, t.m. a gunner. 

Arti|:iien'a, s.f. a nillery, ordnance. 

Arifrlie'ro, i.m. gunn r, roalroM. 

Arti'tiiio, s.m. ciaw, talon ; usclr dagli arti- 
glt, lu escape. 

Anigliu'iio, aJj. armed with claws. 

Artlni</ni-, j. m. ilie mixen sail ; arbore 
dell* artimon., tlte miaen masi. 

ArtiNta, s.m. trale^iman, itrtisan. 

Artisisme'nte, adv. srtiully. 

Arti'tico, aJj. articu ar. 

Ario. adj. strait, narrow. Obs. 

ArtuTo, / m. a star so called. 

Aru'5pice, i.m. augur, diviiier. 

Aru^lii'cio, /.m. a soothsaying. 

Arza'.in, t./, an arsenal, dock. 

AU 'nte, (iJj. liol, burning. Oil, 

Arzigvigola'nte, a(/. lan>.iiul. 

Ar2 i.L'Ofiola're, v. to invent, to fancy. 

An;iKo'golo,.<.m. invention, device,concelt. 

Arxi'llo, a></. livelv, hold. 

Aace, J./, an Hxe, a haicliet. 

Asrc'lla, /. /. ami-tiole, arm-pit. 

Ascendenta'le, Oii/. t -^,„.it„- 

Ascendc'nie, adj.... ( «««<^ndlng. 

Ascende'nte, f.m. Iioroscope, theascendanl 
or one's nativity. 

AscrnJf^nza, s.f. rise, ascent. 

Ascc'nder<', v. to climb, to mount. 

Ascendimc'nto, i.m. ascent. - 

Ascen^ion<<rio, adj. ascending. 

Ascensio'ne, i-/- ascension. 

At'Ccnso're, \w ulio goes up. 

Asctf'-a, .«./. ascent. 

AiceSo, aJJ. ascended. 

A*cc'«<io, f.m. an abscess. 

Aocr'ticj, adi. ascetic. 

A»clii(inci'v>,<iit>. across, athwart, askance. 

Aschia're, v. to envy. 

AVhio, s.m. envy. 

A^' hio'so, ad}» envious, jealout. 

A'scia,i./. an ax, Itatclirt. 

Afcjali/ne, s.m. a bracket. 

Ascla're, T>. tochi|), to square. 

A-cio'^llere, t>. lu absolve, to release. Obs, 

A-iclo'lvere, s.m. breikfast. 

A^ciyivere, v. to breakfast, 
k AKciuga'ggtne, s.f. i dryness, drougtatf the 
■ Atfiiivamfc' X drvine of. 


Ateioga'nte, a4/* drying. 
Asciuga'rf , V. to dry, to wipe. 
AtcluKSto'jo, s.m. louel. 
Asciu(l.iini'iite, adv. dryly. 
Asciute'asa, *. /. f ._^ „^. 
Asciu'tto, i.m....) dryness. 
As iu' (o, adj. di7, lean. 

Ast.u'lia s.f f ii.,.«i«^ 

AicoUame'nio.j.m. f "«'«"»f- 
A^cultn'nte, urn, auditor, listener. 
Atcolta'rc, V. to listen, to mind. 
A^colta'o're, *. m, » ._ „..j:,.»_ «.. 
AscuitatriVe, s. /.J" ""*"'»^» Mslrtier. 
As<-ultajcio ne, s.f, i listenii g ; bcarkcain« 

Asco1io,J.m > privately. 

Ascu'ndere, v. to conceal, cover \ ascoft- 

dersi, tu abscond. 
Ascosa'iflla, s.f. hiding-piace. 
Ascusaroc'n e, adtt. secretly. 
AEco'su. part, hid, lurking. 
AacoataitVnte, adv. tecreUy. 
Ascu'sto, 04/' concealed 
Astri'ito. aij. Inrolled. 
Ascn'vere, v. lo impute, atcribe, inroll. 
Aie'quiu, s.m. obscquy. Obs. 
Asi. I'lto, /.ffl. a kind of bitumen so called. 
Astodi' lo, s.m. daffodil. 
Asia, /./. Asi 4. 
Asta'tiro, aU- Asiatic: costuvni Asiatic!, 

AsiaiK manners, luo^> rustoms. 
A^i'lo, s.m. asylum, relugc. 
A'snna, s.f. tlie 'tsithma. 
Asiit it'to, ii4/. Biliimaiic. 
A'»ina, /./. a she^.sa. 

Asina'ccio, a f o 1, a booby. j'ggine, s.f. rlownishnest, ignorance. 
Aiina jo, »,m. an ass driver. 
Asinir'lla, s.f. a little kbe>ass. 
AKine'llo, s.m, a little ass. 
Asiiieri'a, s. f. if oorance, stubbomnea. 
As=nescame'nie, adv. stupidly. I 

AK'ne'sCo, adi' like an ais, stupid. ' 

AsMitr'tio, i.m. a small ass. 
Asini'lc, <j4/.'> k% nine ; stupid, dovoish, I 
Asin/no,a<;. ) Siliy, rustic. I 

Asinita'te, s.f.S "»f'»""y' 

A'itino, i.m. an as< ) asi no salratico, a vild 

.114 ; legar 1' aitino, to fall asleep. 
A^inu'ne, i.m. a great ass, a stupid feUov. 
Asma, s.f. asthma. 
Asnia'tico, a4J. asUimatic. 
Asula're,v.tol)reatbe, roam, ramble about. 
A'suto, s.m. breaU) » a button-hole. 
At>pa'rago, s.m, asparagus. 
As|}e, s.m. ao asp. 
AiiNfra're, v, to exasperate, stir up. 
Asperate'ria, i.f. the wind-pipe. 
Aspere'lla, s.f, horse- tsU (a plant). 
A«pere'tlo, adj, a little barslt. 
As^e'rgere v. to sprinkle, slrcw. 


A'fpcrgl'ne, s.f. sprinkling. 
AspcrgtK/re, s.m, he who sprinkles. 

i-;?:riSdinVv./:}«p«"'y' ™««»»°«»' 

A'sptTo, adj, roagfa, fierce. 
ASiieriio'ne, «. /. sprinkliog, aspersion. 
Aspc'rso, ^or/. sprinkled. 
Asper^'no, holy-water-sprinkle. 
Aspetta'bile, a^:. respectable, remarkable. 
A$petUine'nlo, J.m. .^.^^,„,i._ i.„.^ 
Asjeua'nxa. //...... "P*^'**'^»' *'*>P«- 

Aspetia're, v. to expect, wait ; aspettare 

il tempo, to kill the time ; dspettarsi, lo 

appertain, concern. 
A9p«ttati'va, i./. expectation, hope. 
Aspetta'to, pan, expected. 
AJpeltaio^re, sm.\ „^ ,„„,-.,«, 
A>pettalrKce, /./. f "" e«P«ct*nt- 
Afpettaaio'iie, j./. expectation, hope. 
Aspe'lto, s. m. aspect, cottotenance, li>ok, 

presence: net prime first sigbt. 
A'«pide, J.m. ) _„ »->.:« „.- 

A'>pido,/.«.r" "»*•*'* "p* 

Aspira're, i>. to aspire, aim at, aspirate. 

Aspiratame'r.te, <I'it>. with aspiration. 

Aspirati'vo, aJj. that must be aspirated. 

Asprra'to, part, aspirated. 

Aspirazio'ni?, -./. aspiration. 

Aspo, t.m. blades, yarn-windLisi, reel. 

Asparme'Qte, ndv. roughly, severely ; mo- 
bat lerc aspra men te, to fight obstinately ; 
vivere aspramente, to live austerely. 

Aspreggrame'nlo, t.m.the act of provoking. 

Atpreggia're, v. to vex, exasperate. 

Afpre'tto, ai/. a little haish. 

Aj}jre'«a, j./. harshness, severity, tart- 
ness. Mildness, banbh p. 

A^pn'gDO, a4f. sourish. 

Asprita', *./. t asperity,harshBess,tart- 

A-i pri tu'di ne, t./.i ness. 

Aspro, a^/. barsh, sharp, sour, fierce, 
cruel, rough, rugged, sullen, rigid, sling- 
ing, clownish; Imgua aspra, a satirical 

A ^ 1 fe't id a , /. /. assafst i da. 

Atsaggiame'oto, s. m. the act of tasting ; 
ass i jr. 

Assaggia're,t«.totry, taste, assay ; assaggiar 
i' oro, lo assay gol.i. 

A^^agtfiato'rc, J.m. taster, a wine-conner ; 
an assayer. 

AMaRgiatu'ra, J.f.l proof, trial, assay ,spe- 

AsNa'ggio. /.ffl S ciinen. 

A'^uelime'nto, s.m. assault, attack. 

A'Sa'i, s.m, pi. many, a great numtier. 

A^sa'i, adv. more, much, enough ; assai 
bene,pretly well ; assai piu\ much more; 
assai volte, several times ; as«ai per 
tempo, very early ; d' assai, by far. 

A«%ji ssimo, adv. very much. 

As> liioc'ato^ s.m. assault, attack* 

A S'$ 

Assalf^, pari, assaulted. 

Assahto're, t.m. assaulter, agfretsor* 

Assallame nto, i.m. assault. 

Assalta'nte, aJJ. assailant. 

Assai ia're, v. to attack, assault. 

Assalta o're, j.m. I .^ «..,ii.«, 

Assaliatnte,*././ *» "»»»«»»• 

Assa'lio, s.m. onset, attack j dar 1* avalte, 
to storm. 

Assanna're, v. to bile. 

Assa'noo, s.m. biting. 

Assape're, v. to let know. 

As^aporame^to, s.m. the act of tasting. 

A<isapora'rr, v. to feel, prove, hearken. 

Assasstnamc^to, s.m. assassination. 

A3 aKsina're, t>. toassass oatc. 

Assassinato^re, t.m. assassin. 

As^as.slllatu'ra, s./.l .^ ... .. 

AsJaSsi^MO, /«.„.r«««««"»''0»' 

Assassi'no, s.m. an assassin, ruffian. 

Assaxia're, v. lo satiate, satisfy. 

Asse, J.m. plank, board; the axis, (io raa« 

Asseconda're, v. to second. 

AssedeVe, v. lo sit by, or with one ; asie- 
dersi, to sit one's self down. 

Assediame'nto, s.m. siepe. 

Assedia'nte, aJj\ besieging; gli assedianti, 
I he besiegers. 

Assedia'rp, v. to besiege, beset. 

Assedia'to, part, besieged. 

Assediato'rc, s.m. besiei,er. 

AsKe'dio, s.m. siege ; stringer 1' asseiKo, to 
besiege closely ; porreassedio, to teaae. 

Assegname'iito, s.m. assignment, an in- 
come ; depend upon. 

Assegna're,». to asbien,to aUedge, produce. 

Assegnatame'nte, adv. particularly, spa- 

ASiegnatt/aaa, s./. savingness. 

Assegnazio'ne, s. f. ) assignation, assign- 

Asse'gno, s. m J ment. 

Assegui're, v. to execute. Oii. 

Asseguizit/ne, s.f. exectitioo. Ohs. 

Assembiame'nto, s.m. likeness. Obs.. 

Asseiiibla're, T'. to bo like. obs. 

Assent bli'a, j./. assembly. 

Assembra'plio, J.«».... )_„__.„., „^,!„- 

Assembramento, s.m. (company, meeting, 

Assembra'nza, s. /.... ) ""'*^'* 
Assembra're, v. (o assemble, to api^e^r { 

asscmbrarsi, to mccl together; to draw 

up an army in baUlc. 
Assc'uiplo, s.m. Obs. ) example. 
Asse'ropro, s.m. Ohs. \ *^ 

Asscnna're, v. to advise, warn. Ohs* 
Assennatame'nte, aJi'. wisely. 
Assennate'zza, /./. sen^e, caalion. 

IAs^enna'lo.aJy. wl e, judicious. 
Assc'nso, s.m. assent, consent. i 

Assentame'nto, s.m. absence. J 

A3sc»u re, V. to keep off. 

, Asjcrtta'nl, v. to absent onfs'i idC 
AssepUlo'.re, f.m, flatterer. 
Asst/nte, o(/. ab^eol, misgiixg. 
Aiiscntime'nlo, s,fn. consent, approbation. 
Assenii're»:v. tu absent, approve. 
Asscnii'to, nlj. approved, wise^ cautions f 
stare assentitd, to b« upon one's guard. 

Asse'oza, /../.), b«mce. 
Asjc nzia.i./. ) 

Asscnxia'to, aij. rnivfid wUli wormwood. 

L^ Asse'nzio, wonnwojd. 

Assera'rsi, v, lo.grow- Iftte. 

As*i;rc;i|a, /./.I ^,^5 board,lath, shingle. 

As»cr«ina're, f. to make clear, 
A^serl're, v, to assert, assure. 
Asserraglia're, v, 10 iJock up. 
Asserra're, v. to press, squeese. 
Asserlrvame'nte, nMt. confidently. 
Asscrtu're, /.fH..a defender. 
Asierto'rio, cuU. alfirmativc. 
Assersiu'ne, './• assertion. 
Assesso're, i.m. a justice, counsellor, t»» 

Assesta're, i«. to balance, adjust, agree ; aa> 
seitar uno sUiaifo ad uno, to give a box 
on tlic ear. 
As.scta're» v. to make dry. 
Asseta'lo, aJj. dry, thirsty. 
A^iscttame'nlo^i.OT. agreement. 
Asaetta're,!'. to ad-ipt, to settle \ assettarsi, 

to prL*pirc one's self. 
Asseltatarae^te, aUv. neatly, finely. 
Asseiiato're, t.m. who adjusts; a follower. 
A$'>ettAtu'ra, t.f, decency, beauty, orna- 
Assettatu'zao, adj. dressed with affectation. 
ASsc'tto.J.m. accommodation, agreement ; 

mettcrsi in assctto, to make ready. 
A severamt'nto, s,m. asseveration. 
. Assorveranteme'nie, <iit;. constantly. 
Asscvcra'nza, /./• afliirroation. 
Assevera're, v. to affirm, avouch. 
Asseverati^o, aJj, afiirniative. 
Assevcraeio'ne, i.f. asseveration. 
Assice'lla, t.f, a tliin board, lath, staff. 
Assxurame'nio, tm.) tniRt, confidence, 
Assicura'nza, s.f.„.\ assurance. 
Assicuru're, t. to aver, to prom inc, assure ; 
as^icurarsi, to adventure, to dare ; assi- 
curare un vascejlo, to insure a ship* 
Assicurato're. i.m. insurer. 
Assiciirazio'ne, t.f. insurance. 
AMidcra're, t«. to chill, 10 qualce. 
Asstdera'io, aij. chilled, bvnumbed. 
Anidnraziu'ne, ».f. chillnesa. 
Assi'derc, ti. to bciiege. Oks, 
t Asside'rsl, t>. to sit down, 
k Affiiduame^nte, aiv. assiduously. 
^ Asiiduita', /. /. assiduity. 
B Assi'duo, aJJ» diligent, constant. 
B Asiiepa'rc, v. to iocJoic, hedge round. 


Assilla're, v. to rage, fume, smart. 
Assi'ilo, t.m. a liorse-Ky j aver 1' assillo, W 

be stung. 
AssimigllalIio'n^ i./. ") likeness, resem- 
Assiinigliamt-'nlo, i.m. ^ blance, compa' 
As^imiglia'nza, i. /....) rison. j 

Assimiglia're, v. ) to resemble, compare,! 
Assiraila're, r....) assiiitilae. 
Ass ndica're, v. to call to account. 
Asiiu'ma, J.m. axiom, maxim. 
Assl'sd, /./- tax, excise ;^ livery* 
Assi'so, adj. sitting. 
Asiisle'nie, i.m assistnnt. 
Assislc'nza, i. /. presence, aid, help. 
Assi'stere, v. to be ])resent, assist ; assistert 

alia me^sa, tu hear mass. 
Assistito're, i.m. a Iiclpt-r. 
Assi't 1, i.m. a wooden partition. 
Assiuo'lo, i.m. a horn-owl. 
A so, i.m. ace at cards ; esser rtdulto is 
asso, to be reduced to beg -, lasciar is 
asso, to forsake, quit.- 
Associa're, v. to accompany i associarsii 
to associate. 

Associaziu'ne, t.f* asvocialion* 

Assodamc'nto, i.m. solidity. 

Assodd'rc, V. to make firm, ettabli4 

Assoda'to, a(/. solid, steady. 

AS'ioggeila'rc, v. to subdue. 

Assogifc^iimc-^iito, ).m. subjection. 

Assolati'o, a-i;. sunny, 

Assolca're, v. to fuiruw, plough. 

AssoMa're, v. to recruit, enlist. 

Assolda't(),/>()rf. enlisted. . 

ASBolloni'rc, v. to acquire tlte quality 01 

Asso'ito, part, absolved. 

Asso'lvcre, v. to al»ulvc, quit, diatbar|(t 

Assolutame'ntc, a.iv. absolutely. 

Assolu'tu, adj. arbitrary, absolute. 

As>oluzio'ne, t.f. discharge, forgiveneii. 

Assoma're, v. to charge, burthen, obs. 

Assumigliimt'nto, i.f». likene;ii. 

Assoroiglia'nte, a4f'. like, alike. 

Asjumiglia'nza, i.f. resemblance. 

Assomiglia' re, compare ; assumigliariii 
to be like. 

Assoini'glio, um, a portrait, oks. 

Assomma're, v. to hnish, perfect. 04.*. 

Assonu'nte, adj, harmonious, coosun.ini. 

Assona'nza, i.f. consonHncc. 

Assonnamc^nlo, i.m. sleep. 

Assunna're, v. to lull asleep; aisono^ni/^ 
fall asleep. 

Assopi'to, adj. drowsy. 

Aa!rorl>e'nU', a^'. absorbent. 

A,S!«oi'biine'nto, i.m. absorption. 

Assorbl'rn, i>. to swallow, absorb. 


L s^orttiBc'iito, j.«. auitt aeoitmcat, dcc^ 

:'.-m by lot. 
w ^>orti'^e, T>. to sort, to choote by lot. 
'-"'■'o'rto, aJJ. swallowed up. 
A.'=s>ttigliamc^to, j.m, lesseoiiig, extenaa- 

■'011, pcrleclicto. 
^-soaigii/re, t-. to thio, to diminish, ax 

iunrieiies, sharpen; assoitigliarst, tolali 

•»'*3y, grow ican. 
A.- ot'ikljaiyre, J.m, one who thias. 
t\<^zz4^re, V. to make nasiy. 
A - i.Md'rp, V. to use, accustom ; assuefani, 

Jl> in ire one'* self. 
^' J 'I'f Oj^iir/. accustomed, 

• '^-c^'i/'o'ne, J./, habit, ci)Stom. 
A■■^■J^'Jo, aJJ. accustomed, inured. 

• (if To'dine, *. /. ustoin, luDg practice* 

- .?-ctfi're, V. to subdue, submiu 
^ j' .lere, f. to assuTie, to ex'.ol. 
»^ u'.jto,/>ar/. lake!!, a!k<SLimrd. 

^ - j'jiij, s.m. chjrgf, care. 

' ' tinzio'ne, s.f. arsumptioD, promotion* 

-"urjtta', s./. absurd tj . 
^'^ .'rJo, J./, absurd, silly. 

•5j ••• /. spear, lance. 

: CO, J.m, I kind of lubsier. 

'. nlaine'nto, J.m. abode. 
L I .iV», T». tosiop, stay, rest ; astallarsi, 

''» IX one's abude. 

- • • ic,aij. auditor, assis'ant,by-stander. 
-' 'i, s.f. a stroke .vilh a spear. 

.o, tilj. armed ^\ii\ a. spear. 
^'■f 'M.-'naa, i./. absiiueoce. 
' '.'I TO, aJj. abstemious. 

• f nv'r>i, 1'. to abjtain, refraloi 

r •/. tc, «</• absterjfent. 

': < re, t». to rub clean. 
.'yco, s.m. an asu-rtsfk. 
>■<-. I'^imo, #.171. ao a>terlsm. 
•t rik>'iie, s.f. absle si jn. 

• ■ . I'vo, t'iy. abstersive. 

.(■'att, iJ^r. lorbearing, contineat. 
. 'i.zi, J. /. alMtinence. 
■ ■•, J.m. eniry. 
'. ('-o, di/. envious. 

•/r*. j.»i. goss-hawk; astori ceTesliali, 
..^,<t\%. Dante. 

" f , c-,' 5% } *° »«P«»te, abstracu 
. "••. adi. antral. 
• •' me'ritc, n2v. abstractedly. 
■:c'z2a. i. /. abstriction. 
• •'••o. .li/. sfp.irjfcil. jbitracted. 
' ii ij'nr, i. /. s"i>2rAtion. 

t ♦, fort, forced, constrained. 

•f I ^tiere, v. ) to bind, constrain, force, 
>ii''r, »-re, V.J oblige. 
::.u, /. fa«ast4U- ; taduro a>lro, unluckily 


AitfoUin>io, t,m, an 

Astroioga'^tiro, s.m. a b^d iftrjloger. 

Astrologa're, v. to practise asli olugy. 

Afltrolugi'a, S.J. astrology. 

Astrjl-Aico, adj. astrulupical. 

Aairo'lugo, asiroloser, ioitun«-tcUcr.. 

Astro omi'a.J./. a-.tronumy. 

Astrono'iniico, aij, astronomical. 

Astro'nomo, s.m. astronaine . 

Astru'so, a4j. dark, obscure, abftmse. 

Astu ccto, s.m. a casei> 

A ituta'ccio, a(j. crafty. 

Asiularae'n e, adv. craftily, knatiihly, 

Abiulc'zaa, s.f. cunning. 

Astu'to, adj. crafty, subtle. 

Astu'atia, s.f. knavery, sagacity, 

Ata nte,.fli;. robust. 

Ata're, fi. to help, assist. 

Alao're, s.m. 0*j. ) . . . 

Ata:r.'ce,J./. o^r.J*'"' «««t3nt. 

Ata'vo, s.m. the great grand-father* 

Atei'smo, i.«:. atl.ei;km. 

A'tf o, j.fjj... i . 

Ale/s(a,/.»a. t ^" «*^*="-- 

Atie'la, s.m. wrestler. 

A'tnmo, s.m. ; in an atomo, in a mo- 

Atra'bile, s.f. blatk cholcr. 

Atrabiiia'rio, adj. atrabilarious. 

Alrio, s.m. a portico, vestibule. 

Atro, aij. black, mourmul. rruel. 

Airu'ce, .1^/. htinjus, u niLle. 

Ati'ocfffle'r.te, aJii. airocioush , cruelly. 

Airocita', s.f. cruelly, fierceness. 

Atropi'a, s.f. consumption. 

Attjccame'nto, s.m. umon, adhesion j at- 
larhment, pass.on. 

AttaccaVe, v. to liang, fasten, attack ; at- 
taccajsi. to apply the mirij^; atlaccarsi 
un m.Ic, t'i ciilch adijtcinper; utlartar 
il fiioco, tosKton »iri-; altatcr la guerra, 
to kindle nar I aitatcarsi di parole, to 
tjuarri'l} aliaccar la battaglia, to engage 
in battle ; alUccaria ad utio, to play ouc 
a .riik. 

Atficcati'ccio, aJj. gummv, clammy, vis- 

Altacca'to, /kjr/. tied, f■8tene^. 

r adhesion; durealtacro, 

Mtaccalu'r.i, './. J lo jrive hopes ; attac- 


r adhesion; dm 
lu'r.i, './.I lo give hop 
> i- M l calura del 

V. sing-crust. 

pane, kis- 

AUag'ia're, v. f .^ , 
Attah .Ua'.v, V. \ ^° P'^"*" 
Allamc'nu-, adv. Jiiitrfbly, titty. 
Altanaglla'rc, \>. to pinih, to. ment, lo tear 

ofl' tlu' flesh with red liot pinchtrs. 
Attapinamc'nto, s.m. lainenlation. 
Attapina'rc, v. to complain, lo groan ; at* 

tapinar.ii, to lamenl. 
Altarda'rsi.r.iogrowUle; nonv'altafcuis 

don't stay lung. 


Atfi'rc, t». to fit, adapt; nlUrni, to suit 

on-:'' Hvll*. 
At'.ista'rp, t'. to touch, sirtkf. 
At I'rciim/, s.m. a 
Atl-rclii'iv, V. to pro*-, t) th. ive. 
Attf lia're, 7'. to 'Atrary, to be tedious ; at- 

tediarji, to grov \v«-'.ry. 
Alfc lia'io, ai;. liicd, importuned, slow, 


Afcgs'^'vole, ay. mim'tkint. 

A';i«.„"aii 'nto, s. tn. i'p»tiiiv, drmcanour. 

AV.i'v ia're^ t-. to mimic, gealiculalc, iini- 
t.'U: an al>ilu !?. 

At'rjuiai.imf'm •, .i-'r. with action. 

AHi-3«ia'io, piirt. rcprc.ji-:it«» '. 

Attctine'iizJ^i./. conMn^tiiiiily. 

Atlonip.i'rsi, v. tv>grovv old, decay. 

A tPinpalc'tlo, d/;. i-l-lrily. 

A'.trnipi'lo, i.iJj. aiiul. 

Alt -nipato'iio, ttlj. old, but vfgoro'W. 

A:temp<rraine'nto, / m. moderation, so- 

Attem;)<ra'rc,|iovern, abstain, refrain. 

At;encl;iin..''nto, s.m. rncimpment. 

Attpn'f'i'.e, V. to encamp. 

Atlendt^nte, ««</. «(t<»n<li»nr. 

AtKr'nierc, 1'. to mind, consider, to watt, 
to keep kiooda promise; attenderea fare, 
toroniinue ; attcii.ici'eil tempo, to watch 
tlie opportunity. 

A t< n liine'n'o, s.m. attention. 

Atlcii'litu'r>*, s.m. one th-jt t-vpocts ; atten- 
ditor di doiinc, fo.tnnr-biinier. 

A'teni''nte, a'j. b't-iifintf to. 

A'lent-'ntf, ij/t>. tu-ar, by. 

Atterre'n/a. i./'. nppiirienance. 

Atient'rc, t*. to ket-p promise; attenersi, 
n hold fist. 

Atfentimt'nip, ndv. carefully, attentively. 

Attcnt-Vrc,tMoattempt; attentarsi,lodare. 

Attenta'to, port, attempted. 

Attenta'to, s.m. enierprize, endeavonr. 

AttentatoVlo, nir. unlawful (law term.) 

Atle'nto. alj. attentive, mindful. 

Attenua're, v. to make thin, lessen, atten- 

Attenua'to, pvt. wcnkened, rrown thin. 

Attenuaaio^ne, j. /. attenuation, extenua- 

Aitenzio'ne, s.f. attention, diligenre. 

Atler^a re, v. to turn the back upon. 

Atterramei'nto,i.fli.casiing or cutting down. 

Aticrra're,t'. to pulldown, debase, himbh', 
to submit^ at errar gli ocrhi, to look 
down; atierrarsi, to prostrate one's self. 

Aiterrato're,, a destroyer. 

Atterrajfio'ne,*./. prostration, laying waste. 

Atterrime'nto, s.m. terror. 

A'lerri're, v. to affrifflit. 

Atfrrrl'io, a4j. astonished, discouraged. 

A teraa're, it, to reduce to a third. 

Attc'sa, J./, attention. Okt» 


Atieaamc'nle, <idi. attentivelf. Obs, 
AKc'so, uJJ. atteniivo. 
Aiteioche*, cmj. because, wherens. 
Atirsia'rc, V. to bear witness, attest ; atl* 

t.irfi, 'o flght, dispute. 
A'ttsia'to, s.m. certificate. 
AtiP<lato're, s.m. a witness. 
Atte;f»zio'ne, s.f. attestation.' 
Atti'zza, s.f. aptness, aptitude. 
Atti, ph/. acts, or deeds. 
Aiiiccia'f o, aij. strong, well limbed. 
At tiro, a If. Att'C. 

Atti'KM-re. V. todraw, reach, arrive, guess.'nto, s.m. draugh'. 
At i^' 0110*10, s.m. a bucket, acoop, pump. 
Attilla'rsi. v. to dress one's self gaily. 
Atfilliiiami-'nte, adxi. finely, apruccly. 
Aitilla'to, nlj, spruce, elegant. 
Atiilldte'zza, J./....>-neatnc8S, elcgancr, 
Attillatu'ra, s.f....} spruceness. 
A'ltimo, s.m. a moment, instant. 
Atti'nserc, v. to attain. 
Atiitu'dinc, s.f. aptness, fitness, posture. 
Attivamc'ntc, aJT>. actively. 
Attivita', s.f. activity, diligence. 
Atti'vo, a4;'. quick, nimble, brifck, 
Atiizzamc'nto, s.m. stirring the Arc, pi> 

Attizza're, v. to stir the fire, provoke. 
Atto, s. m. act, action, deed; sign, n«J. 

posture; meltef in alto, to put in f<" 

eution ; alto di eomedia, act of i | i* 
Atto, aJj. proper, npl, suitable, agreealk 
Atto'llere, ?'. to lift up, 
Aftonila'ggine, .«. f. stujjf faction. 
Atto^nilo, adj. astrtni».hi d. 
Attopa'to, adj. full of rats. 
Atlo'rccre. t'.... ) ,„ ,„.. , » , _ 
At:orciglia're,ti. \ '° »*'«' 'wine, wrrr 
Atto're, s.m. maker, doer; a plaintilT, •! 

Atlori'a, s. f. conduct, government. 
Attorn iamc'nlo, s.m. conipau, circuit. 
Attornia're, v to encompass, to incli*'] 

attorniare altrul con bcneficj, to ioti 

with kindness. 
Attii'mo, />rf^. about ; andarattorno, toM 

round about ; attorao attorno, on eiM 

Aiionirlin're, fi. to wrap, roll, twist. 
Attortlglin'to, adj. twined. 
Atto'rto. aO'. wrung, twisted. 
Attosca're, v. to poison. 
Atto'so, aif. wanton, waRi;t«h. 
Attossicamc'nto, f.ffi. Uie act of poiaonir^ 
Aitossica're, v, to poison. 
Attrabacca'to, adj. incamped. 
Attrae'nte, aif. attracting, engaging. 
Attrnime'nto, s.m. attraction. 
Attrappa're, v. to caich, over'reach. 
Attrappt'to, part, selaed, vurpriacd. 
I Aitrapperi'a, t. /. deceit, frsa4. 


Af'.ra'n-, v. to allure, wheedle, »ltract. 
vMtuai'va, /./. powor of clMrming. 
^\!;ia;ti'vo, a4/. attractive. 
Acr/iio, jmrx. attracted, distorted, crip- 

Aii:a¥er!a're, v. to traverse, tlkwart. 
Auraversaio're, i. w. one that rrosses, 


>!!ra»c'rM>, aJv. across. 

Aitrazio'ne, J. /. attract<on; contraction 
o( nerve . 

-Aitrazza're, t». to rig a ship. 

Attrazzato're, j.». a rigger. 

A;rj'z«o, /.«. a IodI, engine. 

Ai iccciafn, v. to iress, weave ; altrecci- 
ire i capelii, to tre?s the hiiir. 

A Ue'zzo,j.m. instrument, engine, too?. 

Ai'ri'juimento, s.m, imputation. 

•AtTibui're, ti. to ascribe, imputej altri- 
b jipji, to assume, arrogate. 

-'•'.'.r.'bj'to, j.rn. an attribute. 

■ ■ I'ce, s.f. actress. 

/•■^iuarae'nto, J.«. melancholy, grief. 

1 "rista'Dtc, aJJ. vexatioas, troublesome. 
■■'■■' riiv/re, V. to trouble, to grieve; attris- 

t<rsi, to fret, to vex. 
A •rina'to, aJJ. vexed, grieved. 
A'l.biajfio'ne, s.f. melancholy, grief. 
A trisii'ne, V. to grow wor<e and worse. 
•' .'iris!i'to,aJ/.grown worse, vexed, gric red. 
-M!' ta're, t>. JO miuce; to defeat, over- 

^ I ra'to, part, rainced ; defeated. 

--,>m''n;'",">' ]■»""»>«>• 
.. >z\o nc, S.J. ) 

- . j.'pa'ia, a4j. gathered together. 

■ .a ic, aUJ. actual, real. 

" ■ : li a", /./. reality. 

* ■ I .Inie'nte, aJv. actually, really. 

* 'tua're, v. to do, perform, actuate. 
" iia'rio, s.m, rfgister, notary. 
■•■i;/:o, pijrt. effected, perlbimed. 

' I't'iiu, s.m. a puerile action. 
' •iTame'nta, s.m. a plunging. 
- u :,i're, v. to plunge; attulTarsr, todive; 

i::uflarsi ne* vizj> to give ooe** self up 

I J vic»-s. . 

' jfiatu'ra, *./.>|_,_ __-{„„ Ji„:„, 
'■ air.zlo'ne,/./.; »»"»«*o°' <»""'--• 
' ■ irFe'volc, aJj. apt to dive, convenient 

(■M diving. 
^' .I're, V. to darken, cloud. Obs. 
' ■'j'/.-.y, a4J. active, stirring. 
*'i .ij'ie, t». to stop, to shut up. 
'• ..t ''.T, t«. to soften, mitigate j attutarsi, 

'u f.'iow calm, quiet. 

* 'I'l'rr, V. to impose Silence. 

^ I, ./.grandmother. 

A if cc'vole, aij. swift, careful. OAr. 


A«acciame'nto, /.«. 1 . ..^ -^t ^-. - ^ 

AfacciVnaa, /./....] h«te,quickne«.o.*i. 

AvacciA'fe, t». to hasten. Obs. 

Avacciatane'nte, (lit*. 1 . sr.i -.i . .. j I 

Ava'ccio, ttiv..... I swiftly ,wiajspcfd<^ 

Ava'ccio, s.m, speed, haste. 
Ava'ccio, nJj. swift, speedy. 
Ava'ie, (Ui: e\t-n now, ja»t now. 
Ava'llc, (Uv. doMivtards. 
Avangua'rdia, J./, vanguard. 
Avani'a, j.j. wrone, injur>. 
Avaono'tto,j.f7i.its(j]]pietoa ; a fish one year 

Ava'nte, /■,*■■•/>. 1 before; poco avanli, just 

Ava'nti, j^ept) now. 

Ava'nti, a^v. lorward ; piii'aranti, farther, 
deeper i avanti cbc, t/iitf. before ; avanii, 

Avantica'mera, s.f. antichamber. Ois, 

x\vatiti£ua'idii, J. 7'. v r. guard. 

Avanxame'iilo. .«..•;;. atl-.vincernent, procrr^s. 

Avau^a'ntt', aij. surpassing, auounviaii;. 

Avanza'i-e, v. to advance, encreasc, im- 
prove, exceed; tempo, lo gi.n 
time ; avanzarsi, tu lal^e courage. 

Avaiiifaii'ccio, s.m, a casioO*, fragment. 

Avanza'to, alj. in jfcanj. 

Ava'nro, remainder, residue, profit, 

Avara'ccio, adj. verj- covetous. 

Avarame'ate, a^. niggardly. 

Avarc'tlo, s.m. a little miser. 

Avari'a, s.f. avernge (sea term.) 

Avan'zia, s.f. atari'^r, greediness. 

Asariza're, v. to be niggardly. 

Ava'ro, J.m, a miicr.. 

Ava'ro, aJj. miicriy, covetous. 

AvaronaVcio, j.m. ) . i j 

Avarone, s.m j wretched miser. 

Audd'ce, aJJ. au-.iacious, presumptuous. 

AudKcemc'nte, aJv. boldly, aadacioui>ly< 

Audri'cia, s.f. audacity. 

Auiie'nza, s.f, aui.encc. 

Audi're, v, to hear, 

Auditora'to, s.m, an auditorehip. 

Aiidito're, j.m. an auditor. 

Audilo'rio, s.m. auditory. 

Ave, imerj. God save you. 

Avella'na, s.f. filbert. 

Avella'no, s.f. filbert-tree. 

Ave'llere, v. to tear up, pluck out. 

Ave'llo, s.m. grave, tomb. 

Averamari'a, s.f. a short prayer to the 

virgin Mary : matin and vesper bcH ; 

all' avemmaria, at the dusk ot evening. 
Ave'na, s.f. rted, pipe; oats. 
Ave'nte, fort. havia«. 
Ave'-~, V. to have; aver a caFO, to '>e 

glid; Che avele? what is «'« .«attei ^ 

far a'vere, to procure ; '^tTare ^[iSr 'pi? 
delect; awr in hira, tokaie, avci *. 


buono, lo take in |ro.^ part; arerapre, 

to be at Icisiiii' ; averla con uno, to be 
■ nf ry ; a««T i\\ fo\t, to iurc* an csrme; 
a\< r in cuslu nc, ii> hv .isc.l to ; avt-r in 
KT.ido, to accept ; avc.- in rrecio, to va 
Jiie, es'.eeni , .ner repeni ; 
avt-r voce, lo spc.k ; si l).i voir, 'lis 
whispered; aver v.»jMa, to liive a mind. 

Avc're, j.m. c«i', i iclie'. 

Avt'rno, .«.»«. Hell. 

Averbio'ic, J. /. aver-ion. 

Avo'rtere, t». to turn jivay, arcrt. 

A'ullb, fl/i'. gratis, u..- noli.isg; vivcrc a 
uflb, to li»e at »rer ra«t. 

Au'ge, .»./. gr-UiJeur, prjtfy^ity. 

An;{ellatu're, J m. a birii-calchi r. 

Augeilc'tto, J.r/t. ) „ ,..., , . . 

Au"dli';:o;..r/i.r''"'*^ '"'■'*- 

A.wt'll'), J.m, a bird. 

A.if-n'ie, v. to OT. r.iiadow. 

iVuK'iia'to, rta!/'. sh.irtv. 

Aiana'rr, t-. to ciU in tlir* jiSrpe of a nr.i!. 

Aiicmm-nl.i'ri'. j'. to m -ciso. 

Aii!?umcnti«io ne, j. /. / aiifimcnta. ion, in- 

Augumc'nto, .t.m f cra.t. 

Au^ura'^«•, v. to conjecuirt, loretcl, wisb. 

Atigura'Je, ai/. of an aiicur. 

Aii^ura'l.i, /»jr/. conjectured, foretold. 

AuruniJjj'ro, j.f.i. » 

^Mifiuratn'cc, J./, [aacar, gootlisaycr. 

Aiiru'rio, i.m. gui^s, omen, divination. 
Augin'o'so, Hi', aupersiitious, scrupulous, 

good omened, ill omened. 
Augu'ito, ai/. aacred, imperiat; augusloin 

volto, a countenance full of majesty. 
Avi'l-ifiic'iite. ah', greedily, eagerly. 


Afidit«'te,i-/. ^ '''*'"'■• 

A'vido, aiO. grecdr, covetous. 

Avi'to, adj. iKieditar)-. 

Aul.-), J. /. a rouil pilace. 

Aii'iico.r;.^'. bclonainfi lo the couit ; ilcoo 

SI? .() n.ii'co, tlic auiic Council. 

/'ir.rntinic'nto. s.m. auftmentation. 

Akj.iii III I'ntc, n(/. increasing. 

.\uint .it.j'iv, t>. to increase, improve. 

A'imcn(.iIi'i'0, nif. aaguicnlalive. 

A imiiif Won-, .'.'... I ^„ i.^„..^„^„ 
..._>,! i- > flfi improver. 

mkiu '.ta^io'ue, S.J. incrfnse, imprave- 

Aumi'nlo. J. "I. iirjwtli, addition. 
A'uicird're, f. lo t-tke away, ravi'sk. 
A'lncini'i'si, x: to bow, bend. 
Av.i, .:m. .1 grand father. 
Avraie, t'. to carry a law-suit before a 

Avo'ia, S'J. fr-mdmotlier. 
Avo'io, .',-n. gr.ind father. 
Atu.kCi. i^, V, ig commit adu'.tcry, c^j. 


. Avolto'jo, /.«.■> „ „..u„... 

' Ato'rio, s.m. ivory. 

• Avornie'llo, im, t\ ,. ._ ,„ ^,ii«j| 

, Avo'nwo, s.m.... i *» ^^^' '° *^*"«*- 

'Aura, J./, gale, breeze; aura popolarc, 

ix>pular appUu&L-. 
Aur.i'to, aJj. pill, golden. 
Aurc'ln, }. f. a cbrysaiis, aurclia. 
Au rcu, j.iJ golden. 
[ Aure'tta, j./. a gentle breeze. 
I Aiiri'roa, s./. an auricle, an ear. 
' Aur r.ilaVc, a^'. auric(t>ai ; ia confcssione 

.Minoiari'j H'triciilar confession.'com«-, «..y. gol leD'haired. t'Otf. 
/*:ir.VulH, J./, an «-ar. 
Atiri*,., irnn, /. /. oriflame, the r."».»' 

.'•"t. nljrd ol' th-anticnl kins') of (riiKCt 
Auri'r.o. iJj. fioidon, gold- i. We. 
Arijkpi'cio, '.M. divination. 
Auro, .«.)«. Hold. Port. 
Aum'ri, /. '. break of the day, dann. 
i Aur.iVe, V. lo acciislom. 
Ausiiia're, nui, ) ■,. 
Aiisjiiatx/ie, >.M, helper, protector. 
Au'"»pi( t', director of the wcdiing, (amonl 

tiic Uom<inx.) 
Auspi't io, s.m, presage, omen, proieciion, 

Ausleranie'nte, aJv. austerely, slrUtli*. 
Auslciit.V, /. /. sharpness, seventy. 
Auste'io, fl4/. grave, reserved, sour. 

Ausira'le, nJj. ) ^ ., 

Ausiro, s.m. soulb-wind. 
Autcnlicarne^ite, adv. authentically. 
Auieniica'n', v, to autlienticate. 
Auli-nticaaiu'ne, s.f. authcnllcatlon. 
Aute'iitico, alj'. authentic, original ; per 

autcntico, in an authenl.c maoner. 
Autu'grafo, aiJ, autographc-r. 
Auto're, s.m. author, inven or, cause. 
Aulore'vole, a.^'. creditable, imperious. 
Auiorevoline'ntt-, nJn. imperiously. 
AutoriU', /./. authority, power. 
Autorizzi/re, v. to authonac. 
Auiorizza'io. d^'. authorised. 
Auiri'c, .«. /. authoress. 
Auiunna'ir, aJj\ auluiniiat. 
Autu'nno, s.m. autumn. 
An vjilame'nio, ^.w«. a cavltf. 
Avvaila're, v. to let down. 
Avvaloramc'nto, s.m. valour, power. 
Avvalora're, II. to hcarienup; arvalorani, 

to lake courage. 
Avrampamc'nto, s.m. burning, conflacra- 

Avvampa'nte, aJj, biirninn, ianamlnf. 
Avvampa're, t>. lo singe, to consume , av' 

vampar d' oinore, to burn with lovr : 

aYTampar U' iinpaxicMa,to Ic impaUci :< 

AVV . 

Aryantaggiame'nto, s.m. adrantsge* 
Avvantaggia're, t». to have, or take advan- 

Avvantaugia'to, adj. advantageous. 

Avvdnta'ggio, s. m. advantage, interest ; 
SfTirirsi dell' avvantacgio, to improve 
the advant.ig;e ; djf dell' avvantaiisio, to 
«!iveibe o^i. 

Avvantaggiu'so, adj. advaolageous. 

A> vanta'ni, v. to boast. 

Avvecie'rsi, V. to perceive, to understand, 
find out. 

AvvL'de'vole, alj. clear-sighted. 

Avvedime'nto, t.m. foresight, judgment. 

A(vediment(/ao, ni/'. wary, cautious. Ohs. 

Ai.cdutame'nle, dJv. warily, prudently, 

Av\cdute'zza,j./. foresight.consideration. 

A\ cdu'to, (Uj. wary, provident: fare av- 
ved'jlo, to warn. • 

A^vesnache', «w/-.l hecauw whereas 
A..venadioclie',ej;i/.| '"^causc. wucreas. 

A . ■. rl-nanie'nlo, s,m. poisoning. 

A-'vicna'rc, V. to poison. 

A* I'd n-t'io, adj. poisoned; animo avvel- 

»-n=j(o, transported with rage. 
A«velma'lore, i.w. poiwner. 
Arvcne'nte, adj. handsome, genteel, agree- 
/•vve-npnteme'nte, aixu becomingly. 

Avvent-'vole, alj. fair, genteel, agreeable, 

)i roper, fit, suitable. 
Auenevole'aia, *. /. grace. Comeliness, 

Avvenevolme'nte, adv» handsomely. 
A.vengjche', adv. because. 
Av^enime'nto, .(.m. chance, danger, event, 

.irriral ; a tutto arvennimento, at all 

cu-iiu ; I' avvenimento di Cri^ito, the 

least of Advent. 
A vvciii' happen; to thrive, prosper ; 

avvenirbi, to light upon, find, meet with. 
Avvcni're, 5. m. lu:urc ; per 1' avvenire, 

Avvftitame'nlo, t.m. throwing with vio. 

»Atti nta're,t». to shoot, dart, fling ; avven- 

trsi, to run in, rush upon, caich. 
A . . v-nuia'Rgine,i. /.impnidence,rabhaess. 
' xnlatainc nte, rashly. 
A'.fntale'llo, .'i/'. ircjnsidcrate. 
A«K-nta'to,a^'.shot, darted, giddy-headed. 
A>-- iiti'aio, alj. adventitious. 
'•' ''n'o.j.m. event, arrival. 
A. .-. tti're,, customer. 
^>* M \'(A,f./. accident, adventure; ally 

^ tfitura, by chine*. 
A ''T.iur/rr, T». tf> adventure; avvenlu- 

' rii, to run a haaard. 
A» .vatuf juiat'nie, adv. luppily, I'uckily. 


Avrentura'to, fli/. happv, forttftiaie. 
Awenturevolme'nte, aiv. fortunately, 

Avventurie're, s.m. adventurer, voluoteer. 
Avvcnturosame'nie, adv. luckily. 
Avventuro'so, adj. sccceBslul. 
Avvenu'to, adj. happene I, befillen. 
Avverame'nto, s.m. roiifirm^tiion. 
Avvera're, v. to aver, to verify. 
Avve a'to, adj. averred, j^roved. 
Avverbia'le, aij. adv rbial. 
Avverbialme'nte, adt*. adverbially. 
Awe'rb o, s.m. adverb. 
Avverdi're, v. to grow green, to be verdant. 
Avverifica're, _t/. to verity. 
AvvePiame'nte, aiv. poorly, miserably. 
Avvprs.Vrio, s.m. advfrs»ry, opposer* 
Avversa'rio, aij, contniry. 
Avver-;j'ro, s m. the devii. 
AvversaU)'re, s.m. an adversary. 
Avvcrsio'ne, *. /. loathin?, abhorrence. 
Avversita', s.f. misery, adwrsity. 
Avve'rso, adj. adverse,contrary ; opposite^ 

Avve'r>o, pri-p. against. 
Awerte'iitc, njj. cajfous, prudent. 
Avvertenteinc'ntc, adv. advisedly. 
Avvvrtc'D^a, s.f. care, ht-e'l fulness. 
Avvertinitj'nto, s.m. a'iriopilion, advice. 
Awerti'rf, v. t » warn, advise, to inform, 

lake care; stare awertito, to be upon 

one's guard. 
AvvertKto, aJj. warned, informed. 
Awezzame'uto, s.m. habit, custom. 
Avve7/a're, v. to accustom ; avveazarsi, 

to inure one's self. 
Avve'zao, adj. accustomed, inured. 
Avvia'ne'nto, s.m. going, run. 
Avvia're, x>. to begin ; avviarsi, to set for- 
Avria'to, adj. forward, wise, sober. 
Avvicendame'nto, s.m. alternation. 
Avvicenda're, v. to do turn by turn. 
Awicende'volc, adj. one after anotlter. 
Avvitiname'nto, '-m.} . 

Avvicina'naa, s. /..... j «PPr«>ach, 
Avvicina're, v. to approach. 
Awicinaaio'ne, s.f. approach. 
Avvigna're, v. to plant the vine. 
Awigna'to, adj. planted with vines. . 
Avvilime'nto, s.m. consternation, fear. 
Awiii're, i'. to undcr-value, vilify ; avvi- 

lir?i. to despond, lose courcji*!'. 
Avvili'lo, aJj. astonisiied, amazed. 
AvviIiJiJpamt'nlo,J.»r..di-,order, confusion. 
A\" iluiip I'rc, V. to wrap up, intangle ; av- 

viUippiiPM, lo perp'cc tme'^ s*-'.f. 
Avviluppanme'rifc, aiv. iniriCHH-ly. 
A vvil'ippu'td, [><^rt. wrapt up, covered i au • 

avv«l,ipi3a!a, diwrderlv- ^ . _ 

Avvih.ppaloVe, S.m. disturber, dcccver. 




Av\iTi.-iccij't«,<t</. drunk. 

Avviiia're, v. to uiix wine wlUi anoUier 

Avvinj'to, flJLj. minvlcd witliwine. 
Avvin;izza'rsi, v. lo drii.k pletUifuUy, lo 


A vv/ncpr*- 'V ( '" '**"'*• "*^ ""• «"<^<*'"- 
Avvincl.ia'rc, r. \ P"''; "'brace, «pprc- 

Arvi'nto.^rtrr. tied, wrapt. .'glia, .«./. combat. 

Avvisamc'nii), j.m.advice, news,prudence, 

Avviga'pe, V. to advertize, con«iiler, re- 
mark ; to perceive, lu imagine ; to en- 

AwisaHnic'nte, (ulv. circnmspectly. 

Avvisa't >, />rtrr. advci tiled, prepared i far 
avvi aio, to give notice* 

Avvisa^o, tUj. wi»«', riM:ty, ready. 

Avvisarj'ro, s.m. monitor, rater, 

Avvlsatu'ra, s. f, look. 

Avvi'to, a.m. advice, opinion, news ; star 
sul' avviso, to be upon one's guard. 

Avvi»r(Vrc,T. to ol)icrTe attentively. 

Avvisla'to, a.;». comely. 

Avviticchiami^nlo, s.m. twistinv, knot. 

Avviiiccljia're, t». to twist, to entwine. 

Avviticcliia'to, aij, twisted, twined. 

Avvitola'to, aii. rough. 

AvviV'ime'oto, i.M. reviving. 

Avvivii're, v. to enliven, give vigour; avvl- 
vai-ti, to grow strong, to flourisli. 

Avviva'liJ, aij. revitcJ. 

Avvizza're, v. to lade awar* 

Avvoca're.t' lolbllow the law, to plead. Oftj. 

Avvi>c>M*i'a, i. /. oflirc of an advocate. 

Ayvoc^'t^, i. /. patroness. 

A woe i'(o, t 

A.voc.'.to'rc, s.m. >-an advocate. 

Avvocatri'ce, s.f. ) 

Awixazlu'ne, /./. > tl»e office of advo- 

Avv.»rheri'a, «./... f cate. 

Avv*>'l«fre, T». to wrap, roll, wind about, 
fl.-crivt.- ; avvolgcrii, to lose one's self, 
fr» vir.iy. 

Aw jlwitiv/nln, ».«, winding, twisting. 

A vvoI.<iiu'rc', s.m hr that wraps up,n cheat. 

AvvoIoiitat.Mnc'i u-, nlxi. ra^lily^. 

Avvi>l()iita'to, af, ras!i, -tl, e;i- 
giT, fonfl. 

A wo! pi na' re, n. to d ipe, decevc. Obs. 

A/v.)lpiria't'>, piVt. diJCrlvcd, Cuiiglit. 

Aivin'ie, "". to fiicoinp is«. 
A% ,i>((i<'ciii. .'!•':, f. ti wreilh, >vrap, wind. 
A»'\()'lfo, iTiy. wni-t, involvi;(l. 
Av vol* »hta*ii ''tiU', .liv. lustily. 
Avvo'i i'i>i, s.f. Wi I'i'ng, obiciirity. 
Av.i'nrtilo. j.m. iinrlc. 
Aii«.f.iino'nin, s.m, m jUIii < slnri^. 
Aii/R»'iv, V. lo Minrpon, iiiit II.-, provuke. 
A.ui i'ti.1, ,j^'*, irr.tutvd. 


Aua2ati/fa, i./. a sharpening. 

Au'zao, a^. keen, acute, smart* 

Azic'iria, s.f. Iiiiswifery. 

Azio'r.e, «./. action, businesv cooeem, 

ciaim, riglit -, intentar azionc a qualcbc- 

duno, to bring an action. 
Az2a, .'./. ax, hatcbet. 
Azzampn'io, n.lj'. iIirI has paws. 
Azzaiina're, v. to snap. 
Azzanna^n, ajj. caiicht v.ith the tu«k9. 
Azaarda're, t'. to veiiture, to haxdrd^ 
Azza'rdo, s.m. hazard, danger. 
Azzardu'so, n(/. adventurous, bold. 
Az^c'ccaiT, ('. to sinke. 
Axzeruo'la, i./.a kind of medlar. 
Azzica're, t*. to stir, shnkc. 
Azzima'rsi, v. to adorn one's self. 
Az^ime'ilu, i. /. unleavened bread. 
Azzimi'na, s.f. a -coat of inail. 
A/zi'mo, nJj. unleavened. 
Azzimu'lto, J.m. azimu'h. 
Azzoppa're, v to maim, cripple. 
Azzoppa'to, 04;'* maimed, lamed. 
AzzulTame'nto, s.m, quarrel, debate. 
AzzufTa'rsi, v. to come to blows, to driok 

like a fisli. 
Azzuffato're, s.m. a quarrcbome fellow. 
AzKUo'io, eidj. dark blue. 
Azzurreggia're,-t>.to incline toaiure color. 
Azzurri'ccio, a4j.^ 
Azzurri'gno, adj. > azure-colored. 
Azzuri'no, adj..,. } 
Azzu'rro, s.m. azure. 
Azzurro'gnolu, d.(/. aaure*colored. 


p>ABBA'CCIO,/.rn \ a fool, duDce, 

•*-' Babbaccio'n", J.W. ) doll. 
B'ibbe'o, s.m. a blockhead, tool. 
Babbio'nc. s.m. dull fellow, blockb«nd. 
Ba'bbo, s.m. papa, did ( andare a babbo* 

rivcpBOli, to di?. 
Babbuasta'gglne, s.f. stupidily. 
bahbiiaSso, n(/. simpl*, fooliih : uo bai>* 

buas'>'j, a fool, an auk'.\ard fi-llov. 
Bibhuhio, s.m, monkey, babboon ; a men- 

ki-v-l'ace, boJb^ . 
Bubbti' CO, a^;'. large and tall. 
Uaca'lnrc, s.m, a great man, a great nit 

Bacileria, s.f, conceit, pride, gasconade. 
Baca're, v. lo breed wonni. 
»ac;iti'ccio,<t4/' ) sickiv.urirnill; magottri 

nnci'to, (1(0 ) raiicn. 

Bi'd-.i, I. f. a berry. 


Hacral.j ft*, s.m. \ 

i.M'cain'li'. .1. m. a tutwultuous crowd, a 


taccane'lla, s.f. a rout, mob. 

''^iv c'/n.>, s.m. Hdise, uproar. 
V:c d'lite, $. /. a priestess ol' Bacc<>as. 
■' u^ca'x.9, alj. dfjiiken. 0*<. 
li'.'-crlU-'ria, if. degr-.-e of bachelor. 

r ■ ( ve'iio, s.m. husk, col, sLell ; fjol. 

P> .-.H , Wu'oe, s.m. a d-ince, lo.'gerhead. 

Ba\ci.e.'a,j. /. a Syrian plinC, snidlo p<M- 
s. s-> the virtue ot r«rpeiling witcbcr^l't. 

B, rn.c'tu, J./, a rol, mace; coman-i-ire 
.'■ licciiett*, t J « ommand imperiou^l) ; 
I' cchett* ihir gantlet, a mi.itary piini^i- 
in-.-nl, passar per Ic baccliett.-, I J run 
toe jjanUcl; bacciieU.i da rino, a tavern 

R c i.ctia'm, s.f, blow viiJi a ra.l. 

L' v-.'-lJ rici na, rii/. Itlli hvpocrile. 

1 • I n ttiZ-'e, ».»». a Itypocriltr. 

l-t.ctieUon«ri'a,i. /. ( h.-oocrisv 

r jcclirtta'sxa, s. f. a little rod. 

Wi.chid're, t'. to culgel. 

r. ccliia'ta. i./. a blt>w with a stick. 

F . cir.llo'ee, s.m. a fu^l, dunce. 

f '<ccliio, i.fs a staff, a cadcei ; pariar a 

i<-"(jiio, (o talk rasliiy; in an baccbio 

brf', in a moment. 
i.t< li'>'ca, t.m. a fine M:lk>w, a blockhead i 

■Ai'A case. 
r tliero'aro 




i i iba'sso, s.m. a bov. 

>>. ■ -m 'no, s.m, a rompUment. 

^' ( \ irM-'nto, J.m. kiviiikg. 

K' •i-.)-'ie. J m.... V ^^j ^ i.ypacrite. 

f. f'rr, T'.tuki*<5 ; bachrsi,to kiss one sno- 
t , I- ; ba iar la !*copa, to have patiw>Dce. 
■' ' I 're, t,%i. a kivi. 

1 •< i'.r. j.m. a bason. 
' • :n(- ila, «./. a till. 
■ . i:'t.-'ilo, i.m. a hflinet. 
'■ ' I'no, ( «. bason. 
'cm, s.m. a kiss; ui> bacio di gtuda, a 
ir a c herons kiss. 
I'.- 'ii, s.m. a niirthem aspect; a bacio, 

: •A^rdsthf north. 
^ I >'cco, s.m. a simpleton. 
y/zo.'t.CT. a beaity ki"*<. 
■irthiii'r-, t». to glfe niijny kisses. 
j'lCio, .t.M. a slight ki'»<. 
I ■ u s.m. \ worm, ma.-gol, mite, silk- 
M >rm : a word used by nurse:* to It ighten 

ttiil Ijx-O. 

' " ) '-.J, s.m. apricot C^y the Sientst.\ 
^ 1 01, i.«ii. a ma^/u.. 


B^cii'ccola, *./ a nut. 

B 'Ja, mf.«<ii an az\ tH ; lenere a !i3;l t. '• 

keep at bn- ; 'tar a 1)1 U, to mui I " '" ^ 

Cing; «tar'alta bada d' uno, to Hai'-»», X 

to ob<Tve. 
Badi'((g<o, s.m. an amor )'JS look. 
Sadjljcia'rc, t-. lulh'<-, to d llv. 
Baddlo'na,J /. a ^uod jully vojii^n. 
Badalo'ne. s.m. a kind ol lig. 
Badalucca're, v. to ukirmish, amuse Ihs 

eiumy ; to i'l:e one's lime away. 

Baddliiccatc'rc, s.m. i 

an I 




t, i.m. a !<ti('k 

^ovu'viOf i.ff^ A iiaai, a cowl* 

Badaliiccalr.Ve, .«. /. « 

Ba'la'u'ccu, s.m. skirmish, p ay, diversion. 

Bid:i'ie, t<. to 8'nuse on. 's wit, I > «' lul 
tri'ing, take noliic o!, «ak. t.irc, lv> co- 
vet, to lo .k amorously upon. 

Bide'ila, J. .'. a ^il1y woman. 

Ba lf'<sa, s. J. al>bess. 

Bjfli'.i, /. /. abbe v. 

aaiia'le, adj. large, easy ; sedia badiale, 
arm-chair, easy-chair. 

Badieliaine'nlo, i.fn. yawning. 

Badigl a're, xk to yawn, gape. Obs, 

Badi'le, s.m. sIwtcI, spade. 

Ba'fli, s.m. pi. whiskers. 

Biga'glia, '•/•Uaggace,cloatbs. 

Baga'glio, J. Til. S ee . » 

Bagaglio'.*c, s.m. a soldiers boy, black* 

gu^r 1. 
Ba.n.att!iii>/K-, J./, pl. laltercd clo Ihs. 
Biganiiu'me, s.m. bag and bat' gage. 
Bjjra' c:a, s.f. a harlot. 
Bigabcio'ne, s.m. a Mrumpefr's man. 
B4gatle'l!i, s.f. irjft.-, toy; bagallclle, no 

such thing, not at a!I. 
P. ip tlellie're, s.m. a jugpler. 

Bag it'i'n J, s.m. the smallest piece of m*- 

Ragge'o, s.m. a simpleton. 
Ba^'gina'ccio, s.m. a great blockhead. 
Bagviana'ta, s. f. a silly thing, nonsense. 
Bipia'nc.J. /. />i. enticements, lair wordSf 

false promises. 
Baggia'no, J.m. blockhead, fool. 
Baf'K'iola're, t>. to sappoit, to prop. 
Bappio'lo, s.m. a stay, prop. 
Biulio'rc, s.m. li^litning, dizzling, light. 
Bajnajuo'lo, .<-«. baiher. 
B-igli'va, s.m. A bail>(l'. 
Bigiianie'nlo, the act of sprinkling. 
Bnyna'nle, aij. muiBlcniitg,, baih- 

B-.sii I'rc, V. to wet, to « aih , bagnarsi, to 

ball'c, wash one's self. . 

B??n .'lo, aij. wet, washed ; bagnalo e ci- 

mato. cunning, c ratty. 
B'gnal j're, s.m. a bather.'ra, i./. the art «»f >>»""" 8'. ^.tb ^ 
I Ba,itty,J.«». a baib, ba*ol^ cmeia|B«»^ 


Ing-tab ; place where gillev-slaret live 

when aslioi«; bagno d* acqua ffedda. 

the cold bdlh. 
ft'K-nu.j'io, j.w. a little baili, fomeniatlon. 
B K ord.i'rc, t>. lo revel, to feasi. 
Bagf»',do, s.m. too much fratting ; just, 

(uumimcnt ; a weapon to juil with. 
Ba i, )./. •.bam, idle story ; dar la baJ, to 

banter; a bay, road at lea. 
Baia're. t». lo bark. 
B4ia'ia, i.f. a trick. 
Biif'tta, J./, baize. 
n.'/il >, t.m. a sort of maitistrate. 
B.i'jo,n//.b«y,chMnut-colour ; bajoicuro, 

bpjwn bay ; bajo iqdorato, yellow dun. 
Bsjc/cco, J. m. a piece of money, about 

Hirer 1 <r(bing<i value. 
B.tiond'( rio, s.m. an impertinent fellow. 
Bdj 'rir, t.m. a ^corner, Inriterer. 
'»^.i<>nt'tta, /,/. a l.a>onct. 
Bajti'ca, i./.,.) , . , , . 

i«4i'cola. //. f " '*'^y fnvoJoui thing. 

B''.]u'io, j.m. a street-porter. 

r- ja'zzi, .«./. a vrry Idh- story. 

H li mi'no, aJj. brlonffing to a whale. 

li 1 ■'.-rio, s.m. a balesse nibv. 

Balau'a:id, s.f. tUc flower of the pomegra* 

Bnlau-jfrri'ia, s. f. balnitrade^ rails. 
Bola»'»tro, .».»», a rail, a bannister. 
Bilhtifi'ntc, aJJ. stuttering. 
Balbtttii'iv, t».... ) lo itdforoer, stutter. 
Bilbttlcn're, t».; lisp. ' 

Balbo, nJj. tongue- lied, stammering. 
BalbiUi'rc, V. lo >t;immer. 
B Umj'xip, s./. Xainmering, sttittcrinp. 
Uill)U2.r«'re, v. ♦ .^ . 
Bi'lmx/i'rc, v.\ tO-"n>»nc«* stutlcr. « 
Balco'ne, / m. balcony. 
Baldacriii'nn, t.m. canony; a<petare Col 

b.-ildarriiino, lo lo k for Iwrri.ige. 
B.ildamc'ntf, aiv. boldly. 
Bill I I'naa, s. f, prrfum<)tion, courage. 
Bildanarg^fia're, v, tu live merrily, make 

BiHanzo«mf'nte, aiv. baldly, valiantly. 
A il l;tn^' ('• ito, ali. bold, somewhat bold. 
15 1! lanai/so, alj. \Xn\x\, valiant. 
B 'I I 'i(z.i, $. f. bol'liiess, audacity. 
Bildo, «(/. daring, couragc^'US. 
Balrt«/re, f.m. bol Iness. Oh'. 
Baliu'ria,/.m.Harof, bonfire; farba'dorta, 

to r:ot, fea»t. 
BaldrAca, t.f. wbore, drab. 
Bale'na, s.f. a while; baltna a S^cco. a 

B:.lenam'''iito, s.m. Ilghtnipg. 
•aleni'nt", If/,', shining, bri ht. 
Balena're, u to lighten, to slairger : s*nd 

»al' iM>. s.m. liRbiening: in un bateno. In 

Aumttaiit; arco bAltiio, the rambo*. 


Bale'stra, $. f. crosn-bow ; cirlear la ba* 

lestra, to rill one's belly. 
Bileatra'io, s.m. a m;iker of bow«. 
BalestraVe, V. to shoot, dart, hurl; to vex, 

Balestra'ta, t. /. a bow-.shot. 
Balestreri'a, s, f. a troop of cross-bow men. 
Balcstrie'ra, s.f. a loop-hole In a w»n. 
Bales' rie're, s.m. a bow-man, a ahooier. 
Bale's! ro,j.ffi. a cross-bow, itone-bow ; an- 

dare su balestri, to havr spindlc^hanki. 
Bales! n/ne, t.m. a large C'ios»>bow. 
Balesiru'ccio, s.m. a bird to calkd. 
Ba'Iia, s. f. nurse. 
Bali'a, s.f. power, authority; tener la 

balra. to keep one in awe ; darti in balia« 

to ad.1 cl one's self. 
Rilia'rcia, s.f. a fat, clumsy aarae. 
B ilia'i;t!io, s.m. bailiw i' k. 
Balialiro, s.m. the nurs<-'9 pay. 
Balia'to, s. m. tiie space of time that any 

authority lavts. 
B:i'lio, s.m. a foster>fathcr, a nurse's bus* 

Bali'o, s.m. a president niler. 
Bali )'^o, aJJ. stronp, lusty, rol>ast. 
Ball 're, v. to bring up, to govern. 
Bah'sta, s.f. a warlike engine to cast 

Balla, s. f. a bale of goods ; far le balle, to 

pack away. 
Balla're, v. to dance, to shake ; I denii mi 

bal'ano, my tieili are loose; ballars'i"* 

corda, to dance on a rope ; ballare m 

cainpo aaurro, to be hinced. 
Balla'ta, s.f. a dancr. a ballad; gual b/- 

lata, tal sonata, to give Itkc for tike; I 

Riiiiar la ballata, to command. I 

Bill.ite'tCa, s.f.\ ^ . _, . 
Billall'na,/./. I «»'•«" «*"<^«- 
Hi!latu^o,/.ffl. a terrace, gallery. 
Bailalc/re, s.m. \ , ^.„^„^ 
BHllatr.'ce, <./. r■*'*"^^'^• 
B.•:lerl'a, J./, muchdancing. 

flallcri'ne;/.«.l *<•»"«"• 

Balleri'no, s. m. a dancing«master ; (ht 

bloom of a plumb. 
Billt^lta, *. /. a little bale. 
Balle'Uo, s.m. n ballet, a dancer. 
Ballo, A.m. dance, ball. 
Ballo'nciiio, s.m. counirv dance. 
Billo'ne, J.m. a large bale. 
Ballonaa'ie, t>. } to dance clownishly, t# 
BallonzoIn're.Tf. ( leap, jump. 
R^tllottii'rc, II. to ballot. 
A.illottaaio'ne, s.f. balottlng. 
B .lo'rcii, aUv. alia balocca, rat'.ly» heed* 

Ralocca vglne, s.f. } mistake, blunder,tri* 
B.I lore ainr'nlo,i.m. f jiei, nuoscmc. 
Baiocca're, V. loamaac* 


3U 'ceo, um. m booby, simpletoo. 

1 .Hc 'oe, aJv. giddy. 

• j':".', 3. •. boiled cimnuts. 
I', J./.7 .. .... _t 

iilorderi'a, j./....|""P'<J'«y- "T* 

kjio'rio, ajj. fooiish, dall, silly. 

i Isa'mico. ajj. balsamic. 

(<> simi'Do, s.m. balm-tree. 


uVl-imo, J.TO. I ''■-'"• 

B» .lei, j.m.^belt. 

li . u'rJo, i.m, a balirark. 

Bj'uij'nie, aij. dim-sigiued. 

Bazi, J./, a rock, hill, cliff, downfaU, 

t'lijr, bordt^T. 
B; nna, i. ". lace, fringe. 
B.' /j'no, rtj;. giddy-tvadel j certel bal- 

:'T». .1 scrdnge capricioas humour. 
J* -j'litf, i/.^'. bo'incing, leaping. 
I '- ' i< , T'. io ciwnb, bound, skip. 

- J; J re, s.m. a jumper. 


U'r*-, T'. to skip, to burden. 



1^ / Vni, aMi. .risking, merrily. 

^ it'ihi, s.m. additional burden. 

i*j'/o, j.m. rock, bill, cliff: rebound of a 

|» ■ni-?c'llo, *.m, SpaoiAh paint. 
^ - ')u j?ia, i.y.cot.on; casti)|iarco] baston 
. (^ 'Ij bambacia, to chide mildly ; allevar 
" lla bimbasia, to bring up delicately. 
'■'Jilisjt'no, s.m. callico. 
• .'nbu'/iii, s.m. cotton. 
' mbd?io'»o, alj. Soft, like cotton. 
..inhi'm, s./. a little girl. 
' '• b ivi'^gioe, J./, cbild.sbnen, childish 

B <■ •i.c'IId, s.m. a little child. 

' •■' ner/a, .«. /. childishness. 

P unb n •'•jro, ai;. childish. 

'• "I 'i.'nj, i.m. a little iioj'. 

I ■nrK\ .1^/. silly ; o bamlx), you fool ! 

' '■ K^ceri'a, j./. childishness. 

'' ";'i o'ccio, i.m. a simpleton. 

" . lo'a, J,/, a puppet, a doll; the plate 

<'l a l.>oking glass. 
' '^■'■</i X^.a're, t<. lo do childish thiags/<f • 
^ '1 fj'i'no, s.m. an infant, babe.' 
''■'iil.oliia', J./, childishness. 
" 'nbol >, s.m. an infant, babe. 
I'. i.Solo'ne, s.Tn. a large child. 
^ 'a, J./, an oflice where soldiers are 

r lid: pasMr la banca, to muster. 
'■•■ca'riu, s.m. a bank-bill. 
" nihefta'rc, v, to aire a feast. 
> "ici.e'tto, jt.iK. a feast; a little snit. 

l'vi:;;:^'/^-[« banker. 

' •"o, j. m. a beach, a shop counter ; 
nt I ,>r banco, to be a banker ; banco in 
U' > rhiesa, a pew; banco di rena, sandy 

fi 1 1,4./. sidc» band, fiUcti bend (in 

bcraldnO gang, band, oomiMiiy t ilalTii 
aKra banda, on tite other side ; dalla 
mia banda, on my <tide; patsar da banda 
a banda, to run through and through. 

Banda, adv. sideways ; andare alia banda« 
to lean sideways, to go to ru:n ; roecter 
da banda, to put aside, to reserve. 

Bandcffgia're, v. to banish. 

Bande'lla, s. /. tbe iron work of a cf oor or 

Bandera'jo, s.m. stands rd>bearer, or m«» 
ker. oAf. 

Ban'lerc'se, s.m. an require. Obs. 

Banderu'ula, *. /. a wcalher-cock. 

Bandie'ra, J. /. a standard, banner ; a pros- 
tiiute : a banJirra, by chsnce ; far ban- 
diera, to ou.runj far la bandiera, to 

Bandine'Ua, j./. a curtain, a towel. 

Randi're, v. to proclaim, publ.slij tell ; 

Bandi'ta, i./. a proclamation, a privileged 

Band/io, a^/'. piibl)<ilicd, banished ; tencr 
corte binrlila, to Iccep open hous'*, 

Band/io, .«.m, an cxilf, outlaw, bandit. 

B'toditj're, s.m, a coirmon cryer. 

Bandb, j. m. ban, pioclamatiun ; banish- 
ment; mandir banlo, tj proclaim; 
bando di testa, a reward for taking a 
criminal; dar il hando, to banish ; trar 
di bandi), to reel from banishment; 
posto ill bando, forsaken. 

Bandolie'ra, s.f. a bandoleer. 

Ba'ndolo, i.m. the head of a ikein ; ritnn 
var il bandolo, to find the way. 

Bara, s./. a bier, cofiin, liller. 

Baraba'ifa, j /. a (ray, allerr ation. 

Bartica'nc, j.»i. a kind of v-iotli. 

iUra'cca, s.f. a barrack, a lent. 

Baracca're,f>. to pitch tents.raiie barrackl. 

Baracchie're, s.m. a sutler. 

Baracu'zza, j./. a hut. 

Bara're, t». to-clieat, over-reach. 

Ba'ratro, s.m. dungeon, abvss, hell. 

Bara'lta, s./. strilV, quarrel, dispute. 

Barajtame'nto, s.m. exchani.e, truck. 

fiaratta're, v. to, exchange ; to put 
to rout ; lo cheat : barailaic una mcr- 
canzia, to run goods. 

narattatu're, s.m. a trucker, cheat. 

Biraltazicyne, i./. barter, exchange. 

flar.ittcii'a, /./. deceit, trick. 

Baiattie'rc, s.m. I d.-.i-.. , ,,„, 

Barattie'ro, i.m.) «<^e»^«r, cheat. 

Bar .'(to, s.m. truck, exchan;{c, deceit, 

Bani'liola, .'-/. n water-fowl, so called. 

Bara'ltolo, s.m. a pot for me'licines. 

BiJba, if. beard; root, irinciplei far la 
barba di sloppa, to piny a truk i fa 
bvba, lo shave j «»* barba, in v»t« 


Bir1«ca'n«, J,m. outward ««U» barblcAii. 

Baiiijiccui, t./. a slisiggv beardjong beard. 
Barba'gia, t./. a hroiliel. 0*rf. 
Birbaaia'iini, s.m. an owl, a simpleton. 
Barba'alio, J.m, a dimness of si^ht.aflax- 

Barbapra'zia, s. /. a pariicular kindness 

(a hi'licriiui word.) 
D)rl)«lacchio, ».m. a fool. 
Barba'iio, J.m. unci.-. Ohs. 
Rjrbarame'nte, aJv. barbaroualr. 
Birba're, v. to rujt, lake r^ot ; barbarU 

ad uno, to play one alrick. 
Birbarejfjia'rf, i». to mako barbiirsmi. 
lUrbarcscaoif'ntf, ijJt. birbariiusly. 
Birbare'sco, aJj. of B.trbar/. 
Birb<i'rico, a{/. flivaKC, ci'uei. 
Barba'rie, j. /. crueltv, inliumanitr. 
Barbari'smo, s.m. birbarism, Silecism. 
BiKbaro, atj. barbaro'j^, crus-J. 
B irbaro'sia, s. /. a kind ofprapp. 
B4rbasso'ro, s.m. a great man (Ironicalljr.) 
Birba'ta, s.f. roots. 
Barbate'na, *./. slip of a tree. 
Birha'to,<i ('.bearded, full of beard, rooted. 
Barbazza'Jc, j /. a curb. 
Barbtre'tfco, s.m. a Bar')a-*y liorsc; he 

wlio takes care of the barWs. 
Burb.'pe'ico, alj. of Barb^rj'. 
Birberi'a, /./. a barber's shop. 
Barberi're, i<. to reel, siagKer. 
Ba'rbero, s.m. a Btrbary horse, barb. 
Birbe'tn, s.f. a litilc bfard. 
Bir'.»icame'n»o, s.m. tbc ^ct of taking root. 
Birt)ica're, t». to tike --oit. 
Barbic^'fo, adj, rojted. 

S;rl;K*;i:{: I "'"""- "'■'""•• 

Mnbie'ra, s.f. a barber's wile. 
Bar'iic're, i.m. n barber. 
UnrbJcrl'a, s. f. a barber's shop. 
Ba'rbi.i, s.m. a barl)el. 
Barbo'jjio, aJj. oil and silly. 
Barboli'na, *./. a smull beard, or fibre, 
Birba'ne, s.m. a lonj beard, an old do- 

tanl, a<hi(i)iiy dog. 
Barl)»)'tta, /./. a ship like a yaclit. 
Birbo'^/a. t. f. ilu' II n Icnip of a Iioi^e. 
Birbu'cci*. s. f. a 11 ii<. rojt. 
Mirb'igi'no, •>■./. ha/ii'.-' i-'tle beard. 
B irb'i'iiam/n u, s.r:.'iCd speech. 
birb.i 'ha're, x>. tjs .inituiT. 
Biibu'ti, s.m. a lu-lm.t. 
Ba bu'tn, aJi, bi-ar U I, raoteJ ; veccblo 

birhuto, uii old lot i d. 
Barbu'saa, /. t- a sru dl beard. 
BiiT.i, s. f. a barg.', b»»it. 
Kiiri'rcii, f.f. an oil bifge, boat. 
B«ri- ijii »'| ), s m, ■» 

I'.'irr iVo'l >, .♦ tn. >'« bargeman, '.raicrman. 
li*i\-ari I'hi, ».«». T 
Barca'U, t.j, a bJig>^ Iw^d. 


bark. I.itti 

Barchett.'na.i./. J"^"*" 

Bjrchett/no, *.m. J ''""•^• 

fiarco, s.m. a park. 

Barrollann-'nto, t.m. nodding, fortrrin:. 

BarcolLi'iitf , a^J. n >d ling, wavering, tv'^r* 

I'ul. dubio'irf, timorous. 
Barcolla're, v. to ware, reel, staf ger. 
fiircollo'ni>,(i-iT;. rcclingly i aadar barcol* 

lone, t'> riTl. 
Rjrco'nc, s.m. a Miip. 
B.ird.), s. /. a Hurt of saddle. 
Bii.l.isKi, s.m. a cafamite. 
BardA'to. aJj. caparisoned. 
Barddtu'ra, s.f. trappings for a horae. 
Bardi-'ila, s.f. a pack satfdte. 

SuTKi'e;;-^: }'"»"-'' >'"''-"-'••■'■ 

B ir 2.)'-'>o, (a) lUxi. without a saddle. 
Birdo'tio, s.m. awa,;K.mer's hor^ie: pjf* 

s«r per bardutto, tu be scot free. 
Bare'iia, i. /. n hand-barrow; kali, salt* 

won ; a barella, abundantly. 
Bjn-ila're, v, tocarry in a barrow. 
BarvHeni're, r. to bargain, cavil, wrio* 

glc i star in bargagno, not to abate. 
Bai-ftclli'no, i.ffl. an anllent piece of mo* 

nare;(>M1n,.« m. a sheriff; darnel bargellj, 

to meet wiib a bad accident, 
n ti-i/i'di, s.m. pl.ltUe gillsuDder a cockt 
BariM^'Ii./ne, j.«».| neck. 
Bu-.i.'liu'to, aij. having gills. 
n.\ri«liu'ne, s.m. a cask, powderin|;-tub. 
Btri'le, a pipe, a hoqfbcad, barrel; an 

a:itivnt pi<-cc o:° muiiey, bariicdaruou, 

lla* <do:k of a wheel. 
Bu'ilf'tta, s.f. 

'a little cask, or llaggon. 

Biril'.-'tta, ».m. \i 
B'lrilo'lti), .f.wj. J 

B iriiu'no, s.m, a musical term. 

Birlcitn'io, .t.ffl. a cooper. 

Birlc'tio, i.m. a botd-fast. 

B^rhu'ne, J.ffi. t 

Bvi'lo'tt.i, i.f.. /a little barrel, llaggon. 

Ba lytto, i.m.. > 

Birlii'me, i.m. dusk, a hint ; notion : Is 
vidi sulamcnte albarlume, I ha-lon'> a^ 
glinipj.> of her; ne ht> ua barium.:, I 
know some'.Uing of it. 

Bam, i.m. knave, rlu*at. 

Bsiro'cciu, s.m. a cart. 


nnro'inelru, s.m. b3n>meter. 
i: iio'ii I, .«. /. a bar »n«*s8. • 
ij "r>ii ''Ci I.I, s.m, r iviuc, raK'al. 
H r >!i I ('giu, >.r/t. Iiar<jny. 
Hi:' xm'iv, v. to b< r , to vpunge. 
K iroiia't I, >.j. lugtiery. 
K.ii-jM c'llo, I.m. vdgibonJ, rambler; a 
lUkiv b.4roa. 


rn'ncro.i.m, in idle, slorenljr boy. 
>r nv,j.m. a baron, a ragabooJ ; b.v 
. <-^o di rampo Gore, a pickpocket ; 
\> i\>n< di Francia, one that has the tc- 
' . fat disease. 
t. . ifS'!<i, J./. bar>nesa. 

r ■.ic'ito, s.m. A baronet, knight. 

i.»ncVj|e, ij.f. knifihily, hciioic. 
.'soncvolaic'iite, adv. kttigiiily, gallant- 

■ • >ni'a, /./, btronv. 
■• •■ Mii'a, /./. the !>'troM. 
'. <i I- 1, .<./. bar, 'iMrrira-ia. 
i i r '.r. V. to bar ; barrare la strada, to 

'■I '.' Mitway. 
J ' : r I'to, ai/.'jnclo!ii;d, be"!Ct. 
I . r. r:'j, j.f, a ch»-ating in gamin?, 
i 'Cd'^a, i. /. b;:rricado, intrench- 

•' nt. 
5 • ■ Va, bar, partition, barriers, (a sort 

'J. Ciiilflrrn'-. pliv). 
{•> 1 1 o, i.m. a sharper, clicat at cards or 


J ' • J ■■■i'r.\ I', to retait, bay and sHl afain. 

' -r ■' ! i,i.M. a rewiler, a fore^talter. 

' • .. IL'ita, s.f. •* jest, a banter. 

' '. 1./. b.i«e, bv>tloni, ground. 

t .'i''"'o i.m. a bdjilisk. 

: ^ I mc'n:o, s.m. the base of a pillar. 

> V 1 j\ i.m. a basha » . 

' • ta're, t*. to kiss. 

* ■, s. /. base, basis. 

- -■'», jf.m. d'lncc, blockhead. 

■> •'!:»', J./. Mhi!>kei'9. 

>! • a.i'no, .'.m. one who has long and 

" * » !i inkers. 
tt^ ' icd, J. /, cath^ilral, cbarch, royal 

''■'T'ion, a court ot'justicc. 
B ^>.' o, Mn. iweet basil. 

' ■ 1' "CO, j.m... ) 

'* I'lii/nlo, i.m. 'faiiitin»:. 

^» • rncntu'crio, s.m. a swoon. 

I' ' '•*:■, to be at the point of death, to be 
I.I t^any. 

B" 'tt'j, ffi/. evp'r.'d, dpH'J. 

I' > J, aJj. UipiJ, dull. 

^•' i, S.m. a b4sh4*. 

'i ain.-'nti-, >iiv. bi-jcly, meanly. 

1-' M'li '(ji.), /.m. / Jill, diminu'ion, a- 

i a'liz I, i. /"..,.. j basement, misery. 

C" I'ri', I) brine down, to lower; bas- 
* r ii oct ii(, t » look downwards; bat- 
Mr U te-<t<'.. to «t.K»p. 

^- • 'lo, part. do«n, lei down. 

i v\u, s. J. the game oi' basset; skin 
"f a 'arab newly yeane:l. 

B .iii're, w. to kill. 0'>t. 

I.' -''tto, .'.nt. counter- tenor. 

M ■ •• 'do, aJj, lumewhat loWt 


Basie'zaa, f./. -mean n •.*$«, lowliness ; h/n 
una bassezx <, to debjsi' one's !»clf. 

n.tssi'lica, i. /. the basiiic vein. 

Sas^i lico, i.m. sweet basil. 

Ba'«so, di/. lo.v, sballoiv, base, j 
marea*bd»sa, lo* water; picfi ba^sii, 
the low countries ; la cento Sassa, tiie 
common people, the vulgar; il sole e 
(;ia bai^o, the sun is going to set ; <li 
b.i'*>..« niscila, of a mean extract on j 
U'jm > di bay-io ingegno, a low wilted 
nun; basso diTCorso, a tUt di'cojrs'; 
pinno basso, narrow cloth ; il ba-so d' 
unj moiiiHgna, the foot of a hill ; 1' ora 
e' bassi. 'tis late. 

Piiso. adv. doun, downward, low. 

Bh^o, !.m. bass in muiir. 

Basso'tti, m. pt. a me-is of maccaroni. 

Basso tt J, nij. iktojl and short, strong* 

Bassu'ra,!./. meanness. 

Bantt, aijK enough. 

Basta, s.f. a long stitch. 

Buta'biie, adj. lasting. 

Basta'glo, s.m. a porter. 

BastVlo. s.m. a sadler. 

Bastali/na, (a) aJv. with all one's mtsht. 

Bista'nte, adj. sutlicicnt, able. 

:<ast intimo'nce, itJv. sjiliicif ntlv. 

Basia'nz.i, j. /.duration, suQici.ncy; » 
baslanxa, emiufih. 

Bnsta'rda, i./. a kind of !tma1I sjlley. 

BastarrU'rcio, J.m. a mean ba^l^rd. 

Bastarda'«'?ine, i. /. basjarJv. 

Baittarde'ilo, s.m. a mean baUard. 

Bastard. Mu, j./. a copper pan. 

Bistai-di'jjia, s.f, bnstar'Iy. 

Basta'rdo, d^'.iUegitiniatc; erbebastardc, 

Bastar:lo'oc, s.m. villainous bastard. 

Baslardu'me, s.m. baitardy, a breed of 
bastardi; suckers or shoots, that are 

BasLi're, t>. to be sufficient ; to last : ba<;ta 

• b n iJnto, you said enough ; quel poco 
die ho mi basta, 1 am cantent:d with 
that Utile 1 have. ^ 

B-.Ue'rn.i, s.f. a kin 1 of cart. ^ jy^T^ ^< 

Ba^e'voic, iilj. suliicifiit. 

B:is(e»rolme'nlP, alw euoM.'ii, well enough. 

Basti'a, f./. a ranijV<rt, trench, fence. 

B.istic'rc, j.f/i. a aUler. 

Bastimc'nto, a ship, vessel. 

Buliona're, v. to lo-.tify with baiilions. 

Bi<!i lUd'to, ;'.:r/. fortificd- 

Rdstio'ni', s.m. >i<i:ion, bulwark. 

Basti'ta, .«. /. lorlrcss; rampart with pal- 
lisadoc:} . 

Ba'sio, s.frt. a pack saddle ; the ace of 
C ubs : da e da <»rU.i, fit for uny 
thins ; non son uomo da pjrurb.»sia, 
lam not a man to bear anaatoni, . . 



BirlMica'ne, i.m. outward «aU» barbican. 
BarbaccU, /./. a sluggy beard,long beard. 
Barba'gia, s.f, a brothel. Obj. 
BirbAfft'a'nni, s.m. an owl» a simplclon. 
Barbriilio, 4.m, a diinntms of light, adaz* 

Barbatzra'zio, i. /. a particular kindness 

(a lu'licrotH wont.) 
Bjrb^Iacchio, s.m. a fool. 
BArba'iio, s.m. unci/, obs. 
Rarbarame'nte» aJv. barbaraualy. 
Barba're, v. to roit, lake root ; barbaria 

ad uno, (0 play one a- trick. 
Barbarejfjia'rc. %>. to maki* barbarams. 
Harbarcscame'nte, aJT. b:irbirx>\iily, 
Birbare'sco, aJj. of B.irbar/. 
Barbd'rico, ay. sivaffc, cruel. 
Barba'rie, s.f. cruehv, inhumanity. 
Barbari'sma, s.m. b:irbrirism, sjlecisni. 
Bir'baro, d(/. barbarous, cruel. 
B irbaro'ssa, s. /. a kind of Rrape. 
Barbasso'ro, s.m. a great man (ironically.) 
Birba'ta, s.f. roots. 
Burbate'ria, s.f. slip of a tree. 
B;irha'to,<ii;.bparded,fullof beard, rooted. 
Barbaz«a')c, s f. a. curb. 
Barbifc'sco, s.m. a Barba-y horse; he 

who takes care of the barbs. 
Barb.-re'ico, aij. of Barbery. 
Bsrbcri'a, /./. a barber's shop. 
Barberi're, ti. to reel, staBuer. 
Ba'rbero, s.m. a B^rbary horse, barb. 
B^rbe'tt^, s.f. a litilc bir^rd. 
BirWicame'n'.o, i.f». the ^ct of taking root. 
BHriiicare, v. to take 'OJt. 
Barbicg'to, adj. rooted. 

BJihie'ra, s.f. a barber's wife. 

Barhip're, s.m, a bArl>er. 

iWrWeri'tt, .♦./. a barber's cliop. 

Ba'rbi.), s.m. a barbel. 

Barbo'gio, aJj. oil an'l silly. 

Barboji'na, s.f. a small beord, or fibre. 

Birbo'ne, s.m. a long beard, an old do- 
tard, a^biRpy dog. 

Barbo'tta, i.f. a «bip like a yacht. 

h%rbo'zzs\, s.f. Uw un.lerlip of a horse. 

Birbu'ccit, s. f. a li lit. ro.>t. 

Birb'ini'iu), 'I'J. haviiw little beard. 

B irb'.i?linme'n o, s.m. ct^rifuicd speecli. 

Birb.ii'Jia're, v. tj s .luinicr. 

Birbu'ti, s.m. ahfltn.t. 

Bi bii'to, ail. bear.liJ, r'joted ; vccchio 
birbuto, an old dotud, 

Bjr'.^u'cza, s.f. a sni ill beard. 

BirrA, s. f. a bargi", l»oit. 

BuciVci I, .«. /. !in old bnrge, boat. 

BiiT.'ijii I'l J, s.m. 'i 

rTn'ro'l '. ,t m. ^a baigenian,'.r3K'rman. 

l'.*i\-ar'r»'ii>, .».//». ' 

B4rc«'lJ, i. J, A bai gv 


Barche'ttA, uf, i 

Barchett/na, s. f. > 
Barchetd'no, ^m. J 


baric. litt'V 

Barco, s.m. a park. 

Barcollamc'nlo, s.m. nodding, fottcrins. 

Barcolla'nLc, aJ^. n idling, wavering, fear- 
ful . dubio'U, timorous. 

Barcolla're, v. to ware, reel, stag ger. 

Bjrcollo'nc,(>iT'. rcelinglyj andar barcol* 
lone, to rtvl. 

n.irco'nc, s.m. a ^hip. 

B.irda, s. f. a .sort of saddle. 

Bird.tssn, s.m. a canmite. 

narda'io, nij. caparisoned. 

Bardatu'ra, s.f. trappings for a horse. 

Rarde'ila, s.f. a pack saddle. 

Birdo'-iso, (fl) aix'. without a saddle. 

Bardo'tlo, s.m. a wft;,'g^>ner's iior:ie ; pat- 
sir iHT bardotto, to be scot free. 

Bare'ila, J. /. a hanl-barrow; kali, salt- 
wort ; a barella, abundantly. 

Bart-ila're, v, to carry in a barrow. 

BartiHitna're, v. to bargain, cavil, wrtn* 
gle; star in bargagno, not to ab»te. 

Barticlli'no, j.m. an anllent piece of mo- 
ney . 

Bai'tjp'llo, .< m. a sherifT ; dar net bargelb, 
ta meet wiib a bad accident. 

nu'vi'^li, s.m. fl.\ lite gillauDdera cock'i 

BarclB'lio'nc, J.m.J neck. 

Biivt^liu'io, Ai.;. having gills. 

nanuiiu'ne, s.m. a cask, po'-vdering-tiib. 

Biri'ii', a pipe, a hogshead, barrel; an 
anticnt piece of money, bariicdaruou, 
the stock of a wheel. 

BiriU-'tta, J./."i 

B iri'.c'tto, s.m. \ a little cnilc, or Raggon. 

Dirilo'tto, .'.«. ) 

Bariio'no, s.m. a musical term. 

B (rlctta'io, s.m. a cooper. 

B irle'tio, s.m. a hoid-last. 

Barlio'ne, s.m. i 

Bailo'tta, /./.. > a little barrel, Aaggon. 

Ba lytto, J.fn.. I 

Birlii'me; dusk, a bint; notion: la 
vidi solamcnte al barlume, i ha-ion'.> s)| 

{linipi(c of her; ne ho ua barium;:,! 
now something of it. 
Bam, s.m. knave, cheat. 
Baru'ccio, s,m. a cart. 
Barn'cco, s.m,.., \ .i.__»i__ .^„«-i„_ 
Haru'ccoio, s.m. \ '''"pIng. spunging. 

nnro'inetro, s.m. barometer. 
Ciro'ii I, .♦. /. a bar.tncss. • 
iiir.)n.«'cri.), s.m. r>Kue, rascal. 
H r ma'i'gio, i.m. barany. 
ll-<:- ina'iv, v. to b(c. to spunge. 
iiirona'ti, s.j. roguery. 
iv.iron c'llo, <.w. vagabunJ, rambler; a 
liiLlc b.tron. 


:rn'ncio,i.iR. In idle, slor^liljr bor. 
>r w,s.m. a baroa, a ragabonJ ; b.i- 
■ •-:<.• di campo Sure, a pickpocket ; 
I' ':vne di Vrancia, one liiat has the vc- 
r. . cal disease. 

• •■ . If 'v«j, J. /, bareness. 

"• • Jc'Mo, j.m. a baronet, knight. 

• • irjc'vjlc. /;.♦'. knightly, hvi-oic. 
'■Ti.r.evolnicr'ute, a*v. knigiitly, gallant- 

'•1 'Tii'i, J./, bironv. 

5 '■ Hu'a, S.J', the i>ironi. 

^ 111. .■•/. bir, hirricaJo. 

J r '. '\ XK to bar ; barrare la strada, to 

•• • ' ; he way. 
* ' : r i'to, <ii/.' I nciosed, be«ct. 

• '■ Tv ri'a, /./. a cheating In i;.iinin?. 

3 ". cj\a, /. /. bstrricado, intrench- 

• Tt. 
' ' Vi, bar, partition, barriers, (a sort 

'I C:iiiriren'« pli.»). 
i'«'r.), J, IB, « sharper, cheat at cards or 


JT.rol/.iJ'^ray. dispute. 

' .'■I'r-. f. to retail, buy and sell again. 

''f •' ! i.i.fli. a retailer, a fore^talier. 

*• ..iL\ta, J./, a jc><<t, a banter. 

'■ '.»./. b.i'e, b.Klom, ground. 

' ■i'<'">i, s.m. a basilisk. 

' >"'c'n:o, s.m. the base of a pillar. 

> via*, a basha a . 

lA're, t». to kiss. 
» •, J./, bjse, basis. 
'■■' 1, i.ffi. d<»ncc, blockhead. 

* •It'", i.f. whibkcrs. 

^' ■'( I'nc, f.m. one who has long and 

'' ■ »!iiikeri. 
is 'xj, J, /, ca;h«lral, church, royal 

■"■•niion, a court nfjusticc. 
'' ■•' .'o, j.m. Iweet basil. 

' ■! SCO, s.m... ) 

'* ' ''•'''ntu, i.m. Taintini;. 

^ iivntu'C( io, i.fli. a swoon. 

' ■ '•'-, lu be at the point of death, to be 

'■' 'Sony. 
•*" 'ti'j, <rif. evp'r.'d, de-ad. 
'■ ) J, aij. nipil, dull. 
"• ', f.m. a biRh^M. 
'• a'n.-'nti-, >iiv. biicly, meanly. 
^ 'I'M 'ill), J.m. r la», ditinnu'.ion, a- 

4'i!;?i, J. /'.,,.. j basement, misery*. 
'•' .'Pf, t* hrina down, to lower; bas- 

'•r liocciii, 1 1 look downwards-, ba>> 

'«! 'a iC'-tr, to st.KJp. 
f- • 'to, ^«ir/. down, let down. 

> v'it4, j. /. the game oi basset; skin 
' '' % 'amb newly vcane:!. 

« . iM're, TJ. to kill. O^;. 
!• ' •■«ii, .«,«i, countrr-lenor. 
" "-'Uu, o^. lomewbat low* 

6 AS 

Basse'cx.4, i./. nieann'.>ss, lowliness; f«rc 
una bassczz -, to debase one's self. 

Bi&si'lica, j. /. the bastiic vein. 

Bassi lico, s.m. sweet basil. 

Ba'sso, oAj. lo.v, i>haUo«v, base, mean; 
marea%a^sa, lo* water ; pic<fi bas:<i, 
the low cikur.trici ; la gente ha«a, llic 
coininuci people, the vulgar ; il »oli: e 
gia baiio, llie sun is goin^ to strt ; <li 
h\<.,\ niscita, of a mean extract on; 
U'Jin ) d< b.'isio ingegno, a low wittcd 
mill; basso din^orso, a (iat di'.courn-; 
P'lnno bjsso, narrow cluth ; il ba-so d' 
un J monti-.sna, the foot ot' a hill ; 1' oj'a 
e' bassi, '(is late. 

Bisio. adv. down, downward, low. 

B-H»o, s.m. bass in music. 

Basso'tti, m. pi. a me%s of maccaroni. 

Bdssottj, alj. btout and sliort, strong* 

Bassu'ra, *./. meanness. 

Basta, aix*. enough. 

Basia, s.f. a long stitch. 

Btsta'bile, adj. lasting. 

Basta'i^io, s.m. a porter. 

Bast^'Io, s.m. a sadler. 

Bastale'na, (a) adxt. with all one's mijht. 

Bista'nie, adj. sutlicicnt, able. 

:iasiintim<;'nte, nlv. stifiicientlv. 

Bajta'nai, s. /. dnration, suOici ncy ; s 
basianxa, enoij<;h. 

Bnsta'rda, s.f. a kind of ^mall ailley. 

BdStirrlH'ccio, s.m. a menn bastard. 

Bastarda'K^ine, s. f. bastardy. 

Bastardello, s.m. a mean bakard. 

Bastard Ma, s.f. a copper pan. 

Bivtaidi'gia, s.f. histai-'iy. 

Basta'rdo, ui/. illegitimate; erbe bastarde, 

Bastarrlo'ne, s.m. viMainous bastard. 

Bislardii'me, s.m. baitardy, a breed of 
basiardi; suckers or shoots, that are 

BastaVe, ti. to be suflicient; to last: basta 

" b n Unto, you said enough; quel poco 
cirj ho mi ba$ti, 1 am cantent.-d with 
thHt litlle I have. ^ 

Bs'ite'rna, s.f. a kin! of rart. ^ Jj^T^ *• < 

Ba^e'vole, n.lj. suJiicirut. 

B3ste«rolme'nlf , nlxu enou.Mi, well enough. 

Basti's, f.f. a raoiiurt, ircncli, fence. 

B.i^tif'rc, j.frt. a ailkT. 

Basiimv'nlo, a ship, vosel, 

BanionaVc, v. to loi lil> with bastions. 

Qi-!lijn<»'lo, /'.ir/. lortififd. 

Bastio'nf, .«.»«. I^istion, bulwark. 

Ba^ti'la, .«. f. lorlress; rampart with pal- 

Ba'slo, ».frt. a pack saddle; the ace of 
C (lbs : da e da sHla, fit for ar" 
thin? ; non son uomo da pariarba-ii 
1 am' not « «n*n to bcav an ittlron 


•nemre It baito adosso ad ano, to press, 

ufKC o«e. 
'Bastonu'ccio, s.m. a cinb atlck. 
Ba>lona'rc, f. to cudgel, lo reprove ; bas- 

lonire i pesci, to row ; mandar a bas- 

tonar i pesci, to send to the gailies. 
'Bastona'ta, s.f. a blow with a slick ; dar 

dells basionate, to cudsch bastonate 

da cicchi, bard blow.*. 
BastonatuVa, j.f. blous with a club. 

;:ScS; ;:!•}« «"»"•""'>"'""• 

Basto'inf, s.m. staff, support, prop ; baston 
di cutnmandu, (he- staff of command ; 
rasscgnar il ba&tonc, lo resign the com- 
mand; giuocar (il basione, to beat. 

Bastu'ni, s.m. /»/. clubs lat card-.) 

Bastione're, a mace*bearer. 

Bastraco'ne, a lusty roan. 

B ita'cchia, s.f. a blow with a slick. 

Batacchia'ie, v. lobeat, knock down. 

Batdcchia'la, s.f. a blow- with a cudgel. 

Dat.i'ccliio, s.m. tlie cudgel. 

Ba'talo, s.m. llie lappel of a doctor's hood. 

Ba assa're, x: to sbnkc. Obs. 
Batistc'ro, the baptismal font. 
Buto'cchio, s.m. a blind man's slick ; a 

Ba'tolo, s.f. the ground-work. 
Bato'sta, s.f. noise, bustle, tumult. 
Batosia'i e, v. to contend, lo quarrd. 
Battadurc, s.m. a thrfshcr. 
Batta'glia, s.f. a battle, ftgbl; squadron, 

battalion J metterein battagiia, to draw 

up in order of battle ; battaglia na*ale, 

a sea fijiUt. 
Battaf Hare, v. to fight, to skirmish. 
Baltaclia'lo, part, fouglit. 
BattngUato're, s.m. } combatant, soldier. 
Battaglie're, s.m.... ) 
Battagliere»co, oJJ. warlike, valiant. 

Battaplii-'ro. *"t/-.'"\ martial, warlike, rca- 
Baltaf-liero'dO, (tdj. V j ^^ ^ m. 
BattflgHe'S(u,iii^... / ' 
B.«ttaglie'tla, s.j. SkirmHih. 
Batlai'iic vule, njj- nariial, warlike. 
BaltiKlievoime'iile, aJw. in a warlike man. 

n( r. 
Bilta'i/lio. s.m. the clrpper of a bell. 
B.itlaiiliu'iif, s.m, a batlalion. 

2;!Si;;sv, ■!:/:;•'•'«'" *"■""■'■■ 

Biitle'nle, aJj. beatin?, pn'-.'inp. 

Batte'nte, s,m. \Ik5 rabbet ol a door, win- 

Ba'ltere, tf. lo beat ; hatJere alia porta, 
to knock at the door: baiter la cm- 
p.if-na, to scour the country j baiiere 
4 droti, io aliake with coid ; bailer le 


palme, to clap bands, ; batter il granf 
to thrash corn ; batter moneta, to coiai 
batter gli occhi, to wink ; battere, i« 
walk fast ; battcrsela, to go away ; if 
UH batter d'occhio, in an instant; bt 
ter la bai ra, to quake ; batter il buiin^ 
to churn ; baiter I'ali, to (Sutler; hziut 
11 taco(in(!, to trjvel on foot ; batirr i 
Ic guancie, to repent -, baltersi, to fit I', 
a dud; baticre una citta\ to ba!tiT i 
town; batter il fuoco, to strike t.rc; 
batter I'ore, to vtrike tlie hour. 

BaltcTi'a, s, f. battery. 

Battesima'le, aJj. baptismal. 

R-.tfP xim/» . m ( baptism ; tener a ba*- 

wj.ii,'«mn . «. ■^ tMimo, to »t and god' 

hMLimo, s.m.\^ father. 

Battezzame'nto, s.m. act of baptizing. 

B3l(i-2za'nte, adj. that christcus. 

Battezxa're, v. to baptize. 

BattcKza'to, a4f. christened, baptized. 

Battezza'ture, s.m. } „ k..„;„^„ 


Bat(i'cul'), s.m, a btlt. 

B.itticu(/re, /.m. palpitation, panting. 

Battifo'le, s.f. a bastion. 

B"itiirt''do,4 m. a tower or bastion. Oh 

B.itli(uo\-D, j.m. steel. 

BattiVia, s.f. the lal ing sickness. 

Bitttiiyno, s.m. carder of wool. 

Butt i I (/ro, s.m. gold-beater. 

Batiime'ntu, J.m. striking; batlirocrlo <li 

mani, clapping ; battiroento di cui^r;, 

Bnttinzf'cca, t.m. a coiner. 
Baitiso'iria, s. f. i , .„. , ...'ftiola,j./.) ''^'fi''^' "*'^- 
Batt'sie'rio, j.wi. ) . .. ,, . 
B '(tito, s.m. a fear. [wtndo«'« 

i:a;tito^o, s.m. the rabbet of a door ot 
BattiloOo, t.m. he that sirikei ; battuore 

di (trade, a scout. 
Ba titu'ra, *./. blow, stroke. 
Batto, s.m. a small sea-boat. 
Battu'ta, t.f. lime in roaaic ; way, ro'>(t: 

andar p^r la buttula, to follow urt 

course uf the world ; battuta di polw, 

the beat'ng of the pulse. 
Battu'to, adj. beaten ; via batluta, * bei' 

ten road. 
Edt'.u'io, s.m. lend!) of a houv. 
Ba ucchicri'a, 4./. suhtjliy, craft. 
Batu'tfolo, s.m» aTuap. 
p.iva, s.f. foam, drivel ; thin coan<* "i't ". 

b.iva dc" molalli, the droM of mctali. 
Bnvi'trlio, s.m, a slat bi-rini-bib. 
Buvaii'whio, s. m. a basilisk. 
Bau, interj. Boh '. 

Bd.e'lla, i.f. a kind of coirse silk. 
B:/vtro, j.m. the collar of a cloak; » 



r^ric'raj thCTtsor of a head-piece; 
■v.i' e.s.m. a trunk, a travelling chest. 
nt'io, aJj. slaverin^. 
vVzri s. f. goad lack ; a trick made at 
( dids ; e»«er di bax^i, lo get the better. 
fi.-zzarra'rc, v. lo barter. 
H i-^t'cola, .»./. frivolous thing. 
ti ./!.?e'ico, adj. coarse; parlar baazesco, 

rouiih JoBguage. 
B /;:ica, *. /. Conversation, company ; 

tilings of small value \ a game at 

P //ica're, v. to converse, frequent. 
I. .«r;r!Ciiu're, /./. f»/. trifles. 
« r/u'itj, aJ/. somewhat hard, half 

K^/ie, v. lo bles«. 
i t'iine'ijtc, rt;<x'. happily. 
B'- u'ni.1,*./. beati'iude. Ohs. 
I'fii.ira're, v. to beatify. 
B-"i!ifica'l.>, part, beatitied. 

i: :inc.!n'ce,5./. f ^''^^ "='''" '^^PPy* 

«>itrtca2io'ne, j./. beatification. 

^>« :t '.•jco, aJ;. l>eHtific. 

■f'- I'.issimame'nte, alv. blessedly. 

f! i'iiu'dine, s.f. feru:»ty, bliss. 

K' J'to, nij. blessed, (raitful. 

J'' i''), .'.ni.-a saint; 

t.- in'ce, 1. /. tliat makes happy. 

B'Tca, J./, a Karler. 

Btrcca'ccia, /. /. a woodcock. 

B qc^cci'noyi.ffl. a snipe. 

B ^ c^'ccio, s.m. an old he-goat, rascal, 

r--' >.<tiva'ta, *./ a fig-picker's feast. 
V' fcaf.'co, t.m. fig-picker, bird. 
'■ \j'jo, /.m.'a butclicr. *^ 

"> ^\ 3la';lio, J.<n. a child's game 
'^ ccali'te, i.m. a litigious roan. 
5V.camc'nto, s.m. a pecking. 
Bccimo'rti, s.m. a grave-digger. 
Bi ' r/re, II, to peck, swall-.w, sifj; bec- 
curii il crrvello, to puxalu one's brain ; 
t Tc ir su qualcbe cosa, to catch sorae- 

f <•'(.. I rc'Ilo, s.m, a kid. 

'• '■' /ni, s.m. a bulcluT. 

" ""iiln'na, j.w. a mattork. 

• '"« i'(a, /./. a stroke with a bill ; cold. 

'' : n '!la, J./, a hawk's lure ; a iritte. 
■ i!.*'llo, s.m. a brack.'t ; a kid. 

' ' ' alii'jj, '.TO the trough ol a bird cage. 

'- ci.<ri'lk>, s.m. a kid. 

'"•Kli-n'a, s. /. shambles, slaughter^ 
lir><i<c i andare alia bccchcria, to eo 
i-> market: carne di beccheria, but- 
'ii^i-** meat. 

■" I th-'-tto, s.m. prow of a boat. 

'' 'riiico, aij, stomachic, pectoral. 

' ' chi'oo, a grave-digger. 

^t.vCo, s,m» bill, beak, mouth *, beak of « 

B£ t 

ship, pipe of a still ; buck, goaf, curk. 
old ; driazare 11 beico agli sparvien, 
to attempt iropossibihticsj imniolar rl 
l>ecco, lo dnnk. 

Becco'ne, s,m. a large he-goat ; cuckold. 

Becca'ccio, s.m. the spout ol a mii<;. 

Beia'na, s.f. a mippet, an ugly woman. 

Svlana'ccia, a trigit'Til phantom. 

B tan/a, s.f. twelith-diy. 

Bc'ila, s. f. trick, banter, jake; tri'e?, 
frippery; giijocar da bePf, ti> play i ^r 
nathiog ; farsi be.Tc, lo ridic ale, jeer, 

Be'fl'ardo» s.m. a j< star, banterer. 

Bcfla'r.-, V. to rally, jeer, ch'-at, over- 
reach ; beffarii, to s:orn, to Uui;h at.. 

BetTato're, s.m, t , 

Bedatn'ce. s.f. \ * "'O'^''^'". jeerer. 

Be/icgBij're, xi. to mock, scoff, acorn. 
Berregiato're, s.m. a jetrer, scorncr. 
BeJfe'voie, aJj. contemptibie. , 
Beghi'iia, s. f. a beguin, nun that iivet 

not in a convent. 
Beffhi no, s.m. a biggin. 
Bc'fc'jie, s. f. pi. trifles. O'^s. 
Beito'rc, s.m. a'd inker, ohs, 
Belame'nto, s.m. bleating. 
Beki'4-e, x>. to bleat; to cry like childreit; 

to prate, 
Bel be'llo, bold ! hold .' not so fast. 
Bel die, i.m. a fine thing indeed. 
Bellime'nte, adxu fairly, bravely, slowly, 

efoquently, neatly. 
Belle'tta, s. f. mud, slime. 
Beile'tto, s.m. paint or wash for the 

Belle'tto, aij. pretty. 
BeHc'zza, s.f. beauty, prettiness. 
Bellica'to, part, placed in the centre. 
Bell I'co, i.m. the navel, middle, centre ; 

bellico dello scudo, the norebrel of aa 

Be'llico, aij. warlike; bellici stromenti, 

instruments of war. 
Bellico'nchio, i.m. navel string. 
OeUico'ne, sjn. a pitcher. 
Bellicoaame'nte, adv. in a warlike man- 

w!^^";.t:} «"'"«• ""■"■'• 

BcllinHu':$to, i.m. a handsome libertine. 

Bclli'no, rt(;. pretty fin-. 

Bf'ilo, beaiitv ; opportunity. 

Bella,, aij. beautiful, proper, meet ; con- 
venient ; fine, spruce, coitly -. aspeltar 
il bello, to walt^for an opportunity? 
sul bel del discorso, in the middle of 
the discourse ; veder il bcUo, to know 
the opportunity ; belle e nuovo, quit 
new; bello c fatlo, quite fin. shed ; I a 
il bell' umore, to be proud ; bello, some > 

times gives emphasis to an cxpr«»sioAi« m 

|}«1 tnttxo Ai\ St noon ; ml cotta die* 
cl belle (lo|>pie, it cogis mf tf n pistoles. 

Bcilo'cclu, a.Jj. largi* and liandsoniCt 

heUo'nCiaJj. very iiamlsome. 

Bello'rr, s.m. beiiuty. Ohs. 

Bcllu'ccio, a4J. pretty. 

B<-)iuino'rc, ndj. lacetious* 

Bf\o,. i.m. bleating. 

Bclu'nc, t.m. one tlmt blcntt. 

Belta', J. r. beauty, (inenem. 

Bclva, i.f. a »*ild btasi ^I'oel.) 

Bt'lxel:u\ J.m. Sntun. 

Brnibf' rtJT. vt-ry well. [well. 

Uciiacconciame'ntf , tidi: rery reaionably, 

Bcnoire'tto, (jJJ. aaectionate. 

Benagurat.im6'nte,a<^i».witli a coodomcn. 

BenyKuroiimt'iil", aJv. luckily. 

B' nalk'va'io, alj. v.i-libri'd. 

Ben;inild'i!i, s./. momy given upon go'ng 

Bcn.'iiiventurw'nra, .♦. /. pood h\ck. Oh. 
B 'iidv«»nlur:it!iiiu''ntr, aiv. Inppilv. 

S!i!!ay;"!"'"'''"' ?■'"• ( happy. ' 

Ben bfn<*, .lif. very «(ll, inlircjy; non 
e' bene guarito, hr is not quiiL' well. 

Benclie', adv. although. 

Re'nda, *. /. a bt-nd, a ; nyer una 
bcnda avan i pli occlii, to be blind- 
folded; a nii»t before llic cjcs; blind- 
ed b'' pas!iion. 

Benf'ii'ie, v. to blird, to rrown, bind, 

J.MKi.'tii'rJ, i. /, baniln'e. 

I»'i;Ji'll.l, J./... » ,;, 1 ,,1, , 

litii l/nc, I,pp< ts. 

Bendu'f do, i m. a child's liandkcrrhlef. 

Bene, J.m. pood, benefit, intrrent, bappi- 
n'-M, siiMslat-iion, favoiir, estate, means, 
riches; vitler del bnic, to have kind- 
ni*i'« for 5 »m ttomii d.i l>rne, a reputable 
ni 'n ; ciji f.j bene, bone ai[»etti, do well 
and hire well; pigliarper bene, to take 
in Rcod part ; beni stabill, beniniobili, 

Bene, aJr . well, right ; vol dite bene, 
you say right ; bi ne, nn trnphatk rxph' 
tiff ; ve ne daro' ben una, I'll give you 
one; ben vi «t«', >ou deserve It; si' 
bcn^, \*ll|inplv;bene spewo.very oftrn. 

Bened<-'ttfl, s. /. a tliundeibolt, (a ludi- 

Bmici1i''(o, aJj. bler"d. 
Bencdr'ito, *.m. the tailing Rtcknets. 
Berifdi'i ite, /./. 1 THCe at meah. 
Bcnrdit itc/rc, s.m. a blcMcr, who speaks 

Hfll of. 
■ent'di'rr, t». to con«f crat* ; Dlo vi bene- 

dlco, Godblesf you. 
Benedtto're, s.m. In- «Ijo 1^1e*sei. 
Bencdicio'ne, /. /. Iicnediviion ^ dar la be- 

oediaiQfiff, to cWe up. 


Benefa'tto, j.ot. benefit, faTor. Ota. 
Benefatto're, t.m. b nelactor. 
Benefattri'ce, t. f. benefactress. 
Bcnefica'nte,«</. beneficial, liberal, kiri 
Benefica're, v. to do good, tj bencut i 

Beni'fita'to, ^<i»t. beneflted. 
BeneAealo're, beneiactor. 
Benehce'nte, aJj. kind, obliging. 
Benefire'naa, s. /. bcnvflceoce. 
Benedeia'le, adj. advantageouii. 
Hencticia'ie, v. to present to ab«netlce. 
BciK'iicia'to, firt, lieneficcd. 
Bcnefi'cio, t.m. kindmbs, advantcgr, p>> 

(it } a liencAce. 
Beneiicio'nc, s.m. a fat living. 
Benc'flco, adj. iibrral, kind. 
Bencfi'zio, i.f/i. henffic. 
Bcn(rnicrr.'n2n, /. /. desert, merit, 
ncnemt-'rito, <;''. deiiTvlnp v*ell. 
BenepUcilo, s.m. ptood »il, Icare ; i' 

fo a mio bcnrplacito, 1 d.i as I ptca**** 
Benisti'nle, rtJ^'. rich, we.iltiiy.' • 
Benevi'vore, v. to live happy.' 
Bonevoil;t'nl\', ndJ. benevolent. 
Benevolentemc'nte, adv. kinllr. 
Bencvole'naa, i./. good-will, love, k' i- 

ness. I 

Bcncv'volo, aij. kind, nlTertlonite. 
Benlu'tio, alj. well-sh.ipcd, weiUmadr. 
Bcnignam('nie, fl /v. courteously, kir.i' ■ 
Bt-nipn.VnzJ, *./. hentrnJ'y. Obt. 
Benii'nita', j.f. trn<UTne-», pnndiie»J. 
Ben.',<iio, II IJ. ro>ir(eou!<, loving. 
Bcm'no, ii/T'. lolcrabK well. 
IV'ii' Insic'me, s.m, th* whole of 
Ben/sbimo, nlxi. very well. 
Beniv()i.'.lu'iite, odj. benevolent. 
Bl■nivll^lil•'nza, .«. /. benevolen.e. 
nciilvolente, ndj. friendly, biitnane. 
Boni\ol('nzfl, j. /". bcnv'vulcnt e. 
Btni'volo, ttiij. atlectionale, kind, 
nenlavor/io, adj. well done. 
Benmonta to, adj- itell mounted. 
Brnnu, s.f. a dung-carl. 
Bennn'lo, adj. well born, lucky. 
Bcno'ne, t.m, great love, (a ludicro"* 

Brnsa'i, adv. certainly. 
bcn-ervi'io, s.m. a servant's character. 
Btnsi', ,uv. certainly. 
Benlcnu'to, adj. well-kept. 
Bentornn'to, ndj. welcome. 
Benvorlie'nle, adj. benevolent. 
Benvoiflie'nKa, s.f, benevolence. 
Brnvolcnlic'ri. luv. very willingly. 
Bcnvole're, s.m. favour, kindness. 
Benvolc're, v. to love; si fa benrole'rc "1* 

tutti, he is beloved by all. 
Benvolu'to, aij. well beloved. 
Bco'nc, s.m. a tos»>pot, a toper. 
Bcrbc^na, t.f. vervain, o^i. 


Be'rhf ri, s.m,pl* barberief ; barbery tree. 

Bcih/ce, *./. a sheep. Ois. 

I! • c\Wci:b\o,s.m. a sqaint-eye. 

B re, V. to drink ; here un uovo, to viral- 

lo-.v an egJ! : mi convien bcrla, I must 

> ibmit : dar a bere, to persuade oiie to 

h- lieve ; berji una cosa, to take for 

pr-nied; ber con gli occhi, to devour 

wi'.ii (he eyes; ber biano, to be dis- 

B • (.-, i.m. drink, liquor. 
lit "I'lmo'llo, i.m. the bcrgamot-lrce, 

•:nmo'tta, i./. a bergamot-pear. 

'T^',llnef]h, s.f. a low woman. 

"■,')iii»na're,tr. to pun, to quibble, 
'colo, s.m. a sort of baske' . 

'i 'j.'d, <7/; Toluble, ch»nse.ib'e. 

•! .( uocola'jo, f.m. a conJVrtioncr. 

ri iiA.-lo, a kind ol cake. 
^- ; Mo, j.flj. a beryl. 
i' ■! I'n', .'./. the pillory, acoaob. 
Btrli, la'ccino, s.m. Tbufj-lay bcf>">re 

B rlinia'ccio, f-rn. Shrove-Tucvlay. 
B '/Iingarat'nto, .♦.•n. rh t-rliat. 
Bcr'inia'rc, v. lo drink freely, to talk at 

B r ip.^ato'rc, s.m.'i a jolly fellow, a grce- 
J; r inghie're, t.m. J dy-giit. 
^■•. riinffjiie'ra, s. f. a talking gossip. 
i:< rlnga'zzo, J.W. a French brick, a small 

' r. i'cria, s. f. a Wind of grape. 

i;..''sco, <!(/. burk'sniie. 
•' '!i'i.i,i./. a ridins-liood. 
' .nie'sco, a/;, burlesquf. 
li inu'ccolo, s.m.z swelling knob, a hard 

r. TTioccolu'to, rti/. knobby. 
B .re'tta, /. /. a flat cap, bonnet; trarsi 

>a l>ctretta, far di bcrretta, to salute 

^iUi the hat ; avere It cei-vello sopra la 

b( rretta, to proceed rashly. 
T rri-ua'ccia, J./, ao old cap. 
I -rrjtta'jo, s.m. a Cap maker. 
■ rrctti'no, t.m. a small cap. 

rrt-ttfno, <*<y. crafty, g'oomy, dark. 
.'' rratt/'na, s.f. > , i.^„_„« 

Hrretlo'neli.m.r'"'^'' '''''*• 
J>- rii ttu'ccia, J. /. a little cap. 
Hrrivola, J./, a night-rap. Ohs. 
>>'-r[,)Tie're, s.m. a highwayman, a ruffian; 
HT«-rifer, a beedle. 

Biii Viio, s.m. A mark to shoot at; a 
Imclting-stock; io lono il bersagllo 
(It'lla fortona, I am the sport of fortune. 

■^•la, s. f. a trifle, gewgaw, s.ory; a 
mjspye; a gossip; a pHvior's beetle 
dar U berta, to joke, to banter ; metier 
la berta in gabbia, to be frightened. 

PTtegglamc'Dto, j.m. a laughing at« a 


Berlegfla're, v. to ridicufr, jeer, banter. 
Berteggiato're, s.m. a mocker, jetrcr. 
Berte'sca, s. f. a kind of rampart matJe 

upon lowers ; any thing daugeruua to 

tread on. 
Bertesco'ne, s.m. a large rampart on a 


BertoHo'rto, s.m. a spunger, scot-free ; a 

bertolotio, for nothing, gratis. 
Berto'ne, '.«». one who keeps a mistress ; 

a cropt horse. 
Bcrtov/ilo, s.v\. a net n:ade of twigs. 
Bertu'ccia, s. J. a monkey, an ape. 
Bertucci'nOj s.m. a little monkey. 
Bcrtu'ccio, j.rn. amonkcy. 
Bertuccio'ne, s.m. a baboon. 
Beru'zzo, s.m. a clown's breakfast. 
Berza, s. f. the shin-bone of (he leg. 
BerzaV'lio, um. a mark to shout at ; a 

B'-'scio, alj. simple, foolish, dull. 

Bevsso, adj. simple, foolish, dull. 

Besso, s.m. one who stammers, or lisps. 

Beste'mmia, s. f. blasphemy, cursing, bad 

Bcstemmiame'nto, s.m. impious language. 

Restemmia're, tl to blaspheme, curse. 

liestemmiatora'ccio, s.m. a gieal blas- 

Bfsicmniia'tore, j.w.") _ ui-,„i,.„-, 

Bcs:emmiairi'ce, .»./.; * blasphemer. 

Bc'.ftia, J, /. a bca^t, a bnilr; aadar ii» 
bestia, to fall into a pa<;sion. 

Bestia'cci.i, j. /. a nasty beast; a fool, a 

Bestia'Ie, alj. beaFtlv, heavy lumpish ; 
un bcstiale, an inconsiderate tool. 

Bestialita\ s.J. bestiality, brutality ; fol- 
ly, stupidity. 

Bestialme'nte, aiv. beastly, nastily. 

Bestia'me, s.m. cattle. 

Besticciuo'la, s.f. a little living-creatune. 

Bestie'vole, aij. bestial. 

Bestiolu'ccia, s.f. a little beast. 

Bestiona'ccio, s.m.\ a great beast ; a bru- 

Bestio'ne,J.m > tish fellow. 

Be'ltola, J. /. a cook'$-shop,.a tipling- 

Bettole'tta, *./. a low public-house. 

Beltolie're, s.m. keeper of a cook's shop* 

Betto'nica, s. f. betony. speed well. 

Be'tula, s.f. } ^ birch-tree. 

Betu'lla, J./.j . . . ._ .,« 

, C drink, beverage, po- 

Beva, J./> \ lion ; drinking-mo- 

Beva'nda, s. /..... J „ev ; quebto vino e 

Beve'na, s.f J neila sua bcva, twis 

Bevera'ggio, <.«»• I. wine is fit to dnuR. 


leveralc/jo, s.m. a. vessel for drlaking. 
Be'vere, v. t*J drink. 
Beveri'a, s.f. drunkrnness. 
Be'vcTO, J. 01. a bcnvcr. 
Bcverona'ccio, j.m. a hone beverage, 
fievrro'ne, i.m. a drink, a diencb. 
Bevi'bile, .iJ/. drink i!)l'.'. 
Bevi«i'>)ne, s. f. drink, beverage. 
B!'\iin;''nto, s.m. drinkina. 


B.M-Uii'ra, s.f. drinking. 

Bevo'ne, s.ri. a toper. 

R»'vii\a, .»./. ; drinking-bout; ad ogni be- 

4nita, s. /... s vu'li, al every glais. 

Bizz'i, s.m. p!. money: noo tiu bezxi, I 
have no money. 

Bozzica re, v. to peck, to scolds dispute. 

Bczzicatui'i,.'./. a pecking. 

nezzo, s.m. a Vcnolian bras* coin. 

Bia'cci, s./. wlii'e lead ; qacsio ma! non 
e' di biaca, this disease is not easily 

BiaMa, s.f. corn, o.ils. 

Bin 1 iju'b, J.m. cor;> chfliicller. 

bi.idi''i!o, i tn. blui':!i pnin:. 

Bianra'stro, ah', wliitisii. 

BlaiK hoggiamc'nto, s.m, wliif<*ning. 

Diancaslrorn'rcio, s.m, »•> white as snow. 

Biiincastro'ne, s.m. excessive uliitencs". 

Bianclieggia';. growing white, whit- 

Bidiicliegiiia're, v. to turn while ; il mare 
bianchrggia tutlo, Ihe sea is all in a 

Bionclirri'a, /./. linen. 

Bianclif'tto. adj, Mhiti^^h. 

Bianchc'zza, s.f. uliiteness. 

Blinchi'ccio, a^J. whitish. 

Bianchlnie nto, s.m. a washing. 

Bi«nchi're, v. to wiiilen, to tirow hoary; 
al biunchlrdcl f; orno, break of day. 

Bianchi'to, part, whitened, ua->hed. 

Biancica'rc, i'. t) grow white. 

Bla'nco, s.m, white; pale, w;in; capclli 
bi.-.ruht, grey hiJr; I.>?;o bianco, a in a lottery ; lasciar in bianco, 
to leave a blank :' carta bianca, a carle 
blanclie; rcsiar bianct, to be at a 
lo.'s. oli'no, rti/. w ir'i«h. 

J««imro:r:ini5ia're, s. tn. a maker of blanc- 

Bi^ruo're, s.m. wliitfnosi. 

fiianco'to, iiJj. very white. 

Biancosapi'nu, i.m. the hawthorn. 

Bianca'ccio, aJj. whtliah. 

B<a'n(e, s.m. a vKgabond, a rambler. 

Biasci.imc'nto, s.m. maiiication. 


Biaiimaiue utOj i.m bUmCt Ofri« 

fi IC 

Btistma're, t>. to find fault with. 
Biasima'io, part, blamed, complained of. 

BiasimaloVe, s.m. ) , i,t„^. . 

Biasimatri'cc, #./.; * ^lamer, censurer. 
Biaiimc'vole, a4;, blameable. 
BiaMmevulmc'nte, adv. blameablr. 
liia':imo, J. Ml. blame, reproach, laulr. 
Biasma'ro, v. to blame, find fault uttli. 
Bia'smo, i.«n. blame, censure. 
Biasle'ma, s.f. blusphemy. 
Bi.istcmma're, v. J to I laspheme, curs<. 
B'istemmia're, V. ( O^j. 
B'i'jbia, J./, the bible; a long story. 
B'lbita,/./. p>Uon. 
ni'blico, euO'. biblical. 
Bibliugr^i'/a, s.m. bibliography. 
Biblio'mane, .<. m. b.LliugriipUcr, a bo.k" 

B.i'Iion.a'nia, s. /. 1 ooki'hncss. 
Biijiioic'ca, J /. a l.bjary. 
Biblioieca'riu, '.m. a iibr.iriin. 
Bica, .'./. a luk of corn or liny, a I:ei[>; 

montar ••u 'a bica, to fly in:j h p.-.s , <■. 
Bichier.'jj, s.m. a gl'iss-inaker,or ie.l-i. 
3 cch'c'rc, i.ifl. a tiUss. 
IJiccl.iu'tl.era, s. f. a rus'y beasU 
nicio'rta, /. /. a bmrtll tHxtle, a UamleU 
nici'pitc, .(./". two hca.lcd, biceps. 
nico'cca, S.J. a little castlr, a vilUge. 
alco'inia, s.f. a risinyanvjl, 
nico'ine, adj..,. \ 

Bico'rno, ,aj.... > having two horns. 
Bicorna'to. adj.) 
Btda'le,i.ffl. light horsemen formerly uW 

in France. 
Bid 'llo, s.m. a beadle. 
Biilc'ntc, s.m. a pitdifork, a prong. 
Bidtr'tto, .* m. a little por.ey. 
niecamc'nte, adv. squintingly, 
flii 'co, ndj. grim, slern.sour ; occhi bied.'. 

squinting ejes; riniirar con cich-j 

bi«co, to look with an cuvlouteje j *•.•.« 

bifco. abal action. 

Jiiflola, s.f.S^*^ 

iJitfo.Vne, s.m. a simpleton, a b ohy. 

Uic'ili, t. f. a wedge; es»cr uoa i 

biftta, to be a sad lellow. 
Bifo'trlo, s.m. a double lc4f. 
Eilo'ior, s. f, an acre. 
UifolrlKTi'.i, .«. /. husbandry, tillsEe, tU 

cI. <r,-f of a farm. 
ni'f./.'co, s,m. a ploughman. 
Bifiirt- imc'ntOj s.m. separation. 
iJlbrba'to, ^i('. ) forked clovtn; pledebi* 
riforcu'io adj,\ forcuto, a cloven luot. 
Bilo'rco, s.m. a fork, a piichfo:k. 
Bifo'rmc, adj. of two forms. 
Biiro'nte, adj. double-f.iced. 
Bifu'lco, s.m. & ploughman. O&f* 
Biga, s,f. a dung-cart. 
Bigami'a, s.f, a bigamy* 



Bi«btgHa(o'rio« i. «. a parlour grate (in 

Bisbigliato'no, aU- whisperlof . 
Bikbi'gllo, s.m. whisper, rumour. 
Bi'ica, .<./. a gaming- place. 
Biscajuo'ii>, a.m» a gamester. 
Biscjnia're, v....\.^ .. _ ...«.«.^i. 

Bi!ica'nio,i.«f< a duct. 
Bisca'zaj, s.f. a gambtlng-house. 
Biscazs:/re, v. to game. 
Biicaazic're, t.m. a gameiier. 

BI«Ca'2Z0, '•«... I - rfirt, trirk 

Biscbe'nca, j. /. I • *'"' *"^** 

Bfschero, t. m. a pin, peg. 

Bisclii'stOf I'in. invention. 

B/scia, i.fif. a snuke, adder; carominara 
biacia, tu »ind about. 

Biscio'la, s.f. a little snake. 

B.sciu'nc,j.rA. a targe snake. 

Biscolu're, aU. motley coloured. 

Biicotia're, v, to bake twice. 

Biscotta^o, nJlj\ titice baked. 

Biscotti'no, t.m. a little biscuit ; « fillip on 
thi* nose. 

Biscu'ttu, a seapbiscuit ; cntrar lo'mar 
senza biscolto, to go hand over head. 

Biscro'ma, s.f. a musical term. 

Bi$da'«su, aixu bare-backed; cavalcar a 
bisdusso, to ride without a saddle. 

Biscsta'n-, v. to be leap-year. 

Bisenti'lc, aJj. bissextile ; anno bisestile, 

Bise'tto, t.m. the odd day of the leap-year. 

Bisfo'rme, aij. of two forms. 

Bisgr'nero, t.m. a grandaughter*! husband. 

Bibla'cco, adj. caoricious. 

Biilesia're, V to boil a little. 

Bnlu'nfo, adj. longisli. 

Bisnia'lva, t. f. marshmallows. 

Bisnipo'te, s.m. great-grandson. 

Bism/nna.i./. great-grandmother. 

BiSDo'nno, i.ffi. great-grandfather. 

Ntso'gna, t.f. business, labour. 

Bisogna're.imffrjoRd/t'frA, bisugna,it must ; 
bisogna chio vada, 1 must go \ c\ bisogna 
morire, we must dies mi bosogno^par- 
tirei 1 was Jorced to go ; vi bifignera' 
fario, vou must do it ; bisngnrrcbbe che 
lu glieio fiicessi sapcre, I should let him 
know of it ; se vl blsognassero danari, if 
you should want money ; ce oe bisog- 
neranno quattro, we shall want four. 

Btsogne'vole, aij. usetuU needlul. 

Biso'goo, J.m. want, neceuity; conveni- 
ences, ease ; aver bisognodi, to stand in 
iieed of; al bisogno si conosce un' ami» 
CO, a friend in need is a friend indeed ; 
ho tutti.i roiei bisogni, 1 have all my con< 
veoicnces ; al bisogno, to the purpose, 
opportunely i a an biaogaOi upga an 


Blsofooaame'iite, aix>. ncedfullT. 

Biaogno'so, o^/. needy, oeceaalioiu . n> 

quislte. «". •«- 

Bisso, «.m. lawn, cambric Pott. 
BistentaV, v. to be in want, diatren. 
Biste'nto, i.m. distress, penury. 
Bisticciame'nto, s.m. dispute, debate 
Blsticcia're, v, to strive, contend. 
Bisti'ccio, t.m. a pun, a quibble. 
Risto'ndo, tuij. almost round. 
Blsto'ria, s.f. a kind of crooked-poinin 

Bisto'rto, a4/. crooked, deceitful 

Bistratta're, v. to treat ill. 

Bisu'nto, a^. filthy, nasty; un bitunio. i 

sloven ; una bisunta, a slut. 
Bitonto'nc, t.m. a kind of great fi« 
Blto'rao, s.m. a tumor, swelling. 
Bitorxola'to, a4}. full of bumpa, knotty. 
Bitoraoie'tto, s,m, a small awellla*. 
RKuV/olu. s.m. a tumor, swellia«. 
Bitoraolu'to, aij. full of swellings, knot:'. 
Bitu'me, t.m. bitumen. 
Bitumino4o, aij. bituminous. 
Btya'lvo, aij. having two mouths. 
B, vio, t,m. high-way, or street parcing .a 

Biu'ta, t. f. thick plaster, 
fiizzarame'nte, adv. oddly, smartly. 
Bifzari'a, t.f. concclledness, briakncu 

prettiness, whim, pasiioa. 
Bif za'rro, aij. whimsical, smart. 
Biaao'cco, aJj. rustic, coarse, ctowBisb ; 

un biaaocco, a puritan, hj po*. riJc. h - 

fiot ; una biaaocca, a woman that li*ei 
^ ike a nun. 

Biazoco'ne, t.m. a clown. 

Blandime'nto, j. us. allurement, bUndiaa^ 

Blandi're.i*. to flatter, decoy, cajole. 

Blandi'zia, 4.f. caressing. 

B.a'ndo, adj. kind, flattering. 

Blasfe'ino, a^j. blasphemous, ohs, 

Blawna're, v. to bl.iion a cuaiof arms. 

Blaso'ne, s.m. heraldry. \ 

Blocca're, v. to block up. 

Bloccatu'ra, t.f. a blockade. 

Boa'to, /.m. bellowing. 

Boattie're, t.m. a graaier. 

Bobo'lca, t. f. a herdsman's wlfcw 

Bobo'lco, t.m. a herdsman. 

Bo^cca, t,f. the mouth, the taste; dire i 
bocca, to tell by word of mouth ; place 
vole alia bocca, pleasant to Ibe palace 
ho piu* di dieci boccbc a mantenenp, < 
have ten mouths tu feed; atare a bore 
apert^, to he.-irken attentively j rot liej 
dl bocca, to add, invrnt ; pariar a buccj 
apertH, to speak too much ; esaer 1.4 rp 
di borca, to talk inconsiderately , lo am 
ci vo* por bocca, 1 won't meddle «»ia| 
iti eiier di buooa bocca, tobe «|rcW| 


rater ; bocca a bocca, face to face ; lat- 
ci-tre a bocca dolce, to entertain ooe 
with fair liojies ; la bocca d'un liume.the 
moufUof'a river; U bocca deiloatoma- 
co,tbe pit oftiie stoinacli;boCca di faoco, 
fire-anns ; far bocche, to make mouths ; 
a bocca baciata, easil>, willingly. 

Boccacce'vole.dir.Boccaccio-iike { parole 
b-jccaccetole, atlfcted wo 1*61. 

Boccacccvolme'ole, adv. in tiie style of 

Bocca'ccia, $./. an ugly mouth. 

Boccala'ccio, t.m. a great pot. 

Bocca'le, a mug, drinking-pot ; egli 
e' acritto, pc* boccali, he is known by 
every prnoo. 

Boccale'tto, s.m. a little pot. 

liocci'lOfj.m. a mouthful; ablowgiTenon 
tbe mouth with an open hand ; non ne 
saper boccato, to know nothing of the 

Bocce'cta, t. f. the button, bud of a flower ; 
a phial. 

B.xrcheggiame'nto, i.m. panting, gaping. 

Buccheggia're, v. to gatp fur life. 


Bo'ccia, s.f, a bud ; a bottle. 
Boccia'ta, aiv, to nu purpose. 
Ilocci'no, aij. of or belonging to a cow. 
Boccioli'aa, i./. a little bud. 
BoccioIo'm), i34;.buided, full of buds. 
Bocciiao'la, j./. a liltle bud; bocciuola 

di trombetta, the mouih-picce of a 

BtKTciito'lo, ».m, a little bud ; a button. 
B cconcc'llo, t.m, \ ,. , . . 
Bocconci-no, t-m. i « *'"** ^*^- 
Bu cco^ne, o^v. prostrate, on one's face; 

cader boccoiie, to tall on on<r's face. 
Bocco'he, s.m. a mouthful ; buon buccon', 

dainty biti ; tagtiare a boccooi, to cut 

in p ecet : dar il boccone, to bdbe. 
B >cconchi(/tto, i.m, a tit Lit. 

Bocc, J. /. Toice, word. 

Boi'ia're, V. to divu'EC, publish ; yelp; bo- 
ciare in I'allo. io spralc at raadum. 

B-jf jnchia'rc, v. to iinimljle. 

Bo.oaahi'ho, aJf. ^tumhWag. 

B'jh I'a, i. /. first appearance of tlie itch. 

iv»g\ie^le, aJj. bojUtig, burning hot. 

B vja, I.m. an evCLUtinncr. 

B ijc'fea, J. J. hani^niiiii'ii wiA-. 

Bolcioni'rV, v. to baiier with a ram, to 
aboot Al. 

Bo)ci</ne, s.m. a battering rrm. 

Boltli't/ne, i.m. blanket, coverim. 

B</I«ia,«./. budget, bag, portmanteau; a 
ba<e in the ground, a horrible dark 
place; far bolgia, to make proyUion. 


B(/lla, I. /. bubble, blister, pimplc'i a 
stamp, a seal, the Pope's bull. J! 

Bel la're, stamp ; to orand a malefactd^. 

Boi'la'to, adj. sealed, branded. 

Bolle'nte, ai^j. boiling. 

Bolletli'no, s.m. a bill, note. 

Boliimc^nto, i.m. a boiling, the swelliag of 
the sea. 

Bolli're, v. to boil, bubble up, ferment ; 
raillecosemibollononell' animo, I liaie 
a thousand things in my mind; tutta lu 
eitta bolle, errry body grumbles; bul- 
lire a ricorsojo, to l>oiI last. 

BoUilo, adj. boiled. 

BoJlitu'ra, s.f. boiHng liquor, decoction, 

Boiliaio'ne, 'J./, a boiling; boUirione di 
sangue, hot blood. 

Bo'ilo. i.fR. a seal, a stamp. 

Bollo're, s.m. bubblhig, spouting ; bollore 
d'anirao, passion, anger. 

Bo*!©, s.*n. a pill. 

Bulogni'no, s.m. a small brass coin. 

B./IS0, adj. short-winded. 

BoTzona're) v. to shoot at. 

Bolzonata, s. f. a bow -shot. 

Bolaona'to, part, struck with an arrow." 

Bolao'ne, s.m. a battering-rum, dart. 

B»'mba, s. f. a mark, a bomb, a game $0 
called; to.narc a bomba, to come to 
one's purpose ; essere a bomba, to be at 
one's ease; toccar bomba, to reach 
one's journey's cud; ml splcco mal vo- 
lontieri da bomba, 1 am loth to go out. 

fiamba'nza, s. f. feasting, mirth, joy. ' 

Bomba^rda, j»y'. a mortar-piece. 

iiora')ardame'nto, s.m. bombardment. 

Bonr.barda're, v. to bombard. 

Bombaruie'ra, s. f. the place where iLe 
bomb is mounted. 

Bombaniic're, s.m. a bombardier. 

Boriihcra'ca, s. f. a gum So called. 

Bombctta're, v. to sip. 
Bo'mbold,*./. a pitcher. 
Bombole'tu, s.f. a little pitcher. 
Bo'mero, s.m. a plough-share, 
bona'ccia, s.f. a calm at sea; happiness, 

tr^nq lillity. 
Bonaccio'so, aJj. still, quiet. 
Bonarlame'nte, aiv. graciously, kindly. 
Bonaricta', s. f. kindness, 
fiona'rio, aij. ROO'i, meek, kind. 
Boncine'llo, s.m. the staple of a lock. 
Bonevgia'rc, v. to arrogate. 
Bonifacime'iuo, s.m. i bettering, iinprpte- 
Boniticame'nto, s.m. V mcul 
Boniticaaio'ne, s.f. J 
Bonifica'rc, v. to amend, improve. 
Bomfica'to, aij. ir.endcd, improved. 
Bonita', J./, goodness. 0*». 
Bonta<,\t./.goodne», «»««"««««» "^ i 



k«a(i9, for llie '■abe «C opot MfMot 

52s3lfti,!;2:} -«>"««"••♦'• 

Bora, /./. ■ serpent to caltv'd. 

Borbogliame'BU}, t.m. nolae, tutmik. 

BorbMlti'ra, v. to mutter, to f ivmble. 

1lorbo'glio,/.in. a rumbling noiae, uproar, 

feorbottaine'nto, j .qi. a mattcrinf , airum* 

Borbotra'ra, lA^'to grumble, to mutter. 

feort^ttato'ro, mb. ( -,,,,,^-l».. >ntmKik.. 

Borbolio'nc, s.m. J "*"«*«''. I««wr. 

Jh}'rcl*i«««./. a alud. 

Bonia^ilia, j. /. inob,iraBb!e. 

Itorda ta, i. /. a bruadiide. 

Borda'to, t.nt. a kind of iinen-Clotli- 

lonlaBgia'fe, t>. to aait wtUi the wind, -to 

BordeJla're,Ti. to frequent brotliels ; cadar 
bordetlando, lo-wencli. 

Bordellie're, *'.m. a luinter of brotliels. 

Bordtf'llo, i.m. a brothel, stews ; andare in 
bordello, go and be lianged ; late il bor- 
dello, to banter, to be tocifcrousiy 

9afrdo,j.>ff .iIiJp«board, the aides or a ship ; 
a krnd of linen-cloth; Ijorder, Item, 
brim ; andare a bordu, to go aboard. 
. llordc/nc,i.fn. a pi Igri m'a kla'ft' ; the staoipi 
ol iVftiliars in ]rouii| birds; a prop uf a 
butldiag-; a kind oi grave music. 

Ito'rea, i./.'tbe norlh'wiiid. 


Bnrga'ia, j./. a boruugb, a vill«r«. 


Aorglieai'a, t./. the Kate of » cilisen. 
Borglie'tto, s.m. a lianlet. 
Borglilgia'no, «. m. in inhabitant of a bo- 

Bo'rgo, I.m, a suburb, borouglfto«-D. 
Bvjrgogno'ne, s.m. a licad-ptccv. 
Borgoma'ttrOt'J.m. a bunch-master. 
Buf'ria, i.m. tiaugh(iiic>fa,sell«cuiiccil ; aver 

boria« to' boast. 
Itoria'rte, t<. to be proud. • 

Boriosila*, /./. vanity, seir«(^neeit. ! 

Bork/ao, tub', puft up, proud. i 

Boriofu'aio, s.m, a •elf<oncdt«d lellov. i 
Bo'rnio, a(/. one-cjed, sliort-sigbted. ' 
Bornio'la,^./. rfitscikc, blunder. I 

Bo'r'ra, /./. hair to atutT saddtot; luper-l 

floous words. 
■MTV\ecia, •/./. bad, badilgV.; a 

Cor w4iie (n tniTeillof ; a boracUo. 
Aorra'co, «:)«. borax. 

JiomMfl^Uo^ «i«ik a fiittcrt drain* 


^ f» ditch,- gutter, andc^ya 

»'•'"•< tor-food. 

Bo'rsa, /./. a par«e: a portuMmtna: it* 
ner boraa stretta,lo beatittgy ;fiu'b«% 
to board tnooeir } bona dc' lairfiir. 

■ the Exchanae. 

Borsa'io, i.m, • porae-nuker. 

Borsafut/io, t.m, a cutTpuae. 

Borsi'aIi4 /m. i P«"«- 
Burso'lto, i.M. « pouch, bag h rwow oj. 
■BoraaccJiKao, /.m. Imskia. 
'Boiica'glla, i./. ivood,.fof«ft, grow. 
*llo<>cajuo'lo, s.m. a woodmab. 
Bosca'ta, /./. a*grDve. 
Baacaf to, sUf. woody. 
Boscherrcchio, a4J' rural, aavage, ntnfe 
boiclterKoie, wood-nymphs. 

Boacbetti'no. '• «• i ' J JS',lii**S!'^J 

Boachi'no, aJJ. rural. woody,aaraga. 
Boico.i.m.a wood, forest ;«0i»r da I 

e rivirra, to be flt for any thing. 
Bos^lo, ^J. woody. 
Bo'sforo, s,m. strait of Bospfaoeaut. 
Bo9)to, s.m. tltc box-tree. 
Bofsola'ja, s.m. a hox'tiraker. 
Bo'ssolo, s.m. a bwM, a diot- box. 
Itota'nica, /./. botany. 
BotA'nico, aJj. botanical. 
Bou'nico, i.m. botanist, IterbalM. 
Buta'n.', f. to vow, or promise ; botani a 

Uio, todoroteonc^s ielf>loUud. 
Botu, s,m. a vow. 
Bytola, s. f. a cate. 
Bu'iulo, i. m. a cur, mungrel ; cgli c* ti 

rrfxaa di can botoio, l*C'«a revengefal. 
Bjti4, /./. a toad; a blow, a atfokc;a 

P'j4« or thrust in fenciog; armatara di 

lutta botta, armour. OMsqaet praof; 

butta risposta, « repartee; una bcib 

b«/tta, a fine stroke. 
Botritf'ek/no, s.m. a iia«k. 
Butu'ccio, s.m, a oa^, boUle.; « kiad af 

Botta'cli«,i,/. boots. Obs, 
Botta^o, s.m. a cooper. 
Botta'tia, i. /. iineti-ciotli so called. 
Bottr. /./. a cask, a ve»>el ; bootti. 
Bittte'ta, s,f. a sliop ; alaiv a boltiigs, • 

mlail one's buniacss. 

II £Si?,±;;i: ;•■»'''« •••»■>• 

||.Boctegt/nr, i.m. a great shop. 
'iBoiticeab, i./. a smaU \mA\ « gBMltMl^ 
' rcl I a soiall blow. 
Botti'«IU,/./ . 


Boaigtttftm, stmtt ».b«iU«n 
notiiglieri'a, /. /. a but et*8 place. 
Buiti'no, s. m, booty^ ptamler ; dmUmv a 

bot(tno» to p*llai«. 
BMio, f ifmscroka, bIo«'; botto di campaiM} 

the ioll«off»- ball; dl-bnKo, proiMrtli^ 
Aoitonala'nt '•/' tbe button9t>P a suit* 

Botto'ne, «.!■. a buUon<; a bud oA plant* : 
<putar boUoni, to4aunt ; darv opittar un 
bottonei to p«»4»'bint* 

Bottonic'ra, s.f. a.biiiUMi*boto. 

Bo(tu'me,^in. oaiks. 

Bute, j.m. an ox-: ^tters^ ^liaDlUni 

Bovi'Qida, um »iox>kini*r. 

Bo> i'le, s.m. an ox-^table. 

Bovi'na, t.f. cows dlin^ 

Bjv: no, alj, or tb»oxen-bre«d. 

Bo/;,i. J./, a siraHiDgi tbc ross^ dra«KlU 
III <!culpture, or painting. 

4oBaac<<Hiiu'<o, a^/. dttfunne(t> ilUshapedt 

BOifza'f o, i.fl». a buzz irdt 

B-izzt^ito, s.m. bud of a rtowcp;. bu'.ton ; 

K >'z/ima, '.Ml. pasta used by-woavert. 
H i&zo, ^*)tk a cuckold'; a blot'lfc 
a >/2ola're, t>. to pickup; to havo aHRnaol^ 


B.)z;;<>1c'tto, s.m.a little swelling, a pimple. 

ho' ^z -Sin, s.tfu a sweliinp, Uitnour, tiw co* 
of .1 siib>wonn: (hat im^aiuro wlrch flic 
n-.illM- clatrti» Tor grinding ; a stone cut 
p\ rannidJCJily ;• a throng of people. 

""";%^: I*"' of ""»<>""• 

I'Wiccyrv.v to qoeat {hi ttu-dutve.) 

hr irola'to. rt4/. fet, lusty. 

nr.,ci tr'tio, i.fM. a smal' arm. 

Hr xchcf^la're, v. to hunt, find out. 

Kr.{C'-lie'j?«io, J.w. que^t. 

M .ccheri'a, J./, hound-^. 

Hracclje't'o, J.m, a setling'dogt 

i^r xcch'w n, j.m. a (k>g>kceper. 

»! •icctajuo'la, i. j. \ 

B u'ci.Vle. s. tn.... >abracelBt',wriflt>>kand. 

lU^i i. ialetlo, s.m. j 

» af-i ia'ta, i, f\ an arm-fuJl. 

H >u:ci4CefUa, <. ^ a.little ann«fan. 

B.-:rciii«'Ilo,i.m. acrackncL 

brat «-ie're am. a ladyi ttsii«r. 

A i'oci9, an arm ; a-aortofineamra! 
Mflffo<rtle bracoia iacroce, tostand'iwith 
unc'« arras acron, to be idle ; alMva di 
hiaocia, with main strenfith ; Car- «U» 
brac«(«v towreitle; il bracckysacotaM, 
the temporal powers 

Brjcriol!'na> /.«•. a Ifttla ar«» 

Jt.-<<vi(/»a»A«ii » 


Vraccio^to,- f m« a lutty ann» 

.Bracciuo^, Sxim the arm oO a chair ; tt' 
dia a bracciaoHt an arm-chair. 

lira'cco, /. m. a setttag-dog^; bracco da 
quaglia, 'a spaniel ; bracoodlmanigoido, 
a bailiff, a ca:chpole ; bMCCO da sequito, 
a bluod-liflttnd ; bracco d% fcrmo, a set- 
ting-dog; braocoda lcva,ax)ue$tingdog4 

Bn'ce,M.f. buraingcoaU 

BfA'gai J./ C 1>«w<'!jcsj portar 

i./.... c 




brache, to 
Brao}le'4«at St/I a cod*piece. 
Brachierafjp, i.fn. a ira9:>-inalcer. 
Br!R}hie'i«,'jiffli. a tmn^ 
BraVia, *. ft br««ches;i 
Brdciaittt/lo, s.r^ a ooal-mcrchantt 
Dracie're, j.m. abraaier, a. pan. 
Braciuo'ia, j./» a steak. 
Braoa^ao, j.n* brcaohea -,. a cawandi 
Bra'do, s.TH. a bull ; a. f;eu<;nil n^ne fo-r 

neat cattle under 3 years oid« 
Bradu'me, s.m. biilij^ <y)4 cahreVk 

Brage, s.f. •) 

Bragiie'Me, >b.-e«chc«. 

Bra'gia, .«. /. } 

Braghltfte, s.m. a tru». 

Bi-a'go, :>limc, mud; clajr. 

Biw^na. .»./. de8Tra,;fondiKSj»> greedine3s. - 

Bramn'me, All. wishing. 

Brama're, t»* to de-irc. to loni^'for* 

Brama'to, flit/, wished for, covvt«-dt 

Bra'mito, J.m. the cry of beasts. 

Bramo'^anie'nte, nJv. greedily, fondly. 

Mramo«t*a, *./. a longing. 

Brim'/so, aHf. di>sirous, cageiv fond* 

Bra'nca, s.f. the fang, clnw, paw, gripe : 

branch ; capitar ndle branche, to fall 

in(o one's htmds. 
Branca' re, r. 'o sripe, to seizo* 
Braaoa*tn, s.f. a haddfal. 
Brancica'rc,^. to ha«d4e, to feel, 
Brancicato're,/.m. who handles, or givpeft 
Brantico'ne, ait*, groping in the dark, 

crawling ; andar brancicone> to gropf. 
Bra'nco, J.m. a. herd, a drove, a shoal, a- 

tk>otr, a bevy, a brood. 
Brancola're, v. lo grope, to furot^Ia. 
Brancoh/ne, aJv. ) -_ooi_. 
BrancuU/ni, adv. f PCoP'Dfe 
Braada,- j» /. a hammaa. 
Brande'ilo, s.m. a small piece* . 
Brandiroe'nto, J.m. a.hraiuiishing. 
BmndiW, V. to bfiaadish. 
Brandistu'cco, s.m. a kind of dagger> 
ara'hdo, J. tn. a swardi \ 
Brando'ne, J.m. piece, hit* 

a bratflo, s.m. a piece, a part, a bit j tit Ta- 
,, oeralo bffano a brano, ha- a« t^r** «*> 

II pieces. 
BraVa, J./- a ciabbaM. 


BraTBmt'nte, cifi'. bravely, itoutty. 

Brava're, t'. to brave, aflftont. 

Brara'ta, s. f. a bravado. 

Rravato'rio, aij. threatening. 

Brava'zao. t.m. a bully, a hector. 

Bravegvia're, v. to brave it. 

Braveri'a, s. f. ralour, courage. 

Bravo, 04/. valiant, courageous. 

Bra'vo, s.m, a bully, a swaggerer. % 

Bra'vo, bittrj. very well ! bravo ! 

Briivu'ra, i. /. spirit, courage; a spirited 
air(ifi musk.) 

Bre'ccia, i. /. a breach ; qaesto oon mi fa 
breccia, this does not afTect me. 

Bre'nna, j./.a sorry jade, a bad horse. Obi. 

Br«/ttine, t.f. reins of a horse. 
'Bre'tlo, adj. steril, barren. 

Breve, *./. a brief, Potie's letter, church- 
calendar, .^pcU against wiiciicrait. 

Breve, aJj. siiort, brief} in breve, shortly. 

Breve, adv. shortly. 

Breveme'nte, alj. briefly, in short. 

Brevla'le, s.m... ) ureviarv 

Brevia'rio, s.m. ] " ^^^^^^f- 

BrevicL-'ilo, s.m. a little ar.ulot, worn as a 
charm against witchcraft. 

Brcvilu'quio, s.m. a short discourse. 

BrevilH*, /. /. shortness, brevity. ^ 

fire'zza, j. / ) co1d,damp,mi8ty wea- 

Brezzoli'na, 4. /. J Iher. 

Brezzul./ne, s.m. a cold wipd. 

Briachc'zza, s. f. drunkenness* 

Bria'co, adj. drunk. . 

Brfaco'ne, s.m. a drunkard. 

Bri'cca, s.f. a steep, shaggy place. 

Bri'ccola, A /. a warlike engine to slioot 

Rricco'ne, s.m. a knave, a cheat. 

Bsicconeggia're, v. to lead a rogue's life. 

Bricconcrl'a, s.f. knavish trick. 

Br/ui, i./...)a itmatl broken part; a 

Bri'ciola, s.f. i little crumb. 

Ericiolu'tta, s. f. ) 

Bricioli'no, s. m. > a little crum. 

Bri'cioio, s. m. ) 
. ^ie've, sec Breve. 

Bri'ga, *./. trouble, di quiet, controversy, 
debate; busineis, atTair; dare briga, to 
be troublesome; comprar Ic brigiie a 
danarl contantl, to 4iick quarrels ; non 
voglio tante brighe, I'll have nothing to 
do wi h it. 

Brigadie're, s.m, a brigadier. 

Briga'nte, a.if. intriguing, cunning, sedi- 

Briganli'no, / m. a small pinnace that can 
both row anif sail ; a briiiantine. 

Briga're, v. to strive, to shift, to t>e busy ; 
brigare una carica, to make interc4 tor 
a place. 

Brifia'ta, /./. eotnpany. Iroop» crew, a 
brifl«4e.) brif ata 4i ilarue, a brood pS 


partridge! ; andar di 1>rigata, to go to- 

Brigate'lla, s. f. a small family. 

Brigatie're, .i..m. a brigadier. 

Bri'glla, /. /. ■ bridle; correre a tatta 

, briglia, to run full speed ; a briglia 
sciolta, headlong, rislily ; tirar la brig- 
lia, to keep one under ; leneris briglia, 
to bridle, keep in, to curb. 

Briglla'jo, s.m. a bndlc-maker. 

Briglio'ne, s.m- a great bridle. 

Brigo'so, adj. litigious, quarrelsome* 

Brill me'nto, s.m. brightness. 

BrJIIa'nte, adj. shining, sparkling. 

Brilla'nte, s.m, a brilliant. 

Brilla're, v. to sparkle, glitter, to leap for 

Brilla'to, adj. cleansed. 
Brillato'jo, S.m. a sieve. 
Bri'llo, s.m. joy, gladness. 
Bri'llo, a>0'. tipsy. 

Irin"a';a!"//:} »'°'»'- f'-°«. *>»»»« f^' 

Brina'to, £^f. speckled, spotted. 
Bri'ndisi, «.fn. your health! far brindisi, 

to drink hf>alth. 
Brino'so, adj. frosty, misty. 
Bri'o, r.m. mettle, fire, lile. J^ 

Brio'90, a4j. mettles:>me. • 

Brisciame'nto, s.m. a chillcess, or ahakiof. 
BriVido, s.m. piercing col-j. 
Brizzola'io, adj. speckled, freckled, flea* 

Bro'bblo, s.m. reproaoli.. Ohs. 
Bro'cra, J./, pitcher, water pot; nemico 

a hrucca, a professed enemy; dar di 

broccfl, to hi the nail. 
•Broc a'fv, v. to spur. 
Brocra'ta. s. /. a blow, r^ncounte^. 
BrucC't'to, j.m. a bro(,'adei list. 
'Broc chie're, ■.»«.> „ ,_,,ii k,.^h-.. 
Bro(chit/ro,/.;».i ^»™'" *'"*^'*'«'^- 
Broccia're, v. to prick, to spur. 
Bro'cco,j.fn. a pej?, a slump of a tree; dar 

nrl brocco, to hit tlir m.(i k, guess nglit* 
Bro'ccoio, s.m. sprouts broccoli. 
Broccolu'to, 0<r. lull of sprouts. 
Brocco'so, rtf'. f^"'' of stumps ; seta broc- 

cosa, knotty Kiik. 
Bro'da, s.f. swill, hof-wash, mire;.vers«r 

la broda, to lay the blame. 


Bro'telta'io, a^J. done in brotli. 
Brude't.o, s.m. tine soup, broth with ejtt* 

in it; andar in brodctto, to feel gri'*t 

Bro'do, s.m. broth ; lamcrtarai del broda 

gras^o, to compia<n of ease ; andarc la 

brodo, to molt with joy. 
Brodolo^so, ii<(/. slovenly, nasty. 
BrugliaVe, it', to embroil, eai^nglCt 


Rrn'ijHo, s.m. tumuh, nolw. 
Rrolio, adj. naked, barr, poor. 
Brolo, s^m. m tArland, duplet. 
Rro'ncto, s. m. passion, rexattoD ; fare fl 

broncio, to attack ; ptgliar oteaer bron- 

cio. to fljr into a paasion. 
Jtro'nco, s.m, congrr-eei; slump of a free. 
Bronc</Qe, s. m. a branch, a wine-prop ; 

Bruntota're, v. to f runble, to matter. 
Bronzi'no, a4/. sun-burnt, cupper<olored. 
Kronzi'iU, s.m. a founder. 
Bro'nzo, sjm. cast copper, or brass. 
Bruca're, v to strip olT leares, to go away. 
Bpjcia're, v. to itch, smart, burn. 
Brticia'ta, «./. roasted chesout. 
Br.iciata'jo, f. lis. a seller of roasted ches- 

Bruciaflo, a^f. bamed. 
Br.i'cio, a grub. . 
Bnicjola'to, a4/. wonn>eaten. 
Bru'ciolo, / as. a worm ; shapings of wood. 
Brucio^re, /.«i. burning, smarting. 
Bru'co, s.m. a grub, a caterpillar. 
Brui're, v. to biutle, to rumble. 
Brulica'me, s m. a source. 
Brulica're, v. to sUr up. 
Brulichi'o, j.m. Bfiotion. stirring. 
Rruli^mc^nte, div. poorlf.'llOf aij. naked, destitute. 
Rrj||</ilo, i.m. a fircship. 
lii'ii'ma, $.f. the winter. 
Hr.-ma'Ie, aij, wintry. 
i'r iTtii'sto, uttL, a kind of Wne. 
A> jna'zzo, eUj. swarthy, a^Iy. 
Brune'tto, adj. brunette, datt-complex- 

Brune'zM, t.f. swartlitness. 
B.-uni're, v. to polish, bumisli. 
Bruni'to, adj. polished, burnished. 
Bninitnyo, i.fffc a bunit«htng stick. 
Br initirre, i.m. a burnisher. 
Bruniiu'ra, s.f. act of burn'shinf. 
Brii'm, J. m. mourning ; portar il bruno, 

t'j wear mourning. 
Bru'ro, aiJ. brbwn, dark ; orer-cast, g1oo> 

my, cloudy: una bruna, a brown 

woman ; un bruno, a brown man ; 

arr bruno, gloomy air; rlsta bruna, a 

melancholy look ; color hnino, a dull 

colour; il regno bruno, hell. 
B unc/ito, aAJ. dusk}-, brownish. 
BrAcs, /./. a brush. 
BruscamCntr, aiv. bluntly, roughly, 
Bri;sclit'tfo, adj. sourish. 
B' Khc'sza, s.f. sourness, sharpness, 
t' I'fto, <»</. sour, tdrt; grim, harsh, ill- 

naturrd ; vin bru^ro, rough wine ; teuipo 

bru^co, sharp wralbc-r. 
Bri'jTo, dJt>. sourl) ; pa'che* mi par' ate 

cusi* bruscof why do you Speak so 

rojgUy to OM ? 


Bmfscolo, i.ffl. a fescue, a straw. 

Bnistola're, v. to scorch, toast. 

BruU'Ie, adj. fierce} un bnitale, a bratUU 
man, a clown. 

Brutalita*. «. /. bratality, rashness. 

Brotalmcrnte, adv. brutally. 

Bru'to, i.ffi. a brute, a beast. 

Bruttame'nte, air;, dirtily, dishonestly. 

Bruttaae'nto, s.m. filthiness, nisiiiiess. 

Bnitta're, v. to soil, spot, stain ; bruttarsl 
le mani nel saosu^> to imbrue one's 
hands in blood; bnittare 1' onore di 

Saalchcdttoo, to stain another's repula- 
Brutta'to, alj. soiled, spotted, stained. 
Bnitteri'a, t.f. nastiness. 
Brutte'axa, s. /. ugliness, nastlness. 
Bru'ttOj <u[/. deformed, filthy, base ; brutto 
costume, a shameful custom. 

5S«u'Si:7:} •»««"»«•' o^*««^*^ 

Bruxta'glia, s.f. the poor, the rabble. 

Bru'xxo,i.fn.thetwilight ; in sut far bruaxo* 
at the dusk of the evening. 

Bua'ccio, t.m. a clumsy ox ; a dolt, block- 

Buassa'ggine, s. f, dullness, aukwardne«s. 

Bu^bola, s.f, a whoop, bird so called. 

Bubbola're, v. to bubble, to deceivr. 

Bubbola'to, adj. bubbled, dccci?ed. 

Bu'bbole, s. f. fi. idle stories. 

Bubboto'he, /.in. a prating fellow. 

Bubu'lca, s.f...\ .„ ,^,„ ,^f 1-^. . 

Bubulca'ia, s,f. \ »" ^'^'^^ '*»f '^*-> 

Bu'cafj./.a hole, buca scpolcraJe,thrgraye. 

Buca'ta, s.f. awa'-h. 

Bu-a'to, aij. bored, plerCi'd. 

Bura'to, s.m. a buck, o^ lye to wash with : 
grembisl di h'xato, a clean apron. ; ri)-' 
ciacqujrc il biiCato, to chide orrciui- 

Bucati'no, /.»f. a rtati-wash. 

BuVchero, s.m. a Teasel m^de of an odo- 
riferous kind of clay. 

Bu'ccia, s.f. rind, bark, shell, skin ; tulti 4- 
d'ona boccia, all of the same casU 

Buccie're, s.m. a butehcr. obs. 

Bu'ccina, j. /. a t umpct. • 

Buccina're, t'. to sound a trumpet; si buC' 
cinfi, tlicv sav. 

Bti'ccio, s.m bark, rind, shell. 

B'jccio'so, a.lj. barky. 

Biirriuo'lo, s. tx. till: ^pace between ti.e 
joiiil ot a reed. 

Bucco* ica, s.f. pastoral vtfrscs. 

Biicco'iito, flJ;.; 

Buce llo, s.m. a young ox. ... 

Biiccn'o'ro, J. m. the dope's great Mnp it 
vciiicc. In wlikb he goes lo msiiy »■'«■ 
Adriatic. ' 

*^ 14.4.A cro . a. r^^/2 

Hu e 

Buchera'me, urn. buckram. 

fcuchcra'rtr, t'. lb stand a candidate ; to 

make l>ul69. 
But hera'tb, (i^j. fiiM'of holes, niUtO. 
»UCl»«T:iUo'l«, i.f. , ,..,. , . 
BuchcraH)'lb, i.m. ) » "***» *»•'*• 
fiuccica're , v. to move, «tir, jog, 
Buciname'nto, J.m. a bnzaing, haipmini{« 
AKTina'rc, v. to whisprr; si buciiia pcrlj 
. cilta', tbf!y wkiipiT .iboiit tl.c toM.;). 
Biici'ne, J./.... i a bow-net, snuU. boar- 
Bucinc'tto^^.fB. f n»t. 
fi!iro, j.fli. a bole, a key.-ljul:-, 
l?iici>irh.», s.m. a lilth- lio.c. 
i<'i(Ktla'tnr.,j.m.tlir bow«]k 
BiMt'tto, j.wi tlie gul. 
Bjdrit're, j.m. a belt. 
Ku'c, J. m an OX; a blockhoad : but ul* 

TaMco, .1 wild bulU. Untax di bue, a 

ncat'it totiKUi*. 
Bue'tn, n J\»'; aa« itoorapt wonuui* 
ku't'alo, i.iii. a buifHlo. 
fiufe'ra, .«./. a stbrni, a whiriwiod* 
Butni, /./. tritlf, trJck, cheat; fare una 

bu/I'd, ta ptay a trick ; prcnd.:ne una 

buir.1, to take in jest ; tirai giu* la.bttffa, 

to lay aside all modcMtyr. 
BbtTa'rB. t». la trifle, joke, to play theJooL 
Buflrk'tto. i.m. a. fillip : a buffet \ paa buir 

fetto, a FrcQch-rolli 
Buffo, $.m. a Hhiff'. 
Buffo, (uij,, conilr. 
Riiffona're, t*. to play the buflfoon. 

BuffOncVito, JO». ) - KnlTrw*- 

Buffonci'no, i.m /■''""^"' 

BuffV/ne, j.M. a buflbon, jester; fur doata 

di bullbiM, tnpuuup an atTront. 
Buffonegiia're, v. to ptay tlit: buffoon. 
Buflinneri'a, j. /. pleusaolry, bufliMiary, 

BuiTbnevame'nte, alv. pleasantly. 
Bnffone'sro, aXj. druti, jesiinii. 
ItufoJa'ccid, a clumsy igitucjnt frllow. 
Bti'l'olo, ^.m. a, a wild oa; pello 

di bul'olu, buff'Skin. 
I'jfonchia're, v. to innttrr, to grumble. 
Bugi'a, i./. a lye, a iMnuicandlesttck. 
Bugla'tio, i.m, an unoiannerly mail. OU. 
BtMiardame'nte, aiv. Ulai-iy. 
Bugia'rda, A/. I ,. 
B igla'rdo. <?•(/. fkl<e. 
Bugiardo'ne^j.m. a.great liar. 
Bugiarduo'lt), i.m a lUtlc l-ar. 
Bugia're, i*. to lye i to bore ; to pierce. 
flu'ie*tta, *./. a fib. 

Bu'f io, i.m, a hule. 

io'ne, s.fn. a great lye. 

u'scza, /./. a (lb. 

iuo'Io, s.m. a ItUlt kuTcl. 

Buglo'anfl, t. f. bu(d«>s!«. 
Biiano, /.fn..a bee hive. 

B."'Soio;/.'»£] ■ •'"'**' 


wiakor <mMfowba«lcet» 

Buja'ociOr^m. honrid. darknc»& 

Biilt-'tto, a.lj. darkuU. 

B't/i)u, iiJJ, hclontMng to the ox, or. com 

Oii'jo, S.1U. djrluit'js i far Ic cose a1 buj^v 
tn act in the dark. 

Bu'jo, aJi, dark,, giltioiny, difiiculi* ob« 

Buj(/iv, s.m. dacknesa, glo imiofS*. 

Buj(/'>e,.j./t ft, caat wur^ior. priuiis* 

Bu'ri>a,4.m. bulb. 

Rulbo'so, ajj. bulboiiB. 

BuMria'na, s,f. a.ltarlot, «.whare« 

RitliCii'ino, i.m* a (prlnf^ a.*our(;u. 

Riillc .'n-, V. to bubble. 

Bii'linia, i./. crowd. 

B'i'limo, i.iM; bulimy. 

Buii'no, s.m. abuunib 

'Bulla, i./. abubb'e, blUirr, scajd* 

BulVtiit, i. /, a billtt, Urkei, w«, 

. stud : tie r Ic bulieite, to drai«.lo(«. 

Biiiltfiti na, a. /: ( , ,.,„ ^..,^.... 

.Bulirtti'no! s. m. ] »••*'"• ••»*«<•»«• 

Buisi'nj, /. /. f shurtiicai. o£ brcolk, pu«» 

jBiilsi'no, /. ffu t siness* 

Buonitcco'nlo,i.«a. a musical atiingcd io* 

Buonagura'to; adj, lick;. 

'Buonamr'nte, o4v. truly,, imkrad. 

Buonavo'glla, s.m. a volunioer. 

Buonda'to, dt(/^ abundani. 

.Buonda'io, AIM. ai>uodanl]y» rauch. 

Dtio'no, (%(fl.good, wiiolesomc, fX ; simple, 
i^nucent ; propitious, sincere ; Uuii' 
ana, iiealliiy. air ; buoo mecciiu, • 
clieap bargain ; dar«i biuMi (erapo, t» 
live well ; buone parole, Ttair words; 
I'ar buon vSso ad alcuno, to fu* 
ccire one kindly ; andaie all* bu.)a' 
ora, God bleta you ; esser in buon sea* 
so,, to be in onc'ii senses;, di buona 
fedi*, sincerely; di buon volere, una- 
nimausly^ di buona voglia, wiU1ngl». 

Buo'no, i.m. advantage, benefiC; cotie 
buone, pi. witK good, words ; tra:ur 
cuMc buone,. to uic one kUuUy » Tar 
buono, to make good,, to BKaal; biaon 
per nrc, well, for me. 

Burane'sc, J./, a kind of soar grapes. 

Buratte'llo, s.m. a bolter, a baittat clot^ 
Tor meal* 

Buraiti'oo, s.m. a puppet. 

Bura'tlOf/.w. a bolter. i^ 

Hurba'nzA, n«ten(atioM, raonllnf* "^ 

Riirbnnaa're.D. to brag, lo boast, to glory. 

Burbanae'ai o, ai(/. i ^^ . i,«,..i»i*- 

Burbanal«'«,fl4/. J '*^'*' l»w«>XT- 


Burba ngo'soi aij. arrutanli-sitliiftptuvtM. 

u'rbera»,^^ a>crui« U»'ralt»^tfili i , 
u'rbero,, 4i4c* ru4e> rougb^ cnabbod'; 

Kuanlai) hMriiero^ » s«ui- or sarlffloolii; 

vi>o hurbero. 4 pnnidand.aQffryfa04i. 
i k'rchia, i./i RUi«iviMi ; vcbkr ^a.buih 

(.hi a, to aieaJf. ta.coity; aftar «a«tbciiV 
Vin ]ii<f Ik), s.m. a,boiil» 
j'l'rchio, s.m, a wlicrry, -i li^htw 
Hf-c'IU, s.f. a duriMHo. f4i». 
i' iria'no,r(,j«i.a vine so callui*'sw. s.m. a boodloik 4 br<M{|Ml0ifo4 
I horold. 

Fi'iri j're, V. to ridioulot j<MT».liu<«n; taur- 

I'trsi, to joke, lauvli jt, 
K rlato're, a baBterofii. 
H I le \cok «({• facetitttu^ in«rr7.i 
Kiiric'ua,.^.^ comic oBanb 
K .r.cVolc, AlJ. wrctclieil. 
^ •■'Iie'ro, aif,. lacFrj^.oomical. 
>' 1 I 'Ra'ccio. t.m» a siily jwUBT. 
^ 1 1 1 j'nc, iLint a jcktnr. 
A 1! rj'»ca, i./. a leiapatti; vqnoan bvoBK 

( •!, to nut a ri»lk 
'■- i J J SCO' VI, <]^'. sltirnir* 
^j ra ti'rc, v. to 'discuss. 
^ irr i'(o, s.m. a rocky place. 
' jrro, j.m. butter, 
) itro'.voi j.iM» aicliflr. 
> irro'-io, o^, soli a».bu(t<>r. 
:ri b^cca're, t». to deceive, lo che:ilk 
t liaccbeh'a* i(»/« CMft, tnick^ shifU 

i'-«Kr» < Ml I vei\ir» 

ii'>--a,/. /. a srarch; daxsi aTU* busci 
(1 qual cheduno,,to Ix in4}|i«!4 of<Bunia- 
>KKiy ; andar alU busca,. to go a be()> 

: '-< 'It'a'aa.^/. »Miry j4ife«.Baorba«li^ 

t ■ (.iccJiijifrtt t>.to.paoeHre. 

:-■>■'( 4're, v. to Iiunt after* to tbarp^ 

Mr iw\. 
f' ium'Io, ^Jrt. (tot, cau^dt. 
'•i'CAt&n, *.m. Hearclicr. 
!• ' lU-'tte, t./.fU lliHc stick*, or ttrftv ; 

!>rdr Iftbuacbotie, to diaw lo(». 
^ itciu'iicj, um, a bush of tltouu. 
>< '<o, J.M. tfafl shoot Ol' A iwc. 
''' i>co'i'no, /.«. an atom, ur motf . 

n Mia, 4./. a muaical instniment* 

f .'II. o^'. emgcjry boivd, rain. 

t: •' I'ne, 4.m. a mittical instrument* 

B i Va, i. /• trouble, grief, faiituc* laboiir { 

<) t>laMr, a Stroke. 
n J' •iinc'iitOk i.m. a.kneckUitf> 
r* i ^ lu, ti. to knock. 
'<'. 'i.itu're, i.fii. he that knocks. 
^ *-.i./.fi, tbutnD^ itrok«a« 
t»x-M uo, 4«Ni, a aHufett 


•usso. t.m. noiito; lNUk>i 

I IMimi% thtt aiariiior^ ooanai^; pe w iei» 

I la bussola, to be atonCs wWaeod. 

Busso'n^ tt mt. at iMisioaL wiiMMmCru- 

Bttsto, iim« aibaal; MajM^ boddlook 

Buii iTo^ s,m. b«iicr. 

Bottaiiia* 1. ^ tbe wmtbaAtpmmtfi a 

6stn. oaaeaim 
Botta're, V. to throw, Hiam tt<ru»t% 
Buttera'to, 44f. pittod with tbe snail' 

Bolttonot •'•OM apoofc-biilaii 
BiiMbvo'jc^ «(^. pitted with, tbv shmU- 

Bu'lHni,./.jni a. Wndi oC (aucUqfh 
Buzaica're, v. lo sneak away; to vtltis- 

B > w ichsfl1o» A»..) a whiaparbiBi ssmall 

Bmaicobi^o* Jt^) noise. 

Bfinto. uwk. a |iia<ualiioD4 {taOgaHf) a 

BugMu'nm,.mi» bipboiUadR » gUtttoA Qii 


C*A, /./, jhhouse. oJv. fKaM»»i> eaif del 
^ Diavolo, ho}>. 
C4:bal44>>L oataaia. 
Cabah'^ta, t.m. a cab!<Iist» 
Ciibalr'stJca^ a^A cabniiiaical. 
CaU>lta'{!gto, J.m. cnii;ii.>c (fraittn^ 
Cacaccia'no. j.i»i..aifoiiii8h fi«ilow. 
Cacajai/la, s, fi Ioobwicsh cliarrit<aa. 
Caralfiia, s.f. horscmiinship, chivalry, 

{burlfsiflu exfrfssijH), 
Cacalu'cchiol an interjactioa o^* wonder. 
Oca'u, s.m, an Indian fruit hte an al> 

Carapcnsie'ri, one who raises diiB' 

cuUietk (d ln» wtfd. j 
Caca're, v. to void; evacuate. 
Cacasa'nguc, cacothynyv a dirao» 

Cacw/do, s.m% a conceited (e11o«s en« 

that alTecta to be grave. 
Cacaste'cchii J.m. a niggardly fcUow. 
Caca'ta, /./. the easing of the belly. 
Cacataroc'ote, a4j, slowly> aufcHrardiy!* 
Cacate'ssa, s. f. a iilthy prostitute* 
Caoalo'to* '»nu a necesiMry house. 
Cacatu'ra, «• /. the act of easini^ one'»' 

^eaoaaibe'ttok s.m* beauisb, niee. 
tCaoci, i./. bleaj>oyed»ies8.. 
iCaGcaba'Uole. *. A bJaodishaaent; dar 

ciyrcabaWolc, lo please the fincirj 4» 

Cryargfa^i «■«» 


CaccIiUte^U, /./. thin cake. 

Cftcchio'ne, /.of. a ceruin worm, or mag- 
got i a drone. 

CacQhiono'jo, a4f. full of maggots. 

Ca'ccia, /. /. hunting, chasing ; game ; 
huntsmen; chase at tennis; prender 
caccia, to fljr away t dar caccia ad un 
Tasceilo, to give a sbip the chase ; an- 
dar in caccia, to pursue { mettere in 
caccia, to chase. 

Citcciadla'ffoll, s.m. a conjurer. 

CacciafTa'nni, <i^'. merry. 

Cacclagi'one, game, venison i hunting) 
pursuit ( boscoda cacciagione* a wood 
for hunting. 

Cacciame'ato, s. m. expulsion, turning 

Caccia're, v. to hunt, pursue, torn out, 
drive out; to drive in, thrust in; cac- 
ciar di casa. to turn out of doors ; cac- 
ciar un grido, (o cry, or scream out ; 
cacciar gil occhl ad uno, to pull one's 
eyes out ; cacclarsi in una coropagnia, 
to intrude into a company ; un chiodo 
caccia I' altro, one nail drives anotlier. 

Caccia'ta, /./. expulsion. 

Cacclato'jo, t.f. pincers. 

Cacciato're, a liunter ; a persecutor. 

Cacciatri'ce, /./. a huntress. • 

Ca'ccole, i./.»/. blear-eyednew. 

Caccol(/80, aJU. blear-eyed. 

Cacherc^ilb, s.m. the dung of sheep, rab- 
bits, va\ce, Stc. 

Cacheri'a, s. f. dalliance, wanlonoess, 

CachrroNo, adj. quaint, soft, delicate, 
wanton ; far il caclieroso,' tu be a 

Caclicssl'a, /./ cachexy. 

Cachc'ttico, aij. cachectical. 

Cachi'nno, s.m. a loud laugli. 

Ca'cio, s.m. cheese; csser pane e cacio, 
to be very intimate. 

Caclta', J /. a disease In women's breasts. 

Caciur/la, s.f. flat round chrese. 

Caeofoni'a, «./. a cacophony. . 

Cacografi'a, j./ fault In writini?. 

CacograAzxa're, t>. to write Incorrectly. 

Cacu'mc, i.m. top, lieiglil, »ummit. 

Cada^cre, s.m. ) ^^^ ^ody. 

Cada vcro, s.m. S 

cadave'rico, aJj. 7 cadaverous. 

Cadavcro'so, '><(/• 3 

cadc'nte,<ii/. inllind, declining; deficient. 

Cadir'n;!a, i./. cadence (/» mtuk.) 
Cade're, t*. to fall down; to fall out, hap- 
pen; to. decline, decay, to concern, 
Belong to ; far cader mortn, tii strike 
dead; cader neil' animo, to come into 
one's thoughts; cadrr in difcorso,.to 
fall into discourse; cader in iai;lio, to 
leU convcolcBtly \ cader per mano, to 


meet with by chance ; non Cide a roi, 
His not your bull nest'; cader in bocci 
ai cane, to miscarry in his deaiiDS ; ca* 
der ammalato, to fall sick. 

Cade'tto, s.m. a vounger brother, a cadet. 

Cadc'vole, aij. (rail, perishable. 

Cadime'nto, s.m. destruction, fall, scttinf, 

Ca'dmia, s. /. branK>re. 

Caducc'o, I.m. the wand of Mercury. 

Caduclta*, s. f. frailty. 

Cadu'co, a^j. iVail, perishable; cadufhe 
speranae, deceiving hopes; roal cadu* 
CO, the falling sickness. 

Cadu'u, s.f. falh 

Cadute'lla. /./. a slight fkll. 

Cadu'to, <?^. fallen, abject, cast down. 

CalTa're, v. to throw an odd number wuii 

- dice. 

CalTe, s.m. cofl'ee, coflTee-house. 

CaflVista, i.m. a coflfee-drinker. 

CadTetta'no, /. m. shepherd's frock. 

Caff'ettie'ra, ».f. a coffee-pot. 

Caffettie'ro, s.m. coffee-house keeper. 

Caffo, alj. odd ; singular, rare, cxtrsor* 

CflgEc'nie, adj. falling. 

Ca'ggerc, v. to fall. Ohs, 

Cagioname'nto, cause, occasion. 

Cagiona're, v. to occasion ; Impu'^ 

Cagiunaio're, t.m. one that cause*. 

Cagionce'lla, s.f. a little cause, pntpncf. 

Caglo'jie, s. /..cause, motivf, rxciM : 
trovarcagione, to And reason ; prrii rr 
cagione, to take the opportunity ; por 
cajione ad uno, to lay to one's charge 

Cagionu'zaa, /./. a trifling cause. 

Caitlin're, v. to decay, grow faint, fear. 

CaKna, *./. a bitch. 

Cat;n.i'ccio, s.m. » a msstlflr dog, lar^e 

Caena'2;(i), s. m. \ dog. 

Ca "nf^giu'ri", v. to shew cruelty. 

Cagnencimc'nt.*, adv. surlily. 

CiKHcNco, olj. doggish, brutish, canine; 

guardiire in casntrnco, to look askew. 
Cagne'Uo, s.m. n little dog, or puppy. 

C^sno'tto, s.m. t puppy ; a brave, a bully 
Caifnii'ccto, i.m.) 
.«... f 

a little dog, a pupp)'. 
a little ship. 

Cagnuo'lo, J. 

Cal cro, s.m. 

Caimd'ne, s.m. a k\ni of alllgatnr. 

Cui^iH, J. /. a place in hell wiicre traitDn 

arc tormented. Port. 
Cala, /. /. txiy, road for ships; ducbiaji 

a sea punishmcutt 


l&bro'nCi s.m. a hornet. 

LuMa're. v. to calk a ship. 

I lata to, i.m. a calker. 

.i,,^» :. , ^ i »n Inkstand; an eatable 

llama JO, i.f«."^ Italy so called. 

aUma'ndri'na, i.f. germander. 

i1 imaegia're, v. to pipe, whistle. 

i. inie'nto, i.m. descent, steepness. 

aUm't'«'ro, i.m. a criaping-pan. 

jl.imi'ta, 5./. tlic load-sione, the needle 
of liie compass. 

aiaraitii', 4./. misery distress. 

Mlimita're, v. to touch iron wUh the 

dlamitalo, a4/» belonging, to tlie load- 

^'amitosame'nte, aiv, unhappily. 
i^mite'so, aij. mberable, distressed. 

' •Uinftra, J. /. a loadstone, obj* ■ 
^'lamo, t.m. a reed, cane. 

:<•- a'ndra, /./. the woodlarlc. 

nliti'lri'DOt ■».<». a simpleton. 

:<2< I'liiro, a wood<lark. 

: I'.i'ppio, s.m. a sliding knot, a snare. 
il/ic, to <K-8CPnd, decrease, decay ; to 
Cii;} and flow; fall in price; be light 
01 weight ; calare le vele, to strike sail ; 
c^Iargiu', to go down; calarsi ad ana 
co^i, to yield; nel calar del (rtomo, 
to-.c-irds the evening ; la luna cala, the 
moon wanes. 

ai-i'ta, /./. descent of a hill; abatement, 

<'.VA, s.f. crowd, muUitade. 
.>ci/iia're, v. to run away. 
Icigni'no, s,m. the quarter of a shoe, 
tirf iieels; andar a caicagnioi, to walk 

Mti'i^Ho. A>is. the heel; dar delie cal- 
(ivm, to spur; pagar di calcagna, to 
rin »w9y, 

'a'., ime'nto, /. tn. pressing, treading 

■ '•■ c I'ra, f. /. a kind of oven or furnace 
"I w'liicb vitreous matter is calcined. 

'<i <■ i've, V. to press ; tread apon ; to op« 

f > uume'nte, iii-o. closely. 

t lie ':o, itO' pressed, crouded } via cal- 
' •*'», 'he highway. 

Ca:c .to're, j.m. a trcader; calcatord'ura, 
•* T'iKler of grapes. 

< • •-' •rrr'ppo, s.m,... i star-tbistle, Sir Bar- 

C rAtrr'|}|)olo, s.m. ) nabas* thistle. 

t -"'catrKcc, *./. a woman-treadcr ; a co- 
« 11 rice. 

r<lc4iuVa^ s. f. a trampling under one's 

Ci . c, uf, that part 0/ the lance' DeKtx)r 
'>'-l >vr the place grasped by the warrior 
ill baule* 


CalceAo'nto, a. ok a kind of prectow 

Calce'se, s.m. a step In a ship. « 

Calcestru'aao, t.m. cement, mortar. 

Calce'tto, s.m. a sock, pumps. 

Calcica're, t>. to resist ; to trample. 

Caicido'nio, t.m, a sort of precious stone. ' 

Calct'na, #. /. lime ; calcina fiorita, slake4 ' JL^ 
lime. "^ 

Calcina'ccio, s.m. rubbish, ruins. 

Calcina're, v. to calcine, bum to a ca1r» 

calcina'to, aij. calcined, reduced to pow* 

CalcinatuVa, t. /. > ^-i^i^,,i«„ 

cjlcinaaio'i.e.j/. J «»c«n««on- 

Ca'Icio, t.m, a kick ; the foot ; foot-bale t 
dar de* calci, to kick ; dar caici alle 
richezac, to despise riches ; dar calci 
al Tento, to kick the air, to be hanged. 

Calcitra're, v. to kick ; to resist, refuse. 

Calcitrazic/ne, t. f. kicking. 

CHlcitro'so, oi/. kicking. 

Calco. t.m. chalking, (a ittipi.') 

Calcolaiuo'lo, t.m. a weaver. 

Calcotrre, v. to compute, calculate. . 

Calcolato're, s.m. an accompiant. 

Calcole, s,f.fL\ weaver's treadle. 

Calcolcri'a, s. f. the act of casting ac- 

Ca'lcolo, s.m. computation, account ; the 
stone, in the bladder. 

Calcolo'so, aJji troubled with gravel. 

Calcula're, v. to calculate. Obs. 

Ca'lculo, s.m. computation. Oht. 

Caiculasio'ne, i./. calculation. 

Calda, /./. the act of heating ; the bottesr 
hour in the day. 

Caldame'nte, adv. ardently, eagerly, fu- 
riously; pregar caldame'nte, to intreat 

Calda'na, J./, mid-day, brat, a cold. 

Caidani'no.J.fn. achaUngdish. 

Caldvno, t.m. a stove for airing rnoms*- 

Caldanu'zzo, s.m. a small cliafing-dish.. 

Caldeggia're, v. to protect. 

Calderaio, s.m. a brazier, tinker* 

Caldero'/ie, s.m. a caMron. 
Caldero'ito, s.m. a pot, seething'pot. 
Calderu'gio, s.m. a goldfinch. 
Calderuo'la, /.jd a likillet. 
Calde'tto, ajj. milk-warm. 
Calde'zza, s. f. warmth, earnestness. 
Caldita*, s.f. lieal. , 

Ca'Ido. s.m. heat, ardor, vehemence; ra 
caldo, it is hot ; morir dl caldo, to die 

witii beat. 
C^ldo, adj. hot, warm, 

kindi hearty; 




Ca du'ccio, sjm ••«wll.he«ii 
Ca du'r?k^,/, sqiify^liMti 
C« efau're, ti. taiMjK.4»ip% 

Ca e'ndf, /. /, fi. caleods, Uie Am <la|W«r 
toe moq|l»* 

CaJepi'no» j.m. cal«pin (« dktknary,) 
Caic re, w. to care, ci);)c«ni,.biwr«'c«mMrn. 
<•>! ; non ve ne raglia, don^* Unuble 

VMUMlfikbOttt'it t lIlVMlMMaMMIKUliMitt, 

I Anij«iloii#) of ymu" hqanu; ncttare 
tJi'noA caJflf not iiiiOMii 

Cale'stro, s.m. s^mlK.tlcril.ifttandi 
Cae;ua,i./. a8lico|.hfh 

^ . -f ' *''^' 'UJOI';. nathiiHK Uu.oC s^il. 

Ca i:bf, /.«. stoslt. 

Calibr^tetj «. to>(li«|NHalaipUH»>of*ord» 

nance. ^^ 

Cairi)rQyj.fM,.tbaB|amp, pirtt.. ilut. oTa. 

flcrsoQ.) (lio bam ftfira min*. 
ca ljce,j.m. chalice, communion. ciin» 
C«lirQrtt.,,^tnM unnUtolialfcai 
Calicji/nc, i. m. a nMi«bpw»««lM. 
cahdmj,,,,/. liMUwarmUu 
Ca Jido, a.(/. iiot, wann. 
C« '//To, j.w. a caliph,, 
cailua're, v. tu gram dark,, dinn 
VfUiHwnr» a^fk mitu blindness isnorancv. 
ca iBino'so, ndj. dark, miitri oVaaire* 
Ca I'sse, s.f. a kind of. woQlItn oioita. 
Calla, i. /....•> • 

Cft||^«rifa, n/i a.o«rnnv paiM«(^ 
caMaju(/ia, j. /. a nei or mare fixed In any 

CaUB, ttm^ palh, ntad*, Mreat, paiaife* 
cal Ull»a», Siji craft, cunnins. 
Ca'llldo, aiJ. craflfu 
CaniuraiU*,ii./i tits ait o£ wcitiii9«rtK 
Ca h f rafo, t,m, 4 wxiUag*tMUUcjv 
Caiio, Am. > com. a herd aU»ii faril caUo, 

to use one's s«M» 
CaljoriV'./' diinfllM.fl«idai 
Callo'so, aij. caUoiu^ iiardi 
Calina,/./. a calm. 
CaimaVet vt toiqulitf) paci/y^ 
Calma'to, o^/. calmed, appvaatf . 
Qalmo'Bak cant and: flaih. ianfoaf*. 

Caio, /.m. decay, diminulion, fall, 
C9ila'«n% aA calttiMir* ote< 
Ctltff aa'xti V. t0 calmnttiaiB^ <Mf« 


Catonaca'to, «.«r^^. «.«*«j,i« 
CaloBlca'io. API J* <WU>o*jp. 
Calona'co, a^}, \ ^..^«i«., 

CaloMlalD'ra./.Mi atoaianmUitar. 
Calo're, <,«■» haati warmtbi 
'CalorPa, s.f. fiaaaaliaah. 
Calori'Aoa» <Ma wjmBinffi heailns* 
Caloroaana'nta, aila. 8rdanily;« 
Caloro'so, a4j» hpt, paaMonaKk 
Critttakr, a</. taiMkuv dalioata. 
Calpeslame'nto, s.m, trampling apos. 
calpeata're, v. to tfample^ ailBlit, woni. 
CaJ)K«a1iB»i./* high'road. 
Calpestato're, s.m. a tramplcr* 
calMtttfoi stMufMrnifiugt ciactaii»» wtk 
. the feet. 

Calleri'rn nwtfk'gall, t».rtti».tlMihb»oft 
CalUeiito, mjf. sure, oallcds iapa(»; cor- 

Bcienaa.6aitai«t», foul do««eieiio». 
Caheritu'ra, j./» somtcft, eacwiatton. 
CaUa're, v. to -ma lia b ttldt ca]«ai»i» tolK> 

come bald. 
Calu'co, aO' . poor, wpaldiad. OAa 
calr«Alo,Af». a Mnd-or' barlajr. 


calrifaiatj;/. VbaldMM. 

Calwifaia, A/i > 

cala'aina, uA domi* 

caitriat'Kmo, J.M. Calvinism* 

ca)»i9if9ta,AiM. a<:aliMniMi 

Caluma'rc, v. to veer llie cabtai 

Calufnnla, r./. alaadar. 

Calunnia're,i'. to slander, asperse, detfKt* 

Caluntiia'io, a4f. calwrniiatodi 

iCfll'unniato're, s^m, aiandarcis 

calunnio«nii/nley.i?W«> f liatf .. 

Caltianto'so, tUi* calamnioaip} lalaa* 

'C:ilvo, (lij. bald. 

cain'm, $. f: iwaa o*«. 

CaiitrJ'a» J./, manupliig* 

■CalXH, s.f. stocking { a 8traiflei\.a glisltf^ 

• Pip«. 

Caiza'ccia, s.f. old stocking. 

C8itaJiio'tt>,^iii* a boaten 

Calaamc'Mo,, sh«ea aiwl atooWagp. 

Cataoditet n^f eaaf to oomc on. 

'Calaa're, v. to put on sliocs and atoektB|9 i 

qucato non mi caiaa, Fllfca 1» aoc* 
CAieiiM(tti>> s^m, I ... 
Ca'zari'no, s.m. ♦ «>««*«»• 
Qriaa'tO) *(A bairlflg sfaoaa and tfockiafi' 

OatMtoQa* s,f4 a^hooiat hMii» 
,CaUen/ne, s>mX . „„,u. ^^y . 
Oa/toreftlo; s.m, > * ''<?>''«* ^P«V 
Calac'ita, /. /. stocking. 
XXistftta'Jb, 4.MK ahaalMrA 
jCalzrno, s.m. stocking, hoae. 
caUo, Afs. the flttinff awH of ihMai 
cateola^o^ Af«. aahposiiahaav 
iSalsolvri'ai t.f, a •boe>inakcr'Mkofb 

itziM/to, s,m. tlte chMpc Of rsemMfd. 

ima'Klio, /.-m. the ndct'pitce if a ciAt 

of iimIU 

«maie(/ae,i./. (he thiatle. 

amalc(/at«t *tm.^ otIMlHM. 

amami'ila, <j./*cunomile. 

anumiUi'oo^ «<». or«aiiUMnilBi 


:amaagiarc^Uo, jjk. daiatt«. 

liiiMriiaCiMaB,t«wNi. ) the otke <df ^Mfh 

tamaiit npftt), Am.w.j ciMinMHiiii. 

Umarti'Dfo, j;iR.<chMilberlaiB. 

:ainar1i'B|a, i^f. « chMihenniU. Oto. 

:aiaa'lo, <.«i.<« bniah,Hi«k. 

Saaao'niL^. «. the Pope** uifHe CfMnn. 

'ainbeikr tto, i.iii. camlet. 

:anl>taWIC aO* etmgaable. 

:a«bltih/ri,«lH. a baahcr. 

^mbi«%, «./. « bill of exckaaf^; earn* 
biate fi|aWle«l latore, « bill payible 
to tte-beartr. 

:ainbiame'oto« i.m. chtiife, vidMitade, 

:afnbia'fv, v. to turn, chaiiie* "after.; Co 
truck i 'to dtwK upon formortejr ; c«n« 
biani, to change cotowi cambiaRi ib 
male, todegeneMte. 

ambia'to, o^/. altered, transfbmed; <e 
taRD enrtMtto, he •!> mucfa dliered, 
quit* another ram. 

:ainbiata^re,'#.of. hanker. 

ambiatu'ra, <i^. ohatffe, exchan«;-*fi- 
dar par camWatum, to ride post. 

:a'inblo,'«.aa. chaofOrexChaiiCet moatn* 
bio, iiniaad ; cogUcr in cambio, to be; 
iniitaken j ietefa>di oambio, a bill of 
exchanfe ; caaihio »cco, eicehanfe 
•rthovt dllomoce; render il camMo,| 
to requite, to he erea with one ; dofe a; 
rambio, Co lend at iotcraat. 

: jnibi'su, *jn, a banker. 

; imbra'ja, /. /. kvn, cambrioic. 

' >meleo'aile. t.m. a cameleon. 

.^men, *,/, dumber, room; camera lo-j 
(anda.'lonitahed lodgimtt camera di 
lrtto,bod<bambcr; oamemd' udfensa, 
aiidienecHThamhef ; camera temaa, 
parlour \ camera di .poppa, a cabin. 

oamcm'ccia, **f, an HI ahapadraom. 

( imcralefdit;. bcloa|ing to a chamber. 

( imcra'ts, aj**. chib, aocictjr ; un came* 
r'<a, a companioo. 

i iinrric'ra, t.f. a chamberamid. 

citnrrti^rc,/^. a ?alet,iroom* 

c Hincri'ao, *jm. Close (nMll no«a,« eaMa. 

(~amera'ae,Am. a large room. 

camrro' a dangtoo* 

( -^'nilce, AM. a prietua aurpUcc. 

w-aoii'cia, iy.a«UntlWft. 



CampagnuoQo, aij 
Campajuo'lo, a^j 

Caiiilcloo'la,/^/;) »«*t. • *aillcoai. 
ttpaaiefilo,iMW, v carnal. 
Camme'ojAiiii. precious i t da c ial 

liero ; camao. 
Ctaimiaataa*, •«</. «iiia«eli«r, a < 

oanmiinafW, i». tomalk, tra?el. 
OanuninaVe, /m. a march. JouPaef. 
■Cammiaa'4a,a^. a waUc ; fare 

minata, to take a walk. 
Camminato'rcv <.m. 'walker, MHttMer. 
cammilfto, t)/in. way ; road ; Jooraajr ; 'a 

chimoer ; mattoni in cammiao, to lec 

out bn a. tounicy ; metier un nagoefa 

in cammlnOfto wt-a thing a going. 
Caoii'scia, tj. a shift. «moc«. 
Camo, «.«». a bridle, bit, rein, 
camok'rdo, /.m. a kind of oamtct. 
Camorrro, jumi. a clown. 
Camoscia're, w. to drets leather, Co tan. 
CaraoTacIo, i.m. Uoned leatiiar. 
Camo'aaa, «^. a wUdgoat, a cbafflott. 
Campa'gna, t^. tlio country, a campatipM, 

a cruiae ; nfeitersi in campafna, to taka 

the field. 

^raral ; un rampa;. 
I nttdo, a country. 
'< man ; -tagge cam- 
M pajuola, the agra- 
'^ Tianlaw. 
Campale. a(/« pertaining to the fl^ ; 

gtorvau camptfie, a battle, Igitt. 
CanpaWnto, i>m. eBCCtopnvpdt. 
Camfia'na, s.f. a liell, aieoibic, silll, tyia* 

pan ; far la eampaoa d'un peaao, to do 

a thfagatonce; afver le campane groc- 

ae, to be thick of beariog. 
Campana'ccio, t.m. aah«ep<bell. 
Campana'jo^ i.m.} a bellman, ringer, bell- 
Caoipana'riV'.OT'j founder. 
eamoaaeOla, t. /. annll ball ; the biue- 

Campanelli'no, tim,'\ 

campaae'lloi «. m. Va little ball. 

CampaneHo'tta, tj. } 

campaaifle, sam. a belfry, a tteaple. 

Campanilofsan, /u^. a ilttieatoeple. 

Campa're, v, to preaerre, to lite, tfteape, 
shun ; -campare dalla morte, to m«e 
OBC'aself; campar dalla . glustlala, to 
fly from justice ; bob me campo* aao, 
not one escaped. 

Caropa'io, 04/. escaped. 

Campeggia're, t>. to eacamp, toahine, la 
set off. 

Campe'ggio,<-.w. logwood. 

Campere'.-cio, a4j. nlld, rural. 

Campere'Uo, a small lield. 

Campe'strc, Mf- 1 wral ; oamo oampi 

Campc'stre^a</.-i 4re, 


W0- puMife, «iMMiii ftmsPCMk 

Caldu'ccio. sjm ^tgaaihhe^ 
CaWu'rfc^,/, iqiti^lMMti 
C« efataVe, v* laMlKAifM 
Calcfa'tp« Mib aQBlk«n 
C9J|iArnB..v. t« )«iiiii.ati (MKh 

Cfa«<U'iJff, i4iiik. aa ai$hMm»i 

Calc'ndr^ /. /. /^. caleods, ttie Ant da|W«f 

toe raoi|U»* 

Q« «osui/lti^* 
Ca eprnu, ^m. calepin {a dktknary.) 
Ca e re, w. to caj-e,.cflinc«ni*h4r«'coneeni 
fur ; noti re ne raglia, diiii^> UnuMe 
XMnvlfftbottl-it ; ilivMlMMMMiiBiaatfaltt, 
1 4mjwyoii#) of jMir* hoBou; ncttare 
iji-no« caJ«« not if»:OMii 

Cal5j'««o, ,.«»}•«">*. 

Cale'stro, *.m. sMd^.-Moril.traiUHlt 

Cale'tta, i./. aslico|,htr4 

Ca]<'a> »./. ajm*;. natliiOfK Uu.oC sfiiiL 

Ca'Iibc. j.«. staak. 

CaiibrVw^ «. to. <lf«p«aL-»,puK»>of» ord» 

Calfiirpy^.in.. tb9 Biainis pvU,. &o. oTa. 
^ ecfwitii iho b«« of^a mn*. 
canice,j,m. chalice, coinniuiiion.ciip» 
c«]>rQritn,/,fn ■lanmlt.oliaJtcai 
Cilicii/nc, j.m. a nMi«bpane>4ialM. 
Calidi(;iV ii /. iHiau wwrimiu 
Ci lido, a4,u liot« waflm. 
Cali'ffu, /.«M a calipttw 
CaiiKa'rr, v. tu gram dark,, di oh 
9Mi*8«nr, JU.A miau bllndnna, igMiFaiice. 
CaliRJno'so, ndj. dark, mUliri obKurct 
<-'a)i'8sc, ^/. a kind of. woQllcn oioUi. 

C»Ha')ai /./J enhance* HaJWilc. 
CA}IV</tta« Jt^ tLxmnam paiMKe. 
Ca Ilaja(/i4, /. /. « net or mare fuwd io any 

calla'iv, t.m, » panaie. 

Cal(«, itiiH pBih, Mad; atreat, ] 

callLdii«\ s^ji craft, cunuios. 

Ca'llido, <i«i/. craftyii 

CaIiiiiralU,.i<^ thaaitoC weitiotw^l* 

Calli'graro, urn, a wriUag-iMSicjv 

Callo, j.m. a corn, a hard Aii»;« faril c«lk>, 

to use one's Mm 
CalloriX <• /' dungim. Aoidtk 
calfoaita', «. /. caUMitW 
Callo'iu, a4J. callMU, inrdi 
Calma,/./. a calm. 
CaimaVet v» lOkqulitf* pacUyk 
Calma'to, (uU. calmed, appwaMd* 
Qtlno'iM, /.«. cant audi fl«h- lansoaf*. 

CbIo» '.«». decay, diminatlon, fall, 
Qilai^ia% j^A calqamr* o^. 
Calof oA'fCf V. t0 calmuiUiB^ (Miw 

rrinpBia>r/ra,/.as» a«oalaii)tti«t«r. 

Calo're, ikas* beatt wriiulH 
'Calort'a, /./. fioawlMatt 

Calori'liotfk o^A wjMnaingt heatln*. 

CalorosMBo'nta, ada. ardamlyi 

Caioro'so, aijt hpc, paaaionaKiK 

CaMatoh a<r, taiMkuv d«lioat«. 

calpestame'nto, s.m, tranifiHiig omms. 

Calpeata're, v. to trample. aUgJht, Moro. 

c«J|mUte,«./. high-road. 

calpestato're, t.m. a trampler. 

calfMtifoi jtiii..giMBpiM|, c)«ctgi(»» wt^ 
the feet. 

^alteri'r^ ti. tn faH( t»nill«tlMslrii»oft 

Caltieiito, o^A «m-«, Mlleds topano^ c«v 
8cieiua.Gak«nit», lout ooiigeieiioa. 

Calteritu'ra, j./; Mnitch, eacvriaiion* 

calva're, v. tomakabald ( cal«a(af» to be- 
come bald. 

Calu'cOk o^' paor, wraloliod. Oftb 

CalraHto, ami. a kind- of barlay. 


calrlUiatj;/; Sbaldnaaa. 

Calwifaia, ^./t > 

caln'sln«> /./; dowiu 

caiirini'sinot/.w. Catflnisim 

cal»ii»i<ai«,/.«a. 8<cal»i nisei 

Caluma're, v. to veer the cabtab 

Calufnniik «./. alaadar. 

Caluntiia'rt,^'. to slander, asperse, dcMact. 

Calunnia'io, ai^, cahsamlaitMH 

cnlunniato're, ttim, sland«n*(v 

Caiunniownti^ley ''i'** f laaty. 

calaanio'iio, oii* oolamnioi% talaa* 

Ciivo, aJJ. bald. 

Cflin'm, J. /. ticatk OMt. 

Caltaia'a, J. 7^ monupliig* 

c>ilaH, J./, stocking ; a s(rai«ei\4 gliMT 

Calta'ccia, s.f. old stocking. 

CaJtaJao'lOi i.iii* a hosier; 

CalsamaKnco, s.m. shvea and alocldagi. 

Cfllai^trt "4^- eaar lo oomc on. 

'CaUa're, put on sliocsand stookia«*i 

Suesto non mi calaa, rlNca i^aac. 

ca'aari'no, '.«•♦ "•• 

Calaatoi *(/• baring sfaoat and acockia^ 

OalaateAa, j./. artiOQlat Kara* 

Calac'Ua. t. f. stocking. 

oatetflta^, 4.aK a boaiarA 

Cabii'no, $.m. stocking, hoae. 

caUo, urn, Hw fltting «fcM of ihacsk 
j caJaota^o^ Aia> aabtwrnrtwai 
(|Balf«)cri*a, j./, a •boe>inakcf»*Ofk 

zooi'la, «.*•. lite chape df rscMMfil. 
na'i{Iio, A-m. the nflblcphect 6f a coat 
>t imiL 

maie(/ae,j./. (he ditolle. 
male(/at«»>(JM.« otiMltOH. 
inanii'tby-J./.CMnoinUe. ^ 
imanilR'ii^ Mf, or«aiiUMnilBi 
inaaiiai^rtHMi. <frceii»,>eaHbta. 
Mnangiare'Uo, jjk. dai«ti«. 
unaHiatiAtaB, #.i». ) the oifee <df 'Mgh 
tmaili np^, Am.w.j' ciMimbdHtf in. 
Afnarli'nfo, j;m.'Cl«alberiiiB. 
unarli'Bga, J./. « chanbenmid. •0*1. 
anu'io, i^ckta bn]tb,iti«lu 
•■MuKMk^. «. the Pope** tri^ Cttmn. 
tmhencrtto, s.m. camlet. 
amWalHIc, a4/. shatfMble. 
aaiblad(/ri,MH. a>baaiwr. 
ambiftlc, «./. « bill of exchaai»; cam' 

btale patibiteml latore« « bill payible 

to the'beanr. 
umbUmefnto, s,m. chtnfe, viciMitiide, 

atnbia'rr, v. to tarn, change, ^ller.; Co 

truck ; 'to 'dtwm upon fornioncy ; cmb< 

bi4ni» to change cdlouf} caittlriBRi tii 

male, todegencMte. 
imbiA'io, a4f\ aUercri, tramflMiBed; « 

tuttD tfiMMtto, he 'is much nkertfd, 

quite another ram. 

1 m biaif/rr, tjn. banlcer. 

ambtatii'ra, -t^. ohadge, exchan«: aA-' 

dar par camWatum, to ride past. 
i'nibto,<<f.«s. changarexchaiicet inaatn- 

l>io, imaadi cogUcr in cambio^ to be; 

niiatAea j Ictcfa'di eambio, a bill of 

r X change ; caaibio «cco, ekChange 

withoat aUomnce; reader il camMo,^ 

(o requite, to be erea with one; dare at 

< ambto, to lend at ialeratt. 

.nib.'sti,«an. a banker. 

imbra'ja, $. /. kvn, cambriok. 

imelei/aCe, »jn. a samelaon. 

«'mera, t.f, chamber, room ; camcralo-t 

<3nda, Aimtahed todgiq|t( caiacra di 
lettoybed-chaaiber; oamenad' udlensa. 

•lid icnce^haartier 


parloor} camera di. poppa, a cabin. 
■TOc ra'aelaf s^, an ill ihapad raoa. 
Jmrni'le, n^;. beloaging to a chaalbcr. 
itmriVta, $sf, dab, aacictjr ; im caoM- 

n'3, a conpaoioa. 

■4{ncrir'ra, J./ a chaaberaMid, 
hiiirrit^re,j^. a valet, groom* 
iiacri'oa, AM. close small it>Mi,« cabin. 
!ttn«rai'nc,«.m. abf^e rooou 
iaB)(rro'i(o,«.m. a dangcon. 
i'oi ire, urn. a priclPa rarpttcc* 
•mi'cia, ^^aiUfttOtUt. 


Camlcio^la,/^.) ▼«*«.« *a»«tcoai. 

Camme'e,Aaii. precioas lUMM'inl 

liero ; casMO. 
GMMiiaafaia, «^. «i1iiaieli«r, a < 

Oanmunafte, r. ti><«palk, ti«Ttfl. 
OanuniaaVe. /m. n march, joupvef. 
Otramina^t^f^. a walk ; fnt -oaa 

minata, to take a walk. 
Camminato'ra i.«.*walhcr, MnMrr. 
Cammi^io, sUh. way; road; JoorBO)r;'a 

chimner ; wattini ia camaifao, to let 

out bn ariounioy ; matter un nagocla 

in caminioo,to Mta thing agoing. 
Caoii'scia, s^f. a aliiit. wnodK. 
Camo, /.«». a bridle, bit, rein, 
cam^rdo, urn, a kind of oamtct. 
Caraorrro, i.m*ia clown. 
Camotcia're, w. to drets leather, to tan. 
Caraorsc:^, t,m. Unnod leatliar. 
Camo'xsa, »^, -a wlhlgoat, a cbamolt. 
Campa'gna, s^. tlie country, a campatipM, 

a cruise ; matteni io cam pa awa, to takte 

the field. 

^ ratal ; un rsmpay* 

Campagnuoaq, ff<;-.) S^^^' JiJ;j*22* 
Camnaiuo'lo. ad. \ * »^«»8« cam- 

'^ rianlaw. 
Campa'le, u^f, pertalnhig to tlie field ; 

gtorpau camptfle, a battle, l|ht. 
Campafti^ntD, s,m. encampmrat. 
Campa'na. t.f. a bell, aiembtc, still, tym- 

pan ; fir la eampana d'un pexso, to do 

a thing at once ; wver le campane gros- 

ae, to be thick of hearing. 
Campana'ccio, s.m. a«hcep<ball. 
Campana'ja^ s.m, \ a bellman, ringer, b«1i- 
Campana'n^i.OT.j fiMinder. 
flamnane'Ua, s. f. aonll ball ; the blue« 

Campanelli'no, WN.') 

campane'ilo, /. m. >a little ball. 

CampaneHo'tta, t./, ) 

campaai'lc, «.m. a balfry, a tteapte. 

Campanilofssa, /t/.a ilitieatoeple. 

Campa're, s>. to preserve, to lite, -escape* 
shun ; .caaspare dalla morle, to m«e 
one's self; campar datla /giustiaia, to 
fly from justice ; non ne campo* mio, 
not one escaped. 

Campa'to. o^;'. escaped. 

campeggia're, v. to encamp, toahine, !• 

campe'ggio, Am. logwaod. 

Campere'rcio, a4j. nild, ru«ai. 

Campcre'Uo, i.m. a small field. 

Campe'str«,a4/.iraral; «•■»<>«« 

Campe'stio^4S</J 4»a»»*amilil« 


Ctmp!d(/|no, i.ffi. the Rontn cipltOl. 

Campi'o, a.(/. rural, rwlic; campaign 

Campio'ne, t.m. a champion { a joarnal, 
.• a shop-book. 

rampione'Ma, t^ a heroine. 

Campo, i.m. a field, a iquare { field of 
battle ; field in a coat of arms; levar 
il carapo, to decamp \ dar campo, 
to gire opportunhy; dar campo aperto, 
to give liberty ; campo dclla nare, tlte 

Caroporajao'lo, a4/.l , -j|,j 
.Campore'ccio. adJ.S ' 

CamulTa're, f. (o disfiuite, to mask. 

Camuffa'io, 04/. disgu sed; masked. 

Camu'sOfd^'. flat-nosed. 

Sn^SliSicii";-;/:} '»°''''-»»>'>"' '*"••"«• 

Canaju(/io, i.ffl. a kind of black grape. 
Cana'le, J.m. a canA\, kennel. 
Canalcito, J.m. a liulc caaal. 
Cana'pa, t^, hemp. 
Canapa'ja, t./. a hemp-field. 
Ca'napc, i.m. rope, cable. 
Canape'lio, s.m, small cord. 
Canapi'no, aJJ. hempen. 
.Ca'napo, s.m. a cable. 
Canapu'ccia, 'y. hemp-seed. 
Ciinari'no, $.m, a canary-bird. 
Cana'ta, t.f. scolding^ rebuke. 
Can4tit;r/a, J./, many dofis. 
Canailie'rc, t.m. a dog-kirrpCf. 
Canava'ccio, s.m, canvas, towel, clout. 
Canava'jo, t.m. a butler, store- keeper. 
Caiiceliagio ne,i^....) Uie act of cancell- 
Cancellume'nlo, .f.ffl.j ing. 
Cancella're. v. to cancel, deface, yield, to 

close with raih. 
Canrrila to, fart, cancelled. 
Camellaiu'ra, J./'M cancelling, blot, 
Canr(-il4xio'ne,i/. j da«h of the pen. 
Cancellere'sco, (H;, bclungiiig to chao- 

Canccllfri'fl,i./. chancery. 
Cancel Ue're, J.m. chattcf llur. 
Canc(-'lio,«.m.balustrades, lattice, grating; 

a sillct the bar of a court of law. 
Ca'nchero,«.M> a canker, sore. 
Canchero'so, a<0'> full of sores. 
Canclo'ia, tjf. a cunkrr, cancer. 
Cancrv'na, sj^. a gangrene. 
Cancrenit're, v. togniigrcne. 
Cancrenj'to, a^Ji ganurrncd. 
Canrrrno'so, aitJ. itantircnous. 
Ciincro, J.ffi. cancer. 
Cinde'la, «/. a candle, 
candela'bro, f.m. a c<indlestrck. 

Candele'lia, It/', a imall candle. 
Candelic're,« a candleslkk. 


r>«if*i<«itA . m, r» small c*ii4ie; c^ 

Cande'nie, a4f. burning, red-hot,cl<ar 1 

Candidame'nie, adv. candidly. 
Candida'lo, t.m, a candidate. 
Cwidida'to, o^'. drrsied in white. 
Candidc'na, j./. brightneas, aincerh; 

candour, punty. 
Ca'ndido, adj. white ; sincere, innocen'. 
Candic'ro, i.m> a kind of drink made * 

milk, eggs, and sugar. 
Caodifica're, v. to whiten. 
Candi're, xi. to candy, preserve. 
Caodi'to, o^'.caadicd; auccherocandiu 

au gar-candy. 
Cando're, i.fis. whiteness, sincerity. 
Cane, J. m. a dog ; the cock of a fve 

dog-star; cane livrierc, a gi^ey houn^ 

cane segugio, a seiUng.dogt en 

barboiie. o da acqua, a ,abatfed d6| 

Canc'«tra,j./. a basket. 
Caoestre'Uo, i.m. 1 
Canestre'ttOr^.m. >a little basket. 
Canesiri'no, s.m. I 
Cane'«tro,i.m. a basket. 
Cancstru'ccio, sjn. 1 ,, . ,_t., 

Cancstru'xao, s.m. \ » «"»*" ^»*«*- 
Canfore, s^f. 'amphire. 
Canfura'to, adj. campboratad. 
Cangia'toilr, adj. changeable. 
Cangia'nte, 04/. changing. 
Cttiitfid're, V. to chantic, turn, alter. 
Cangiit'io, fa^. changed, altered. 
Cn'npio, <!<;. chaiiiiealil^ 
Can i'cola , s.j. the dog-star. 
Canicola'^c, a4f. canicular ; glorni cisi 

rolari, dog-days. 
Cani'k-, s.nt. a dog-k<!l)nel. 
Cdnin.'.mt'iilL*. aM>. dog-lik«. 
Cani'no, doggish, canine ; fame ran)r<t 

CHnine hunger; denti canial, tbcn^ 

I eth. 
Cani'kie, /■/. o*d age, hoary lutir. 
Canna, i./. a cane, a reed ; tliegulHi*' 

ell; cunna d'arLbibiMO, Uie bairrla* 

gun ; canna d' organo, the pipe oi *> 

organ ; canna da pcscare, a fitbiM 

Canna'jo, s.m. a weaTer*a drawen; ahv 

die to dry fruits on. 
Cannami'le, i.y. a Sugar-cane. 
Caiine'lla, J/, a water pipe; a spigfot.' 

cock; isinnamon. 
Cannelia'to,<M/. seasoned wiih cinnarao* 

cannelle'tia,J7i ) . .-..n ,JLa . . .»,• j< 
Cjnndli'na, i./. }" «mall reed ; a sp.giO* 

c.nnil.i'noU«.i »«i«-P«P<'. 

Canne'llo, j.m, a reed, pipe, quill. 

CaoneUu'sza^ 1/. aunall reed. 


:anne'U), i.m. a pkce wbere otncs and 

reeds grow. ^ 

Canni'ccto, s.m. a hurdle. ^^ 

Cjnni'bilc> /.nka caanibd; anistic,rou(h 

Cinnuccbia'le,, a telescope, 
cmnu'cciuoyi.ffl. Ibe jo:nl of a iced. 
CaDonna'is, t^. a cannon-shot. 
Caniionce'Uo, J.1II. ) a lutle cannoD ; a wa- 
(.^■inonci'no, J.m./ itr-ptpe. 
Canpo'nr, 4.m. a cannon ; ^uill to wind 
S'lk -, a lead pipe; (ItsttT-pipe ; cannone 
diJ colio, the back-bone. 
CanDonegKia're, i>. to cannonade. 
Canoonie^Ftf J./, an eiiibra>ure, a port- 
Cannonie'rc, i.m. a gunner.'so, oAf. full of reedj. 
Cjnnu'«.cia,i./. f , ,_«!i...««*i Ar<..R« 
tannuc.'na.i./: f • "mall reed, or cane. 

C.ino, aij. buary. Pott. 

Ciriucchia'lc, J.m. a telescope. 

C; . u'ccbio, a pole u«ed to support 

Cd'nunf, s.m. a canon, or church law. 

Car.u'oiua, i./. the place Mhcrc canons 

Canonica'le, ajj. canonical. 

Canunicalmc'nte, adv. canoolcally. 

Cinonica'to, 4.m. acanonry. 

C;jnonicbc'8sa, t.f. a canunets* 

caiiu'nico, aij. canonical. 

( i:;uui'co, i.m. a canon. 

Canon I'tta, a canonist. 

( 'iDdnizza're, t>. to canonise. 

Caounixxazt'ooe, tj". canonisation, taint- 

CdDupe'.i.M. a canopy bed. 

( aiiu ro, aJJ, harmonious. 

t r,u'»a, S.J. a cellar, a buttery. 

C anov I'cc 14, S.m. canvas. 

c .i..>Ta'io, J.m. a butler, a store-keeper. 

C .nu're, v. to remove, to escape ; cansar 
di pericolo, to save Irumdaiiger. 

Can^d'io, adj. taken a«ay ; escaped. 

c . fv>at{/)«>, /.fli . a sane i uary . ols . 

c int/bile, a<;. cantabile {musical term.) 

I dtiiarchia'rc, v. to sing badly, chirp, 
rac kle. 

< .1 t.-i: i'Tola, J./, idle story, tale. 

( •ii^iie'ia. i./. a slow ted ioun song. 
Ltfriiajuo'to, i-m, a linger. Ca word ^caih 

r M.uniba'nco, s.m. a mountebank. 

( « ,' jme'nto, j.i». singing. 

Cii.t/nte, a4J, a singer. 

Cant^'re, v. to sing, to crow, praise; 
cdnur il Tcspro a qualclteduno, to rat- 
tle, ^coid. 

Cai.u'rO| »,m» 4 itone weight, a top. 


cairta'ta,i^. a poem set to motlc ; aiata 

cantata, high mass. 
Canta'tore, s.m. a singer. 
Cantatri'ce, 4./. a female stager. 
Cantcrena're,«.to ch«unt,to chirp. 
Cantere'lle, /././^ cantharidcs, Spanish 


c;Sen'":i:.i:} > ^^^^^^^ »«««''• 

Ca'ntero, t.m. a close-stool pan. 
Canteru'to, a4/. angular. Ol». 
Ca'ntica, s./- the song of Solomon. 
Canticchia're, f. to sing low, to bum. 
Ca'ntico, j.m. a spiritual song. 
Cantile'na, i./.a ballad, slow ledioustonf. 
Cantilena'ccia, t. f. bad singing. 
Cantlena're, V. to sine, make sungs. 
Cantlmplt/ra, tj. an ice-pail to cool wine 

Cant/na, /. /. a cave, a cellar. 
Caotine'lla, s.f.i __,,._., 
Cantinc'tta, J. /.] »""*"'»• 
cantinic' e, s.m. \ . . 
cantinic'rx), j.m.j* '"*''*'^' 
Canii'no, s.m. the smaller string of a nasi- 

cal instrument. 
Canto, s.m. song, singing; canto of a 
poem ; a body of maskers singing; a 
corner; jnettctelo in un canto, put it in 
a comer; a canto, aside, by, near ; in'e 
sempre a canto, he is always near me } 
dal canto roio, for my own part. 
Cantuna'la, J./, comer, angle. 
Cantunce'iio, s.m. ) a lit le corner, or an* 
C^tunci'no, s.m.) g^e. 
Canto'ne, s.m. a corner, angle, side, part ; 
canton ; corner stone ; i tredici can- 
toni degiibvizzeri, the thirteen cantons 
of the Switzers. 
Canton ie'ra, i./. a strumpet, a prodtitutc. 
Cancoiiu'to,<J«y'. cornered. 
Canto're, s m. a. singer, poet, 
cantuccia'j ,s.m. a pastry cook ; bsscuit- 

Cantu'ccio, s. m. a biscuit : corner. 
Canlucciu'to, <i</. cornered. 
Canutame'nie, fl'^v. prudently, cautiously. 
Canute'zaa, /. /. hoajrinebs, whitcneas^ 

Canuti'glia, /./. tinsel, silver pearl, 
canu'to, aiU. hoary, grey ; eta canuta* 

old age. 
Canzo'oa, «,/. sons, canzonet} da r can- 

zone, to give fair words. 
Canzona'ccia, sj'. a bad song. 
Canzona're, v. to tell idle stories; toscolT, 

Canzo'ne, sj. a song, ballad; metierc in 
canzone, to laugh at ; la canzone deli' 
ujcelliio, a long story. • 

Canzonci'na, *./. \ acan«on«t,»hortsong. 
Caoaonc'ila, sf-S 



Capa'ccio,*a4^. ok*tliMft,«UM>lFora. 
CapaTec, a^, Mpabte,«llfill, >laf«e, «rff-| 

CapacUa*. i./* tbility, skllfalnen. 
Caiiaciu're, ivto convtuce^ "Mpaclltnl, 

to be penuade^d. 
Capaciu'to, adj, (»nvtiic«41,«M«lbleof. 
Capai ii'to, 4i(/* potmed,<ilairp. 
CajNTiiiw, «</*. « coiMte. 
CapMK^lia,/</. I - 'wuvm cotUuR. hut. 

Mnan'cto^Mi.'J •^•■•* 
Capa'nnot^.m. a ootta^.thMehtfd'hoioe. 
Capaom/la, i^/*. an aMenibly, Club. 
<lipaaiio'nc. </.«». a laive cMtagr. 
Capaomi'ccia. i./. a cradle; small cottage. 
Capannun'celo, s.m. a bonflre ; small eot- 
tagc } turret on the summitor a Cupola. 

CJparbieri'a,i</. ) oKmnacv wliruliMsa 
Caparbieta', i. /. I °'*""***^' wiiiuniMa. 
Capa'rbio, cUj. froward, wilftil, ttabborn. 
-CmfunfntMtai^i. foolfsli, stupid. 

>Ca|Mfra'i«, V. to bespeak, to give earnest. ; 
Capaaso'ne, aJJ. sil1y« foolish, dull. 
oaptt'ia, t.f. a blow with (lie iieari. 
lCspe'«chio, i.m. trash, l«w. 
Caoellame'nto, s.m, a lode, or heid of 

hair I c«»eUaniefito tt*«iltMero, a great 

^msuir lioosfas. 
Capellaiu'ra, s. /. luir, head of hair. 
CiHliCni. /s/*. Iteadoriiatr; wig, false! 

hair, a hatobox. 
CapeHi'oo, Mf. hairy. 
Cape'llo, i.m. hair; a capello, to a hair ; 

«?•» le man! aU ua ne'oapelli, to hate 

aome one in one's power. 
Capellu'to, aif. hairy, ioiig*haircd. 

Capelre'aere, /./. » ^y^t herbmaidcotluiir. 
Capelve'ncro, i>m. S 
Capestirri'a, t. f. beauty, eiegaiioe. 
Capc'itru, i.m a rope, halirr; a wicked 

fellow. .. . 

Capestra'tfo, *m. a rasoat, rogve; littie 

Cape'llo, $jm.^ little head. 
Oapc'vole, aJJ. eapaMe, capaetous. 
Capessa'le, t.m. a band ; a bolster ; es- 

«tr al capc«fale, to be at the point of 

C3pe'aso1o,-/.m. the nipple. 
Oaplee'rio, *.*!<.< Testrykcepar. 

CapfgUa, /./. the act of tugginc 9W an- 
other by the hair. 
Capilla're, a</. Uiic hairj Mrr* 
Crfpniario« «</. lulry. 

«ll4IINito,WMi. anieatl «f iMlf. 

Capime'Dto, s,m. capaciousnesi, compre* 

4hq>hMMaMile,tf.fii, ^tHyeihalririf . 

Caplne'ra, tj. a bullfinch. 

Capipa'rl«,4. wi. ) the head of tbeiptrty: 

Caplpopono,/.!!!./ a deuiMm ue. 

Cap! re, t>. to comprdliend, undefftairf, 
'liold ; non capire in ae «tciso, to be 

aapis«^ldo,/4m. bountjr.tnitoUf. 

oapiu'le, 4. «. capital, wnlth, «toCk, 
esteem ; far cajpitile d'un», 'to defieiid 
on ; faeeia capltale di me hi tiitto ; dis- 
pose ol me as you plene ; far poco cv 
piule, to sliKl.t, despise. 

Capita'le, o^/w capital, principal. 

Capitalme'ote, okit'. capitaHv ; fo pmla 
capitalmentc, lie suffered oeath. 

C/tpita'na, i./. tlie admiral's ship. 

Capitana'osa, /. /. the coramiiirii of a 

Capiiana're, v. to make commnnrtert. 
Capituna'to, fart, commanded, teamed. 
CapiMnegghrrCfV. to command in cintf. 
Capiuneri'a, t.f, captaintliip. 
Capiiane'saa, /./. a she-captain. 
Oapita'no, /. fn. captain, conrmtotfvr, <«• 

fernor; minister of justici'. 
Capita'rc, v. to arrive 'at ; cspltar mate. 

to f«il info mhrortune ; capltsr ne kr 

man), to fail i nlo one's' handa: (kr cap<- 

tar, to cause to be delivered ; tU ftn> 

capitare la vettra lettera, ril send hha 

your letter. 
Capita'to, MTf. 'arrived, come to a' head. 
Capitazicrne, t.f. poll-money. 
Oaplienio, t. m. the bead ofa pfltar, haa- 

die of a saw, the licad-band of a tMOfc. 
Capitola'ote, t.m. a membcrOf ochnpte:. 
capitola're, v. to capitulate, to trevt; vt 

diride intochjpters. 

Capitolato, i.m. ^covenant, asrer- 

capl(ol«al</ne, t.f. f ment. 
Oapltolc'sM, /./. I a iliort potfm. rVM * 
Capit>jletto,i.m.i Jfst vr cmnftiiftaoiiaj.j 
Capi'iolo, i. in. a terfCttri a dMptrr; 

chapter, or assembly ;a ctapt«r>boafC. 

the liead'bniicl of a book. 
GapKioll,i. m. '/>/.- accord, coffTCntion. 
capiiorobula'rc, v. to fall headhmg* 
Capitu^mbolo, ttm. a tamblc. 
Capito'nc t.m. a-gUll; coarse tilk. 
OapUd'rta, t.f, abM ao'cattM. 
Capito'so, ai;'. obstinate. Oit, 
Capiio^za, t.f. an oak*po1lai1I. 
Capitu'lu, a<0't having a head. 
capitu'dini, i./. ^/. meetings ormtners 

or ehlefs of companies. 
Oapo, i.m. hvadi betinnfng, tourre; 

end ; chief, leader; the top ; a cap<, 

pronontory; « drore^ tnrd; Mioot «r 


hOBch bT ■ tIbci hqI niwdtscK 

i'T up» 4l BHi lo uplr t 

ci5ii<lU,^ ■"'chiiwi, ■ pH.iw eb. 

^1 Wu Dtmo'ili^nliiCi cinxl dl 
Cippc'Iluw.inii. Iii<ti4. cmcU. 

Cj&,™B,'T"rii'^n,"i«li lamlo Kor 
C4pp?ui CtppiE'ri'na! iji'jr/. hcidarl 


CJppii^llB. J.* • urn «/ tkui 5 (Ma 
CvppttfCia'jch J'f*. a liodd-mtkcr- 

C4 prt?i^ Cii»rri^ '■*■ *" rr "wfcl 

OPCWtlD. '■* > " 


CiO^i, t,tn.... > conftotoQ, elMOC 

■Mdetitt ... . „- • 

CapacUa*. i./. tbiHty, *"f»»>n«"' ,.^, 
CapaciU're, v^to cunriace^ 'MpaciMNI, 

to be pewuadea. ^ _ ».., «. 

Capai ii'to, 4i(/* pol«t«l,*Hifp* 
api'iim, «</. « < 



CapMn^Ua.''/* U Utile coUaje, 

Sapa^ano,".*!. ■ oot»ai^,th»tch*aho«t. 
CapaaiK/la, i^. an Mioiibty, dob. 

CaPonu'ccia. i./. a cradle ; ""'•''ff '«M«- 
CapannuD'ecIo, s,m. a bonfire ; »*"*" «»*• 
tage \ turret on the •amwitof a cupola. 
Cjpsrbieri'N,i-/- > obitinacy, wiUulnoM. 
2Sffi.%':'fiiw.rd, w«ft,l.nubbon,. 
4lapin/Biw,tfit/- foolith, atupid. 

Capa^rra, i./. •"']. earn««t money. 

C4parmitiCn(o. «•<». 3 

Capm're, v. to bespe*, to gWe eameat. 

capaaso'iie; oAJ. «iHy, fpoUsh, dull. 

Ciipa'ta, I. f. a blow with ilie Iwart. 

C«pe*«clilo,<.m. trash, tow. 

Capellame'oto, i.«. a lock, or heafl on 
Cir TccKiUmenlo ttMlbero, a great 
•imnr boaghs. , . ^ . ^r ,..t. 

Capellala'ra, s.f. ^'^'}f*t^^^' (^y^ 

hair, a liat'bux. 

Cape'llo. i.«». ha""i » capelio, toaJwtr , 
«iw» te man! ea un ne'capcJH. to hutc 
tome one in onei power. 

Capellu'to, »</. l*«'nr. longhaired. 

<:apelTe%efe, '•/• i the herb mat d«a*lMir. 

Capelve'ncro.J.m. J _ , ^^ 

cape.twri'a, '• /• »»««'"y^^.l'»»"f * .^k^, 
. C4pilro,/.« a rope, halirr; a wicked 

Ca^'SS'tf o. i.m. a raK*!, rogue j little; 

halter. .... . 

Cape'ito, sjm* « "itle he«d. 

M^^ole. adj. '^•^•"•'."'P^SS- . .„ 

Capeiaa'le, a band, a |>o!«'f » «' 

«tr al cape«fale, to be at the point of 

death. ^ , , 

Cipe'xao1o.-/.m. the nlpwe. 
OapTce'rio, #.i»<.« teairy-keeper. 
Capldo'glla. '•/•la lea-fiali w called. 

c!iS?|t4, i./. H.e act of iu«»iif one an- 
other by the hair. 
wUH^re^ «>(/• Vtht; hair, Mtrr 
apnilflO« «</'. Uftiry. 

«i|illlMrto,iiMi. «HR8H«r«itr. 'Wr- 
Capime'Dto, s,tn, capacioumm, eon|Nre^ 

4hq>lwmiriite, *s.m, VH«e%alr wif . 
Capioe'ra, i^. a bulUfinch. 
Capipa'rio. 4. »i. \ the head of Ihe.pWf i 
Capi«opo'lo,/.m.j' « deumgugu e. _, 
Capi re, t». to comprtliend, tmdetftai^ 
'hold ; non capire in ae «teiio, to tK 
Oapiso^iao, /»m. bootity. igratoitf . _^. 
4)apiu'k. 4. m. caplitl, wealth, in». 
eaieem ; far capitalc d'uno, to oepcnd 
00 { faecia capttale di me In tutto; su- 
pose ol mc«s you plewe ; ttr pococi- 
pitale, to tll|{Wt, despise. 
Capita'le, <MA capital, principal. 
Capitalme'nte, adv. capitally; fn ?»"» 

capitalraeiite, he auflered tteatb. 
CApita'na. *./. Uie admiral'i tlilp. 
Capitana'naa, /. /. Ibc connnnd o« » 

Capitana're, v. to make comfflaaden> 
Capitjna'to, fart, commanded, te**""' 
CapiMneg«hi*re, V. to-command h» Clntt* 
Capltaneri'a, f. f. captainalilp. 
Caplune'Ma, /./. a shc-capMin. 
Oapita'no, t. *n. captain, connntiMKri f** 

rernor i minister of justice. 
Caplu'rc, V. to arrive -at ; npftar ««. 
to fell into mhfortanej capltariwr 
mani, to fall Inlooner hands; &^.^ 
tar, to CBoae to be delivered; |U »• 
capiUre la vettra tettera, I'll fend Wi 
your letter. ^ 

Capiu'to, tfarf. -arriTed, x»rae to a bcafc 
Cupitaxlo'ne, s.f. poll-money. 
OapltcniOfi. m. the head Off a pflhrjj^ 
die of a saw, the head-band of i oa* 
Capiiola'nte. t.m. a memberoT »cl»iHf" 
Capitola're, v. to capitulate, to irwt; » 
divide iniochapienr. 

Capitola'to, i.m )C«wnaot, tP^' 

Cattftohixit/ne, *./. I ment. ... ..^ 

oapltole'na, /./. » a «iori poem. rr»* 
Capit.ile'tto, $.m. J Jfst or cwrrw/^'P"' 
capi'tolo, i.yn, * terrettri a cbajn*^. 
chapter, or assembly ;a ctepttrbos/. 
thelfead'bniid of a book. 
OipKioU,/. m.'pl.'iceori, coiweBtjoa. 
capilorobola'i-e, v. to fall headtanil- 
Capitt/mbolo, stm. a tamble. 
Caplto'Bf /.«. agUll; cotTKlllk. 
<»apU<^m, i. /. a'Mrfl to'calWI. 
Capito'so, aJj. obstinate. O&i. 
Capiio'-zza, j.'/. an otk-|iOl*artl. 
Capllu'io, a4/, liaving a tarad. 
Capitu'dinI, i./.^l meettnp ofuiM"" 

or chiefs of companies. 

capo, I. 01. hwdt betlM»ln«. w^^' 

.1 eni; chief, leader; thetop ; •"PJ; 

proivontorr; » dfore* WW; "■^'^ 



lit bejfaalft/ itfEKr; ipDDIh i in 

ic upa M H^ ID Wir 1 
-ape, laoppoK, boidtr yp 

W, CAp«<A»^ P' t4 Ul 


Cippc'llylii.«n. Iu<trl, cml'c4. 
CJipptrtiw, cippmi'™i«, (.■. • tip* 
CKpprm Cappl(*ri'n>! tawr/. Iierdft] 

CliUMMCllo, i.oi-» ILIlIc I«'l, sr IH» 
C4ppucci*'5D, d'lH. ■ Pojd-iHjKr- 
CHpu'ccIo^ d-IB. JL «»Vy >>Aod 1 ublfa 
cipn, J-/ A I'M; H^trUcfiinei c 

tpnKaq>i"«i ''■■ K^ 



pife€, frett, whta*; f*»ef ckprieclo 
d'unt coja, to long for aM^ thliit. 

Capricciosame'Hte, <ikv: capriciously. 

CapriccJ</86, a4J, caprklotfr. 

Ciprico'rno. s.m. cadrieorii. 

CjipplfJco, j.m, Awlldfii-trtje. 


or shrub trefoil. '- ' 

Capri'gno, Caprl'no, a^f. gotttsh. 
Ca'prlo, j.m. a *rnd-(MH, a Voe-buck. 
Caprio'la, J./. awIM- stte^goat; caprtola, 

a caperindantiihg. 
Capriola're, v. to cut cppets, 
Capriol«'tto,i^.'a1Viwn/ '• • 
Capriu(/la, /. /. a «rti4Sb<b«goit. 
Capriuo'lo, >.m« a -wild he-goat. ' - 
Capro'ne« J.m. ahe-goatt a cuckold. 
CapruKglna're.Vttomake a grOove'ln a cask. 
Caprd'ggine, *./. ihe |frooT« of a caak 

Vfhere iIm head-pieces areirt In. 
CapuTccio,/. m, a Tittle head. 
Caraba'ttote, i. f.-pl. ragjr, old cloatha. 
Ca'rabe, s, .ft Sort of amber. 
Carabi'na, t.f. a carabine. ' 
CarabirweTtf, /. rrt. a cafabfneef. ' ♦' 
CarAca, i./. a Urge Portu«Bcse ship. 
Caiacolla're, v. to u heel abbuh 
Ca raco*! K), >. iu. wheel in g' a>H>b('. 
Cara'fTa, i.f. a tlaggon, a battle. 
CarafT'ina, /./. a largts Haggon. ' 
CaraH'one, j^m. s tmall Saggon. 
Cara'mente, aixu dearly, ieii-%riy;' vi 

prcgo caraTnente, I etitreat' > oA ; meib 

pagherai caraniente,yOu shall p&f dear. 
Caramo't'to, s. m.'i dwarf; scaramodch.- 
Caratmissa'lf;, s. m. a TUftish mercliant- 

Carapigna'rsl, it. laqufrk, lo cavH«*- 
CarataVe, f«> (o consider, deirberatc. 
Cara c'llo, <.m. a cag for liquor.' 
Cara'to, s. nt. t carat : uti aeiocco dl ven> 

tiquatiro caratl.'a great fool. - 
CaraHtere, /. m. character, ■ minlc, print ; 

hand; letters dignity, qualitv. 
Caratteri'stlco, MJ. ebanctertsflc. 
Caraiterissa'ftoi' v>-to iclMlracterisc, de- 
Ciravello, $.f. « raikR^htp. 
Carbona'jt, /j/. « coal-|it(;' a ditch, a 

dungeon, prison ; a coal-woman, 
Oarbona'io, s.m. ' i coU-man.' 
Carbonriji', j/. a steak of pork broiled on, 

the coals. ' ' ' 

Carbonce^lo, i.m,* carbDncIej • plague. 

Carbo'nchiOi /. m; a ckrbancle* ■ 
Carboochlo^so, 04/. baraed, scorched. 
Cirbo'ne, t. m, coal ; a plague wrtfi 
Carbonie'ra, ««/. themfsen stay-saiK 
Carbu'nculo, S.m. carbuncle. 
Cm:ca'me. s, m. a caressc ; cirktaefj t 

ikaiBof preci«M'MQftc«i ' 


earca^K.vQttt cfaargc, toidil^ 
Carca'ssa. j./.-a Jilad -ot ' ' 

■ Cor Ca'jso, /;:«!. .■ qiahrer for 

nate; Hie fauH of* ship. 
Carccnme'ato, ». m. impriconmenu 
Carcera're, v. to imprison, 
carcerarlo'ne, *./. inidrisonmeat. 
Ca'ixere, /.«. prison, jail. 
Carcerie'.e, ajaikiiv • 
Carci(/fo,-i. 01. anidiok*. ; 
Carco, J. m. cbarpe, banicn, load s stf 

Iiiadttd, Charged. 
Cardamo'mo; s, m. cardaaun wed. 
Carda're,t». tocatxkiroot. ■ 
Cardato're, s.m. a carder, abo a ^ut 

<tercr. . 
Cardniu'ra, s./. carding. 
Cardegglrf're^ «. to card, to slander. 
Cardcllc'tto, Car-lelli'ro, /. m. a kind _, 

flnclK ••'•.•, . n 

Cardinala'Uco,Cardlnala'to, s.m. cardinal 
ship. ■ 

Cardlna'le, s. m. a cardinal, a hinge; «<• 

CHMinal, prihripak • ' 
Cardinale'tfco, «^'. belonging to a ctf4* 


Ca'rdine,, flichJngc of a gate. 
Cardo, Cardo'ne, s.m. thistle. 
Cardo^ s.m. a card tior wo<»li 
careggia're, V.UI casess, wheedle, est 


Cane'ltd;«.fiMX»shioil, pillow, tbecw*^ 

of a close>8tool, ■ 
Care'na,i. /. the keel of a ship ; dar 

rena, tocareem - 
Carena'ggio, Careaa'ggine» a caRca*a| 
° places 

Care'stia, s./. dearUi^ acareily. 
Care'tio, s.m. a rosli so called. 
CaiVzaa, s.f. caressingi flatterr* 
Carexstt'iT, xi.- to carestt 
Careszevolme'nte,arfi*. kindlf. 
carea»i'na,i./. biandiahiBCBt. 
CarcazcTccfa, s. /. lender carcsacs or bUa 

-Cari'bo, J. «Rwa kind of country diace 
Ca'rica, s./. charge, bunteo, load, 

charge cf a gun { care. 
Caricame'nio, /. m. chargr, bardea« 
Car ica're, v. to clarge, to load, to borde 

to lay the fault upoa, to cxaggenCe. 
Caricatu'ra, /./. the charge of a gna. c 

CaVice» s, /. sheer>gras«, sedge. 
Ca'rico,/;ia. burdco,lo«|,chBfi«, firet«li| 

earc, blame. | 

Ca'rie, i. /. jvtteimesi. 
cariello, s.m. a kind of Uce. 
Cari4/so>a</. rouen.> . 
cari'sma, s.f. grace, favour. 



ri'slc, f. /.'pevorr. tcarellr. ' 
rli'no, s.m. a imali coin to c^Hed* 
la carlojM, ado. ooarsein dowmyhlj. 
trmelita'no, s*m. Carmelite friar. 
irmint'rr, v. to card wook 
irminati'TO, adj, carmioatifCk 
irmi'nw, j»m. carmfne. 
irna'ccia. /./.carrion. 
jmacciu'to, Caraaccio^ao, a^, foil of 

'ama'ggio, um. meat. 
a rnagio'ne, * . f. complection« »• 
ani2juofi«^dB^a bagtocarrjp bawk's meat 


amala'ccio, aij^ senaaal. 

arna'Je, o^'. ctmal, a-kin, aensoal, ha- 

mine, friendlyi • • ■ 
:arnalita', j./. scnnalitt.- ' 

irn^lme'nte,aifi. caroallf, aensaallf. 
^rna'mc, <*n». cairioo, carcasei 
jrn isciala'rc, v, to give one's self ap to 
liicii pleasare^ and-gUinonj. 
■^rnaaciale, 4.01. tlie three last daytef 

'''ecamivak • • ■ ' 

' rruKiale'acor a4f- of carnival. 
-DC, i.f. fiesli, meat, tiie palp of fruiti, 

^"'t; esser in caroe^to be fat;' far 

f^.rr.e, to kill; carnc grtxsa, butcher's 

n'c-ii ; mostrar le carni, to be io rags. 
arn^nce, s.m. haagmao, a cruel or 

'' oo-Jjr man.' 
• 'rnvo, adj. ieshy. 
.11 Vv- saia'u, /./. pickled .pork. 

rresciale'sco, adj. merrjr, myi 

.rn'S(/cc^» '*/> salt or dried meat. 
.rni'ccib, s.m. the fleshy side of ravr' 

sliinj, flesh. 
».-!) :c'ra,Cami^re,Garaie'ro,/.m. budget, 

^' » 'ii /us, «.>/. murthery slaughter. 
r..i'ie, ii4/> AcShyk 

- r^i'voro, 04/. carnivoroas. 
j^rno^Mo* adj* ftethy, phiinpk 

ntjtiu^ i. /. .caniosityi 
> noSo, tfi/. full, of fltfsht 
orno.a'ie, i.«t. canrintt. 

' o.jICsoo, a(;. behmgtiigto.tanitYaK 
>rn'i'to. ai(f. flc^fqTp'phimp: * 
' • >. s.m. dearn<i»» sc^cily/ aij. dear, 

< "Mly, welcome, acceptdble, beloted. 
' r>', na, a.f, ttaitiso/ trarcasc, a jade. 

- "'la, i. /. a dance. 

"'ire, tLtoidfnca, country dancea. 

^^'ii, i./. carrot, a fib, a HA 
L .[oii'jo, CarotMv, j.0(. fibber^ liar, a 

' srrol-icllcr. 
■ rula're, w.tofib, to lid. 
' '>va'na, $./. a caraTsis 'a conpaay of 

uYclla, J./, a kind of pear. 
> ■ 0^ c'.lo, J4». a kiiid>of pe«r>4i«ei 

. CAR 

ecrpa^reo, i.m. a porcHng for tW he^ 

used by men in Greece. 
Carpa're, v. to snatch from, to creep ea 

alJ-fotirs* . 
Carpcntic're, j.i|i. a cartwright, a cut- 

pent eh 
C4ipi'ccio, «.«*. a Quffihfrjpf blows; daas 

an carpiccio, to beat one soundly. 
Ca'rpine, /./. limc-iree. » 

Caipio^ne, s.m. a. fish chiofly found in the 

lake of Garda. 
Carpi're, v. to saatch-, te.wresL , "^ 

Carpi'ta, *r/. a coarse carpet. , 

Car^ba'laamo, s.m. the fruU of a babam 

Canx/ne, tf4t>. crawling. ...f^ 

Carradu^re, *»jb., cartwright, cartmak«r, 

carman, carter. 
CanVta,*./, a cart-load. 
Carrate'Uo, j.m. a kind of barrd. 
Carrcggia're^ t>. to drive \ cart. 
Carreggi'ata, s./. cart road. 
Carreggi«|a'rc, j,fni camua.. 
Carrc^jgio, s.m. parts, carriage, baggage, 

Carre tta, f^. a kind of cart. 
Carretta'jo, j.m. carter. 
Carrefta'ta, i./. cart-load. 
CarretUe'ra, /./. the eant-man's wife. 
^arrettie'rej s.m. C4i-ter,<{irmank 
Carre'tto, s.m* a wheelbarrow. 
Carretto'ne, s.m. a waggon. 
Carria'ggio, *.«w equips ge, baggage, gools. 
Carrie'ra, /./, carper, course, race, the 

duration of life. 
Carriuo/^la-, i./. a truckle-hed* 
Carro, s. m. a csrt, a cart-loiad-, Oharlcs<ii 

.wain, tlw i,hicke!tpert of Uie iaiUyard. 
Carro'ccio, J.m. a triumplunt ciiirioL 
carro'aaa, A/^acoach, ' ^1 

carroasa'WIc, tuU. said of a place where 

a coach may got 
Carrosxa5o, t. m. a coach-inakcrK 
Carroakaflgif j., /. 4 coach fu I L . 
Carrozsie'rr, J.m. a coachntalk 
Carro'ba, #./. carob, a kind of fruiti % 
Carru'bo.Carru'bbio, s.m. the carob tree. 
Cacni'cciov s.m. a go-cart for children. . 
Carni'coia, J./» a puUy. 
Carrucola'rs, ts to insnare, to cb^t,'. 
carta, #. /, paper, booths, a biy or bdndk 

a map, page;XarTa pccora, parchment, 

vellum i carta ittracchia, waste paper; 

cartasciuga,caTtef ugunt^,s>t)king \ anovi 

carte, pt. cards-; far«^ le carte, to deal. 
CaVtamo, j< na. a plant so called. 
Cart:* 00*513, J,/, macerated pap V. 
Carta'ia; J, /. a page. .^. > . 

Cartegftia're, v* to sail according to tl 

compass^ to corre>po«i by letters. 
Carle'egio, i.«. corMspvndeuce. 
caric'lla* J»/i • boAcotec. . 


Ccrtcllo, /. m. a minlfetio, t libel, Ulii- 

poon, challenfc. 
Canteen, s./. a paprr^mill. 
Cartilaginr, s.f. curtilagr, grirtle. 
Cartilflii'neo, CartiUgfot/so, aJJ. cartU 

Cartocci'no, Carlo'cclo, /. m. papen uaed 

by grocera. 
CartuU'jo, i.ffi. paper-aeller. 
Cartola're, v. to Mt (be nunbcnto a mer* 

candle iKWk. 
Crti&ne, t.m, paite-board. 
Cartu'ccia, i,f. a bit of paper. 
Cu»ti.f. iiotfle, home, habitation, fami- 
ly, parentage, extraction, country; tor- 

nare a casa, to come to the parpote ; 

aprir casa, to taice a houae ; ener di 

caaa, to be intimate. 
Casa'cca, s. f, a great coat, a lortout. 
Cau'crlo, i.m. strange accident ; a ca- 

■a'ccio,- adv. by chance, with oegli- 

Casa'lr, t.m. a hamlet, a villafe. 
CaMlfngo, «(/. domett ic. 
C4sama'tla, s.f. a caacmatc. 
Cataroe'nio, 4.m. a large hoaie. 

SS'U: ';.£}■'">■»«• ^•""j^* **«»*• 

Casoa'gioe, s.f. drowainesa. 

Cascarac'nto, t.m, fall, accident, chance. 

Casr a'nte, <f4/. ready to fall, hanging down, 
fainting, languishing. 

CaMrf're, v, to fall or tamble ; caicar di 
fcjzi, to be full of affectation. 

Casca'ta, t.f. a oawade. 

C«acali'ccio, a^. frail, ruinous. 

Caacato'jo, <M;. apt to fitlt in love. 

-Casche'tiOj t.m. a casque, or head>piece. 

casci'na, /. /. a cow-yard. 

CL^e'ila, /./. i blank, an empty space. 

Casere'cclo, ix4j. belonging to < house. 

Case'rma, t. f. a barrack. 

Casie'ra, t.f. a house-keeper. 

Cas/no, t.m. a small house kept for plea- 
sure in a town. 

Casl'pola, «./. a little cottage or bouse. 

•Casi'sta, t.m. casuist. 

Caso, chance, accident, thing, mat- 
tiT, business, case, I'act, deed, crime : 
dato 11 caso, suppose ; caso che, in case 

• that ; uomo a cnso, a careless man. 

Casola'na, «./, a kind of apple so called. 

Casolara'ccio, t.m. an old house. 

Caiula're, s.m, a paliry house. 

Ca^o ne, t.m. a great liouse. 

Caso'sj, oi(/. anxious, pensive, cartful. 

CH^po, i.m. bramble, briar. 

C-Jisa, t.f. chest, trunk, cash, (he franc 
of a weaver's loom ; cissa da morto, 
coffin ; cassa d'artigllerta, the carriage 
uf any gre<tt ordnance ; cassa dl letto, 
a bedstead i tassa, the sigck ol « fan, 


a bee-hlve; ahrine; cant d'occ&UI 

Cassamadia, /./. a trough Co knead biu 



Cassapa'nca, i./.a wooden ant 

bark (o it. 
Cassa're, to croM, blot out, to cMhter. 
Casuzit/ne, /. /. aanullinf. abrogana 

repealing , a discharfc. 
Ca'ssero, t.m. the chest, the breast, U 

upper deck of a ship. 
Casse'tta, /./. a little box. 
Cassetta'jo, t.m. a box-maker. 
Ca'ssia, t.f. casaia, a drug. 
Cassie'rc, t.m. a cash-keeper. 
Caaso, i.m. the chest or breast, aij. capQ 

void, extinquished, quenched, vain, i« 

less, cuhlered, dismissed. 
CasU'gna, t.f. chesnnt. 
Cas(agna'ccio,/.m. bread made of cbeisi 

Castagne'to, t.m. a plot of cbesaut- trees. 
Castagne'tu, /./. castanett. 
Castagni'no, ai). of a bay colour. 
Casta'gno, s.m. a chesout*trce, oiy.or 

chesnut colour. 
CasUgno'Ie,/.m. ^. (dellemure) the cha 

trees of a ship. | 

CastagnuoHo. <Uj. of the nature, qos'Tl 

and colour of a chesnut. 
Castalderi'a, the managing of a farm. I 
Ca^ia'lda, /. /. a farm, a country booie. ' 
Casta'Ido, i.fli. a steward, a farmer. 
Castame'nie,<iJv. cbu(ely. | 

Casiellanerl'a, Castcilani'a, /. /. go»cri 

ment of a castle. 
Castella'no, s.m. governor of a caitie,l«i^ 

of a manor, lowosmao, 04/. belooM 

to a castle. 1 

Casteliu're, t.m, an old mlnons castle. , 
Castelle'lio,/.m. a play that children ctl 

cob-nut. ' 

Castenio, t.m. a little town, a caati«. i( 

engine to drive piles in the ground. «i 

engine wherrwith any weigher tl»ri i 

drawn out of adeep place ; caateilo ^ 

la nave, the fore«casiieof a ahip. 
Castigame'nto,j.ffi.ponMhm0at, eduaiial 
Caftfta", /./.chastity. > 

casto, adj. chaste. 
Casto'ne, t.m, tiat part of the ring «l 

in the stone is set. 
Casti/rio, t.m. cuior. 
Casto'ro, t.m. a beaver, a culor, as 

fine hat 
Caatrameta'aioae, t.f, pitchiog a^ai 
Casrraporcenii....) ^ 
Castrapo'rci, t.m. S " '*"*'• 
Castra're, v, to castrate. 
Castra'io, s.m. a wether natton, o^'.i 

Castraltt'ra, /./, the part cvruUcd. 


Kne'nMy aij, pertaiainf \o a ctmp. 

stro'n?, i.OT. a castrated Umb, a block- 


i :> t roaerfa, s.J. dullness. « 

istru'ccino, s.m. an ancient co!o.» 

isua'le, dif. casual, accidental. 

isualita', ■»./. casualty. 

^sualiQie'nte, oiv. casually. 

asui'sta.i.iis. a casuist. 

atacf/mba, s. /. a Tault. 

itafa'lco, a scaffold. 

iiiie'tto, j.m. a bier, a coflin» • 

ata'loigo, i.m. a cautogue. 

uape'ccbia, /./.a desart. 
atapla'sma, s.m. cataplasm. v 
atdpu'Ua, J./, a warlike engine. 
itarra'le, aij. rheumatic, 
ai.'rro, t.m. a cbeum, a cold, 
^itdrrosame'nte, (U\k rbeumaticljr* 
atarru'so, adj. that causes a cold, bavlog 

a cold. 

ita'i zo, Am, coarse silk. 
itaSu, J./, a pile of wood, a funeni 

pie, a certain neasure wliercby wood 

IS sold. 

^ti'^to, i.m. a tax, a tax book. 
i< i'nrofe, /.m. catastrophe. 

'cciii'smo, i.m. catecbisqi. 
ifcciiiraa^re, ». to calechize*. - 
i>:eclii'st«,«.f». catecbist. , .. 

< affchumeix, it mm newly 
cooverted totbc(^]iristian 
reiifiiun. • 
^'igori'a, *. /. cateiKory. 
< tpjiicamente, rfJt'. catejorically. 

• !■-•• I I'co, adj. catf>!orical. 
■:tl.i>«, i./n. akind'of plumb-tree. 

•t « i'.'no.Cate llo, i.m, a pappy, a whelp. 
^■' '!p'n. Cattelo'ne, aiv* sitp l>jr step. 
i''.ia,i /. a chain, bondage, necklace, 
•i ' ♦ f . I'ccto, #.fli. a boll, 
a i-na'rp.t'. to chain. 

• ■ '- 'lU, J.'/, ch^in-stitch. 

•* '-'»'"a, i./. a flood-gale, a slijice, a- 
i^k )o a river, a purtcuJlii at a city 
« '.e, a cataract, a disease of the eyes, 
1 ': e, n holes, nagival characters. (A 

''■'I'M J. /. mutltlude, crowd. 

- "'^'.'0, t.m, l»e that makes or sells 
^ '■ I -ons, > pgiter. 

>- '"'r.-'lia, *./. a i.asom; 

^ m, ifli. bxson. 

^ •opie'pa, .»./. a kj„d of serpent. 

-rt" I'ncn, t.f, catopirick. 

\ '''Ws«o,i.i»i. a precipice. 

^ •' > <ne, #.10. a rosin-like gunJ, tar. 

^ «i:i</>tp, J.0I. the earcaseof a cJtvcken, 

^ •' ?an man, a skeleton. 

- '"^''r.'w, I.m. a 1 ItgiouJ fellow. . 
KiV(>,#,M, lord of a manor. 

:.*iu'k/v. to get, obtain, gaift*.. . . . 



Cifttedra, j. /. a chair or pulpit, tte 

papal see. 
Cattedra'le, uf. catbedraS. 
Cat^dra'nte, a.m. a muter or doctor in a. 

Cattira'ccio, <M/. wicked, lewd, knaTbh*. 

Cattiva^ggio, t.m. captivity. 
CaiiiTame'nte, aiv. badly, wickedly. • 
Cattira'oza, /./. captifity, wickedness. 
Cattifa'rc, V. to enslave, to master. » 

Cattireggia're, v. to grieve, to lead a bad 

OaViveHIo, adj. miserable , wretched, r''-- 

iful, sorry, lean, weak. 
Caitivetlu'ccio, i.m. a sorry fellow. 
Cattire'ria, Cattive'zza, $. f. knavery,. 

wickedness, waggery, roguery, aiaughti-, 

Pattivit*', s.f; captivity, wickednes8,mise- 

ry, distress. • 

Caiii'vb, aij. captive, miserable, sad*. 

poor, wi^ked^ bad. 
Cattolicame'ntc, <iit;.'1ike a catliolic. 
Catto'lico, oi/.'Catholic. 
Cattu'ra, /. /. catch, seizure. 
Cattura'i^, v. to seize, arrest. 
CavaV i^f' a bole, cave, sink, vault,. miAfi 

qunrrx, hiding-placl. 
Cavade'nti, s,m. toothodrawer. 
Ca'valcaVe, v, to ride on horseback, to 

mount a piece of ordnance. 
Cavalca'ta,. sj. a troop of horsemieo, ca- 

Cavalcait/jo, s. m. a stall, a mounting* 

Cavfflcaio're, s.m. a horae-rider or mas-. 

ter, a harse-sjidicr. 
Cavalcatn'ce, fj\ a iiorse-vronjan. 
Cavaicatu'ra, s.y. any bcas't fit to ride 

upon. . ^ . 

C<:valcia're, t>. to sit astride. 
Civalcio'iip, ) „,,, „.,„,j_ 
c ivalet'pic-'re, -f.m. fil. light horse. 
Cnvaliera'lo, t.m* kniglilTiood.. '» 

Csviilie're, s.m. a trouper or horseman, a 

knigh', agentle^nan; cavalie'ix:, aplat- 

f>7rm to plant great guns vpon ; cava» 

lie're, aij. n^>le. 
Cavalif ro'i'.o, s.m, a petty gentleman. 
Cuva'lU. S.J. a tpaie. 
Cav^lla'ccio, J.m. a jade. ... . • • 
cavalla'ro, j. m, a cai ricr, a Korse-driver,- 

a courier, a mpsicngtr. 
Galas' a'ta, t.f. troopers. 
Cavallere ccjo^ adj. apt to be carried of 

a horse. , 

CavailTCfcnme'ntc, adv. nobly, «aiwntiy» 
cavallerp'sco, ndj. genteel, pa.laju, iioij^c. 
Ciivalieri'a, i./.kotghilioo.V,c«,vi.^j,ivor»^ , 
, Cavairevi'zza," *T' ridln»;8C».y«»U 


etvalkrtVM, V;m. • msAcf oMlii ftotie. 

J^ Civalie^ta, tj". a locuat or gnnaliopper, 

/ ao engine to fiiie nfrigbc* • > • 

OtnUUnto, i.'M« My iaitvanent to work 

upon that is ii>e a borae.a hobbv-hone. 
oav«i}Kno,i>4.mi a nkcy'la 4cb«iiciit«. 
Cavalli'no, 04/. belonging to a hone ( mot- 

ca cavallina, a borCe«4fy. t 

Cava'riV, /.'mV a lior»c, caralry , a knigbt at 

riKiA > '■ 

Cavallo'ne, i.m» wave, turge, billow, a 

Caralmari'no, /.m. a kind oC seal. 
Ciralo'cclno, i.m. a hornet, ao exclie- 

man, a peiUroirger.* 
Cavania'cehle, tM. a scowcrer. 
Oavame'iito, J.m, the act of digging. 
Ca«a'rr,'tH t»diraw,«rreA,<rt>iiin t cavarti 

Ja Togiia, to satisfy ooCi longing ; catar 
' aBRRuc> to kt blood r alto to dig. 
Cf vastra'cci, j.m. a worm 10 unload a gun. 
aav«tiVtiero»-i<M. botllc<4€rcw. 
Cava'ta, tj. a grafe, a pit, a ditck | the 

act«rd)fgltt|.' < 
Cava'to, J.m. hole, pit, cat ity. 
Cavalo're, s.mi a digger, a miner, a ditch- 
er ; cavaior di denti, » lootb-drawer. • 
CMatii'ra, r^. a digg ingi a oavc) a sink, a 

Caudaia'rio, i.m. train-bearer. 
Oave'dine, i.m. a kind otflshk 
CaTc'Uc, J.ruf lomctbing. 
Cwwe'rfta, tj". denj care, cavern. 
Cavcrnosita', *^, a dark hollow place un* 
. der grotrad, depfli. • 
Caverno'ao, a4;'. cavcrnottt. 
Caverc/f sola, t./. a llttk hole or hollow 

Cave'asa, f. f^ n luilter, a mUchierous 
- boy. 
Cavesao'ne, s.m, a kind of muffle for a 

Cavia'le, s.m. caviare. 
Cavi'cchia, i. /. Cart'ccblo, s.m. a peg or 

pin of wood. 
Cari'giia, j.f. yam windiet, the stfcka of a 

reel, a carpenter's tenon ; c;*v)glia del 

piede, the ancle-bone. 
Cavllla'r*. V. to ca<ril. 
Cavillato're, i.m a caviller. 
Cavillisio'ne, tj. cavl'llo, t.m, false so- 
phistical argument, cavil, 
caviilo'so, otU. captious, full of cavils, 
Ct?Ha', fj. cat4ty, hollow nest. 
Cavo, a^. concave, hollow, deep: i.m. 

cavity, boUowness, mould to ca:>t any 
' liiare in, a cable; lavor dl cavo, a kind 

or needle- work. 
Cavolfio're, s.m. cauliflower, 
cavole'sco, tpU. of cabbage, like cabbage. 
Cc'Velu, s.m. cole, rolevon, cabbaiCi 
k Cavrc'uo, «.«i. a Ud. 

Cavrlfl^, a/, t cvper, a femtit viM |a«l 

Cavriao'Jotf Jim.' a male mAU goat. 
Ca'uaa, jj". cause, principle, reaaoo, ma 

tivp, subject, right { a -CMoa cbe, be 

cause.' .■ ' .1 
Causal! ta% 4^. cauie, reason, motive, oc* 

Causa're, v. to.cause, to oecasioa. 
Causaio're, i.m. Ite Hiatcaasefli. 
Causi'dico, s.m. a barrister, « lawyer. 
Cau'stlco. r.m. a'CaiiatU^<t 04;. caustic. 
C:<utame'nt«r(iA'. wartly, hecdluil)-. 
Caute'ia, s./. cauiioa, security bail. 
CauieLi're, v. to caution, t» warn* 
Caute'rio, ^.m,* cautery. 
CauteriaaitVe, v. to cauterice. 
Cauto, (!<{/, wary, beedy, caudoav. 
Cauaio'ne. t.m. bail, security 4 
Casio'so, o^'. CAOtious*' 
Ca^asa* ij^* ladle. ■ 
Caasa're, v. (la scotta) to haul the afiret. 
rusiare'la, s.f. a little Mrd so called. 
Caaaatta'ie,:i4ao box. 
caaaofi(o» 4.m* a biow« 
Cacsuo'la, s.f. a trowel. 
Ci', ^roN. dat.-^ to OS ; ce ne mando, be 

sent some to aa ; adv. bete, there { aaa 

ce ne sono t here are none. 
ccca'ggine, J./, btiadness, error, mistakCi 
Ceca're, v. to bUad, .cloudy darken. 
Crce, i.n« chick peaae. vetdtea* 
Oeche'aaa. CechMa*, Cecita^ «./. bllai* 

ness, error, mistake. 
Ceci'no, i.m. a wtid awaa. 
Ce'dere, v. to yield, surrender, rcai|Si 

f rant, coofcsa^ 
Cede'nio, s.m. a kind of ciinm-txce. 
Cedevo'lc, a4/. plant. 
Ctfdiaio'ne, s./. cession, resignation. 
Ce'dola, i.AMU, note. 
Cedorne'lla, i./. an herb so caUed. 
Cedra'ngoia, s./. an herb so called. 
Cedra're, v. to season with lemoo. 
Cedra'to, s.m. a kind of citran. 
Cedra'io, Cedrl'no, ^^f. made of cedar. 
C(driuo'io..i.m. cucumber, 
Cedi-o, i.m. a> citron or lemon, ccdar< 

Cedro'ne, «</. cedar coloured. 
ncdrostKoo^ 4.m. a wHd vine. 
Crfa'lica, i./. the cephalic vela* 
Cef^'llco, a4;'. cephalic. 
Ce^falo, s.m. a fiin to oatled. 
Ceini'ia, •./. a box on the ear. 
CeflTo, s.m. the snout or mu*sle, an tff'l 

face ; far ceft>, to dislike a thing. 
CeflTu'oe, s.m* r cuff, a box on the ear* 
Ceff'u'to, a4/, having a broad face. 
Cc'ib, i.m. an >B«hiopkk ouadrupcd ' 

called, y 

Celame'nto, **m. the act of bldiu* 

atame'ote, adv. secretly. 

\a^ut,4^. hidden. 

cXaiu'ra, /,/..)tii«4Ct«f bidiag; a lurk- 
ing |K4e. . ^ 

:eIebe'rriaK>, aif, sufirlat. qf CcOebrie, 
muck rcaowiMd. 

:elebraiBc'qt^ «.«. celebration, solen- 


:^« i*»ira'iite, o^/.-Uut ce1ebrat««. 

Lc kbra're, w. lo celebrate* cooMneod, fo- 
ietnoiic, tasay masi.. 

CtMebratoTre, $jm. he lb«t celebralM. 

c e lebr4*io'pc, «. '- cetebniioo. 

c e k-bre, a(/. ceUbryted. 

Ct .Vbir'folc, «</. worthy to be cele- 

C«'V brita', i./. solemnity, festival. 

Ci 'itrTv, «4/..qulck, fleet. 

Cc-ifnta', tj, SHiaorss, speed. 

ccitr'ste. d^r. cdcstial, sky-blue. 

c r't-stialt, 04^'. celestial. licav<:nly, 

( ^ I -sti'oo, adj. aaura, sky«K:oloured. 

Cc'.ia, «./..« 'joke, a jest. 

Ct-;^-i'rca, s.nh a cominander OTera tliou- 
•anj men. 

f! 'u're, T«, to.speak or act in jest. 

Cr iito're.i.fli. asoodcTi a jester. 

c r-iiiia'to. j.m. ainfle ii'{c. 

cMibaufrio, Aoi. a friaror priest. 

C( '< bi-, <!.(;.. unmarried, sinnle. 

ceiKlo'oia, J./, the same of an herb, a 
^ori 01 gen. 

Cc a. «./, cave, cellar, a cell for a mohk 
ui i>un. a room, a jirivatc chapel; cella, 
a h »le in the lioncy-comb, 

t^ti'i'jo, Cella'rio, cellar, cave, bat- 

Cc!' ra'jo, Cellera'rio, j.of. the friar who 

t^Kcucare ol'tlir ceilsip acoavent* 
f 'liic're, ^.iM. cellar, bat.cry« 
< ' n I'jo, /.m. carpet-ro4ker. 
' '■''''ne, t.m, a carpet, 
t « i'ltu'dwc, «^. eminence, bighncn, ex* 

^^'nibalo, g.m. a cynbol \ flgura d« ccm- 

'>*li, an ugly face. 
t «■ nban.'lla, *./. a bag-pipe. 
^ •lenijzVae, «./. ccmcituUoD, the pa- 

' I ^cation of gold, 
(^(■mmaaella, ji/. bag-pipe.. 
<^^' " furccnto, a bundre^.. 
^ "». <./. suMpev. 
• 'n'colo, s.m. a supper-room.. 
*-'n**re, ». to sap. .'to, 04J. foolish, simple, lorry, a 

Mmpietoo, a foot. 
^ ice i«, J./, a jieap of ngs. 
crncu'ja. Cencia't4, i./, a thini. of no 
raliie ; cencia'ta, /./. a blua* gir«n in 
contempt witK « rag. 
(^t aci^iMlOj «.«. AMUtfor dMltc.tecaci^ 

Peorinqaajpte^ati/. a hundred m4 fiAy. 

pe'ocio, i.m. ng, tatter. 

C^noio'^ a^, n«C«U 

Cg1«W}» /:«. » ^«*l«J serpent. 

penera'caoio, i.m. a linen cloUi used hj 
women in « ashing. 

Cenera'ta, s.f. Iye4shes. 

f:e'ncre. s.m, uhrs, cinders; II fiom« 
delle ceneri. Ash Wednesday. 

Cene.^-'lla,//. sknder supper. 

Ceiieri'ccio, adj. asb-coloured^ 

Ceaeri'no, o^/. of an ash colour, greyish* 

Ceoero'gQolo, oi/. asli-cotoured. 

Cepcro^p, ddf. fiill o^' a^aics. 

Ceni'no, s.m. a'llitle company at supper. 

Cconame'lU» .<»/. a pi|^, or tlutr. . 

Ce'nnauio, or Ci'nnaraow, cinnamon. 

Ccnof, i.m. a fifn^ beck, no^, will, -com- 

Ccno'biu, j.m. monastery, convent. 

CeQova'nie, adj. a hundred ami ninety. 

C *nquanin'te. <i<^'. a bundrod and lor{> . 

Cense:i8a'nta, adj. a luindred and sixt). 

CenicUa'qta, aJj, a hundred aud scveuty. 

Censo, s.m. tax, subsidy, rccoinpencei 
ceuso, mortgage. 

Cei)So'r^, ccnfor, csitic> reformer, 
Co;ilrqllf r. . 

Censo'ria, s.f. censorship.. 

Censua'rio, adj. tri^^utary. 

CfMsulm^^j-.^ censure, re proof, criticism. 

Censura're, i>. to censure, rUidr. 

Centau'rea, *./. ce«Uiury, a phmt. 

Centau'fo, i.m. centaur^ 

CepttlJa're, tj,.t# sifk 

Ccntelli'ho, .Cenlt'Uo, *. n. sip, small 
<lra^f ht, and what remains at the bot- 
tom of (he glass aAer one has dr^ink. 

Ccntena'ria, i./. praacriptioo in law of a 
faqa^red years. 

Ccntef|irQ9t, adj,, tlio- Kaodredib, ^.ni^ hun- 
dred fold. 

Ce'ntina, s.f,. centn', wooden frame to 
turn a(Clics upon, liuodre<l> 

Centina'jo, a^'> a hundred..' , 

Qfn|ina're,,ti. to-arch.. ., 

Ceatinatu'ia, s.f. centry,' a mould for an 

Cento, adj. hundred. 

<:en(og4i,'mbe4 /^ot. a kind of caterpillar. 

CeiU&lOi'|a,,.c;epi^>mi'Ua. adj, ahundj^ed 
Ibousana. , , 

centi/nchio A ss* a p^Qt so called. 

Cento'n^,!. sv fi.patcbcift garment, a poem 
made up out of ver,«c$.pickcd but of ike 
yrotk ol .anp,lhj|r.P9^. . . 

Centra'te, adj- central. 

Centri'na, /./. a ftsto so called. . 

Centro, s. m. ce^iter, ihe bgtlom. . 

•ceoiu'mviK, <tf». a centumvir. 

Centu'pede, i.m. an Insect tb»l ba« * !»*■" 

1 ri^ale. He/cti^T fr^ fc^rjtn 

Ceir(opUe«'lo, Centu'plo« i. m. a hundred 

Centu'ria, /./. a company of a hundred 

men ; a hundred yeara ; centaury ; a 

medical plant. 
Centuri'no, s.m. a belt. 
Ccnturio'iu:, centurion, 
cenu'zaa, /./. a scanty supper. 
Ceppa'ja, i. /. stock, the root of a tree. 
Ceppaie'llo. Ceppcrd'Uo, *. m. a stock, or 

stump of a tree when small. 
Ce'ppo, s. tn. stump, log, block, srocks, 

fetters, origin ; ceppo d'incudine, the 

stock of an anvil ; ceppo d'ancora, tlie 

stock of an anchor. 
Cera, /./. wax, wax candles, torches, ta- 
pers, mien, lec4cs, countenance, face; 

far buona cctd, to be merry, to make 

one welcome. 
Cenijuo'Io.i.m. wax-chandler. 
Ccra'a'fca, /. /. sealing-wax. 
Cerame'ila, j. f. a bag-pipe. 
Cera'sa, s.f. a cherry. 
Ccra'sta, t./. a serpent sopposcd to Iiate 

Ccra'te, j. m. tarpaulins. 
Oerau'no, s./. a kind of sione so called. 
Cerba'ja, j. f. a place planted with hoim- 

Ce'rbero, s, tn. Ceberus. 
cer»»ia*ito, #. m. a red deer two yeais 


Ce'rbio, J. m, a hart, a stag. 

Cc-rbo'nea, Cerbone'ca, s. f. dead dnink. 

Ccrboiia'na, s.f: a long hollow pipe to 
sliQot with by blowing hard. 

Ccrca, f,/. search, enquiry, the act of 

Cercame'nto, *. m. quest, inquiry. 

Cerca'nie, s,tn, a mendicant, a bfggar. 

Ceira're,. v. to seek, to search, to siroll; 
to ramble. 

Cerca'ta, s. /. inquiry, search. 

Ccrcito're, i.m. seeker, searcher. 

CLTcliia'j), <. m a hoop-mAk«'r. 

C.-rcIiiamc'nto, s. m. Inclrcllng, hoop- 

Cci ciii/re, V, to hoop, to bind wUli hoops, 
surround, cncomP«i!iS* 

Ccrchialu'ra, s.f. the act o/ hooping. 

Ce'rchin, i.m. n lioop, clrcle,a *hip,to-lMh 
the slaves in a galcy. 

Cf'rcinc, ♦. m. a porter's knot. 

cerconce'ilo, s. m. a kind of sorrel.' 

Cvrcofnt, t. m. sour wine. 

Cercopite'co, s. m.-n kind of ape or ba- 

Ce'rrbro, /. m. Uie brain. 

Ceremo'nia.i./. ceremony. 

Ccremonia'le, i. m. a nfual book } iif- 

Ct. fo'iUo, t. m. ctscrriu 


Cerfttglkt'ae, t. m, diaberelieli hair, a Vti ] 
of palm. 

CerimonlCre, i. m. master of ceretDOoies. 

Cerimonio'so, 04/ . ceremonious. 

Ceri'na, /. /. a small face, a preity face. 

Ceri'nta, s.f»* plant so called. 

Ce'rna, s. f. a bad thing separated from a 
good one, division, partition, choice.the 

Cerne'cchio, t.m. a lode of bair.thait luDgi 
from the temples over the ears. 

Ce'rnere, t'. to sever, sift, cull, pick, dis- 
cern, distinguish. > 

Ce'ro, i.m. wax taper, a statue. 

Cero'na, s. f, a large race. 

Ccro^sa, a4j' waxy. 

CeroMo, t. M. a little wax taper, a plait- 
tar. ■ 

Cerpeliyne, i. m.% treat error, a blunder. 

Cerreta'no, i. m. a juggler, a quark. ^ 

Cerrc'io, t. m. a wood of greeu-oaka. ^^ 

Cerro, «. m. a green-oak } cerro di cap* 
ptlli, a bush of hair. 

Cerni'to, a4/'. full of green oakt. 

Certof'me, ». m. flght, combat. 

Ccrtame'nte, adv. certainly. 

CeriH'ret v. to fight, combat. 

Certe'zaa, *./. certainty. 

Certificame'nto, /. m. certainty. 

Certi/ica.'re, v. fo certify, ascertain. 

Ccrt'fira'to, i. »». a certificate. 

Ccrtitu'cilne, j«./. certainiv. 

Ci'rto, ^rM. cer:aiii, some. 

Ce'rto, ojj. certain, sure, trne, fixed. 

Ce'rio, J. ffl. certainty, certain. 

Ce'rto, Di certo. Per cerio, rtJv. certain'y. 

Ccrtu's^, /. /. a cartituKian monastery. 

Ccrios/no, j. m. a Cartiiusian mook. 

Ce'rra, s. /. female. stag. 

Ccrvtlla'giiine, s.f. whim, whimsy. 

Cervctltt'ta, i. /. cervelat, a kind orsao- 

Ccrvelll<-'ra, $. f. alight, helmet. 

Ctfrrellina'gKinc, t, /. imprudent action, 

Cervellt'no, <i4/. hair-brained, giddy. 

Cerve'llo, s. m. the brain. 

Cerveilu^ne, s,m'. an extravagant or silly 
man, and also a man who has a great 
' powrful mind. 

CenVtto, i. 01/ a young stag. 

Cen iaiie^llo, Cervia'tto, J. m. a fawn. 

cervi'ce, s.J, the hinder part of the neck. 

Ctrvie're, s. m. lynx. 

Cervit'ro, a(/. of thr lynx, lynccous, 
fiulck-si glued. 

Cb'rvio, I. m. stag, hart. 

C?ru'leu, nijtitxvtn, sky-coloured* 

Ce'rv'o, /. m. stag, hart. 

Cervo'gia, s /. beer. 

ceruMco, ji. m. a surgeon • 

Ceni'ssa, #./, White lea^t 


^crsiara'ie, ». to inform, (oacqaaiatone. 
{A lawxmnt.) 

Gesa'reotOi/. imperial. 

OcselU'K, ti. to make ctiif xeUwOfk. 

Cestr'ilo, s, m. a cbizzel. 

Ce'sio.a^*. blue-eyed. 

cese'je. s.f.plu, scissars, sheen. 

Ce'gptte, Ccspo, s. m, turf, aod. bosh. 

Cespuglia'to, <M/. bothy^thick with bran- 

Cespu'gHo, s. fit. a bash. «^ 

Ceapugiiorw, o^j. busby, foli of bosnes. 

Cessagio'ne, $.f. intermission, interrup- 
tion ; per cess4giooe, for want. 

Cessa'roe, j. m. scam of the people. 

c c^saroe'ato, i. m. cessation, iniermisaion. 

Cena'flte, a4j. ceasing, negligent. 

Cejsa're, v. to cease, be at an end, leate 
off, forbear, discontinue, avoid, shun, 
escape, dispel, divert, avert, tllay, as- 
s^atjc} cessarci, to forl>ear, to refrain. 

Cesiazio'ne, *./. cessation, intermission. 

c<-sj»o'oe, /./. cession, reiignaUon. 

Ct/^so, s. m. ceasing, cessation, a privy, a 

Cc'sw, *</. yielded, giveft over. 

CcSta, i.f. a basket, a chest. 

Cesiaro'lo «. m. a baskct'maker. 

cesii're, v. to sprout forth, to grow big or 

Crs'io, 's.m. a plant which upon one stalk 
produces many stalks, a gauntlet ; il 
cesto di Venere, Venus' ceslos ; un l>ei 
ccsio, a brave fellow. 

C' stu'to, a4j. thick, bushy. 

Ccsu'ra, J./, a syllable out of the fiot in 
I he Lhtin verse*. 

C-'u-ra,/./. a cittern, a gnUar. 

(c'trra, etcetera, andso forth. 

c< u-ra'rr, v. to play upon ll'c cittern. _ 

c riTil</jo, /. m. a song upon b cittern.' 

c< teraio're, Ceteri'sta, s.m. a player upon 
ilie cittern. 

Citpfizza're, V. to sing or play upon the 
• ifem. 

Ci'o, S.m. a whale. Pott, 

C('n. /./. a c'tiprn. 

CtiriVca, s^. a kind of lierb. 

r.i-tra r.golo, *.tn. a kind of lemon. 

C '• )'re. see Cetera* re. 

C- r/na, j/. balm, baira gentle. 

CH/iu'/lo, «. m. « uc umber. (The Romans 
3nd other Italians call it cocumc-rOj but 
the right Tuscan name is cctrluolo ; the 
cocomero being properly a water me- 
c;.c. that, which, whom, what ; che » 
► liat? Che uonto e costtl? what man 
is iliij? ii che, wliich ; Che. that, t>; 
ti lamenfa Che. Bon vo a vcderlo, he 
complains that I don't go to see him ; 

cii«, buii Doa ha cbe on ccvtilo, lie 

fcai Vot 6ne horse; chtf, some, both| 
che piccoH che grandi, both small 
and great; rhc Inglesi che Itallant, 
some English, some ItaHans ; che, 
what, that* how ; che bella donna e 
questa? wliat fine woman is this ? oh ! 
che potessi vederla, oh! that I could 
see her ; che, tl)at to the end that ; da- , 
temi tempo che possa rispondergli, give 
me time that I may answer him ; che 
because; che se non venite oggi andero 
via, because. If you don't come to day 
ril go away ; che ? why » che non par* 
li ? why don't you speak ? che, till, un- 
til ; aspettate chMo venga, stay until I 
come ; che, after, when, k* soon m ; 
finiu che avro questa ietteia andero, 
as soon as I ha^ writ this letter, I'll go ;, 
che che, whatsoever} sia che che sia,' 
whatsoever it may be, let it be what It 
will; che che, every moment; che, 
thing, matter, subject ; an bcl che per 
andare en coliera, a fine subject indeed 
to be angry ; cba, else ; a questo mi 
rispondi o che mi parto, answer to this 
or el«e l go away ; che, than ; E' pio ric-' 
CO che dotto, he is rather rich than^ 
leained ; che c'e? what is the matter I ' 

ChV Che', adv. often, now and then. 

Che'buli, s. m. a sort of plumbs. 

Cheli'dro, i. fo. a kinl ot water snake. 

Clielo'nite, sj. a precious stone so called. 

Che'nte, fron. relat. which, such as, how 
much, how. Obs. 

Chentu'nquc^ron. whatsoever. Obs* 

ChCppia, .>./. a st-a-fish so caHcd. ^ , 

Che'rtrc, v. to ask, to beg. Obs. Ji^ut* 

Cbe'iioi, /./. a priesl'a -haven crown. 

Cheriia'ie, adj. pertaining to a clergj* 

Chcricfc'to, f.m. clerk?hip, the clcrgf. 

Ciierici'a.i./. clerkship. Obs. 

Clierici'le, a-y. cleric;. 1. Ohs. 

Ci.e'rico, s.m. clerk, clergyman. 

Chericu'Jizo, s.iti. a poor clerjymsn« 

ChCrmc!', s.m. cochineal. 

Chermesi' o Chrnnisi', s. tn. crimson, 
grain colour; farboin cherraesi, an ar- 
rant knave. 

Cherme?i'no, aij. crimson. ' 

Cliermina' e, criminal. O'js, 

Cheru'bico, aJj. belonging to a chefu- 

Chrrubi'no, j.m. chcrubin, cherub. 

Ciiesta, .'./. a demand. Obs. . 

Chelame'iite, (uv. by slcaltb, priKatelfi 
softlv, gently. . 

Ch ta'nza, s.f. acquittance, receipt. 

Cheta'na *. quietness, qaiel. OW. 

Clif ta're, v. to quiet. 

Clwte'^M. if- «t»"n«^'»V 

Cbcllclie'Ul. a^v* silently. 


CU^OtOiu, .qpfet, Killi chftot burtv! 
clieto cAitp, »2V' ^)et)y» *ott\3^., 

C^i,jfrcn. relat. iKbo. wl\Mn« he that, who- 
ever, wh^iof vcr; clii i^ beiie, bene avr»*, 
.^0 iv^y apdtiiave y/eil ; cifi* aomei c|il 
,di5;eva upa f;pu-«c]ii un altra/ loine 
Mid one. ^ting.sndjuine another i cHt 
Jipy Difn, »ny oi;(f, afiy body. 

CUia'ccliitrj, t./. babbk/ cliat, praille. 

CliUccblenauiv'UtOj'^. tta. ciiit-i'hai. 

0)ucchif:ra're, y. to chat^ tattle* 

Cliiacchierrno, 4,m-» prattler. 

Ciiiacchi«ro'ne(i.m.a long tedious ta'kcr. 

ClijaccliiIU'rc, ts tfi{i\l\f. imUc. 

Cti^mame'ntuj^ m. y.vcii(ioi>»f«Uing, in- 
■ Tocatjon. , . 

CiiJaraa'ale, a<^'. that calU, that info- 

Chiama're, call al dice; 
c^iamire Ja guard! j» l« i>()«ll or (.all tbc 
, w^tch atltsafchiainire il |>Mnu>, to:rll 
ti)e jK>i|it'i chiamvrt .,10 oaU one bet'ore 
, the judge, to ulv, to SM.roinon; chia- 
mani vinto, to yield ; chkiDare fuori, 
to ohallinge. 
Cliuma'ta, i.f, vocation, calling, call, par* 

ky, rliatrudc. 
CiitHina'iOiAm. a gncst- 
Cnia'na. f^, a.itdnding pool. 
Cliianta're, v- 10 iiiiuusc upon. 
Cliia'ppa, i./. a huld i chinppa, buttock ; 

chiappa di cannonc, a pii-ce oi' lead to 
.cover the (oucb'Itoic of a ranngn. ' 
Cli'appa're, v. to snatcli, pgtl, catciif over- 

Chiwppola, Cbiappoleri'a, J./. « toy, a 

Chinppola're, v. to lay out one's card<, 
Chiappoli'nOt'wn. « waggish, wantou, silly 

man. ' 

CItia'Dpolo, t.m, a denial, refusal. 
CliiaVa, // t|ie white ot an a^g. 
Chiarame'ntc, ndv, clearly. 
Chiara're,v. to clear, to explain. 
Chiara'ta, s-f. a medicine made vith tbe 

white of ar eg. 
Chlare*!,/./,; kind of water-gniel. 
C:|»i«r«'llo, J./. wattT. {A cant uwi/,) 
CiiiarL'nt:i'na, //. a kind of duncv. 
Chiare'asa, i./..liglu, brighinesi, satisfac- 
tion, secur ty, clearaeii, pertpicuity, 

nubleheaof binh. 
Chiarifica're, v. to clarify, clear, unravel, 

Ch iarificasio'nc, illustration. 
Cbiarif io nc, t./. chinrime'nlo, t. ffl. de- 

monit ration, clear proof. 
Chiarl'na, i/. a clarion. 
Chlaii're,v. to dear up, to make plain, to 

Cbiarita*, «./. light, brigUociti ipltudor, 


Chiafl<to,«^» iMid. shiotDf ,.«vMmiC 
Chirro, a4/. cleaV, fair, p^Ofh lusair 
transptreot, agreeaMc, gr«Gel«p|ppi 
Mnt,.reR9wii«l,fninotta, hir«i:(r#-c«f4i 

sincere, manifest, «Tidcnt,cerUin»«i 
undoubted ; cbiaro di Uyiab*siooi>.«bii 
comlncia a f^r cUiaro^ tiM <laj begii 
to appear. ■ . 

Chia'ro, adx'. clearly, piaioly. 
Ciiiaro're, j.m. splendor, brighCnets, clear- i 

Chiaroscu'ro.i^. m. the lights and alMdows 

of ^ mciure. . . 

Chiassnjito'la, Syf. a trench, djtcb, or fur- I 

row. • • 

Chiawa'ta, J./, noise, rumour. 
Chi4ssat^'{IOr Chia»5i'iio»4. M. a iMrrov 

suvet, a narntw ipnc. 
ChUVto, j.op). a t\ urow atreel, a lane, a 
broili^lj ^ndarc in chiasso* togotoll« 
Chi.usu'o'o, s. m. a street or lane tltat hJi 

no wny out. 
Cliia'tia, *.*,.%. flat'battom boat. 
CUlav.Vccio, ».m. a bolt to a door. 
Chiavacuo'rc, .<. m. ornamrnts oi go^d or 
silver the women wore fortn^riy on tlieir 
Citiava'jo, cliiavaJuoMo, 4.fs. a turnkey, a 

Chiavn'rda ^y. a tenter-hook. 
cii{a*./rc, T'. tu drive, or tiiurtt Is, to 
nail, to run, through, io HOund, tu 
Chiara'io, fee Cbiavajo. 
Chiav.itu'r». './• tasuoing, tlic pricking of 

a horse in shoeing lum. 
Chia're, s^. a key, authority, power, ia« 
fuence; le chi.ifi, the keys, or ihe 
Pope's authority i chlavr.y strong fiun- 
tier town; a key or cUA' in tna*i«:, 
cliiave delta vo'ita, lite key -stone oi a 
Tault ; LhlafC sul boprcsso, the cb«<K 
of the bowsprit i chlave 4i vit«, a 
srrew-key ; chiave, a key that eA.p'ait»t 
the remote m aiiing of any« ritten tlnat; 
an iron bar lised to ktrenyilien a wait 

chiaye dcglialberi, the collars ui the 

Cbiavclia're, v. to tiail, drire, thrust in. 
ChiaTeila'ta, #/. a wound caiued by a 

Chiave^lo, s,m. a nalU 
Chiavrri'na, sj. jan'lin. 
Chiavc'ita, J./, a forelock, 
riiia'vica. i./. a common icwer* -^ 
CUiaviche'tta, t./, a sink. 
clilaTiate'llo, i.iti. a bolt. 
Chla'aia, tj, >cab. 
cbiacaa'to, aij. pittc^i ipecklcd, 

Cbi'cc«i «/. (AkCt 



:hi'ccben, s.f, a tM» diocotalie, ^r crtfce^ 
cup. » ■ • '. • .•..'• . ' • I 
Chicchi Bichiacchi, s.m. words 'that mean 

nothing, a great |»rater. - 
Chicchirilla're, vw to cluck like «■ faen, to 

prattle, to chatter. 
Chicchin'Ro, »,m. i4Je itory, nonseoae* 
Ch!cche«?»,/raL wbofoerer, aaybddy. 
Ciii'edere, v. .loaak, bec«4MtfT* require, 

crarc, Tcqu.)!^,^ atie fort 
Chietlinc^nlo, i.rn. request, petition, en- 

treaty. • 
Cliiedito're,i.»{. a dcmander/a petitioner, 

a dun; , 

D \^'ncA, s.f. a priest's sha»tn crown. 
Ciiit riraie, a^. ck-rical. 
c hierica'io. A.m. ckiktbip. 
chieriche'tto, Cliirricu^azo, '. ffl. a joong 

Dorice of A cle>k. 
CM( 'rico, clerk, clergyma*. 
c liie'ta, «. /. a church, ^Iso the church or 

cotgrrgatioD'W.tlie faitbtul. 
chicM'ttfOk ci»ie9uki'«ticMii.mtM<b*t goes 

often to church, a dcTotee. 
C/>it'sta, f.f. a request. 
Cijjc/«t0k tkij* requested* required, tslred. 
Chi(/stoIa, ^./. the binnacle* 
chi'giia, s.f.ibtt keel of a ship. 
C 11 i 1 i ficaVe, v. to digest. 
cijiU/i««i«'iie, Cbiliticame'oto, s.m. di- 

g stiou. 
chtii'adfo, i.fu. a water snake. 
ctiiioi«<fli. ciiylc. ■ 
cinlo'9o,«^» of the nature of chyle. 
Citirae'ra,!./. chimera, an idle fancy* 
c ; li mc'rico, oi/. chi merical. 
chimerissa'rr, v, to fancy idle things. 
C iii'iaica, a/, cbyiaistry. 
C'ui'mico, J.fli. a chjmitt. 
CUi'mlco, a4/« cbrmical. 
Ciii'aiq, i.«. ebyjDUS, -any kind of juice, 
that especially of meat, after Uie second 
Chimo, A m. a kind of sea*fish t]iat fore- 
sees a aiotm. 
ctiioa,i./. a declivity, 
ciiioachi'oa, t.f. Jesuit's bark. 
O.inamc'nto, J.m, declioaUos. 
CUtna'rc,t;.iobow; cMeare la testa, to con* 
sent, to submit; cbinarlespallo. to bear 
with patience \ chlaare, to decline ; 
China il giorno, it begins to grow late ; 
chinarsi, to stoop, lo iiepd downwards. 
C h i na'ia, i. /. a descent. > 

ciiinatanac'nte, ad,v. secretly, prWUy* 
Chtoatc'aaa, /./.bent, curtit}. 
ciiiDs'to, ».t». declivity, 
chinatti'ra, <./. adctcent 
CbincaTglia, Cbtncaglic'ria, 9* /* bard- 
ciiiac'a, J./* an avbUni nag. 
Cbiaoi f.»f dMUfitfi WfU 


CbKjMib '<N/*,-liiciiae< bended, craoketf, 

. downward, low, deep. 

Chinta'na, see Qwintoaa.- 

Chiocca're, t^.to Ih>x, beat, sirikeb 

chio'cf 1 9k i. /. g brood ben. . 

Chioccia're, v. to cluck. 

ciiioccia'rc, .v,. to begin t« bie faint, or 

Chio'ccio, adj^ hoanc ; star cbiocciok to 

be latntisii or<ii(-k.. •. 

Chiq^qcjola, i. ■>< a snail, snail shall, n 

screw ; &oMa(v di c-iiiucciole, a fresh* 

v^tersoMier, ,.. 

Chio'ccial^, <^y. wrcw-like ; sra'a a chi* 

oc(;iai4,;a Hioct-ox stait-caser 
Chiu jasio'ive, /.^, ;(li ra^iHurot iroo*nail8. 
Cniodjjiio'io, s.m. a mul-makar. 
Cliiixia're,,if.,t.iSDike4 . j, 
Chiodo, J. m. a nan ; arer (isso it chiodo, 

to be rcM^ed '.. cModi con testa di 

niarlcIeiH% Scupper nails ? cbiodi senaa 

tp>ta, clasp naiUv chiedi di doblaggio, 

slicathing paiU iiCl)iadiCQi»«iti|Cliaclicr 


Chio'm^ Sf/.'itU of hair; trarre In 
chloma ala rocca, to spin; cbionia» 
r-iys, beam; frondoie dUome, the 
leave* el treeSk 

Ciiio 5^, iu/. gVw*cpniinent •, a spot bdoq 
the skin. 

Cliiosa're^tv to gk»s« Co comm:nt. 

Cliiosat(/re^ J^ m* • glesier^ ncoramentn- 
tor. . . , 

Cbio'stra, Is./. ObiVstno, «. m. a cloister; 

chiostfo, a mqaasler)' ; chiosiro, those 

that live in a ploiater or monastery. 
Cbio'ttoy u4j. qukt, stiiJ. 
Ciiiora're, t>. \» pail up. 
Chioyatu'ra, t,/. a psick in a horse's foot. 
Cbio'fOjj.fn. a nail. 
Chira'gra «./. the gout in the hand. 
Chira'grioOf aJ^J^ tliat has (he gout in tb« 

Chirinla'na, Chirlna&'na, /. /. a dance 

where many dance t««e(her. 
CU\rp'grafo, j.m. a bill or bond under onet 

own hand. 
Chiroma'nte, s.m, one skilled in the art ^ 

palmist rjr* 
Cbiroraanzi'a,/./. palmistry. 
Cbifurgi'a, #,/. surgery. 
Chini'rgico, Cltiru'rgo, a surgeon. 
Chifcia're, v. to rakeop. 
Chila're, v. to qnit, to leave Off. OAfc 
chita'rra, s.f, guitar. 
Chiucchiurlafja, $,/, a bnsaing, a horn* 

m>ng noise. 
Chiude'nda, *./. an Inclosore ; a hedge. 

Ichiude'risa. /./> f paUsado, p«»e. 
Chiu'dere, v, to abut, inclose, fence atwucj 
wring, oppreia. include, conuiUj co"^ 
.prebendf bidc« Qon^eat . 


tMvMmtfnib, s. m. tnclofofe, Mop^ife, 

Cbiitfnque, yron. whoioerer. 
Chturla're, t.m. the tinKing of a cuckov. 
Chiu'i lo, s.m. « Uodof bird'Caiching used 

in Itatjr. 
ehio'tt, i./. indoiure, hedge. 
Chlusame'nte, ajv. secretly, privatelf. 
CjjiMroo, t.m. a cover, t lid. 
Chiu'io, s.m. inclosure. 
ChiuTM, aif. dote, incloMd, locked ia. 
ciiiuw'ri, s. /. inclocare, a lock. 
CI, there, here; civerro quaado fl piace- 

n, ril come here when you pleti-e ; Cl, 

to us : ci dine, he told as ; ci, ourselres; 

ci ricordiamo, we remember. 
Ciaba'tta, /./. old shoe. 
Ciaba'de, i. m. old ngt* (hloa of ao ra* 

. loe. 
Ciabatta'jo, s.m. a dealer in old shoes. 
Clabattft're, CiabattKnd, j,m. « cobler. 
Claba'cco, j.m. a xrbeck. 
C|acc»aroella're, v. lo talk M!y. 
Cia'cco, s.m. a hog, a sponger. 
Ciarco'na, s./. a cbacoaae, a kind of 

Cia'Jda, j./. a wafer. 

Cialdona'jo, s.m. a wafer-maker, or leller. 
Cialdo'ne, /. m. a wafer rolttd up in tbc 

form of a comet. 
Claltn/ne, J. m. a rogue, a nscaL 
Ciambe'lh, /./. a kind of cuke. 
Ciambeila'io./.m. a cakr-maker. 
Ciambello^tto, s.m. camlet. 
Ciambella'no. t.m. a chamberfaia. 
Ciaramc'ngola. «./. a trifle. 
Ciampaiif'iid,/. /.fx. dare In clampanelln; 

^to go about a buslnen foollsfily. 
Cla'ncia, s. f. foolery, jest, rhit-chat. 
CiaMCiafru'tcoIe, s,/. plural, trirtcs. 
^ianciamr-'nio, s.m. joke, prating. 
Ciinci'anCrra. /./. (nfle, nm^ense. 
CianclaVe, t>. to prate, to clut, to pral- 

Ciunclato're, /. m. a prattler. 
Ciii.riatri'ce, .«./. 3 obatlcring woman., 
Clancie'io, alj. Mlkitig idly. 
Ckncloll'na, /./. chat. 
Cianclo'nc, s.m. a grent prster, 
Cianclo'so, ai). full of that. 
Cianfa'rda, /. /. a kind of dress aitclently 

CianfrusaVlia^, .'./. tilings eaten for pa** 

tine, old iHtterrdrloaths. 
C'anrhfll 'no.alj. niught, bad. nh.t. 
Giantclit'no, /. M.'a sip, a smilt draught. 
Cini-flme'll.-i, i. /• « bag pipe, a prating 

CiaramrlU're, i». lo' babble. 
CWrIa, t.fs'<\\\\, ehMtterm?. 
Giarla'rcy I', to talk, to prate. 
k ciai laup(»-;'d, I, /;.4iu«ck«rf , leqoKllJb 


daflite'hOff.m. a quack. 

Clarlato're, t.m. CiarUtri'ct, i. f, pra(Ucr« 

a goi.iip. 
Clarler/a,*./. chat. 
ClarHe'ro, t.m, a prattler. 
Ciarlo'ne,i.m. a blab, tattler. 
Cia'rpa, i.f. a bandoleer. 
Cia'riw, t.m. rags. Uttered doaths* 
Ciarpa'me, t.m. old garments, ras«. 
Clarpa're, v. to cobble or bangle, to Vab* 

Ciarple'ra, t% /. a quean, a draV, a saaty 

Clarpie're, CianH/ne, a raacal, a pai* 

try fellow. 
Ciaschedu'no, CiasCa'no, tmi. every man, 

every one, every body, each, crery 

Clba'ccio, t.m. bad, coane food* 
Clba'lr, <i4/. ooarishing. 
Cibame'ntOfi.m. nourishment. 
Clba're, v. to nourish, to feed. 
Ciba'rit, v. to feed upon, to pleaae ooe'ff 

Cibo. s.m. food, victuals. 
Clborrio, t. m. plx, a vessel fa which the 

host ia kept. 
Cibo'to, a4f. fmltftil, co^Ioub. 
Cibre'o, t. m. a made difhi 
Cica, adv. not a bit, not a jot, not •* vll. 
Cicc'da, Cica'la, s.f. a' kind of cbirpinft 

insect not much kiMKwn in EogUnd. It 

is black, lives on trees, and cliinto muclv 

during summer, also the nag m on an- 
Clcala'ccia, s. /. Idle talker. 
Cicalame'nto, s.m. prating, chntterlng. 
Cicala're, v. to babble, to chat, to talk 

Cic ala'ta. *. /. Clcalt'cclo, *. m. Clcal*': ia, 

'./^'Cicali'o, i. m. talk, babbliog* cki.- 

Cicalato're» Clcalona'ccio, i. ws. a great 

Cical'one, s.m. a prating or talkative man. 
Cicntri'ce, s.m. cicatricn, scar. 
Cicatrizza're, t). to ciciairlire, to beal. 
'Cicrant(/nc, s.m. sl quark. 
Ci'crhera, *. /. we chicchcr^. 
Ci'cciolo, s.m. bits of meat which rrmain 

after the fal of the hog tsiquccsM o«c 
Ciccio'iie, J.m. felon, a painful awe>ltng» 
Cice'rbita, /./,sowihl"iile. 
Cic«:'rchia, i./. c»ilck-|>cflt; la bai man* 

giitL) cicerchle, you see dotihle. 
Ciceryne, s, m. pica, a letter used bf 

pri le.s. 
Cichi'no, s.m. a little, very little. 
Cici'itenJi, s.f. slow-worm, blipd-vonn. 
Cirisbe'a, s. f. a coquette. 

icirUbca're, Vi to ktep Compaiir with cht 
sex. • I . - . 


civility to women. 
Cicisbe'o, s. m. a daogler aboat vomen, a 
civil attendant on womeo. It li lome- 
times taken in a good, looietimct is a 
bad Beme. In general it neana tbecqo- 
ttanl auendaoton a ladf . 
Ci'cla, i. m. cycle, a term used in astro- 
CiOoTde. *./. cycloid. 
Cicloineiara, *./, cydometiy. 
Ctco'gna, i. /. a stork, that piece Of tim- 
ber tliat poiies the bell, an engine to 
drav op water, the beak of an ioatni- 
Ctcofni'iio, i.M. a youog stork. 
CJCo'rea, s.f. luccory, wild endive, 
cicu'ia.f./; hemlock. 
Cicntre^ana, s.f. a musical pipe.. 
Ciecamc'ote, oiv. blindly. 
Cieca're, v. to blind. 
CiechitaV see CeciU. 
Cieco. at/, blind, inconsiderate, foolish, 
hidden, concealed, latent, daik, gloomy, 
il moodo cieco, bell; giuocare ai giac- 
co della cieca, to play at blind man's 
baflf; lantema cieca, a dark lantern ; 
bastonate da cieco, liard blows ; on cie- 
co, I blind man. 
Ciecoli'oa, «./. a grig, a kind of small 

cie'io, *.«. heaven, paradise, the air, the 
sky, country, climate, tlte top, the ciel- 
ing, the tester of a bed. 
Cie'ra, «./. look, countenance; vot non 
avete baona ciera, you don't look weli. 
Ci'ters, Cifra, t.f. cypher. 
Citeri'sta, s. m. a man whose employment 

i^ to write in cyphers. 
Cigiia're, s.m, the ridge or edge of a small 

Ci'isJio, i.m. eye-brow, eye-lid, eyes, sight 
view, look t aguaaar leciglia, to lix ones 
ey«« ufMOo a tlting. 
Ci'clio, Ciglio'ne, the ridge or edge of 

a ditch, or between two furrows. 
cigliii'to,<i4;« having thick eye-brows. 
ci'gna,«./. a girth. 
Cifnalin'ccio, s.m. a large wild boar. 
C\%nanc,t.m. a wild boar. ■ 
Cicni'rc, Cignc're, v. to gird, 
ci'inere, v. to embrace, hug, sarround, 

Ci'irno, t.m, a swan. 
c.ifuu'ne, t.m. % great girth, 
c gularae'ato, s.m. the cracking of a door 

or any thing else. 
cigoia're, u. to crash, creek, whis. 
Cigoii'o, t. m. a crackling noise, • whii- 


cllc'cca, #./. disappointment. 
cu*in'ao,Cii('stro, a^V ik7-colottre4t 

C I If 

CilKccIo, clliftio, /.«. halr<lolb; 

Cinegia,«./. cherry. 

CilinK/nia, t. f. ceremony in jokew 

Cili'Bdrico> a^. cylindrical. 

Cili'ndro, i.m. cylinder. 

Cili'sio, Me Ciliccio. > 

Cik/ma. i./. talk, pratling. 

^'?^i *'^' ***•*» r***"' height, summit, ex- 
ccUence, emineace: cima d- uomo 
«n eminent man j cima di rabaldo. an 

JiSifT*' • ■?!****■ f " P*"" '« «*•»« «'Wn 

tiberi, to cavil ; cima d'uo capo, the 
end of a cable. *^* 

*^'*«'«> ''• lo shear cloth, cat or the 
nead ; uomo bagnato e cimato, a cun- 
ning man, a sharper. 

Cima'sa, /./. seecimasio. 

CImato're, unu a shearer of cloth. 

Cimatu'ra, V". shearings, the act of shear- 

Cima'aio, j. m. a member of a mouldira 
consisting of a round and a hollow. 

Ciraba, i.m. a bark. Pwr. • 

CI mbalo. urn. a tabor, a cymbal. 

Cjmbe'rii, arfv. esser in ctmberii, to be hi 
consternation. , w «*; m 

<^'J»^"o» Cimbottoto, /.«. a fafl, a tarn- 

Cimbottola're, «. to knock one's bead 

against the ground in falli ng. 
Cimcnure, CJmenta'rsI, v. to attempt, 

make trial, prove, expose, bring into 

danger, hacard, venture, to come to a 

battle, to eneSge. 
Cime'nto, s. m. experiment,- essay, trial, 

proof; mettere a cimenio, to expose, to 

endanger. • 

Ciroenti, s.m. the seams of a ship. 
Ci'inice, / m. bug. ^ 

Cimlcia'tiola, s.f. a kind of jrape. <* 

Ciinicio'ne, s.m. a large bug. 
Cimie're, cimie'ro, ^,.«. the crest of aa 


Ciml'no, *. m. Uie herb and seed cummin. 

Ciniiteno, Cimitt'ro, *.«, a churcii-yard; 
pUtir co; cimlien, to be ot a ^ckly 
constitution. ' 

Clmu'rro, s.m. the glanders; tnn^ 11 cl- 
murro, to sow one's wild oats. 

Ci'oa, s. f. a medicinal root. 

Cinabce'te, s.f. a kind of soft red stonew 

Cina'bro, s.m. cinnabar. 

Cincialle'gra, 1./, a kind of.bird so cal- 

Cinci'glio, /.m. a belt. > 

Cioci'nno, s.m, a curl of the hah>. 

Cinclschiafre, v. to cut, to hack ; cincfs 
chiare nelte porole, to hesitate, stam- 
mer, be at a stand. 

Cinci'schio, /. m. a cut made wHh • tool 
that <uits ill. 

ciacisii*'re» tc» Ctaslichiirc;^ 


Clt(tdKbo,<M/. ci?il, coarteou*^ veir-bred | 

dtt ciitadina. a prirate life. 
Ci'tio, Afli. ■ tad or bojr. 
Civa'da^f./. a ipriuail. 
Cira'Ja,!./. all maooer of pube. 
• Givf (ca, «./. gain, profit. 
Civansa're, v. to provide, gain, profit, fur* 

qwuiza'csi, v. lo take care of oaea wlf. 
Civa'nzo, s.m. interest. 
Ciu'co, an aas. 

Cfve'tta, /./. an owi ; far la ciretu, to 
to play the wanton i toccare a clvetta, 

to cudgel. 
Civetla're, v. to play the wag> coquet, tri> 

Clvetterl'a, /./. coquetry, 
dvetd'oo, CtTeito'oe,. *, m. ipark, beau, 

•CiuflFa'gno, o^'. apt to catch. 
CiutTa're, v. to gripe, to catch. 
CtuAVtio, Ciuffo, s.m. alitUe lock of liair, 

a toupee. 
Ciu'ifola, J./, trifle, aooBenie. 
flivt'tfO, a4;. civic. 
Civi'le, «(/. civil, 
civi'le, i. m. a court of Judicature, a re- 

Civiiine'nle, a4;. civilly. 
Civilia*. Civtiliu, s.f. civility, humanity, 
. good-breeding, the francbiae,or freedom 

pt a citizen. 
Civi're, V. to find, pnocure, ahifl for one*! 

CliVrina, t.f. crew of slaves in a galley, 

crowd, throng, multitude.. 
Clurmndo're, Ciurmalo're, s. m. a practi* 

ker ot witchcraft, a ciieat, a sharper, a 

Ciurma'glia,/./. mob, rabble. 
Ciurma're, v. to cheat, as mountebank* 

do, to allure with deceit ; ciurmarsi, to 

get drunk. 
Ciurma'to, v, accustomed to evil; sono 

ciurmato a tutti i vostri inganni, I know 

all vour tricks. 
Clurmeri'a, j. /.. quack's tricks. 
Ciu'sciiero, aif. tipsy, drunkish. 
Clad?, r./. slaughter, iwtt 
Clama're, v. to speak loud. 
Cldmaziooe, t, /. the act of speaking 

CU'mide, t.f. the upper vest of U>e an- 
cient Roman soldiers. 
Clamu're. /. m. clamour, outcry. 
Clandesti'no, atU, clandestine, secret. 
Cianga're, J. m. clangor, 
rlare'llo, t. tn. claret. 
Ciariflca're. v. to clarify liquoitt 
C>Hri'iio,'.f. m. clarion. 
CUriia', v, ItKitt, brigbtA«;ii«. 



Clane, s.f, ftfonnio a school, chns, 

order ; classe, a navy, a fleet of shipk 

Cla'ssico, adj. classic, classical. 
Clava, t. fn..a chibu 
Claude're, v. to comprize, contain. 
Clavice'mbalo, Clavica'rdio, s,m, a harp'* 

Clavi'coia, J. m. tbeclaricula, the cfaaoBc'i 

.bone. . 
Clavo, t. tn. poetical for Chiodo ; an irac 

Claustra'Ie, aJJ. claustral, monastre. 
Clau'siro, i. fls. a cloystcr, the moaasterf 

Clau'sula, f ../. clause, pcovlso, condition. 
Ciausu'ra, i./. part of a monastery, tu 

monastery lt8el^ a close, aninclo8*arc. 
Clema'tide, /./. an herb so called. 
Oeme'ote, adj. clement, merciful. 
Clementine, s. f, pi. the constUation ol 

Clement (he Fifth. 
Cleme'naa,.Clemensi'a,/. /. clemency. 
Clero,.-.f. m. the clergy^ a clergyman. 
Ciero, a4;. learned. Ohs. 
Cleasi'dra, /./. Clepsydra, a Teasel i&easv 

ing hours by running of water. 
Clie'nte, Clie'ntolo, i. m. a client. 
Cllentc'ia, /./. patronage, protection, d^ 

Cli'ma, /. m. climate. 
Climate'rtcoi a4j, climacteric. 
Cli'peo, i. m. a shield-, peet, 
Cliste're, Clistc'ro, s. m..a glister. 
Cllvo, s^. steep ascent or desceaU. 
CUCsia, t.f. turosol, a flower, 
clo'aca, /./. a sewer, a sink. 
Coabita're, v. to cohabit. 
Coabitato'iv, t. m. cohabitant. 
Coabitaaio'ne,i./. cohabitation. 
Coacade^mico, s. m. a.f/elloiir acartlessdciaa. 
Coacerva're, v. to heap up. 
Coadiuto're, s, m.a coadjutor. 
Coadjuto'ria, i./- coadjutorsbip. 
Coadjuva'rr, v. to assist, Iiclp. 
Coac^una're, v. to assemble. 
Coadjunazic/ne, i./. assembly. 
Coagukr'ce, V. to coagulate. 
Coagulame'nto, s. m. coagolatioo* 
Guati^ulati'vo, adi. that has tbe power af 

Coagulasio'iie, s.f. coagubition. 
Coa'gulq, /, m. coagulnm, a curdled sub- 
stance growing in the boUow of a dl^ 

jointed bone, also cord, rennet. 
Coartagio'iie, s.f. straightening. 
Coarta'rcf. to be astringCBt, toUaoit. 
Coatti'vo, thU. coercive. 
Cpas'ione, /./. cuaction. 
Co^bboia, J. /. a country ballad. 
Co'cca, t. f. the notch of a troaa>bow a'. 
. fOW| siiaft, a cock-boat > cocca, ki^ upl 


of a S|iiadM ; cocca iieJ c«po, the cnMrii 
of (lie bead. 

occa're, «. Id tnif h at» deride, also to pat 
the bow-string- into tbe notch of the 

>cchU'ta, #k/. ia serenade in a coach. 
occLie'iK, tjm, a ooa hroan. 
'>cchi'glia, J./, a fish-shell. 
j'cchio, *,m, a coach, or coachi*boz. 
uccUiu'iiie, j.Mi. a bung. 
■yccia,«./. a pimple, or Mister} cooc'a 
d'u3To, tbe shell of sn egg. • 
cccini'glia,i./. cociiiocal.- 
'1 1 CIO, t.m. potsherd. 
<>c( ijoUa, i.f. a pimple or blister.' 
->Vi-u, s.m. cochineal, scarlet cloth; 
cov CO. an «gg ; a word of children, a 
dining; also cocoa. 
^occodri'iJo, i.M. a crocodile. 
VccoU, jt,/. berry. 
'■o^ciiWite, Coccolo^ni, cJv. star cocco- 

luni, to lie .or ait sqaat. 
'. >ccove'ggia, i.f. an owL 
: )<''-uTeggis're, v. to mo«e «««I» do. 
'uu'nte, a^'. riolent, burning. 
"^vTiii'j^lia, i./. cuckle lista. 
ocmf'mo, <.m. beat« tniart, also a de- 
coct ii>n. 

->cu/re,i.fli. heat, inAammation. 
u. ito'jo, aJJ. easily boiled. 
vKiiura, i.f. U>e water in- which any 
ti'ins has boiled, boilingfbaking, roast- 
in?;, burning, scalding, snurting. 
oclea'ria, /./. scurvy-grass, 
ocyila, t./, a nook** hood, a cowl. 
oco'ma, t. f. a tea-kettle or boiler. 
o umers'jo, ».nh a place where water- 
nriunt grow, a seller of water-melons. 
o j'mero, t.m. a water-melon, some 
iiaiians who are not natives of Tuscany, 
(ri-'C tiie aame of cocorocro to the cu- 
cuinber, whose proper name is cetri- 
i>u<o; Betlerciui cocoaiero in corpo, 
to put a Sea in one's ear. ' 
'<^'i'2io. Cocu'ssolu, J. in. pste, noddle, 
'^~i(l, also top, sunmit. 
'^)> i. f. tlie tail, the comer of- the eye, 
ti>r rear of an army, train, retinae ; far 
(("Ji, io attend, to follow ; coda, (he 
"<>> the latter end ; iisciar la coda, to 
flatter, to soothe*, suastar la coda al 
'a?iano, to leave out the best of any 
iiory la telling; eodadi polvere, a 
luia of powder; coda cavalUna, an 
iitrb so called j coda di Uooe^a sort of 

-'liirii'a, *. /. «o«ard<ce. 

>J!<'iio, «</. cowardir; an codafdo^ a 


"" 1 lit, $,/. larite hmg tail. 
'^dViao, $.9U rvtinoe, ti:aiBi 


Codea're, v. to watch, to spr. 

Coderi'no, adj. luying a tail. 

Coden/ne, ».m. a kind of plaj 

Codia're. See Codeare. 

Codiato're, $.m. a pher into other pcaple's 

Co'dice, s.m. code, civil law. 

Oodici'lio, f-m. codicil. 

Codilofngo, Mj- having a long tail. 

Codimo'MO, a4j. witlioui a tail. 

Codio'ne, s.m. the rump. 

Codiro'aso, s.m. a kind of fig«peekcr« 

Codu'to, a<(/. thai ius a tail. 

CoegudHe, <M;. co-cqual. 

Coere'de, aij. joint'heir. • 

Coere'nte, aij. coherent. 

Coere'osa, s.f. coherence. 

Coesio'ne, './. cohesion. 

Co«ta'neo, alj, equal in age, coolcapo- * 

Coet^mo, <M/. co^ieraal. 

Cofafci ia, s. f. a cake, a ban. 

Cofana'jo, s.m. a trunk-maker. 

cyfano, s.m. a basket, a chent. a trunk. 

Cogitabo'ottOt aiJ. p^niivc, ud. 

Cogita'rc, v. to think, abt. 

Cogitati'ro, aij. thoughtful. 

co{(itazio'ne, s.m. cOijitatioo. 

Co'giiere, v. to gather, to reap, to tdtc ; 
coglier in iscambio, to mistake ; cogli- 
ere, to catch, overtake, bcfal, come to 
pass, hit, strike; cogliere, to make 
alike, draw to a bead, snppnrate, to 
gattier or bring together, to aisemble ; 
cogliere cagione, .to And a pretence; 
tu oon la corral, it shall not be so { 
coglierseU, to run away. 

GogfUo^re, s.m. a gatherer. 

Cogna'ta, s.f. sister-in-law. 

Cogna'to, s.m. brother-in-law. 

Cognaziu'ne, J. /. kindred. 

Co'gnito, aij. known. 

Cognisi'one, «./. knowledge, judgment, 

Oogno, 4. Mk a wine-measure of ten barrels^ 

Cogno'me, j.i»« the sumante. 

Cogoomina're, v. to surname. 

CX>gnosce'oza, i. /. knowledge, intelli- 
gence, skiU. 

Cogno'scere, v. to know. 

Cognosci'bile, a^j. that can be known. 

Cognoscibilitit, s.f. Cognoscimefnto,'.!*.' 
sense, wit, judgment, knowledge. 

Cogola'ria, s.f. a net with a Urge mouth. 

CojVceio, s.m. a degrading augmenuiive 
of ciiojo, skin or leather lluit denotes its- 
hardnesi or bad quality- 

Coji'jo, s.m. a tanner, a leathtrseuer, » 
cordwainer. ^ , .. ^_ ^,, 

coia'roe. Mil. all. manner ol lf»th«r M 


COL ' 

€o}e'Uo, i.m a leather Jerkin. 

Cf/\to, t.m, coition. 

93la\ oil*, local, yonder, there, in tliat 

Co la, s.f. cullender, itraining bag, a rud* 

>die to lift Hme with. 
Colaggiu\ aiv, tliere below, down there. 
rolame'nto, sjn. a pausing. 
Cola're, v. to strain, to drop, to fall bjr 

drops, melt, liquify, to l>e leaky. 
Colario'ne, s.f. tlie act of running tlirough. 
Colaicio'ne. s.m. a oiusiral instrument 

nice ji guitar, with two strings only. 
Co'iMuS adv. tltcre above, yonder above. 
Colati'vo, <i4/. ill ained, fluid. 
Col4(o'jo,/j.f». a strainer, a cullender, 

crucible, an earthen vessel to make Ive. 
Colatu'ra, s.f. the remainder of what has 

been strained. 
Cotasio'ne, s.m. a breakfast. 
Colca're, Colca'rsi, v. to lay down. 
Cole'i, froiu rel. fttn, she, that woman 

Coiendi'sflmo, ai}. vour worship. 
Colefre, t*. to worsliip, to reveience. 
Coleiii/ne, s.f. breakfast } far colcxione, 

to breakfast. 
Co^ica, s.f. colick. 
Ct/lico, €Uj. colicky. 
Colla, i./. a rope with wMch they rack 

malefictors ; glue ; a pearl, peart neck- 
Colla'na, /./. a necklace. 
<;olia're, v. to torture, rack, to glae. 
CoHa're, s.m. a collar, a band. 
•CollarettH'jo, /.«, a collar-maker. 
Colla'la, s,/, a blow on the neck. 
<;ollatera'le, aij, collateral. 
CoUatera'le, s.m. a pay-master, judge, de> 

legate, commissary, 
i^ollato're, /.in, a patron of a living. 
Collata'nco, s.m. a foater brollier. 
Collauda'rc, v. to praise. 
Collaiiona're, v. to confront, compare. 
i^ollaaio'Re, /./. conference, parley, the 

act of confronting, collation, the be- 

ftowing of church livings. 
Co'lle./.ni. a hill. 
Coile'ga, ^ifn. a colleague. 
Colle'ga, s.f. alliance, lesgue. 
Cotlegaroe'nto, j.m. Collega'nsa,/^. anion, 

connexion, confederacy. 
/^oUega're, v. to make an alliance, to con- 
nect, knit. Join. 
« CQllega'io, Am. ally, confederate. 
Cullegiio^re, s.m. a plenipotentiary. 
Coliegaaio'ae, s.f. alliance, league. 
Collegialme'nte, a^f, after the manner of 

(he college. 
Collegia') e, v. to consult, confer. Ohu 
^ Qpllegia'ta, '•/• a coilcglatf cburch. 
k ^Ucf ia'to, Mi^ coUcfiate. , . . 



Colle'glo, t.m. a college { far Collecio 

consult, confer. 
Colleppola're, xk to rejoice, to be sDcrrr. 

Ohi. also to rob, steal, carry awaw. 
Ci/llrra, s.f. anger, cholcr. 
Colle'rioe«collen/so, aij. chelertcfc, hativ. 
Colle'tia, J./, a gathering, collect too. also 

a collect. 
Colie(ii«ame'Ate, adv. -collecUvely. 
Colietti'vo, adj. collective. 
Colletti'aio. ad» gathered up of all sorts. 

collected. ^ 

Cullc'tto, s.m a little hill, also a jerkin. 
CollettoVr, t.m. collector, gather«r. 
Collettori'a, s.f, the office of the coUtctor. 
Colleaio'ne,/./. collection. 
Coliibe'to, s.m. a collection. 
Collica'rsi, v. to lifc down. 
Collice'llo, s.m. a little hill. 
Colligia'no, s.m, a mountajneer. 
Collima're, to aim at. 
coih'na. *./. a hiU ; coUlne, *./; ptnr, a 

row of hills. ^ 

CoUifle'tta, s.f. a little hilL 
Colllqua're, i*. to liquify. 
Colirrio, s.m. eye-salve. 
CoUisi</ne, /./. collision. 
Collo, s.m. lite neck, shoulder, back- 

portareun bambino la collo, to cai-rra 

child tti>on one's back ; cadcr d( coTio 

to be out of favour ; collo. the neck of 

a bottle or of a flask \ far aHungare il 

collo a uoo, to make one wait ; coUo. t 

hill. obi. 
•Collocame'nto^ t m. the act of placint or 

disposing of things in order, 
colioca're, v. to place, settle, to put. la 

lay, to lodge, to bestow ; coUecare om 

flglier, to marrv a daogiucr. 
Collocaaiu'nr, s.f. collocation, placiac. 
CoUocuaio'nc, s.f. conference. 
CoMoqui'ntida, s.f, colioquintida. 
cotlo'quioi, s^m. conference. Colloquy, 
Co'Ilora, s.f. anger. 
Colloro'so, a4j. cholerick. 
Colloto'rto, s.m. a hypocrite. 
Cullo'ttola, s.f. nape of the ncrtu. 
Collusio'ne, s.f. collusion. 
Coima're, v. to All up to the top. 
Colma'la.i./. fulineu to the brim. 
Coimati/re, t.m, he that Alia the aiseaaarai 

to the brim. ' 

Colmatu'ra, /./. the over fuUaaaa of a 

measure. l 

Colmi'gno, i.m. the ridfe of a hooae. 
Colmo, t.m. lop, summit, height, loftineaL 

haughtiness ( colmo, a^f, ifllcd db. oracl 

full I al colmo, ai%u fall measur^ 
Colo, s.m. a strainer, 
coloca'sia, /./. a plant lo called. 
Colpfo'nia, s,fm% kind of gam. 
ColgTaUi i./. • liM tfOTCt 


Colomba'ccfo, s.m. • wild pigtwB. 

Colomba'ja, s.f, Colomba^o, s.m, pigeoo> 

Colomba'ne, J.m. > kind of white-wine. 

Golombenia, s./. wild-pigeon. 

Colotnbi'na, *./. pigeon's dang. 

ColoiQbi'no. adj. of or belonging to pi- 
geons, of a pigeon coloar, as mild as a 

Colombi'no, s.m. a sort of stone to make 
lime with, also a small pigeon. 

Colo'mbo^.M.a pi^eonjcolorabo torrajaolo, 
a pigeon breeding in towers or steeples; 
Colombo torquato, a ring-dove, a wood- 
pigeon ; Colombo saWatico, a wood- 
pi geoo. 

Co'loo, s,m. colon, the first of the great 

oolo'nia, /-/la colony. 

Culo'oDa, J./, a column, a round pillar, a 
star, prop, support; le colonne d'er- 
cole, Hercttles's pillars ; le colonne d*un 
■libro, the columns in a book ; colonr>a, 
colomo, a long file o( troops ; le co- 
lonne d'an letto, the bed-posts. 

Culonn^ta, s.f. Colonna'to, j.m. a ccdo- 

CoIonneHlo, s.m, a little pillar, colonel of 
a regiment. 

colonne'tta, /./. a little pillar.* 

( olo'no, x.m. an inhabitant of a colony. 

coiura'ccio, i.m. bad colour. 

c'oiorame'nto, j,m, colour, tincture, dye. 

Colora're, v. to colour, dye, suin, paint, 
rmbclltsb, adorn, cloak, disguise. 

(>>lurataaBe*Bie, adv. feignedly, falsely. 

culura'to, a4/. likely, probable^ false, 

Colorazio'ne, s.f, colouring, ornament. 

Culo're, s.m. colour, pretence, show, ap- 

f "iun/tto, faint colour, a blush. 

tulorPre, v. to colour, dye, stain, paint, 
cl^^ak, disguise. 

Owlori'to, s.m, the m»nner of colouring in 
a picture ; bel colorito, mat culonio, 
fine colouring, bad coloaring. 

< '' irito're, s.pu a paintrr. 

(-'lu'ru, ^rSiB. rel. thost*. they. 

Colj'rta'ie, a4/. colossal. 

cui</g9<i, S.m. colossus ; un colosto, a very 
lall and big man. 

Culpa, s.f. tin, ofTenee, transgression; 
daria la colpa, to lay the fault on ; chi- 
ainarsi in colpa, to own one's fau t ; 
culpa, cause, reason, account* 

^'>ipanitle, <s4/. cuilty, faulty. 

( "ipa're, ft. to sln^ Ois. to own one'i sins. 
o'>s. la blame, to find fault with. 

'"'''pcggia're, v. to strike, to smite. 

culpe'ito, s.m. a imall blow. 

Coioe'rale. adf, faulty, cultrftble. 


ColpPre, V. to stnke, to hit, to succeed. 

Colpo, s.m, blow, struke, stripe, act, ac- 
tion, deed, attempt : avete fatto un bel 
colpo, you have done a fine thing : a un 
colpo, at once: coloo di taglio, a cut- 
ting blow ; colpo di mare, a surge, a 
heavy sea : colpo di ritiro, the evening 

Colta, s.f. the gathering of taxes; coHec- 
tioD ; the dam of a mill : dar alia palla 
di colta, to hit the ball : far colta, to 
come to a head, to draw to a head : far 
colta, to bit, strike. 

Coltelle'xai, s./.pl. stadding>sails. 

Colte'lla, sf. a knife, coulter plouglMhare. 

Coitella'ccio, s.m. choppin^-knlfe. 

Coltella'ta, s.f. a cut or stab with a knife: 
fare a coltellate, to light with knives or 

Coltelle'sca, Coltellie'ra, s.f. the sheath of 
a khife. 

Coltclliha'jo, s.m. a cutler. 

Coltelli'no, s.m. a little knife. 

Colte'llo, s.m. a knife, a short sword ; tliA 
longest feathers of any bird's wings. 

Coltello'ne, s.m. a large knife. 

Coltivame'nto, s.m. culture, tillage ; wor- 
ship, adoration. 

Coltiva're, v. to cultivate, till ; worship. 

Coltivato're, s.m. a plougliman, a husband- 
man ; also an instigator, encourager. 

Coliivatu'ra, s.f. husbandry, tillage, cul- 

Coltivazio'ne, s.f. hui^bandry. 

Colto, s.m. ploughed land ; worship, re- 
spect : colto, aJj. tilled, cultivated, ga*. 
theied, collected, catched, caught, 
cheated : se mi vien colto, if I have an 
opportunity : me I'ha rolta, he has 
clieated me : colto, surprised, taken \m 
the fact. 

Colty're, f.m. hnsbsndraan. 

Coltra're, v. to plough. 

Colire, s.f. quilt, cuunterpain, pall, rod, 


Cjliii'ce, *./. a feather-bed; the hu«- 

bdndman'<> wife. 
Cultro, i.t/K a co'iltrr, the knife of ap!ougb. 
Coltryne, s.m. counterpane, coverlet lor 

a bed. 
Coltu'ra, r. /. culture, husbandry. 
Colubh'na, s.f. a culverin. 
C.»hibrine't'a, s.f. a small culverin. 
Colu'bro, s.m. a poetical word for any 

Coln'i, proH. he or that. 
Coumba'rio, ./. pigeon's herb. 
Cotu'ro, J.m. colu.e, the colurc oftheetjut* 

noxes, atid the colore of the solstices. 

I Coma, s.f. a ht-ad «»f air. Poet. . 
Comandame'nia, s.m. command, go* 
' mtoti commandment, order, pre<«1 


Comtnda're. v. to command, to order, to 
charfe, to bid. 

Ciimandato'rr, s.m. a commander. 

Comaodl'iia, t.f. recommendation. 

Coma'ndo, /.m. commandmfint, forero* 
ment, command, order. 

Coma're, *,/. a |od-mother, a foasip, a 

Coma'to, a4J. hairy, Umi^baired. 

combacia're. i>. to set together, to fit. 

Combacia'rsL v. to Itiu one another. 

Combaciame'nto, t'tn. (he stale of beinf 
glued or well fitted together. 

Combatlc'nte, t.m, a combatant. 

Comba'ttere, t/. to fight, combat,batter,at- 
taclc, besiege, agitate, disquiet, oppoae, 

Comi>atiime'nto, «.«. combat, Cght, btt- 
(le, conflict. 

combattito're, i.«t. a combatant. 

coinbattitri'ce, s./. a warlike woman. 

Combattu'to, aJj, combated, fought. 

Combiata're, v. to dismiss, . 

Combia'lo, v. dismissing, ow. 

Combi'bbia, i.f. many persons drinking 

combioamc'nto, j.m. combination. 

Coubloa're, v. to combine. 

c:ombinaxii/oe, /./. cotnbination. 

Cjmbri'ccola, J./, conventicle, private 
miscliieTOUs meeting. 

Combutti'bilc, a4f. combustible. 

Combustio'ne, /./. combustion, conflagra- 

Corobj'sto, a4/. consumed, barnt. 

Cgrae, aiv. u, like ; how ? what ? come I 
oon volete venire* what! won*t you 
come ? come, as soon as ; as, because ; 
means, course, way, expedient: ditemi 
ii come, tell me bow, in what manner: 
come, provided, provided that: come 
non vi sia, io ci verro, provided he is not 
there, I'll come : come, when : come 
vedrollo eli psrlero di voi, when I see 
iiim, I'll spcik to him of you: come 
prima, as aoon u. 

Comecebe*, adv. although, becauie, u. 

Cumc'dia, J./, a comedy^ play. 

Comeoia're, v. to comment, to expound. 

Comenta'rio, /.m. commentary. 

Comentato^re, «.m. commentator. 

Come'oto, *.m. commentary. 

come'ia, #•/. a comet. 

Coneitfrio, aO'. cometary. 

ComiaTio, t.m. leave, warning. 

Ci/mico, i.m. a waiter of comedlet, an 
actor in comedy— «4/. comic. 
—Comi gnolo. t.m. the roof ridge of a house. 

'^minciame'nto, t.m. commencement, bc- 
mincii'atc, t.m. beginner, oorice. 


Comincia're, «. to begin, (ocommcaee : -ali 

comiociare, at the beg nning. 
Comincis'ta, j./. Cominciato, s.m. the 

beginning. C^wnder. 

Comlnciato're, /. m. beginBcr, oorioe 
Comi'ncio, adj. begun. ' 

Comi'no, t.m. cummin-ieed. 
comitrf'nte, «</. attending, 
comita'to, i.m. company, train, retinue. 
Comiti'va, t.f. train, retinue, followers. 
Co^mlto, s.m. an officer in a galley, who 

orders the rowers to work. 
Cbmmacola re, v. to stain, blcmiah. 
Comma'ndo, i.m. spun-yarn. 
Comme'dia, s./. a play, a comedy, tlie 

Commedia'jo, t,m. a comed^ -writer. 
Commedi I'nte, s.m. a comediaii^a plajcr. 
Coinmedia're. v. to make conacdiea. or act 

tUem acted. 
Comniemora'iiile, adj. memorable. 
CommemoKiire, v. to commemorate. 
Commemorazic/ne, t. /. remembrance 

commemontion. ' 

Corome'nda, j./. a command. 
Commenda'bile, a^'. Commendable. 
Cummeniamc'nto, i.m. praise. 
Cummeoda're, v. to praise, to recoftuncod. 
CommendataVio, CommeDdat(/r«, s. «. 

one that holdaa benefice la comnacndain 
Commendati'sia, »./. a letter of recom^ 

Comroendatisi'o, eij. commendatory. 
Cummendato'rc,j.m. Commendatri'cc* // 

onp tliat approves. * 

Commendaxiff ne, t.f. commcndatioo. bo* 

noor, praise. 
Commrnde'vole,<M/. worthy to be praised 

Commensa'le, t.m./. a guest at a fcatt. ' 
Commcttsura'bile, adj. capable of bciMi 

measured at the same time. I 

Commenaura're, v. to measure one thiu i 

with another, to compare. | 

Commenta're. See Comenta're, aod ll^ 

derivatives. | 

Commc'rcio,commc'rxio,«.«n. trade: cow 

mercio dl lettere, corrcspoodcacc. 
Commc'ssa, t./. commission, charie,otd«i> 
Commessari'a,i./. acommisaioneraoftco 
CommessaVio, Commissa'rip, a mm 

ten master, a commiisa^ : commeaaaiif^ 

di citta, a judge by commistion. li 

Commessaaio'oe, t.f, debauchery. 
Commcssi</Be, j./. commlmioiL otdch 

mandate. 1 

Commcsao,/arf. appointed, anlnod. i 
Comme'sso, t.m. a deputy. 
Comme'sao,j.M.Coromessu'ra,i^,a ««aai.fl 

cblak, a sotore t Utwb di TlTMnicwS 


ComiDcsti'bne, t.m. lood. i 

Commesti'bHe, a4j. eaUbte. 

Commetti'one, s.f. a mixtare. 

Coinniettc'ate» s.m. • correspODdeaU 

Corome'ttere, v. to comnitnd, charge, in* 
trust : commit, do, perpetrite, to in- 
chasp, to set: commettere allafortana, 
to kixard, to tin : commecter dlicor- 
die, to make discord. 

ComoieitiiMne, s.m, a fire-brand of aedi- 

■ lion. 

Cororaettitofre, 4.m, him that commitf. 

Commettito'ra, s.f. joining. 

Comnia'io.i.m.leare, warning: darcoa- 
miato, to 

Commiltto'ne, t.m. fellow-floldier. 

Comnioato'ria, s. /. comminatorf. 

Comminasio'ne, /.'/. threaiccing. 

comniichiame'nio, s.m. amucture. 

commischia're, v. to mix, to jumble. 

Commiterabilm^Die, adv. lamentably. 

comnisera're. v. to take pity. 

Comm2serast(/ne, s.f. pity, compassion. 

Coamiseie'vole, aJj, piteoos, wretched, 

Coomitsa'rio, s.m. a commissary. 

ComiBix4loDafrio, s.m. a commissioner. 

Comraissio'iie, s.f. a commission, order. 

Cunomi'jto, ^or/. mixed, jumbled. 

Cammi^iurarc, v. to measure, adjust, pro- 

C/inmodo, s.m. See Co'modo, and its 

' dcrivatifes. 

Com mo'iso, 0^'. vexed, tumultuous: ani- 
mo commosso, a disturbed mind: po- 
pola commosso, a riotooA pei>pie. 

Cominfli i'vo, a^J. apt to be angry, or to 

Coinmovimrnto, s.m. disturbance, agila- 
tioD, commotion. 

CommoTito e, i flf. n distur'iter. 

Commovltu'ra, commoviai'onc, Conimo- 
xiu'ne, s.f. cummotion, d'.squict, dis- 

Communi'iv, v. to stivngtltcn. 

Commai/vere, i>. to move, stir, fex, dis- 
turb, anger, provuke, fright. 

C<)mrautame'nto, s.m. cliange, alteration, 

CtiffliRUia're, t«. to change, exchange, bar- 
ter, truck, rlialTrr. 

Oommutati'vOk aJj, changeable, incon- 
itani, anccrtain. 

CommHUsio^ne, s.f. exchange, alteration, 
commotion, disturbance, uproar, tu- 
mult ; cooimutaxione di pcna, commu- 
tation of punitiiment. 

Cumo, adv. poetical (br come, as. 

Comodaac'nte, aiv. conveniently, Easily, 


Comodatamc'ote, aiv, cvnrenictttly, kaaA* 

somely, well, 
comodvto, s.m, loan, (a law ttrwL) 
Comodato'ro, s.m. a lender. 
Goraodevolme'Bte, aiv, coaiaM>dioarif^ 

Comode'xia, Comodita*,«./. conTeaiencr. 
ease, opportunity: la comodita fat 
Borao ladfo, opportanity mikes a thief s 
la comodita d'una casa, accommoda- 
tions, conrenlencesof a house ; also ad- 
vantage, riches: far le sue comodlt^ 
to avoid. 
Coi'modo, s.m. advantage, gain, profit, be- 
nefit, interest, convenience: a TOStro 
comodo, at your leisure. 
Co^modo, a4J. commodicus, profitable, 
good, rich, ivealthy: essere comodo, 
to be in easy circumstances. 
Compadro'ne, s.m. a partner in (he com- 
Compa'ge, /./. clo9e- joining or seftiog to- 

gither, part, share, portion. 
Compagncrsco, aAj. social. 
Compagne^ssa, s.f. a female companion. 
Corapagne'vole, adj. sociable, eoraplai- 

tant, of good company. 
Compagni'fl, s.f. company, corporation, 
society, club, congregation, confrater- 
nity: compagnia di suldali, a company 
of soldiers: di cava!U-r/a, a troop w 
horse: andar in compa^nia, to go to- 
Compa'gno, s.m. Compa'gna, s.f. a com- 
panion, tellow, mate, partner, equal. 
Cnmpagnu'ne, s.m. a good companion, a 

merry fellow, a jovial man, a tali man. 
Compana'iic>i,i.m. Compana'tica././. fooJ, 
meal, anpr thin;; that is eaten witn brt ad. 
Compara'bile, adj. comparable, 1 ke, ihti 

may be compared. 
Com para gi'une, s.f. the act of appearing 

beiore a court of judicature. 
Compara're, v. to compare, set together, 
confer; comparasi, to compare one's 
self with; to vie with one. 
Conipara'tico, s.m. the state of being 9 

gosjiip. Spiritual alliance. 
Comparativame'nte, a4v. comparatirrly. 
Compardti'vo, s.m. comparative, a term 

in grammar. 
Comparazio'ne, .«/. comparison, parallel : 

a romparasione, in proporiioo. 
Comoa'rei j.m. a god-:ather, friend. 
Comparistlo^ne, s.f. appi*arance. 
Compari're, v. to appear in public, "go out, 
to appear before the judge, to naake A 
sliew, cut a iigure. 
Comparlscc'nsa, /./. beauty, figure, ap- 

with case. pearance. . J 

CooMKUrre. t>. ac£omodarct to fit, to msko Oo'"*'"''"','/- /P/'VJl comoarliU/M* J 



Catspa''M, sj. appearance, tMiUide th«v^; 

I r comparsa, to make a figure, orihew; 

alio a'stimmonit to appear in a court; 

nn attrndint, or dumb figure, in pUys. 
Qam^tfno,fttrt. •ppeared. 
Cumparttcipa're, Coinpartlcipa're, v. to 

pirtaki* Hillu 
Cumpartc'cipe, a^/. xbarer. 
Compartimt-'nto, 4.m. partition, division, 

compart men t. 
Comparti're, v. to partake, divide, ahare, 

impart, communicate. 
Cumpa'scuo, s.m, a common. 
Compassa're, v>. to measure with com- 

patfes : to ponder, conaidrr. 
Cumpassioname'iito, s.m, companion. 
Cumpajijiona're, v. to pity. 
Cumpatsiooattf're, i.m. a compaasionate 

Comp499io'ne, s.f. pity. 
Cumpaasione'vole, Compa'sairo, tu^' mor- 

iog, piUlul. 
Compasiioncrotmc'nte, alv. pitirully. 
Compa'sao, s.m. a pair of compaaaca, a 

Compatimr'nto. s.m. companion. 
Compati'blle. d//. cumpatiblc, agreeing. 
Compatibilita', s.j\ compatibility. 
Compaiimc'nlo, i.m. comjuMsion, pati- 

euco, indulgence. 
Compati re. v. tu commiserate, pardon. 
Compatrio'ito, s.m. Compatrio'tta, s.f, of 

tlu' same country, countryman. 
Compa'tto, a4J. compact, sulid. 
Compasienteme'nte, adv. patiently. 
Compendia're, v. lo abridge, epitumiie. 
Corapc'ndio, s.m. compendium, abridg* 

Compendiosame'nte, aiv. briefly, shortly. 
CumpenJio'so, a J. compendious, abort, 

Cumpensa'bile, a^' that can be compen- 

Cumpensame'nto, s.m. Compensa'me, s.m. 

Compensagio'ue, /./. recompence, a- 

Compensa're, v, to malce amends. 
Compensatu'i'e, s.m. he who com|}eniiites. 
Corapeosaaio'ne, J^'. amends, recumpence, 

Compc'nso, s.m. expedient, remedy. 
Co'mpera, Compcra2i(/ne, s.f. Co npera- 

me'nto, s.m. purch ise, bargain, buyiog. 
Cumpcra'ri*. v. to buy, pu"Clia!<e. 
Cumperato're, s.m. parchawr, buyer, 
cympero, a^J. iMugiit. 
Competc^ote.a.^'. conrcnicnt, fit, suitable, 

Compete nca, i-/. debate, quarrel ; also 

:ompetcncy, convcnicncy. 

nipff'itre, V. to be corop'«leat, cobTT' 

tic at, to quarrel J. 


Oompetito're, s.m. a rival. 
Compiact/nte, a^. complaisant. 
Comptace'nsa. s..j. complaisance, coi' 

Cpmpia'cere, v. to humour, comply, take 

Eleasure in t si compiaccia, be plosed, 
e so good. 
Coin,*:acc'vole, o^/. agreeable, charmins. 
Compiai.-ime'nto, i.m. pleasure, dciiglit. 
Compiaciu'io, part, deligbtcd, pleased. 
Compia'gnere, Conpia'iij{ere, v. to bewail, 

lament, condole. 
Comptanato're, «.m. bewailer, mourner. 
Compia'nto, i.m. lamentation , condoltRCf. 
Co'mpiere, v. to finish, accomplisfa, prr 

form, cloae. 
Compie'la, J. /. evening prayers: insuU 

compieta, towards the evening. 
Compiglia'i-e, v. to embrace, extend. 
Compigiia'iil, v. to thicken, coagulate. 
Compila're, v. to compile, col ect, order, 
Cumpilaio're, s.m, a compiler, [dispose* 
Compilaaio'ne, Compilatura, i, y. compt- 

lamc'iito, i.m. comptlatioD, collectioa. 
Compime'oto, s.m. fioishing, accompli>li- 

ing, perlecdng. 
Compi're, v, to Hnish, perrecf, close. 
Compiiame'nte, aix; perfectly. 
Compita're. v. lo compute, reckon, spc!'. 
Cump taaio'ne, t.f, speliing. 
Compite'f sa, t.f, good breeding, cone- 

li mrss. 
Co'mpito, s.m, a taak : dare U compito, C0 

finJ i'aiiit with. 
Compiio're, s.m. a Unislicr. 
Compitu'ra, i./. seed. 
Comptttame'nie, adv. perrectljr, vbollv. 
Compiu'to, fart, finished, perfect, ended: 

non sono tre anni compiuti, *tis wH 

quite three years. 
C>>mpli'me'nto, s,m. complement. 
CompIcsHJona'to, aii. complectiouM : bet 

Cumplfssiona o,stronji, lusty : maicon- 

plesjionato, weak, sickly. 
Cumple siu'ne, s.f, habit, constituliosi 

quiiity, nature, condit on. 
Cumplt.^.«(o, i.m. Complicaxio'oe,i^.cocB- 

pliial on. , 

Comple'as.), adj. burly, fat, itouU 
Completi'vo, <i^'. compleating. 
Comple'to, (ijj. complete. 
Coinplica'to, aJj. complex, complicated, 
cympiicc, s.m. accoropliLe* 
Complicita*, s.f. tbe being an accomplice. 
Cumplinienta're, t<. lo cumpliment. 
Cumplime'nto, s.m. civility, polKenesi. 
Complimer.tu'su, a4/. full ol compliment*. 
Coinr>li're, V. lo do what is fit : ctu m 

Cumple, this isconvenivnt to me. 
Compo'mrc, v. See Compu'rre, 
Cuinponitci.<'ro, v. to compoic lUtic tad 

«ilh (r.&cult). 


'ontf^tftteate, t.m* auUior, composer. 
Couiponitne'Dto, t.m, cumpwition, wri- 
ting, deportment. 
Coioponittrre, urn. a compositor {fit a 

primimf e0ce.) 
Cumpo'rre, v. to compoand^ mix, write, 

be theaotlior of; •gree. contrite, ad- 
just : componiy to compound with ere* 

comporu'bile, a4/. ioler>bl.% 
Compo.tx're, v. to bear, let pass ; tulTcr; o 

cielo, Gomelocoroporti! IieaTcm, iiaw 

can you liear it ! comportani, to de- 

mem, behame^ act, do. 
Compoite'Toic, aif. lolerable, deceot, be- 

ComporteTOlmc'iite, div. soaato be borne, 
cumpo^jtOf J.M. deJay granted by a cre> 

Co in po'si to, * m» the composite order in 

Compoftioi'io, t.m. a composiog-iticlt. 
Compoa'to^re, s.m. composer of music, 

author, compositor, 
'"omposiaionc^lla, J.f. a short composition 
Compotisio'a^;, /./. cumpositian, writinf, 

Coinp(/j a, i./*. mixture: coraposta di 

pere, preserved pear^ 
r->m pastaine'Dte, adv. neatly, cieverty. 
( 'fnftovtc'^Cf .«.'/• modesty, decency, 
t MMi,<o'« o, *.m. mixture, compound. 
Ct)inpo^»to, Atf. cot»po!ied, tranquil, se- 

d;itc : parola coniposta, a compound 

c«/»ijjjni, *./ CompraratTnto, t.m. pur- 

rlia^, b^PKain. 
r.tmpra'rr, v, to buy, purchase, procure, 
t-ompiati/rc, bif>er. 
c .tn^Kt'tidc'ma., S'/' compreljfBslon. 
( »«;'nclere, v. tu compreinrad, tocom- 

pns -^ to sui*pnse. 
c iinpron'lime', s.m. coroprehcBsion, 

itridcrtCiinding, district, precinct. 
( jrnprenditu'nr,i.fn.lie who compreliendJ. 
l.impren(l</ntco, il(/. willy, apt to com* 

(' >inprt*ii(io'nio, t.m. wit, good sense. 
( ^r«i9rcu«i'l>ilc, <M/. intelligible. 
V *iiiprensn/toe, Comprcnsi'ta, s./. com- 

prtrli«B9ion> appsebrnsiun. 
Cji»pr«^»i»«n»«'nle, ait\ with corapre- 

{ >TTjprr'-a, /./• Cojnpre'do, «.«!, circuit, 

c ^mpass. circumference. 
Cotn.Tc'ao, part' comprehended, con- 

ceivrd. . C»tout, 

( ompr«sioii*U>, Compre'sso, a4f. robust, 
( oinpiessio'oc, t./. comprcfsiun. 
tpinpre'sao, a4/\ pressed close: oebbia 

comoresMf thick log ; also thick tod 

ttyn, ftoot« atronc tiabc4. 


ComprKmere, v. to press, strain togethf A 
Comproba'i'e, v. tu approve. 
Comprnmessa'rio, CuroiTomissa'rio, t.m. 

an umpire, arbitrator. 
Comprome'sso, /,m. compromise : mettcre 

in comproraesso, lo hazard. 
Comprome'ttere, v. to compromise, to 

hazard: compromrtteni, to engage, 

t)n>miset com prorae Here, t' auionta. 
' onore. Sec. tu expose one's charaaer 

and honour. 
Comproprieia'rio, t. m. cj-propriclor, 

Comprorame'nto, /.m. Comprorazio'nev 

s.f. approbation. 
Comprova're, v. to approve, allow. 
Comprova'to, aJj. approved. 
Comprovaio^re, ».m. an approver. 
Compu'gnere, compu'nfere, v. lo rex» 

Compugnime'tato, J.ffi compuoclion, paio> 

griet, sorrow, remorse. 
Cumpalta're, v. to compel. 
Coinpunti'ro, aJj. affectms. 
Compu'nto, •«?. grieved, vexed, penitent. 
Cumpunzio'ne, t./. remorse. 
Computane'Bto, computation, rec» 

Computa're, i'. to compute, reckoa, enu* 

Cumputi'sta, s.m. accomptant. 
Coropu'la, t.m. reckoning, account. 
Compulri're, t*. tu rut togetber. 
Comu'na, CJmuna'le, s.f. corporation^ 

company, society. 
Camunrile, aJj. cummun, familiar. 

monly. generally. 
Comona'nza, t. r. corpordtion, company, 

society >. cominuoity ; also commuoicak- 

comuna're, v. to>make commoo» 
C-jmu'ne, t.m. thr? commoas. 
Comu'ne, adj. common, uhiversal, usual,. 

trivial, vulgar ; cominunwealtli. 
Comune'lla, s.f. a common woman ; also 

people ifhottave things in common. 
Comnneme'iUe, adv. coniotonly, vulgarly. 
Comunica'bile, a(/. Sjciable, communi- 
Comuflicamc^to, s..m. communication, 

imparting, intercourse. 
Comunica'nte,Comunicatu^, s.m. a com* 

Comunic -'nza, *,/. communication. 
Comunica're, t» to commvmicale, impart, 

reveal, converse: comuuicarsi, lo re- 
ceive tlie communion, 
comjnicali'va, s.f. facility in making 

olliei-s comprehend. 

Comanicali'fO. o^/- «o"'"""™y',V-i-i. J 
Comwiicato'rc, who communicatas. a 

I 9mtmtiet^me, «. /. commairiratioi^' 
coromonion, impartiBg» comoMQOtss ; 

. the act of Making common. 

Comunichl'oo, i.m. thecontecrated wnfer. 
Comonio^oe, t. /. ncnneBt of the com* 

Comanita% /. /. commonity, corporation, 
company, society: in comunita, adv. 
ia common: dire in comunita, to tell 
publicly, or In poblic. 

Comu'ne, <M/. comnnon. 

Comn'nqtie, oiv. bowerrr: comaM|aeii 

•ia, bowerer it be ; alto a« toon at. 
Con, MTpw witb : con che, to that. 

Cona'to, /.Ml. an elTort. 

Conca, «./. a iaricvestel, ifaell, tea-ihell. 

Concateni're, f. to join, link together. 
. Concateaaaio're, «./. Concalcaamtii'nto, 
X.1I*. coocasenaiion. 

Concava'to»Conca'vo,a^'. concave, hollow. 
- Coiir8v>ta\«./. hollownen. 

Conca'vo, s.m. concavity, a4f^ holloir. 

Conct'dere, v. to grant, permit, bettow, 
acicnowledge : corocdere la taa figiia, 
to marrr a daughter. 

ronredi'bile, aif. allowable. [tion. 

Conc<>dime'nto, s.m. concenioo, permis- 

Conceditt/ e, f.m. gr^nter. 

conce'nio, t.m, harmony. 

Concentramt'nto, s.m, concentraalo'ne, 

s. f. concentration. 
> Concentra're, i*. to concenter : conceo- 
trarsi, to abtrond. 

Conce'ntrico, ii4/.- concentric. 

Cunce'perr, v. to breed, conceive, com- 

OoncrpPbile, oAj, conceivable. 

Concrpimc'nio, i.m. conception, notion, 

• jadgment. 

Ooncepi're, v. to conceive, bre^d, com- 

Concerne'nte, frtf. concerning. 

Concerne'nte, Conccrnt'vole, «i4/. belong- 

Conceme'nti, /./ relaiion, affinity. 

Concerne're, t». to concern, b Inng to. 

Coneerta're, t». lo ci,nirlre, concert. 

Concertaio're, t.m. contriver. 

Conce'rlo, J.m. roncert, ha mony. 

Concetsiona'rlo. #.m. a gratuet* {law ttrm.^ 

Oonce«sio'ne,<^. permiuion, ditpencation. 

Cunce'no, aAj. gran'ed. 

Gonce'.to, <.m. conceit, fancy, etteem. 
repute: r ha in concetto d' uomo 
dotto, be it esteemed, learned } alto 
jett, witty repartee. 

Ooncetlo'so, 04/' lull of Jests. 

Conccaio'Bc, «./. conception, compre- 
hension, breeding. 

Conchl'glia, t.f. tliell. sea<«hell. 

•onchiirdere, f. to infer, to finiHii lo 
eoftfiMo, M rtiolTtt i^iiicloMs 


OonelihNk^ae, a^/. coaehuka^ «ttd^-i*fc 

Conchiu'to, «</. concluded. 
Co'acia, «. /. taa bark } a taa-vat or pit. 
CoBCiacaUe'tte, lot./, a boiclier, a aock* 

log mcader. 
Concia're, 1*. to> mend, it, df«M» til«» 
abuae, tame, castrate, tdiuit, afiwes 
conciar vini, to adulterate wiae ; alto 
to ipoil. 
Coociate'ttl,.A«i. a tyler. 
Cunciato^re, /.*». mcader: ooacialOfcdl 

pelle, a tanoer. 
Concrata'ra,^/. amending, dicttiaf. 
Concic'ro, «.ot. mending. 
Cona'glio, «.m. a council. 
Conciliansilefa^/.that may becoaciliated. 
Concilia'bokH Concilla'bitlo, «.m. aeon* 

Conctli«nie^iito,k.m. recoaciliaf. 
ConciliVre, v. to reconcile: coAciliare 

iJ sonno, to obtain tieep. 
Conci|>alo^pr, i.m, a reconciler. 
Conci taaio'ne, t.f, agreement, necoaci* 

Conci'lio, s.m. a council, a general 

bh of bisltop5. 
Cunciliu'f to, t'm. a synod. 
Concima're, v, to dung land. 
Conci'me, s.m, muck, manure. 
Concinnita', i./. om^mont, ypniceoesi, 

Co'ncio, a ij. drt'^ied, mended, uted, itted, 
fine, I rim, compact : in coocio, in rea- 
Cb'ncio, s.m. a polMied ttnne ; 4onf , mar^ 

manure ; agreement, pence. 
Conciofotsecosache*, Concio<iiac1ie*, Coo* 
c*o9iacosacii«', cmi/. because, aeeiac 
Conciona're, v. to preach. 
Conciu'n?, i./. a sirmon, oration. 
Conci<>io'ne, /./. conci enesa. 
CoDci'tfo. a^T. concise, succinct. 
Concisioria'le, a4/. comistortal. 
Conristu'rio, Concltio'ro, s.m. comisforv. 
ConcUiimc'nio, s.m. incentive, prtnocj- 

lion, motive. 
Conclta'iT, V. to provoke. Incite, ttir up. 
Conciiiii'vo, a^. apt to instiga'e. 
Conriiato'rc, s.m, diiiurt>rr, mutineer. 
Concltasio'ne, t. /. a stirring up, iocca* 

Conci t tad i'no, s.m, a reUow-citlcen. 
Cur.cla'vt?, ' m. coaclate, the room wliere 

the cardtnali meet to ehuse a pope. 
COncla'vio, s.m. a closet. 
Conclnvi'tta. s.m, a ConclavM. 
Conclude'nte, ittj. concluding. 
Conchiclei)(ere:'nte. JtMn <ily» pfoperfr. 
coactu'dere. ». to liBltlit 4«l«rMta«i to* 
clow, ialW. ' 

C (TH 

Micldsic^Be* i*/. cad, coMeqamc^ in- 

L^nclun'vOy a4f, GoacIviiTe, coovinciBg. 
onclu'to^ ftut» concluded. 
-oooi/de, s./» • geonetrical figure to 

ro'ncela, t,f,z little sbcU, iwwl, baseo. 
=:«>ncomita'nce, a4f. accompMiyiagj ceii* 

croQcomiu'Bse, «./. going with. 
cu>ncoidifBte, <M;. agreeable, agreeinf. 
Concordi^asa, Ooncocdagh/ne, s,/. con- 
cordance, agreonent; alao a concord 
in graaunar. 
Concorda'M, v. to agree, reconcile, con- 

Concordatanie'nte, ConcordamefnCe, Con- 

cordeToIm«'ate, aJth unanimoosly. 
CoacordaftOfi.m. a coBcordate,« compact, 
croncordafto, ai;. agreed upon. 
Conc(/rde» tt4f. tuiaaimotts, peaceable: 
rl i Concorde perere, of tbe same opinion. 
Concorde'role, a(/. suitable, agreeable. 
Coact/ri\M,t./. concord, harmony, peace: 
metier a Concordia, to recoocile: di 
Concordia, with one -accord, 
Concorpora'to, adj. Incorporated. 
Conrorre'nte, s.m. competitor, rival. 
Ct.ncorre'nte, a4f. concurring, running. 
concurre'osa, s, /. coDcarrence, rivaN 

«{iip» cantassiiig. 
Co'ico'rrere, v. to run with, concur, agree 
in opinion: concorrere alle apese, to 
pay one's share. 
Cuncorrime'nto, t.m, concoarse, resort, 
c 'nco'rto, s.m. concourse, resort, croud. 
r-inco'lto, a^j. digested, concocu-d. 
( virozio'ne, s.f. digestion, concuction. 
'«>•!• re j're, t». tocreate, to beget. 
C'jr.cred«Te, v. tobeliete; concredersi, 

'•> • prre. 
Ci»u -c-'io, s.m, concrete, adj. grown to- 

C jnrrerio'ne, *./. concretion. 
f ■ cjbi'na, *./. a concubine. 
Cor.cutiina'rio, Coocubi'no, s.m, a coocu* 

i inf-kceper. 
T' -,c ii)ina'to, s.m concubinage* 
Con. iibine'KO, a4/. belonging to a con- 

Corciibi'to, t.m.\j\nf together. 
Cunculcame'nto, s.m, Conculcasio'ne, «■/. 

conculcji'r?, fr. to tread on, to oppress. 
fjnrulcau/re, s,m. an oppressor. 
Co: cuu'cerc, i'. to concoct, digest. 
C'>ni.tipt'rc'. V. to ro»et, desire. 
Conciipi^ce'naa, Concupltce'nvia, j/. con- 

CorKopisce'rote, Conettp{tei'bile,tf4/. con- 
rupiacible, desirable. 


«MC«piaelbiUu', «./. vBUvfal 4ciM| 

Cencuasa're, v. to shaken 
Concustato're, s.m. be that shakes. 
coBCustlMa'rio, s. m. a concoHUmafff 

(law term,) 
CoBcussio^ne, s./, eenconkm^ common 

tion, shaking. 
CoBCttssffo, a4J. shaking. 
Oonda'nna, CondaBnagi(/oe» Oondaavt" 

sioi'ae, «./. condemnatioB^ a c BteaCQ 

Oondannafbile, Mf. condemnable. 
Condanname'ato, s,m, ooBdcmnatiOB* 
Condanna'ie, ti. to condefflB. 
Condaanato're, s,m» a coodemner. 
Condaone'vole, adJ. guilty, condemned. 
Condece'nte, Condecefvole, «</. deces^ 

Condecentemc'Bie, aiv. decently. 
Condegoita*, /./. desert, merit. 
Conde'gno, aJJ. worthy. 
Coodenna're. sec Coodanna're, and lit 

condensame'oto, s.m. tklckncfSy dose* 

iiess, hardne^iS. 
Condensa're, v. to condense, thicken. 
Conde'nso, adj. thick, condense, hard* 
Condescende'nte, a^ complaisant. 
Condescende'nifa, .<./. Condeacendlmc'ntO^ 

s.m, condescension. 
Condesce'ndere, t». to condescend. 
Condescensio'ne, s.f. condescendence* 
Concieticensi'vo, adj. condescending. 
Condesce'ao, adj. condescended. 
CondJrae'nlo, s.m. sauce, piclcle. 
COBdi're, II. to salt, preserve, supply, pro- 
vide, embellisii one's words or actions. 
Condisce'ndere. See condesce'ndere, and 

its derivatives. 
Condisce'polo, s.m. fellow-student. 
Condito'rp, s.m. rounder, author, maker* 
Cunditu'ra, s.f. sauce, si-awning. 
Condiaiona'ie, adJ. condiiioniil, limited. 
Condizionalree'nte, Condiziooatame'nte^ 

adv. conditionally. 
Conlixiona'tT, v. to prepare, digpose^ 

adapt, condition, bargain. 
Cond.ziona'lo, a(/. conditionaK 
condiaio'ne, /./. condition, state, nafniv* 

circumstances, article, terms: a con- 

dixio'nf, adv, upon condition. 
Condoglie'nxa, Condole'naa, s./. eondo« 

condole'rst, t». to complain, bemoan, con-f 

Condoli/to, part, condoled, 
Condona'Wle, aJj. Tsardonable. 
Coiiftona're, v. to forg »e, pmdoo. 
co-id jnato'r*, s.m, he who pardon* 
Cendonaaie'ae, »./. loigivencsa. 



CSondoftta, »,J, cooduct, commaftd* pnr 

denc«^ wiidom, behaviour. 
CondoUic're, j.fli. capuin, canier; also 

a CO duU, canal. 
Coodo^ito, pctrt, conducted ) s.m. conduit, 

pipe ; al«o commanrl. 
CimdttQe'nte, aJj. con iuc ting. 
Condu'cere. Sec Con iu'rre. 
Conduce'Vole, a4J, conduct in ', leading* 
Coadaci'Wlc, aSj. fit, proper. 
Cooducime'nto, /.m. conduct, auwage- 

ment, beharlour, way. 
Conducilo're, s.m. leailer, glide. 
Coailuplicucio'ne, J./, repetition. 
ConiuVrc, v. to conduct, lead, guide, 

duce, petkuade : coodurre a ca«a, 

•ee one Iiome. 
Condtttto're, t.m. a leader. 
Conduttu'ra, i./. a Jouriiey, watDige. 
Conesla'bile, t.m. a conitablc. 
Cooestabileri'a, i.f. tlie h:gli conitable's 

Conubula're, v, to talk together. 
Coofabulato'rio, aij, of confabulation. 
Confabulaziu'ne, i.f. confabulation. 
Conf4ce'Bte,d4^'. coavenient, auiubie, si* 

Conface'nja. /./. afreeab1en«>ss, fltnm. 
Conface'vulf, alj. suitable, confenient. 
Confa're, i'. to become, to be suitable : 

confarsi, to answer, to tgrer. 
Con/eder<i'rSi, t'. to coofederatr. 
Confedera'io, i.m. a confcilcrate. 
Co^federaxio'ne, t.f. Conlcdt'rame'nto, 

s.m. contederacy, alliance, league. 
Cont'ere'nxa, /./. ConleriBie'ntk«,i-OT. con> 

ftTcfncp, meeting. 
ConfriVc, t'. tu confer, impart, difcoane, 

iielp, colUie, give, bcitow. 
Cn4if('rina, Confe niagio'ne, Conferma- 

x.o'iic, s.f. conferm'ime'ato, t.m. coii- 

firm.ition, approl>ation. 
(:.>.ifermH't-e, C>>nttnna're» v. tocoofirm, 

csial)lisli. ral.fy, testify. 
C^nfermaii'vo, t.^. a coofirmrr, aiJ, con* 

Confcrm ito're, s.m. a warranter, voucher. 
(:unf«rma2io'ne, i.f. canflrmation, cvi* 

dence, approbation. 
C'>nfos^4me'oto, t.m. confesiion. 
Confessa'fe,f. I > confess i cuni'essarsi, to 

conless to « priest. 
Cunfess.itu'1%, t.m. lie who confesses, 
Cjnfe«siona-l. , Confcssiona'ri*^, /.m. coo- 

lessionai Cuair. 
Confessio'ne, s. f. confession. 
Conf 'mj, Cjnteisa'tu, a^j. confessed. 
Coniesso're, Confessu'ro, t.m. a coniessor. 
CunfettaVe, V. to preiei've as a sweetmeat, 

to season, drc^s, ciieriah. 
Confetiatu're« Coafeltic're, i.m, • con- 



Cdnfcttle'ra, i.f. a box for nreetiii«tr«^ 
Coni'e'tto, t.m. Confettu'ra, CoBresi«/ii^^ 

i.f. preserves, sweetmeats, comfits. 
Coniicramc'nio, t.m. fixing. 
Cunficca're, v. to nail, faaten, conricti 

convince. I 

Conficcatu'ra, «./. fattening, nalUof. ' 
Confi'cere, «. to coaaecrate. 
confida'nza, /./. trust, confidence, hope: 

abbi oonfidansa, despair not. 
ConMa're, v. to trust, coa fide: ooofidars^ 

to depend upon one. 
Coufidc'flte, t.m. confident. 
Confidentcnt/nte, adxt. confidently. 
Confide'naa, i.f. confidence, boldness 

tru«t, hope, intimacy. 
Confi'gere. See cooAcca'rtf. 
Configimc'nlo,^.*!. a nailing. 
Configura'to, part, fashioned. 
Conflgur<iai</ne, t.f. configuration. 
Conlina'nte, aij. bordering upon. 
Confina're, fi. to border on, linnt, stin!, 

Confi'iie, Confi'no, t.m. limits, bounNi 

borders, cjnfin<*nieni, a//, hurdrringu... 
Confisca'bile, o^*. liable to confiscation. 
C'.inri»ca're, V. to seise U|>on. 
ConfiKdiio'nc,j^. furtciture, con fiscal iua. 
Confi'tto, /tirl. slitft through, pierced. 
ConflagraTe, v. to set on fire. 
Cunflagraxio'ne, i./. coniiagration. 
Confla'to, part. Joined together. 
Cunfli'ltn, i.ak coufiict. Cvrobal. 
Ciinrtue'ntc, t.m. conflux. 
Coiifo'ndere, confound, JMmbie,blrnrf. 

destroy, waeto, confute, coufottnl, pas- 

Coiifondime'nto, t.m. confusion. 
Conioiidito're, t.m. iie who confuse*. 
Conforma're, v. to confirm, suit. 
Conformiiti'vo, ii4j. runfonnabl*. . 
ConU)rma'io, Coufo'rme, «.</. fashioned* 

shaped, like. 
Cinforinaxiu'ne, i».f. conformMionk 
Con 1 o'rme, A^t<. according, ai. 
C>>albrmrmt 'nte, aiv. puriuant tov 
CuntqT'nc'vuie, adj. suiublc* ajjreeabBr. 
C(>tifonniatd\ t.f. a conformist. 
Con.'uriniti', t.f conforgiity : in coofor* 

niitu, adv. conformably. 
ConlurtHgio'ne, t.f. Coofortame'nto, t m. 

Coiifarlaaio'nc', t.f. Cpnfu'rto,«.m. corn- 
furl, adk'icc, corroboration, rt-cteaiiun. 
Coiiruiu're, V. to comfort, advise, encoa- 

ra^e, recreate, divert. 
Co'iforiati'vo, Confortato'rio, Onfort'- 

vu!e, <tjU' comfortable, strcngtbcoing. 
Confortato're, s.m, Cunfot tatrt'cc, #./. « 

Confortios'io, s.m, gingerbread-baker. 
conforti'no, s.m. gingerbread, cakes. 
ContiVic, Coiifnte'U^ i.m. bi^Umr* 


anfrate^miu, s,f. fraternitjr. 
onri-icaj[(</ae, 4^. friction. 
;uiirroau're, o. to coofroot* compare, 

::onfronuzio'ne, i./. Coafn/Bto, *.m, con- 
fronting, conferring. 
[;oQf'.uaine'Bte, aix», conAiMdijr. 
Confaie'UOy aij. •omewhat coniused or 

a^lumed; bashful. 
CuatusioToe. s.f. diwrder, shame, crowd, 
coofu'so, dJj. confounded. 
Con futa' bile, aij, confutable. 
Contutamefnto, i-m. conTatation. 
Confuta're, v. to confute. 
Confutat(/re, «.m. a refater. 
Cunrutajrio'oe,!./. confutation. 
Congeda're, v. to give leave. 
Cunge'do, j.m. leave* permiaion: dar 

congedo, to dismiss. 
Coogegname'Bte, i.». Congegnatu'ra, J./, 
assembiacc, union. «^ 

C ngeg ta'rr, v. to connect, join. 
C>ngeiamc'nto,j.m. frtcsiDg. 
rungcla'rsi, v. to congeal, freeze. 
Cooi^clasio'ne, «./. congelation. 
Conge'rie, »./. heap, hoard. 
Congettu'ra, Con|btcttu'ra, /./. guess. 
CungetturaTle, a^j, conjectural. 
Congetturalnic'BtCf aiv, bjr guess, or con- 

Congettura're, V. to conjecture. 
Cungliictuiale, aij. conjectural. 
c ongli ettora'to. font, guessed, 
c ju^hietturato^re, s.m. a conjecturcr. 
Cungiuga'te, aij. conjugal. 
Cungiugaaio'oc, i./. conjugation. 
Cong u'gnere, Congit/ngere, Con^iu'gare, 
f. to join close ; congiugneni, to ap- 
Congiugnime'Bto, Congiungimi/nto, i.m. 
conjunction, join', seam. 

c iDgiugniio're, s,m, be vbo jjins* 

0'>njiu«n:tu'ra. /./. joint, seam. 

i onuit/nta, i.Jf» a wife. 

C >n](iuotame'ote, alv. joindf. 

c ingiunti'vo, i.m. the conjunctive mood. 

Cungiuttti'vo, Cjogiu'nto, aij. joined, con- 

Congiu'nfo. i.m. kindrtd. 

c^iuiuotu'ra. i. /. coojunctura, union, 
joint, opporlunUr. 

Congiunzii/ne, ».f, conjunction. 

Congiu'ra, Coogiurasiane, if. CoBglu* 
ram 'nto, »,m, plot, conspiracjr. 

Cjn^ ura'ote, i.m. a conspirator. 

(oii^iuraTe, v. to conjure, con'ipire,plot, 
exorcise aplriia. 

CongiuraTto, Cqngiurato're, jas. conspi- 

c •nglob«ai«/oe, i./. conglobation. 

CJiigloiBera'to, ^ct. heaped together. 

cjn|'aiin«'re« v. tP g ue, knit, join* 

CoiiglatiMti'vo, <M/. viscooi. 
Conslulinasio'oe, «./. Cunglatinamc'nfirf' 

/.m. conglotiDatioft, fastening with glue. 
Congratuhi:'>si, f*. to congratulate. 
Congratulato'rr, s,'n. who congratUiatet. 
Cungra(ulasi</ne, /./. congratulation. 
Congri/ga, Congregaiio^ne, s.m. Congre- 

ga'aza, *.f. a congregation. 
Congragamc'Bto, an assembly. 
Coogrega're, V. to assemble, to congregate. 
Congre'sso, ».m, congress, meeting. 
Co'ngnia, /. f. a sufRcient Income. 
Congruame'nie, oJtn congruously. 
Congrue'nte, a4/. soi table. ' 

Congrue'nsati./. congruence, conformity. 
Congni'o, tUj. congruous, proper. 
Cooguagli^'re, v. to equal. 
Congua'glio, i m. a Icvttiling. 
Conia're, v. to coin, to bind. 
Coniato're, i.m. a coiner. 
Cbntcame'nte, aiv. conicallf. 
Ct/nlco, aij. conical. 
Coniet.u'ra, /./. See Congeltu'ra. 
Conieltura're, v. See Conghiettun're, snd 

its drriratives. [warren.- 

Conigite'ra, Cun*gMerKa, /./. a rabbit- 
Coni'glio, t.m a rabbit. 
Co'nio, i.m. a stamp for coining, money, 

also a wedge. 
Coniuga'le, a4j. conjugal. 
Caoiuva'ret v. to conjugate. 
Coniuga'to, fort. conjugated, married. 
Coniugazio'oe, t.f. conjugation. 
Coniu'gio, s.m. marriage. 
Canju'ntiro, aij. conjunctive, s.m. a COS- 

junction (Ai %rammar.') 
Cunnatura'ie, a4j. con-natural. 
Connatura're, v. to sympathiae. 
Connaaiona'ie, a^/. naturaL 
ConncMio'ne, s f. connection. 
Connessiu*, s.f. affinity. 
Cunne'sau, adj. connected, joined. 
Con neat a'bile, s.m. a con-stable. 
Connelte're, v. to connect, join: noB 

connettcre, to apeak nonsen^. 
Connlve'na i, s.f. connivance. . • 
C;}nn>i'biu, s.m, m-irriage. 
Connumera're, xu to enumerate, to reC' 

kon among otiiers. 
C</nOt s.m. a cone. 
Cono'cchia, s.f. a distaOf. 
Cono'ide,j.m. a conoid in geometry. 
Coousce'nte, eUj. knowing, thanklul, aC' 

Conosccntcm^^'ntr, (Tii>. knowingly. 
Cooosce'naa, s.f. acquaintance. 
Conosce'rf , v. to know, to acknowledge, 

taste, relish, lake cogniaanre : dirsl a- 

conoscere, to make one's sell known 1 

riconosctrrc, to at knowledge ; tar co- 

ooscere, to prove » conoacersi, to ■•• 



(Soni^tu, »./, cooduct, commaftd, pnr- 
dence, wisdom, behaviour. 

Condoittc're, i.m. captain, canier: also 
a CO duU, canal. 

Coodi/iio, part, conducted { t.m, conduit, 
pipe ; al40 command. 

Condttcje'nie, d^'. conUucting. 

Condu'cere. See Co».iu'rrc. 

Conduce'v'ole, a4j. conductin ', leading. 

Candaci'WIc, aJj. fit, proper. 

C.onduciine'nto, i.m. conduct, manage- 
ment, beha?iour, way. 

Conducito're, /.m. leader, |i«ide. 

Coa|luplicaici{/ne, *./. repetition. 

Coo.luVrc, V. to conduct, lead, guide, in* 
duce, perkuade : coodurre a caaa, to 
•ee one home. 

Condutto're, t.m. a leader. 

Conduttu'ra, s.f, a Journey, wainage. 

Conesta'bile, s.m, a constable. 

Cooestabileri'a, s./. tiie h;gb constable's 

Conuliula're, v, to lallc together. 

CoofalNjlato'Ho, aJJ. of confabulation. 

Confabulazio'ne, J./, confabulation. 

£onrace'B(e,a<(/. cuovenient, suitable, si- 

Conface'nja. /./. agreeab1en«>ss, fitness. 

Contace'vule, a^J. suitable, convenient. 

Confa're, v. to become, to be suitable : 
con f ami, to answer, to Igrer. 

C(>nrederd'c-«t, v. to conrcdernte. 

Coiifedera'to, s.m. a conredcrate. 

Cut/ifederazio'ne, s./. Conlcderame'^Dto, 
s.m. contederacy, alliance, league. 

Coniere'nza, s./, Conlerime'ntK;, J-m. con- 
ftrencr, meeting. 

Confri'ic, I'.toconfer, impart, di bourse, 
help, colkie, give, bcitow. 

Confc'nna, CunCe inagio'ne, Conferma* 
xo'nc, s.f. conferm'ime'ato, t.m. coii- 
firm.ition, approliation. 

pjifermu're, Ci>nlirma're» v. to coofirm, 
cstahiish, ral;ry, testify. 

Cunfermaii'vo, i.m. a confirmrr, adj. con- 

Coiirerm ito're, s.m. a warranter, vouclier. 

Ponfertnazio'ne, t.f. confirmation, evi- 
dence, approbation. 

Confes^'ime'nto, t.m. confession. 

Confcssa're, v. t • cuntess : cuni'essani, to 
conliesi to a priest. 

Cunfessalu're, s.m. he who confesses. 

Cjnfewiona'li', Confessiona'riu, t.m. con- 
(ejisloniii Citair. 
fessio'ne, s./. confession. 
''k'sso, C'jnleisa'tu. aJj. conferaed. 
sMo're, Confessu'ro, t.m. a confessor. 
.'tla're,v. to prcMrve ava sweetmeat, 
season, dreis, clierisli. 
et(ato're« CoaCetlic're, s,m» • con- 


Cdnfettie'ra, t.f, a box for nre«(mrat«. " 

conie'tto, s.m. Confeitu'ra, Confeiii/ne, 

t./. preser^tes, sweetmeats, comfits. 
Cuniicranie'nto, s.m. fixing. 
Cuiificca're, v. to nail, fasten, coaricr, 

Conficcatu'ra', *./, fattening, nailing. 
Confi'cere, v. to consecrate. 
Confida'nza, t./. trust, confidence, hope: 

abbi confiiUnM, deJpair not. 
Conitda're, v. to trust, confide: confidarsi, 

to depend upon one^ 
Ceofidc'nte, *.m. confident. 
Confider.tcne'nte, aJv. confidently. 
Confide'nsa, s.f. confidence, boidnes^ 

trust, hope, intimacy. 
Confi'gere. See conficca're. 
Configime'nto, j.m. a nailing. 
Coofigura'lo, part, fashioned. 
Conflgurazio'ne, *./. configuratloo. 
Confina'ute, adj. bordering upon, 
confina're, v. to border on, linnt, stial, 

Conti'ne, Confi'no, s.m. limits, bouol>i 

borden, confinonieni, a//, burdrring on. 
Con fisca' bile, <i4'. liable to confiscation. 
C,infi*ca're, V. to seize upon. 
ConfiKdzio'nCrf^. forteiture, confiscation. 
Conli^to, •orl. shot ihruugh, pierced. 
Canflagra're, v. to set on fire. 
Conflagrazio'ne, J./, conflagration. 
Confla'to, part. Joined together. 
Cunfli'ito, s.m, cpiidict, Cwmbnt. 
Citnflue'ntc, s.m. confiux. 
Coi • fu'ndcre, f .t o confound, j^Pil. 

destroy, watte, confute, coofonnl, puz- 
Cixifondime'nto, s»m, confusion. 
Cuni°o!idiio're, s.m. lie who confuses. 
Conforma're, v. to confirm, suit. 
Conformjti'vo, ti4j, ronfonnabic, 
Contorofta'io, Coufo'rnie, 44/. fnsbioned, 

sh<iped, like. 
C.)nfor.nazio'ne, /../. conformation. 
Conio'rme, a.iv. aci-ording, as. 
ConforoH'mi 'nte, aJx'. pur«uant t<x 
Coritq/-in<:'vole, adj. suitabk', agrceabllr. 
Cunfonnistd', 4. /. a coniormivt. 
Cun:urmiti\ s./ conforviity: in con for- 

mit'i,, conformably. 
Conlortagto'ne, s.f. Cuni'ortame'nto, s m. 

Coiiiaviint'\Q'nc,s./. C\>afo'rt9,t.m. com- 

lurl, advice, corroboration, n-cicaiiun. 
Coiifui la're, v. to comfort, advise, eiicju> 

raxe, recreate, divert. 
Coiforiati'vo, Confortato'rio, Cinfort '• 

vu!e, a4;. comfortable, siren gtltcning. 
Confurtato're, s.m, Coni'ot tatrt'ce, s./. « 

Conforiinsio, t.m. gingerbread-baker. 
Conforti'no, s.m. gingerbread, cakea. 
CoQfra'ie, CouirAlefliQ, t,m. bretlwr. 


onfrate'miU, s.f. fraternitjr. 
:oiu'>-icA«i</iWt 4./. friction. 
lonfronta're, v. to confroot, compuv, 

:onfrontazio'oe, s,f. C<itAv^tA<(i,*.m» con- 

frontiof, conferring. 
Confasame'nte, tUv. confusedijr. 
Confu'ie'tto, aij, somewliat conlosed or 

a^lumcdi basjiful. 
Coatutiofne, t.f. diMrder, shame, crowd. 
Confu'so, dJj. confounded. 
Confuta'btle, di/. confutable. 
Cont'utaaie'ato,i-m. conratation* 
Cunfutyre, v. to confute. 
Confa(at</re, sjm. a refuter. 
Co nfutazio'ne, 1./. confutation. 
Congeda're, v. to give leave. 
Conge'do, s.m, leare> pertnifsion: dar 

congedo, to dismiss. 
Congegoarae'nio, 4.1a. Congegnatu'ra, s.f, 
a^isemblagc, union. «^ 

C ngegia're, v. to connect, join. 
C'jngeiame'oto, j.m. frecstDg. 
roagcla'rsi. v. to congeal, freeze. 
Congtiazio'oe, t,f. congelation. 
Conge'rie, s.f. heap, hoard. 
congettu'ra, Con|biet(u'r8, t.f. guess, 
roiigetturafle, aij, conjectural. 
cungettttraliM^nte^ aiv. by guess, or con* 

Congcitara're, «. to conjecture. 
ron^iiirtura'le, aJJ. conjectural. 
( ongli ettut-a'to, ^rr. guessed. 
Cjiij;hieilurala^re, s.m. a conjecturer. 
congiuga'le, tUj. conjugal. 
Congiugasio'oc, s.j. conjugation. 
Cong u'gnere, Congiir'ngere, Conftiu'gare, 
V. to join close : congiugncni, to ap- 
Coogiugmme'nto, Congiungime'nlo, a.m. 

conjunction, join', seam. 
c tngiugaito're, i.oi. be who joins. 
Con^iutfU'tu'ra, «./. joint, seam. 

(.'unjciu'nta. /./. a wife. 

c-ingiuo'ame'nte, aiv. jointly. 

c ^n^iunt/f o. s.m. tlie conjunctiTe mood. 

C'jngiunti'ro,C»ngiu'nto, a^/. joined, con- 

Congiu'nto. /.m. kindred. 

c »i^iuntu'ra, s. f. conjuncture, union, 
joint, opportunity. 

r>nsiunai(/ne, s.f. contuncllon. 

C'tngiu'ra, Congiuraaio'ne, s-f. Coogiu- 
run 'nto, t.m. plot, conspiracy. 

dnt. ura'nie, s.m. a conspirator. 

(oiijiuraTe. v. to conjure, conspire, plot, 
exorcise spirits. 

Congiurafto, CqngiuraU/re, sm. conspi- 

r >nglobaai(/ne, s.f. cooglobation. 
C'jiiglomera'io, fttrt. heaped together. 
Cgngiutioa'rCf v. tO g:uef koiti join. 

CoRflatimti'vo, 04/. tiscoua. 
Coofiltttinaxia^ne, s.f. Conglotinamc'nftr/ 

s.m. conglutination, faittening with glue. 
Congratula'.si, t<. to coosraiulate. 
Congratuiato're, s.-n. wlio congratuistes. 
Congratulazio'ne, s.f. congratulation. 
Congrc'ga, CDogregasio'ne, s.m. Congre- 

ga'nza, s.f. a congregation. 
Congragamc'nto, s.m. an assembly. 
Congrega're, V. to assemble, to congregate* 
Congie'sso, s.m, congress, meeting. 
Co'ogma, /. /. a sufficient income. 
Congruame'nte, adv. congruously. 
Congrue'nte, aJj. suitable. ' 

Congrue'nza, J./, congruence, conformity. 
Congru'o, Mf. congruous, proper. 
Conguagli^'re, v. to equal. 
Congua'glio, i m. a k'Ttriilng. 
Conia're, v. to coin, to bind. 
Coniato're, s.m. a coiner. 
Cooicame'nte, adv. couically. 
Co'nico, adj. conical. 
Coniet.u'ra, *./. See Congeltu'ra. 
ConietturaVe, n. See Coo^liiettun'rr, and 

its derivatives. [warren.- 

Conigiie'ra, CunigMeri'a, /./. a rabbit- 
Coni'glio, t.m. a rabl>it. 
Co'nio, s.m. a stamp for coining, money, 

also a wedge. 
Coniuga'le, aij. conjugal. 
Coniui;a'ret v. to conjugate. 
Coniuga'to, part, conjiig'jied, married. 
Con lugazio'oe, i.>^. conjugation. 
Coniu'gio, s.m. marriage. 
Coniu'nliro, adj. conjunctive, J.m. a co«- 

junction {in grammar.) 
Connatura'ie, Ai/'. con-natural. 
Connatura'rr, v, to sympathize. 
ConnaziouH'te, aij. naturaU 
Connessio'ne, s f. connection. 
Connessiu', s.f. affinity. 
CiMine'ssu, adj. connected, joined. 
Connesfa'bile, s.m. a constable. 
Connette're, v. to connect, join: non 

connettcre, to speak nonsenve. 
Connive'nz j, s.f. connivance. . • 
Connn'bio, s.m. ranrriage. 
Connumcra're, v. to enumerate, to reC' 

kon among others. 
C</nu, s.m. a cone. 
Cono'cchia, s.f. a distaOf. 
Couo'ide, s.m. a conoid in geometry. 
Cooosce'nte, aJj. knowing, tlianklui, ac*" 

Con08Centcro?'ntr, adv. knowingly. 
CuDosce'nzj, s.f. acquaintance. 
Conosce're, t'. to know, to acknowledge, 

taste, relish, take cognizance : darsi « 

conoscere, to make one's self known « 

riconoacere, to acknowledge : lar 

noscere, to prove i conoscersi, to 



<CoaoKn»IIe, «</. eof nistble, InielliglUe. 
<;ofio«ciinCiito, /-m. CoaoKltis'ra, #•/. 
. tense, wit. Judgment, experience. 
••ConoKMKt 4.m» « ilcilful maii, « con- 

ConoMiuune'nte, adv. judiciootly. 
CoaoiciutiMifaiOfM/. much Icnown, AUful. 
Cooosciu'to, part, knoiTD, noted. 
Coaqucsttnc'nto, *.m. tiwtliBi to piecei. 
ttOnquMufrtt v. to deHrof. 
ConquiUMf i</nc, s^, Conqua'MO, s.m, ha- 

▼ocic, destruction: aadAr in conqiaatM^ 

to go to ruio. 
-Conquide'rc, v. to aillict, to conquer, 

-Conqui'ita, s,/, Conqaeateme'nto, t.m. 

Conquista're, f. to conquer, subdue. 
ConquistRtoVe, j.m. a conqueror. 
Coniacra're, Consagra're, v. to consecrate. 
€onsacrasi</ne, Consagrasio'ne, #./. con* 

Consangui'neo, adj. reialcdi t-kin, 
Ooiisaoguinlta', s.f. relationsliip. 
Consapi/role, tiij. conscious: far con- 

sapcvole, to ini,.art. 
Consapevotc'x^a, s.f. notice, Icn'twiedge. 
<;ons;ipevolme'iiie, aJv, with rpKeclioa. 
Conscii'nza, j.f. See Coscie'naa. 
C(/nscio, (t^'. It Bowing ot, conscious. 
Conscri :to, part, enrolled, registered, 

Conscrt'vere, v, to write, to pen, to re* 

Consecrate. See consaera're. 
Consecuiivame'nte,dit<. one after another. 
ConsecutlVo, a4J. one alter anotlier. 
Consecusio'ne, i.f, acquisition. 
Consc'gna're, v. to deposit, consign, in- 

trust, deliver foods. 
Conscsnaiio'ne, J./, deposit, deiiverf. 
Consegui/nie, part, consequent, ensumg, 

Consfgu/nte, aiv. afterwards : per con« 

scgnenLc, conseque. tl/. 
Con^f ifuenleme'nte, aUt>. by consequence, 

in course. 
Conscgue'naa, /. /. comrquence, infe- 

renc**, concluniuf, sequel, moment, 

wtr'giit, importance, consequence, (is 

Conseguime'nto, s.m. adoption, getting. 
Coniegui'ic, v. to oltain, got, gain, suc- 
ceed in I he pursuit oi a tiling i follow, 

come next. 
Conscttuiia're, v. to foPow, also to ac- 

Conseiuitato're, s.m. he who obtains. 
Conse'nso, Conacnstimc'nlo, i.m, consent, 


msenta'uco, 04; » tcraMbWi c«U«fi«at, 



ContfnlPire,.i>. to coosen^ mppmr^t ifM 
tacc consente, siilence t,iTn cooacnt. ^ 

Consentito're, t.m, he who cunaenta. 

Conseque'nte, a4f. See Coaa«f uc^slc^ aa^ 
all iu derivativca. 1 

CODserta're. See concercafre. 

Conte'rva, /./. store4iouae, panlry^ ; alaol 
conaerved fruits or lowert, and « amm^ 
ber of ships uiling tofletber s farcosa- 
sevra, to make proviaion : conaerva 4*' 
acqua, a water-house; aodar di cosi- 
serra, (,j*o ttrm) to keep coaajsaiiT to- 

Consenrit'bile, adj. preaerred. 

Conservado're,Conservato'r«,«.iis. akee^ 
er, protector, conservator, aupport. 

Conserva'ggio, s.m- tellowRhtp fa slavery. 

Conservafgio^ne, s.f, CoDaervaaae'Bto. i.aB. 
coaacrvation, maintciiance, aapport. 

Conacrva're, v. to prcaerve, defenA* oMia*! 
tains conservaial, to take care of omtb 

Conservftti>o, a4/. At to keep. 

ConservalO'lo, s.m, a reaervoir. 

Cuaservat^re, s.m, a protector, defender* 

-Conservato'rio, t.m. a work-hooae, a nua- 

Conservasio^ne, Cooacrvailo^net t.J', pre* 

Conserve'vole, aif. ihat'wlll keep. 

Cons^rvo, s.m, a feltow-aervant. 

Consc'sso, s.m, assembly, coospanf . 

Conaettajuo'lo, a4f. of the sameacct. 

Cnnsidera'bile, ndj. considerable. 

CoBsideraiillme'nte, adv. conatderabiy. 

Const aera'nte, a4;. cunstdering. 

Considrrti're, v, to think, meditate, view, 
gixc upon I 

Consideratamc/nte, adv. conslder4tely. 

Considera'to, adf. circumipeci, wa^y. 

Consid ^rnlo're, s.m, be who conaiden. 

Considers a io'ne, /./. ConsideraCnaa, s. f. 
Consideram«.'nto, s. m c inside rat tun, 
circum pectness, discretion, note, m • 
rit, esteem, respect, account, sake« re** 
son, motive. 

Consiglia're, i'. toa'ivlae, coun^rli ron< 
si|(liiinl. to consult with: laaciatevi 
consigllar da me, tiske my advice. 

Coniigliatame'nte, adv. adviaedly, dei(> 

Conslgliatt'vo, adj. lit to advise. 

Constgliato^re, t.m. adviser, coiihsellor. 

Conftglle're, s.m. counaetlor, an under- 

Cons/glio, I.m. resolution, roune, cour- 
tel, advtcat prender const glio, to re- 
solve? itat aconsiglio, to t.<lksecreil« : 
contiglio dl stato, a CvunciKboarj : 
consiglio di f uerni. t coatViMrtUt, er 


snHimiglia're, ti. to rcfemble, to nutke 


onsi'mite, aJj. resembling. 
onsMte'Dte, a4/- coosisteat, solid, aot 

:onsiste'nza, s.f. consistence, relacioa, 

asrecmcntt T eta delta cooststcnxa, 

the middle age. 
^ODsi'atere, v. to conaist. 
ronsisK/rio, s.m. a conststoTT* 
IToosobri'Do, s.m. a cousin.gemian. 
Consoaiaxio oe, /. /. aSMCiatioo, alli- 
::onaoda1e. /.m. conpanion. 
LonsolaoK'nto, j.m. comfort. 
T'^ntola'ate, a^/* comfortable. 
ConsuU're, Tf. to comlort* console. 
C<jnv>l4fre, &JJ. consular. 
r >n3oltrmtfat€t edv, coosol-iike. 
CoTuolatame'nte, CoosolUoriame'nte,a^. 

comrortabljr, quietly, cheerfully. 
c )nsoU'ttco, sjn. coosulsbtp. 
< on oUtl'T0» a4f. comfortable. 
tonioU'tOt i.ffi. consulship. 
Cjnsola'lo, a4/, comforted, comfortable, 

r onfolato^re, Jdn, comforter. 
cvnsolaic/rto, fart, comfortiag. 
Conwlaaio'ne, s.f. coml'ort. 
r.i'nsoie, Co'osoto,« a consul. 
c onsu'lida, s.f. an berb so called. 
cutisoIidajD^Blo, t.m, soldering, Cobso> 

contalida're, v. to consolidate, confirm, 

corroborate, strengthen, fasten. 
C >n«oi(dati'ro, aif. consolidating. 
conMiidaxiyne, /./. consolidation, 
consomiglia're, i*. to conform. 
Consonrole, ^« harmonious, 4./. a cob> 

Coosoaantcmc'nte, adv. conformably, par^ 

CiBsona'asa, *./. harmony, familiarity, 

C'>riona're, v. to sgree, to sing together. 

c k/nsoBO, «</. agreeable. 

Cvsso'ru, i.fls. *'/- husband, wife, part- 
orr, mate: ambo coasorti, husband 
ind wile. 

Consorteri'a, I. y. a society, coBpany, 
r<ce. fsmily, partnership, affinity. 

Coiit(/rto, a companion. 

c.n^o'rzio. um, fellowship, conpanyi fa- 
in iliarity. 

ronspfcere, v. to discern. 

Cunfpi'cuo. Sec Oospi'cno. 

Cootpira're, v. to plot, conspire. 

Conipirat</re, s.m, a coMptrator. 

Cunspiratio^oc, J./, conspiracy. 

Consu're, K to ap9«|gi fiOMIft A tatti* 

CTcry body koowi* 


eimalertiaeiolie, *,/. conttiKnulOmtf * 

Constipa'to, aif. close, costhre. 

Coostilui're, «. to coostitate, appolnfl 
coBstitnive alcnno i» dJgnlta, to pn* 
fcr to honour. 

conttittttofre, s. m, be who congtitutce. ' 

Constituaio'ne, /./. constitution. 

CoBstri'gnere, CoatrKngere, v. to cott' 
strain, force. 

Oonstrignimc'oto, CQftrlDgiBc'nto, f-mi 

Ooostrui'rr, tr. tobolld, to coutnievardi; 

Constni'tto, fart, built. 

Constru'tto, s.m. profit, gain. 

Constnuio'ne, s./. coostmctioo, framing ; 

Consuetame'nte, adv. as usual. 


Consnetudina'rio, adj. usual, ordinary. 

Consnetu'dine, J./, costom, usage, use. 

Coosu'Ua, s.f. consultation, deliberaUoa: 
far consults, to consult. 

Consnlta're, v, to consult, take adticc of. 

ConsuItaaiaTar, t.f. consultation, 

Consulti'ro, a4;. fit to consult. 

Consu'ito, i.m. counsel, advice, consul* 
t<ition. ' 

Consuitof're, t.m. counsellor, adttser. 

Consoma'bilc, adj. consumable. 

Consumame oto, s.m. Consu'mi, s.f. con-' 
sumption, wssilng, ifflictioo, grief. 

Coosuma'nte, 04/. wasted, consumed, ac- 

Consuma're, «. to waste, destroy, con- 
summate, accomplish: consumarsi, to 
waste away, fret, vex. 

Consumati'vo, Censuma'to, a^/. consu- 
ming, consummate, perreci: sipieozi^' 
consumata, perfect wisdom. , 

Consumrf'to, s.m. jelly. 

Consumato'rr, s.m. waster, consumer. 

CooKmaxio'ne, /./. consumption, end* 
consummation, perfection. 

COnso'mo, s.m. wa»le, decay. 

Consunti'fo, aJ;. co-.saming. 

Consu'uto, aJj. consumed, wasted, !n a 

Consunxiane,!./. consumption: consoo- 
xione de* secoli, the end of the world. 

Consuona're. See Consona're. 

ConsustanziabiIiti\ ;./. consubstantislityl 

Conaustanaia'ie, adj\ consubstantia). 



Contadi'na, s.f. a country woman. 

Coatadine'lla, s./. a country hiss. 

Contadinc'llo, s.m. a country lad. 


Oontadi'no, s.m. a countryman, clown, 
peasant^ 04/. rustical, clownish, un- 
civil, rude. 

Conta'do, «.m. fields, shire, covnty } « 


Contiffia, /JK. conUigl(/ae, *,f, infee* 

tibQ, plague. 
Contagip'Mt a4j. coaU^iout, calcbiiig. 
C4Mitame'iite( a<v. properlfi bandMineljr, 

In good language or drett. 
Conlamc'nlOt #.m. a« account, noiDber- 

ing, reckoning. 
CoBtaoiint'bile, aJj. wbat niajr be coata* 

ConUninant'oto* i.m. pollutioa, dcfiliaft 

fVtnUBiina'rCt v* to cootamlnate, infect, 

Con tarn inalo'rp* '.m. he who pollate«. 
Contamiiia«io^oc, »./» coataml nation, in> 

feet ion. 
ponta'nte, aij» rrciconedt daoaro oon- 

lante, rfady>monejr. 
Conta're, t>. (o count, nnnbcr, aet a price 

on, rrialc, tell. 
Conttto're. <.m. a conputiat, accountant. 
Gonia'tto. J M. toucli, contact. 
Contaaiu'iic, uf. an accouiit. 
C«/nt**, i.m. earl, count. 
Coatc'a, <./. county, earldom. 
Conteggta're, v. to compute, reckon, cast 

Conic'vna, tj. a grave proud couDtenance. 
(onte'gno, t.m, appearance, action, mo> 
tlon, gesture, beliariour, gravity, re* 
. aenredncis. 

Coniegno'io, aij. aober, grare. reaerred. 
Coutempera'naa, «./. proportion, auita* 

blencti, ronlormity. 
Cootempcre're, v. to adapt, temper, mi* 

Coniemperasio'ne, /./. temper. 
Contrntplame'nto, i. m. contemplation, 

study . 
Conic inpla'nte, o^'. contemplating. 
OontempU're, f. lo cenlem plate, view. 
Contemplati'io, a^i, contemplative. 
Comcmp ato'rr, tm.\ cuntemplator. 
Cunirmplasit/ne, t.f, contemplation, spe> 

cuUtion, at tidy. 
ContemiMir^'netii aij. contemporary. 
Co itcmi>r«'rr, i*. to temper, moderate. 
Contrndc'nie, <!(;'• contending. 
Conirndc^nSA, j.y. a luoicntton. 
CiMie'ndeie, v<. lo quarrel, debate, dght, 
•trttc, • old, btttdcr, stop, prohibit, 
keep from. 
CJtiit n't* vuimc'n'e, ah>, litlaiuu«ly. 
Conieo time mo, *.m. contention, ttrilr. 
Contend I lo'xe, j.w. a quirrcUcr, a liii* 

f lo M m<tn. 
Contrne'nle, alv. directly. 
Coatro<'nte, Mi' Cortai'tKng, coutlncut, 
cl»Mie, V nuooa, ^m. conuneat, or matn 

Mienc'Bxa. <./. coa U a gact , cap aci mM 
Mar,grarltr. . 


Contenc're, t». to contain, comprlge, 
prehend, keep in, bridle, reiraio t ceo*' 
tinenl, to restraio, fortiear, conuts 
one's self. 
Coutenime'nto, #.m. moderatlou, coaU'j 

ncnre, discretion, caution, gravity. 
Cooie'nnere. v. to despise. 
Cootentame'nto, $.m. content, deligbt. 
Contenta'rr, v. to coateot, please, sa> 
tisfy: contentani, to be contented, 
pleased, natisfled. 
contentato'ra, J./, content. 
Contente'vole, adj. pleasinf. 
Contente'tta, «./. content, pleu«nre. 
Contenti'bile, adj. contemptible, mean. 
Contenli'vo, adj, containing, capacious. 
Contc'nio, adj. contented. piea<cd. 
ContCnto* #. Mk contentment, dellglvt, 

Contenu'to, fort, contained ; a. m. the 

Contenaif/ne, t.f. debate, dlspoffe, stnfe. 
Conteaaioasme'ote, adio% conieBliou»lf . 
Conienaio^ao, a^j. qnarrelaome. 
conle'ria, s.f. Jet. 
CoBlermitta'lc, Coote'nnlno, adj. cost!* 

Cootermina're, if. to border upon. 
Conte'aa, $^f, slrivlDg, siragfflittf, <)aar< 

Conte'M, fart, hindered. 
Conie'ssa, i.f. couniesa. 
Contc'ssere, v. to join, warp. 
Coniesta'bllc. constable: gnn reo. 
tctUblle, (it th* trdtr ^ St. xtffkn) 
the grand prior. 
Coutesta're, v. to bring an action in law. 
Cuntesiasicrnc, /./. cimtcnttoo, debate. 
Coote'fto, a^f, ntnren, inierUced. 
Cottte'af a, i./. In format ion, ncwa. 
contici'no. *.m. a small bilL 
Cooti% ia, s.f. ornament. 
Coniif i/to, aJj. adorned. 
C'ontiiruita', j./. neigbboorltood, conti* 

auou«nesa, itcantcs*, cloaeness. 
cooii'eoo, «h(/. contiguous. 
Cuntrnd, S.J. a ronlioual fever. 
Coniinc^nie, a^. continent, ctutc, cea* 

Uioing ; /.«. main land. 
Contincniemcfnie, adv. chastely. 
Cowinc'oaa. s.f. circumferroie. cent- 
nence, Brmncsa, event, tssoe, succcti, 
Contmre'ote, *|/. accidental. 
Contingentem<-'nie, adv. casually. 
Coniinffc'nta, s./. Contingency, caauaUy, 

accident, a frail fading tbtng. 
OMtingr're, «. to happen. 
Omtiaf I'bilc, m^f. casual. 
Cortingibiiiu*,s./. caMMity: 
O0Minova*f<i. %t%QtmuuCt9,9ai ittdc* 


oi^tinuame'ntc, adv. contiBaallf* 
kicttinuainc'nto, s.m. Conti'oiu, ContK 
nuaoza, Conlinuaxioi'ne, i./. continua* 
tion, rontinuance. 
C'M ttnu^nie, adj. ksiiidaous. 
Cociiiiua'rr, v. to conlinue, to last, 
continuatamc'iitr, oiii. perpetually. 
C jniinuat(/re, i.m. a continuator. 
Continttazi</oe, i./. Mntinuaiion. 
Cjniinaita\ s.f, contiaiiity. 
Conti'nuo, i.m, ■ close Iradjr ; adj. con- 
linua'i: del, or al conlmuo, tutv, inces- 
Ci/nto. i.m. accoant, reckoning, esteem, 
r<-9ulu(ion: metier • cento, to dia- 
osunt : far conto d' una penoDa, >to 
esteem: no oomo di conto, a grrat 
man ; io conto alcuno, by no means t 
a boon cooto. cheaps percbe conto, 
lor what reason I far i conti, to settle 
Ct/nto, adj. known, evident, manifestj 

instructed, taught, comely, elegant. 
Cooto'rcere, v. to twist, wring, writhe : 

contorcersi, to make wry Caces. 
Contorcime'nto, sjn. contoi sion. [ther. 
Contormai're, v. to put a thing round ano> 
Contoma'ni, v. to mtc recourse. 
Conio'mo, sjnu precinct, circuit t con« 

torni, the contours of a picture. 
Cuntoriio'oe, s,f. « conTuIsion fit, con- 

conto'rio, a4j. twisted, crooked. 
cynira, frtf. (contro) against, cootntfy 

to ; s.m.*. tack at sea. 
conirabbandie're, t.m. aiDBggler. 
Cji.irabba'ndo, J. m. prohibited goods: 

far il conirabbando, to smuagle. 
rontrabba'sso, *.m, double bass in music. 
Cuntrabbatieri'a, s.f. counter'baitery. 
c jnirabbilancia're, v. to oeonter-balance. 
Conirabo'c^ sam. the lover deck of a 

i\MV\ aJflO tlie tiieathing. 
Conracare'na, s.f. the kelson. 
CuniraccarobiaVr, v. to recompense, re- 

*v»rA, truck. 
Cun;racca'mbio, s.m. mutual exchange: 
rrndcre il contraccambio, to be even 
with a person. 
r^mtraccaVa, s.f. a countermine. 
Cuniracchia'Te, s.f. a false key, 
CuTitracci'fra, Con trace i'lera, «./. a key 

iur decyphering. 
Contraccfaralia, s. /', the keel of t ship. 
CuDtraccuo^re, s.m. pain, grieft a con- 

traccuore, against ones will. 
ContiVda, #./. country, province, street. 
c\in:radda'naa, /./. country-dance. 
Coniraddc^tto, s.m, contradiction. 
Contraddice'nte, a4/* contradicting. 
Contraddicimc'otOi i.m. cvstradicUoo, 


ContratfdicitoVe, s.m. heithocontrtdlctf* 
Contraddi're, v. to contradict, opposes 

contradritriii, to fan Her. 
Contraddiri'tto, s.m. fine, penalty. 
Contraddisti'nguere, xu to distiiit«i«b, to 

signalise one's self. 
Contraddilto're, s.m. antagonist, oM wbo 

loves to contradict. 
ContradditfcCrio, o^/. contradictory. 
Contraddittoriamc'nie, adv. contradicts^ 

ContraddtTie'to, i.m. prohibited goods. 
Contraddizio'ne, Ccmtraddittu'ra, s^. Coa- 

traddicime'nto, s.m. contradiction. 
ContradiaCre. See Contraria're, and all iti 

Contra'dio, s.m. adversary, opponent, o(^ 
fence, spite ; ad/, contrary^ opposite, 
repugnant, pirjudlcial. 
Contradio'so, a4f, prejudicial, disadran- 

Contradi're. See CMrtraidrre, and all itt 

CkMitra'erc. See Contra'rrr. 
Contrafl'acime'nto, s.m. counterfeiting. 
Contn»ff'acit(/r«*,Contra(rato'rc, s.m. conn* 

terfeirer, imitator. 
Contrafla're, t>. to counterfeit, mimic, 
adulterate, infringe; contraflfarsito, dis- 
gufae one's self. 
Contraffa'tto, adj. counterfeited, conceal* 

ed, deformed, crooked. 
Contraflfattu'ra, ContraffaxU/ne, s.A coun* 

Contrafi^rte, s.m. a spur, any thing used 

to strengfhen another thing. 
Contrafi/'ga, s.f. counterfuge {in musk.) 
Contragge'nio, s.m. antipathy. 
Contraiine'iito, t.m. contmction. 
Oontrai're, v, to oppose, resist. 
Contraii^ttera, s.j. a countermand. 
Contraliu'me, s.m. a false liclit. 
Contra'lto, i.m. a counter-treble {in music} 
Conlra'ttaestro, s.m. the boatswain of a 

ship. • 
Contramali'a, /./. a countcr-chsnn. 
Contrama'rra, s.f. a counu r-marlc. 
Cnrxrdmmanda're, v. to counierman't. 
Conlrammandd'to, s.m. a countermand. 
ContrammaVcia, s.f. a countermarch. 
Cuntramml'nn, s.f. a countermine. 
Contrarominil're, v. to count ertninr. 
ContrammirH'plio, s.m. a rei*r admirnl. 
Contrammome'nto, s.m. counterpoise. 
Cootraoperaxio'ne, *./ a conlrnry flTecf. 
Contraprrte, s.f. first and second parr 
(in hhm/vO , , ^ 

ContraportL'lli, s.m. ft, dead-lights in « 

Contrapolc'nza, s.f. rMlstance. 
Cooirappa'sso, s.m. the lex tallon s, Hm» . 
\ for lirob, a cououniep in danciog. « 



^Mtrtppild, t.m. agtlnit the.ffila* 

ConlrappeMmc'iito, t.m, «qtiiluniutn. 

Contrappm're, v, lo couoief^balaDce, to 
wei|n, examine. 

CORtrappe^M, t.m. a counterpoiM, wetglit, 
the pole used by a ropc>dancer. 

Pontttppooiiiitt'atOf '•m« oppofition, ob- 

Contrappo^rre* v, to oppoie: contrap* 
poni, lo be against, to (..lerfere. 

Contrapposlal'one, /. /. oppoaUion, ob- 

Contrappo^sto, t.m. the opposite. 

Contrappu'nto, t.m. counterpoint (in mu- 
tt): (»r a contrcpptiDlo^ to accon- 
panjr (in music). 

Oontrariaaae'nte, tfiv. conmrily. 

oootraria're, vw to contradict. 

ContrarietaS *• /• opposition, diaafrec- 
ment, adversity, malice, spite. 

Contra'rio, aJj. contrary, repugnant* un- 
wliolesome: per conlrario, <iit>. ontbe 
contrary : al conti ario, adv. (juiie con- 

CttntrVrio, t.m, tite contrary. 

Coalr8ri(/io,. Contra'ro. See Conlra'rio. 

Contra'rre, Contra'erc, v. to contract, 
corenant, to unlie, join. 

Contrarrispo'oderc,*i'. to rejoin. 

Contrarrispo'stSf f./. a rejoinder^ 4r<fki- 
plication. ' 

Contravcambiame'nto, t.m, a^QHUnter- 
c lunge. 

Contiasca'rpa, t./, a countcr-icarp. 

Contraicri<(la, /./. a countcr-boad* 

ConirascriVere, v. to write against. 

Contcascri'tto, t.m. a counter-part. 

Contrasporte'lli, t,m,fl. tbe hatcbc0*of a 

Contrasscgn/re, v. to countersign. 

Conlraisegnaiu'ra,/./. a counter-signature. 

Contra'ite'eno, 'i.«. a signature, 'mark* 
pledge, testtonuny. 

Conira^sigiUa're, v. (o counter-Sf at. 

Contrassigf'tio, t.m. a counier-iea]. 

Contraaiaroe'nto, t.m, a dispute* 

contrfiita'bile, aiJ. contenttoua. 

contrasia'nte, aif. resi<>iing. [pote. 

Contrasiii'nza, t,/, contrast, debate, dis- 

Contrasut're. v, to witiistHnd, resist. 

Contratiato're, t.m, opposer, advenary. 

Contra'nto, t.m. debate, ouarrei. 

Con(ryis, t.f. country (m fottry.) 

Contrattaine'n'o, /. m. Cootratlaglo'ne, 
Coatrattaaio'iie, t./. dealing, trading. 

Cantratta'rc, V. to contract, bargain, ar. 

Coniratte'aspo, M-m* mischance t di cm- 
rattempo, aiv. unseaionably. 
ntra'iiu, t.m. deed, instrument, core- 
tant, agreement: coatnllo 4t JMkg' 



■Cobtratto, part, contracted* 
Comrattu'ra, /./. contnictiMi, sbrinkiaf* 
Ceotraurta're, t>. u> run against. 
ConiravvalliSio'ne, /./. counter-vattation. 
Contrtvvcde're, v* to look at mifm*^ as 

evil eye. 
Cuntratvele'no, i.m. counter-poison, an- 
Coniravveni'r^, v, to Infringe .a la« or 

custom : to contravene. 
Contravvcnto're, t.m. oflTender. 
C.>ntrarvenzio'ne, /./. traasgrefsioa. 
Conlravversita', t.f. contrariety. 
Cottirasi</ne, t.f, contraction. 
Contrtbui're, v. to contribute. 
Contributo're, t.m. he who contrtbolei. 
Contribuaio'ne, i«/. contribution. 
Cootr'impanoafta, Contr'invetriaria* /./. a 

cottnter^frame {far a wiaiKtr}. 
Contri'rgI, v. to be comnte. 
Contristame'nte, aiv. with c^intrition. 
Contrislame^to. t,m. Coatristaaw/ne, i.f- 

a Miction, griei. 
Cootrista're, v. loaBlct: contriauni, t» 

be afflicted. 
Contristati'vb, 0</* alDicting. 
Contrista'to, aij. afllirted. 
Contriiitato'rr, t.m, one who aflicii. 
ContritHme'ofe, adv, with ooatrition. 
Contritk'rc, v. to mince. 
Contri'io, a^f, minced } also contrite, pe> 

Coniriaio'oe, /./* gorrov for ain, contri- 
Contra, frrp, agalast, contrary: darsi 

contro, to faulter. 
Ooatro'rdine, t.m. a counter-order* 
Cootrost(/maco, aiv. onwilllagty, 
Controra're. v. to invent, felfn. 
Controve'rsia, /./. debate, disfpote, coo- 

Controveral^ta* i,m, a comvovenitt, a dv- 

Contruvr'no, a^j. controve^al* 
Coulrovc'rirre, V. to- debate. 
Cuntrovcrti'bile.o/y* doubtrnl, dispotablc. 
Contuma'ice, a4J. stabbom, rcbelhoos, 

Contumaceroe'nte, adv. ttubboraly, ffo* 

Contuma'cia, /./. Oonluma'ce, t.m. «tl- 

laliicss, ttubbomaes»{ also contempt 

of the court {in law.) 
Contame<lia, j./. 'affront, abase, scurrility. 
CoatumeUosame'ntc, aiv, outragcoinly. 
Contumelio'st}, aJj. abusive, coataoMiioai. 
Cooiurb;iTae''nto, t. «. Conturbagio'D«. 

Cunturba'tiKM, Conturbaxib'ne, t.f. ilit^ 

tuibancr, quarrel, wrangle.. 
Cunt'itl>ii'r<>, V. tu diaturb, vex, (lu«« 

cooiuiio'ACi t,/t cofiliiiioD, briiiggf 


'ontu'so, ai}» bru*8e<l. 
jr.MUocche', cv\3, ajtiiougfa. 
lori'uuocio*, txa^. however, yet, nerer- 

r.nnviicsc^'nie, «//. recovering. 

c.inval««;t'r.«a,j./. recovery Irjni tllne-S. 

Cj[iv.ili(iVre, V. lo confirm, streasUtea : 
coniMiidifii, O get strength. 

C -.1 .-'lie, i,f. a rall.-y . Ohs.'gBjj J./. Cdnve'i$oo, /.«. agree* 
men;, birgain, convention. 

Cji.vcne'ntc, t.m. covenant, deed, action, 
pjriicularuy, reason, cause, subject, 
cundition. Mate, nature, circumstaoces, 
means, way, course, expedient. 

Conrene'nza, J /. agrcemeol, capitulatiooj 
proportion, concord. 

Conrene'fole, aij. convenient, suUabte, 
fit, agreeable, t-quitable, decent, capa- 
Mcr, able, api, -utficient, requisite ; s.m. 
decency, convenience: convcncvol cosa 
(', it is reasonable: fare i coovcoevoli, 
() make complimen'.s, 

C>).ivtnevolt^zza, /-/. convcnieiicy, equi- 
ty, decency, scfmlincss. 

Cjnvenevolrae'nic, Convenienteme'nte, 
.:/i'. commodiottslf, conveniL'nlljr. 

C»n»eniw'ole, i.m. dcc<fncy, ncce«sariet, 
ronvinicace; a-ij. agreeable, suitable, 


C iiaciiit'nza, i./. dcccncf. 

( 'Hvenime'nto, t.m, agreemeni, conTea> 
fiin. duly. 

c iiveni're, ti. to agree, to meet, cite, 
^J;nmoa, aasemblc ; to be necejtaary : 
CI convienc, partite, we mu-it go. 

C 'nvcntd'rc, v. to malic one a doctor. 

C jir. cnJaaJo'iie, J./, coronation (of poets). 

c in.cD'i'cola, t.j. Convenii'colo,, a 
P'lTaie meeting, a conventicle. 

C n.e'iito, j.fl». an aaaembly ; convent, 
monaULfy^ house ; a bargain, an agree- 
ment. Cto a convent. 

Coiventuale, aij. conventual, befooging 

Conrcnu'io, fort. agreed on ; i.m, ac- 
c jr.1, agreement. 

r in*enzioDa'le, cUj. convenlial. 

( 'Dvenziuoafrsi, v. to agree. 

' ''vcnziyne, t.j. covenant, coatniet* 

^ iw<cT\a[\i^, aij. sociable. 

' 'nv.Tsame'nte, alv. on the contrary. 

( i'lvoraamc^to, t.m, coovcnation. 

(itivcpia'ntc, 42.0. conversant. 

^ ■' ^tnafn, v. to coDverse, tokecpcooi- 
P4ny Willi. 

( 'wcnaii'vo, aij- sociable, ^ifl'able. 

(- ^iTcniatD'r'!, t.m. he 4»ho coovenes* 

(uiieruzio'ne, s./, CQnTcnatioa, A\*- 
tojrs.', ais«'ml)Iv* 

r > vc ne'vulc.iiO'. sociable, frceofaccess, 

Cixmi/ne, s.f. coar«rfi«B, traauui* 
latiou, clU9f :« 


Cotntfno, pnrt. converted, changed: per 

couversu adv. on the contrary. 
Conve'riO, *.m. a iay-brutfaer. 
Conve'rsa. i.f. a Liy-sister. 
Convetii'bi'tc, aJj. trait<<focmabte. 
Convenimc'nto, s.m. conversion, change, 

ConvertiVe, v. to concert, change, re- 
treat, go bacic : convertire a v , to ap- 
Eropriate to one's use : convcriirsi, to 
e converted. 
Convert! to're, s.m. a converter. 
Conve^aso, s.m. convexity ; a4j. convex. 
Convia're, t^ to convoy, guard, atieiid. 
Convici'no, d^/. neighbouring: uu coor • 

cino, a neigiibour. 
CODvinvVnte, <U7°. convincing!!, clear. 
Convinceuteme'nte, adx: evid-v'ntiy. 
Co.ivi'ncere, v. to convict, coovince. 
Convinzio'ne, /./. conviction. 
Convita're, v. (o invite, to keep an open 

Conritd'to, s. «i. a foest. 
Convitato're, s.m. an inviter. 
Conviti'gia, /./. covelousness, desire, ap- 

Convi'io, Convi'vio, s^m. banquet, feast; 

living together. 
Convive'nte, adj. living with others. 
Convi'vcre, t». to live together. 
Conrivia'K, adj. belonging to a feaat, con* 

CoMvoca're. v. to call together. 
Convocaio'rc, /.n. he who convokes. 
CoQvocaaio'nc, s.f. Convocam^nlo,, 

Convo'gl.are, or Convoja're, v. ta.catvfoj, 

Convo'glio, or Convo'jo, j.n*. a convoy. 
Convola're, v. to marry again. 
Convo'l^cre, v. to wallow, tumble, roll. 
Convo'lio, adj. dirty, tumbled. 
Convutsioncc'.lla, s.f. a slight confulsion* - 
ConviU^sio'ne, /./. convulsion. 
CoovulsiVo, Convu'lso, adj. convulsive. 
Cooperame'nto, s.m. co>oprration. 
Coopera'ote, adj. working together} s,tn»j 

a co-operator. 
Coopcra're, t». to co-operate. 
cou))«r>)to'rc, t.m. a feiioiv'worker. . 
Cooperazto'ne, s.f. co-operation. 
Coord ina'to, 04/. set in good order* 
Coordinaxio'ne, s.f. order. 
Co/rte, './'• contort ot' soMLtis* Uie.temtla • 

part of a legion. 
Coperclila're, f. Locever. 
Copcrchie'lLi,j^/.a cuaning trick, knavery. 
Cope'rcbio, s,m. a cover, a lid : il st^prr* 

chio roinpe i) coperchio, too much of 

any thing is good fur nothing. 
Cope'rta, *./. a cover: CQpcru dl leao, 

a coverlet ; coj^rU 4i toaa^AjblMket 4 


cwpertid' una cast, iherooforaliooip : 
copcna dl vubci'IIo, the deck: sotio 
copcrtt, under pretence: eupcrta di 
sella, a leather case fur a saddle. 

Copertame'nte^'/t'. secretly, closely, pri- 

Copcrti'na, /,/. coferlet. 

Cope'rto, aJj. covered; dark, obscure; 
also clad, clothed, covered : parlar co- 
pcrtii, ambiguous words; «.m. covert, 
shelter, root, ludg ng ; aJv. secretly, 

Copert(/io, i.m. a cover, roof, double net. 

Coperiu'rs, /./. Sec Cope'rto. 

Copia, s.f. plenty, copiuunrrs; also a 
copy, transcript, extract ; lar copia di 
te, to prustilute one's self. 

Copia'rc, 1'. to copy, transcribe. 

Coplaty're, Copi'sla, t.m. a copyist. 

CopiosHme'n;e, adv. cop'outily. 

6opio>ita\ i./. aljondunce. 

Cupio'lo, njj. copious. 

Cup sta'cciu, s.m. a scrawler. 

Cu ppa, i./. the iiind part ol the head ; 
a cup : servir uno di cuppa e di coltello, 
to be a dru Ige : esit-n' una coppa d'oro, 
to be quite charming; {appliti tlthtrto 
man or ifSffiiifl.) 

Copparo'sa, s.f. copperns, or vitriol. 

Coppc'ila, i.f. a coppel : argento dl cop- 
peila, fine silver. 

Coppella'rc, v. to try 'gold or silver by 
the coppel. 

Coppe, /./• plttr. cops, a suit of certain 
cards iised in Italy. 

Coppc'ila, s.f. a cupping-glass. 

Copqi'<* '•/' * couple, a pair. 

Cuppie're, s.m. a cup-brarcr. 

Coppo, s.m. pitcher, a cup, the hollow of 
the eyes. 

Coppo'ni, t.m.fl. chips. 

Copre'nte, aJj. covering. 

Copre'sio, t.m, tlie bowsprit of a ship. 

Coprinie'nto, s.m. a cover. 

Copri're, v. to cover, hide, dissemble, 
palliate : si copra, put on your hat. 

Coprityre, s.m. acoverer, liler, thatcher ; 
also a stallion. 

Copritu'ra, /./. a covering. 

Cu'pala, s.f. couplinK, conjunction. 

CopuU'ie, X'. to couple. 

Copulaiivemc'nte, aixt. copulatively. 

Copulati'vo, a4j. copulqtlve. 

cora'iglo, s.m, courage, valour, desire, 

Coraggiosatne'nte, aiv, valiantly. 

Coraggio'so, aif. stout, brave, buld. 

Corale, a4j. thai wounds the heart. 

Corallt'no, 04/. coral coloured. 

Cora'llo, «.«. coral. 

Coralme'nte, aiv, cordially. 

cert'me, um 4r«iKd tottMr* 


Corampo'|)o1o, adv. in public, openly, 
Coramvo'bis, t.m. a lusty fellow. 
Cora'la, t. f. the pluck. 
Curate'ila, /./. the liver. 
CuriitHli'na, /./. the entrails. 
Cora'zaa, ». f. a breast-plate, « cuinss. 
Cor^aza'io, f.ffl. a cuirakS-mnker.' 
Corba, s.f. a basket ; also curbs, a dis- 
ease in horsek' legs. 
Corbacchl'nu, t.m. a silly rellow. 
Cori)a'cclu, s.m, a sort of raven. 
Corba're, v. to puflf with pride. 
Cu'rb«, /./. curbs: corbe d' uoa nan, 

riifs of a ship. 
Corbel U're, v. to make a jest of. 
Corbeltalo'rc, t.m, hf that jests. I 

Curbellulu'ra, s.f. scuning. 
Corbelleri'a, ^./. Idlextuft'. I 

Corbe'llo, s.m. a ba<-ket, a hamper. 
Corbc'axola, 4./. the arbutus. 
Corbf'zsolo, t.m. arbultis tree. 
Curbic/no, t.m. a young crow. 1 

Curbo, s.m. a crow : ispettar il corbo, 19 

wait In vain. I 

Cnrbo'na, s. f, 4 purse. 
Corct.t.f. fl basket. 
Corca're, i*. to go to bed. 
Corda, s.f. a cord, line : corda del coI.'o, 

the tendons. 
CordH'mc, s.m. cordage, the rigging oft 

Cordeggia're, t». to be in a line, evrn. 
Cur:le'lla, s.f. tape, ribbnnd, atnall cord. 
Cordcri'a, s.f. a rQpe-yard. 
Coidi'aco, a\f', beU nging to the heart. 
Cordla'le, rtiy. sincere, affiecttanatc : ac- 

roico cordlnle, a declared enemy. 
Cordia'le, s.m. a cordial. 
Cordlalita*, s.f. cordiall'y. 
Cord.alme'nie, alv. heartily, corvttallv. 
Cordlcc'lla, Curdici'na, s.f. a small cord ; 

cordlcelle, the brails of a ship. 
Cordiglie'ro, s,m, a curdelier, a franclscan 

Cordigll'o, /. m. a hand, tie, Mrinf -, a 

cordelier's rope-girdle. 
Cordoglia're, v. to grieve. 
Cordogllc'naa, t. f. Cordu'gllo, t,m. g<-le/, 

Cordo^liosame'ntey adv. dolorously, sor> 

Cdrdnglio'so, adj, sorrowful, dolefuU 
Cordo i>e, s.m. a string, a cordon, ia ar- 
chitecture snd fortiiication. 
Cordovanle're,i.m. a tanner, a »hoe-makcr.| 
Cordova'no, t.m, cordovan leather* 
Core, s.m. heart, (in poetry.) 
Core'ggia, Coregl'na, /./. a strap, leatherjj 

Coreggia'io, t.m. a •trap-maker. 
Coreggia'to, s.m. a Hail. 
Coresmfi'a, #./. cikOKgraphy. 


^rt^t^f s.m. ii bird so called. 

M'>-i'ndol9, Coria'ndro, >.«». coriander, 

lor ander s -ed- 

uiua're, coricaf'ni, v. to lie down, to 

"tuo'j down. 

ur ic'o, s.m, the chief, pHncipal man. 

on'mbo, s.m, i»y bt-rres. 

ori'iiuo, s.m. c «rinthuo order. 

•i.i'o, s.m. the skin. 

oii'-via, sjn. a chorister. 

or/2za, «./. rtienm, cold in the Iiead. 

Aivm, t.f. fl, of Corno, boras. 

jrna'ccliia, s.f. a ruok. 

cirnacchiame'ntOfi.fn. prating, chit-chat. 

.>rnicchi«'re, v. to prate, chatter. 

oi:i;iccbi'no, s.m. a young crow. 

ornacch'o'ne, ».m. a pratli.T. 

orriame'nto, j.i»..a tinghng, or noise in 
one's eara. 

•^flamu'sa, J./, a lajpipe: far corna- 
•11 is^, tu make on« be?ic»f. 
M;3mu»a'rf, -i>. to r-lay uii the bag-pipe. 

'onia're, t*. to sound a horn. 

u r.vta, s,j\ a blow with ttie liorns; 

o.-iiati/re, s.m. a player on the horn. 

ornaiu'ra, /./. ilie quahty or shape of a 

otnt-'j, s.f. a portion of the eye. 

iTiK g£iia're. v. to lo^s about the horns; 
to ^iitr« the houni : la luna corne^iBia, 
Hit- mo3n is in \\% increase. 

i/r..«.'ia, .♦./. A mu ic*. iusirumen*, called 
i comet. 

orncr'tta,«.f». a Standard, a troop ofliorse, 
a romet in a troop oS liorae. 

irnt-'tto, jum. a »ma I hom. 

urnt'cc, s.f. a coraice. a I'rarae, a daw 
<>r rare a. 

.)r n 'C'^yre, aij. Cornicola'to, ^arr. hor;i« 
fJ^ethc moon. 
/ iiio, s,m. comil tree. 

t/rnia, cornio'la, t.f. cornil berry. 

'orn t/io, J.m. tlie cornil tree. 
•»'' n J, s.m. horn ; a comer, an arm of a 
li-er, also pride,' haiightintrss, arro* 
{once, and * tore on a horse's back : 
ricai-si uno in su la corn <, to hate one : 
«orno d' un eserciio, the win^ of an 
army i (iccar le corna ad ano, to re- 
duce pride: non rale un como, not 
«turth a pin: corno ducale, a sort of 
( r.>wn worn by the doge ot Venice. 

^arnuco^pta, t.f, plenty. 

.ornu'io, c4j. horned, a codiold. 

z*jTQ, f.m, chorus, choir: coroi nortli- 
»-«»t wind. 

:orograft'a, s,f. chorography. 

Uiixigra'tico, aij. cborographir^l. 

:orolla'rio, s.m. Inferenci , corollary. 

roro'na, >./. a crewn, kii gdom, eluplet. 


Coronate . nX). of a crown. ' ' 

Corunamt/nto, s.m. coronation. 

Coron/re, v. \<i crown, inriron, sur- 
round, rrwa'd. 

Coronaxio'nr, s.f. coronation. • 

Corpaccia'ta, './. a beliy-fiili. 

Corpa'ccio, s.m. a bulky body. 

Corpacciu'tu, ^7^'. corpuK-nti 

Corplre'llo, Ct)rpici'no, s.m.a. weak body _ 

Corpo, s.m. body, shape; society, com-' 
pany, mixture ; also all the works of a* 
auttior: bcllo di corpo, we.l-»haped: 
egll ha il diavolo in corpo, the deril is 
in liiro : coraba'tere corpo a cotpo, to 
fight haird tu hand: nascere ad un 
corpo, to be born at the same time: 
ridurre ad.un ccrpo, to mix all toge- 
ther: corpo di naviglio, the bulk oi a 
ship: corpo di guard ia, a corps-de-garde. 

Corpora'lc, adj. corporeal ; i.m, a corpo- 
rat in the army ; also tine linen used ac ' 

. mass. 

Corporalita?, Corporeita\ /./. corporaliiy . 

Corporal mc'nte, aiv. corporally. 

Corporatu'ra, Corpule'nxa, s.f. balk, size # 

Ciirpo'reo, alj. bodily. , 

corpo'e'nto, adj. corpulent. 

Corpulc'tiaa, s.f. corpulency. 

Corpu'>colo, i.m. a sm ill body« 

Corpusd j'mini, s.m. a festival, called Co 

Corpu'io, aij. burly, big-bellied: ter»' 
curputo, tiiick air. 

Corn . See Coglit're. 

Corre<<a're, v. to equip, furnish, adorn. 

Com/do, s.m. provision, fe^at, riuniiures 
corredu di na*e, ligging, tackling. 

Correjigt'nte, ftert. correciing. 

Corre'tgcre, v. lo correct, repro»e, go- 
vern, command : corrigersi, to aaiend s 
corriuenti del bcre, to leave otf hard 
drinkfhg. ' 

Corregge'vole, aij. corrigible. 

Corregglme'nto, s.m. correction. 

Corregpito'r.-, um. reformer. 

Correggigo'lo, s..m. a crucible. 

Corrcsna're, t>. to reign together. 

Corrcla;i'vo, aij. mutually related, corre* 
lative. * 

Correlazio'ne, s.f. a nutualTelationf-coi^ 
relation. • 

Corrc'nte, a /. a stream, a current, also a ' 
ral'ter: manovra correnie, running-rig-' 

fing i a<lxu fluently ; aij. running, ready* 
nclined, prone, general, common: mo- 
neia corrente, current coin: preax« 
corrcnte, market price: il mese cor»^ 
'rente, the present month. 
Corn nieme'nle, adv. currently. 

Corn nieme'nle, adv. currenuy. j 

.Correnti'a, .'./. the ^"'^"■"V^'J^/tfrt.V ' 3\ 
Corre'o, *.«. »» accomplkc {jaw terih.^ g^ 


Co'rrerc, v. to run, lo duwx correrU poiUi, 
to ride post : correr al Ane, (o be a dy- 
.Jdk : cornr nella mcinurla, to ihir.kon: 
Correr provinCia o terra, to ravage a 
country : ai tempo clic corre, as times 
go:. far correr voce, to tpread a re- 
port: corrc voce^ they ray: corr<-r 
diciroad ur.o, to intrcat one: correr 
jaddoaso altrui, to fall on, assault one. 

Cairtri'a, j./.' incursion, excursion. 

CprresfKtiivame'nic (Uv. relatively. 

Cornspctlivila', *./. relation, affinitr. 

Correapeiti'vo, a4/. equivalent, corres- 

t'orretUmc'nte. aiv. correctly. 

Co reiti'vo, aJj. corrective. 

Currc'llo, part, amended ; aJJ. correct, 
neat, wiUiout fault. 

<»rrctto'r«f, /.m. corrector, reformer. 

Corrc itori'a, i./. a correctorsliip. 

CuiTczio'ne, CurretiiiVa, /,/. correction, 
punishment, repruof. 

Corrido'Jo, s,m. a 8>illcry. 

Corrido're, t.m. covtred way, {in/crtyica- 
U/n), a runner or icout.'k Itorse. 

Corrlt're, J.w. a courier, an expreii. 

Corrimi.*'nto. t.m. a race. 

Corri<pond.'nte, «JJ. agreeable, suitable ; 
i.m. a correspondent. 

Corrispondenteme'nte, adv, aptly, fitly. 

Corrispoade'nsa, *. /. correspondence, 
propoition, connexion. 

Corrispo'ndcre, v. to agree with, maich, 
deal/sult, correspond. 

Corrispo'sto. ^<?rf . unswtred. 

Corritu'io, i.m. n kind of gallery. 

Corrito're, s.m. a scout : corritrice, a gad- 
' ding or itossipping woman. 

Corri'vo, i m. a silly iVIiow. 

Currobora'nte, Corroboi a'lo, Corrobora* 
. ti'vo, aj^. cor. oborated, or corrobo- 

Cbrrobom're, v. to strengtlieil, qpnfirn, 

Corroboraz.o'De, /./. confirming. 

Corrodlm£'nto, t.m. a gnawing, corrosion, 

lh>rro'dcre, v. to cot rude, eat into, fret, 
vex : corrodcrsl il cuore, to fret ouc's 

CSdrro'mpere, v. to deprate, d^aucb, 
anpil, bribe, pertert: corronpersi, to 

Corrompe^vole, a4f. corruptible, 
'lorromplmc'jiio, 4.m. corruption, rotlen- 


IrroQiplto^re, a corrupter, faliifier, 

Tosio'o'e, t.f. corrotiog, f sawinf. 
rrosFro, adj, corrosive i *.m» a C0IT»> 
live medicine. 
rro'so, fli;'. corroded. 
rrotltfMrote, adv. corrpptlr. 


Corrotti'bne, a^, corrnptiMe. 

Curn/ito, fart, corrupted, bribed, taint- 
ed : corroita fedc. broken faith: le- 
stimonj corrotti, suborned, or bribed. 
»i messes. 

Corn/ito, s.m. weeplog, moominf. 

Corruccia'rai, v. to be in a passioD. 

Corruccia'to, a^;. provoked, angry. 

Corru'ccio, t.m. anger, passion. 

Cornicciosarot/ntr, Corrucciatame'ntea 
aJv. anfcrily, peevislily. 

Ciirrucclo'so, M;. paskionate, choleric. 

CorrugaVr, t'.tobend, contract one's brov, 
to wrinlkle. 

CoiTusca're, v. to lighten : cornisca, %c 

Corruscagio'ne, s./. a Mash of lightoins. 

corru'sco, a.^'. sparkling. 

Corrutte'la, Cormait/ne, CorruUu'.a, #. <. 
corrupt on, spot, blemish. 

Con utic'voie, Currutt/bile, 04/. corr.ap- 

Corruitibilita', /. /. comiptibUitr. 

Corriirto'r •, i.m. corrupter. 

Contt, t. /. a race : io corsa, aiu. rati, 
liina, successively. 

Corsa'le, Corsa're, Corsa'rio, t.m, a pirate, 
or priviitet r. 

Coi-sale'iio, t.m. a cuirass, or corslet. 

CorseggiaVe, v. lo rob at hca, to pirate. 

Corsei/gla'to, a4/. piratical. 

Corsi'a, s.f. a current,, at ream. 

Corsie're,Coni«'ro, t.m. a coursf r, a steed, 

C'oisivame'nte, dJT>. running lull sptxa. 

Corsi'vo, aO'. running ; verai corstvi, flow, 
ing veises: stile cursivo. a smooth si>ic: 
caratleri corkivi, Italic types. 

O/nOti.m. course, stream, cnrrrnt, pro- 
gress, career : aodar io furko, to 
to cruise. 

Co'rso, f<irt. run, passed ; !• anno cofw, 
last )ear. 

Co'rso. aO\ native o^ Corsica. 

Corso'io, aJJ. running : cappio conoio. « 
running knot, a noose. 

Corta'Ido, t.m. a cropt horse. 

Corlamc ntc, adv. shortly, briefly. 

Co'rte, t./. a court, a princc'a conr» a 
court of justice, a court-yard 1 altu i 
banquet or feast: uonio dl cone 1 
pleasant man : tener corte, to teast ' 

Cortea're, v. lo accompany a bride. ' 

Cortc'ccia, t./. bark, crust, pUiatcnui 
also a opearance, outside shew. 

Corteggla're, v. to attend, to court. 

Corieggiatt/re, t.m. one that coujti. 

Corte^gglo, Cortcggiame'oto, /.n,. » ir^^ 

• or retinue. - u«», 

CortegiaMfsco, Mf- 6f a courtier. 
Cortegiani'a, /. /. court-intrigoe. 
CoftcTla'jcsi, 4.i». - - 

a Miip. 

ft. ihciiuddfagMiii* 


'**'te'Ot ».«. a train, or retinae. 
3 o 16*86, adj. courteous, a Sable. 
Cortesfgjiamc'nto, s.m. genergaity, liTtng 

at a high rate. 
CoiitseggM're, v. to spend high, lire 

nobly, sliew courtesy. 
CKirteseme'mc, adv. courteously. 
Co^u^i'a, s.f. courtesy ; mi taccia la cor- 

t^iia, be so kind. 
Curie'zia, t.f. bretity. 
Cvir ice'iu, i./. a small yard. 
C;>rt!gia'na, if. ii courtezan ; also a court 

^ Tii-ianame'ntc, adv. courliei-like. 
<~- '";igiin<Ti'a, s.j\ See Corteiiiani'a. 
Coriigunc'ico, <!-(/. belonging to a'coui^ 

CjTt'giani'a, #./. coarticr's Irick. 

Cjrtigia'DO, /.»». a courtier, a magistrate; 
<^U- of or belunging to a court. 

f«'r(i'Jc. i.fli. court-yard. 

C .r.ilt'iio, Cunilu'zzo, s.m. a little yard.'jia, /./. a bed-curtain, a curta n .n 
ioitiri at Ion. 

Co:(,n.i'ggio, s.m. bed curtains. 

Coiijna'to, aJj, curtained. 

Cu'i-to, s.m. khortness , ndj. short : corto 
'ii rista, short-si giited : di corto-, aJv, 
bhorttt : tener rorto, to keep in: Jcgar, todcrti hanll/. 

*" ''no, adv. shortly. 

Cmu'ra, s.f. shortness. 

^or^t'ua, s.f. curvet. 

t. >nfcita'rc, V. to prance. 

' 'Jivettatu're, a lior<e that correts. 

I' /nro, s.m. a crow, or r .ven. 

Cv's4, s.f. a thing: cose, things, business, 
an;iiry matter: che co£a prt-tendete, 
Hhdt would you have: cos« da nulla, 
lMwble«. trifles. 

C i^'cchl, Aflt. pi. co«s<tck8. 

Co^a'rcia, /./. a bad tiling. 

( ice'odcre. Sue Coodesce'ndere. 

C)'>cia, t.f. thigh: coscia di ponte, the 
to K of a bridge : cO'icia di c.istr<tto, a 
I'-S ut' mutton : coscia di manao, a leg 
of beef. 

Ctscia'lCt s.m, cuisses, amour for the 

t.o»cii-'n«a, Coscic'ncia, s.f. conscience, 
knoA ledge : far coscienza, to make con* 
^riroce, or sciaple of any thing. 

Cv;..-ien<:a'to, adj. conscientious. 

c.jscicnsfosame'nte, adv, conscientiousty. 
cuscine'tio, <•». a bag. 

Cii elli'na, Cosere'Ilt, Coae'tU, /./. dtmi* 
natives of Cosa. 

Cosi', adv. to, thus, after this mann^fi 
alM> I with, would to Godt cosi non 
fosfv, 1 wish it was not su t rosl cosi, so 
so, indiifereo ly t cosi antiche cbme 
ttodcrBe* AOCiMt, M MU ■• IBMtnii 


cosi fatto, such like : non ho dettocesi 
fatte cose, 1 did not say so: diteli cosf 
e cusi^ tt\] him so and so: cosi come. 
adv. just a.«: cosi fat t amen te, odp. io 
this mauner. 

Cosme'lico, aJj. cosme'ic. 

Co'itn-), s.m, a kind uf pear so called. 

Cosmiigra ft'a, /. /. cosmography. 

Cosraogra'fico, adJ. costiiORfaphical. 

CHsmo'grafo, s.m. cosmoKraplier. 

Cosmola'bio, s.m. an instrument lite the 

Cosmo ogi'a, s.f. cosmology. 

Cjsmoio'nico, aJj. cosmoiogicat. 

Cojiinupoli'ta, Ciismo}*>orita'no, s.m. a C<» 
raoputite, a cil «en ol the world. 

Co'<o, s.m. a ninny, silly fellow, a strange 
ridxulous ih'ng. 

Cosp2/rso,Co5pa'rto, Co*|ic'r80,^flrf . stre\r« 
ed, wa:«riTd, scaile<ed. 

Cospe'igere, Co'pa'rgere, v. to strew, dis- 
perse, sprinkle. 

Cospt'ito, s.m. presence ; huerj. xookers 1 
al cospetto, adv. in spite. ^^ ^ 

Cosp' tto'ne, a rapo<iring hector. '* 

Co^pi'cuu, adj. clear, manilest. 

Cmpir/re, t». to conspire. ■ ' ' 

v'ospirato're, s.m. cun^pirator. 

Cosplraaio'ne, s.f. plot) combinatioii. 

co'sso, s.m. a w.irt, blister, pimple. 

Co'sta, s.f. k rib, a coast : costa di t«i- 
Cello, the rib or side timber of a ship:' 
costa di sottovento, the lee-shore \ an» 
dar costa costa, to coast a ong : costa 
also signifies an herb, calltd costmary. 

Co9lti\ adv. there, thither: viadicosta, 
get you hence. 

Costa ^giu\ adv. there, below, yonder. 

Costa'oie, a4f. constant, siedfast: per 
costante, for certain. 

Costantemt'nte, adv. assidttoiulyi con* 
slant ir. ' 

Costa'nza, J./. Constancy. ' 

Costa'i-e, V. to cost: c«ro ml coita, 1 pajr 
dear : costare, to be plain, clear, or mar 
nifest : cusia a tuttt, every body knoivs* 

Costa<ssu*, adv. there, above. 

cosia'to, r.m. side, ribs. < 

Costeggia're, v. to coast alongi 

Costc'i, pran./. she, or this. ' '* ■ 

cobtcllazio'ne, s. f. constollatlon t <?oS!el» 
Into, born under the same CoostcUa'.ion.' 
Costcrc'ccio, s.m. pork griskin. . 

Costere'lla,j./. a hill. „^jl 

Costcma're, t>. to l03«r courage i CostcP- 

narsi, to be affrlthttd,^ 
Co'ternaaio'ne, i./. cbnsternafioni 
Costi*. adv. there, in that place. 
Co.^tre'r4, 1./. coasr. „ , 

cosiii^re, a coasting P'.'o*; .^_-» ^^ 

I Ctost»'nci, adv, tiittM yiuvtM^mlMhtm 



Coflipime'nto, J<f». conn i pat Ion « 
cottipsfre, T>. to conitipuie, tliiikeo. 
Co(ti|MU'vu,<i'(/. apt to cutiiitipaie, aslHn- 

CMtipHX\(/ae, s. f. costivenctt. 
Cont.lui're, i'. to con«tilule, •ppoint, to 
rftiir, prefer : ciittit.iUo in niisrria, in 
poverta. red.iccd tumitcty, lo w*nt. 
Coitirufl'vo, iuj. con<ti ut ve. 
Cjstit'4i'co,« fn.e>aininatijnbt-rorF a judpe. 
Cn^ti'ii^iu'ac*, tj. instiliition,cun» iluliun, 
litcic I', l>iw, statute, also state or coiidi- 01 b <ly. 
<o'ij!o, .!.»«. cost, clwrgp, cxpcnce. 
loVtiila, J./, a rib, in..' oi n leaf : 
cusluld d'i coltcllo, th<- ba(k ol' akniic. 
CoMoUtii'ri, i. /. all ti f nlM. 
C atulirVcj .(.»;. a wood kni.«, a baager. 
C.rmuu\'n»,s.j. a jnull rib. 
C{i*'\>'T,},pQ'i. ni. pi. Iht'S-, thow. 
Co»lr!'tti'»o, aij. nfliinjfonf. 
Cuitrr'tio, adj. coiiiHiaincd, Torccd, clotr, 

sliiit up. 
roiii'gnrre, Conttri'ng?re,v. to constra'n, 

Co« riiiniinr'nlo, Costiingimc'n'to, s. m, 

cumuiilsion, v'.oleiicc', coi:lt|-aiiit. 
Costria o'lie, t.f. coniiiriciiun, con-Jensa- 

Cosirui're, v. to buil<1, to construe. 
Co^lru'lto s.m. profit, gain, interest, con- 
tent*, bottom: vo lioxapcrofilcoitlrulto, 
i Kill know the i u'.tom. 
Coiiru'Uo, fart, bmlt, m:ide. 
Coftiut u'ra, i.j. t>uiidin»;, stnicliire. 
Cos riiziii'nc\ <./. buildin^-, construction. 
CU'lu'i,^r9R. m. Uu% man. 
CoS'ii'in-i, Co-siiima'nz.i, i./. Co«lii'mp,».»n. 
cdMum, iiiage ; di buoiii costuini, wt-II- 
. bied, civil. 

Cos(uina i¥, V. to be cnstomnry ; to use, 
to be wont, to Ireqncnt, teacii, educate: 
iostiimare alh cortc, to (itquenicour;; 
oo«tum;ir<' iin cMvallo,to mnnafc a iione. 
CoMi!(na*.i'2X4, s f. K K>d manner*. 
Cjiluma'to, p<rr/.u»ed,.tc<mtom-d, inured, 
Cif>iiimazi(/nc, J. /. iniitruttiun. 
Co^tn'ra, .« /. a team, 
covi'ccia, c;o«iii'z«a, J. /. a trile, ira-li. 
Cota'i,-Cnla1i,^r9il. m. pi. mK.\\. 
Q^i\•^'\\,fTV^. sucli ; in Cs>trfl muUo, ini uch 

J manner ; itdv. so, tlius. 
Cota'le, i. m. a dunCe. 
Clftta'nto, iiij. much, so lona, th(i«murh; 
duecot:tnii, ire rotanti, Iwictr oriiirice 
ai inurh ; it i» al^i uicd at an'adi^erb, 
as perciic sictc »tato cot.ti>1o a venirt:.' 
«hy whore you so lonft a coining f 
Cote,/./, n wl)et'Stone(<n fvtrr.) 
•t)tf'nn>i,Ci/cira, .'./. IlicUin uf U>e hca«<, 
Uw rifti oC brfiOQ. 


, Cotenno^ne, i. m. a biockJi«ad,acIow«. 
i Cote'iitN/fM. this, ihi* maa. 
Coce'Hto, ajj. this, that. 
Colestu'i, prvn, \\\i% ; pi. Cotesto'ro, th»«'« 
corico'iic, a (J, of a tiiirk skin or ltid(, 

cnarse, clown'sh, unpoiisbed, rode. 
j Catidianame'nte, adv. daily. 
j Cutidia'no, aU^ dai:y. 
Colu'gna, /./. N quince. 
j Coto -nji'to, j.m. mar.iialade of quinces. 
, C9logni'no, <i(;.Rmelliiig ur tasting, orb<- 
I ii>li colourt-tf like a quince. 
Cotn'itno, s.m. quince tree. 
' CiJio'oe, s.m. cotton. 
Colornrce, coionu'ce,J. /. a qtiail, « F*'' 

Co'rta, s.f. A coat, a i'lrplice. 
C<»ft irdi'ta,«. /. a garment anciently ««» 
Cott.'ccio.rt^y. iialf-biiked. 
Co'tto, <i^. C'Kked. also tip^ey ; j.'i- ** 

mucii •■<• i* biiltd tr dr«ta»ed a onf<-. 
CottwsA, a-lj. tiiat may be boile<t,bA«.-d,0r 
! roiiii'j-j, /. /. dre^^ing meat. 
< coiu'rno, t. m, a buskin, a tragedy. 
, To'va, s.f. » lurtotsc-siic'li. 
Cov4'ccio, Cova'cciolu, $.m* a dcfl. 
, Cova'nic, adj. Iiauliing. ., 

Cova'r»', t>. to liaich, brood: cow«'» 

fuoco, to' sit close to the lire. 
Coca'ta, s, f. egis for a brood. 
Covali'crio, d^'. apl or ready to Ml'^H 

al'oha died. 
Covaiu'ra, Cofazlo'n.', s. /. baicbtoi lii'-"' 
CoyerchU'rc, l». to Cover. 
Covt^ithio, j.wj. a cofcr, a lid. 
CovtTli'na, j^'. a liouMng, a li-irie rl<>i'i< 
Cof fc'i ta, J. /. a cover, pretence, spiw^f" 

ancr, also ilie deck of a sliip. 
Ci)v(T;atni'nte, ah', secretly. 
Couriii're, i'. to bide, conccaL 
Covciti'na, .'./. a borse-cloth. 
Cuvi^li.V^si,- v, to shelter end self, to take 

Covi'Kiio, s.m, a bee-blve. 
Covl'le, i.tfi. a den, a cave. 
Co'vo, Co'v.jlo, s.m. a den, bole, lurkisi 

liole, the form ol a bare. 
Oovo'ne, .i.ffi, n" o( co n. 
Civrime'nto,/ f».tlteact ofcovi-ring.hiilins. 
Cjvrirc, C»n Voft.) Sec Copri're, aod Hi 

Co/io'ne, J. J. boiling, drenittg. 
Coaxrf'rc, t*. to butt a* rams; lo itrikr, '•» 

Cuasa'ta^ s.f, Ct/ito, s.m. a blow *ilh > 

lioin. , 

Coaao'ne, s.m. a horae>de«ter. 
Cnmp*, J. /. a cramiviron. 
Cr't'nio, .i.m. the >k»iU. 
Cra'pnl.1, S.J. drunkenness, debaucben. 
Crapuia'rcj v. lo gal and driuk to cusii. 


rapu1</ne urn. a glutton, 

r t vnit<Mila', J./, gluttony. 

vAasc-'zxa, Cra«/xie, J./, filth, gntte, 

r. tness. 
C r *'«;», o^*. ftt^ grcasjr: ignoranxa craiM, 

K o»s ignorance. 
Cra->ti'no,/.jn. the next day. 
C..jvj[tia, i./. a craral, as'ock. 
Cra 111, s f. i piece of mot.ey worth about 

three farthings. 
Cre'anle.o^'. creating. 
Croi'nia, *./. civilitv, also a creature, but 

in tins sense obsolete. 
Crv-anza'to, aJJ. pulite, well-bred. 
Crra re, t». to create, engender, raise, 

caui^, constitute, sign. 
Cr.-atiVo, aJj. creative. 
Cren'to.aJJ. creiled: real creato, ill-bred. 
Crt^jto'rc,/. «. creator, makt r, inTcmor: 

•ngegno creatore, an onginal genius. 
Creatu'ra, j.f. creature. 

Creaf(iri'oa,Crcatjrenia, «./. a little crea- 

C.-casi'one, /./. creation. 

( re'ljro. a^f. {in yMry) thick, frequent. 

Credi/ole, u^'. believing: 1 credenli, the 

C-edij'njta,*./. faith, belief, credit, esteem, 

uptnidn, mind, sentiment; al:^o secret 

mystery; and taste, experiment, trial ; 

alMj :he buttery or pantry : perder cre- 

dcii^a, to lofe credit : far credenz), to 

trust : dare a credenza, to sell on credit. 
Crvrrieozialc, aJj. of credit : lettcre cre- 

d^nzial^, eiters of credit, credentials. 
Cr«*deiiii'erii, *. /. a cupboard, beaufet. 
Cjv.dfnaic'rp, s. m. a butirr, confidant. 
Cj •'d..*rc, V. to believe, trust, think, sup- 

i^e. Imagine, 
rrc |.-',oe, Credi'bile.aJ/. credible. 
Ci fle'vole, aJj. credulous. 
Cie!l'*>ilm/nle. adv. credibly. 
Cr/iiito, s. m. cr-dit, trust, name, esteem, 

ntcrrsl : cssere in crcdito.tobe in vogue; 

netter in crcdito, to uut in e'lcem; 

«iso. the creditor side or an account. 
rn iiio're, s. m. creditor, believer. 
Oe'-i J. J.»». th»-cri'ei. 
C'.- ! jhta*, J. /. credulity. 
rrrAJulo, aJJ. crt'dulous, easy. 
Ci. I rto, pirt. believed. Supposed. 
rri.-''iia J.y. cream. 
Cr. 'mill, s.m. crimson. 
Crrm<>i'j-o, adj. crimson colour. 
Crcmt/re, J.m. the thinner part, or extract 

of some bodies. 
Cr».A>lo. «<;• Creolian. 
Cr'parcia'io. aJJ. cricked, gapitaf. 
crepi'cclo, i.»i. crt-Ticc. gap. 
^i-pacayre, J- m. grief, sorrow. 
C;e2.a'ie. v. to bunt, dup : crcp4 di Hie, 

ig be thirtty. 

G R 1 * 

Crepa'to, part, burst. 

c.epatu'ra, s./. crevice, gap, chiok, mp 

ture : a lea'< in a ship. 
CrepifH^re, t». tocrackSe. 
Crepol I'l c, V. lo burst, to crack. 
CrepuVolo, J.m. twilight. 
Cresce'nie, itJJ, growing, increasing. 
Crescenti'na, i./. a toast with oil, salt an4 

Crr.ecc'n«a,,f./. growth, increase. 
Crc'scere, t'. to lerow, increase, enlarge, 

riogrish, multiply. 
Crrsce'toU', ait. disposed to grow, profita- 

ble, benebcul. 
Crescimc'nto, Increase, growing, aug- 
Crcscio'ne, s m. water-cresses. 
Crescito're,!. *». increaser, iroprorer, en- 

Crcsoiu'io, part, grown. 
Cre'tiina, j. m. consecrated oil. 
Crcsinj.i're, v. to confirm. 
Ccesimatu're, s.m. he that confirms:. 
Crt'i(»a, /. /. wrinkle. • 
Crespame'uto, *.*». Crespe'aza,^./. wrink* 

Crespa're, t». to crisp, or plait. • 

Cresfpa'/Io, s. m, a kind of irit er: far cres- 

pcila delle siglie, to contract one's 

Crcspe'zza.i./. a wrinkle. 
Cre'si o, Cresp^so, adj. wrinkled: capeU 

latura crespa. curled hair ; vjaociespo, 


Crespo'ne,J.»i. silken stuflf worn in mourn* 

Crc'ita, /./. crest, top, height : cresta dl 

gallo. a cock's conb. « 

Crcsta'ia, /./. a milliuer. 
CresiVso, Crestu'io, aiJ. crested. 
Crt'.a.i./. chalk. 
Creto'io, aJJ. chalky. 

Cria're. See Crea're, and its deriTatiires** 
Cribr«'re, t». to sift, to bolt. ., •• 

C ri bra Clone, J. /. sifting. 
Cribro, /. m. a sieve : portar 1' acqua cot 

cril^r J, to lo^e one's labour 
Cri'cca. j. /. a game at cardS) a rout, com* 

Crrcchc, s.m. crick, creak. 
Cn'cchio, J.m. whim, caprice. •-. 

Cri'oo. s.m. a hand-screw, ^ jack. 
Cri'me, j.m. a, crime. 
Crimenlc'so, /.m. a. crime against majesty, . 

Crimina'le, Crimino'so, otU. criminal, vi- 
cious: un criminale, amaiefacior. 
Ccimlnalifsta, /. m. « lawyer in criminal 

Cri|ninalme'nte,aiti. criminally. < 

Crimlna're,t». to prosecute, lo bUnaOw 
Crifliioaaitf'ne, /./. accus()^*B» .^ 


Cri'mine, s. «. crime, sin, faalt. 

CH itA'la, J.m. an ornament for (he hair. 

Cr 'ne, j.m. hair : crine del iiote« the rayi 

of tlir Mn. . 
CriniVra, ■»./. a mane. 
Crmi'io, Crinu'to,aiy. hairy; criaiUitella, 

a cumet. 
Crio'cca, *. /. a Jorialcreir. 
Crisa'Iide, t. m. a woim or critalis, from 

which a moth or buttrrffy com«8. 
Cri'ic, Cri'ai, <./. a criiis. 
Criso'Htn, s. m. a chrysoli.c. 
Critopu'uo, t.m. a chryiopaae. 
Crsulli'ao, a^. bright, cliristailine. 
Crista'llo, s.m. crystal. 
Criiir'o, Crisie re, Cri'te'ro, /.«. a ijlister. 
Crsiianu'ccio, <. m. a bad chriiitan, (alsu) 

a goott plain man. 
Cristianame'nte, adv. christlanlike. 
Cristiane'lla,/./. a silly woman. 
Crisicinne'llo, Criitlano'ite, s, m. i mean 

silly man. 
Cristianv'simo, Crist iane'tmoj f. ». CrllU> 

anita', / /. c.^ristia^irv. 
Crist'a'no, t. m. a riiri<>ttan. 
Criiitiani'tsimo, aJJ. most christian* 
Cri'sto, t.m. Christ- 
criie'rio, t. tn. fuod sense. 
Cri'tica, Critlcaalu'ne, i/. a criticinn. 
Criticame'nte, <iit». crliiciilly. 
critica'rc, v. to criticise, find fauU. 
Critlcati/ie, s.m. a criiic, crnsurcr. 
Critirbr'tto, i.m. an Ifinorant critic. 
Cri'to, s.m. a critic, 
<;ri'ti<o,<i,^.critieal: f.m a critic. 
Cri*clla'rc, v. to slit, to bolt, to find Tault 

Crivt'llo, s.m. a siere. 
ftrocca'rr, t'. to snap, crack, cliatter. 
rrorchif/r-e, v. 10 strike, tittle. 
Cro'cchio, t.m. prating, chatting, alM a 

club of people. 
Orocdtto'De. t.m. pratlcr, Uab. 
Cro'ccia, s./. a crutch. 
Croccia're.f;. to duck, 
fcfb'te, i.f. a crtw, td^mer.t, paitlshment, 

aflliction : a occhio e troce, at random. 
Cn/tco. oif. Mifron-cotoarcd. 
crocesigna'to, otO- marked with a CfOtt. 
Crufevi'a, i./. cros8*way, or fttrcet. 
croce'tta, J./, t wnall croai: crocette, 

rro9B>ireef io a ship. 
Crociame'nio, s. m. alBictlon. 
Croda're, v. tn torment, afflict, re.T. 
Crucia'rti, t>. to lake ibe cross tor the boly 

Crocia^a, «./. cra9«de, holy war. 
trocla'to, adv. erdlsed, tillicted; i. Ki. 

torment, suffering. 
Crocl'cchio, ».m. a crots wsy. ' 

Crocida're,Crucita're,tf. to croik. 
Crvcifi'fiere, crociftcafre, v. to cruclfr. - 


Crocifigfime'oto, t. m. Crocifiido^*'*/* 

Crociii'sso, a^'. cnicified j s.m. acracitx. 
Crociffsso're, J.m. the cruciAcr. 
Croi io'iie, /. m. a large cross. 
Crt/co, s.m. crocus, s-tlltnn. 
Crogioia'rr, v. lo diess, «<r boll aicrlr. 
Crogiola'rs , v. to cocker, pamper, or 

make much of o- e*< self. 
Crogiuti'lo, J.m. a crucible. 
Cro'io, <j.(/'. bard, riKigh, rude, unanncer- 

ly, frovckfd, angry. Oh. 
Cpoi'ain> 'nlo,j m.iussing, jogging, sbakisg. 
Croila'ntc, <i</. sbaking jolting. 
Crolla're, v. to shake, jolt, jog. ' 
Cro'ilu, J.m. a Kii ke, lusi, jerk. 
Cro'mn, s.f. crotchet, quarer. 
Croma'tico, 04;. chromatic. 
Crona'ca, Cro'aica,/. /. chronicle. 
Cronica'iCia, s.f. a bad chronicle. 
Croni'stfl, rhrui)icht'ata, histoH.i'ii 

a chronicler. 
Cro'nico,<i(/. chronic, tedious. 
Cronolo'gia, j^/. clirnnology. 
Cruno!a^Ktco, aJJ. cKronulovicat. 
Cronologi'sta, J. m. (hronul >g<st. 
Croscia're, v. lo pour, to rain hanl ; '.9 

fling, throw, strike ; to boil. 
Cro'scio, J.m. a cru^hinir, squashing: »»«• 

clod' acq u-1, a shower, lempen. 
CtVata, .«./. cruit, scurf, scab, ouliide, 

suptTfli its. 
Crosttt'ta, jy. a kind of pastry. 
CrostH'u'ra,.'./. pawmrnt, incrustation. 
Cro.<(i'no, J. m. toasted bread. 
cro»to'»o, cru^itu'lo, d^'. crusty. 
Croftelli'nu, s.m. a small crust. 
Cro'iolo, s, m. a muiiical instrument w 

called. / 

Crucce'vole, nij. pas<iionatc. 
Crucccvolmc'ntc, Crucciatame'..te, Cnc» 

cioaaror'nte, iiit>. passionately. 
Cn/ccia, s.f. a mattock. 
Crucci'are, f. to anger, profoke : cnicci' 

arsi, to be anitry. 
Crurcia' to.C ruccio'so,a {/.a ngry . proTokr^ 
Cru'ccia, J m. passion, anger, anguish, ixt 

treis, afllittion. 
Cruciamc'nto, Cruciato, s. m, torment 
Crucia'ie, v. to torment. 
CruciffViierc. SeeCruclli'gfrre. 
Crudamc'nie,aJt>.bitterly, cruelly, blttilTt 

Crudela'ci lo, oij. cruel. 
Crude'ie, aJj. inliuman, flcrce, barbuoais 

un crudele, a cruel man. 
Crudele'ssa, jy cruelty. 
Crudelissimamc'me, nJv. mostcniellf* 
Crudell'ssimu, oij. mn^t cruel. 
Cmdi.lme'tite, a.t'. (rurlly. 
crudeltta', cnidelta', 5./. cruelty. laUttBi' 

Oily, UrbirUy. • . ^' • 


era It'tto, aift almost rair. 

crude'/za, Croiita*, s./. crudity, raw- 

n-TS. indigestion. 
Cru'ilo, a4f. raw, nnripe, true!. 
Crje»iU'fV, T». to mak-' bluody. 
Cij/nlo, a-ij. bloody, horrible, JrigMfti!. 
cru'na, s.f. the e^e of a necdUr, a bolluw 

stonf, point. 
C.-jiio, j.m. a point. 

C- i'>c?,i,/.bi-an, the Horcntinc aca^-tny . 
Cr-j^ca'nte, s.m. one Mhoanisat cxactr 

ne t in the Tuscan Linguage. 
Crn^ca'ta, f.f. naasnisr. 
Crjsche'llo, j.m. fine bran. 
Crtj'Ctf'ne, s.m. coarK ItrAn. 
c.-jsro'io, jJ/. full ofbrjfi. 
tu M'rf, t'. lo lie down. 
C^iba'tto, Cubattolo, s.m. Caba'ttola, J./. 

a snare or gm to catch bird^. 
Cjbc'le, jv/. aromatic fniiii broashtfrora 

fhe WeM Ir.ditf--. 
Cj bie, s.m, the hav9e-hole9 of a ship. 
Cii'bkn. alj. cu' ic, or cubical. 
c-riiruIa'rJo, «.m. groom of tlie ehamber. 
c i''.'io, i m. the elbow, a cubit. 
C /ba, t.m. cube. 

Ciicra'fna, i./. an Ideal country abound- 
ing in pl<a«ires. 
Cucchia'la, *./. a charger for gr^at r?\n^, 

a <hovel, ao engine to draw ti>e waler 

of a river. 
C.icchiaia'ta, s.f. a apoonful. 
( j.cliialc'ra, t.f. a spoou'ca«e. 
c xrfiia'io, s.m. a spoon. 
Ci -l.i »»yne, *.*n. a soup-spoon. 
Cjiciii^'rc, /./. at-o«el; alsoaclurgcr 

'or great guiis. 
C; ccia, j.f. a co^ich. 
f iioia'r**, t». to lie down, 
f u"»:;o'i'no, /.m. a jouoj whelp. 
Cj'Lf-itflo, Cu'ccio, /.m. a puppjr, a lap* 

<lo.- ; also a simpleton. 
C^'i r<», #.w. an egg ; also a favourite boy, 

4 11' (lion, a cuckow. 
C jci u', Cucu'lo, i.m. a cuckow. 
rAciiina,-'.y. gruJi,e, aniinositr, spleen, 

Ciici'na, /./. a kitchen: di buona cucina, 

«0'>.l for cookinp. 
C ' :n /re, v. to cook, to dress. 
Cj ni 'ra, s.f. Cu^ inie're, /.m. a cook. 
Cj<-/iia, j.». a cuithion, pilluw. 
Ci I're, t», to Sirw, orstiU'h. 
^'i<\'i3,i.m. a seam. 
^ « iti/re, i.fii. he that KWS. 
Cjciir/ce. J./, a sempstneai. 
c jLJtu'ra, i./l Cactme'Dio, /.mi. « team. 
Lriiiia're, v. lo lavfh at, scof, bahter. 
c c jli«ii/ra. /./. nriilery. 
c ic/r.i, s./. a fcjwl, a hood. 
<■ >cjMj('(0. «^. hOod.-d, coaled. 
c jcu'rbila. «./. « diiliUiag nrtirl, a toord. 


CiKorbilPno, 5.«n. a worm tliat OC^skMt 
disease in tlic bowels. 

Cucu'zza, s.f. a gourd. 

Cdcu'zzolo. i.m. the top of the hctd* 

Cu'ffift, « /. a cap, a coif. 

Cufiia'rf, II. .o cat iramoderaielr. 

Coai'na, i./. Cugi'ao, s.m. cousin. 

Cu'i, ^TM. all whose, of which, of wlioiii* 

Cuju'sso, s.m. affected, speaking of I.Jtin. 

Cuia'ja,/./. the paunch oi a crammed fow I. 

Cula'.td. s.f. CuHo, J.IR. Ibebrrech, bam ; 
culaila, the bottom of a cburcli latnp : 
culaita d'un canoone, the bseech of a 

Cuiise'n, s.m, an amphitheatre at BonCj 
:lie Cutliseom. 

Culla, s.f. a cradle. 

CulU're, r. to rock the cradlt". 

Cuitita're. See coitiva're, and its derira* 

C /Ito, s.m. wnr«iiip. 

Cu'mbe, s.m. tlie ma^t-head. 

Cmni'no, ihc herb cammfo. 

Curriul^'rr, f. to ht-ap, hoard. 

Cum (h'aoH.-'nle, alv. abundantly. 

CumuUiivami/i.le, aiv. accomaLatiTCif* 

Cumulaii'ro, alj. arcumiilative. 

Cumula'^n. fart- bfajn^, lioa.-ded. 

CumuUto'rf, /.m. he who accumulates* 

Camulazit/oe, s.f. Cu'mulo, s.m. accit> 
ro-iiation, hcap^ store. 

Cuna^./.a cradir, lodging, dwcliiog-place. . 

Cu'n-'o, s.m. a wedge. 

Cuai'rulo. s.m- a mine: far cuniculi, t6 
und'r::iine; also a ri<jl)!t. 

Ca n^'a, s.f. f.eibane, an licrb. 

Canric'ra, s.f. a resM.-! tu iioid rteibane. , 

Cuo'cere, v. to diess meat, scald, burn, 
parrli ; also to gnere, vex, fret : me ne 
cuoce il ciiore, my heart bleeds \ also 
to concoct, d gcsf. 

Cuocc'rsi, V. to get drank. 

Cuociy f,s.m. smart, burning. orscaldioC* 

Cuoci;u'>'a, s.f. cooking, baking, A.C. 

Cuo'co, s.m. a man <^ok. 

Cuoia'Io, s.m. a l-a'her-dresser. 

C'Jo'iov /.»;. icaliicr, skin, parcbmctit: 
tir.jr le cuoi^. to oic. 

Cuo're, s.m. Iiear*, liie, mind, soul, spirif, 
cour jge, metllc ; tijc midsi : porji in 
cuoie^ to resolve: far cuore, to chear 
up: (ar CttOr duro, to be obstinati- » 
pregar di cuore, to entreat : aver a 
cuorc, lo e*tccm : crepar il cu«rc, to 
break one's he.«rl : con tran cuore, «iiT». 
courageously : a m-l cuore, aJv. unwil- 
lingly : di boon cuore, adv. heartily i 
cuori, hearts in cards. 

Cu|M/zz.t. s.f. depth. 

Cu,>irf3me'nic, tfJt-. gladly, fondly. 

Curidc'zza, cupidi-gla, i.f. co»elo«»e?»/ , 
hist, ireediBta*. j| 


Cilpi'dInf , t.m. {in foetry) CapM. 
Cupidiu*, )./. rondncts, cove'pat'cst. 
Cupi'flo, i.fn. Cuiitd, love ( 4<(/. de^irottt, 

Cit'po, adj. derp : uomo cupo, i cuoning 

man ; t.m. dcplh. 
Cu'pola, s.f. a cupula. 
Ctiiirc'Mo, t.m. Sec Ciprc^MO. 
Cu rt, I.J. care, diligence : d.irsi cnr», to 

mind : cura, paritb, guardianship, cure 

oC a diK-ase : cura d' anirnc, cure ol 

Cura'bile, a4/. cuiab!e. 
Curagiu'nr, j./. rurc, curing. 
Curan la'io, bleaclter. 
Cura'rL*. v. lo valuf, esteem, care, have re 

•pcct for ; alao to ruif, dre$*, take 

care, look after, ten I, prolfct, and U> 

bicACh or whiten in lite kun. 
Cma^nt'tta, /./. a buitres.. 
C'lia'ia, J./, the pluck. 
< uralf'lla, J. /. Hie liver. 
Curaii'ro, flif'. midical. 
Cura'to. t.m. a curate, a panon. 
Curdto're, t.m. Ciiratri'ce, *./. keeper, a 

tfuardiun, a trustee. 
Curaaio'nc, »./. cure. 
Cu rcuina, s.f. a reed n?ed In dying. 
Cm ria, j,/. a court of justice. 
Curla'le, aUj. of tl»e couri, or council 


Cur.allia', i./. kindn.9% civility. 

Curia'n lolo, t.m. coi iand. r. 

Curluaame'nte, aJv. curmusijr. 

C iriosc'tto, aUJ. ovti curitiua. 

Curlosita', j./. curioaity. 

Curii/s.j, a4/. ciirioua, inquisitirr: an cu* 

raio, a curious man ; a virdiuto. 
Cii'iTo, t.m. a lolU-r, a Hlu-flbarrow. 
C.i.noVr, t.m. a kind of menrngei in llie 

court of Rome. 
Ciirvii're, v. to curb, ben'I. 
Cu'iva, /. /. a knee in sliip-bnl'dina. 
Curvalu'ra,Cune'.'»a,Cuiv.ia',/./. curve, 

cri».«kednc h, Jjcuf. 
Cui-vili'neo, iiif. curvil near. 
Curvitu", J./. ciirvii\, crookHncM. 
Cur.i'pedo, iiilf. ci.ivt'n- touted, 
C iru'le, J./, a tiiruk* tli.ur. 
Cu'rvo, (iJj. arclu-d, ben , 
Cuncini'iiij, /.//!. a >ma.l pillow. 
Cusci'no, a cuiliion, a pillow . 
Cuvcii'ta, t.f. a pl«iiit thai hat no firm 

rout in I he ground. 
Cir>ptde. i./. point, shitrpcnd. 
c:ii<it(/dc, t.m. kcvptr, guardian. 
CustoMia. i./. cuHlod; . 
coitoii'rQ, V. to Keep, ruard, preierre. 
Cuitod'iame'nte, ait', ^ale^y. 
Cu<todiio*re, t.m. a keeper. 
CuV, i./. skin, b irk. 
Cuie'rxuia, i./. a kind of f rc«t cmneU 


Cutica'gna, /./. the nape of the iM>ck. 
Cutico'la, t.f. cuticle, the ander or ibia> 

ner ikin. 
Cutre'tta, Cutre'ttola, i /. t vagtiil. 
Cxar, t.m. the Cxar {emffror ^/ RutiiM.") 
atan'oa, t.f, the Czanna* 


DA, prrp. froofi : da, about : erani ^a 
vent I, they were about twenty : da 
menu, of Ic^a worth : da piu, o€ morr : 
da, to, for to: buono <l4 many tare, 
good to eat i da (wi'h mc, te sc, luro; 
alone: K> faro ria me, vW do it bv m>- 
lell : da me, da ic, at my hoiiM*, at your 
holl^e: da', an apostrophe, i« a 
contraction of the article an 1 prcpo^ 
sidcn ; 'Tom the, by the t lorsaio d.' 
CoiiaiKli del padre, forced by the co'h- 
niandi of his father: da, also %\pn 'iei 
tli« plate of birth, at, da l4>ndia, 
ofl^ondon: da, iike, as: mi ;raito da 
pr.ncipe, he treated mc asa priorr; 
di, fit: donna da marilo, a »oman tit 
to be married? da, to : qui-ate n n -o'o 
cute da farctheae are not tiiinirs iii to j >: 
da, (from dare) he givc^, or glie ih« a : 
ddchevoi vo^etecovi.finieyouw I ii.«e 
it so: da banda, aside: da brfle, m 
J'*^! : d« Indi innansi, hence ft>r«.ird : 
da indi addielru, ihence, barkw;tra : <U 
indi in giu, then c downward: da mJt 
in pot, since that time : da indi in q n, 
hitheito: da indi in «u, Ihence npward. 

D* allo'ra inna'nai, from that time : d* 
n!lura in poi, since*. <1' Mliora in q>u, 
hitluTio : dal.a, of, from : di lum . ]>t 
R disiaiue, lar oA : da una volta lo m, 
more iliHn oi cc. 

T)abbcna'gglne, .»./. •ImpllcHy, goofi-e<ib 

Dnbiie're, ctdj. good, honett t d« auaii 
d..1>hrne, as an hone-it man. 

I)abbu'la% /./. a pMltery. 

bar he', ffi/. s nee. 

Daddovc'ro, adxt. in earnest. 

1)4 do. t.m. a d'e: pagglarc I lutn:, ei 
didi, to pay dear. 

Da'g.i, J./, a dnyger. 

Di/ino, j.fii. a deer: dalna, t.f. a doe. 

Drfiln'to, a4t>. (iside, near. 

Da'ina. s.f, a lady ; alio a doe ; the q-jee« 
at chcsi or cards i fa la dama, the «••' 
rumes the fine lady. 

namatch/no, <i<^. damaaked. 

n:tma'fCo. See I>omma'Kn. 

nameggaVe, v. to court tlie ladi«*« 

I'Hineri'no, i.vt. abeatt, a «p«rtl« 

nam pi-'ild, t.f. a young lady* 

Daaifi^'iio, t,m, a page* 


ba'inma, s,f, a doe, {tnpcefiy.} 
Dii'mo, s.m. a beau, a iorer. 
Damu'zza, s.^\ a low woman. 
1>* raoUo, A(/. oi'wurlh, o.' ir.erit. 
t)jna'(0, Dana'ro, s.m, pcnt-e, t'ai things : 

non lio danari, I have no moaey- 
Ttnm'\o*so, Danaro'so, adj. rich, monied. 
iJ.inare'sco, adj. ready. 
Dur.aru'zzo, t.m. small monry. 
Da nic'ntCj adj. wo thless : un uomo &^. 

mente, an insignificant man. 
I^anni'bile, alj. damnable, blameable. 
Djnnauilme'ole, adv. dan;nabl}, dangcr- 

Dinna^'re, v. to condemn, to damn, to 

bbme, to erase: dannarsi, to damn 

one's self. 
I>inna^i, pi. m. the damn* d. 
JMnnito re, J.m. a condtmner. 
Dannaaio'oi', J. /. damnation, condem* 

Ti-.nocgfi'tamti'nlo, s.m. damage. 
]':-nnepgia're,f>.lodamage, tohurt, tolose. 
^inuppgi.tio'rt:, Ji.rn. he iliat docs hurt. 
I>^nt)»vo'le, adj. shameful, infamous, pi:e* 

judicial, damnable. 
Tunnciolmc'tite, adv. damnably. 
T>nnniSca're, t. to damage, liuft. 
'> >nn >, s.m cost, hurt, damage. 
I)«rino^-imv-'otC, flit'. hurJuUy. 
linnno'io, a>lj. hurtful. 
Di'nie, adj. giving: tri '1 dante, e M rJce- 

vente, betweeu giver and receiver: 

dante, a kind of leithcr. 
Dtnte'sco, adj. in the manner of Daote 

(he pott. 
l>.'n I'lla, adj. good for nothing. 
J'tfj;ja, t.f. a dunce: esser in dnnza, (o 

be talked ot: cntrar in danza, to do as 

Whrn do. 
^'»nn,'n'e, s m. f. i. dancer, 
"'na-t're, v. to dance. 
Dinzuto're, j.w. Danaatri'ce, s^f. a dancer. 
'>i>na.-'ita, s.f. a short danCe. 
^i opgi Inna'ozi. adv. for the future: da 

P-irte, aside, secrttly : da parte a parte, 

<hr jush : da per >e, by himsell : da per 

tJiio, every where. 
^ 'p". ''/■ food, meat. 
li:,ipi.\ alv. from the foot. 
l'»pj>eca'g|,ine, iiappjchc'zra, /./. igno- 

ranre, idleness, diilness. 
D-ipiH/ro, adj. idle, cowardly. 
lMp;>u'i, adv. since, after, atlerwards. 
l^appoiclie', conj. since that. 
I sppre'sio, pfff' near, just by. 
1m prima, adx'. at first, 
lu qui inna'nzi, adv. for the fuluff: da 

qu ndi Innnnzi, since that time. 
FMid. Rijla'ie, t». to d:rt, cast, shOoU 
I.Mniie'ro, t.m. a botviaaDt 
Wido, /.ffl. a darU 


Dare, v. to give, permit, grants giveletve, 
strike, beat, shew, demonstrate : il co> 
lor della tua camiscia da ciie tu sei 
cai'bonajo, the colour of your shirt sbewi 
you to be a collier: dare a cambio, to 
put out money on exchange: dar ad» 
dosso ad uoo, to fall upon: dar com* 
piniei to, to finish: dar bando, to b»> 
nish : dar da dormire, to lodge; dar da 
riderc, to give cause tor laughter: dare 
di calce, to kick: dare di reini in aqua, 
to roiV i riar fondu, to ctst anchor: dar 
ia caccfa, to give chase : dar sopra ua 
banco, to run aground : dar la vela, to 
set sail : dar vela, to make sail : dar la 
volta, tvput .ibuut ship: dar luogo, to 
give occasion or opportunity : dar baK 
danza, to make- h..l(l : dar in mella, to 
miscarry : dar fastid'O, to molest : dar 
di cozzo, to butt: dar di pigUo, to 
cateh: dar il buun anno, lo wish one a 
happy new year: dar il bt?n vcqulo, to 
bid one welcome: dare il cuora, to 
dare, and pn-sumc : dar« il motto, to 
give the word: dare ilpasso, to give 
frre passage: dare in prestanza, to 
lend: dare in luce, to publish: dare in 
Ufio, to meet one : dar la baia, to jest : 
dar la corda, to g:ve the strappado: 
dar la mano, to consL'nt : dar a credere, 
to make one believe: dan«i ad uno, to 
prostitute lierstlf : darsi pare, to quiet 
one's self: dar i buon tempo, to live a 
merry life : darsi mara*. iijlia, to wonder: 
da di calce a rovajo, to be hanged : 
darsi I'acqua ai piedi, to praise one^ 
se^l : darla a gambe, to run away ; d<«r 
Che dii%, to' g ve occasion to talk : dar 
le carte, to deal at cards : dar giu, to 
lose one's credit : dar il pepe, to ban- 
ter; dare to iuciine to; quesio parno 
da nel'rosKo, this cloth inclines to red, 
or is reddish. 

Da'rsena, j»/. a wet dock. 

Da sche'rzo, «.'t'. in jest. 

Da se'niio, <iJv. in earnest. 

Da<-a'i, iidj. sulncivni, very ab'e: terjeril 
d' asiai, totlunk one's sell very c.npablc. 

Dass.ijc'zza, s.f. ability, address, ari,sKiU, 

DaSSi'zzo, adx: lastly. 

Da'ta, s.f. a d<lte. [at Rome. 

Dalai'i'a, Dat(.ri'a, s.f. the datar>'« oflice 

Datu'rio, j >n. a Roman oflRCcr. 

Diti'vo. s.m. the dative case; fart, whp 

Da'lo, j>.'»rt. alven : dato,Jo dato clve, cenf. 
suppose, that, Ac. s.m. a gilt, a prc»enU 

Dato'fe, s.m. Datri'cc, s.f. a giver. 

Da'ltoro, s.m. the date, a fruii. 

tM'mlo, s.m. a dactyl, * Joot in a 


^•Uo^rao, fftf. abour, round about. 
»«»■ me, Data'nti, prep, before : parani 

darante, to tvmeinbcr. 
Dayanaa'le, i.m. a stone that aiipportstbe 

tminca ot windows and juu out. 
p'ata'iuo, aJv. orcrpluj, 
*>a »ero, f)a'v vero, ndv. in (nilli. In eameit. 
oavvania nniu, aiv. more, moreover. 
DavJMico, alj. of Darid. 
f- {>a'««o, /.«. cu»tom, toll • also anchorage. 
Ufljeiu ne, /. /. donation, surrendering : 

daaion ddi' anfllo, wedding-day. 
«>«•, art. (lor dclli) of the: dc* (lor dcfe) 

!'« must. ' 

pt'*, /./. a goddcsa. 

l>il»ac<M're.f. to siorm, to flv in a passion. 

««? >aoca o^ri-, f.m. a lurious man. 

i>* bol a re, t-. «o Pvcrvome. 

nelieliazio'ne, ../. conqMest. 

l-cbilm,', i.f. ix-bilitamc'n'.o, /.w. feeble- 
ness: dcbiilta d' animo, fa ni-licarted- 

•Debiliia'rp, wcskm, enervate: dc- 

oilil^irM, to grow Hc. k. 
?« '•i'lazlo'Me, s.f. weaki-ning. 
I>rbllmc'ntr, rtJT-. weakh. 
l^ebiiami-'i.t.-, nJv. desifvcdiy, justly. 
Debito, s.m. a dt-bt ; /i^". due, obliped. 

irideMf I, iitholclen, bound,rigljt, law fill. 
Deblco'rf, $.m. a dibior. 
I>ebltoo'lo. UebHii'z^o, s.m. a small debt. 
Pe'bole, ajj. fecblf, »rak. 
Debolf^ito, Debo;u'zifo, aJJ. weaklsh, 

prboje'ifjrn, nt boliid', s.f. weakness. 
I>el>olire'nte, aJv. wenk!r. 
he'ca, s.f. decade, ten. ' 
Dccaco'rdo, s. m. a ]}<alter7. 
pi'cade'nza, i.f. dvrlinc. fall. 
Dccadr're, v. to flccty, dcclinci 
'Dreadime'nro, $.m. a «l»-cay, 
J)eca(lu'lo,/>.-r/. declhud. 
P-c./uono, i.fw; a figure of ten angles. 
weca'Jopo, s.m. the ten commandments. 
l>ccana'i(», s.m. a ''earry. 
Dec.-i'iio, s.n. a di-an, a raptain over ten 

Ijorje, tlie ii-nlrr of any compan; , 
DcraiitaVe, t*. (o piib-iMi, boaat, «aIoI ; 

hNo to decant linwr. 
£>ccaj)iia'rc, v. to Uehoa I. 
»ecdpifafio'ne,4./. beUeadinf. 
Dercnna'ie, adj. ten years uld« 
Dccenna'rio, aJj. often. 
l>ece'nnlo, s.m. ten yean. 
Dece'nte, ii</. decent, 
•ftecenteme'nte, aiv. dccentJy. 
Decenirira'to, i.m. the decern v irate* 
fiecenvi'ri, t.m.j>l. decemviri. 
l>ece'n«a, 4./. decency. 
^ Dece'vole, Dicc'vole, *(^. dCCCDt, be- 


Decerole'aza, s.f. dfccncr. 
Deci'dere, T>. to decide. 
I>ec»fcra're, t». to decvpber. 
ix/clma, /./. De'ciino, i.m. the tvthe. 
teiilli. ' • 

Dec majbUe, *i^. tytlwible, {tawttrm,^ 

I>ecima'le, tUJ. decimal. 

Dc* ima're, v, to decimate, to father, or 
lay lyihe«, to cut oir, to shrar. 

Decimato're, s.m. a tithingman ; a^j the 
tenth; also silly, foolish, simple. 

Deci'na, /./. ten. 

Declsiu'ne, s.f. declsldn. 

Decjslf ame'ntc, adv. pcremptorilr. 

TH'cisi'vo, aJj. decisive. 

T>eci'so, aij. detcrinrnod. 

Dcci o'l-e, s.m. who decides. 

Declania'tv, t* to declaim, in»elgh, 

Declam.Mo're, s.m. u declaimer. 

r>eclam«lo'no, atj. dvclainalorj*. 

Declamaaio'nc, s.f. detlamaiion, 

l)tclHral»/rio, atJ. dcrhr.itory. 

n«cj na'bile. asj. de< linnble, 

r>c Inamc'nto, s.m. dc< linaison. 

Dcelina're, f». to der line, dec«T, liumble, 
depress, to decline n grammar. 

Dcclinaalo'ne, s.f. decline, deccv. de- 

Decli'no, s.m. decline. 

necli've, Decll'vt>, aij. bending down. 

DecliUia', J./. Dicli'vio, i.m, dcxiivitr. 

Decollu're, v. to behead. 

ixcollaxio'ne, s.f. beheading. 

Decora're, v. to adorn, embellish, deco- 
rate. ' 

ncc*>ra2lo'n?, s.f. decoration. 

Dcco'ro, s.m. grace, di'Corum. 

liecorosame'nie, adv. honourahlf. 

Decoro'so, n.lj, decorous, decent. 

neco'rso, s.m. a cuurve, (he eiid : la cant- 
P'cna dtfcorsa, ilie lust campaign. 

Cero'tto, j.w. a decoction, « bankrupt: 
alj. boiled. 

!)ecozi..'nc, s.f. decoction, baokruMcr. 

{in lAvj.) *^ " 

Hecremir'nto, i.m. a decrcaic. 
Detrepita', Oecrepitc'azi, j./. olU a-e, 

rien-cpitude. ' 

l>ci re'pito, a{i. decrepid, decayed. 
Decn-'jcere, v. to decrease, 
rccrcscimc'no, i.m. sec Dccremc'nto. 
I>«cret4'le, s.m. decretals, decree, order. 
Decretati'sta, s.m. a canonist. 
Decretalme'nie, adv, decisively. 
I>ecreta're, t». to decree, enact. 
Dccre'to, s.m. decree, order, ordinance. 

•tatute, a volume of the canon lai^S 

a4j. decreed, ordained, enacted. 
Dccu'pio, rtitf. ten times as much. 
pecurio*ne, i.»«. captain over ten. 
IMdiwanCbio, *.»*. dttticallon. 


Dedtca're, , f», to dedicate, coQsecrale: 

dcdicarsi, to devote one's $tU. 
ptdicat-^'na, Dc'dica, j./. dcJicalJon. 
I\a;ta*i«i'ne, 4.r. consecratiou. 
Dv-'d :o, a4;. addicted. 
l>e<l iio'ne, i./. a surrender. 
I^JVtto, part, deducted. 
De iu'rre, t- . to deduce, reduce : dedorsi, 

ti rnolve. 
Deluzio'ne, t.f. inference. 
^ /Alcame'nlo, Defa'lco, deduction. 
I'e.alca'rc, v. to abate, deduct, 
ncratiga're, t», to laliaue. 
D-fi-nto're, j.m. a defender. 
Dcirri/Dtc, s.m. an imaginary circle or 

or'f, (« astmtmj.) 
l>c:er^nxa, /./. deiercnce. 
i> ten re, v. to defer, to delay, to Oteeni. 
i><'.rs$o, aif. weaned, tired. 
De-icie'nte, aJJ. deiicic-nt. 
licH le'nza, s.f. deficiency. 
I' 'uii're, V. to define. 
J'efinizio'ne, /./. See Diflinizio'ne, and 

It* derira tires. 
Ptflora're, r. to deflower. 
Uiloratio'nc, s,/. defloration, or deflow- 
^eftu'ao, s.m. flowing, illapw. 
i>eronna're, t'. to diihgurc, to maim. 
I><?l J masio'ne, s.f. deformity. 
I>efo'nne, adj, delormed, ugly, disflgured, 

out of Coim. 
r> 'lormeroe'nte, aJt>. deformedly. 
i>iiormiia\ s./. deiormiiy. 
I>efraiida'rr, t». to delraud. 
IH fu'uto, o^/. deccaied ; i.m.M. dead mtD. 
I)«';a'gna, a kind of lishing-net. 
I'l*.-:' nera'nic, aJj. degenerating. 
1' -i'-nrnfrv, V. to degenerate. 
1»^ -{tuera^iy'ne, s.f. degeneracy*. 
h^de'nere, aJJ. iWat degenerates. 
I'^gnjme'nte, adv. woitliiiy. 
l>egna'rc, Degoa'ni, v. to Toachsafe, to 

liepnaaio'oe, J./, coroplaiianre, courtesy. 
Di-cni^TOle, a4j. gentle, adable, mild, 

Dci,'nevolmc'nte,(tfi*. worthily, {hmkallj.) 
I'l'irniiiia're, t». to make Nortby. 
lH?niia', *./. dignity, woithintSS. 
J>tf gno, u^". wortUy, deserving, conve* 

nient, fit, suitable, proper. 
V*'£rjda're, v, to degrade, deprive. 
I'«£iJdaaio'ne, J./, dcgradailoo. 
LhIi! mtfrj, alas! 
I>ei ! mterj. gods ! dei, C/cr iev't) thott 

must : dci, » m. of tbe. 
r> irrda, i.n, a deic d«:. 
l>tici'dio, #.111. dciclde, {tht itmhpfvur 


i> -lit. 4m«'n(o, >.m. Sec Dcificaiiv'nc* 


peificavVoe, t.f. deificatlgo, AMTAwii* • 

Dei'fico, <nj. divine. 

De.fu'rrae, aij, god-like. 

Oei'smo, J.m. deism. 

Dei'sta, i.m. a deist. 

Dcita*, J./, divinity, deity, 

Del, art. of tbe. 

Dejato're, t.m. ao iorormer, spy. 

Del conti'nuo, aiv. continually. 

nclega're, v. to depute. 

Delega'to, j.m. a delegate. 

Dciegaaiya.., ..,/. defegaiion.. 

Dtrletta'bile, aJJ. delectaMe. 

Deleitame'oto, Dclettaxiyoe, J.m. delight, 

Deletta're. See Diletta're, and its deri- 

Dele'tio, J.m. a choice. 

Dcifi'no, i,m. the Dauphin ; also a dol- 
pliln, {ajish.) 

Dcliba'ie, v. (o t«ke an assay, or taste. 

Dehbera'rr, v. (o <lclil)erHtc. 

DeJib<.rati'vo, adj. dHilicrailve. 

Deliberaaio «e, s.f. delib.'raiion. 

Dellcatamc'nte, aiv. df JicHiely. 

Delicate aza, Dchcjtu'ra, *./. delic&cy, 

Dehca'io, adj. dclicdie, weak. 

Dv-llma're, v. to corix>de. 

Delinea're, v. lo draw, dt-lineafe. 

Delioeaint'nlo, CeJiaeaaio'ne, /.«. delU 

Delineato're, s.m. a designer, or drawer. 

D(>liiK)ut/nte, s.m. an oflender. 

Deli'nquere, v. to transgrr-ss. 

Ddi'quio, «.m. a fainting fit. 

Delird'n.'e, aij. delirious. 

Dellra're, v. to rave. 

Deb'fio, J. m. delirium, malness. 

De i'ro, aij. mad, delirious. 

Deli'tto, s.m. crime, ofl'ence. 

Ocli'zia, $.f. delight, pleasure : avere ia 
deliaia, to doat on. 

Deliaia'rc, De^tzia'rsi, v. to make merry. 

Deliziosame'nte, aiv. dclicious|>. 

Oelisio'so, aJj. delicious, voluptuous, sen- 

Del pari, ain. even. 

Del luiiQ, adv. intirely, quit?. 

Delu'bro, s.m. a temple. (Paf/.) 

Delucidazio'ne, s.f. clearing up. 

DcluMcrc, II. to delude, mock, deceive. 

Deludime'nlo, s.m. ixluaio'ne, s.f. d«iu> 
sion, cheat, deceit. 

Deluditu're, J.m. a deceiver, dclosioD. 

Delu'so, *ar/. deluded, mocked. 

Dementa're. v. to make mad. 

DeiQC'nte, adj. road, frantic. 

Demc'nza, Dcme'naia, s.f. niadncn, folly* 

Dcmerita'rr, v. to do amiss. 

Dcmerite'Tplc, adj. unworthy. 

D.-me'r.lo, s.m. demerit, punlab 
\ (ba;liscoi«M* 


Scm^no, a^» drowned, planted, over- 

Dtme'rlo. See Peroe'rito. 
Dcmocra'tico, aJj. pitpular* 
Demucrati'a, s. J, democr.icy. 
Dcmoii'rc, t*. ta demuliili. 
Deraolis>(/nc, «./. a di'iiioli>h<n{;. 
Dcrooni'aco, a4j. furious, mad, po«Ktsed 

or a devil. 
IVinone, Demo'nio s m. drvil, demon. 
Dena'io, j.m. bee Dnna'io. 
Denega're, t>. to deny. 
Denigra're, f«. to durken, obicure. 
DMiigraaiO'ne, t.f. slandcrini. 
Denoda'rr, v. to unite. 
Defiomini/re^ v. to ndine. 
Denoninati'vu, adj. denominative. 
Dcnom njK.'p", s.m. a denoiu-nmor. 
DenuniinAKio'nc, s.f. denoimnaiion. 
Uenuta'nte, tidj. sivnilSing. 
DenoU'ie, v. to dcuo <•, remark, tisniry. 
I)<*notazio'ne, s.f. s'Bmlicalion. 
Densa're. See condk•n^a'^e. 
l>en!ia^o, l>t;n»u, tUj. tiiiik, compact, 

Dvosc'xxa, Densita', s^j. deusity, tltick* 

Denta'ccio, t.m. a bad tooth. 
Dcntu'le, jt.»/j. plougJm»»are, a shark fi«h, 
Denta'me, i.m. DenUtura, i.f. a set of 

Dentn'to, ndj. toothed. 
Pe'nte, s.m. tooth; tcncr V anlmo co' 

denti, to be almuot dead: cavalierl del 

denie, parasites, talilc triend--: di-nte 

canmu, dog's jT.iss: tUnte cavallino, 

tooth wort : dente de pittlne, toolh oi 

a comb. 
I>entecc>>ia're. Bee o< n(ir.hia're. 
iH'ntellie're, s.m. ni.)'.itlf)*ick. 
UenteHa'to, adj> dcitcd, m Icnte'l. 
Dente'llo, s.m, late, di-ntinK, notchina; 

aiao ddn 111, a member of the Ionic 

Dentlcclila're, tn to thcw, to nibble. 
]>e'ntice, s.m. a shark. 
De'niro, pri-p. within. 
Uenuda'rc, v. to strip naked, expo«e, di«- 

TVnuda'to, a^. naked. 
JOcnu'ns a, /./. a declaration. 
Denunaia re, f«. to Inlorm againtt. 
Denunsiatu'rc-. s.m. an informtr. 
l>enunfliM:rtu'ne, s. /. Denunaiaroe'nto, 

t.m. doniineiatlon. 
Depende'nie, a4J. dependant. 
Dependenieme'nte, adv. dependanOy. 
Dcpende'nsa, t.f. dependency. 
Vepe'ndere, v. to depend. 
DepMato'tid, s.m. ointment to take away 

Deplora'blie. a4/, iamentabte. 


neplorat^ilme'nte, aJv. deplorahie. 
Deplor*'re, t». to deplure, bewail. 
I><.'pl'jrazi(/ne, s.f. iamenlation. 
r)cpone'nte, odj. deposing ; j.m. a vcrti 

dt-poncnt, (in grammar.) 
Depo'nere. Sec I>epo'rre. 
Deponime'nlo, J.m. drpos'tion, evidence. 
Depo'rre,v. to depose, deprive, qoit, leate. 
Deposita're, i*. to depuaitc. 
I>t-posiia'rio, s.m. truitec, confident. 
Depoiiterl'a, s.f the dt-potitory. 
t'epo'sito, s.m. trust, charge, deposit. 
I>epo9i;{io'ne, s.f. a depos.tiun, dc^ra« 

dation, evidence. 
Depv/srn, part, depoard, put out of place* 
Depo'sto J.m. attestation, testimony. 
Dcprava're, t'. to corrupt, vitiate. 
Deprav.i'to, adj. depraved, spuiled. 
l)rpravat(/rc, s.m. a corrupter. 
0;-prava«io'ne, s.f. depravation, 
ntpivcaxio'ne, /./. entreaty. 
lA'pieda're, t». to jirey upon, to rantark. 
Dcpri-dato're, s.m. a robber. 
D«Tred»zio'nc, s.f. Deprcdame'nto, i.n. 

dcpre;hlion, robbery. 
Depressio'ne, s.f. di'pi'e«sion. 
Depre'yso, a-ii. depresj<d, low, vile. 
Depri'nicn-, v. tu depress, deba'se, «iiT , 

dispis ■. 
I.vpiiri'rf, T'. to purpe, rU*fln»e, purify. 
1)1 purrfzio'ne, s.f. de|iunittuii. 
Dci'Utj'ie, V. to depute, ap|?otnt, choo>(. 

Depiia'lo, fart, deputed^ lent; j.n. de> 

p:.ty, dc't'gaie. 
f'ep.najeo'ne, s.f, drpuiatlon. j 

t>frcli'lio. alj. t*r8.iken, 
i)rj','|iti./ni', .*./. (•)riaKinff. 
r)pri*ta'Ho, alj. In'htiid, backward. 
Deri'drre, v. to deiidr, scorn. 
l)eriditu're,j.»rt. Dcridltn'te,/./. a scoffer, 

T)rnMli|le, alj. contemptible. 
l>ciij.o'nv', J. y. <)»ri<<ijn, 
Dcnsitamc'nte, adv. conlctnptuoatly,«llh 

Deri'su, udj. derided, laughed ati s.i*. 

derision. ' 

Ocri-'o're, Derldlto'pe, DirisO're, J.«. de* I 

rider, jeerer. | 

Derlso'rio, adj. derisory. 
Di'iiva'nte, adj. derivin?. 
l^riva'rr, v. to derivi-, atream from« f usk 

out, proceed. 
Oerlvati'vt), n^Jf derivative. 
i>eriv4'.o, p.irt. dei Ivd. 
Derivaaio'iiv, t.f. derivation : derivarloae 

di voce, the etymology ol words. 
l>c'ro,/a,*T)c.ogBalo'ne, t.f. derogatiuo. 
nerogi'hilc, <My. derogatory. 
Derogate, v. to derogate, IcMeiu ' 

Dcrugato'rlo, a(/. derofatorjr. 


nra'ta, s.f. ware > questo e • booM 
«lcrrat4« this is rery cheap. 
le cendc'nie, aij. descending. 
^e-ic«n(i(.-'n(a, s. J. See Oiscendc'nza. 
>e<crn4e'«'e. See Discendc're. 
^«c«'aio. s,m, a descent. 
>c<ic:i(^tio, 4.01. a root-stool, a somII desk 

or fable. 

V'Ku. j.n. a (able, chair, batchers stall. 
:Vj< r.tii'biic, aij. describabie. 
Jracrtfii'To, aij. describing, dv-scriplive. 
>f *«.Ti'tto. fart, described. 
>.iciiU«'re, i.m. a d.-scriber. 
>Hr.'cere, t». to describe, register, set 

!) -• rivi^ile, aij. that can be described. 
■>• >^r /lu'ne, »./. description. 
:jc^»-i:a're, r. to waste, spoil, destroy, 

ruin, imporerish, desert, deprive: de- 

M-.':arsi, to miscarrr. 
>rs^''r:o, /.m. a wilderoess} /orr. abao- 

doneJ, forsaken. 
■> *»-rici'rr, deserter. 
»tj rzxy'ne, i./". desertion. 
•r .'. za, /. /. wish , eager wish. . 

•> ./re, V. to desire. 
>• s.deia'biie, Pesiderali'fOjDesidere'role, 

'->". d.-airablf. 
> -Hid'Tjbtlme'nle, aiv. desirably. 
(M.lcrA'nle, nij. desiring. 
>• « dtra'rf, v. to d«-sire. 
I -^.1. iaii'«s:mo, a^j. most desirable. 
i''<i d -rat/ro, aij. desirable. 
»v-^ del .ito're, f.m. a desirer. 

• M.le'ria, 5.m. desire, wifii, longing. 
\ iero^amc'nle, «<ft». eage ly. 

>•- df rc/so, Aiy> desirous, covetous. 

' ".'dia, s. f. idleness, 8 otli. 

«-.«na're, t-. to design, assign. 

CM en izio'n^ i./. design, desigDation. 

"sn^'re, v. Co dine. 

- in:<'r<', Dcs na'ia, /./. a dinner. 

' n. ''nz a, J. /'• termination. 

,'■>, s.m. desire, last, Ijnginf. 
f loamc'nte, tUv. ai-dcntly. 

io'»»>, aJj. desirou*. 
r 11* rr, t». to desire, wish. 
fM'strre, v> to forbear, desist. 
r«o a'rr, ♦». to d:*Boiate. 

.j>ai«/ie, J.m. a desulitor. 

• > il izit/iip, >./. desolation, ruin, deras- 

• prraaio'ne,*./. despair. 

I- pc'tto, i.m. spite, malice, 
•spoticatne'nte, ruiv. despolicalty. 
f >po'iico, aij. See Dispo'tico. 
-'>|)<jto, •f.ns. a despot. 
' ' sa, fron.f. she, she liersclf. 
i-\s(>, «>ro0. m. he : auesto e desao, this 
r>tAmc^Dto, s.m. awaaing. [is he. 

' tia're, s>. to awake, revive, raise, qaick- 
cu : dcfure U fuixoi lo l>l«w the fire* 


Destato^o, t.m, alarm-clock, waker. 
Destato're, s.m. awaker. 
besierita*, s.J. dexterity. 
Destina're,T>. to design, destinatc, appotnf. ' 
Destina'to, «./. nesiina'to, s.m. destiny, 

tatalitr, fate. 
Dcstinasio'i.e, *./. appointment, destina- 

Desii'no, s.m. destiny, iate, place or port 

of rte'iti nation. 
Destitu'tu, tviJ. destitute, dcprired, aban- 

IVsfo, qIJ. awaked, sprightly, brisk. 
Dc'stra, s.f. the riyht hand. 
DfSiru'le, i.w. a bracelet. 
Destramir'nte, adv. dexterously. 
Dcstregi'la're, v. to manage dexterously, 

to b .' on one's right hand, to use art! fice. 
Ijestre'iaa, s. f. d«'x:er.ty, craftiness, 

sharpness of wit, cunning. 
Destrie'ro, s.m. a lior^e i destricra, /./. a 

De'stro, s.m. opportunity : the watef^clo-' 

set; aij. ingenious, industrious, bandv, 

dexterous, rigiit, straight, direct, fa« 

vourable, good, prosperous. 
rJrstru'ggere. Ste Distm'ggere. 
T>e'truaio'ne, J./, see Distruzio'ne. 
Detene're, t». to de'ain. 
Detenio're, s.m. one ih«t keeps wrong- 

fully another man's (-state 
i>etenaioi'nte, /./. a detention, (tow ttrm.) 
Detergc'nle. aJj. detergent. 
Dete'rgere, t». to scour, rub olT. 
ixter.uramc'nto./.fli. Ceierioraaio'ne, s^» 

Detcriora're, f . to grow, or make wortew 
Determiname'nto, s.m. determination. 
Detcrmina'rc, t>. to determine, lo set 

Deiei minatame'nte, adv. resolutely, pre* 

cisely, absolutelr- 
Detcrminaii'vo, aij. definitive, 
Determina'lo, part, determined. 
Determinaaio'ne, s.f. rtsolution. 
Detersi'vo, aij. cUansing. 
Dctesianiiie, Dctesta'ndo, ajj. dctestablcb 
J[>etestai)ilme'nte, a-lv. detestabl)'. 
Dctesta're, t», to a'>x)minate, abhor. 
Detests zio'ne, J./, abhorrence. 
Detra'rre, v, to detract, slaAdef, traduce* 
Detnixio'ne, /./. detraction. 
Detrime'nto, s.m. loss, damage. 
Detnmento'so, a4j. hu:tfui. 
Detron'aaa're, v. to dethrone. 
Oeru'dere, i'. to thrust' down. 
De'ila, s.f. a debt: star della detta, to be 

bail or surety. 
Detta'mr, s.m. dictates, precepts. 
De'ttare, t». to dictate, prumpl, teach. 
Detta'to. s.m. diction, styk, proveri>, 
. adage, old saying. 

DI A- 

Dettito're, i.«R. tbe dicutor. 

l>c(t^tu'ra. /./. dictntion. 

De'tlo, i.m. word, Mylng. 

Defuo, fart, •poken, cnIM : d«(to f«tto, 
EAlJ tn<l done : dal deiio «1 fiitto, c'e un 
gran tritto, to tay and lo do are two 

Dvlurpa'rr, v. to d'jfgure, foul, dirly. 
Slain, d«filr, poliutr. 

Deva lairic'nlo, t.m. deraclaiion, deiirac- 

Dcvasfa'iT, v. fo wailp, dMtroy. 

Derasuxio'ne, i./. laying w«iaie, devas- 

Dcvianie'nto, t.m. deviation. 

Dfvia'rr, v. lo deviate, go from. 

Di'visa'rc, t'. to draw aaray, deprave* 

Dcvolii'lo, part, devolved. 

lieroliisio'nc, s./. dcvolut'oo. 

IXiVotmr/nlc, adv. di'voutly, . 

revo'to, ai/. devout, alleciionaie. 

l)cvozii/ne, s./. dtvollon. 

Di, prep, of: di, witli, llian, from, to: 
piu ricco di me, riciirr tlian 1 : di gi- 
ornu in diurno, Ironi day to day : godo 
di vedrrla, I am glad (o fee you: di is 
an adverb ofqiianlMy. but in titai icnse 
not exprctstd in tnguaii: ger vi fu di 
molia ecnte ntl parco, liiere were yes* 
terday a great many people in tliepark: 
di is aome'.imei used ra titer Tor gracc- 
fulnen of speech than necessity : aotto 
di me, under me. 

Di, s m. day : di di, daptime ; a' gran di, 
«Jn tlir summer: il di (ra di, (in: after- 
noon : di di in di, from day lo day. 

Di, ^from dire) dl arditaracntc, speak 
hold y. 

Diai»e'te. Diabc'tica, *.m. the dUhrtev. 

D abe'iico, aJJ. diabclical, afflicied witli 
the diabetes. 

Dlab'»Hcamc'ntr, adv. diabolicalljr. 

Diabo'iico, a^'. dcv>H«h, vticked. 

Diaccia'ja, i./. a place lo keep ice for tiw 

Diaccia're, v. to rreete, to cool with Ice. 

Dia'ccio, t.m. ice. 

Dlacciiio'to, j.m. Icicle. 

Diacce're, v. to lay upon or down. 

D«!irci'mino, J.m, an tlectuary for wind. 

Dia'ccin, niacci'ne, hUfrJ. deuce I devil ! 

Diacu'uion, t.m. Dlacodium, aijrrup made 
of (be juice o< poppies. 

Diacona't >, deacunship. 

I>ia- onv'ssa, /./. a deaconcM* 

D aco'nu, *.m, a deacon. 

Diade'ma, j.m- diadem, crown. 

Dludltu'iH, i./. titc act of la)ina dowr. 

Diadraga'nte, s.m. a kind of medicine. 

Ijiifaiiila", A/. liansparenry» 

Lta/a'ao^ aV'. traosparvnl. 


riarra'ma, t.m. the midriff or diaphngAii 

Diaguna'ie, a ij. diaKooal. 

Diagon ilme'Mte,aiv. diagonallj. 

Diale'it^ra *./. logic. 

I) alttiicamr'nte, aiv. like a Togician. 

Du'ile'ctiru.tTc/y.rlialt.'Ctical i j.fa. a loficlaa. 

tiiule'ilo, t.m. dialect. 

|('a.uKli«''ttJ, J.m. sliort dialogue. 

DialOiiiSta, /.ffl. a dialogue writer. 

D'a'ioro, t.m. a dialogue. 

rijlti'o, s.f. an ointment made of manb 

Diaraanta'ccio, *.fn. a bad diamond. 
Dian.a'nte, *.m. a diamond. 
Diamanit no. a^. adamantine. 
Diiimarinn'ta, s./. tfcoflierfeof Kentiih 

Dismetrai'le, a^j. diametrical. 
Diarr.etralme'nte, <iJv. d'atnelricallf. 
l)i.«'mi'tro, *.m. a diameter. 
Dia'oa, J /. (he morning kiar, the more* 

Ing eun, the reNeille'. 
Dia'iiz', adx>, before. 

Dia'i>B8un.i.m. Diapason, (<i trrm in mtuu). 
I> a'l io, s.m. journal, diary. 
Diarre'a, t^iarri'a, /,/. diarriura. 
Diasca'ne, Diakco'io '. 'aterj. tbe deuce \ 
Din'spro, s m- jasper. 
I>ia'!i(ul(, .(./. the iicart's dilation, op* 

poKC'd to «y stole. 
Diate'tsaron. t.m. a term in muflc. 
Dia'kola, FiiavoU'ccia, I>iavolcS»<, i/ * 

termagant, slu^devil: un buoo dui^* 

larcio, a good.n. torrd fellow. 
Dlavolcn'd, J. /. a devilish affair. 
Diavole'ito, s.m. a yuunp devil. 
Dia'volo, t.m. devil, evtl tplrit : ha il dV 

voio in corpo, the devil Is in bmi : fsr 

II diavolo, to plaj the devil: s^p^n 

dove il diavolo tien la (oda, to bt lii'tp 

and cunning: diavolo dl marc, (h«w« 

cormorant : dmvolo icate^alo, a devil 

in the shape of a man. 
Diavolo'ne, i.m. a great devil ; also a kW 
I)i halso, oJv, at once. loTcotkh'- 

Di b<indo, adv. gratis, for nothing. 
D barba're, l)il>arliica're, v. to roa!4ip- 
Di bassa lega, di baisa muno, aij. buc, 

low, mean. 
Dil>assame'nlo, $.m. fa'l, aha*emrnt. J 
Dibasia're, v. to debase, to bring It^* 4 

fall in sirenpth or esteem: dibasiitiV 

to despond, to Umc couiage. 
DIbasta're, v. to unsaddle. 
Diba'lteie, i'. to shake, to boat, to de^A 

dibaiiersi, to struggle, itrive, be aag 

Dibaitime'ntn, Dtba'ttifo, im« rollii 

stnkiof lofcthrr: dibatUmtnti), a 

nieiins, discunslon. _^ 

Dibniiho're, i.fif.hic wbo ^Wfhflf^ 

or iii(|^tt'.g. * •••♦ 5 *'.i#" *^ 


HVi'tto, SM, ft debate. 

>' bel nuo'vo, Aiv. ■gain. 

>i bui/goo, aij. Mcetnty. 

^ 'jonarieu*, ».f. aflTabitity, kioiocis, fen- 

''botcame'nto, t.m, felliag-trres. 

>>bisra'K, V. to cut down trees, to dis- 

t' 'wca'io, fart, cleared of treea. 

iJibu'tio, aJv. immediately, suddenly, at 

Hibranca'rr, v. to dtUite, spread. 

t>> briL;fc'ta, ai». aU tocether. 

I>i brc/cco, Mi' suddenly, at once. 

f' )nica're, Dibnura're, v. \> prune, lop. 

^'•b/cii •, V. to t>ai-k a ireei to peal od 
!l"e skin. - 

t) bj'ci ia; /.m. the act o( baritioc or peel- 
's? a trw. 

f'' I'ao'tj aria, oiw. cheeifiilly. 

1^1 bui/n aria, fl^/. jovial, merry, jocttod. 

I" buya oMttiiiO, adv. betimes. « 

l^icadr'oM, $./. decay. 

l^icidc'rf^v. to decay, declioe. 

I> cadimc'Bto, /.in. decay. 

Dtc^iu'it,,./. decav. 

"ladj'io, d^^. decayed, wasted, fallen 

avjy, ^t^clined. 
)'capiumc^nto, s.m. the act ofbebeading. 

capila're, t>. to bebead. 
''ceo, t.m. bank, causeway. 
^■ct'nibre, j.ak December. 
'ce'nle, aiJ. laying. 
' ceri'a, $./. discourse, speech. 
h ee'rto, tuv. certalnlv. 
^icenrella'rsi, v. to think intensely. 
>« enreJlarto, aij. bare-brained.. 
)icc-'vo!c, fl^/. decent, ltand<K>me. 
> ctTo!e'xa», s.f. con»en»ence, decency. 
>' e olme'nte, <Uv. decently. 
>■' \\\in'rr, v. to declare, pahlisli, sig- 

'>i<^r> life sentence! diciilararii, to de- 
clare, to open one's mind. 

' I' •aretanie'nle, aii>. plainly. 
" iiiaraliVo, a^j. declaratory, (low ttrm.) 
"^iyirafVo,fart. declared. 
' v-li aratt/re, j.m. a declarer. 
J ^'iiaraiio'iic, «. /. D chlarame'ato, s*m. 

ileclaraiion, inter preta lion. 
''•• iiian'M) V. to cle«r up. Ohj. 
!'i rliiaro, <iio. deany, manifestly, 
l^'^'^iiaame'nto, s.m. stooping dawn^^de- 


•Oiina're, v. to decUAe, dtCAf> stoop 

• f hi'no, Am. decline, decay. 
•' «^>aniM/«e. aif. ninetecB. 

- aonoTt'sinio, 44/k the nioetceiith* 
'.c .tfVttr, a4f. seventfeen. 
■ ^ 'i>iie, a4/. tlMt can be saM. 
' *-'(tr9rt9, V. lodccypher, cl«ar, anf^d. 

Dictma're, v. to strike off the top, to 1o^ 
to clip. ■ 

Dlcima'to, aiJ. baring the top cat off. 

Diciocca^re,t'.to break offfniiis»urfio««rfA 

Dici(/tto, ai/. eighteen. 

DiCit</re, s.m. speaker, orator, teller. 

Dicitu'ra, s.f. mode of speaking delivery.'re,T>. to behead, bre^k ofT, lop off. 

Dicollaeio'ne, /./. betiead ng. 

I>t cc^po, adxt. suddenly, at once. 

D, €0*113, adv. oat of band. 

Di conct/rdia, /lift*, unanimously, 

Di conse'nra, aJt>. tojt^ther. 

IH co»'i'nuo, adv. conitnuaUy. 

Di contra, aJv. over against. 

Di co^rd), adtr. slidr%. 

Di co'rso, adv. in running. 

Di co'sta, adf. close by. 

Dico'tto, fott, witlirred, dried. 

D»cn**scere, v to dtcrt-ase, wain, 

Dicuo^cere, «. to make a- decoction, t% 
dry in the !>ufi. 

Di cuore, thht. heaKllf . 

Didasra'l CO, adj. instructive. 

Di de^iro, frtp, within. . 

Didiacria'rc, i: to tWaw. 

Di d'e^ro, prrp* behind. - 

Dle^ce, Ditrci, aJJ. len. 

Die'atro, aJv. irilh6i. 

DieMs, t.m. & masical tone 

Die'ta, J. /. diet, a diet asst- mbly. 

Dietrcggia'ce, v. to-go back, todrawr bark. 

Dte^rO) ^<yr. belli nd, al'ler: farst-in die- 
tro, tj draw back : tirar in dietro, to 

Dietrogua'rdia, s%fi the rean-gu-ird. 

Di fatto, adv. effettively, realiy, in fact^ 

Dife'ndere, tr^. to de end>, protect, pro- 
hibit, forbid. 

Difendc^olc, adj. defensible. 

Difendinn/hto, j.A. defet>ce, protectionk-'re, Difenso're, Am..defender.. 

Diienditr/ce, i.f. a ppotectdx* 

Ditensfr/ne, /./i defence* 

Difen8i'>o, a.^j. defensive-. 

'Di /eroKs aWv. certainly,. for centain. 

Dife'M, t.f. drIeiTce, support, fence, fo*^ 

Diie^, part, defended^ 

Difetta're, vJio sunt) in need of, to be de- 

Difetfivame'hle, aJr. dt-feftively. 

Difctti'vo, adji dfcfective, Unperfect. 

DiftAio, t.m. default, defect, flaw, need*.. 
necessity. ^ . , 

Difettosame'nte, adv. defectively.. 

Difettu'so, a^J. defccUve, lauUy, leebie,. 

nifett7celo. DireltuTtab,/.m. aimall fault.. 
Ditettuosila', s. . ImperfecUon. 
DUr«lci.'»e, u. to ?''»««. «"^ o"^» «»^* 
[ Diffaico, t.m, defalcation. 

Mffifltai «•/. fMilt, cr<«e,'fe«M^ofii*o- 

miM ; a\m 4e«irlh, penurr. 
WtrkH^m, v« to faU* 4«c- caM» w«at, need. 
'^MTam^rr. v. u» dcCinic, •Uadcr. 
iNrnmau/rlo, o^/. 4clanutorf . 
imr»m*»\ijfn€, t. • Difftiiuune'Bl*, tm, 

Bit«rc'n(«, a.<;. dlfflervDl. 
i>)frerenieni«'nte, 44v. dnrercttttf. 
Diffrre'nM, Difcn/atU, i./. <UffcrMibe. 

Diferensiifre, v. to dhtinfiiltli. 
IMfl'rriiiie'ato* <•«. delay. 
Difl'e'rire, v, to dtiier, to defer, 4ingree, 

I>lff<rrmaine'nto, «■«!. eonrutatlon. 
iXirrrm 'rc, v. to reftt'e. 
Difl/cilc, oi^. bard, dificalt. 
DijBcilm.'MT, «i«'. diOceUy. 
DifficolW* J./, difficulty, obf taole, 4oi|M. 
(l^tfKcoltA're, V. to start diacultica. 
I>iilicoU«yw. ai). difficult. 

ilea. I 

Diffida'naa, i. /. D^lidame'ato, 


DiCda're, v. to mlitru«t, u<pcct, d«ipair.j 
l>i(l;le'ni«, aij. roistraKful. ! 

Diffidi'DSa, Difltdt/oaia, i./. dittruat, de- 

•pair. Crert.< 

Dtffin/re, t*. tod ffnc, decide, Aniili, per 
Dtfflnitame'nie, Oifinltifaine'nt«,dJo. de- 

MftoKi'vo, aij. deftnltlre. 
ItMiniU/re, «•«»• a defioUor in cosrenli ; 

•bo ooe who detnci. 
J>i|linllu^iio, a>U- deAnUire. 
Diffiiiiiio'nCy J./. dednitloB. 
Mffo'ndere, v. to poor outs difoadtfrtl, 

lo dwell upon * tub^iect. 
DiiTorma're, v. to defomn, apoll. 
DKTormataoie'nto, oiv, dofunncdly* 
|>iffi(/mie» A</. deformed, Ufly. 
Dif ofMita*, i /. deformity. 
DifTuaaroc'iitei aJv. diffuilvely. 
DStriiaio'ne, t.f. d ITution. 


le, t.f. 



Diflla're', v. to file oil*. ' ' ' 

Dilila'to, part, marched off. 

Di A'lo, Di Ala'to, odv. wittioHt iDlerml^ 

DiAnime'nto, «.«>• deffDilion, concluiJon. 
Difini're. •«« Dinni'rr.and iuderitativea, 
Dirorma're. teo DifformaTre, with lu de« 

]>l fo'raa, adv. by main force. 
I>i fre'aco, «^'. lately, newly. 
DI fuo'rl, aiv. w!tli04it. ' 
Dl'ga, s.f. a bank, mole, or pier. 
Dffenert're. lee Degeoen're. 
Dlgerl're. v, lo digetf, di>«.un, to diatll, 

inehrmiatryt difcnn M aftonlo^ (• 

bn«k M 

r.f. d 

XAtm't'hne, Dif ei tl'To, «</. 

Digest ime'oto, «»«i. Difeatio^nc^ 

DigeatKre, v. to arran|e» Offdcri to Mad* 

DjgeMi'fo, Mf. 44ieadffe. 
Dlg«/aio, j.m. digeat of ciril law ; «< 

cootrifcd, ordered, fit, ready. 
Digliiaccla're. See Didiaccla^iv. 
I>i g(a', adv. already. 
Digtoga're, v. lo unyoke. 
I>i aio'rno in glo'rno, adv. cwrr dar 

from day to day. 
Di fio'rno, qdv, byday. 
Di'iito.Jim. a dnger. 
Di giu*, ffff. below» beneath. 
DI au di gitt*, adv. ap and down. 
Digiu'gnere, v. to diaiola i diniofncni 

to come off, leave off. 
Mftnna're, ti. to fast. 
Digiuna'u>« Di«lu'no, fart, fiwied. 
Digiunato're, t.m, a laater. 
DIgiu'ne,. #./,/<: ember week*. 
nigiu'no, i.m. (aa , faMing ; ako deairooi 

covetous, food : a digiuno, 4Bdv. fastJM 
Olgiu'nto, part, disjoined, parted., a4f. most wortbr. ' 
DigniU*, /./. dignity, grcaCnca^ nNnr| 

office, dettree* 
Digniio^fto, a</. worthy, noble. 
Digocclola're, t». to drop. 
Digoaa/re, v. to cnt the throat, l•r^ 

move from the threat or nccfc, 
Digradamc'nio, i<in. a degrading; dcti» 

datJon, {la faimh^.) 
Digrada're, i«. to shorten, lo dcMcad hf 

di'gnres, to degrade. 
Digradaiiinc'nie, adio, gndually. 
Digrad4sic/ne, i./l tee Digndanc^KV 
IH gra'do, aJv. with pletsure. 
Di gru'do ill gra'do« oJv, by degwes. 
DI gran lii'nga, adv. by far. mncfa ntlcri 
Digrassa're, v. to lake off hu 
IH graTaia, adv. pray, priihev. 
Digredi're, v. to digrata, swerve. 
Digressio'ne, #./. digreasloa. 
DigrelaiVo, *</. d«masive. i 

Digre'sao. a-tf. wandering. 
Dig 4gna're, v. to grin, to mart I 

Digrigoa'nte, a^f. grinning. j 

Digroasame'nto. a.«i. lornung. *— fttfcJ 

Dignima're, v. to mninatc, 

Dignimina're, «. lo mnitaaiCL 
D.gunsM^re, IH locpnii, «uie. 
p guaaaame'oto, motion, aliahh^ 
tjgu-aaa're, v. to ahalw,itir, waddk. 
Dlgn!icio'f«,v.toahellnnMnrbcnna. d 
Oi !*'»/>»* btff»>4,fnCWr,ora| 



ncvuno si 1« one 4{ la, «» 

I other 


body kiNMn hov thiaji 

Oi qaa\ di Ia\ o/v. heae and there* 
DiUcciji're, v. to unUce, untie. 
Dnacenin^nto, i.M. laceratioo. 
I>ilaoera'rc, «>. to rrnd, tear» mafifle. 
I>i1af<'re, v. to overflow. 
Dijacatame'iiC^ tf^f. impeCuoailf . 
1>i k^ncto, adv. directly, at ouco. 
Dilani^'re, i*. lo rrad, tear in pteoca» 
DiUpldai' c«>iiMme,«Mt«^ttaiidert 
DiUrgVfe, V. to ihin, rarlfy. 

IMUteme'nto, j.a». dilation, wideiiiiig. 
Dilau'ntcy Pilataii'vo« Dilata'to, a4/. di* 

lated, diUtiof. 
Dtlatafnva, s,f. dilatation. 
I>iiafa'rc, v, to dilate, spread, widen. . 
DiiaUxiyoe, J./, cxseniioo. 
Dilato'rio, aJJ. dilatory. 
Dilavamc'iitOk ■<•"•. wasfainf. 
I>iJava'rr, t>. to araib away. 
r>:la<ionce'lU. f./. short delay. 
I»il ixtt/ne, J./, dclay^atop, hiodfrance. 
I> legi're, «. to untie. 
DilerfiHmcfotOy i.«s. Dilegio'De, /. /. 

mock'Ty, scorn, raUlervy banter. 
r>*!(*««iwi're, v. to deride^ icoff, ridicule. 
I > ■ iLxgiJle'asa, /./. ^iljroDiery . impudeiice* 
T) irgsiato're, s.m. jester, baolerer. 
Di icggie'ri, alv. usilr, probably* 
Uti^gsyno, '.as. a spark, a fop. 
I>-Ie'gine, a4/» weak, soft. 
Dilega«'re« «. to run away : dilegueni, to 

Dile^gtio, s.m, flinppetnioce : andarela 

dilegiio, to come to oottJng. 
D'.lc<ainia» /Jas. dilemma. 
l>iie.t.cafnf 9- to divert, flatter, ticUe^re* 

create, aukc oierry. 
Dile'tico, t.m. a tickling. 
Ptictico'so, a4f^ ticklish* 
tnletca'bde, a</. delightful. 
DtieUAhilita!, t^. ddtgbt. Oh, 
r>>l-tubtlale'ote, adv, delight fully. 
D.iru«aic<ato, i.ys. DiUctia'axa, <./. de> 

light, pleasure. 
Diletta'nte, s.m. a lorer o( anjr art« 
Uilctta're, v. 19 driight: dilettaJt«i» to 

take a delight. 
O letutoTre, 4.m, te that delights. 
Diicftasioi'ne, s./. 4el«cfatioQ, delight. 
ni.ette'foie, o^'. debibtfuU 
D.ieitrvoliBc^nte, DiletteaaaM^ate, «dn. 

JDiU^Uo, '•«"• delight, pleasures andart 

dHetto, to go e walkiof s pccaiderB a di- 

IcUOk to hupgh at. 
Dile'tto, fOrf. helosed. 
A dile'tto, a4p. on piKgoa*. 
i>iie:teMiM'a(c^ div. afi^etbtr* 

Wknat^OrMf' ^ieciahlc 4flMb 
l>ilesi</ne, j./. beuerolenre. 
Dilibcraoie'oto, i.m. deliverance, 

riddance; also resuluiion,detem 
Dilil)cra'aaa,«..r. deliverance, re] 
Oiitbera'rs, r. to set at iib.'rty, t^ 
' rate, resolve, purpox, d:4pJtci) 
Dilibc-ralamc'nie, aJv. considcriit 
DiliberBt/vo, a(/. 4eli>'enitite. 
DiiibfTa'to,a^. determined. 
DiliberL<i^ae, i./. deterrainatic 

lutioo. deliverance, release. 
Dilibera'rsi, v. |o iumhie, trip. 
Djitbru're, «. to go out of the «qail 
Dilicaunie'ate, aix: delicately. 
Dittcate'sxa. i. /. de'icacy, voh 

, ness, exquisiteness, neatness. 
Diiica'io, aif, soft, delicate, wej 

ciofM I *l*o nice, ticklish, danR< 
nilige'nte, 04/. diligent, uratclirul. 
DiIigenteo>c'i|le,o^. carefully. 
Dtlige'nza, Dilifefnsia, J^/*. dilisenc 
Diliqulda're, v. to llqutfy, dissol 

plain, demonstrate. 
Dihscafie, v. to scale, or unacale. 
nilitica're, v. tq tickle. 
l>iloggia're, v. to remove, to steal 
Dilombf'rsi, to break one's own ba 
Uilomba'tui a^j. brukca-b icked. 
Di lonta'no, adv. at s distance. 
DiluiCidam«!'nie, <Wf«. plainly. 
Dilucida're, v. to clear, explain. 
Dilucidaaii/ae,«-y^ «xp!«natioo. 
Dtiungame'nto, s.m, distance, a 

delay, adjournmeaV 
Dilunga're, v. to sircicli, extend, r 

-koep off; separate, dispel : di in 

to ramble, leogihco, renuve, go 
Di iuBgi, adv. far oH. 
Di lungo, adt. conCinuallf. 
Dilusig^ne, t./. dehisioo.- 
Dilavia're,t/.to rain hard, overflow,< 
Dili|viato'r^ s^m- a glutton. 
Dilu'vio, j.fl». deluge, great rain, 

DHuvio'ne, s^iw, a glutton. 
Dimagra're« v. to make lean, dii 

Dimagnuio^ne,!./. thr growing le 
Dima'nda, s./. demand, fequeat* 
Dioianda'nte, s.m. petitioner. 
Diraandafrc, lee DoBaoda're,«n^ 

Phna'n da sera. Dtoiandasscfra, t 

morrow night. 
Diroandato're, s.m. he who denan< 
Dimandagio'Qe, a./, a dem»nd. < 
Dima'oe, aiv. to-morrow ; s.f, mt 
Oiman I'altfOtoif.the day after to-n 
Di manioTra che, oUnanicrachc*. 

that. . 

Oi mano In manci^ <MO'««MCSMfe 

mite ; auo 4c.irth, penury. 
WlfkXttte, V. to fail, 4«c> caM» wMtj need. 
"■DiiraiD^rr. v. to deCinic« tlaadcr. 
1>friiinai(/rto, a4/. dciamatory. 
IHrMa«iU/ii«, #. • Difftnuune'BlOt I.**. 

iMffciVnte, d^'. difflerenL 
'bifl'erenieiKe'Dte, adv. diferetttly. 
Diffrre'nMy Difcn/atM, «./. diffcrefloe, 

DiflTerengiifre, i>. to di^tiaiulsh. 
Difl'rrline'nto, f.m. delay. 
DilTe'rirc, v. to dtiier, to 4ef«r, 4ingice, 

Dfffermatne'nto.f.Ni. cottruUtion. 
DilTrrifi 'rc, «• to refti'e. 
IHa/cile. 4/. hard, difiicult. 
DiiBcilmv'nir, oiv, diffccoUy. 
DiflicoUar^ j./. diAcuhy, obstacle, 4oi|b(. 
(9i«Golu're« V. to start diAcaitict. 
DifiicoU«yso» aij. diRicult. 


Diffida'nsa, i./. D^fidame'Dto, 


Difltda're, v. to miitruft, «i<pect, deapair.: 
Diflide'nve, aJJ. misiraitrul. I 

Drffid..'nsa, Diflidf/oxU, i./. dittniat, de> 

spair. tfcvu- 

Diflln/re, v. tod'flne, decide, finiili, per- 
Diffinitame'nic, l>ifinUifaine'at«,dJv.dc- 

MAoiti'vo, adj. deAoUire. 
MAniu/re, «.m. • dclioitor in cosfenti ; 

•bo ooe who ikCnca. 
DiKnltu^ilo, ait'. deflnUire. 
Difliiiisio'nc,!./. dcAnitioo. 
Diffo'ndere, v. to pour out: diflbadanij 

to dwell upon 4 luUect. | 

DtiTorma're, v. to dcrorm, apoll. | 

DifTormataiiie'nlc, aHi. dclbrmcdly, \ 
]>iffo'nii<f, adj. deformed, Ofly. 
Diffomita', f /. deformity. 
DiiTaaame'iKe, aJv. difiusivelf. 
DifTaaio'nc, t.f. d (Tution. 
DiflTufli'To, aif. diffuaivc. Niotts. 

DiffiKaOk Aiy. diffuse, ample, prolix, ««.•> 
Diflia're. v. to flie oil'. 
Difila'to, p'lrf. marched off. 
Di fi'Io, Di flla'to, odv. wUboot iotcrnl^ 

Difinime'nto, *.m. definition, ceaclnsion. 
Difini're. See DlAnt'rr.and iu dcrhaiivet. 
Birorma're. See Difformc're, with IU de- 

Di To'ria, adv. by main force. 
I>i Tre'aco, adut. lately, nemlj. 
|>l Aio'ri, adv. wltUmit. 
Di'ga. /./. a bank, mole, or pier. 
Difenera're. See beieoera're. 
Oiseri're. v. to digeit. dit^uas, to dlttil, 

iaehymistry : difcriN sn sftoolo^ (• 


l>f L 

Dlfesli'bHe. Dlfciti'vo, «</. digestible, » 

Dicestime'oio, A*. DifCfltio'ac, /./. di* 

Di(C*ti're, V. to erranfe, oi4cr( to ttiidf, 

DitMti'vo* Mf- 4iieitiffe. 
Dif«/«io, i.wt, disest of ciril lew % «(/. 

contriffod, ordered, lit, reedy. 
Piflilaccia're. See Didiaccia^re. 
Di gla\ adv. already. 
Dif lof a're, v. to unyoke. 
Di (io'mo in fii/rno, adv. every day: 

from day to day. 
Di fio^rno, qdv, bjT'day. 
Di'f ito, f.m, a Anfcr. 
Di t\\t\frff. belo«, beneath. 
Di Ml di ffitt*, adv.- ap and down* 
Difiu'inere, v. to diaiolns diag(agneni| 

to come off, leave on. 
Dlfiiufa're, t*. to fast. 
Dtf iuna'to, DiKli/no, fart, felled. 
nigiunato're, i.m. a taaCrr. 
Digiu'ne,. #././<: ember week*. 
Digiu'no, urn. Cm , feMing ; eleo deairod 

cof etoos, tond : a dif iuno, adiv. fastioi 
Olgiu'nto, part, diajoincd, partc«l« 
Dtgni', aJj. most wonhv* ' 
Dignita*, /./. dlfoity, greaCncai^ «Mni 

oBice. degree* 
Digniiato, a^. worthy, noble. 
Digocclola're, v. |o drop. 
Digoaaa're. v. to cet Uw throat, to re 

move from the throat or nccli. 
Digradame'nio, »*m. a degradinb dctn 

dation, (A* minting.) 
Digrada're, v. to slioitett, >• deecmd tq 

degrees, to degrade. 
Mfpadatamc'aie, adv. gmduaUy. 
Digradaf io'ne, s.f. See Ptgmdainf^to. 
14 gra'do, eJv> with plctsore. 
Di gr;t'do in grs'do* adv. by dcgrect. 
Di gran lu'nga, «rfv. by fan ouKb nulei 
Digrassa're, v. to take off (%U 
Di gra'ahi, edv. pray, prithee. 
Digred/rc, v. to digresi, swerve* 
Digrewio'ne, t.f. dlgreesioe. 
DigrelaiVo, a-iJ. digressive. 
Digre'sso. a4/« wandrrini. 
Dig'<gna're, v. to grin, to loart. 
Digrigoa'nte, a(/. trtnnlng. 
D'groesemc'ato., CoraMac* tfteCcMat 
Di rjssa're, v. to tmns^ feiJihwi, wfta 

poliib, loftmcL 
Digrotnu're, v. to nimlaate, pander* c< 

Digniminrre, w. to raaiiBeie^ caaaMer^ 
DtgiimMfse, ««» lo epaii, wa«e. 
Diguaaiame'ato, t.m. motian, 
t iguiiata're, V. to ibafca, tUr* 
Dlga«cie're, v* toriwll 

cwatfr: netiuno si le MMc4i la, iio>t 

body koom bow ihin$t fo is Um other 

t>\ qua', di la\ oi/v. bene an4 there. 
DiUccu'rCf V* to miUce, untie. 
Dilacrrame'obo, jm. lacerttion. 
Dilacera're, v. to rrnd, ttv, rnvft^ 
Dilag/re, v. to overflow. 
OilagtUme'ate, tfif. impetuoailf . 
Di la'ncio, adv. directly, at ouc6. 
Dilanli're, v. to rend, tear in )}Icoc*. 
Dilapida're.f .to copsume, w«ite,sqiuoder* 
K^rp/rt, V. to tltin, rarlfy. 
l>iWtii,j./. deia)-. 

iHUteme'oto, j.m. dilatioo. wldeiiiag. 
Dilau'ote, pilat'aii'vo, DiutU'to, a4;'. di* 

lated, diUtinf. 
Dilaia'nxa, s.f. dilatation. 
WatafrCf v. to dilate, spread, widen. . 
DiUUf iyoe, s.f. ex:ensioQ. 
Dilato'iio, aJJ. dilatory. 
Dilavaaie'otOk i.M. wasbinf. 
bijavj're, i>. to waib away. 
I>|la2ionce'lia, »./. abort delay. 
Mtgu/act *■/• delay^atop, hinderance. 
Wcgjfre, V. to untie. 
Dileirti^inefoiiv '*oi* Dilegio'ne, /. /. 

mocfcery, worn, raillery, banter, 
^ileggirf're, v. to deride^ jfcofff ridicule. 
I)i!e:if ijte'zzB, /./. eillx^ntery , impudence* 
- r),lpg|ia(o're,j.Bi. jester, banterer, 
t» Icggie'ri, adv. easily, probably. 
^•I'-Bsi'oo, /.a>. a spark, a lop. 
I>!le'«ine, adj. weak, soft. 
Diiegas're, v. to run away : dileguanif to 

Piic'iiM, i.m. disappearance : andare la 

dilegiio, to.cotne to ootblDr. 
Oile'mma, sjn. dilemma* 
DileiicVre, o. to divert, flatter, t!ck)e« rt- 

creata, make merry. 
pi|Ctico.i.igs. a Uckiiof. 
^1 ctico'so. aij. tickliib. 
r>iictu|>ne. aij. delightful. 
K.etiaWKto' i.y. delight, 0*/. 
^"•tubaiii^ote, aiv, delight fuliy. 
X>'ieUaiDe'nlo, «.9B. Dilletia'Bsa, i./. de* 

•«ht, pleasure. 
»>i rtta'oie, s.m. a lorer oC any art. 
flctta're, v. i« 4eiigbt: dilettarri, fo 

<<ke a delight. 
p:^.ttaierre. *.m. te that delights, 
iwtetuslo'ne, i./. del«c(atioa, delight. 
p«ieite'»oie, adj. deUgbtfuU 
I>.^ttnrolmc^nte, DnettosiuBcfote, tfJn. 

•D'j'tto, i,m. delight, pleisoret andara 

wietto, to go a walUnft pnxyUt^ a di- 
I>'i5^«»^«rf.belofed. , 

IM UttaiaaMi'Rtc; divT Jtirablr, 


Wl«ltor40r«i/- ^elecublc 4>lf«hiirt|l. - 
Diiezityne, i.f, benevolence. 
Dilibcramroto, /.as. deliverance, jEel^awi 

riddance; also re3uluiion,detenniDatioiir 
fiililicra'nsa, i./. deliverance, release.' 
pilibera'rs, t'. to set at libi>rty, to deUb^ 
' rate* resolve, purpoiie, dispatcli. 
Dilibrratame'nie. adv. consideratelj* 
Diliberati'vo, a(/. 4elit<craU*e. 
Dilibera'to.a^. determined. 
Dilibera^iO'oe, s.f. deterrainatioB* reM> 

iution, deliverance, release. 
Dilibera'ni, v. to iumMe, trip. 
Ujlibru're, «. to go out of the cquilibriiai* 
Di 1 icau n le'ole, adv. deli calely . 
DiUcate'sza, i. /. d^'icacy, voluptuoal* 

, ness. exquisiteness, neatness. 
Dilica'to, adj. soft, delicate, weak, dftlh 

cioift ; also nice, ticklish, dangeroiia* 
Dilige'nte, adj. diligent, watcbfuU 
Dili genteme'itte, (i4v. carefully. 
Dilige'nxn, Dilige'Rsi4»<f%/'. diligence, care* 
Diliqaida're, v. .tt» Uquify, dissolve, ex« 

filain, demonstrate. 
ixafie^ V. to scale, or unscale. 
nilitica're, v. tq tickle. 
Diloggia'fe, v. to remove, tojteal awar*' 
Diloinby'rsi, to break one's own back. 
Uiloinba'lUf adf. brukca-b icked. 
Di lonta'no, adv. at a distance. 
Dilu^idame'nie, a4v, plainly. 
Dilucida're, v. to clear, explain. 
Diiucidazii/ae, «.y^ explanation. 
Dilungjuue'nto, i.m. ditAance, absence^ 

delay, adjaummeaV 
Dilunga're, V. to sireicli. extend, remosvi 

k^op «|ir, separate, dispel : di iuogarsl* 

to ramble, )eogtb<a, remuvc, go froos* 
Di lungi, adv^ far of. 
Di lungo, ofb. continually. 
Dilusi</ne, #./. deUisioQ.- 
Diiavia'roit/.to rain hard, overflowtdevour. 
l>ili(viatp're, «,«(. a glutiop. < 

Dilu'vio, ^.fls. deluge, great raiHf voncl* 

DHuvio'ne, «.^, a glutton. 
Dimagra're, v. to make lean, dimifliiba 

,le«ea« ' 

Dimagnuio^oe,i./. the growing l^aa* ■ 
Dima'ada, /./. demand, request. 
D<nianda'nte,/.m. petitioner. 
Dimanda^, See DoBanda'ce,aod itsdC' 

phna'a 4a sera, Dliqaiidaiierra. 4<t«.fia» 

morrow night. 
Diraandato're, M.m. he who demapds. 
Dimandagio'Qe.j./. a demand. Qhs. 
Dima^ne. adv. to-morrow ; t.A mominf* 
Oiman I'altroiA^t'.t he day after to-morrow» 
DI manie'ra che, Dimasieracbe', cpv< >• 

Oi mano in bmuci^ iMvo«i4BfiC9|icelr« • ^ 

Dimcnbn^ff, v. io«(iiineiRb«n to-alter, 

chwte, Bpoll. 
INmraamc'nto, /.«. ailtsUott. joltiaf* 
DtmeiiN're, t*. to ihake, aiitatc 
Dime'oo, a^. vidiout, ottienriae: non 
. pM«oiar dimena di>aon ri4err, I canno(g 

help Uugbing: valer dimeno, ta be Uie 

wone for. 
Difnentii/ne, s.f. dlmenaion. 
IXmerttafre. i'. to make nud, to bewitrli. 
IMmeallca'nxa, Dimcntica'cgiite, i./. for* 

Dlmentica're, t'. to foffet. 
Dhnetittcato'io, i.«n. ot>1iv|otit metteraci 

dimenticatoio, to put in oblivion. 
IMmenti're, v. to give tite He, to belie. 
Wtnn^U/tiv, t.f. rrsiflttaliofi. 
Diffte'aso, aif. Ml, IhM aside, remita, dia- 

pirited. abircl,(iililt. 
Dimeuxame nic. itUv. (Mm\H>rtf, 
nimeatlcame'nto, s.m. inlimaey. 
Ixnaaticrf're, «. to tame : dimetticirai, t« 

Dimeatica'io, Dime^tico, aJj. tamed, ttj 

miliar; leitrcd1mesiica,8con<ina«l feter. 
Dimmiclit^zxn, s.f. famllitritx, taoalttg, 

rrme'iteir, v. to di^eontiniie, c«aae. 
Dimevxa^rr, v. to divide, In htlvca. 
I>}ml'nio, Dtini'n >, /.fs. donwiioo, com* 

Diminuime'oto, /.«. decreaee. 
Plmfnui're, «. to diminiali, tuipair. 
Diminuiii'vo, a4j. diminutive. 
Oiminutio'oe, s.f. diminution. 
Dimitaoi'ria, /./. diniissory : Icitera di* 

■aiaaoria, dimiiiocjr letter. 
2>i modo cbe, aiv. to thai. 
Di molto, aiv. very much. 
Dimo'ra, s.f. deiay, abode: rardinoora, 

to live in a phce. 
Dtrooragiu'oe, Dimorame'nto, /.«. real* 

I>imora'nte, aij. living, dwelling. 
JDimofA're, v. to dwell* reaidei«taj, itand, 

Dimorsa're. v. to break witli one*t teeth. 
biaiAMra'Mfe,A(/. demonatrable* 
l>linoatragio'ne,Dimoatraine'ato, i.n. sign, 

'.BMrfc, token. 
Dfmoatra'nai, t.f. draaonatralloa. 
DioKMtra'rc, v. to abow, testify. 


Dimoatrali'vo^ o4j. demonstrative. 
Mowatral*^, tan. a demonttrator. 
DiiBOMraaio'ae, s.f, denoastration. 
MnM^nto, Qli* Icaa. tbln. 
MbaAtai, fftp. beroaei il vento dinaosi, 

'lad-nraaedhig winter. 

wmSio^ «<^. trifthoat a nMf* 


IMnie'Ht* r.n» a loag belL 

Olnega're, v. to deny, rertiacw 

Dinegasi(/oe« s.f. dvoiaU 

DinerVa're, «. (o weaken. 

DI ne'tto, aiv. iwMly, cleveily. 

Din ie'go, 4.111. denial. 

iMnigra^re, v, to biarken, defame, itaio. 

Dinocca're, v. to break lite bead. 

Dinurcoia'ne. v. to l>rfak the koacklea. 

Diiioda're, v. to untie a knot. 

Oinomina're, i/. to name, iBenti<»n* 

Dinomiatt'to, part. named,-cilled. 

DinomihaaiuSiif, ».f* denoaalii<<tioo« 

Dt non pcnij'to, <Uv. unawares, aitttdeDlj. 

Dinota'rr. See Dcnota're. 

Dfnoiic*, aiv. by- night, nightly. 

Oir.turnamr'nto, i.m. a drawing of cos* 

ioura or limits. 
Diii«ofn«'re, i'. lo delineate. 
Dinto'rnu, /.lat adducent placet; alaotbe 

contours, (ia irtniflag.) 
D' int(>rno, U* in*omo, aiv. r>Bnd abo«t : 

d' iniomo a died anai, atioul tern yean 

Dinadafre. v. tostl'ip naked, diapltjr, m* 

Ibid, declare. 
Dinitmeni're, v. to namber. Mu • 
Dinumeraaio'ne, /./. cftumefatlon. 04a. 
Dint/nala. j./. riiiriaiaiiiin. ja—i l>|ian_ 
D.nunaia're, v. to claargc,-«cc«iae, pt^ 

claim, df nouare. 
DtnansfatiVo, o^/. dewotincing. 
DinunsiatoVe, s.m. an aecnwr, iufbmer. 
Dinuntiaaio'ne, s.f. deaonctaflon. 
Di nM^o, aiir. again, onec maa«. 
Dr'o, s.m. God *. Dio mene guarde. Cod 
DioceftKno, (>(/. diocetaw. ' Gbrbld! 
Dioc c'si, s.f. dioeese. 
Dio'ttrica, s.f. diopiriet. 
Dfpana^v, «. to reef, to win4 jrar*. 
Di pj'ri, aJv. al'ke. equally, 
Diparie'iua, Diparti'ia. «.-/. 4«partttrr. 
Dipartime'nto, s.m. a parting, |Mrtitio». 

Dipant're, v. to divide, to se^afate, ^ 

part ; s.m. departure. 
Dipela're, to make bald. 
Dlpcla'iit, a^/. bakL 
Dipciia'te, V. to flea, to akia. 
DipellM'to, fart, skinned, flea<. 
Dipende'nie, a4j. depending. 
Dipendenteme'tole, n/c*. <lepci|4c«Ur. 
DJpendc'naa, s.f. d.'pendence. 
Dipe'ndere, v. to depend oa« 
DipennaVe, v. to erase. * 

Di per se, adv. by hiroaeir, apavt. 
Di piVldv a*v, ft always toiaed with 4um 

^»f dl plflio. Uko holA. ^^ 

Dpi'nto, a.m. painting, a pi4tmt, 
Dipinti/re, Dl^fqlt^rr, PIpinwtn^K^ .^. 

t)!pln(iiCn, 1. f. >« pictitnr the art ol' 

pafntiJig. - 
Di piu', aixK moreovef. 
Diplt/ma, -f-n. diplom*, charter. 
Diptomaftico a«l/. diptoiwitic. 
Di pu'co,.a^. l«tel]r, not lutigstoce. 
Dspof, »r<^. jiAer ; (iJt>. arter««rdA» Bince. 
I>ipopoia're, v. to dispeuple. 
Dipor^Ky. Diporta'riti, x; to divert ooCs 


l><portc^ole, <i4*> diterting. 

D pu'rto, i.m. divention, >port, solace 

Dipositv're. See Deponta're, and ita 4e> 

Di posta, o^D. at onceb ■ 
I>i presc'nte, oWv. presently. 
Di preVsOy ^^4 near^ by. 
Di prKa, Di pn'ina, aiv. first, before. 

I>i'psa, »,m, a kind of adder. . 

Oipt/nto '11 bianco, a^. si ip-<iasli» at once. 

Diputa're, i/. to depute, appoint. 

Dipuf a'to, j,m. deputy, dckgate* 

ni qua*, oisi. tkis sidr. 

Hi qu.1* entro, iK/v, from hence, witbio. 

Di Qiu gm'» iJv.' from hence below. 

Di qua'ndo inqua'ndj, ditvnowaJid tbco. 

rji q-ia*. sa^, <tiv. from tience above. 

Xri que'io^ a4v. .quietly. 

Di qui, diqMlnci. diiv. Ci'om bence. 

I>( qu ndi, tUv. Iroin ibence. 

J>i qui a poco, aiv. in sitort* 

Di qji Tt, aJxt. from hen c. 

j^irada're, v^ ta rarify, to tliio. 

Dii-ad i'rsi, V. to grow tiiin. . 

Diradicyre, v* to root up, ovcfttiroir» ex^ 

Di ci'Jd, aio. seldom. 

Ji( ragio'iif. adv, by right. 

Uirama're, v. ta spring out, prune, lop, 
ritrt'ie mi ft brunettes, (applied to a rhier.) 

Dim nazio'ne, 4./. branching, dividing. 

Di're, 11. CoBpt'ak, talk, relate, ohii, cm- 
fns, answer, bidt «iso to c»ll name: 
vo!crdirr, id mean, signify : andar di* 
crodo, %o give 0)t: iru«ar a dire, to 
rind fault: dire, /.AS. a Saying. 

Direda're, v. to disinheril. 

I):rita'iu>, i.m. the last, the jMCk. Ois, 

inrtr'tro, aJv, bC(iiod» backward. 

DiiYttafne't>ic!» adit, directlir, absolutely. 

J>:rrt i'vo, aJJ. directing. 

Uirr'uot iti(^^s«raigbt* right, directed, ad> 

Dirt.>tt<K'iv, s.m* direetar.L, 

Dtrrxu/nc, i./. direct ioB, conduct, mc> 
nayeinciit. ■ 

DiEicda're, «. to onbusk chesnuts* 

Dirtr'UO, <s^. I>elti«d»' ' ' 

Mti'we^t'Oi 19 direct, oite,gOTerP|ateer, 
direct, Mldre8»t«b. < 

D( tiaitetxo, ff/r^ accidentaMf/ ' ' 

Dirtnit/ntc, a.lj. lmpedime'nlodirime*nf*% 

an absolute impediraeot, {(hat iavati* 

dates a marriage ) 
Dir/fuerei v. to divide, • • ■ 

Di rrmpc'tto, di rin contro^ ^«;p. '0«cr 

asatnsi : nJv. by cliance. 
Di rint(/ppo, aJv. mili oppositioB» 
Diripa'ta, j.J. m precipice. 
Dir/tta, s./. suaigitt road ; a diritU» on 

the. right-hand. 
Dintiimt'nte, adv. directly. 
Dirittu'zsi, s. f* nratghtncss^ direclnes«; 

honesty, in.cjfrity. . » 

Diri'ito, i.m. ti»e 'rinlit, justice, a tax ; 

adj. straislii, direct, jiwt, (me, WiwtuI; 

upftgijt; also evident, clear, certain; 

x\%\\\. opposite to leit. 
Diri'tto, IM-i'tto, iflit*. rightly, directly. < 
biritto'ne, s.m. an old ibx. 
DirilUi'ra* »./. integrity ; aUo a duty or 

Dirivj're, it. »e« neriva're. _ 
Diri'vo, i.m. derivation, origin. 
Diri2x<«cri'ne, Dineraio'io, a bodkin used 

irv women to drr-«i (heir headf with. 
Dirfzzame'ito, s. m. dircciion, amend* 

jneni, reloiTnation. 
Dirizzi'nte, /art. directed; 
Dinzz/tv, y. to direct, to make str.iii$iit^ 

tu address one'ii self; to erect, k-^a^ 

Wish, cociTCt, redress: diriazdVsi, tq 

ri»i-, in get up. 
Dirizzati/re.^.m. directors 
Di ro, aij, dire, impious, crueU 
Diroccaine'n^u, j.m. disraantlihg. 
Dlrocca'lT, xf. to destroy, demolish': di> 
. roccarc giu, to tuinble down froni. ; 
Diroccato're, s.m, a destroyer. ' 

Diroccia're, v. to fall do«^n iroin a rock.) 
DIroga'r,', t/. lu derouHte.^ ^ • 

Dirojjato'rio, adj. derogat'')rr. 
Din/mpere, v. tobreak, to soften, moll ifyv 

pill to (he TiUt : dirompei'sl, ti^ fall 

into a passion. • 

Difunipiine'nto, s.m, Interruptiop, binf 

drancci titc routing of an army. 
Diro'tta, i.f. a sliower. 
Dirottame'nte, aiv, ioimodeniteljr, exces- 
DiroTtto, al), loose, soft, steep, imflfMa* 

suriible, excess- ve. 
Dlrovioa're.ifc to. ruin, destroy. j 

D»ro2zai»e'otd. s.m, polish, iastra^Uotab 

teaching; . • t' 

Dirozza're, t». to polish, smooth* maka 

polite, institict. - • 

Dtruba're, x». to rob, to fleal. ..^tJ: 

Di rutla. »oraffa.arff..bystMWi,Ui^«*J» 
Uiruggina're. v^ to polish o| rust: dirgj 

gloaVe i dcnil, to clean the tceta wiw 

an laaviua<;at. •>"« 

Diimmbn^ffV v» lO'dimemben to-tlter, 

chcnRe, Bpoil. 
INfnrnamc'nto, t.m. at<(ttloa. joHiag. 
Mmena're, t«. lo thike, aiUate. 
Dime'no, o^. without, ottierwitei iwon 
. KW^ur dimeno diiaon riderr, I canna^ 

help laughing: vaier dimeno, to be the 

wone for. 
Dlmeotii/ne, #./. dimention. 
IXmertUL're, i>. to make nud, to bewltrft. 
MmeotlCM'nsa, Dimentict'ggine, i./. /br- 

Dimcntica're, t'. to forget. 
Dhnentirato'io, j.m. oblivion t metteracl 

dimrnticatoio, to put In oblivion. 
Pinenli're, v. to give tbe Ik, to belle. 
Dimes^it/m', t.f. retianalion. 
Diffte^tfO, a4/. left, Mtd aiide, remita, dia* 

pirited. abjt^l, fulitt. 
Dimest- came nit', thiv. ramiHiiir. 
IHmeatlcame'nio, i.m. Intimacy. 
I>ia)ak(tCii're, «. to tame : dinieaiicarti, to 

Dimeatica'to, Dime^tico, aJj. tamed, fat 

miliar; iei»rc dimest lca,aconiinual Tcfer. 
Divtmicbe'aza, /./. familiaritx, uming, 

rime'iteir, v. to dl^continiie, ccaae. 
DimeMa're, v. to divide, in htlvea. 
I>}ml'nio, Diffli'nj, j.m. dontnioa, com* 

Diminuime'oto, /.«. decreaae. 
Dlmlnui're, «. to dintintab, unpalr. 
Diminulii'vo, a4;. diminutive. 
Dtmlnaaio'Dc, t.f, dfrnlniition. 
Dimisac/ria, i./. dimissory : letter* di* 

niitoria, diiniaiorf letter. 
2>i modo cbe, adv. so that. 
Di molto, adv. very much. 
Dlmo'ra, *./. delay, abode: fardimora, 

to live In a pUcr. 
Dirooragiu'ae, Dimorame^ito, t.m. reii* 

I>imora'nte« a4f. living, dwelling. 
JDinota're, v. lodwell, reside, stay, stand, 

Dinorsa're, v. to break with onc'f teeth. 
ftinditn'Wfe.'Af/. demonstrable. 
Mnoatraglo'nejDimostrame'nto,!.*!. lign^ 

tawit, token. * 
Sfmoatra'naa, $./. drnonatrallon. 
DloQostra'yc, v. to show, testify. 
WMbairaiivaaM'ntf , oiv.demonstrattvely. 
DioMSirati'vo^ a^f. demonstrative. 
MiBMtral«i%v, tjm. i demonstrator. 
DiB0Mra4io'ae, /./. denonstration. 
Mma^nto, edj, le»B. tlrti». 
■*iiMi, f^p. befofet ii vemo diMBSl, 

<h#DrMed»Ng winter. 

Inawtok' -Mf- tAhoM a noic« 


1Mii^rl9^'r.n» a long belt. 

Oinega're, v. lo deny, refincii 

Dlnegasi(/oe« *,/. dvoiaj* 

Dlnerf^'re, v. to weaken. 

Di ne'tto, o^r. iiCiKly, cleveilf. 

Dinie'go.^.iH. deninl. 

Dinighi^rr, v. Co btarken, defame. Main. 

I>inucca're, v. to break the iicad. 

Dfflorcpia're. v. to hn*ak the kouckles. 

Diiioda're. v. lo uolie a knot.' 

Dinamina're, v, to name, mention. 

Dlnominir'to, part, named,- cUled. 

DinomioaziuSie, i./<i denonini<UoB« 

1)1 ni>n pcnid'to, ndv. unawares, ntadcnlj. 

Dt Aota'rr. See Dc nota'm. 

Dhioicc', adv. t>y night, nightly. 

Dir.turnamr'nto, i.fn. a drawing of ciM> 

tours or limits. 
Dhi*em«'re, v, lo delineate. 
Dinto'rni), /.mt adjacent place*; Kino the 

contours, (m drtrtflng.) 
D' Intomo, D* fn*onio, aiu. r^wnd abe«t : 

d' intorno a died nnai, atioul leas yean 

Dinodafw, f . lottrip naked, display, on- 
. Ibid, declare. ■ 

Dinttmera're, w. to nnmber. 0*r. - 
Dinumeraaio'ne, J./. enumeraUon. okt, 
Dim/nsla. a./. deClasatioa, < 
D.nunaia're, v. to ClaHva** 

Claim, drnouoce. 
DifiunsfatiVo, ad/-, deoouacmg. 
DinunsiatoVe, i.m. an aecnaer, tsaformcr. 
Dinunalasio'nc, t./. deatMicladan. 
Di QM^o, aiv. again, onee mof«. 
Di'o, t.m. Cod : Dlo meae guarde. Cod 
Woceaa^no, a</. dioces an . ■ > Hbctotd! 
Dioce'al, s.f. dioecte. ■ 
Dio'ttrica, t.f. dfoptricfl. 
DipanaYe, w. to reef, to wtnA yara. 
Di p4'ri. aJv. alke. equailjr. 
Diparie'naa, Diparti'ia, «./". ^paitwiv. 
Dipartime'Bto, i.ns. a fMrtlng, p«rttt«oa> I 

DtpaniVe. v. to divide, to teaautate. ii* ' 

p^rt ; i.M. departure. 
Dipela're, to make baM. 
Dipcla'io, 4M/. bakU 
Dipeila'ie, v, to Hen, to sM». 
Dipelh/to, fort, skinned, fle* 
Dipende'oie, a</. depending. 
Dipcndeateme^te, n/n, ^ptmMtxQfm. 
Dipendc'nsa, s.f, dependence. ' 
Dipe'ndere, v. to depend oa. 
DipenamVe,- v>. to erase. * 

DI per se, aJv. by himself, apavt. 
DI pi^lldv a*v, to alway»foiBC4 with < 

dardi pigllo, Uke hold. 
Dfprgaere,DipPnfe(e,«.to palat»daerfl 
D'pi'nto. $.m. painting,- a 

Dipiato're, Di^^nUgrpr, MylMntant^t 
ap«iiitcr. srr^^'t' ^ • 

•ip!ntuVa» 9' A ^9. fricturcf (be art oT 

paint I Jig* 
H piu% o^t^ tnoreorer. 
>iplo'ina, -f-fls. dipIooM, charter. 
>iploinafiico <n!;. difrionMitir. 
:>i pu'cOy.o^v. latcljr, not iong since. 
)bpoi', f^ff' JiAer } (i-ir>. arter««rd«> itoce. 
>ipop<Ha're, v. todispeuple. 
^iporMi're, DiporU'rsij t>. to direrl one's 


[>.porte!^rolc, A(f. diw«rting. 

D pu'rto, '.M. diversiao, wort, solace. 

Dipoxitafre. See DejMSiia're, aod Us 4e> 

Di posts, oitfv. at onoeu ■ 
T>i prcsc'nte, <»/v. presently. 
r>» pre^S90|y fr^p» near; by. 
D/ pri'a, T>i pri'ma, div. lirst, before. 
r»i'psa, ^.aB. a kind of adder. , 
riipu'nto if» bianco, (ic#i>.sl ip-dash,atoace. 
D puia'rc, v. (odepate. appoint. 
Mpufa'to, J,m- *jputy, dekgate. 
'•>% qua^ oiv. tbu side. 
»( quA' eotro, adv^ from hence, witbio. 
), q^j ^tu*» iJv.^ from h?Rce below. 
>i i|u<s'ndo in qua'ndj, oitv now and liieo. 
ji q la* 8u\ <»^t». from licoce above, 
n <|uc'»<vtf^»^ quietly. 
n qui, <ki qulnci. dUv. O-om bence, 
>< qu ndi, A'V' <^oi* Uieitce. 
>i qui « poco, aJt;. in.siiort. 

>r Q Ji »«. ***'• '•■•**■ *•*" ^^ 
iraria're, V, lo rarify, to Uiin. 
.u.i I /rsi, t#. lo grow tliin. , 
».i adicii're, V- to root up, overtbrov, e»- 

>,rama'rc, v- i»«pnog out, prune, lop, 
,iirt-»e hiiabranches, (afflMtoarii>rr.) 

,,r« naaio'ne. 4-/. branching, difidiiig. 

ji'rr «*. taspfakt talk, relate, omi, cm* 
f«-»V ««5wer, bid» aMo to ciMi name: 
voJer <!»»*, *"* mean, siifnify : andar di- 
crnda, l«» 8»**^ «'*• "^'ar a dire, to 
find fault: dire, Am. a saying. 

»,rcda'i«, V. to dWnlieril. 

. ta'iio^ ''•'''• ^^ ''**> ^^^ back. Ois. 
■ ri-'trp, rtit'* bci.iod, backward. 

^.v-tiansi/ftte, ^v. directly, absolutely. 

. r- t i'»o, **^'* <"rec"**- 

>iir'ito, ii<^>»»ai«bw right, directed, ad> 

drrs'<ed. ., ' 

,;,,•; u/rr* '■*•* dlrecfor... 

^in-xiyne, *./• direciiOB, conduct, m«. 

nai^^tweiit* • • • 

.:r<r'<ik^r«. «• to aol'w't chesouts* 

' l^Jl^, <n» «t>dircoi. oile,fOTero, •loer, 

D( ttehAtxo, aiv, accidentaHf/ 

Dirinie'ntc, n-lj. Impedime'nlodirinie'nf'k 

an absolute impediment, {ibtt iavali* 

dntfs a marriage. ) 
Dirt' (Qcrei v. to divide. ' •• 

Di rrmpc'tto, di rio cofitro^ ^«;p. 'ovcr 

against ; aJv. by cii^tfice. 
Di rmto'ppo, aJxt. miti oppoiition* 
Diripa'la, J./, a precipice. 
Dirrtta, *,/. su'aigitt road; adiritta, on 

DiriU'init'nte, adv. direcily. 
Diritti/zs-i, f. f* !(tratgi)tntss, direclncn; 

honesty, m.cgrity. • < 

Diri'tto, j.m. tlie 'right, justice, a tax; 

adj. straight, direct, jiwt, true, lawful; 

uprigbt ;■ abie eirident, clear, certain ; 

ris Ik opposite to leit. 
Diri'ito, iiri'tto, aiv, rightly, directly. / 
liiriito'ne, s.m. an old tbx. 
Dirittii'ra, »./. integrity ; aUo a duty or 

tax, dtid a prerogative claim or priyilcEc. 
DiriVrf're, v. see r>eriva're. 
Diri'vo, s.m. derivation, origin. 
Dirt2XJcn'ne, biriezaii/io, a bodkin used 

'bv women to drcsi their lieadj with. 
Dirlfiame'i-.»o, s. m. dirccUoii,' .amend* 

JHent, reformation. ,- 

Ttinxzi'nte, pari* direc tedJ 
Dirizz.^v, y. to direct, to make ^traight^ 

fu address one'ii ielf; in erect, tatu* 

bJish, cocrcct, redress: dirizzabii, tQ 

riir, to get up. , 

Dirizsati/rCf^.m. dircclorw 
Di ro, adj. dire, impious, cruel. 
Dimccaine'it^o, /.m. dismantling. 
Dlrocca'rc, r. to destroy, demolish: di> 
. roccare giu, to tumble down frooi. 
Diroccato're, s.m. a destroyer. 
Diroccia're, v. to fall down fruin a rock.' 
Diroga'r.', v. to derp^ate. ^ > 

Uiri>«at.>'rio, adj. derogat'irr. 
Diru'mpere. v. to break^ttosufien, mollify^ 

put to the rout: diroiiipersl, (p. fall 

into a passion.. * 

Dirompime'nto, «.fn, interruption, binr 

drancej tlte routing uf an army* 
Diro'tta, i./. a shower. 
Dirotiame'nte, aif. immoderatelx, exceg- 

Din/tto, aij. loose, soft, steep, iinqKa- 

surable, excess ve. '■ 

Dlrprioa're, i». to.riiia, destrojr. j 

Diroszame'oto, /.m. polisb, lastnigtiotab 

teaching: ... \_ ' t 

Dirozza're, t». to fwlish, smooth, mako 

poUte, institict. • * 

Dirubare, v. to rob, to fleal. i s,^,.'* 

Uiruggina'rc. t,. to polish oj ra»i: dlirag- 

glnaVe i 4e»U. to clean the teeth i 
, aa iaaVuM^ot* •»"• '' 


^fn^me^ifo, s.m. « All ftvflf f'pracl* 

Dle#, t precipice. 
Vrvptfte, V. to precipitate t dinipani, 

to throw oar's teif headloni. 
Mrupa'to, Dir./po» ami. a precipice. 
Mnrto, fkirt, dl'tnollvlted. 
D(nbilita\i./. Incapacitr. 
X>lBab«Mt'rr, v. to m^ke uffl)r» or grow uf iy. 
Disabiia're, v. to depopulate. 
V(>M?eonclatni'nte, adv, uncivlllf. 
riaarco'ncio, adv. diiorderl>, ofaccese, 

INicMfdn're, «. to be out tff tuae. 
Altacerba're, v. to attutfei appeilCi mKi- 

Piiacqulsiarrr, «. to looie. 
Mfidatu'ggine, /./. improprletr. 
Di^adaitinnt/nleta^v. Ibolialiljr, auliwardi: . 
Diaoda'tio, a4f. unapt, unlit, lAconvrnf- 

cnt, childish, Slltf . 
IHiM</rno, aJJ. careleu, undreaied. 
Wiatlflca'rsi, v. to re»t one's self. 
fitaffr^tona r<>, v. to alienatr. 

Eisafe'volp^ a^f, difficult, hard. 
tn^fvoVx/.i, J./, ditnculty. 

DiTagrtolme'ote, ai/. with trouble, diffi- 

Disnfgrada'r^, v. to diRpleav*. 

t>i*.iggrgde'voie, <k</. un^leai^nt. 

^i^tfgantWnxn, t.f. Inequality. 

tohupjuaijlia'rfl, v. to differ, s^r/. 

WiiAff(ua!;liatamc'nte» oJv. differrntly. 

Siaaggua'glio, ».m. did'erenci*, inequality. 

Dltagia'rc, t>. (o trouble, disturb, hinder. 

Ditagiatarae'nte, <rit». htcooTenli rily. 

Disai>i/(o, oii)' troilbletome, feeble, in- 
firm, needy, intllgent. 

X^ita'gio, /. m. ini'onvenicncf. povrrtv. 
want, pRtn, fati uc, daiuag^: aiaru a 
4li«gfu-, to be unea«y. 

Diangiosume'ale, aJn>, uneasily, inconve* 
iHently. • 

pi!tR«ft/so, ai*. Inconycnient, ancasy, 

• grievous, 

Dis^igra're, v. to profane. 
ItiMiuia'rv, T». to rouble, hinder, dl'liirb. 

. l)isatu<(o^ j.Ai.hi0U«iaflce,uiipaiitton, im- 
' Wialbergs're, «. tO remove, quit one's 
I>1i*fberg«'<0) ad), wifhoot Iodg4nff. 
l)iSAiioggia<re, t« lo dislodge. 
l>i salto. adv. hnanediatelyt di aaho in 

• vaito, leaping. 
Diunia're, v. to hate. 
I^iaamirto're, t.m. hater, enemy* 
Disamc'no, <i^. diaagrcetble. 
DlMmic/ztH, /./. enmity, grudge. 
Msf/nrtrm, j.f, nisaminame'nro. t.m- ew 

•mfoatlon.tfialLlflquiry.soimtlnFy .search. 
M<ei«t4na'nte, a^. wlioeaamfnes. 
M;ani04're, v. to cxamiee, iieigtk 


Diiamisia'de, /./. h«trcd, enmity. 
DiMmora're, v. to leave MTtonrittfa to for- 

Diaamora'to, of/, witliout lore, Arced ftpm 

love, lll*MKored. hard>hcarte4. 
MMmoi'M^'i^. haft, grudge. ( 

Diaamorw^ofeVd^. mkind. 
DiMnnora^elinrta. »J. iMeirtibil1tf« 
niiamoro'io, adj, insensible. 
Disanima're. v. to dlacouratc,dlsheftrljea| 

deprire or life. 
OlsappMVre, v. to uiil(»ni,/«siaM. 
Disappaisionate'if a, i./. n»iirf«reiice. 
Disapvassiona-to, Uj, HiKOalble, free. 

averse, not addicted to, 'generous. 
Disappensa^o, adj. careless, negligent. 
PiNapi^lira'rf, t>. to live laally. 
liisHpph'catc'aza,- biaapplicasii/we, «. /. 

nisAppWcd'to, «•(/. inattentive. 
Dfuppre'ndere, f>. to unlearn. 
Di^Hppremio'ne, i.f. c.iurage. 
Disapprovfl're', t>. to disapprove. 
Dis- fjpro axio'ne, i./. Uitnpprubetlov* 
nisai Ixyik'ie, t'. tu iiniiid«(|. 
nisirgina're, o. to demolish banks. 
nisiiigi a'lo, (hij. without banlts. 
D'surmamc'nto, s.m, disarming, 
lii'iarma're, 13>. to disarm : diaamare «os 

natc, to lay up a ship: disarmare i 

mni, to untlifp onr«. 

Di«ai-m<>'nii-o, d</. dtscurdant. 
Disasco'ndere, v. to discover. 
nixHspri re, t>. to appease, alleviats*. 
nlvassedi</io, aij. no longer beeier«4. 
Di^flWr.Vre, v. to toil, to cauae disesief^ 

trouble, hurt. Ofrf. 
Disu'ai r r, /. m. d : las ler, m itchaAce,dam4f c. 
Dha in/so, 04/. disastfoos. 
Dis;«tte'nio, <Uj. Inattentive. 
niS'iitenaio'ne, /./. inattention. 
nil ivansaVr, v. to be detrimrnied* 
Dhava'nau, $.m. dv Iriment, lost. 
Disavuta're, v. to degrade. 

Disav vanisasia're.TMo wrong, Injitre.hurt. 
DKAv]r:inta'ggio, i,m. disidvar.tofe, los«. 
r>isavvan(aggfo'io, a<//. diaadvanugpoaa. 
Diaavv.intaitgioaame'Me, adv» diaactvaiw 

Diiavvedime'nto, i.M. careleemeae, ina^. 

Disavvc'iutxin«'nte, edit, incotttldervtelv. 
D(savv( ne'nte, aJJ, unpleasant, 111 m«B. 

Diiavvrne'naa, Disavrente'zea, a./i a,ii. 

•p#4, detbrmity. 
Disavrene'role, eUj. «tnrnsWtf, ueW. m. 

mannered, uabecanring. ' •*#,.-^ 
I Disavvcni'rr, v« oe» t« soli. - • 


'isarvjenti^ra* ^./. Bii5foitHii«» 

titavventorataine'oie, OiMfrentttron- 
me'tite, adv, anliickilr. 

HsaTTcntura'to, Disarrenturo'fo, «</. na- 
h«PPy> unlucky, pitiful, miserable. 

)isaTvene'osa, *./. iaadTcrtcncy. 

>'saTvexsa're, v. to disaccustom. 

^isarviaame'iito, s^m, impnidcocc^ 

}tsbande8gia'tOy a^. baaiihed. 

JisbaratU'iv, «. to rout, disperse. 

[xsUarba're. t». to shave the beard, root 
out, consume. 

Dtsbarba'K^ «^*. beardless^ 

Disbarca're, w. to land. 

3!Sbraraa're, v, to gntiff, conteot, sati- 
ate, quencb. 

Dijbranca're, v. to serer, part. 

Disbrwida're, v. to disarm. 

Disbrfga're, v. to dispatch, hasten, re- 
solve, determine : dnbrigarsi, to diieo- 
Ungle onc*s self. 

Discacciame'ato, t.m. expulsion. ■ 

Di^caccia're, v. to expel. 

r)ucacciat0^re, s.m. an expeller. 

Discadc're. u. to fall away.'nio, i.m. waste, decay, tost. 

^)JScadu'lOk^(lr^ decayed, wasted away. 

ixrcalxa're, v. to pull off shoes aod stock- 

^iscaflao, a4/. barefooted. 

)isca'ftro, s.m. escape, evasion. 

Jiscapesa.'re, «. to cut off, praoe, lop, 

~)'9c^pila^re, v. to lose. 

°>'vra'piro, t.m, \o%». 

)i it-aric9ine'n<o.Disca'rico,j;m.uaload!Dg. 

)iscarica'nB,t>. lo onload, ease, diucJiarge. 

Drs.ama're, «. to pick the flesb off, to 
frow lean. 

i<i'>ca-nv <M/< disagreeable. 

I'i^catena're, i'. to uncbain. 

Discafalca'rc, v. Xu alight from a hone. 

Oiscc'dere, V. to depirt. obt. 

I'ncende'nte, t.m. a descendant. 

Discende'o«a, t.f, exiniction, rnce. 

D: jce'odere, v. to deKend, to spring from: 
dtsceodere ua Aumc, to drop down a 
river, (jraiwnw.) 

DisceDdimCiito, #.fls. descend declivity; 
the act of coming down. 

Diicensic^ii«b uf. <fc- scene. 

u s( eosi'TO, €uU. Hut descend!. 

r)i-j enapi'ce,Afli.nih«deacea4Vte«;ea4aia. 
T'lice'ntc, tjm. scholar. 

i>'Kepol4'i«k '•«• < acholarriilp. 
I) K«'pol«.«.M. Oiscc'pola,/./. a schAUr. 
I >iM:erB«'ole, a4i. d>sceminf. 
D'tce'mere, v. tp discern, paicnive, cam- 

Dtoccni^vole, «</. qnick-sifhicd. 
Diacerttime'nto, t.M, act of discerstnt. 

W«c«ftTpefnb t». lo teark " 
D.sce'rre; t». to pick, separate. 
D!)ce'»a, *./. I descent. • • 

Djscc'so. adj\ descended, detcebdentp 
Discetu're, w to dispute, debate, sepa- 

rgte, disunite. ■ 

;Disceiu«io^ne. *./. a dtepnte. 
Discevera'ns^, *,/. separation. 
Discevers're, v. to separate i discetenrsL 

to p«rt i^ith. ' 

Dischiara're, t». to deckr«. 
Dischiatta're, n. to degeoerate. 
Dischiava're, v. to unlock. 
'Dischiera're, v. to diterder: dltchlerarsf, 

to ranie. 
Discfaioma're, v. to cut bair. 
Dischiydere, v. to open, discover, reresdi 
Dischiuma're, v. to skim. 
Dischiu'so, (h(/> open. 
Disci'nto, a4j. uogirt, negligent, slovenly. 
Disciorgliere, t>. to untie, dissolve : undo 

discJogliersi, to escape. 
Discioglime'nto, j.m.- loosening, the dis* 

covery of a plot 
Disciogliio'fe, s.m, he that inieqvets, ex» 

ulaiM, unties. CAilful. 

DiscM/lto. a4j, untied, freed, dexterous* 
Discio'rre. See Disciyglieie. 
Oiscipa're. See Oissip^'re, ^nd iU dcri^t 


Di^cipide'2M, j./.jaslpsdjty. 
Disciptl'ni, s.f. education, dlscipUa^ 

correction, penance. 
D sclplina'rc, v. to instruct, to scourge 
Disci pline'vole, Dieciplint'bile, *//. do* 

ci!e, leacliablc. 
Djscolarae'nte, aiv. licentiously. 
Discole'tio, a4j. waggish, knavish. 
D Colo, adj. dirhoneM, lewd,s»ucy, wilih 
Discoloiame'oio, s m. paleness. 
Discoloi-a're, Dscolon're, to disci^ours 

discolorarsi, lo grow pale. 
DsKolora'to, Diicolori'io, a4f\ diKoiottr< 

ed, pale. 
*>|«cfllprngi»'ne, *./. paleness.. 
Disco^pa, s./. Diiicolpaiac'oio, *.«, •». 

Pisco'pt're, V. io excnse, justify. 
niscompagna'bile, a^. wparnbtc. 
DiscompagnaV •, t«. to separate. 

9 •eoQpagna'tOAMr.anaccumpanicd.witfai' 
out a fallow. * 

DMCompignatu'ra. «./. scparationi 

Dtscompt/rra. 8«e •compn'rre. 

els- ompoMc'ana, '• /. unbecei^ljigneM, 

negUgence, tUsorder* '"■■':' ' 

Ql^romoiitaSi;/. iooonveolency.' 
Dis(C</ino<1o, aig. incoaTenlenC. 
DiscooipoStOv jeiont- dutomyosed. 
Disconciamc'nte, a4t: unltancf^imely. 
DUcoacia're, v.tod.M}rdfert dtscunciafvlf 

to iftiscarry. j 

nast?.', (Hitlf. ♦' ' . . 
rUroncij'>o,.i4/. bi'fkri). 
J)is( i/rdia, /./• dijcur^. 
Mwronrt^ss'rc', v. to i*tty, dKown. 
Diteonf5de'ii««, s./. dhitrtHii, diffidence. 
Pltconft'^gei*, f«.'io rout, lictV-jt. • ' 
Dsconfi'iia, J./, rout, defeat. 
pisconti'do, r><(^. routed. 
Diiconforia're, v. to aflBict, to pfenuide 

to the cone »y. ■ 
PKConfo' to, i.Mi. frfRktlom ' 
iJisconoiemie, o-^. oniriierul. 
Di«eotiMc«'iiira, j./.' Imtfriritudf. 
Diiconoscc're, t». to take lor unottter. 
I>iw<Wosciiit4ine'fltr, tijf. unknewiitirljr. 
Ditcon-'enHine'nto, i.w. diiiiKreement. 
I)i ionwnii'f*, v. 1<» <IiiAirrei'. 
Diiconsigl-anii-'nto, v.M. diiluasioD. 
X> scoMlgliaVe, t^ Codimunde. 
Piirontinua'rr, ft. fo leave off". 
T>iScODtiniiaz»o'ne, s.f. dlKontinuance. 
I){«co«if«ile'«ote, Oiieomrenie'ate, rt^*. tn- 

decent. • 

nficonrenerolme'nie, ^aUf*. Ifiaeeeotf jr. 
Ditconventt^iiva, /./. Indecemy. 
rUconven/iw, •». toinr»becOme. 
nis^ope'rto, *</. dhcmtrtd. 
Discopriise'oto ».m. <lhrorerT, defection. 
Dlscoprl'n%*, to ditcoirer, declare, reveal. 
TXacop 110*16, tym, dhvhwrer. 
Dlicoraggia'iite, nJJ. rllscouraging. 
Btaroraggjamc'nto, s.m. ditcournr«aient, 

WteonHfgia'w, t». to'dlshcBrttn. 
IMiCoraVc, v. to frighdn. 

N. B. Such worctt HS c<fhnot be found 
by Mtto, lojk for tn sco. 
nliMrt'10,/1^1 discouraged. 
Discordame'nto, dlsatrreement. 
Dlicorda'aie, ai/. diiagrrring. 
Ititcordanteme'nie, aJv. irregaliirljr. 
Ditcorda'nft, Ditco'rdia, t./,- discord, 

ttrife, debate. 
IMBoorda'rv, i«. to diiient, disagree { to 

Jar, 10 be out of tune. 
Discorda'ro, n^/. out uf tune. 
Diicordato'tc, /.m, a itilgiom mnn. 
I>iiicu'fvl«, aO' discordiint, )arrin|t. 
Dltcordcmt^me, «iow dfsagrceinglv. 
Dlffan^'vole, iifacord'o'M, a4J, coniea* 

tloui, quarrflioine. 
Diicitrre'Atc, a^, runnini apRnd down. 
DHCu'rnrrc, t*. to vtifcotme \ alao to run 

•b«ut» to nimiilir I c cod ta dltcorren- 

'4k>, «fid M forilt, 
Diicorrc^vole/ «</. w*ndcHn(, Reetinf, 

inwable. • • * > 

DiKorrimc'nto, #.M. • coQCOUiNy talk, 


•ifc«ni'vo, aV< diicounlvdb I 

^Ii orti/M', «mI/. unciii), unkiod. 

D tcoriwemt^ e, aJt*. uriCivilly. 

DiacorteRi'a, /./. ^ts6Nirtety. 

Disc iwe's.), (idj. iteep i j.ji. a precipice. 

oi«ciwtam<'iito, s. m. departure, remote- 

Diirosta'i*, r. to feature, part' from : .dif- 

costarsi, lo remove. 
.DiscoMo, a4J. remote, far : da dtscofto^ 

aJv, from «ilar off, 
ni«ro»e'rlo, <»//.'injcovr!>d. 
Mf^corrime nto,- ifrf. discorery. 
Uijtovr/re, V. lo (lii»C9rer, 
Discovritt/re, s/m. tltscorer^r* 
Dlscredt^nfe, aij\ inrn-dulous. 
l)\tcrci\*-'u»a,s./. iitcredultty. 
DisiTe'd-ic, V. to dsrb ivxv : discrcdeftl, 

lo undeceive one's self. 
ntsereiHta're, v. to di<KTc.Ht. 
i>i«rrc'.iito, s.ip. discredit, disgrace. 
Discrepi'n'f, <t(/. disagreetng. 
Discrepu'nza, j./. dissemion, a contrast 

o( o;AiyH>nt. 
Oil repfl're, t». to d'saftree. 
niicrtsfc'.isi, s.f. decrvasinff. 
D.i'crt'sice're, i». to decrease, decay, vane, 

Plufretame'nte, aJv. discretely, waHIr, 

prudently, dutinctlv, cicartjr, platnly. 
Diicret.'^aa, Discrczft/ne, * ./". prudcocel 

wild am. 
Diicrc'to, aJJ. 'Ihcreel. pni<teiit. 
l>i rrimini'u'n, s.f. dl|> rimtnaiioa. 
I>iiCiici'i"c, t>. 10 unsew. 
I>i-rticia're, v. toslcin an animal. 
Di«cuua're, v. tudincuts. 
Di»cu«»»o'n»'. J./. (ItsciiMion. 
I>i5C'j'tcre, t». to examine, sift. 
i>idcynamv.''nio, s.m. indtgnatiiMi,,'aaffFr. 
DitdcKnj're. v. to di^ddin, scum : dtsdrg* 

hari, to be oaiirw 
tMMlcgiia'nia, J./, dttdain. 
Dn U on »'to, i*i/. angr}'. 
Disde'gno, s.m. an er, diida'n. 
Diadcgnosamr'nte, rt/i/. diadainfnlly. 
Disdegno'so, tUJ. disila nful, irritated, fa> 

ri'ius, haugltty. 
Df^dc'tta, $,j. contradictioa, mitfortane. 

Disde'tto, aU. fbrb'ddco ; s.m, IIMack, 

Dlsdlccla'to, a(/. uAluckf at play. 
Oisdice'vole, aij, unbecomiaf. 
Diidit.evolc'zan, /./. indcceaey. 
DIsdi're, V. to reitise, deny t disdini, to | 

go frotn ooitfs word t disdire i} iTtto. to 

give warning. 
Disebria'i-e, f. to becoi;>e sobrr. 
Diseccamt'nto, /.«. Dlieccaaio'BC, i/. 

&rrfnt up. 

DiMtcaVe^ l>iMCC«'nijV*l«r4fynAwUk«r. 


»\ «s.o^crct> iQ secco, aJv. fa cold blood, 
iv'^f ^cMfBc'oto, s.m. desifiu 
T>x''«^tia'rr, V. to desif n, sketch. 
u- -M^^a^iisfn, s,m. : d><efn<i(r}cr, 

s. y. site tUt designs: also a model. 
T>i>4:irna:u'ra, t.f. JJiiatf»tM, s.m, D'seg- 
ne^ilu, s.m. design, afcetcb^ inteotioa, 
T*i-.< guni?, alj, ooe/eo. 
i>i etftJ4lm''nte^aitiw iindiaallf. 
i>i sesue'iite, aiv, tubteqaeotly, imoie^ 

DiselU're, p. lo unsaddle. 
Ui»ea<u'rc, t». to r.-duce a swelliof ; di- 

srnfiarst, lo c&is^ swelling. 
niscnna'fo. ai/. s^*n^cless. 
l>ism«a'i.i. aij. unwise, stupid. 
r*: ><-nni'B, U:s*eaien'a, j./. bloody JIux. 
It s, ,j^-Ji'rr, t>. to uabury. 
7>:5 rfdyrt, V. to disiah rit. 
I ^ -r«r'Je, s.m. Qoc disinlierited. 
L>.^. rcd<rra2ii/oe s./. disinlicritinf. 
l> t.-'rrare, v. to uiien, unluck, gush out. 
J>i*<Tlat4/re, i.nt, 4 difstroyer. 
D. 9 . ' ri a 2 1 ;''pc, i. /. Disc rtamc'nto, j. m. 

({esoiaiion, ptla^e, rui'i, wast.-. 
I>i»«:rt«'re, v, to ravage^ spoil, waste } also 

i.j <le««-rC. 
FHirrtVrsi, T». to miscarry. 
iMStr'no, aU- dvsulaied, abandoned, un- 

It^ppv, miserable^ solitary, lonesome. 
Disj'rtd, J.0S. dciert, w.lderoess, also a 

b)<K;khcad, dunce. 
1)1 rrtoTe, s.m. a d«.-sener. 
1)1 « rvi'gio, /.»»• *o ill office. 
jM^Tvi'rc, t». to dl>-Si;r?e, to hurt. 
i>i !jrirn«;'nto, s.m. deytruction, devas- 

(jloo, denotation. 
In^urttSvc, s.m a destroyer. 
\t\-^r%Tname'nCo, i.fl>. def.iiiaiion. 
1)1 Umtfg*:, V. to tili, to satiate, to de- 

ij'Tie, traduce. 
I>u a're. f*. t^ uodo, ruin; disfarsi, to 

ions;»«n«» waMe away. 
I' >utia, /./■- » tl«'e«»^ a root. 
i-'.su'uo, «■</- "n -baiile disfatto, • cuk 

in -I fr^'nr. 
t'l- a*i!lu'<i(«> '»4/- sparkling. 
c> .f^riila'rtf, V- lOiparUe, to proceed or 

•pring from. 
T .uro're. #-•«. dsplciaure. 
ij.^inrore'volc, at'* uo|uod, advcrar, con- 

b).ra»j»-c*ol»»»<-'n'e' *•'"• uofafourably. 
N a ori're, v. lo/>ppjse, cn>SB,tl>wjut. 
n- .'T jri'fo, Mf' out 01 fa?our. 
J' 1 urio'oc, s.f. luin, Ueitrucl.oo. 
J; ^•ria#in</»*'»» •'•*'• confatatioo. 
Ljocrma'rc, «• to cocrraie, to confute. 


Dlifem'iv;.*!. id draw oof lrMi>: JWcfc 

rare oa ca? alio, to ansbuc a bone. • 
Disfica'xaare, v. 10 untwist. 
Dufi'da, /./. cballcnge. 
D tSda'nic, A(/. dtOdcot. 
Dis'ida'nia, s./, distrust. Ois» 
Di jfida're, v. to cbalkafe, defy ; to ais* 

trust, suspect. 
Disfigura're, r. to dtsfigare. 
Diifigura'to, o^'. deformed. 
nisfigiirazro'ne, s./. disfigHriaf. 
Disli'ngrre, v. to diSMSible. 
Disrinrini«:'nto, s.m. dissimobtloo. 
^.sAn/ie, V. to dc/ine, explain { alaot* 

Dis'inityre, s.m, vbo defines, interpreter, 

expo ind4>r. 
Disfiorame'nto, s.m. defloratloii. 
Diifiufd're, -{'• to deflower. 
D.!i ogamt'nlo, j.m. relief. 
l> siogaVc, V. to eraporate. 
i^isfogiia're, v. to strip oflT learfs. 
.Disfoi-mamc'nto, s.m. the act of dcfu i f 

ing, or the state of deformity. 
.Di$f(»rma'rc,-t». to disfigure. 
iHsfonaa'to, e^f. deformed, ugly, 
nisformaalw'ne, *./. deformity. 
ni«fi/rmc, «M/. irregular. 
DisforraitV, s.f. dcfonnity. 
Disforna're, v. to take out of an oveu^ 
Disrorni're. v. to UQlumish. .. 
Dislortana'to, aij. anfortuoate. 
Disfranca're, v. to weaken, 
nisrrenime'nto, i.fli. profligacy. 
Disiren.i're, t>. to unbridle, to get loose* 
Disfreoatame'nte, aJhs. flcrceiy, rasbty, 

Disfrena'to^ a^J'. unruly, fierce, rash 3 

d sfren;iia fieta. a swift arrow, [pantt.) • 
Disfugia'sco, oiv. by stealth. 
Di gnnna're, t». to unicceire. 
Di^gv'n o, s.m. aversion. 
Oi«gi(ta'rsi, v. to be disheartened. 
Disgiunge're, v. to disjoin. 
Disgiu.'ntmc'nto, Oi^iungioM/otO, «.«ir 

Disgiunume'nte. fldw. separately. 
Disgiunli'yo, <Hj. di^unctive. 
Disgiu'nto, part, disjoined, divided. 
Oisgiunaio'ne, s.f. sieparation. 
DivgoculU're, v. to dr.»p or tickle dovro, 

fall awat, decay. ' 
DJsgoiTil-rame'nto, Affl. parting. 
Disgomirfi're, v. (o remove, clear, frees 

disi-<>int>rarsi, to disemlioKue itselC 
DiiKradit're, v. to dislike, despise, scom« 

d-vl-ie into di*grees or s'.cps. 
Disgra'le'voie, <M/. disagreeable. 
D agrddimefnto, J.m. contentpt. 
nisxradi'rc, t». to dislike, displease. 
Disgratisola're, v, to takeaway, or b««« 

barfc . . »^ " 



Vtfi t f^ i Hf» dlMfreMblc. 
Diif ravBroc'Dto, i.m. anloadlof. 
Diif ravi're, v, U> unload, ease. 
Difgravldamc'nto, t.m. dellverjr. 
Dbcrxvida're, f. to bring forth. 
XMagra'iia, »*f> dUa»teri per ^iagruia, 

AID. tinfonunaieljr. 
Disfrasia'rc, v. tu disgrace, dislike, oon- 

Drsfratiatatnc'nte, aio, anluckllf, un- 

piea<«aniijr» lijr cban a. 
Dtigraiia'to, ojj. uiihappf , dlMgrecablc, 

unfoiiuiMte, aukward. 
nDiagnwiu'to, aJj. uncivil, rud«. 
I>>a8refame'n(o, j.nb. Kparation of an at> 

I>Ugrc|a're, v. to aeparate. 
Ditgregafis/M, j./. dinipation, Mpara> 

tion } disgregaaione dl spirlto, a wan- 
dering of the mind. 
l>i«gr(gna're, v. to grin. 
Dlsgroppa^, V. to undo* 

re, V. to tketch. 
Dieguaglia'nte, 04/. unlike* 
Diaguaflia'nta, <./. inequaUtjr, 



Dtsfuaglia're, 11. 10 be unequal. Oki» 

Pi'Kurgllo, #.M. inequality. Ohs. 

Di^guita're, i«. to displrafe, vex : diagtts- 
tarsi, to begin to iMih. 

Dugiiate'vole, 04/. d'sagreeable. 

DiMu'tto, 4. m. displeasure, discontent, 
disgust. . 

Diwusio'so, «</. Md, grierous. diagustful. 

Dina're, Dcaidera'rc, v. todetirr, wisii, 

IHfto'iD, Disidert'bile, aij. d?sirablc. 

Disldc'Ho, '.as. See DesidCrio. 

UitWere'foic* tu^f. destrablc. • 

DisidrrosaiBc'ntc, oJv. desiroutly. 

DiiMcn/so, a4f. desirous. 

DIsigilla're. v. to unseal. 

Ditimpaccla'to, a4j. ditiatrlcatedt 

Disiropan/rv, v. to forget. 

DIsiflBpedi'rei v. not to hinder. 

9MaipqgBt'rc, «. to disengage: dlstm. 
pcgnare una nave, to lei a ship off 
ground, Co bring Iter .iftoal t disimpcg- 
iiaral disua parola. to call In one's word. 

IMsimpa'aoo, i.fli. disengaging* 

Dlstmpri'inert, v. to take away the iro* 

ftlKlnrlinaalo'nc, $./. afcrslon. 
tylsinc* .aa, i./. tcrmiiiatioo of a word. 
^'slfiA^gnorr, Disiad'ogere, v. to feign, 

Piiinfifiume'ote, <W«. siocerelf. 
Dialnfl'nto, 04/. feigned. 
Ditinganarra, v. to undreeive. 
MsingVnne, t.m. the aet ol undeceiving. 
t>isl:iaaaH>ra'rc, «. to cease loving. 
WsiAiercasa'to, «4;> impartial. 
Pitlatcfc'itt.'t 4.a». 4iiialerciUdacsR> 


Dtehnilta^e^ «. to dbiovfte. 
pisinvo'lto, aii- free, doxtcroot. 
IXsinfoHM'ra, /./. dexterity, vf vactty« Aill* 
OKsto, $,m. desire, wtsfa. 
Disiosame'nte, (Uv. dcsirooslf. 
Dlilo'tfo, tm. desiruot, covetous, loting. 
Disira're, v. to desire, wish. 
Diaistaoca'ni, v. to rest ooef t aeIC 
Disisti'ma, j. /. eoMeiBoi. 
Dis'.accia're, v. to extricate, dlaesiCtoik^ 

nislaga're, v. to overflow as a lake. 
Mtleale, OfUf. unfatthfal,treaclierotts,lalae. 
Dislcalmr'nte. adv. perfldiousljr. 
Dislealia', s. /, ditioyaltjr, treackery, rlK 

Dislega're, v. to untie, looae, to cxplalfl» 

THslcgbe'vole. (14/. dissoluble. 
Dlsloca^re. i>isloga're,f»lalttOfa'it,vutopoC 

out of place, rrmove. 
Dislogatlo'oe, t.f. DItlogamcfatoi, «. «. 

puttingottt of joint. 
Dismagli^'re, v. to open the nait, to tear 

the flesh with one's n«il«. 
Dismanta'i'st, v. to uocloek. 
tMsmarriiac'nto, i.iis. coostenalloa, de* 

Dismembram^nlo, t.m. a dlemembering. 
T)iimembra'rc, v, to dlanicmb<Y. 
DHmemora'lo, aij, stupid, forieliol. 
Disnentlca'iite, iUi. forgetting. 
UtMnentica'rc, v, to tui-get. Oto. 
Disme'sM, *Uj. dismissed. 
D'smc'itere, v. to dismiss, 
nismisu'ra. nisinWura'uxa, t. /. e»ce«, 
luperflnlty t a dlsmuura. oJv. exceed* 

, Di&nii«i'rare, v. UK go beyond tbebouadi, 

to act wittiout measure. 
DKinimnKame'iiie, aiv. immoderately. 
i)i«misura'ttf,ai>.immeatorable, excessive. 
Dinmod.i'tu, a4J. diaonlerly. 
Dlsiaonaca're, 1>. to take one out of a ceo* 

nitmonta're, v. to dismoont, allgiil, Uad. 
Dismuo'vere, v. to stir up, excite, reoMvc, 

send away, mm out. 
Pis nam tra'i'e, v. to love no oiore* 
Dlsnatura'ic, ti. to change nature. 
Diinitui'a'to, a^}, unnaturiK 
Disnebbta're, v. to grow fair, (i wa i tr r. ) 
IMsnebblalo, (M/. unclouded. 
Dlinerva'rr, v. to eocrvaie. 
nisnerr^aio'ne, t.f. the act ofwcaltcaln^ 
Dienida'rsl, v. to leave the ne^i. 
Oianoda're, is to undo, untie, UMfold, no* 

ravel, disftolve. 
Dlsooilc'volc, a^' easily ontied. 
Dinu/rf , t,m. (In fnfry) dishonour. 
I Disnudare, v. to str.p. 


Hwjbbliga'nle, aij. diiiot>Uglnf . 

>iMbbUswilefoe'irte, ai^. olipolKelf. 

>is»bbli|irre, «r. lo SfMiiiU, disdurfet dis- 
please, disoblige. 

PisobbligMio^iie* «•/. retpiital, reward, 

Diioccupafre, o. to free from csre: df»- 
occupimi, to free one's lelf fimn bMf> 

Disoccupafto, a^j'. at leisnre, free* 
Diwccopasiorne, J./, iciiurei also re- 
tiring from btniaets. 
Disolamc'Bto, s.m. desoUtioa. 
DtwI.i'pe, «. to ruin, lay waste ; to cot 

the lole of tbe shoe. 
Dtiola'to, fMt. desolated. 
Pis jUtu'ra, *»f, the cutting off the sole of 

the shoe. 
DisoIaxiifBe, /./. dcrastatiofk 
l)t--ones(a% /./. dis^»oiie*l^ , obscenity. 
Dionesiame'aie, nixt. dishonewly. 
T)t^ineflaVe, v. to diahooour, disgrace. 
t*i<ones:a'rsi, v. to grow dishoiteat. 
nixnnetta'to, o^/*. diabonourabie. 
Ois}nc'*to, aij. lewd, dishonest; also 

irrcat, immoderate, huge, unjust, wi«ng, 

T).>onn4'rsi, v. to awake, 
i^i-onoramriftp, s.m. di:ihonoariog. 
I < . s- m<>ra're,i>.tb dithanour, dpsp!«;,;i}ighl. 
i>is>nora'to, alj. dislionoui-ed., 
i):>ooo'r^, t.m, >4>t9onor4'nsa, /./. disho- 

nuur, infamf, diszndlt. 
r> '^s jnure'role, alj. \ i • lionourable. 
b: Hioorerolme'ate, Dtso»vrauroe'nte,ailv. 

ditf rareiull) . 
T)i <>ope'Fchiu,a7v. superfluously (toomucii. 
I'i SDppia'to, oitk s^crrtly. 
i>i>upp li^re, V. to luoscn the belly* 
Ui H/pr4, or Disu'pra, etiv. above, over: 

(li sopra il tmrdo, overtnurd. 
Xi'\ ijprappiu% «<h>. over and above. 
L-.^turbita'nte, (M/. exorbitant, cxtrava- 

ri >or bitaoteme'nte, aiv. extravagantly, 
liurbita'nsi, $.f. exorbitance, 
b iordinaaae'nto, t.m, Disordina'oxa, t f. 

<li>urder, contusion. 
l/>MKdina're, v, tj disorder, confound; 

tu be extrava am : disoriitiare ncl man- 

(iure, to eat immodcral<;ly : disordi- 

njrsi, to fall into disorde -. 
D.'o. <lioatifflf'niF. adv. disorderly, exces- 

• itHy, immoderaiely. 
r^vNdina'io, a^j, saucy, insolent, disor- 

d.rty, dissolute. 
tHsordiBWit/ar, i.f. Diso'nltne, /.m. con* 

luMon, cxcets, debauchery, damage, 

Iiiwrjrantzta'to, *</. tlut hai tbc orgaos 



I>iaorrt<voIe, adj. oishonaaraMe* Mr. 
Plsrtn'volinij'ute, «dii. disgraoefiilly. O^ 
Di sorta che, oonj. so that. 
Diaoasa're, o. to Uke out the boiiesb 
Disotti'mi, tf J*>. from under ^oUntk 
Dtsott«rra're. v. to unbui-y. 
Disotterato, ptift. unburied. 
Dt sotto, adv. flora under. ' 

Di sove'rcbio, adv. too much* 
Sisovolii'to, a4j. dhiecated. 
Dispacca're, w. to cut asttndcr. 
l>ispaccta're, dispatch, expedtteiseab 
Dispa'ccio, s.m. dispatch. 
I>tspaia're,«. to unmatciu 
Dtapara're, v. to forget. 
Di$pin/cch!,/nw. ft. several. 
Disparecchia're, *«. to clear the tabt^. 
Disparc'nza,^./. disappearing. OAj« 
I>l''pare'i<e, t.m. variance, eonttsf. 
Dispare'Tolc, aJj. transitory. 
D spa'rgerr, v. to disperST, scatter. ' ° 
Dispargimc'nk), s.m. dispersing, scattefW 

ing ; the sute of being dispersed. 
DiSpaM, adj. unhkc, uocveA: nnmci^ 

diSpari, an o<id number. 
Dispanme'n.e, adv unequally. 
Dispart're, Dispdri/re, v. to dluppear. 
i:isparispe'nte, adj. unsightly, disfigured* 
iHsparita', s. /. inequality, unlikeness s 

Oisparita d* opinioni, cootfariety tff ' 

Oispari'to, aij. altered, pale. 
Dispart!! mL'nie, adv. here and thereb- ' 
Dispa'rte, adv. aside, apart. 
Dispart /re, v. to part, separate, share I 

dispHrtire l'»niicizia,tO break friettdshl]^* 
IMspaniiarae'nte, adv. asunder. 
Dispar: Kto, fort. pai ted, divided. ' 

Dispartito're, J. m. wlio divides. O^i* ' 
Dispa'rto.i.Mi. division. ' 

Disparutf^asa, s.f. 8lenderne9a,-leaDnes94 
Disparu'to, adj. thin, slender. 
Dispassion itntr'nto,/.}n. apathy. ' '' 

Dispa>toia're, v. to take .off the flittei* 

from a bors«'s leg. 
Dispe'ndere, V. to expend. 
Dispe'ndio, expcnce, cost, laes, M* 

Dispen liosaroc'nte Arft>. expehsf »ely* " 
Dispendio'So, adv. chargeable, ctetly* 
UiHpenna'lo, aX/* featbailcss. 
Dispe'n^a, s.f. distribution, dispensatfoa^ 

licence, perraUsion; atso a pantry, « 

larder; also the slcwaiid's room, Iwa 

Dtapensa'bile, *(/. dispenslble. -'^^ - 
DispeosA're, <». to distribute, divide, sware, 

dispense with, exempt. ... ' ..",J_^ ^.' 
Dispens^rti'va, s.f. thedispenaaiite pwwe- 
Diapeiwa^o, fart, disirlbntcd. . _. 
Di8pen"«'^»«» '*•• •U«>«»er; •■•«* 



di^pem«tlon, licence. 
I^tiKntie'ra, Ditpeatic'rt, s.m, bulkr, 

Dtspera'bile, a<;. desptlrrd or. 
Diapcrt/re, v. lo despair : disperani« to 

grow angry, to fret. 
I>iapcriiaraen'te, oJv. detperatclT. 
Dispcra'io, nlj. despaired of, desperate, 

immoder<w, vijleol. 
Mspenixio'uc, $. /. Diipcramc'nto, s. m. 

nic.^era'.isri, t./. despair, trouble, grieC 
9l*|ft^rdere,v. loconiuoie, iquaDdcr. 
Dbper Je're, v. {q miacirry. 
DUperdime'iitOiAm. dispcnlOB. - 
Diape'rgere, v. to acattrr, to iquander, 

Hiapcrsr, roat, defeat, overthrow. 
Disperfrime'nio, t. m. acaitenog, ruio, de- 
feat overthrow. 
Diapcrcitt/re, i. m. a destroyer, iquan- 

Dwprrse', adv. Mparately. Oij, 
Maper<io'ne, t./. .1i»pt'i*ioji. 
Di»pc'rso, f-irt. dispersed. 
Qi«peU«'bite, oi'. <lcflpical>ie. 
DisppettaVv, v. to despise: dispctUni, to 

Wspetta'lo.jwr/. vexed, slightei. 
Mvpcite'rolc, Dispe'ttu, AiJ. despicalle, 

^petiivame'nti', nJj. (tisdain'uliy. 
Dispe'du, s.m. an allrool, spile: averc in, 

or a dispe:to, to deapiae: in dtapi'tio, 

a<V. IK Sfjite of, [lully. 

Dbpettosainc'nle, fiii'. spitefully, icorif 
MtpeitO'so, aij. rcino icltful. 
Qiipiacr'ntr, aiJ. dipK-asitig. 
Dlsplace'iisa, i.f. r>i4|)iacc're,j,fii.dttp}eap 

•urr, (orrow. aA'ront. 
Ditplace're, t*. lu dixpteasc. 
Di«jii3ce'vo!e, n^. unpleasant. . 
UispiacevolnK/nte, aiv. i-ncvotulr* 
I>ispUrevc>le'a/a, s./. Di^pi.icinic^iUo,j.fn. 

dis^'on'ml, ««rro ♦, gri**;. 
Diipiaclu'io.f vr/. djspleaed. 
DUpiana'ri.% v. to explain ; dispianarsi, to 

lay One's i<W down. 
BiipJana''o, ai/. plain, explained. 
Dispicca'rc. v. tu pull up. 
Dfsplccia're, r. to dispatch* 
Dispiegc'ye, v. \j divl<'f# <«< furth, ex* 

' pOtiDft,^ mister, yprea't. 
ZMapietatamc'nic.'iMV' cruelty^ 
l>ispicta'to. u4/. untneixifui.crucl^ bafba- 
. ruus. 

I^ispMoe're, v. to blot out, cancel. 
iNtpol. s;a're, v. to put out ol power : dk* 
, podettani, to leaigo one's power, au-^ 

])lflpeflii're,tr. toondreli, to atrip naked. 
Vivpouime'nto, >m m. ditpwiUon, onter. 
OlaptmJlo'ri^ #; m, yiho^ 4li|>oic|. 

DlipopoMo^ra; ^. nk • dortrtycr of ift< 

DispQtVre, V. to 4kp«ae, praparef <nak4 

read^, to pcfwad«» to trao^at : d>» 

poni, to prepare oae*aieiK 
Di»poaaroc'Bto,/.«. aiarryniiibctfoihbigJ 
Diipoaa're, v. to betroth, e«{ua«a. 
DispMitVre. i. m. a dispoaer. 
Dbpo>tiaio'iMM./,diipontlu%dcl bentrnij 

resolution, tciapcc, kunusr, condition, 

qiulily,aptJKW* < 
Uiapuauroe'ntc, orfrv orderly. 
Dhpoite'jiaa, j./, d.sp?iitioa. 
Oiapu'aio, di^o. dispoicd. 
DiapMtcamc'nte, oiv. detpoticalljr. 
Dispo'iico, a4/. arbUrary. 
Dtspoti'amo, s, m. deapoiigok 
Disp(/io, t. tik a despot. 
Disprcge'vole, aJj. despicable. 
Diaprvgcrolmo'Btc, aiv, seomfoilf. 
»*!'|}rr|iaine'nto, 4. m, contempt. 
nifiprrgU'iw, «!. to desiii<<r, acoro. 
Di«prcRi;ito're,l)ispreBCB«are,a. iiBi dcfptl 

scr, content uer. 
Dispre'gio, nisprezaamc'olo, t, m. codI 

tempt, arom. < 

Ditpreaya' b«le, *(/• denpkabte. 
b=sprrx2a'i:t-, dO'. dt«daiDi'ul. 
biipn flzjnteme'ate..«4r'. proadly, 
l>i!<prryaa're, «•. to dnapbc, adflu. 
liispnas iLi'vo, *</. coniempUiouB. 
iJtspr-zx tyre, t.m. coaiemiier, despitfr< 
UispreiK/irvle, o^. conicmpwble. ' 

DisprizzeAolmc'Dte, aJv. iconil'iiJiy, do- 

O ipre'sxo. J, OT. contempt, acorn. 
Dispngionii're, T>.to Iree irons pnaon. 
DiBpruporaiooa're, s*. to 'iitproportioa. 
DihpMporxio'ne,/./. incqaabtr. 
Dispruvveduiaimr'aic, aii«. anawares. 
Oisprowedtt'to, a4J. unprovided, nofur 

nislie I. 
Ditpruna're, v. to cut tiioms. 
Lispu><«.lU'rc, V. lo deflower. 
Ditpuma'io, <!•</. frothy. 
I) 'sputa, i. /. di»putc, debate. 
D spu(«'i)t]f>, a4;. disputabic. 
l>tsputamc'Dio» i.m. Di«pu(a«io^oe, a/< 

(ti pule. 
Dispuia'nte a^.dispat np: «.fn«« di»putuf< 
l)i*l>u(«^(e, i/»to di«po'«. flcbaic 
Di<i>uiati'«o, a4/. ditpuiable. 
l>i<puiiito're, i, oM *di«pntanu 
Dtitqu.^ si</ne, t,/, di •qutsiiioo* 
IiiHiadicii're,ii. to rootnpk i 
Oirram iVei, 4>. to prune i 
r isi-edafrc, v. to dijinlrrit. 
l>i>n-goial imc^ita, adtu . 4wwd<fn li <r> 

.ir'UHHi)^i-d<ir, ... . . 
l^isn/mpen-, i«. to iiredk. 
Disruvidt^, p, to ^Iflwn^ 
Diiaafri'ra,i;.t9iifiiliiuif«, .♦ .» - 


•tssapori'to, o^/V insipid. 

>e«cc^i</«e, J./. disMVfion. 
>issecca'i«, t».to dry op. 
J»««ccati''«o,nir. apito dryt 
J sseminc're, v. to sow, spread, pnMisfa, 

r^fsnatttata^rv, s. m: a ddgmatiltir. 
I iiiMtmaftTitK to make mad. 
i> ^scniu'to, ajj. scmless, mad. 
l^is'^t-ntHii'ne, f./i disxnfiofu 
Disxnteri'A,/./. Moody flux. 
[>i>srnie'rJco, a(/. one thai fi troabled 

H'tbtiie Moody dux. 
LisscBti're, t». to diss^-nr. 
i>taepara're, v. locrparate. 0&». 
liisicrra're, in to opt-n, onlock. 
I i-sertaxio'Be, J./. d'^««tr(^tea. 
l><s>erv»Vio, J. m. disscitice. 
r>i nestaTT, v.-to disorder. 
'>:5seta're,C>fsaetar'si, -v. to cfueach thirst. 
>t>sirzii/mei /./. diisettioo. • 
>l!a>giUa'pe, V. to iNvak a seal* 

•:«:'Uabo, 4. m.dWisylMKte. 1 

>i«5imigli'ante, a4f. unlike. 
•'vMfnigliaMnfj. /. diflTcrrnce. 
' i».mi«l««'ne,«». lo differ, to be aniike. 
>tini'fn4ic,'Dittiaitg1ie'vote, aJJ. unlike. 
»i^irBilft«'dibe, s. f. aniiktness. 
•mimu^^re, t>j to disseMbie, couiiterA;t(, 

.al5:i>, foriie.' 

- i > a i m a tatafae^t«> aiv. eorertly . 
>Msinitf{M«^re« J. M. a dissembler. 
' s'i.'fnulaxio'ne, i./. hypocrisy, disguise. 
^■''^rpanN^nfO, '. ar. Dissipasio^DC, s. f. 

'iwipff're^ V. to scatter, waste, dissipate, 

disperse, di9|>el. 
J >s I pallia, Dissfpa'to, aij: dissipated, 

disperyed, wssteAtI, sqoandertnf. 
r> ssipato're, i. m. a waste-, a prodigal. 
! ssiprlto, as}, itisipid. Obs, 

-soda'rr, r. le gi^b up, to pioa?h. 
I liAoli/blie, Oissolut/vo, adj. dtssohable. 
I ^solve'nte, oij. dissohcat. 
I. io'Wcre, T». fo'<lt8«>Ire. 
[ 'issoim ame'oteiait'. disvolntely. 
i.i^solutc'zaa, i./. excess, licentioosness, 


T'lsioia'to, <M/. destroyvd, debaaehed, ri- 
otous. ■ ' 

['!<su'uaU/n^, s»f' dissoltftioo. 

t' 'lomifHaf'trte, n4r.aniike. 

r>- soDiifilia'naa, #./. onilkeiifss. 

! < ssumigNa're, v. to diiTrr, tary. 
.lomlglia'to, tfrf^. of.Hlte. 

'itsoOTtolk^vtole, aij( diflerenf , 

I ''sonaratc, d</. disagreeing, odC oTiahe, 
larring. , • . 

>.«sona'aaa,i./.5afr;ii«,'diiMBiqcti" , 

Wssbfteni^^if . to hare forgcttoi. 
Dfssuade'rr, Tr. todtrsoade. 
Dfssitasi'/ne, t.f. dissuasion. 
Dissua'm, fOrt. dissaadrd. 
Dissuaso'riu, ctlj. d'SNuasire. 
Dissuetu'dine, J. /. d-siise. 
Dmagmelta're^ t*. to break a seal. 
Dissuiigeila'io, <Ti/. unsealed. 
DiSSa^i'a, s.f. difficulty in making water. 
DiStaccamc'Dto,.'. 91. a pulling away, a dC' 

eachment, ^»n nwr.^ 
Di8i'«cra'.e, v, to draw 'iy force : dtsta<;« 
rtrsi, to par'. ; dist accarc te TeIe,to uo* 
bend t.'ir sail;. 
Di»tagil«^^, XI. TO cut in pieces, to drride» 
DisiagliatuVa, j./. separation, incision, 
cleft, c bap. , 

DIsta'nte, a,^. distant. 
Dlsta'nza, Dina'niia, i.f. distance, iatep* 

vai,' spate J»elween. 
frfsta're, v, to be distant. 
Di sta'te, oJt. in summer-f me, ; 

D"isteinperame'nt»>, s. m. distemper. 
Distempera'nza, Uist^-mperaie'zm, i^^ is* 

Wstempera're, t». to df*8olre. 
nisten»peratame'nte,flir. excessively. 
Dlltemperatu^a, s./. disoi;der, indisposH 

Distcmpera'(o,<it(/. intemperate, exceulT^ 

also dissoifed, liquified. 
Dlsit'ndere, v. to stretcl', spread, extend, 
by down, explain; diatendersij to en- 
la rye on a subject. 
Pistende're, t». to slacken, unbend. ' • 
Distendime'ntO, (. m. Distenditu'ra, l.jf* 
extension, siretchinj?' ■, 

Dfstewebra're, tr. to cfcar up. 
Disten'io'ne, J./, extension. 
Distermina're, v. to extcrmiiiate, eztri* 

Diste'sa, s. /. a stretching : alTa dfstesa, 
aJx'. at large : a disiesa, in a continued 
Diste8ame'nte,flio. extensively. 
Diste'so, A^*. I.<rge, long, proHx, tedioua: 

tutto disteso, sf rawling. 
Di'stico,i.>n. a distich. 
Pistiilamc'nto, s. m. distillation; 
Distilla'nte, ai;. distilling. 
I>i:;(illa're, T>. to distill : distlllani il cec* 

vello, to pqzxle the brains. 
l>istniato'io, s.'m. a sCill. 
Distillato're, t.m. a distiner. 
DiStillaxi'one, $./. dislillatHm. 
Dfsti'nguert, V. to distinguisk^diitinguw* 

»i, lo sfghalise ones self. 
Dfiitntiftn^rite, adv^ distinctly. 
Distioii'va, i./. Diaiinti'vo, *. m. markg 

sign, tok'ctj. „ . . ^ ^ 
Disffhto, •o»T. «listfi»goi»Ijpd. . 

1 DifillDgiD'bt, i.f' *»UKtk»fl,«epafitt 

Wftlvf MrV' to ramiMfc taM«utU««- 
ricn/ (€ rummtfc the hoM, lOibiA iMe 

Dltti/gHere, v, to ditreit (hm. 
Diitof lime'nto, s.m. tlie act of dtverting. 
DIttona're, v. to f o out of tun«. 
Ditt</roere» v. to twtot, Mrtettbe, writhe* 
DiitornahM^nto, 4. «. Itlndennce* 
ttfatorna're, v. to divert, binder. 
Utto'rre, v. to diisuade. remof e. i 

'Mit(/rto,di/.croolie4,beot,BnJost, unrea> 

nhtra'ere, plstra^rre* v. to«vert from* 
iM strar</ro, aiv, by atealtb. 
Diftra'tto, aJj. abaevt, d atracted. 
Distrath/ne,'./- diatraction. 
Distre'tta, s. f. disireas, want, 
blslrettamcfnte, a4v. rlforomlf. 
^iatretu'ua, s.f. witnxj, riaour. 
Diatre'tto, aJi). prened, crowded, oecewh 

toos: amicodUtretto, intimate friend : 

J parent! di«retli, near relations, 
itre'tto.'/.m. district, pr cinct. 
.IMatretlua'ie.dV- of thcsame districL 
i>is(ribuimc'nto,«. m- distribution. 
Distribui're. v. to divldcahare, distribute. 
I>iatribuil</re, J-«n. distributer. 
Dlstributi'vo, aJj. distributive. 
]>istribu'to,/Mirf. diairibuurd. 
Distributo're, J. m. divider, distributor. 
Distribualo'ne, i./. distribution. 
.Dhitriga're, v. to disimanglc, to unfold : 

distrigarsi, to disintang»e one's self. 
Distrlgn«'r«>,ti.lo tl«,bind, press, squeeae, 

Burroand« esiere disiretto di paura, tu 

be in a fricht. 
Dlatrignimc'nto, s.m, binding. t|lag, the 
. state of being tied or bound. 
.Diiicu'gacrc, v. to destroy: distruggeni, to 

pisiruggiine'nto, j.m. Djstru'aione, <^.de* 

•tructioo, overthrow. 
MMruggiti'vu, aij- deslractive. 
DittruttKitu're, J. m, a destroyer* 
Oistniiti'iro,, a4j. destructive. 
Dis'rutto prtr^ destroyed. 
Distruito^i-e, *. m, a destroyer. 
Distura're,i'< to unstq;). 
Disturbaine'nto, s.m, Diiittti1)Vn<a^./. dia- 

or^rr, confusion. pArturbatioo. 
DJturtia're, v. to disturb. 
Disturba'to, p^trt. disturbed, diaofdered. 
Distiir>>ai</re, s.m. a disturt>er. 
I)l«tt/rbo, i. 01. disturbance, confusion. 
. Disu*. frtp. ai>ove, upon. 
l>if»vaUVc, t». to prejudice. 
Dinvalo^re, ^m. weakness. Infirmity* 
Aiavantafggio, t.m* disadvantage* 
toiirariame'nto, i.fH. variation* 
^Isvaria're, v. to diifer, vary. 
»itTaria'to« ft(/. dilTf jisgiU. 

Difva'rio, §. m* dlffcreactbiSQPt 

mlftalte. i 

Dtaubbidic'Qte, 04/. disobedient. i 

DiaubbldicntMic'otc.oiT'. diaobedicAllj^ 
Diaubbidie'nca,!./. disobedience* 
Dbubbidi're, v. to disobey. 
Di ao'bito^ «iv. Immediatogr. 
Disvegliafre, v. to awalie. 
Disvel^oM^otOk <« ». difcovcrtec iuswcil| 

Dlsveta're, v. to onveU. 
Disvelalo're, s.m. a discoverer. . . 
DisveiJe're, v. to pluck, to puU aap^ «i>in|| 
get out. I 

DlsvenPrCii'. to faint^ waste, decay. 
Disvent u'ra, s. /. roisiortuoe, snisbap. 
I>isventpnstiime'nte, niv. uniortsmntelr. ! 
Dlsventunt'lo, aJJ. unlucky. 
D avergina're, v. to deflower. 
Disve'rre, it. to root upt | 

UisvcstKre, i*. to undress, explain, laafoId| 
D^vecfa'iWt V. tp disuse, to weaai. 
DisuggeiU're, v. to unaeat. 
Disuguaglla'nsa, Disjgaalitn\«.y. 

Disugua'Ie, aJj. unequal. 
DiHugualm«/nte,<b<v. uoefnaOj. 
Disviame'nio, s.mM. waAdering.. 
Oisvia're, v. to draar out of the 

degenerate : disviarai, to wander. 
Di»viatame'nte,aiv. waodcrincly. 
Disviaie'aia, s.f. a straying. 
Oisvia'to. a4). wandering, loose, lewd. 
Dl8viato're,i.fli.Disviairl'ce,4^ a «i 

rer, dcbaucher. 
Disvlluppa're, v. to disentangle, expbia. 
Disviscei a'rc. v. lo bowel, or pauac b 
Difvischia'ni, v. to gel rid oi 

Dlsviticchla're, w. to ditcsnbai 

Disvif i,'re, V. to correct, reclaim, pwify i 
disviciarsi, to leave off vice. 

Disumana're, t*. to make inhtsniaai \ d^ 
umanarsi, to become inhuman. 

Disumana'to, Dtsuma'oo, a^, iahoaAa^ 
cruel. . ~ 

Disuni'bile, aSJ. divisible. 

Disuniu'ne, J. /. a disunion. 

Oisuni're,i<. to disunite, divide. . « 

Disunitame'ote, adv. aeparaielw* ' 


nisvole're, v. to refuae. 

Dlsusa'naa, t.f, disuse. 

l>isuw're, V. to disuse t dlangarai •» w^^ 
off a custom. • ""^ 

niausatame'nte, aiv. ttBitttuUIy. 

Disuaa'id, a4j. unusiuU 

Disu'so, s.m. disuse. 

Ol luTsOk di lu, pnp. abowc. ttm^ 

Disu'tne,<M/. useless. * ""^ 


Dls^tlli^\ /./, 

i taVi<^««#ou vich Che«tfft* 

\:3,s.m.fL tliefi9sec». 

.u'le, i.m. • tbimblc. 

1 (a'nto, in Unto, aiv, now and then* 

I e^o.f.jn. the arm-pk. 

•i tempo in tempo, dit>. now u4 thai. 

)itcae're, v. to oetain. 

>itermtiia're, v. to deterraintf. 

)itcniii]ia'io, o^*. determinate. 

> tcrmioaxiane, 4 . /. i etol ut ion. 

^ittrttuSo'ne, /. /. detettalion. 

:>itira'mbico»a(;* dUliTrambic. 

)i'to, t.m. tM finger, tlic toe : il dito frriB> 
•o deUa roanOitbc thuoib : dito, an Inch, 
a Snier^bfeadth : mottrare akuko adi- 
t«, to point at one : kganeia al dito, to 
resolve not to forget : arcr quakbe co> 
sa M per le punta delle dita, to hate'a 
thing al one's fiogeft ends. 

^i'lola, J./, a kind of moihroon. 

:>i'tono, «4/> of two parts in niMic. 

[>itrappa'pr. ois, DitrM'rre, get,catc]i, 
s.eal, carry off. 

)i ira'ito, adv, suddenly. 

» in'tto in tratto, adv. now and then. , 

><(ruia<ac«#./. detraction. 

>>irinc:a're, v: to cat in pieces, to aince. 

>i'(Ui]no, 4. as. a aaedical berb. 

>■} 14're, V. 10 dictate. 

>i'tVto, i.sB. a dictate, precept* 

>>t(atk/rr, i.m, a dictator. 

)::utai'rio, 04/. dictatory. 

r'.tatd'ra,//. diciatorship,ttae dictating of 
any thisg 10 be written. 

>>t:o'afo, t.m. a diptliong. 

Ji(ur|fa're, v. to divflgure. 

)\f*,j./, Cimfottryj a |oddet% « mis- 

)irafainc'nto, s.m. a wandering; 

iiraiit're, V. to waoder, rove. 

JKaiiame'otOk «.iii.« descending. 

>iTaild're. v. to descend. 

iivtat pafre, v. to flash, tf ante. 

)i • a'no, /<«. the dlraa. 

:>iTaoia'ggio, adv. wiore. 

>JTaria'iw, V. to vary, diiTer, divenify. 

>ira'ri«, /.«*. variance. 

:)ivastirDe'oto,'Be, t.f, de> 

^■vfcchia're» v. to grow yooog. 

) vccchUm^alo, s.m, growing young. 

'>iiied(,Ve, V. to shew, convince. 

>iv</iiere,I>ive'rrc» pluck up, raoCnp^ 
dig, plough. 

rMvelliia^ntow pkicking ap. 

:)iTcnto* /orf . phicked oat ; «.«. a bod of 
eanb aewly dog. 

Oiveni'fc, V. ti>iiecoiDe,ta befai : ilnoflMe> 
ru dtvcnsc piograodctbe narnher grew 
greater: chc divcrr*! «hatwill btoone 

if«Mltf H 

Dhcttta^ra, «• ;io becMhet 

nrille fcolori, to change colMir. 
Dive'rbio, t.m. a dialeview 
Dlveota'to, port.' become. 
Di veTro, adv. traiy, in tiwlh. 
Oiversame'nte, adv. ■ divendy, — 

ing^.excestlvHv, lawnodoraiely. ' 
DirersaYe, v. to differ, vary. ' 

fXversificamc'oto, j.«. diflcf«ac«» ' • 
Diversillca're, v. 10 vary. 
Diveniiicaai(/ne, t./. variatioa* 
Divcrsi'fico, adf. different. 
Diversio'ne, t.f. diversion. 
Diverslta*, s.f, variety, diversity 1 ' •!«• 

cruelty, inhumanity. 
Dive'rso, adJ* diverse, anlike, itradM«i 

surprising, cmel, flerce, hideodfc ' 
■Dive'rsi, /TM. /I. divers, nMny< 
Oi verso, fnp. towards, from. 
Diverta're, v. to divert. » 

Diverti'coloy s.m, a digression. 
iHvertime'nio, «.aB. act of divcrtiM. dl- 

Dlverti're, w. to divert, intemqM: dhd^ 

tirsi. to take one's pleasure. 
Divestrre, i>. to undress. 
Divetia're, v. to beat the wool. 
Divettfno, j,M. beaier 01 ilie woot. 
Diveaaa're, t». to wean.- 
Oive'aro, ad/. unaccustoOMd. uousiial. 

strange, broken off. 
D* ivi, adv. from thence. 
Divia'iv. See UevJa're. Wily, 

nivialame'nte, adv. niroWy, qviekly, rea- 
DivtaTto, ad/, quick, active ; adv. imm^ 

dtateijr, without hesitation. 
Oivide'ndo, t.m, ■ dividend. 
Dividc'oie, furt. dividing. 
Qivi'dere. w. to divide, distribute, share. 

distincuish; dividcrsi. to separate. 
Dividito're, s,m. a sharer. 
I>irietame'nio, prohibition. 
Divieta're, V tofbrbid. 
Divietaaio'oe, «./. Oivlc'to, ^.as. prohi- 
Divinamc'nte, aiv. divinely, eacelleatlyw 
Divin^roe'nto, t»m. divination. 
Divina're, v. to 4i vine, guess al. 
Divinato're, t.m. conjuror, diviner, tooth 

Olvinaiio^ne, t.f. conjuration. 
Dhrtncalame'nto,«.«. Divlncolaat4/oe,«^ 

contortion, writliing, beading. 
Divincola're, v. to wrest, wring, bend, 
-Divinita', i./. deity, a nod, a goddess. 
DiTiniaaa'i e, v. to make di " ine. 
DfTiniasa'lo, ad;, made divine. 
Diviniaaaaio'ne, s. f, a deifying. 
Divl'no, adJ. divine. ' . 

DiTi'sa, a./. « dtviaioni a livery, a coat 
•f armSk . J 



Wvltuae^tef-tflv. wparateiy. 

DiTifltni^'Bto, t,m. leparalioo, dtvUloo, 
order, tbougiit, proj ct. 

DivinKrc, t>. to iMnk, imagine, propow, 
dMcribe, divide, sbaiv, determine, di> 
verfliff ; van. 

Divisaiamc'nte, aJv. distiBCtljr; at ran* 
dotn, by gueaa. 

DivisA'tu, pan. dtffigured, alteird i party* 
Coloured: e tu:to dtvisito, lie is quiie 
another ntdo. 

Dlfisfbile, ay. tlMtmy be divided. 

bivislbilita', /./ d vUibility* 

Div isi /u<; J./, division, di junton, dttrord. 

DiriiI'vo, a4/. leparable. 

DiWao, fart. divt'Jed; s,m. order, dispo- 
sition, metliod; opinion, lenttnent. 

Diviau're, s.m. a dirider. 

DiTlao'rio, aif. tliat haa a dividing quality. 

Di vi'tta, aJv. by light. » 

Diri'tia, i./. pientv, affluence, riches. 

IMvixic/ao, &(?. plprtiful, rich. 

Divi'no, d4/> heavenly, admirable. 

J>ivo, .04/. {in fottry) diVine, excellent, 

Di vo'glia, adv. villingly. 

Dirolgamefnto, j.m. divulging. 

Divoifri're, v. to divulge, publish. 

Dif olgarizxd're, v. to translate into vul- 
gar language. 

Divolga'to, part, divulged. ' 

Dlvolgaaio'ne, s./. divulgation. 
. Divyigere, v. to wrap. 

J>ivoracita\ Divoragio'ne, s.f. Divora- 
roe'nto, J.m. grccdtneaa. Obt. 

Divoramcrnti, t.m. hector, quarrelsome 

IXvora'nte, oi/, devouring. 

Sivora're, t>. to devour, to rat greedily. 

Pivprali'vo, <M/. devouring. 

Divoratu'ra, Dlvoraiio'oc, t./. the act oS 

Divo^ri io, i.m. divorce, departure. 

JDlvotame'nte, aJv. devoaiiy. 

DivQ^to, a4/. pious, godly, religioua.. 

JPlvoclane, s.f. devotion. 

Diure'tico, d4/> diuretic. 

Diu'mo, a^f, daily ; s.m. a book of daily 

Diuturnaroe'nte, adxt. diuiurndlly, a long 
while. . 

DiuiamUa*, s.f. long continuance. 

Diutu'mo, a^/. lasting. 

Dlf uiga're, v. to divulge, publish. 

T>ii(ioaaVio, t,m. a dictionary. 

Sizio'ne, /./. diction, doniiBion, empire. 

iMa'na. s.J. See Do«a'na. 

Dobia, M./. Dobh/ne, i.m. a pistole. 

|>«>bla'ggio, s.m. the sheathing of a riiip : 
doblaggio del limonc, the back of ihe 

Milai'rf ,va« AfCatbc a ship 1 a)»o lo.rcf cr: 


tH/ccIa, 1./. SB earthen cotftdalt-pl\pe« --i 

DoL-cia're, v. to pour by drops. ' 

Docciatu'ra, /./. the act 01 pourhw 

Do'cctu, Driccio^, I.m, 9D earthen c< 

• dull-pipe. 
Do'ctle, a</ tradable, food-nMui«d. 
Dociliia*, i<^. tnicl»blene«s. 
Dnciiinr'ntoi. i.m. instruction, pfiecewt- 
t>o lecat^Mro, Dodtfcat>e\iion, a 

mt-trical fi.'ure. 
no liceMlmo, 04/. the twclflfa. 
WMIcf, <T(/. twelve. 
Oo'lici'Da, t'f' a dotea. 
noira'nte, t.m. ibrre paria of four. 
Dofa, s^. the side-Voard, C-Up.baard. 
t>og\'\r,a4J. du'al. 

nosta'iiH, *,/. c:i9ioiB-boa«r, cuvtosn. 
DueanicVe, i.m. a custom-hoisse- oAccr. 
Doga'rr, t>. <o gird about, to put« or mead 

the ctap-boinh. "^ 
Do^ge, i.m. doge, capfai»*grneral, or doee. 
n* oggi in doma'ni, aJv. excrj (fay. 
Do'glia, Doglie'naa, i./. griei, pais, coa- 

Do'iflie, «./.^Ubottr, travaiU ih^^AUi- 


Duglic'nte, aif. grieving. 
I'o giio, I.m, a 

. tun, ca k, jar, pitehcr. 

Dogliosame^te, aiv. sorrowftttly. 

Doglii/so, ajj. grieved. 

Dogma, s.m. tenet, doctriae. 

Dogmalico, a4J. dogmatic. 

Dogmatisxa're, n* to dofiniailae. 

D* ognl int</**nOt adv. on every sMe. 

Dolce, /.m. swine'a blood t alaoswcetarti. 

Do'lce, a4/. aweel, fretb, pleaaassi^ tif> 
loveJ, mild, affable, agrecyble, so : : 
parti i-sl a bocca dolce, to go a»ay sa- 
tisfied: minestra troppo dolce*. brv:b 
not salt enough : oomo dolce A aalc. ■ ' 
shallow-witted man. 

Dolce, aJv. softly, sweetly, icniiy : delec ! 
dolce, agreeably, little by IMtle. 

Dolccmv'nte, adv. softly, gently. fooK^bly. I 

Dolce'MarT./- sweet nets, charm, ptea^iir. 

Do'lcl, s.m,fl. sweet Hihifa In 

Do'lcia, /./. swincs blood. 

Dolcia'to, (14/. sweet, cliarmhig* 

DolcicanoVo, adj\ melod'but. 

DolciftcaTre, v. to caka, appcMo. 

Dolcliicaalo'fle, i^fi a a«-eeitaiaf. 

Dolei'gno, 04/. iweetiah. 

Dolcio'ne, a4j, silly, dull. 

Do'lco, 04A mild) lemparaia, (qf 

Doieniemc^ite, orh*. doltM l y. 

Dote^te,a</. aanovful. mMenbte.t 
ed, poor, Billy, fo<iliah, widHd, p 
gate t oime dolaoic 1 murj. alvt 


I compla'«, safTer: mi *duoleUi(esU,itly 

held aches. 
I)o';o, s.m. fie6elt. 
l'>;or.igio'«r, s.m. grief, pain. " 
l>oi'>iVio, a4/« afflicied, vexed. 
Dolo'rr, t.fiu pain, grtif'.'sarruw, anguish : 

i dolori dci parto, pan^s Jn 'Cbild-birth. 
I>ok>ri'lico, nlj. pailiRil, doldul, Sad. 
Dji-jrasam«/nit>, aJv. tricvuusljr^ lairien)* 

anly, SorTOM'/ully. 
I>o1or(/io,«4f. paittfal, "torrovful, unl«a^ 

pf, wi«ked. 
Dulo'amc'DCe, hfv. t!eceitf««y, treicbe- 

Doio'ao, adj. dccrUnil, crafty. 
r>ol I'to, fart, cbiftptaiaed.' 
iK>!z.yre, s.m. Dotzu'ra, -r./. sweetness. . 
I>jma1>ile, alj. lanteable. 
l)oiiM'ijda, J.^'. Sec Dit^a'hda. 
l»unian-la*fe, v. to denrand, request, asKj 
' ix-quirr, rnqairei il irostrq j)adroae v) 

doinaoda, your 'master wants you: ve 

lo dimando in graxia, I eotreai you: 

domandar d'unu, to enquire alter 6nr. ' 
1>o'inafi da sera, Oomandaise'ra, aiv, \Or 

morrowr nigbl. . 
X>o.-naada:o'r«r, t.m. a demander, dun, pe? 

Donund^sio'ne, Domatidiu*, s.f. a re- 

q'j<^, qucKUonj r.iit. 
Dcnia'ae, «.>n. tM:e Uima'ne. 
DoKa'n I'attroj i<m. the day after to-jnor* 

Doras're, v. to tame, humble, conquef. 
rvjmato're, a.m. conqiierur. lamer. 
1 'utn^tt/an; s.t». to-morrow mamiog. 
I Jiotrnedi'o, s.m. Ood. 
!■ ^mr'aica, i.y. S&nday. 
Ix^-Deaioi'ie, Doninicale, adj. belonging 

lo Sunday : l'ora2lone dinnenicale, tb« 

Lord's prayer-, s.m, SundA}^'^ ctottacs. 
Domoiica'ao^ /.m. a white frur. 
iKimc«iic«'r£« See Dimestica're. 
bumcMichc'ska, i./. tamiliarity, kind* 

nv-.t, love* - • - 
f' )inc'>iico, s.m. « srrraat. 
I) jTiie'alic^Sk tf^'. familiar, tame. 
l> nnctoXe, adj' tameable, doclTe. 
l>v>ntici'ii«), j.fji. iiahitatian. 
iiofnioa'n(e; ttJ^, '«ignSng|^ predominant. 
iKinxotf'rr^ i') 1o domjueercriite, 'com* 

Dund, jfp%t^': un muolc <h^ dominj 

U ciita, a tiill coiuauuuling the Iowa. . 
I"^m:ii4tt/re,s.(s. ruler^jord.- 
i'voiii^ajr^yoCs,/./. ^nii'nio, s.m., domi* 

i.i'>n7po*<r, autI)or{ty/gov«rAm«Qt« 
tk ' -irr, • •"^JjiHyl: thecuFa'.B orpitestf 

ItN'..ILy€afiMy,<li9. 4tHDi^fc^> ■ . * 
I' -rninj, k dogma. , 

Domma'lca, s.m. dapiaikv Ipmrst- 

l>onag.i</nr^ s.f, Danaijp«fnto> x««i, a gilt« 

Dona'nie, «<</. g'fiftg. 
Dona're, v. lo give j s.m. gift, present. 
Donata'rio, s.m a donbe, {Itnu term,.) 
D^nati'vc, /.«n.bonixiu'n«^Dooaiu'ra,/^* 

gitt, picaeot, donatipc 
Dona'io, part: giyjjn. ' 
Donatu're, a giver.. . 
Donde *. adx'. tv hence I doMt, fnn, nlat, 
.yrhe'revff wiiicb, of wboot. 
Oondpla'r^ v. to swing, loiter: dondo* 

larid-Ia. id spen^l (i.m<: in vain. 
Do'ndolo, s.m. ihcihiii^ swinging i rolerc 

ildotidelo, to l^vej jolce. 

Doodolo'na, s, f. Domloli/ne, /.«>• a loi« 

terer; a doadoilooi,'*^. dingie-oaagie* 

Oomta, f./.' Voman, wife, tqisiress, la<^, 

dame, a nun r the;- queen at chess : 

' Vostra Donna, thic virgin Mary: dtinaa 

noveU'i, a new-iuarriesi .woman. 
Dunna'fo,.43oiic4mo'io, j.«n..oni; who runs 

af^er women ; an efi'eminaie ipao. 
Donnf'are, t«. to maltc Jore, to domiDcfy* 

Tisle, govern. 
Donneggia'fe, v. todomioeer, sway. 
Donncscame'nte, aiv. clremtaatelyf cour- 

tetiusly, civilly. 
Doone'ico, aJj. eiTemlnate; wanton. 
Djnnicciuu'ia, t)onne'tJa, Donntc/oa«<r./. 
a mem-woman, a Jtdle H'Oinatt,a welMli. 
Donno, t.m. rnaslei',. lord. 
I>oDnu!, aJJ. gentle, Itappy, good. 
IH/qnola, s./. a wenzle. 
bonno'uj, j.m. a juUy wpmaa. 
I)ooo»,J.ri». i;iu^ preient ; In dono, as Agift. 
Doiiu'zzo, %.m. a small gift. 
Oonve'ila, s.f.. Dooxelio, s.m. a matd^ 
Stfvanf, a' servant, bachelor^ kB<gb% 
b<-tiliff, esquire, tip-sUfl* . 
Donzeila're, v. lo toy, to spend time Idly. 
r>onzell;;'sco^ (T^y. niaiden-iike. 
nor.zcHe'tia, /./. a damsel. 
Hofo. frtp, afur, sij)ce, behind. 
Dopo die, con;', after that. 
J)o'ppia,v./,a pifipie, a hem, flounce. . 
DuppirfOK'nle, fUxu <1oubly. 
Doppiatu'ra, s.f. the act of doubling, aug- 

Doppie're, Doppie'ro, s.ttu torch, taper. -■ 
noppic'aza^ i./.;$iyDQSS, cunniogobsi dh> 
, pUcity, deceitt'ulness. . 
Do'ppio, i.m. dbubk, Awice.-aa. much s 
vene duro n doppiOtiHillf Ive yotktwi<e 
the vajusi e' il cluppip piuficc0ili vui, 
■ hejs twice as r^ch as ytMi ; dutihcitj ; 

also Ipckimei vt bdU. • . 
.IX^MOa, 4<4l«Utald)le. deCoUfui : dMOia 

apppia, a prconant woman t febbred^ 
I pia. a cohilnma f<s»Br» a. \\. *i^ •*>* 
; p|o, adv, dflUblHag* 


tM»p|»iif ne, s.m, a Spanish pistole. 

^ on in ort, adv. evrry momeiit, fnseo* 

sibly, bf little and little. 
Dora'rv, v. to glJd* 
]>ora'to. a if* tilt. 
Donm/n, s.m, gilder. 
I>orttu'ra, s.f. Dorame'nto, s,m» fUdlnf. 
Dore*, o4/> of gold colour. 
Doreri'a, <./. gold pliie. 
Do'rico, a^, Doric. 
Dormalfuo'co, *.m. a sleepy idle firllev. 
Dormeoto'rlo, Dormento'ro, Oormito'rio, 

t m. t dormitory y(/n comentj,) 
Durme'nte, *.m. a clamp. 
Do^miccbia're, DonnifHt're, f. to sleep, 

to take a nap. 
Doi-mie'ate, 04/. sleeping. 
Dormigllo^ne, i.m. sluggard, slumbcfer. 
Dormiglio'so, a<f. sleepy, dull. 
Dopmrre, v. to sleep 1 dorniire con gli 

occhi altniii (o trust to another man's 

dlilgeoce : dormlre al faoco, to be neg • 

Bormitu^ra, Dormicio^ne, j./. sleep, rest, 

the sleeping time. 
Sormlto're, s.m, ailumberer, atluigard; 

04/. supine, carelMS. 
Dorsale, a4/. belonging to the back. 
D&no, t.m* the back: picgare ildono, 

to submit. 
Doaa. Dose, «./. a dose of physic. 
Dossf, i.m. fl, skins of sqmrrels. 
Dossle're, Dostie'ro, /.m. a blanket, corer- 

So'sso, i.m. the back : d«r il dosao, to 

tarn one's back : levarsl da dosso« to 

gel rid of. 
Sota're, V. to jointure, to endow, to be* 

stow : la natura I* ha dotata d* una gran 

bellesva, nature has endowed licr with 

DotatoVe, i.m. be that endows. 
DoUflo'ne, i./. granting a dowrf. 
note, Dou, J./, portion, dowry, gift, ad- 
vantage, privilege. 
Botta, »./. an tour, a favourable oppor* 
VU tunlty ; alsoJiBir, appreiiension. doubii 
^^ pif lianl Ic tuedbtte,Ubke6Be' s plea- 
Ootu'gglo,!.*!. fear, apprehension, doobt. 
I>ottame'nte, a*v, learnedly. 
Dotta're, v. to be afraid of. 
Dotto, a4f. learned. 
DottoraMc, a4i, doctoral. 
Dottora're, v. to take, or give the degree 

of doctor. 
Dottora'te, s.m. doctorship ; 04/. having 

received the degree of doctor. 
Socii/re, t,iiu teacher, doctor; a kind ol 

tMttore^lo.Dottura'aco, DottorlfcciO|«.ii. 
k M l|Mm( 4oci«r* 

Dottri'na, i./. doctrine, kaowledfi, * 

dition : tenets, maxim. 
Doitrina'le, «</. Instructive. 
Dottriname'nto, s.m. insLructtoa, precept 

Do'thna're, v. to instruct, teach. 
Dottrinati/re, s.m. an instro-tor, an in- 

Dt>'ve, aJv. where, whit Iter: dove an- 

daie? where are you going? dove, 

whereas, when : dove, s.m. a place : 

■«apete il dove *. do you know the place * 

la dove, adv. tlicre, where. 
Dovecl)e*, adv. any where. 
Dovechesi'a. adv. wherever. 
Doventa'rr, v. to bee-one. 
Dove'nte, adj. owing. 
Dove're, v>. te owe; mustt dcve nsrre 

cmi, it most be sot che dobtoian»a 

fare? what must ve do? devoandarc «b 

citta, I am forced to go into ibe city : 

deve veniie oagl. he is to come to-dajr : 

mi devc dieelsctMli, he owa me ten 

Dovc're, s.m. duty : faro il m(o doverr, 

I'll do my best : plu del dovere, more 

than necessary. 
Da dove'io, aJx: in earnest. 
Dovi'a'a, «■/. store, riclies, plenty : f«f 

dovizia, tu make present*. 
Dtivif iotame'ntc, ai%; pieniiiully. 
Dovialo'so, a4i. pientiiol, ricb. 
Dovu'nque, aiv. wherever. 
Dovutame'nte, aM*. worthily, deservedly. 
I>ovu'le, aii. due, deserved, owing t dare 

ad ognuoo il suo dovuto* to five every 

one his due. 
Doisi'na, J./, adoaen: tencre a dossina, 

toboardt mettersiadui8isM.losp«og« 

on a person. 
Dotzlna'le, a^. mean, vile. 
Dozsinaline'nie;>dit>. vulgarly. 
Dozziiia'nte, i.A. a boarder. 
Draga'nte, »,/. gum-dragon. 
Draghlna'ssa, s.f. a rapier. 
Dra'go, s.m. a dragon. 
Dragoma'nno, s.m. interpreter. 
Dragona'to, part, dragooned. 
Drag(/ne, s.m. a dragoon. 
Dragonte'a, s.f, glass pUatanc, (a pterJ 
Dra'mma, s.f. a dram weight, bit, picca 

a tragedy, or comedy ; an ancleol cm 

of small f 4lue. | 

Dremma'tico, a4J. dramatic. i 

Dnppe'lla, s.f. a spearhead. J 

Dnppelia're, v. Co d'splay the coloott.] 
Drappeile'tto, 4.111. a tmali troop. \ 

Drapp<<lio, f.M. a troop, a flag. 1 

DrappeUo'oc, /.m.the down-hnsgisMt slM 
of a canopy ; church Upeatry woikZl 
Drappert'a. s.f. drapery, silk statk. I 

( Drappic^iiof 4.«. Ufitt m gmr. 


pp!</re, s.m. a vesTcr: mcreante fli 

rappi, a mercer. 

i'ppo, *.m. tilks, ataffk, cloth ; drappo 

I' oro, cloth of gold. 

la'da, s,f, a wood nymph. 

^e'lo, fnp. bebind. 

ittame'ote. See Dirittam^Dte* 

iiie'xia, *./. rectitude. 

n'llo, a4j. right. 

ri«4'rc, t». to ri«e, erect. 

ro'ga, J./, a drug. 

roghcrKa, *./. drugs. 

roghie'rp, s.m. a druggiat» grocer. 

romeda'rio, i.«. a dromedary. 

pj'da, 1./. aweet-hcart, a mistreat. 

ru ierfa, «./. araoDHia, dalliance. 

ru'do, i.«. a loter; «</. akiUuJ, raliant, 


^ri/ido, i.M. a Druid. 
*ui'ggio,«.m. panoo di daaggio, • taper* 

fw cloth made at Douay. 
na'ltf, «^-. of two. 
'u'^biamc'ote. DubbioMme'nle, Dabbita- 

t'Tan>e'otc> ait>. doubtfully. 
iibbia're, V lo doubt. 
^uVbieu', Dubbie'saa, uf. doabt» Mm- 


* iiibieffole, aij. doubtfnl, irretolate. 
>>ji>btQ, i.M. doubt : itare in dubbio, to 


'bbiosita*, «./. uoceftaioty. 

»>bDi(/M>, Dubito'io, DubitatiVo^ a4j. do* 

biout, ambiguous, dangerous, dif&cuJt. 
'Jbtta'bile, aij uncertain. 

• 'iianic'nto,/.in. Dabita'nia, i^. doubt, 

(' lesiioo, uncertainty. 

i "'/nte, adj, dubious, irresolute. 

'')iu're, 1*. to doubt, n*pect, (ear. 
'j'ltaiioCne.i./. uncertainty. 

J J)!e«o)ni^Dte, aiv. doubtiuliy. 

i'ca. s.nh a geaeral, coramaoder, chief, 

a duke. 

J a'le, aij. docal. 

' •calme'nie, <Uv. lilte a dake. 

' •< *^o. s.m. a dukedom, a ducat. 

*^' atCne, i.iv. a ducatoon, a ducat. 

'jce, i.n. {kufcitry) a captain, general 

orirrr, guide, director, conductor. 

^>' e'a, /./. a dukedom, docby. 

^'cftt, V. to lead, conduct. Obt,'a, f./. the territories of a duke, 
lie'ico, o^'. ducal. 

J (/iM, «./. ducbeM. 

J !>' ^li'na, s.f. a little ducbes*.' 

oUii'no, a young duke. 

'J^ s.m. and; a{/. two: tra le due, fo, 

w, ind rereolJy : teacr fra doc, to keep 

ID TOspense.' 

uHla'nte, t,m. dueHitt. 

■tclla're, v. to Cgbt a duel. 

i' iiau/fc, iMcttfau, !.»• a dnelkrj or 


DaeHto, s.m. a duel. 

I>ueta'nti, <tiv. as many more. 

Due'ito. 1.111. a duct. 

Dugencinqua'nta, /.as. aad a4j> two hut* 
died iTnd Rfty. 

Dugt 'nto, i.m. and aij. two hundred. 

Uui'no, J.m. two ace* ; crabs at hazard. 

Dulcicano^ro, aij. mt lodious. 

Dulcifica'ntr, ti^. softening. 

Dulcifica'i«, V. to soften. 

Dumi'la, Duemi'la, /. m. tod aij, (w*- 

Domo, *.m, (fa ^arffjr) both, briarti braair 

Dana, s.f. plaint, downs. 

Ou'nqur, adv. then, wliat. 

Duo, i.m. and e^j. {in foetry) tvo. 

Duode'cimo, aij, the twellih. 

Duo'io, s.m. grirf, pain, sorrow. 

Du'/nio, f.m. a cathedral, a cupola. 

Dupiica're, t>. to double. 

Duplicataroe'otr, adv. doubly. 

Duplicasio'oe, s.f. a doubling. 

Doplicita\ DuplicitaMe, Duplicha'te, «./. 
dissimulation, hypocrisy, dup'icity. 

Du'pio, adj. double. 

Du'ra, /./. delay, stay, stop ; stare alia 
dura, to be obstinate. 

Darahi'le, a^. durable. 

Durabiliia*, s.f, cootinuance. 

Durabilme'iite, oMk continually. 

Duraci'ne, aij. hard, {said qf fruit.) 

Durame'nte, adv. cruelly, roughly, ae> 
vefely, difAculilr. 

Durarornto, s.m, Dura'nta. s.f. duration. 

Dura'nie, a4j. during, lasting. 

Dura' re, v. to last, continue, to hold out, 
extend, reach, go. 

Dura'ia, DurRzi</ne, $,f. duration. 

Durati'vo, a<(/. lasting, steady. 

T)ura'lo, part, continued. 

Dure'tto, a4J. hard, rough. 

Dure'vole, aij. durable. 

Durerolme'nte, aiv. continually. 

Dure'aaa, Durevole'isa, Durita% s.f. ri« 
gour, crueky, continuance, duration, 
hardness, toughness. 

Duro,- tt^j. hard, firm, strong, robust, 
cruel, obstinat^ Implacable, inhu- 
man , laborious, hanh : xrapo duro, a 
blockhead: pane doro, stale breads 
duro, hard-mouthed, {tftakiag tf a 

Duro'tto, aij. somewhat tough* 

Du'ttile, aif. malleable. 

Duttillta\ s.f. ductility. 

Dutl</re, s.m. a leader, guide. . . > 

Duumvhw'ta, » w. duumvirate. 

Duo'mviri, s.m. pi. duumvirs, {jnatutrai^' 
Ht tkt Rpmtm rtpuUk.) 

w • 



Eed, eoiO' «nd : queslo e quelio. Ibis 
f and that. 
V, U( L-gli e, lie If : cosi e, m it is. 
E' h«r, it, ortUey i e si crrdcva, he ttiought : 

e mi pare, it seems to me : gli domaii' 

do citi e ibstcro, lie asked tlicoi who 

they were. 
Ebani'sta, i.m. worlcer to cbooy. 
E'bano, *.m, ciMnjr. 
IL'bblu, s.m. ilwjn elder. 
Ebbrc'xxa, Ebbrivu', Lbbriacbc'iza, i./. 

Ebbria'co, ttJj' drunk, draokard. 
L'bbrio, Ebbrit/so, Ebbro, a4j' fooHtli, 

drunk: ebbrio d' ainore, passionately 

in lore. 
, Ebdjtnada'rio, san^ bead of the convent 

lor the week. i 

E'bere, n. (o grow weak. ; 
E'bete, adj. weak. 
Lbollime'jito, Ebaliizio'ne, s,'/. boll* 

ing : ebollixione di sancue, heat of 

Kbra'ico, aU. Jewish. 
Ehrii'smo.J.m. Hebraism; thellebrewUv. 
Ebre'o, adj. Hebrew, jew. 
>'.br>a'rsi, v. to get druuk. 
Fbriit'io, adj. drunk, fuddled. 
Ebrialo're, s.m. a drunkard. 
tXifVttAt (.brieu', t.f» druokcnnc;^. 
E'bro, Ebrio'so, a4/« drui.ken. 
Ibu're, t.m. itory. 
EUu'ino, Ebu'rneo, ajj^ wliite ai Ivory, 

made uf ivury. 
Icato'mbe, E.atis'inbe, s,/. an hecatomb, 

{a ticrffi 1 0/ a hunirtd catUt,) 
Eccedc'nte, adj. exccedinf. - 
Scccdenteme'iiieV adx: excecdiifgly. 
Kccede'oza, /./. excess. 
Ecce'dcrCf V. lo surpass, excel, exceed, sla» 
Kccelle'nte, adj, excelleai. 
Cccetlentemc'nle, oiv.. excellently. 
Kccelle'nta. Eccc]le'qxi«,<i./.vexcriieacy : 

per eccelte'osa, Ail/. excdlcoUy. 
TJc, c'llere, v. to excel. 1. 

Klcelaame'nte, adv, kiftiiy. 
Vi.-cvbitu'diiie, i./. hifhoest, (riOr rf tf 

fr'met.) ... 

Kccc'Iso. adj. high, lofty, irMe, stately. 
Xcccntricamc'nic, orfv.- eccentrically. 
Vccentricita', './. ecocolrlcity» deviation 

from the center. 
Sccc'otrico, a^, eccentric. 
iccestivamC'mct adxu excetalyely. 
l^cMil'vo, a^, exceasif e. 
■ccaW, t.m. exccn, mpertorlty:, pre* 

emioeocc, cxagfecratlon, extasy, trance. 


Kcce'tA«,i./. note of abbrertaflo*, Jc«4 

Vxcffiio, t.ttt. exception, iliffemce. 
Ecce'ito, EccetocheS C9nj. but, ejiccpC. 
Eccettiia're, Eccetta're, t'. to except. 
Eccelua'lu, <i4/.. excepted. 
Ecccttuaslo'ne, Ecceaio^ae, #./. cxcep* 

tion, diflerence. , 
Ecci'dio, s.m, ruii), ala)ugliler. 
Eccitame'nCo, i.m. inciUtion, iMtigmiion« 

encnuragetnent^exclicneiit. * 

Ecciia'rr, v. to instigab^ . 
Ecciuti'vo, a<</. .exciting, prbv&kint. 
Eccilalu're, s.m. enconragir, lasiigator, 

abettor. « 

Ecciiaaio^ne,J./. ^e Kccitamr'nto. 
Ecrltfsia'air, Ecclcsia'«te^ s^aiu Ccrlest* 

astes, (a bpk if thf Old Ttstttm'^.) 
Ecclesiastic^mtrnt.', aH: cxcl«Mastically. 
Lcclesia'atiCJ, bcclesia'ste, a(/. ecdcstas- 

llcclesia'stico, s.m. a clergyman. 
Ecclissa're,* V. to be eclipsed, to rclip«e. 
E'cco. tUft, betioid: ecco i rosiro lii>ro, 

licpti's > our bouk^ eccoio Si, there lie 

is : ecco, tiicn. 
EcItrggia'Qte, a4;. resounding. 
Eclieggia're, t>. tu ecito, resound. 
txrliio, s.m. barfs tongue, (<tn kir^,} 
Ixho, «./. tiie echo. 
Ecl'vse, £;cli'Mi, s.m, an eclipse. 
Ecli'ttiia. fxf. ecliptic Htle. 
Econo HI *'m, J.^stewardsbip. 
Erononii'a, Econt/mica, /./. economy. 
Economicanie'nte, 4UtH economical ly« 
Econp'micOk (!■(/• sparing, sa*iD|. 
Eco'nomo, s.m. an econoroiM. 
Eco'noma, s,/. good hoiMe-wife. 
E conve'rso, adv, on the conirary. 
Ecu'lro. s.vh an instrument of tortorr, 

sliaped as an hone, 
i^ume'nico, a4f. general.' 
Eda'ce, 04/. vor«cioiis, raveaooi. 
Edacita*, s./. greedineis. 
Uen,s./. sryc ■ • 
Edero'>o, Edera'ceo, «4;. full of Ivt. 
Bdificame'nto, «.«* a buildiogi ediMBg. 

etflca're, v. io. build, edifr. 
idca'ta, t./. ediftcer buMisi. 
Edllicato're, s,i», a builder. 
Edlficato'rio, adj* ediff tag . 
Edi4cafi(/n(»4./. edili-a«i«n, batUUa«. 
Edift'cio, EdiU'tio, t,m. cdttfce. ^^ 
Mile, t.m. a sort of magistral, 
EdiliU', A/, the ofice ofedUc. 
Edi'tio, s.m. ediot,, Coerce. 
S^ai4/ne, s./, edition. 
Edaca're, s^ le educate. 
Educati(/ne, «./. cducatioiu 
Eire, «./. the letter v. 
BflTeme'rlde, t,/, ephauicrtt* 
CfffcfnlMmc'ni»,iu«. MTMuioacr* 
urcniuric, «. !• dt^ai^aic . 


Cpmlnttame'nte, adv. eflTemlnateljr. 
.irTiiiode'ssa, effemmaufffine, J./, ef- 


'fcmina'to, adj. eflTemiaate. 

:-eratanic^Die» adv. cntcMy, fiercely. 

irer^ic'iaa, *./. cradtjr. 

^cr-t'to, a4f. fierce, civet. 

1 -rita", t.f, fierceneis. 

fcrvcact^nsa, /./. beat, vifour, fovce, 


'Viiimnc'nte, adv. efTectWcljr. 
- 'e-liTrti*, *./. ettcacy. 

■ojM'vo. At/, effective. 

"Vuiiy /.m. eii'cct, wiccen,* benefit, pnr- 

!>>e, dcaico : in effcetio, dJi>. tn fact, 
^'it'm j.m,^/. riTects, goujs, property. 

'ic(ti>re,/.«ii. a maker, worker. 

- cttua'le, aJj. cffiectuMi. 

■ " Uuaiine'a c» div. eiVciuaily. 
'! -f tiia're, i». to accompliaii. 
iczit/oe, /./. execuiioo, or effecting. 
; ij'cc, aJJ. efficacious. 

' iccm*/Bie, aiv. eftectiu'Iy, eOicaci- 

i j'ccia, J./, efficacy. 
cic'nte, aij. efficient. 
' .'ia'ri', v. lo draw, paint, 
.I'rfit:, i./. image, picture. 
..jV:o, j.ffi. an overttOMing ; effluvia. 
' I'nJcrc, T'. to pour out. 
lorma'to, adj. »ltApelcw, drforined. 

r.'naianie'nte, aJv. excessively, rashly. 
i< I cfn'to, adj. iinmudcr.ilc, unruly. 
riaityne, a./. CAondime'oto, UHu'sso, 
j.rn. efluitoji. 

r.'ri'i>ra, j,/. « one day ferer ; an animal 
u liirh lives but ob« day. 
,' ^la'co, Egifia'na, a^. Egyptian. 
. i, pnn. he, it, Jlicy. 
• 'nn, they. 
^ ; «so, fTM. 1 1 1 inteir. 

- >\^, *'f- pasionil poem, eclogue. 
.."iine'me, adv. giieroisi?. 

.cyiuncTate, adx: egn-gieusly. 
f-Vio, adj. egrrgio(i9, lainous. 
"o, adj. sick, gneved, vexed, aflieted. 
ji«l:a'o<a, Lguale'aaa, Jr./. equality. 
'1 iKiia're, t>. to e<]ual. 
■c -^V, 04/. rqaai, impartial. 
kjitiia', /./. equality, coafonnUy, im- 
pir i-ilit>. 

7ji!nic'nie, 0/t'. alike, eqqally. 
, mtn-j. alas! el»! vauenc via, pry'tbc^ 
be gone. 

I. cii, alxu ao, to. 
• , tntrrj. conir, come. 

■ ure'. otaneU wKttrJ. ah! aiat! 
■ibora'rs, «. to take pains. 

^ bora'to, 134/. elaborate. 
V'stico, «4/. eiaitic* 
4 Ht icita*. /./. elasticity* 
.a'to, «</. railed* li/lc« 11^ 

, . ,. > « .'.J 

FJjLxiyne, a./. haogliUiicM. 
Elce,j./. Uie boime-oak. 
Elefrnte, j.m. an etepbant. 
Elefanle'ssa, /./. a she elcpbaot. 
tlctanti'no, auj. belonging to an elephant. 
Eiefa'nzia, s.f. a kind of leproay.- 
Llega'nte,a</; .elegant, l$ne,|>oHte,gricefol. 
L'cjranteniirnle, «J». elegantly. 
Lk-ga nza, s.f. elegance. 
Cle'ggcre, tf. to elect, choose. 
Clegsime'ntOfj.m. election, choice 
tiegi'a,-!./. an elegy. 
Llegi'aco. a^. elegiat ; s.fn, a writer ef 

( iegics. 
Elenienta'le, Elementa're, «<A elementary. 
Llemeotafre, t*. to compose oreleracots. 
Elemenu'to, fart, composed of elemeatf. 
Eleme'jito, s.m. the element. 
Elemo'sina, J./, almf, charily. 
Elemoiinu'rio, Elemosinie're, a^J, elee- 

moj) nary ; um. an alm&-givcr. 
F.Ie'oco, s.m. catalogue, index. 
Ele'ttivo, a</. elrrtivc. 
Ele'tta, i.f. an election. 
Ele'tto, fart, elected, chosca, £i»e, cbbice» 

Klettora^e, fl/7. rlrctoral. 
ElcU0i-<i'(o, f.9n, electorate. 
EkltoVf, s.n:. an elector, title ofa prince. 
Klc'ttnco, it4j^ electrical, 
tie'itro, s.vr.. 
Elettua'rio, «.>/>. an electuary. 
Meltri'ce, .»./. an ekctrlx. 
Elevanit'nio, t.m. ek-vation. 
E)evii'«-e, Vi to raise, exalt, be proud t 

eievar«i, to grow pii>ud 
Elerate'zza, /./. elevation, height. 
KI«fa'to,iaiy. haugiity, proud, 
fclevaain'ne, i.f. exalution, ald(ude« it* 

gree ot latitude. 
ElcziVne, i.f. I'ieHion. 
tlirc w, V. to draw, to extract. * 

tli'Jcfre, t». to reirench. 
Eli::e'a(e, s.m. elector. 
in«i'i>jlc. <i4/ fit Ko be chosea. 
Eli'-^io, ^.m. Elvsium.* 
^lisl're, $.tn. elixir, quintessence. 
illitro'p'S, '■/• a precious stoou of a greea^. 

coiour, with red sputs. 
EUtrypro, «.o|. the herb turnsole. 
Ella, s.f. t\\t herb clecampaM. 
ElU. fvya. sli«, it. 
EHeraaro, i.«». Itellebore. 
fell -ra, s.f. Ivy. 

EUi'sse, J./, ellipsis. ' 

EMt'iico,-(ii/. elliptical. 
Einie'lto, Elmo, !.«► helmet. 
tl«>cuzio'ne. t.f. elocution. , 

felo'gio, s.m. eulogy, praise. 
Etoque nte, aiJ. eloquent. 

J)i!oqi/enieme'nte, «dv.^Sot\Wti1^T-^ 
1Ud5u>«aav fc!bquc<toa\a, a./. elc*]p««'*f« 


IUm. /. /. Elao. 4. fR. a hilt, or handle. 

kirtc da'no, a</. explainiof. 
Klacubra'io, partt cireAiily wroaght. 
li icubraiif/oe, i. /. coraposiog io tke 

K1u'«i<.- rr, tn (o elude. 
K.\tuc\A'rt, V. to make lean. 
Cinacia'io, Ojij. emaciated. 
Cmaclaiio'ne, J./, leannvst. 
EiBMna're, t*. to proceed i'roin. 
Zmancipa're, v. to set at tibertf. OAf. 
Emanr puzio'ne,/./. cmancipathHK 
E^uaii'ia. f./. a bluiid'tionc. 
i.mbd'rgo, s, m. an i*mbargo. 
Kmbk-'inj, I. m. fmblcmi 
Einblema'Uco, <i^'. emblematic* 
Evibli'cc, I, m. //. a kind ut° plunu 
£mboli'!imo, i. m. embolism; tlie adding 

ot a (1.1 y tq make leap- year. 
I.'j(bri'(C, J./, a tile. 
Emiirio'nc, *. m, an embryo, 
ijii'tiru'cca, s,f. an rmbrocaiioD. 
l.iTibrocca'rv', v. to make an embrocation, 

ti> fumcnt. 
Eiiic'nda, j./tKii)ondanic'nto,j.m. consola* 

tion, rrclrciis, emend<ilion. 
Efuvnda'biic, a^j. easy Ip lie Corrected. 
kwrnda rt* , v. to Correct, mend i emen. 

(liirsi,to men 1. 
Kiiu'.nd/(o, fart, corrected : far le emen- 

da, to mAke rcparjiion. 
Eiuenda'iore,/. m. a corrector. 
> nipodazio'ne, t, /. currecttou. 
Einerge'nte, adj, emergent ; nerenila 

cmergente, a pressing neceasity : danno 

cmcrKentc, loss wliicii one natains by 

not being punciualiy paid. 
Einergc-'nza, s- f. tmerge'nte, f.m. an 

ftnergcncy, accident. 
£>nc'r^er«, v. to emerge, swim. 
Kme'rso, fctrt, risen, comb out. 
Knie'tico, aUj. s, m. cmcllcal, emetic. 
Emicrn'n.a, Kmigra'nia, J./, licalucb. 
Emine'nte. adj. emim-nt, a|,p uacbing. 
EmJM.-nteme'nie, alv, cun^picuuusly. 
Eii.lni/nia, s.f. einincjice. 
EmtsiU' ri , Einisle'ro, t. m. hemisplicre. 
Emi<«iia'rio,j.ryi.ai7i*>Tii<isary ,tt tpv.a iialllon 
Einissic/nr, s.f. enii»ion, tenl, bleeding. 
Emrrite'o,f oj.H lemitertian lever,ur ague. 
Euunc't I. i, t|ic letter m. 
Einalumc'nto, /. in. emolument. 
Einorroida'ic, adjs of or belonging to tiie 

Emoro'ide, t. f. the pilirf . 
Einpetti'gine, $./. a ring-worn, or tetter. 
Kmpiamc'nie, adv. wickedly. 
Empi4Stra're, v. to pUttcr. 
Empiastra'to, '. m. a plasterer. 
Empia'stro, s. m. a pla sti-r. 
Empiv'ma, s. m. itaihering of matter. 
KivpiciM'yco, »</. tlat iplu ofi«i»« 


Emple'nte, a4/. ffblng. 

Empitt're, bmpi're, v, (o tatUtf, Mt, a«« 

Empieta*,/./. impiety. 
Emnie'asa, m. /. impiety ) also an accoa- 

plishing, perrormance. 
Knipime'nio, s. «. a flUiof , stufiiif* 
Cmpi'o, n4/. impioas. 
EmpKreo, adj, empy.eal. 
Empireuma'iico, adj. smelling of ire. 
tmpiVico, /. m. a quack. 
Empi'to. s. m. 
Empitu'ra, /./. tilling, stafflnv, furniture. 
Empiu'io, a4f. (all. 
Lmpo^rio, /. m. a market'place. 
Eniu'gnere, ft. to dim in Ub, abate, impair. 
ErouL're t>. to v<e Witii to strive. 
Emulitt/re, j m. emulatur, rival* 
Emuiazio'nis /./. tmulatioo. 
h'mu\o,,A I ival.compctitoi*, aotagonisL 
Cmubio'ne, t.f, an emulsion. 
Emu'ngcrc, v. lodiminib. 
Enciifmosi, J. fl>. n elBux of blood. 
Encom1»'ri', t». to praise. 
Encomi/lo, />.rr^ p.rai<ud. 
Rnco'mio, t. m. i'nc<>mmra. 
£n:lccassi'lia)>u, ai/. cat)»is(iQg of el.*ve8 

syilable^i ; s.m. a \Hxm loruied of vrnes 

of eleven syllables. 
E'ndica, s.f. t'>irc!italllng. 
E'odice, /./. mark, token ; i, m» die Bcst> 

Endi^ia, /./. endive. 
Encrni'a, /. /. energy, force, emphasis. 
bnerau'menu, s.m. one pONSeMed oi'a detiL 
Lnfa'si, /.y. cmpbaits. 
Enfa'iicu, o^'. emphatical. 
Enfiagio'ne> Enftat^/ra, «./. Enfiai'to, i.«. 

a swelling, (uiiiuur. 
Ei.fiame'iito, ^ Ml. Lnfiaiio'ne, f.^ tamor, 

pride, vanity. 
l-.n(ia're, swell: en/iani,io t>e paffed ap. 
Enfiatdme'nte, alx: projrtly.. 
Ennati'cciu, aU. itomeiiiing swelled. 
Enfiati'vu, a^'. (welliog. 
Lnfio're, i. m. impoalUume. 
Enfiteu'si, •. m. graiting; the rcating ot 

Und 10 plinr. 
En/gma, Eni'mmn, t. m. a riddle* 
Enigma'tico, Lnimma'iico, a^', obscinv, 

Ennc, J./, the letter N. 
Eito'rme, a^J. enunnoiis. 
(.nunncmc'nte, adv. grievously. 
En <rniita\ Enorme'ssa, s,/. heinoaiBc«L 

Ente, J. m. a being : eote reale, ival et* 

Utetice : ente di ragione, an iiuginary 

Entime'ine, j. m. an entliymem* 
F.tUit.V, s.f existence. 
Euto'maie, i, to. an insect. 


:nirainc'iitOa ^* «"• oo cnierlog, ntfj, 

■-ntn'Die, a4f. entering; also forward, 

bold: ragioni eqtranii, conviacing ar> 

CumenCs ; «.«•. entrance, begioning : all* 

en t rente del mese, in the lNsinn>Bf of 

the iBontK. 
intra'rr, v. to enter; entrare a tatola, 

lo sit at table: entrar in -cammino, to 

Bet out: entrar in ballo, to lead the 

djnce: entrar in altro, to change dis. 

coune; eatrare in parole, to begin a 
discourse ; entrare oe* fatti d' allri, to 
meddle with anotheft aflTaira : questa 

<o*» nen m eotra, I do not understand 

tilts: eatrare in rel.gione, to go into a 

convent. [ginning. 

F.ntre'ia, «. y:, entrance, income, rent,be- 

i-nirato're, J. m. a man making an entry, 

»o intruder. 
^^(niiu'ra, j.jT. entrance, accen. 
tntrOf fn-p, in, within, between. 
Lntusia'sDto, s. m. entbasiasm. 
K'tutia'sie* s. m. an enthusiast* 
>-''Ulo', j.f. elicampane, a plant. 
>-nuinerame'nto, «. m. enumeration. 
Ln jmera're, v. to enumerate. 
Kriunirrazio^ne, /./. enumeration. - 
i-nancia're, v. to declare, proclaim. 
i^ninciat/vo,aJJ. expressive. 
K;i Jncia'lo, part, p.oclaiined, declared. 
Lr..ini.iazi(/nr. «./. expression. 
K./o, aJJ. eastern. 
> P-», J./", ihe belly. 
>')>«'iica,.(./'. iirer<wort, a plant. 
L,>i'ttco, adj. heiiatic, belonging to the 
liver i «. m. a paasaife of the bile to the 
Irver,'ita, a./". Uie epact. 
Lpice'dio, s. m. a funeral song. 
i'i>ictV,lo, J. m. epicycle, or lit.le circle, 
('pi'co, a^. epic, heroic, 
tficure'o, a<;. epicurean. 
F-pidr'inta, s,/, epidemic disease. 

Ipifani'a. s.f. twelfth day, epiphanf. 

Kpifone'inm, «./• epipiiooema, a figure in 

Fpigra'ninia, /. m. an epigram. 

Lp\le^ai'a, £pilesi'a, s.J. epilepsy* falling* 

I-pilc'itico,<ti;. epileptic. 

>pi)oga're, v. to make a conclusion. 

> pilogasiirne, i.f, conclusion, end. 

l-p/logo, J. m. aa epilogue. 

>.p4tcopa1e( aJj episcopal. 

Lpiscoparto, /. m. bitboprick. 

Lpist/dico, M/' episodical. 

Lpiso'dio, 4. m. digression. 

Lpi'tiola, $. /. as eptslie, a letter* 

Kpiuola're, aij. epistolary. 

Lpi*ui|[irfiO|«.aB.kUcfbQ0k. . 


Ei^ta'ffio, t. «. epitaph. 

Epitala'roio, s. m. a nuptial song. 

Epi'teto, /. m, epithet. 

Lpiti'mbra, s./. a weed so ca'.lrd. 

Epjii'mo, s. tn. the flower ot thyme. 

Epitoma're, v. to abridge. 

Kpi'tomp, s, m. abridgement, abstract. 

Epi'tiima, s. /. an epitbem, an oatwani 

Epitiuna're, make, Hr apply epithems. 

£pittiraasi(/ne, i./. the application of epi« 
tbems, fomentation. 

Epo'ca, s. /. epoch, an epocha, era, pe- 
riod of time. 

EpuHide, t, m. a tumoF^ svdliBg 

Epulo'ne,!. m. a glutton. 

Equa'bile, a4/. eaual, like. 

Equahiliia*, Equalita*, /./. equalitjr, even- 
ness, uniformity, likeness. 

Fquaoin)ita*,i./. equanimity, moderation. 

Equa'nimo, a4/. moderate. 

Equa'jite, F^uato're, s, m. equator, the 
equinoct'al line. 

Equ'izio'nr,J</.eqtiation,an equal divisioo. 

Equc'stre^ o^/.eqjcstrian, beioasia« to an 
•horsem in, or knight. 

Equia'nftolo, a^. equiangular. 

fcquicru're, adj. equicrurai. 

Lqui Jisia'nte a4j. equidistant. 

tiquidistanteoie'nte, oMj. eauidistantly. 

Equidista'naa, J. /. an etiual distance. 

^uiia'tero, i. tn. equMateraL 

Equihbra're, i'. to equiponderate. 

Equili'briu, t.m. equilibrium: inettere In 
equilibrio, topoixet teuer Fcquilibxio, 
to kfcp the baUoce. 

Equinozia'ic, aJJ. equinoctial. 

Kquiou'^io, s.m. equinox. 

Equipaggia're, v. to roan a ship. 

Equ'pa'g^io, j.m. equipage, retiooe; the 
crew of a ship. 

Equipara're, v. to compare, to parallel. 

Eq^iipondera'nxa, t. /. equiponderance, 
equal weiehing. 

Equipondera'rr, v. to weigh equally. 

Equise'to, j m. horic-tail, herb. 

b(|ui(a*, «,/. rquity. 

Equifaie'nte, «</. equivalent. 

I:x)uivalent«'me'nte, adv. equivJently* 

Eqiiivaic'aza, i./. equivalence. 

Equivale're, v. to be eqnivalent. 

Equivoca'le,Equt'voco, bquivoco^so, Eqtii* 
voche'scu, cUj. equivocal. 

Equivocame'nlc, adj. equivocally, ambi- 

Equivoca'nle, a^i/* c<l">^'o<^"ting. 

Equivoca're, v. to equivocate. 

Equivocaaio'ne, t.f. Lcjuivo'co, Equlvoca- 

me'iito, s.m. equivocation. 
E'quo, adj. just, t-quitable. 

IEradica're, v. to eraditalt-. 
ixadicato're, Jifls. * deftwytr. 




KfB'rlo, s.m. tise excl/tqaer, tmiarf* 
Erba, /./. gniMi osni nul Brbt creirr, 

ill weeds (row apace: non'C crba del 

vostro tfrto, tliii if none of foor own 

Erba'ccia, /./. weed. 
F.rba ctilombi'mi, s. f, venrain. 
Efba'^sUi, s.m, kitclieo hert>t. 
£rba Riu'iia, t,f. aweet maudUn. 
Erbft'fo.f.m. RraM pasture. 
Erbaluo'lOf unt^ 4ii tierbatlit. • 
Erija'le. a^j. of or l»eln«gtn« to Knn. 
£rt)«lliifccia, «.m. ao herb Utat irows vilh 

one leaf. 
Mfll'crba, $»f. « nettle. 
Erbatrastu'lla,j./. ribaldry. Idle irords. 
Erbc aqua'tice, /. /. sea weed^. 
Krbe'ttti, Erbi'criuuU, t.f. ftne grass. 
ErboU'io, t.m. an herbAlis . 
i:cbol)t^«/.m. a kind of pastry with herbs. 
KrboNu, aij. srsiiisy, full ot herbs. 
Krtm'cce, s.f. pL small lifrlw, pariley. 
I'rt'dc, .».»*. J. /. hiir, licire»«. 
i:rediu'ic, lureda'ie, v. lo inbrrit. 
I ifdiia'rio, n.lj. h«redit.iry, J.m. heir. 
Lreditc'vole, unlj. heredttary. 
l.remilH*, s.m. an lieimit. 
Lrem ta'ggiu, ftre'nio, t.m. hermitage. 
Eremi'tlco, aif. solitary, bclonging to an 

Lreniiio'rio, Cremity'ro, s.m, wlitude, 

Ene'sia, s./. Iirresy. 
Enesij/rca, t.m. chlrfof an heresy. ' 
rxetlf o'le,'iico, ai/. Iiwvtical. 
Kredcaline'nte, tUt: hcreticilly. 
Ere'tico, s.m. ao heretic, d V* licrelicaL 
Ere'tto, afj. erected, raised. 
Fretio'ne, i./. erection. 
Erga'stolo, t.m. a pi ison. 
Erpe're, tri'gerc, i». to erect, build, raise. 
Kri'nc, Eri'nnl.i./. ft, the hiferoal furies. 
Eri'samOf/.m.H ild cresset, hedge-bustard. 
Ennai'noili'to, |.m. hermaphrodite. 
EnniUi'no, s.m. crgnine. 
Ermeticame'nte, adv. hermetically. 
Ermo, a<(/. {in portry) desert, salitary. 
Emi'a, /./. k ru|itare. 
Eriiia'ria, s.f. a kind of plant. 
Ernio^io, ajf, ruptured. 
K9&W. S.m. an hero. 
Eroicame'nte, aJv. heroicallf* 
ER/ico, a4/. heroic, noble. 
Eroico'mico, a4/, burlesque* 
EsVino, s./t a heroine* 
Erplca're, i«. to barrow. 
Xppicato'io, »,m. a dragging Mt to catch 

SrpKce, /./. a harrow. 
J^a'nte, Erra'tlco, <i4/. vanderlsf I CftTft- 

jitim ifrtAie, fcali irt gg i liilt. 

Ern'rc v. lo err, to miatakr: crfare B 

raioHiino, to loose onc^ way. 
Lrra'ia, s. f. portion, share. OAf. 
Erra'to, adj, confused, mistaken. 
brre, ». f, the h tter It. ^ 
Erro, s.m. a hook, brace. 
Erroprame'nte, aiv, erroncotisly* 
Erro'neo, adj. erroneous. 
Em/re, i.m. error, fault, sir. 
Erroru'ccio, «.m. a small fault. 
Erta, Erte'na, i./. declivity, a clir: stare 

at ertt. to sund upon one's guard, 
trto, aia. steep, upright ; €Uv. diirctly 

up bill. 
Eru>M>scL'nas, /. /. bashfulncts. 
(.ru'ca, s.f. tlic lieib rocket; a calcrpiilar* 
Knidtnie^lUo, i.M IcMrBing. 
Erudi're, v. to -teach, loMriict. 
F.ruilitaniv'iitc oiv. lcam«4ly. 
Efudl'to,A(;. legmed, tki:liuU 
Lrudiijyne, /./. learning. 
Lnro, «.m. .pulse like «ett ties. 
FTuitA'n*, 1JW to break wmd, to beicli. 
Erutt4to'iv, j.m. a bekher^ 
LriiitHXtu'Dn, '^./. belching. 
Cs-icerba're, v. \o provoke. Irritate* 
Esager^'ntL', aij. cxaggr ruling. 
F^aserAf. v. to atnpiify. 
Est^terazUi'r.e, /. /. anpiiflcatioa. 

T.fla. the rixth part of an ou^ce*^ 
!a^,T>.toagitate,Tcx, fret, («e arWl)* 
Mio'ne.'it/. agitation CG, {wot gjri.) 
Esutm:i<le,-*iEaM!'guno, aij. \\% aided. 
EsMond,*i.}»'.. hexagon. 
Eaal/re, v. tu exhale, Meam, recreate: 

cs4<are gli.tiliimi spiriti, to breathe 

one's last. 
Eialaz </ne» /./• Esa'lo, Eaalame'oCo, mm* 

pj.iiiane'nto, I.m. pre'ermeot.exattaUoa. 
SK'iU.i'i-e, t>. to exalt, extol. 
KMJtittu're, s.m, he thit praisrt. 
Esalritzro'nr, 1./. adtan' cment. 
J^'inc, s.m. an vxauiinaiion, also a tsrarm 

of bees, 
tsa'nictm, s.m. hexameter veme. 
tsainloafiv, v. to examine, aearcls« prove* 

weigh, consider. 
Csamlnato're, i.ib. ekaminer. 
£sa;nlnkti</ne,Esa'ui} oa, Esa mina'osa, s.f. 

r.Siimlname'nro, s.m. examination. 
'Esa'iigtie, aAj. pate, wan, dead, without 

Esaninia're, ti. to deprive of lifa. 
Esas|>era're, v, to 'rnlate, Inc6«se* 
Esaiperaciu'ne, s, /. EiaipcnaKTato, «.«• 

Esaitame'nte, aiv. exactly. 
Eaatie'aca, «./. punctuality. [taaL 

Esa'iio, <M/. exari. strict, carefa}, Mwb* 
Esatto^re, s.m. a collector. 
tuodCTg^le, «4^ «ittrtatcd| exwillib 


he iring. 
Y>a.jdi're, t». lo giMnt. . 
l.-vAa li'to, par%. granted. 
L< J ii</(«, f.fli. be iltat grants. 
L i'u«to, aJj. cipiiv, exhausted. 
I.>a^i(/ae. s.f. exaction. 
£)C (, J. /. bait, aUureinent; tinder, touch- 
wU't'i : avricinar 1' eaca al fuoco, to 
ex pose to daOKcr. 
E'^dnJesce'nza s.f, anger, wrath, 
E-ci'ra, /./. the S'^tT of a woundi 
L-iran/Uco, adj. br.nging a scab. 
l.<)C4'to, s.m. jttae place where tiie bait is 

put lor birds. 
>~chi'o> $.m,\.he beach>trec. 
lo^-ia'mc, s.m, a qwarm of bees. ohs. 
Lsci'T.c'oto. J. m. a going out, sally, sac- 

ces<, end, tea?. 
F.I i'ne, V. to go out. 
Ejci'ta, s.f. a way out. 
LKUma're, f. to cry oat, exclaim* 
Kicl^iMif Kvo, adj. exclaiming. 
>' cijmazk/ne, **/. exclamation. 
i-v lu'J«-re, t». to exclude, rpjrct. 
K<ciii>io'oe, EscIusiVa, s.f. exclusion. 
K^cJj'mii, part, exc u-i«d. 
Lsco^ita're, v. to tliink, iinaff'ne, devise. 
Eiconaaio'nr, s.f Escoriflme'nlo, Eicur* 

tirarne'nto, s.m. exooriation, liayini^- 
Lac remeafa'le, &iCRnnrn(i'aiosD, a^' 

culent, dreggr. 
')>-cremK'nto, s.m. excrement, xlregs. 
ij'crempjLa'w. e^J' excrementitiottS. 
^'tnrce'naa, J./, excrescence, 
Lit.'u«a'bile, aij. excusable. 
LiC'ita'te, V. to excuse. Justify, dispense 

FtruMzia'nr, s.f. an exca«e1 
i V cra'iiilc, fc^ccr/ndo, <i^. execrable. 
l.« cra're, v. to curoe, detest. 
Lecrrftu'rio, J.ns. a sort of oath. 
K-tcraaiyae; $.f. execration, curae. 
(■•rrutt'TO, (t</. executive.. 
t icrmo'rB, Esvrguito'rc, /.m. executor. 
L« cuzi(/ne, /./"• executloo. 
Lv'jn rrae'n to,/.isi.execution, panishmeat. 
L^<•ztI'ire, V. to execute. 
I'icnipigra'ala, aii: for axample.' 
(->(^uipk»»/.«. example, model, vopy^ 
itrmplai're, s.m. a copy, model, pattern ; 

<ii/. exciia(>lary. 
E^rinplariU', s»/. equity, justice, Hino« 

ccoce, integrity. 
IinnpUrme'iiLe, fiacnplaii«anc'Dle« aiv* 

ivrnpla^fraw ^J* exemplary. 
L-empla'to. p0rt. drawn, copied. 
l.«mpl»Aca're, v. to exempliiy. 
K»empUicaUhM^nte« lUv. by way of ex> 

E^mpiUcMla^Jt^<f*/> cxempUficaUoiu 


Ese'mpio, s>.m, Cse'mplo, exemplar, Copf* 

Liienia're, to exempt, diacliarge. 

Ksenia'io, port, exempted, freed* 

t-sc'me. adj. e.xcmpied, treed. 

£seozion/rc, v. to present OM with • 
fret'dom ; to privikge. 

E^enzii/ne, s.f. exemption. 

tsequia'le, «4/. funereal. 

J.9«tju'«'rp, t». lo pcriorm obsequies. 

i:si'quie,i././>/. tunrral obsequiesyfuneral* 

F^ercitaraf'itio, s.m. exercise, practice. 

EsvTciu'nte, adj. exercising. 

EsercitaVc fc^c'rte» e, v. to exercise, trala 
up, craplQy^ practise, make trial oC 

Rsercitati »o, YaticWuflo^MJ* exercised. 

Esercitato'riv*.*. exerciser. 

Ese'rcito,^ ari»y,a oitinbcr of people. 

Eserci'aio, s.m. E3«rcit«sio'tte, s.f, exer- 
cise, paios, labour. 

Escred ta're, v. to disinherit. 

Mibi'ie, v. lo offer, present. 

£s bi'u, s,f, presentation, {laKttrm.y 

Iwjibito're, j.ii». he^Uat uiters. . 

Esibizib'ne, s.f.oStr, pixtd'er, tender,ex> 

E^igtr'iiaa, s.f exigency. 

Esi'tcere, v. to exact, require* 

L-rilara're, v. to exhilarate. 

Ksi'le, a4;. tbin, slender. 

Esilia'rc, t>. to banisiu 

Eii'lio, Esi'glio, s.m. banishment. 

Esi'merc, t>. to exempt, free. 

E«i'mio, a4f\ chosen, slogular, extraorAl* 

Esistt/nte, 04/. existent. 

Rsi^te'nza, s.:f. existence* 

Esi':itere, v. to exist. 

Eiiia're, v, to sell, hesitate, doubt, wareff 

Esiiasio'nte, /./. hesitation. 

^'siio,\r.m. issue, end. event; paasage^ 
outlet ; utterance, sale | expeoce, casta 

Esiaia'le, ai;. destrudivie, pernicious. 

Eiti'ato, s.m. destruction, miscbie't, death. 

E'sodQ, s.m. Exodus. 

EsoTago. s.m. the throat. 

*E9orbjt4'nte, o^'. exurbiuat. 

Esorbiti'naa, »^. extravagancy. 

Esorci'smo, s.m. exorcism, conjoratiofl* 

EsorcKsta, s.m» exorcist, conjurer. 

Esorciza /re, v. to exorcise 

l-lso'pdio, s.m. preface, preamble, exor* 

Esordi're, v, to begin: to make a pream- 
ble, or exordium. 

Esorta're, v. to exhort, persuade. 

t:sortat>'vo, Esoruio'rio.^'. persuasive. 

Esortaaio'ne, s.f. exhortation. 

IEsi/^o, aij, edtons, baleful, beinoufl. 
Espansio'ne, s.f. expansion. Oks. 
Esjedie'nte. oJ^, expedient, «. ««J!"** 


UptdVrt, V. to dbpitch, qutekea. 

EtpeAVto, aiJ. expedited, reiidjr. 

K«pcdizic/oet i.f. expedition. 

Cspe'llcre, v. u» expel. 

kAperieBieae'otet aJv, experinentiilljr. 

Esperic'osi.eiperle'nsia, s./. experience, 
experimcol, trial, proof. 

Esperime'nule, <M/. experimental. 

£»i>eriment«'re, v. to experience, to make 

Csperimeota't& o^/. experienced. 

EspenuncntatoTTB, s. m. a maker of expe* 

Eipei Imefnto, /.«. experience, experi- 
ment, trial, proof. 

E^pcro, s,m. the erenlng ittr. 

Eapertamc'nte, adv. expertlr- 

Evpe'rto, <M/. expert, ikilful, dcxteroot, 
experimented, tried. 

I^iipetta'nic, a4/, expecting. 

Espetta're, v. to expect, wait for. 


EspiaVe, V. to expiate, acone. 

Eapia«lo'ne, /./. expiation. 

Etpira're, v. to die, expire. 

E«piraxi(i'nr,i./. explrjiiiun. 

Etplica'bile, a</. expl cable. 

Eiptlca're, v. toexp ain. Obs. 

Eiplicat(/re, i,m. cummentaior. 

Etplicaxio'ne, t./. explication. Obs, 

E<plicitame'nte. adv. explicitly. 

Eip.ici'to, ai/. explicit, plain. 

fiipion're, v. to explore, searcb. 

Evpiorato're, t.m. scout, si>y. 

Ltploraalo'ne, i. /. an exploring, ipring. 

Eiponc'nte, '. m. expounder. 

Ek.>t/rrc, If. to expound, explain ; expoie, 
haxard; to decUrr, Mieit, open, reprc- 
Nnt, make kiiuwn, (igotiy. act lonh ; 
caporrc i' ambasciata lo open tlie em- 
baMy i esporrv i«ilU, to expose 
cliildren: fsporrealle fieri*, to expjse 
to wiid beaits: esponi, to oiler one's 
ielt ready, to expoie one's s«lt' to dan- 

E>ipositi'fo, 04/. explaining. 

Lspjsiio're, t.m, expositor, interpreter. 

E punlaii/or, i./. intirnretation. 

E^pj'tfto, ptirt. cxp<iunned. 

Lsprrssame'nte, Mpre'ss ), adv. expressly, 
clearly, fvidenily, positively. 

Ecpreisio'ne, s. /. exp ession, repreienta* 
tion; pressing, «qu('eiing out. 

livprrasKra, /./. «n t-xpresaion. 
E>prei«i'vo, ai; expressive, signlflcant. 
Esprt/sso, ai/. plain, inanife«l, assured, 

determined, ah: i*xpre>sly, pia nly. 
E p< im-j'ntf, adj. expressing, 
£s,»rt'iiierf, v, to expre«s, utter } prcn, 01- 

•quceae out* 
Biiproba'ic, V. to reproach. 

X«pr«bai«'ii«i »»/* reproach. 


Espugna1>lle, «</. that may be ttkea bf 

Espugna're, t>. to conquer, force. 
Espugnato're, t.m. conqueror. 
Espugnacio'oe, 1. /. a conqiterlog. 
£spulsio'ne,r/. expalaion. 
Espulsi'ro, aif. expttlaive. 
Espurga're, f. to purge, cleanse, acoor. 
Esquisitame'ntc, aJv. exqulii ely. 
Eiqusi'to^ a4J, exqalsite. 
Liquisito're, s.m. observer, learclMr. 
Esse, i. m, the letter 8. 
Essecratio'oe, *./. execratioo. 
Esse'mpio, s,m. an example. 
Esie'nia,Esse'nxia, t.f. esa«nce,*ube(aiice. 
Essenxia'lr, a4/. essential, necesufy, «.ai« 

the main point. 
Essenxialnie'nte, aJv, etaeotialW. 
E'ssere, v. to be, ex lit, become : cencche 
se sia, in whatsoever roanoer : poo ca- 
sere, perhaps, it may be. 
h'twrc. s.m, state, condition, thlnf; di 
grand' esiere, of great (tuatity: le cose 
•ono in boon esserc, things are Id a 
good way : non sono in eaB< re d*nndare, 
I am not ready to go : non coaviene 
alt* esscr mio, It Is not lui table to me. 
Cssicca'nte, Lssiccaii'vo, adj, tpt to dry. 
F.vsiccasio'ne, J.J. a drying. 
Ewo, ffon, he, it ; con easo vol, aVrng with 

Esta'si. t. f. extasv, raptnre, trance* 
Ktu'ie, Esta', i. f, summer. 
EstVtico, aij. exiHtic. 
tiitemporA'iieo, aij, extemporary. 
Fstendc're, v» lo extend, strktch, enlarge, 

reach to. 
Eitensio'ne, /./. exien Ion, extent* 
Katensi'vo, Lfte'nio, aiJ. extenaive. 
Eiicnuu''c, V. to extenuate. 
Eit> nu >: I'vo, aiJ. that ran lessen. 
Este.iua'to, adJ' lessened : cttenuato di 

forxe, exhausted. 
Kstrnoazio'ne, /./. extenuation, leaaaeii* 
Eitrrio're, adj. external. 
f.steriorita*, #. /. the outside. 
LUenorme ntc, air: outwardly. 
Estermina're, v. to exterminate. 
Liicrmins'io, aJ^J. destroyed, cxtcnai- 

natcd ; huge, excessive. 
F.stM minato're, 1. m. a deetroyer. 
hstrrimnsiio'ne, t.f, Eatemsl'ttlOk a. ■* 

ruin, destruction. 
Estername'nte, aiv, externally* 
btie'rnd, aij. external ; ol yesterday. 
Cfiers/vo, d4y. detenlve, cleimiag. 
EiteiHmc'nte, <iit>. exte. sl.ely. 
l>tc'»o, aij. extended, 
tstima're, v, to esteem, vatite, to cx» 

mine, appraise, believe. 
kitAau'va, /./. dlNcraacsi. 


Tstimino* part* estJ mated. TaloH. 

\. timato'i-e, s. «. valuer, rater, appraiser. 

LjUmaxitf'ne, i./. eateem, judgment, opi- 
nion, estimatioD. 

i-v.intc<role, a4j. estimable. 

Lsi/mo, impoit, taXfCMlom; aship't 

EMingur're, o. |o extingulsb, abjliah, ex- 

Itingut'bile, a4}. quenchable. 

Latin||-j'me'i]to, J*M. Latinxio'iM, ». /. 

t-ninguttt/rc, «.M.extinguisiicr,de«tro]rer. 

K.-.inti'vo, 41^'. apt to extingaish. 

Lvi'nto.oi/. extinguisbed, dead, extinct. 

t- t rpim^'ato, s. m. exti^aliOQ* 

i- (irpa're, v. to extirpate. 

^- urpatyre extirpator. 

(' \')iis\vfne, s.f. extirpation. 

i '.I'vo, ojy. ettivil, belonging to summer. 

L'><o, ^rsMi this. 

»t I'c'nxa, s.f. pride. 

f it/rre, t». to except, exempt. Ofa. 

>.*jM</»>e, /• /". extortion. 

L.iraneame'utift aiv. strangely, extrane- 

Ois y, 

L-ir^m.-'o, Estra'nio, Estra'oo, ajj. strange 

f traordinariame^nie.aiv.extraordinartlj. 
^■^ raordina'rio, adj. extraordinary. 
I ^!ra'r^e, tv to extract. 
> ..ati/»o, o^'. »xlractiTe. 
i) r/ico, /. m. an extract; an abstract, 

o.- jbridgcmeitt ; a^. extracted, drawn 

or (alien ou*. 
I- ^ravaga'nte, adj, extravagant. 
>«i aragdfnza, J./, extravagance. 
>- rdzio'n-', J./, extra'-tijn. 
L-tftnminf'nie. niv. exxcrae'y. 
t rr niia\ a. f. e.xtremiiy, end, edge, 

Ijrnk J mi*erT, distress. 
Lt'.ic'nio, aij. eVtreme, last, /. m» extre- 

mii) ; nect-'>'iy, distress. 
tt'r-Dtecitme'ute, aiv, extrinsical iy, evi- 

<l<i<l'y, cxlcrnal'y. 

> ti'dh-co, <i<i/. exterior. 
» To. t.m. poeiic mne. 

^ tiu'dcre, V. to thrust oat, extmde. 

>4Jbcr:<'nte, tf4/. exuberant. 

I >iiiNTa'nxa, /•/. luxunanre, alHindAnce. 

I' lU. *./. milk thistle, {a pkM.) 

Ji.'ld'r**, r. to banish. 

>'-jic( ra'rc, i'. to make ulcers. 

> j'ceraiio'oe, j./. exulceraiiont 

r> I'lr, i (fi. an exile : aij, banished. 

> •ilti'nte, a^'. exuttlng. 

I ' lit I're, V. to exult, rejoice. 
*l X i'(azi(/oe, i. /. cxiiUation. 
I .\ s.f. age; oof tiundrcd years, century. 
>.'{rM,j.y. t'lere, i.m. tbekky, the pure 


Kernale, ai). eternal. 

Etcrname'me, ad>v. eiemallf * 

sterna' re, «. to elemixe. 

Eiemita', i./. eternity. 

Ete'mo^ tUj. eternal t ab etenio, frem 

the beginning. 
Etcro'clito, (UJ' extravagant, irregular. 
Eterone'tteo, 04/. heterogeneous. 
Ete'xie.i./. fU north winds whicb blow 

in the dog-days, 
e'lica, s.f. ethic ; hectic ferer. 
Etirame'nto, adx: morally. 
Eii'ce, aij, coniumptlve. 
F.timolog/ii, 4^/". etymology. 
Ettrao'ogico, aij. etymologicaf. 
Ltimologiaxa're, v. to form etymologief. 
Etiraulogi'sta, .t.m. etymologitt. 
Eti'ope, E'io'po, Etiope'o.a^'. Ethiopian. 
Etni'ro, aJ;'. ethnic, pagan. 
£v;icaa'iie'nlo, s.m. evacuation. 
Evacna're, v. to evacuate, void ; to per* 

form, t'uttil. 
Evacmti'vo, aij. evacoaftng. 
Evacuaziu'ne, s.f. evacuation. 
Evagaziu'nr,^./.iotemiption. distraction. 
Exanitellcame'ntc, arfv. evangelically. 
Cvange'iico, 04/. evai.gelical. 
I'vange'iio, Evange'lo, /. m. tlie gospel. 
Evangel i'sia, s. m. the evun^ielist. 
Evantielizxafnte, s.m. an expounder of the 

Evangeliaxa're, u to preach the gospel. 
Eva|X)rain</nto, s.m. Evaporazio'nc, /./• 

Evapora're, t*. to evaporate. 
Lvrfporati'vo, a4j, evaporating, 
bvaporato'rio, s.f. evaporation. 
Eachariiti'a, s.f. eucharist, sacrament 
Euchari'jt*co, adj. cucliaristit. al. 
ETeniioe'nto. Evc'nto, f.m. event, iuccesa. 
Eulo'rbio, /. m. rui.>horb us, a live, eu- 

pi.orbium, a drug extracted from the 

Eufra'sia. /./. euphrasy, an herb. 
Evi'a, huerj. pry thee. Come, come. 
Evide'nte, adj. evident, clear. 
Evidenteme'nte, adv. evidently. 
Evide'nza, j. /. evidence, perspicuity, 

demoostration, proof. 
Evisterato're, /. m. an en^bowcler. 
Eviscen're, « to embowel. 
Evita'bile, adj' aioidable. 
Evlta'tv, Ti. to avoid, shun, escape. 
bv.tato're, s. m. a shunncr. 
Evitaaiu'ne, <. /. an avoiding, ihunoing, 
Evizo'ne, s.f. eviction. 
Eunu'co, s m. an 
EupatoTriO) .«.«i. liverwort. 
Eu'ro, s.m. thf east wind, {fettieat.) 
Euro'pa, *. /. Europe. 
E*vi'va! interj. Ijng live • huaaa I 
I EX abru'pto, ddv. •b.uptlj. 


t:% Itfitiparr, dA. Lb in imutu v, ajj, ilch, wullhf. 

JTAIliiicAi./. bulMini, ritric, net' ^\i,i.f.^i,Btm. 

Kcn'lUi./. • IHUe Ar, a niHU III 

'»,!./,'(*■ ^om/ji lo'itli, tRiflulMr, f,',, 1.'/. iiii4iirr- 

I ttFlIo'^.CtMllik. 

^-•IJa'ce, adj, deceiifnl, crafty. 
^^U^r.a, *./; faiUcy, deceit, Iraad. 

F;id|biliia',,./. laiiab.jity. 

K i^?'*;'*'^*^""'''^'^""8.bankraptcy. 

SU^al'ri'jr''' • "^ become cxtinc. 
Sillw;.'"" «^"»'''<aa'^ bankruptcy. 

Jih. '*.'"• •"""**' *•■"»''» fejpass, orer. 

nj i'an?"'*"""* ' '" '"*"•' '" ^■*"' 

Faio', i. «». a bofire i aiidare a far falo. 

FjilS4iD«'n(e. Fatso, odv, Jabely. 

f alMflK^nto, i.m. latelty, uutruih. 

t a Hmune'te, /.fa, a fa|,c coiner. 

IflUaVda, / /; a wtch 

»aJsa iv,t<.to lals:fy,counterfeil,adu»rrate. 

r^Nan'ga,/./. black-lines lor ;ritinf. 

>al«, no^ r* sato'rc. i. «. an impostor, 

wfser, coiner, ♦aJsc-witiieM. 
r-iUiggiM'^^ V. to Citeify, coantcrfeit, adul- 

ier<(tc. • 

f^i*!'""* •'■'"•■■*«'« treble, io music. 

»3t»>cainc'oto. 5. au a faliity. 
tai^iioi're, T». to falsify, comiterfcit, 
- .^ifi*' aduUeraie, erabezaJe. 
FataiAcato'iv, /.,». « falsifier. 
>a siAcazio'i.e, /./. faljificatJon. 

fll?ft*f' ^•'*» ^"^fcberou*, feigned, nn- 
ftUJ.ftri; J. m. lalsefoood, falsity; W 
Ulfchr : falsa banda, a list : faltb^nle. 
ail oriop deck or a ship. *^ ' 

r ,"•' '•/• <•"". <»tfeci, want. 

luita're, v. to want, to lack : faltare di 
fuore, to be djsbeanened. 

!*,■*■» '•/• ftme, report, rumour. 

l?'"^/'--^* *»•?»««'» want, scanrity. 

J««ne iico^AO- hungry. 

*««iii|era'to, «</. famous. 

^^/if'-fV^-^* ^■'"'''' kindred, lerjeantt, 
*.il^'*.'"^" 5 •««»PW company. 

foUower, a batliir. Intimate. '^'^"^* 
^AmigliM^/aco, «<;. lamUiar. 
JSBjitUaril*:. FamlHaritaV./.fanimsrIty. 

Ireely. * 

KSi'Si'^i.''*' ■ •»»«"*. « Ihlef-iaker. 
•^illiuana, /,/. a imiali family. 
2««0MiiD€'ot^«>v. publicly, openly. 


nimo'sd, Oi(/. famous, kooww. 

Fimn'ccla, J /. a small appetite. 

Fana le, /. m. a lantliom, beacoo, )if ht- 

house. . 

Fanati'co, a4f. fanatic. 
Fanciulla gg ioe, j^. diilrlJsbnevs, youtli. 
ranciulla'ia, J./, a company of bo>8 and 


Fantlu'Ha, /,/. a girl. 
Fancmlleri'a, s./. childishness. 
Fanciullescame'nte, aiv. childishly. 
FancluOe'sco, Fanclu'lio, aJJ. childish. 
Fahcjulle'tta, j. /. Fancinlle'llo, i. «. a 

fin or boy. 
Fanciulle*»za, t.f. childhood, infancy. 
ranciu'ilo, Fanciallu'zao, /.«. a child, « 


Fando'nia, s./. a lie. 

Fane'ilo, J. m. a linnet. 

Fa'nfala,/./. a butlerfty. 

Fanfalu'ca, s. /. a spark, whim, fancy, 

gewgaws, trifles. 
Fa'nfano, J. m. a romancer, adj. vain, silly. 
Fanlcri'na, *./. jest, mocking, raillery s 

donare in fanlcrina, to make a jest Of 

a thinp. 
IjingaVcio, j.m. ranghi'glla, s. f. mire, 

Fa'ngo, J.m. dirt, clay, mire : far dell« 
parole fango, to break one's word J us- 
cir del fango, to get out of trouble. 

Fango so, in^r. diriv, miry. 

Fanta'cda, s.f. a bal s'rrnnt-g!rl. 

Fantac i'no, j.m. a fjot-solder. 

Fanta'lo, s. m. a loier of waiting-women. 

l-antnsi'a.i,/. fancy, lmagfDaiion,opinion, 
sentiment, humour, desire. 

Fanta'sima, Fania'sma, s.f. phantom, vi- 
sion, spirit. 

Fanlasiica'ggine, Fantasticbcri'a, t. f, 
whim, caprice, frolic. 

Fantfcsticamc'iite, adxu lanfastically. 

Janiastica'rei v. to devise, invent, feign. 

faniasticato're, s.m, a flunking man. • 

FHijta'stico adj. fantastical, odd. 

Fa nte, s.m. s. J. man-servant, maid-ser- 
vant, a child, a loot-soldicr : il lante, 
the knave at cards. 

Fanteggla're, v. to perform domestic af- 
fairs, ohs. 

Fanteri'a, /./. infantry, foot. 

Fante'sca, /./. maid-servant. 

Fantice'lla, i.J, a servant-glrU ^ 

Vanilneri'a,*./. malice, knavery, rogoerr. 

Fanti'no, i.ffl. a boy; a lad ; adj. malici- 
ous, crafty. 

rantocceri'a, i.y. childishness. 

Fanto'ccio, J.fn>a simpleton, a blockhead 
also a puppet. 

Farche'tola,*./. a tcid, (aftiri.) 

Farcialio'ne, .f.ffi. a sort oi teal. 

Fa'rda, /./. spittle, catarrhs Mtbtnca 


Vardifgfio, «. ai.b»g«af «, carriaie^ foo4i. 

Tudtfllo, t. ffl. trim, bttodic: fitfiwdeUo^ 
to pick off. 

Fare, v. to do, make, act, cause, bid, com* 
maud, order ; to concern, import, •!§<■ 
nify } to piay, p<'r*onate, act like, set 
dp for ; to suit witit, become, be prupor 
or fit : gli fecc tayiiarla teata, he caused 
Ills head to be cut off: che vi Ta eglj 
venga o non venga, what is it to you 
whether be comes or not : far sapere, 
to let one know : oon ne bo a fare, I 
bave no need of it : I'arsi, to approach : 
Ateri a me, come near me : fani alia 
floestra, to come to tlie window : tre 
nesi fa, three months ago : al far del gi- 
orno, at break of day : al far della notte, 
in the dusk of (be ereniog; farsi tardi, 
to grow late. Fare joined to a sub* 
aiantlre or adjective, takes (heir signi- 
Hcation, as, far onore, to honour : far 
difesa, (o defend one's self t far fede, 
to testify, slicw, witness: far bene, to 
succeed, thrive: far vista, far sembiante, 
to pretend : fattecon dio, go abou( your 
business : fare a mrta, to go halves : 
far alto, (o halt : venir iatto, (o happen ; 
fare, to be enough, to crack as walls do: 
qucsto muro ha fatto, this wall is crark- 
cd: la luna fece jeri, it was new moon 
yesterday: far la forclie, to fe'gn, to 
dissemble : far caldo, o freddo, lo be hot 
or cold weather: far il yiorgid, to strut, 
to give one's self airs : (are a penneilo, 
to do exactly I far osteria, to lieep an 
inn: fare la quare>ima, to keep lent: 
fare le none, to prevrnt one -. far sera, 
to pass awav one's time: farsi sera, to 
draw towards night : ogni prun fa sicpe, 
every litde helps: fare un sonno, :o 
take a nap : far trappole, (o lay snares. 
fTht /oltowtng art sta-phfrases.j-^Vttt 
aqua, to be leaky ; to take in water for 
tiM : far foraa di vela, to croud sail : 
fargeltata di mercanaie, to tlirow goods 
overboard: far parenxena, to set th« 
tails: far vela, to «ii't hail: farpoiiarele 
vele, to fill the sails: far terxaniolo, to 
take in a reef, to reef: far scala, (o 
touch at a port ; far testa at ancora, to 
be brought to a bitter: far un allua- 
laento, to broach to: larrotnalia costa, 
to stand in shore : far rota al largo, to 
aland for the ufling : far rumbo al tra- 
montana, to stand to the norlliward. 

Varanga'gglo, /. m. light-money, a duty 

Kid by shipt for the oMiaienance or 
Tare'a, i. /. a sort of serpent, 
fare'irs, J./, a iiitic butterfiy, • quiver for 

rtntn'to* Mi* wcviof a quiver. 

' FAS 

rarfanii, i./. a butterfly. 

rarfaUe'ila. Farfalli'na, t,f. rarikUi^* 
/. ». a I (tie butterfly. 

FanaHlone, t. m. tale, a fib ; a large but* 
terflv : lar on farfatlone, to blunder. 

Fa'rfaro,/.m. folesfoot, coltsfoot, (dfbBSf.> 

Fari'na, /. /. meal, flour. 

Farina'ccio, i.m. » die, marked but on 
one side. 

Farina'co, Farina'cciolo* a4/* mealy* 

Farittaiu</lo, t.m. a meai-4eller. 

Farina'ta,^./. a kind of basty-poddinf. 

FarineHlo, j. m. an assassin. 

Farise'o, t.m- pbansiee. 

Far.ingo'ito,d<6'>barbarous,rude, clownish. 

Farmafcia, /./. pharmacy. 

Fa'rmaco, /. m. a drug, remedy. 

Fametica're, v. to rave, to talk idly. 

Fame ichc'ata, s. /. dotage, madacM. 

Faruc'tico, a4f. delirious ; s, m. madncat. 

Fa'mea, *. f. a lUori of oak. 

Fa'ro,/.fn. watcb- tower, iigbt-biNise, atratt. 

Farra'gine, a.f, mixture of grain, mixture 
of words; medley. 

Farrice'ilo, spelt, a kind of corn. 

Farro, a«r. corn. 

Ta.'m,i,f. a farce. 

Farya'la, i.f. the lower part of a doublet. 

Farsetta'ccio, i.M. an old ragged doublet. 

Farsetia'io, t.m. a Jacket-maker. 

Farse'tto, s.m, a doublet. 

Fasce'ttOf '•(». a little bundle. 

fa'scia, /./. aband, fillet: bambino teuero 
in fascie, an infant in swaddling cluaths. 

Fascia're, i*. to bind, to tie with a flllct ; 
surround, encompass. 

Fascia'lo, /orr. swaddled, bound, rarruuad* 

Fasciate'llo, /.ma packet. 

Fasciatu'ra, s.f. a bandage trust. 

Fasci'na, t.f. a faggot, a facioe. 

Fascins're, v. to fuggot wood. 

Fiscina'ta, t. f. a ience of bavint. 

Fasclnazio'ac,/./. Fasci'no, t.m. bewitch- 

Fa'scio, t.m. A bundle ; burthen, load, 
weight, mixture: fascio di pagHa, a 
truss of straw i far fascia d'ogni erba, to 
confound, or mix together t andare m 
fascio, to goto wreck, to be destroyed, 

Fasciu'me, t.m. heap of rubbish. 

Fasciuu'.a, J./, a little bundle. 

Fastella'cciii, t.m. a large bundle ill-oaade. 

Faste'llo, i. m. a faggot, truss, buncli. 

Fasiello'ne,/. m. augmentative of fastelto, 
a tall in<ahaped man. 

Fastidiafre, v. to molest, diiturti, tea, 
to disdain, Kom. 

Fasti'dio, t. m. Faatidioaa'uine, «./. wen* 
riaess, molestation, naatlneta, fatUdi" 
ousness, diwiuiei : ester in Cattldio, to be 
Iroublcioac; aver in futidlok lodiidtla. 


VuttdioMnM^nte, adv. tediooslr* 
Fanidioae'tto, a(;. rather importonate. 

Fuiidlo'ao, ^J' tedious, loathsome, irou- 
ble9ome,nice,dainty, dis<lainful,iiiorose. 

Iniidi're, v. to detest, abbor, to weary, 
tire, loath. 

FuUdii/oie» s./. a aeries oflroables. 

Fasfl'^io, t.m. height, e>e?atioB, top. 

FiTtigio'so, a4f. proud. 

Fasto, s»m. pride, pomp, vanitT. 

Futosame'nte, adv. vainlsr, proodly. 

lasto'so, aJj. proud, haughty, self-con> 

Fa'ta, *./. fairy. 

Faia^to'ne, *./. the state of being pro* 
tected by inchantment. 

Fatale, adj. fatal, destined. 

riUiW.s./. fatality. 

Fatalmc'nte, adu. falallr. 

f jta'ppioy i.m. a sort or a bird. 
(^ Fata're, v. to destine, to charm or pro- 
tect by iochantment. 

Fatatame'nte, ado. See Fatalme'Dlc. 

Faatu'ra, /./. a charm, sorcery. 

Faii'ca, «.y. fatigue, toil, work, wages, 
reward : le mie fetiche, ray wages. 

Fjtica^ile, a4f. laborious, tiresome. 

Fatica'ccia^ »./. labour. 

Fatica're, v. to tire, fatigue t affaticarsi, 
to labour. 

ratichc<vole, aJj. laborious, hard. 

> 4tico«Qc'nte, adv. laboriously. 

f atico'so, a4;\ Liborious, toilsome. 

(ati'dico, s.m. a conjuror. 

Jatiga're, v to weary, fatigae, tire, yex, 

FjtD,i.«n. fate, destiny. [make. 

Fatta, /./. sort, kind, fashion, manner, 

Faiiame^iite, adv. effectiTCly, really: si 
fattameote, in such a manner. 

Fatte'saa, J.f. feature, shape, . fadiion, 

FattibeOlo* *.mf paint. 

FaitKbile, Fatie'vole, a4/. feasible. 

FattKccio, a^f. robust, strong ; also fac- 
titieoa : vino faiticcio, adulterated wine. 

Fatti'vo, €idj. aciite, efficient. 

Faur'sio, ^'. artificial, counterfeit 

Fatto, s.m. fact, deed, action : andar pc 
fatti anoi, to go about one's business: 
▼raire al fatto, to come to the fact: 
fttto, a great thing, a wonder: e un 
graa fatto di ridervi, It Is a wonder to 
aee you : fatto, hebarioar, carriage, de- 
portment, fact, case, business, tbe per" 
aon of wbora one speaka: tanto fatto, 
so big, so laiie (shewing the sise with 
the hand) s di fatto, adv. really. 

Fatto, a4f. done, made: uomo fatto, a 
fulVaged man : also ripe, in season. 

Fattoiai'iio, s.m. one that work* at ao oil 
Ken { aliQ A busy bodf. 


Fatti/io, f.m. an oil-press. ' 

Fatto're, t.m. a doer, maker; a lackey, 

agent, steward, apix'entice ; also a top. 
Fattori'a, «./. factorship, stewardship* 
Fattori'no, s.m. a shopman. 
FaUo'su, adv, there's the point. 
Fattucchie'ra, /./. a witch. 
Fattncchteri'a, t./. witchcraft. 
FaltnVa, /./. fashion, make, adrice, sa> 

duction, witclurraft, cluinn ; inroice of 

goods sent by a me; chant. 
FatiuiVto, a4f. bewitched : vino fatturato, 

adulterated wine. 
Fatuita*, J./, stupidity. 
Fa'tuo, a4;. stupid. 
Fara, i./. a bean, a rote, pride, pre* 

sumption t pigliare due colombe ad una 

sara, to kill two birds with one stone. 
Fara'ccio, a4/, of the nature of a bean. 
FaTage'llo, s.m. the herb ctlandine. 
Fava'ta, s./. a ragout made with beans { 

foolish pride. 
Fau'ci, s./. fL throat, golleti a river's 

Favella're, s.m. FaTcHla, s./. speech, di^ 

course, language, idioms. 
Faveliame'nto, s.m, a wont, discoane, 

Favella're, «. to speak, discourse : favel* 

lare con la bocca piccina, to speak civilly t 

favellar con le mani, to strike. 
Fafellato^re, s,m. a talker. 
Favelli'o, s.m. cajoling, chat. 
Favi^ia, s.f. a spark of fire, a small piece. 
FaviUa're, v. to sparkle. 
Faviiiu'sza, s.f. a lilUe spark ; tbe least 

bit in the word. 
Fa'uno, s.m. taun. Sylvan god. 
Favo, s.m. honey-comb. — +• 

Fa'vola, /./. a fabie: esscr favoia a 

polo, to be the common talk. 
Favola're, Favoleggia're, v. to tell stories, 

Favoleggiato're, s.m. a teller of stories. 
Favoleggievolme'nte, uiv. fabulously. 
Favole'sca, s..t. a spark, any light thing. 
Favole'sco, adj, fict tious, fabulous. 
Favolo^oe, s.m. a romancer. 
Favolosame'nte, adv. romantically. 
Favolo'so, a4j. fabulous. 
Favomc/le, Fato'ne, j.fn. honey-comb. 
Favo'nio, t.f. west wind. 
Favo'ie, s.m. favor, benefit, benevolence. 
Favoreggia're, t>. to favour, assist, pro* 

tect, befriend. 
Favoreggiau/re. s.m. favourer. 
Favore'vole, Favora'bile, a4j. favoarable.. 
Favorevolme'nte, FaVorabilnw'nte, oiv. 

favourably. , ^ , 

Favorl're, Favora're, v. to favour, heiPt 
countenance, befriend, assist; mi »•- 
voriica, do mc the favour. ^^ 

al po- 

* FE'L 

VarorKto, t,m* a favourite, nltiioo ; 04^. 
Iicl|jcd, asiifsted. 

f avorito're, t.m. a farourer. 

I'a'uaio, o^. foitunate. 

Faiito're, i.m. a lavourer. 

tavu'ie, i./. a bettO-ficld, the italki of 

Fa^iona'to, 04/. disposed, placed, tltu 'ted. 

Vazlo^ne, i.j. i.ialiion, c.>untenanre, line- 
ament, sliiipe, tnic'fi ; also upprcn^ion, 
Imtjjjitiun, iHx, d<ity t es«crin ineione, 
to I.C on duty , aclion, «riga!{timrnt, 
parly, trfCtioo. {TbU vxri is wo; utiu in 

Fazio'so, ii-ij- factijus. 

Fasaolli-'tio, ami. Iiandkerchlrr. 

Jt'tf, u f. (iY»ntr>». ird from Fc'de) faith. 

Febbr^^io,, i-fbruarv. 

Fe'bbre, s. f. fever t lybbre terzaiiii, a 
tertian asue. 

Febbru iia'nte, €iJj, feverish, aguish. 

Febbi'ic'iu'rc, v. to liavc a fever, orafUc*. 

Fel>brico'iic> i«ffi. a burning fe««r. 

Fcbbrico'so, aJj. levcristi, aituiili. 

Febbri'foftO, i.m, t'ebrit'ugc. 

Fcbbri'le, aJj, boloirgini lo a fever. 

Fe'ccia, '/. /. drfgarcxcreipcnt : U feccift 
del popoio, llii' iA(i)'. 

fecda^ia, »./. bun^hote of a cask. 

Feccio'so, <i4/. full of. dregs, iii-naturcd, 
I. resume, (iftliy, nastjr. 

Fi>cond;iinc'nte, adv. fruitfully. 

l-ecoiiJa'rt:, t«. to i/uctify. 

Fecoodaiu^ie, i.m. pne (liat makes fruitful. 

f econde'vule, ai>. Iruitfui. 

feco'ndia, FecoodiU', t.J. fertility, elo- 

Frco'odo, a4f. fruitful. 

Fe'de, «./. faKh, word, trust, assurance, 
promise, alt'ectlun, love, sincerity, can- 
dour: darfcde,togivfCr<'dii : ili bud.14 
fede, siacerely : uonio drgoo di iede, 
a credible man: fede di s.iDiu, a bill 
of* health. 

Fedecoromcsji'rio, feoifee, he wlw Is 

PedecomtiM^iw, aJJ, committed to care. 

Fedeconimc'AW,- s.m, feoirment, on trust. 

Fedecomme'ticre, v. to fcotf. 

Fedede'goo, a4j. credible. 


Pedclme'atc, <i<<i>> laithfully. 

Fedella*', /./. Adeiitr, sinter ty. 

Fe'dera, /./. a pillow-case -, luind-cloth'. 

Fedita', /./. filtiitncss, stench. 

Fcdito're, .«. m. he tliat wounds or atrikct. 

Fegatc'i a, s. /. liverwort. 

Pega'tp, i. MS. lite llvf r. 

iaiu'so, a4j, diseased in lh« liver. 
ce, *./. fern, (an /nrK) 
vqtKTCl'Ba, 1./. polj-pody, or oak' 
xup^a float,) 



F«1cia'(ra, s.f, ereara-cheew, gerrcd la* 

/Ml of green ntshes. 
Fele, s.m. {hfottty) gall. 
Keii'ce, adj. happv, fortunate* 
Keiireinc'nie, adxf, happily. 
Keliciia*, /. /. iiappinuss. 
Felicita're, t^. to felicitnie, 
I'elirii.^to're. i.m. ooe that makes happy* 
ic'iiu, aJj, rdl, cruel, wcked. 
I ellu'nc, Fcllo, s.m. (inporttj) m thief. 
Killoneitcame'ntc, aUv. leioDioualy. 
Fetlonv'scu, <U/. (clonioui*' 
Felloni'a, J./. ielon>, barbarity. 
Fe'ipa, s.f. plush, «hag. 
Feltra're, v to littr.ite, stra a. 
Fellre'llo, /. m. a sinull cloak made of felt. 
(i'lu'ca/ FrUiVca, s.f. a small vessvi used 

in the Miditeirancan ; a ielucca. 
l-Vinmina, s.f. itmniv, w«mdti. wile. 
fcromina'vria, /. /. a large woiaan. 
i-emmint'ccioto, s. m. a. wliomrHMiger-, 

aJj. eircmtnate, tott. 
Fenimiua'le, adj. bvlonflng to women. 
hcinmiw'iiM, s.f, a poor woman, a com- 
mon woman. 
1^ •iiuni'neo, adj. belongina to a wovnan. 
remrninewanu'nte, Femaiioiln.c'rtie, 

adv. efTeininalely. 
Femmine'aKa, *. f. fc«iale-aex. 
Fetnmiiilt^ra, aJj, woman's apartment ; a 

multitude ut woinrn. 
Femraini'le, Femrainl'ao, m^f. Cemlnifie. 
Femroinu'sxa, s.f. a despicable little »o> 

Fende'nte, /. m. a cut. 
Fe'ntiere, v. tu cleave, split, cirfv aever, 
plough : fendcre 1 cam pi, to grub up 
iiie groon ' t teodem, to cleave, chap, 
rape, chtnk. 
Fendime'nto, s.m, slit, chap, clefts chiokj 

Fendiio'io, s.m. a cleaver. 
FcndiiuVa, s. f, ell It, cruck, chiolu 
Kene'airii, s.f, a window*. 
FeAi'cc, s.f. pha-rfix. 
Fcnico'nteni, s.m. a sort of bird of • criA- 

ton colour. 
Feiii'lc, s.m. a hay-1of(. 
FVno'itienOjY. m. plicnomeaon« 
FiVa, s.f, (infietry) a witd beaic 
^cra'ce, adj, fruit u I. 
Fera'le, <M/. dradly, mortal, 
l-^ralme'nie, adt: rruclly, flercelf» 
l't'rcti\), s.m. a coOtn. tomb. 
FeVia, s.f. 1 t'esti\ai, holiday. 
FeHa'le, <i^'. common, ordtaary. trivial. 
Fori Jhne' ore, adv. commaaly, piainly, )q> 
genuo-jily. I 

Ferla'to, aif. vacant t ftemo fcriato^ tt% 

Ferimn'oto, s.m, a woandiag. 
»«r/o^ »i/« ^M, Mrk<«i ftrce, cracU I 


iri're, v. to woond, strike, Kit. 

erfia, t.f, a wouod, hart, cut. 

- (riia*, J./. fierccBMS, cnielly. 

reiito'ia, i./*. a loop-holc. 

Fcrito^re, /.at. a atriker. 

Kerma, «./. an cnftgement, obUgatlon, 

contract : fema di wldatitK a recruit ; 

ferraa. a set ; bracco da Kinia, a m^ 

ting dog. 
Ferra/glio, a backi«, ctaip, latcb. 
Fermame'Bte, a<f«. Irroty, certainly. 
fermaoMi'Dto, ufiu rcrma'oaa. /./. !be 

firmancat, sky ; settling, security. 
Feriaa'rc, v. to stop, stay, atreogtbeo, 

fortify, conclude: femani, to pause, 

Frrm^'ia, t.f, rest, pause. 
lermema're, v. to ferment. 
} erninuaii/iie, i. /. Fermc^nto, «• in. 

karen, ycalt, fermentation. 
FrrriHr'xaa, J./, firmaess, resolution, hard- 

\ mo, aij. Brm, fa«t, stilt, inclosed, 

s:<at up ; clnto fermo, plain singing ; 

n Jitp feraia, the dead of night : s.m, a 

*~r'ro, v^Jcitt aJ/« fierce, brate, horrid, 


roceme'nte, <iJv. fiercely. 
Tuf'cia, Ferueita\/./- fierceness, cruelty. 
rrra'ccia, uf. a Ash, with a poisonous 

' Trj'ccio, i,m. bad iron. 
'crrc^irito, s.m. l.aminas*day. 
' -I ra'ttf, $.m. a rarrier. 
' vTiiitii/lo, i.Hi. a do X ; a smith* 
'•Trxme'nti, J.M-//. iron tools. 
'-riVoa, i./. a ntixt((r» of sundry graias: 

vorou, in the same pluU 
'rrrare, t'. (o bind w<*a iroa; ferrare un 

cat alio, to shuc a hone. 
K-rrd' a, /./. an iron gate, or barred 

Frrx'u*, aij, done with iron; bard- 

p carted, inexorable. • 
('■ rra'o're, t,m. a farrier, amUh, 
ri-'atu'ra, './• ir>>n>wofic» ironiag^ shoe* 

mg of a horse. 
> t-' r.iYc'ccbio, i.fls. a broker. 
^-'rn-o, ai), of iion. 
f ein.-'ii,* snail Iron toolt. 
^ < rrcrfa, .(. /. a quantity of Iron. 
iirne'ra, *./, a forge, a farricfs pottCb, 

•in iroa mine. 
( c-rri'gao, a^/. hard, of the nature of iron, 
^erro, i,m. iron i renire a ferri, to come 

10 the fatt } netter a fcrrl, to chain. 
^c-rrugi'goo, Ferrugi'neo, a{/. irou^iXe. 
r'rtile, a(/. fruitful. 

' rt.lita*. rertilc^ata, «./. fertility, plenty. 
ertiliiMrnte, olv. fraiuany. 
trfefaWi« «(f* lencit, hot, detirovi. 


^rrenteme'ate. aJv. ardraffjr, eagrrff* 
Fttrve'nsa, «./. Verreiite'aaa, Ferve'rtt* 

J./, ftrrency, heat, 
F irtfere, t». to be hot. 
Feru'ggine, *./. nut. 
Ferridame'Bte, air. ferrently. 
Ferridc^sza, *./. fenrency, 
Fe'rrldo, FerTe'nte,FerToro's<vt</.*nr««*. 
refrula, /./. palm, a ferule, cane, ttrreei* 
Ferro're, s.m. fenrour, seaU 
Feru'ia, t. /. a wound. 
Fen/to, *(;'. wounded. 
Fc^raa, i./. whip, scourge, heat* 
Ferz/io, 04/. whipped. 
Fe'icera, s,/. bissony, a plaat. 
Fe'aso, t. m. Fessu'ra, /. /. choft cracky 

chink, fissure. 
Ftf no, part, chopped, cleft. 
Fe'sta, /./. festirat, holyday, feast, fef, 

mirtli, caresses: ta festa di nafile« 

CliHStraaSHlay; far festa a oualcliedano, 

to use one kindly ; far la testa ad uao* 

to kill a man. 
Festa'nte, Festeggia'nle, <M/. merry, gay. 
Frtta're, v. to rrreL to make holyday, 
Festegge'role, Keste'vok, a^, feasting. 
Festrggevofmc'nie, Fesevolme'nte, aiv» 

Festegglame'nto, Feste'ggio, /.as. joy,mer» 

r> -making, exultation. 
Fcitteggta're, v. to least, difert, soIennlcCa 

Ii^tcre'ccio, alj. holyday t paanl feste* 

recci, $uiNlay doaihs. 
Fcslichi'no, ait. sen-green. 
Festiname'nte, FestinaUmefnte, adv. ha«> 

Festinasio^ne, /./. histe, diligence. 
FestKno, s.m, entertainment, ball, feast. 
Festlvaoie'nte, adv. kuleoinly, pleasanllf^ 
Fesii»ita\ J./. jOT, gaiety. 
Festi'vo, aJJ. fesiWe, n^.mn: giomofea- 

livo, holiday. 
Fe'sto, a4f, festiral, solemn. 
Festo'ne, t.m. a feiioon. 
Festosam'e'nte, aiv. merrily, joyfullj. 
Festu'so, aJj, merry, gay. 
Fe^tu'ca, /./. fescue, straw, mote. 
Fete'nte, Feti'do, adj. stinking, oatty* 
Fe'lere,<>. to stink. 
Feiidame'nte, cUx*. stinkingly. 
F«^o, s.m. tlic foetus. 
Feto're, /.m. stink, stench. 
Fetta. J./, slice, cut, bit. 
Fetiu'ccia, *./. ribbon. 
Feudale, aJj. uf ihe manor. feodaL 
Feudata'rio, s. m. feudatory. 
F«/udo, s.m. feud, fe«, Aef. ; 

Fia'ba. s.f. fable. 
Fta'cca. /./. a nolie. 

Fiaccansc'ote, ato. we«lf. 

I FiftCC«flB«'nto> '.«»• « fl«CUifi,hn»B© 


tiuta're, v. to brenk, bruise, cat, to 

wmktn : daccarti ii cutlu, (o brc^k 

onir'n nrck. 
rUtclic'tio, Hi/, a liltlc weakcDCd, • or 

Fiacchc'xza, ** /. wcarinctt, feeblcncft, 

Kta'cio^ a<(/. weak, faint, iveary, dcbili- 

lated: a Aarco collo, hund «»Tcr head. 
Iih'cco, s. m. ravaut*. ruin. 
riA'ccola, './T tordt, tt<tntbcau, taper. 
Tiado'oc, Kia'lr, j.rn. a liuncy-coiub. 
(ia'la.i./. fiat, bottle, 
tla'mma, t./. flamr, splendor, bluilis 

meitrre a t'uoco o Hanmi.i, to burn, de> 

•troy 1 fiamma di vaKfllo, ttrtamer* 
Fiarnroa'nie, aij. flaming t ouotro fit* 

manse, qait« new. 
liainma'rr, i>. to flame, glitter, ihine. 
Ii«mina«a'Ua,i./. a dn-itch. 
Fiammeggia'nie, o4j- blazing. 
I'iamineggla'rc, v. to glitter, Hliine. 
riame'lla, riamv'ita, j./. a liltlc flame* 
I'iammc'aco, adj. burning, flaming. 
Yiamni'f^ro, /M/. tliat bring) flamef. 
l-iAuca'ta, $./, a blow on IM vide, 
rirfncliciigla're, v. to support, awlit, to 

coaat along. 
f la'oco, s.m, «ide t m' c lempre a fianco, 

belt i«lways nesir me. 
t'iancu'io, <^/. broadside, hafing large 

Fiandro'na, t./. a harlot. 
Fia'aca, Fiasciir'iia,;./. aboUle,a flaggon. 
I iaica'io, s.m.u bottle maklr. 
>iat< licggla're, v. to buy wiae by the 

Fia<«lie'tto, i.m, Fiaachc'(ta, «./. a imall 

Fh'>co, I. m. a llaik. 
TIatco'ne, s. m. a l<irge flaik. 
Fia'ia, J./, time, ad una iata, at once : 

S|)e«« flate, often. 
Ftatame'nio, Fi^'lo, i, m. breath* 
Fiaia'nte, a^. breathing. 
Fiata'rc, v. to breathe, to tpeak. 
lia'fo, oHt, nothing, 
Fi'bliia, «./. budc'r, clanp. 
Vibbia'^iOy Fibbia'te, i. m. buckle, daip. 
Fibbte're. iee AiBbhia'rt. 
F'bbie'tta, J./, a tmali buckle. 
F/hra. s. /. flbre, filament, 
ribro'ao, ojU. fibrous. 
Flca'ccio, s.m. a little llg. 
VIca'ia, /. /. the <lg-tree. 
Ficca'bilr, »o: that may be driven in. 
riccamc'ato, s.m. Ficcatu'ra,!./. tbruat- 

ing, driving In. 
Ficca're, ir. to II jr, drive : ficcarglf occhi, 

to Ax lite eyes i ficcant, to introduce 

onfs vlf. 
i|ilicre'tto» Ficlle'tOi *.m. a fif-fardcn. 


Fi'co, «.«. a fig-tree, • fig ; Ikhi iiori 

grren figs ; Aco slcco, a dried Ag ; al« 

a disease in borkc's feet : Aco d*cg>lU 

a sycamore tree. 
Fidagio'ne, i./ a pledge, aastir.ince. 
llda'nia, t.j\ confidence, tru«t; >o't 

Adanxa, with promiie i dar tidania, i 

give bail. 
Fidanaa're, v, to warrant, promise, ht 

trot he. 
Fida'ie.i'.to truvt: Adarsl, to depend opoc 
Fld./ta, t. /. an oath of Hdelit> . 
Fidatamc'iite, adv. confidently. 
Fidrf'lo, V\6o,adJ, lru«tv, faithful. 
fIdecommi'ssOfi.fli. bee Fedcconime'siC 
ridfllta',/./. fidelity. 
Fidu'cia, i./. confidence, hope. 
Fidiicialmc'ntc, aJv. boldly. 
Fie'hole, 04/. weak, feeble. 
Fiebolc'r ZB, /./. ueaknraf. 
Fle'dere,t«.to strike, heat,»ound,(*4rr«'/'l- 
FieHe, t.m. galh non aver firle, tone r»^ 

naiurpd : di caiiivo lielc, cvil'min<lr<J 

Ficna'io, Ficna'le, n4/. betongiog to ha; 

r^lce fienaia, /./. a scythe. 
Fieiifire'cu t.m, fenuercek. 
f'ieni'te, /.m. Iiay-lort, rack. 
Fie'nOfi.ffi. hay. 

Fie'ra, j./. a wild beast, a public fiir. ^| 
Fierame'ntc, a.ti: cruelly, fiercely. 
Fiere^iza, Fterita', sj. fierccncts, crocit' 

dexieriiy, atacriiy. 
Fle'ro, a4f, cruel, savage, wild, bornbiO 

stupendous, arrogant, proud, ro>.' 

audaciouN. sad, loathsome; lively. quKk 
Fie'vol^, aif. frchtc, weak, taioc. 
Fievole'fia, /./. friiUly, weakoctt. 
Flevolme*ote, aJv. weakly. 
Fi'fa, i./, a lap-wing. 
Fi'gwre. See Ficta're. 
Figlia. Figliuo'la, '•/. a daughter. 
FigUafre, v. to bring forth, produce. 
riglia'stra, s. /. Figlia'atro, ^.ns. a di4|k 

ter>ln.|aw, 80n>{n-law. 
Figiiatfccio, Mf. apt to produce oStpii^ 

or fruit. I 

rigtlatu'rfl, /./. tlie time a fenalc |*a 

-with young, 
Figli'o, Figiitto^lo, i.m. a ton, a child. 
Figlio'cf io, I.HI, a god'Sdit. i 

Figliuola'cclo, J. tn, a dumajr boy, s m 

ton. I 

figliuolii'gglo, s.fls. InfiMCy, Aliatioe,il 

acent from lather to son. 
Figliuola'naa, i./. Alhition, aoiHhlp. 
Firlluoll-no, t.m. a Itttie chHd. 
Fi gntrr, t;. to feign, forge. 
Ffgnota're, v. to grieve. 
FifDo'lo, t.m. a bile, fekm, whitlow. 
Pigu'ra,#./. figure, tashlon. form, ' 

iuiacj Afiiratiye Kaie^Bfurri 


tlow. J 

rta ■!«■ 


matics or rhetorics pofliam flfura, for 
rxaaiple, suppose. 
ri:urj'bilr, alj. iifurablc. 

> i;ura']e, aJj. nystical. 
i^'iKuralmc'fitc, adv. figaratirdy. 

> jbunme'nto, i.m. a ifurt, 

t iguiVrt, V. toi!||ure, fancy, describe* re- 

preseot, perfect, finish, recollect. 
} )«iiraf amc'nte. Fig uralivame'Bte, adv, fi- 

' <Kurat/ra, a4/. figarative. 
fi£ura'to,/arf. figured: canto figurato, 

music set in all its parts. 
f i;!ura2ia'oe, t^, figure, fonn, aspect, 

ima«ination« fancy. 
vtruri'na, J./, a little image. 
ii'*. M.f. file. row. alia fila, aiv. (oto> 

tfi?r, ooe after «no(hrr. 
^•'a'cci4,#./. strings filamcnu, threads. 
>ilaio'ro, s.m. a gold wire-drawer. 
>'ato, AMI. a string, thread. 
i i^'iKira,j./.filanders.a disease in hawks. 
^•l^re, V. to spin; filar dell, oroodell' 

argento, to wire draw gold or silver. 
' 'la're, v. to rope as liquors do : i. m. • 

row. -^- 
I listrc/cca, Tilastn/ccola, FllaJe'ri, Fi- 

lattc'ra* './> a story, lue, trifle, pro- 

fiate'ria, s./. philactery. 
( 'ijic'ssa, 4. /. a confused skein ofthread. 
iilati'ccto, i.fli. thread made of silk, spun 

T'l/to, ^orf. span ; t.m. thread. 
i 'U'o'io,, spinning'Wheel, a silk-mill. 

> Uii/re, J.m. Filatri'ce, J./, a spioqer. 
^■ic'.Wrc, V. to adorn with gold thread, or 

»i her thing. 
t "v-'ito, /. M. smalt thread ; a snaffle bri- 
dle ; a line which k«epa a net tight. 

> i:Vtc,a^'. filial. 

> i'azii/oe, *'/. filiation. 

> ii c'ra, s. /. a goldsmith's wire-drawing 

ill St rumen t. 

r I.'?gine, t,f. soot. 

>i:iKgin(/so, Kiliggina'to, oi/. full of root. 

>i'iu, j.fli. titread : lilo di perle, a string 
of pearls; filo di ferro, wire ; filo, 
manner, wsy, castom ; non aver fito di 
ne5suno, to be afraid of nobody ; roan- 
dare a fil di spada, to PM' to the sword ; 
<ii di psfftia, a siraw; fil di pane, two or 
three loave< sticking together; fiio dellc 
rcoe, the back bonci anUar pel filo, to 
do a thing against one's will : fil filo, 
aiv. rery often ; frderla fil fiio. to look 
ttfo narrowly t peir filo, adv, exactly. 

i 'oiogi'a, s,/, pbylology. 

' i^ii^o, s.m. phyloluger. 

h . lumc'n*, /. /. a n lahti n gale. 

) . oode'nte, i.*n. a kind of (inen cloth. 

l.i«/ne, «•«>* lite priacipai Ttin of a mine. 


tlie Btreaal of a riTcr, the ounai, or 

f cTitrai course. 
Fliynio, /.m, a sort of eiecttury. 
Filosyfale, o^.r. philosophical. 
Filusofa'nte, Viio'sofo t.m. philosopher* 
Filosofa're, Filosofeggia're, v. to philo- 

Filosofa'stro, j.«. a smatterer in pbilos^ 

Filosofi'a, if./, philosophy, 
Filosoficame'nte, adv. philosophically. . 
Filoso'fico, o^'. philo4ophtcal. 
FilosomKa, /. /. phxtiognoroy. 
FflupeOlo, s.m, a silk-Horm. 
Filungtie^ilu, s.m. a chaffinch. 
Fiiu'aao, s.m. a fine thread. 
Filaa, j.f. a row, string. 
FKmbria, s./, hem, edge. 
Ft mbri I'lo, a4f. bordered. 
Fi'me, s,m. iitag. 
Fin, adv. fino, until, till, from : fin ad on, 

till now; finaquando, till »hen, how 

long; fin a qui, hitherto ; fin a tanto, 

until that; fin che, until that, so long as; 

fin oggi, till this day; fia la, so far as 

thither, or there. 
Finale, o(/. final, last. 
Finalme'nte, adxi. finally. 
Fina'mente, Fineme'nte, nJv, perfectly^ 

Fina'aze, t.f. fl. finances. 
Finanttanioclie', Finche', eauj, UAlil* M • 

long as. 
Fina're.v. to desist, finish, 
fine, s.m. s.f. end, acquittance, receipf. 

Intention : giugnere al fine, to come to 

an end. 
Fine, adj. crafty, subtle, thin, fine, excel- 
fine'slra, s.f. a window. . 
Finestra^o, a<{/. full of windows. 
Flnestrc'lla, Finestru'saa,i./. Finrstri'no, 

Fmestru^colo. r.m. a liiile window. 
Ftncstro'ne, t.m. *■ large window. 
Fine'aia, t.f, fineness, artifice, guile, ycr- 

iection, cifliity, favour. 
Finge'nte, &(;. pielenriing. 
Fi-'n^ere, v, to feign, forge, dissemble. 
Fingiinc'nto, t.m. fiction. 
Tingllo're, t,m, a diMcntblei*. 
Finie'nte, a<t/. finishing. -, 

Finime'nto, s.m, c-mchwion, . 

Finimo'iido, s.m. a great ruin, the world't 

epd. {BvrltsijM.) i 

Fini're,t». to finish. , . 

FinJ'ia, t.f. end, conclusion, daaib, deter* 

minute quantity. 
Finitame'nle, adv, with finity. i 

Finiii'vo, a<;. finite. 
Fini'timo- a^'. close, near to. 
Kini'tO, adJ. finished, perfected. 
Fi'na, adj. fine, pure, iood. 


till now t fin ■ Roma, u tit u Rome ; 

fin d«l lemiiOy (Vom the tinie. 
rian(/cchio, Finnocchi'ao, /.m. ftanel: 

•Merri come II finocchto nelle faliicce^ 

to tlaod for I cypher. 
Finta, t,/. diMimuiatioo, fuiiCf feint. 
Vintaoirsie, aiv» lelfBcdljr. 
Fi'nto, <i4/* counterfeited « diiguited. 
rio«4o'nc, i./. fiction, Inventioii, cheat, 
h* riOfi.m. fee, feudal tenure: pagar 11 So, 

to pajr dear for. 
Flocca'tflne, Fiocaf l(/nc. «./. hoanencii. 
Floccame'nte, oiv. weakfy, fflntlj. 
Fiocca're, v. to mow. 
^ FU/cco, »,m. Ki«/cca, #. /. a flake of now $ 
n ataaielftuftarhdinunabitocoifiocclii, 

• fine suit of cloatbs ; fare il mHo del 

flocco* to be hanged. 
Fiocco'iOy tUj. lull of dakea, tuAt, 4rc. 
Fiochc'tio a if. hoane. 

fFtoche'saa, t./. a hoaneneit. 
Fi(/iHna, s./. a hook, or harpinf«lroa. 
Fii/cinv, t. /. 1 f rape-itunc. 
1^ Fiu'cOk aJJ. hoarse, faint^ feeble i acque 
r fiiK-lte, still water. 
Flondi, i./. aslinf. 
Fioiali'io, i.fM. blue-bottle, flower, 
f iorcapu'ccio, t.m. a blue eorn>flo«er. 
Ilordall'so, /. m. Wy, ilowe r>de-lttce. 
Flo'rc, t.tu, a tluwcr^ bl-jom, blossom ; 
cbo'ce, the' best ot any (hing: fior di 
latle, cremn ; fiord firina. flour; Aore« 
muslin i tbeornamenis of a bridlir; es> 
•cri* in flore, to piosper ; ilor di prima- 
VfM.thediii'jrflovier; flordt rame, vcr- 
digrcaae i flor d' ogni mese, the marigold 
tower I fior di card.?, the runnel that 
tarns milk \ flore, aJv. nothing at all. 
Florelli'no, Flordto, t.m. a little flower. 
Fiore'ate. a4J. blooming t stato florente, 

a flouriihinfl condition. . 
Fiorentiname'ntc, adv. liice 4 FlOTPnttfle. 
Fiore'do, i.ffi. a little flower i a foil, (/« 

Fiori'no, t.m. a florin, {a ecin.) 
Fiori're, f. to blossom, t6 grow f rry 
Fior /to, part, blosaomcd, eieotcdi |»aiqQa 

•orita, Whitsunday. 
Fioritu'ra, i./. flour. sblng, bloom. 
Fiorra'ncio, t.m. mar} gold ; a wrtn« 
Fio^(oia, t./. flute. 
Ftotti're, V. to float. 
Fio^tlo, i.m. wave, flood, tide, crowd, 
riotto'io, a4/. floating. 
FlraMoc'oto, i.M. the skf. 
Fisamc'ntc, tkhu esmestly, deeplf. 
risa're, v. to fix one's eyes. 
MKa'le, s. m. the attomer^geBeral* 
FlaeClla, Fitci'na. <. /. a baikcf. 
ritcia're, v. to whistle. 


aaai« ft 


FlacbiatoTrew «•«. a vhiaclcr. 
r'i'scliio,i.m. a «lii«iUiig» a wLialle* 
Fitco, /.m. an ekcheooer. 
Fi'sica, »./, natural iniilosoplij. 
Fiaica'ggine, i./« caprico. 
Fisica'le, <t{/. udtural. 
rfsijca're, v. to infeat« 

FKs CO, t.m. physician. Cpbilosopfc* 

ri'ileobO^. physical, bclooslita to aalarol 
Pisico'ao, a4J. dificak, Knipukms. rmkr. 
FisloTolmo, tisioma'nte, i.iss. pbroiowoo* 
Fiso, {in ytftrj) a^f. Axed. ottvetlTe. 
Flao, adxu flxo<1ly,attentivolr. 
Flsoao'mico, adj. physlogaomicaU 
Fisonom 1*8(8, «.sa. pbystug««Mnl«U 
Fiasaoie'ote, oJv. rtentiteijr. 
Flssa're, v to Ax oncfs cyco. 
Fissiorae, i.m. the act of afllxliif . 
Fi'as<*, «(/. flxeJ, steady s occUl 

steady look. 
Fisie'ila, /./. a wicker basket. 
Frstia're, v. to whistle, hiss. 
Kistierclla, //. a kind of bird-ca*chlM • 
Fi'atola, «»/. • A<ttthi, pipe, aicm. 
FistoU're, a^. belonging to a tatula s r.. 

to grow to a Asiula. 
Fia(ol.ifl|(/n«, t, /» ulccraiion, Uw act of 

growing to a flstuta. 
Fi'siolo, t.m, a demon, devil. 
Fito'm', t.m. spirit of divination. 
Fitone'ra, Fitonl'Ma, t,/. ■ wiich, a w».> 

mjn conjurer. 
Fitynt^o, ium. a co-jurrr. 
Ftita,i./. st.lrh, acute pain, qaafairra. 
tiltaiuu'lo, i.m. farmer, tenant. 
Fittame'nte, FUtivame'Bte, oiii. felf edivw 
Fittcri'ccto, t.m. solid measure of con. 
Fitti'vo, aij. fotgned, formed- 
Fitiiaiarai-'nte. a4v. felgncdtf. 
Fitti'aiOfAi/. flcdtiotts. 
F/tto,i.m. rentt dare a fitlo. to let | rl^^ 

oame il Otio, let him do hit want. 
Fitto. adj. drove, thrust, thick, croudc^ s 

a capo Atto, tlic bead down. ^ 

Fittyne,«.m. ihe principal root of a niaaat 
Ftitua'rio, t.m. flee Fittaiae^lo. \i^9x ^2 
Fiuma'ie, a4f. belonging to a river ) 
F>uma'na, i,f. a river, whirlpool. 
Fioma'tico, <M/. of a rifdr^ 
Fiii'me, t.m. a river. 
Fiumice'llo, FiumicFao, riooMi'Uoi 

rivulet, brook. 
Fiuu're, t>. to gmen, to ieeot. U l«Mn» 

upon sceat! ilatare 

an essay of a thing. 
FhCto, t,mt the smell. 
Flagcllame'nto,<.m. iaieHatloa. 
I lagella'to, FUgella'nIe, o</. scoft. , 
Flagella're, «. to whip, aooa Mb 

vex. pu'olih. 


tasc11*ixt(/oe. '*/• a wbippl»|. ■ 
>aK*-'l«'tto, Smm. a little • hipping. 
i^g«-'llo, j.M. paatsbncDt, rain, a whip 

or acoursc. 

Itsrm'ntc, adj, n iorious. 

lacra'rc;. v. tu barn, to be inlamcd. 
^ a'fnula. l.y. heart's ca«£. (ua Arrft.) 
» U'to» A^B. FUtiiusita'y 4. /. wind in the 

stomach. . 
r:.iia</so. o^*. subject towia-f. 
F ta'vo, dj/. fair, Haxca. 

> iaut i'na, j.ab a small flute. 
ri I'utOy j.flK. a flute. 

t t<r'bil«', <?//. moumfuU aad. 

y e'xHoina' e, Vioboloma'i-e, i*. to bl(«d. 

J U-liotOfoi'a, Flobotonii'i, j./. bteedtng. 

> i«r'i0ma, 4. y. phl^mi patience* 
ricmiBattcita*, x./. tbe nature and quali- 
ty ofphkgni. 

Flcrfmnuriico, o^'. plilcfofiatic. 
1 i4:^:f<'bi1c, aif. plMnt, tender* 

> tr"«sibilita\ t. /. flexibtlitj. 
r tcs^if/ae, #./. a bending. 

» le'fso, a4/. beat^ declined. 

> \t"i3u«fmo,a4f. vioding, biadiag, crooked. 
t ii'ctcre, t#. to beod« 

T.o^ridOt aij- tMi^n* florid. 

r lo'ivcio, adj. Taint* weak. 

X io'(ta»-#./. a fleet. 

» m:rtyzxa» Flui4iU%i./. floMity. 

l-.ii'irlo, a^jm 0uid, fluent, mo ning j /.m. 

a Aiiid. 
Tl'Ji'rc, V. to fl<nr, mo. oAf. 

» lonilMl<r,«<&. fluid, fluent, )ooK>lothfiiL 

Fiunibilita', $,f. fluidity. 

Flui^lof^ac, «./. defluxloo. 

» lu«so« «.*!. flux; fluno c rifluaso, ebbing 
and flawing. 

Fiti'ito.i.iB, a vave. 

> luttiuunc'nto, x.01. floating, a waTeriog. 

> I'l ttt^Tiif e, o^'. floaiing, irresolute. 
I luiiiiiitia'nr. #./. a fluciuatioo. 
Flu*cu«/ao, aO*. swcUing witii. the vavcs^ 

■torvy, irretoiute. 
Fluvia'te. iM/. like a river. Oht, 
Foca, uf. a sea-lion. 
Foca'ccia, /./. a cake: render pane per 

focaccia* to render like for like. 
Fucd'ce, tf4/* red'liet, m • flaoie. 
Foca'ta, #. /. a flint. 
FocaiiN^ia. 04/. flinty. 
Fu'ce, #./. tlic throat 1 foce d' va flume, 

ttie mouth of 4 river. 
Focbere'lto, Focoll'oo, Foconcl'oo^ MR. 

a liillc Are. 
F->rtMr'ttolo..i.m. a heafth. 
T.xri'le, i ak a steel to atrike fire. 
to'co, i.Ni. (te ptrtty\ flr^:. 
Focdsfrc^ «>m. k besfth, a cbaiUig didk 
locf/ac. ADf. pfo «i ft gun. 
Focosaine'nte, aJv. ardently. 


Tt/deii, «./. a lining* 

Fodera'rr, i>. to line. 

Fodcrato're, f-m. a acabbardniiaker. 

Fudcr^tu'i a, t.f. a lining. 

to'dero, ».m. a scabb <rd : a fur garment « 

netlere il fodero in buccato, to gmw 

mad i fodero, a raft, or 9uat ; also lod* 

der, victuals, provisions. 
Foga, J./. I'nry, impctuo&itv. 
Fogiic'ita, Foghetii'na, *./. a lilt'e bonnet. 
Fi/ggia, s.f. lashioo, torm, propurtioB; a 

flat cap. 
Fofuiia'rt, v. to fashion, to fom. 
Fu'ylia, s,/. a leaf, foil. 
FuKlVrae, s.m. leaves. 
Foglia're, t'. to grow full of leave*. 
Foglia'to. <M/. full of leaves. 
FuiMic'ila, J,/, a small leaf, a pint. 
Fuglie'tio, t.m. a small sbect of paper, • 

r«/glio, $.m. a leaf of paper. 
Fogli(/so, Fogliu'io, aij' full of, or co* 

vered with ieavts. 
F</jrna, j^A. > com moo sewer. 
iMna're, v. to make sewers, or conduits v 

fottnare le misure, tu clieat in measure. 
Potna'to, part, dug, dived into. 

tt/\n, Uf. lust. 

Fi/U. J./, a story, a tale, a crowd, a throng. 
F(/Uga, s.f. a coot, njoor-heo, a teal. 
Fota'ia, s,j\ a flight of birds, a pultof wind. 
Folci're, v. to sustain, support. 
Folflora oa^ a^;. tliuodenng, dreadful. 
Folgora'i-e, tf to thunder, to shine, to fly 

swittly. Clightning. 

Fo'lgorc, ro^gure, s.m, a tbunder-bolt« 
foigo're, s.m. brightness. 
Folioreggia'nte, aij. thundering, flaihiuf* 
Foigorejfgia're, v. to thunder, lighten. 
Fo'ila, s.f.. crowd, multitude.. 
Folle, fUj. mad, foolish. 
Folleggla'nle, adi. playing the foot 
Ftrfleggiame'utp, ^.m. folly, extiavagance* 
Foiieggia're, play tli** fool, to be angry* 
PolJrggiaiuue, x.m. a fool, madman. 
Follfrme'iile, aJv. I'oolisbly. 
Foilc'tto, /.!». hobgohiin. 
Folll!a, FollCvisa, s.f. folly. 
Foill'coia, s,f. Folli'coio, s.m. inuk, shell. 
Folk/ne, s.m. a d)er, a luller. 
Fo'lta, s.f. a company, ciowd. 
Foiiamc'iite, adv, crawdingly. 
Fo^to, adj. thick \ foltc tenebre, a great 

FonuDta'rc, v. to foment, soak.' 
Fumtrntatu're, sjm. a fomenipr, favourer. 
Fomentaii^ne, s.f. Pomi-'ou>, s.m. !•- 
. WKnUVtion, p9uliice, plalster. 
Fo'mite, *.«. *n incentive, tinder,BNitches. 

Fo'iuia, <v/- « purse, bag, slmg. 
Forvtararlp* 4.flk.« .w-irfUouu-H« 
Foaddi^cvw, um. Fond«,'u, <.7>i 

jocsw dregs. 


WmUchif/n, s.m. a «rarelu»il»-keeper« « 

ro'ndaco, i.M. a wirehoaw, a ibop : fon- 

ii<«cbctio, a imall wirrliouie. 
r«adamenia'le, «4/. iunciamenlal. 
yond'intentalme'ne, Fondalamc'ntr, adv. 

Aindimentiilly, Irarnrdlyi wundly. 
Fondimf'nto, t.m, faumldtion, batis, pHn> 

cipir, lAglnning, cauic ; (be ruodammt* 
TondaVe, v. lo lay foundution. 
TonAt'io, t.f. drt ft, ground!, 
renda'to, o^/. itrcjiif, luxty ; fftabliihed, 

firm, durable: discono londato, awtie 

d icoune { vemo fondato, tiie middle 

of winter. 
Tuiidatt/re, i.fn. founder. 
Fondaxit/ne, i./. foundation. 
>'ondc'Ilo, j.m. a button-hole, a funnel. 
Ft/iidiTC, i». to melt, poor. 
Fonfltii'd, i./. a foundrrv. 
runlIi^liJu'|o, i.rn. lees, (fre^s ofHqoor. 
ronrlitt/ic, t.M. a roctjl founder ; also 

•pcndiliriit, prodigal. 
Ty/ido, J.m. deoth, bottom, end ; a hole 

or dungeon : dar fondo, to cast anchor ; 

fondu mollc, foul ground ; and^ir a 

fondo, luioundtrj diamjniecol iondo, 

a tliick diamond ; adj. deep, tbWk. 
Fondti'ra, $.f. depth, lownen. 
I'ondii'to, thli. melted, 
•■'onta'le, «<(/. original, fint, chief. 
Funta'nn. i. /. fountain. 
FontincMla, /./. a little fountain : fonta* 

nella dclla gula, the pit of the throat \ 

fontanelU, an ii«ue. 
Vonta'neo, Funtanle'ro, «iy. wateritb, of 

a ipnri4, or runnraln. 
Fo'nte, J.m. /./. lount.iln, spring, source ; 

the font : le»'are al fonte un bantblno, 

to eitand godfather > tonti, the eyes. 
Forjcci^ia're, v to pierce through. 
Foraggia'ic. ti. lo forage. 
Foraggir're, J.m. a forager. 
Fora'ggto, J.m. fodder, forage. 
ForH'me, i.m. a hole, window. 
Fora'nco, aij. of a bar, court, 
l.jra're, v, to iKfletrac, piece. 
Fonile'jjc, J.m. a sort e/ Ittlle bird, a 

Uidc sorry fellow. 
I'ofi'ta, s.f. a hole, 
forate'rra, J./, a dibble. 
Foi'd'to, aij, bored ( j.m. • holet 
Forai(/lo, t.m, an banger, piercer, a tur^ 

geon's ir«-p4n. 
Fortto'rc, J.m. one that makes holes* 
F*/rb Cf, Ko'rbici.1. *./. sclwars. 
Forliice'ttr, t.f. pi. kmall Kluars. 
Fv/rL»ici, t.f. ft. stissarss ib« rtawsofa 

crab, or tcorplon t teoali, (n fortttica* 

don: far forbid, to be obstinate; atere 

uoo neile furblcii l« luvf • pantm uo-, 
Mr 9Dfs ibumli* 


Forbicla'ta, «./. a rut, a snip. 
Forbi're, v. lo furnish : forMrtl fllocchl, 

to rub one's eyes | forbirsl le lacriae* 

to wipe away tears. 
Forbito.furf.fiirbiabed, cteanrd, pottabed. 
Forbityio, J.m. a furbishing tooL 
Forbotta're, v. t» beat loaodljr. 
Fo'rca, i. /. a pitch-fork, a prens; • 

croaiway. gallows, gibbets r«ss« d« 

forca, a >alt bird. 
Forra^a, t.f. a forft-futi, the opeatot of 

the legs. 
Forca'io, m4i. forlted. 

Forcatu'ra. t,f. the parting of ibc thighs. 
Vtiftct, t.f. slicars, scissars* 
Forc«'lla, t.f. a little fork ; the Ibiottt. 
Forceliu'to, ndj. forked. 
Forclu/tta, Furri'na, t.f, a fortt to eat 

with: fafeliare in punta dl forcbetti^ 

to spealt with affecution. 
Ftircliettie'ra, t.f. a aheatU fwr a fott. 
Forchiu'dere, v. to exclude. 
Fof ci'no, t.m. a rest for a muaket. 
Forco'nc, «.m. an iron fork. 
Foroitame'nte. a/v. like a fork. 
Forcu'io, adj. forked. 
Fon-ili'no, J.m. a tittle hole. 
Fore'nse, tUj. of the bar. 
For«'se, /.m. a rustic, countryman. 
Foreso'sso, j.m. a fine villager. 
KoiVsta. t.f, a forest. 
Forcstie're, aiJ, strange, foreign ( «.«■. • 

stranger, guest. . 

Porestieri'a, t.f. a quantity of afnngers { -I 

an iiin (• receive strao^rrs. 
Korcsrieramc^nte, aJf. siranger-likcu 
Forc'sio, aiif. savage, wlkl, aotitary. 
Forfaitu'ra, t.f, cheat, impotltloo. 
Forfe'cchia, t.f. % sort of worn whh * 

fitrked Isil. 
ToerAte,-*-f' shears, tcisMn: etsere tra 

It* lurtici, to be in danger. 
Forfi.c'tti'.Forricl'ne, /./. />/. little aclaears. 
For/icia'ta, J./, a cut wtih (h« arbsAn. 
Fo'rfura, Forfora'ggine, #./. scurf, dnodrif 

ot ttie head. 
Forie're, t.m. lore runner. 
loVma, t.f. form, shape, figure, way, 

rul«', loonicnance, mien, model, frawte, 

mould, pattern, draiit forma di ararpe, 

a last t torm.i d> captllo, a hat-bloca. 
Forma'bflr, a4/. which may be fucned. 
1-0 ma'ggitf, J.m. clieese. 
Form/lf, aif, ibrmaU 
Fortii.iliia* t.f, ceremony. 
f-'ormalme'attf, adv. fennallf. 
Formame'aio, t.m. fonrntion. 
Forma'ixe, av, forming. 
Forma re, v. to form, make, in«uM t rur> 

marai. i« be made or brad, to nnac. l« 

form an i'lca of. 
Feraauae'nte, «d«i fimuttra 


rmatrro, nAJ* formiof. i 

rma'to, odj. lormed, shaped : borio for- 
ma to, a grown man ; «.». fonn, shape. 
rm ito'iv, s.m. former, framer. 
>rmazi</oe, $.f* forming, formation. 
irnie'ila, i.y. a farrow, ditch, a swelling 
■ bout the pastern joint of a borae. 
jrmrnta're, V. to ferment. Obu 
snne'iito, s,in» com, ferment. 
>rii)i'cB, s.f, an ant ; also a corrosive 
ulcer: formica di sorbo, a ilubiMiro 
icllow 1 foi-mica, a cliff. 
anntcaMoy #.«n. an ant-hill, a throng, a 

3rmica're, v. to be numeroot. 
armicola'io, a swarm of ants. 
>rtntcoiame'nto, i»nu a prlcUoi in the 
body like the «tin|iog of anu. 
3rmic(/lalo, <M/> *nll of ants, 
iriniooli'o, #•«. See rormlcolaiiMfttto. 
^ntiico'oe, <.m. a large ant. 
.>rinidal>i:e, aJU* terrible. 
irmt'dinc, s.f, fear, (iwr awrf.) 
Tfiiisu'ra, «Wf». excwshelf . 
• I inola, Fo'rmttla, /./. form. 
>rm</ne, s,m. a rhtssel. 
irmiMtta*, s./, beauty, (wsT mtA,) 
)rm(/so, adj. beautiful. 
Tria'ce, *./. kiln, furnace, 
'rnacc'lla, fr'omace'tu, i./. a small far* 
'Mcei a kiln. 

-vinjicid'io, s.m. a kiln-man.' 
}rna'ia, $tf. a baker's wite. 
>: na'io, s.m. a baker. 
■Tiic'lio, a small oven, store '. for- 
' (.Ho del timone, the tillrr-rope. 
»rnira're, t». to commit fornication. 
' "icato'ie, I'ornic.iturv'lio, Komica'rio, 
'•m. rurnicator. 
'^fiicatri'ce, /./. a harlot. 
u ti'cazio^Dc, I'ornicberi'a, «./. foroica- 

•rnirne'nto, /.m« fumltore: fomlmenlo 
(i'uti abito, trimming of cloaths; for- 
n'mentoiliaeiU. the harness of a s>id- 
(IN ; fomimento di spada, the hilt ol a 

>'ni'rc, tr. to finish, expire; to furnish, 


Htit'to, tUj. furnished, rndowed, adorn* 

A, linishrd, of age ; i,m. the same as 


/rno. t,m. an ovco, a bjkcr's shop. 
HM-nuo^lo, S.m. a lanthoro to huncblrda 

I J- night. , 

)o'ro, s.m. % court of jiisticc, a roailcet 

place-, a hul«,,a crack. 
ronm^tia, S.f. Foroae'uo, i.« t liiUe 

'0'jnlr>man. • 
f^</i n, s.f, a long , narrow valley, 
torw, tUv, pertiaps, why: forse di si, 

BM> tw MV filW>o Mwa feiM io fM' 


dero, I will go without more ado ; forse 
non bcl o \ why not handsome \ forse, 
about ; Ivi forsc a tie miglia, a^out 
ttirce miles ifacnic ; stare in tone, t^ 
be in doubt. 

FotsecheV "''<'• perhaps, that. 


Forsennatame'ntc, tUv. madly. 

Forsenna'to, -ad), mad, extravagant. 

Fo'rsi, aixf. See Forsc. 

Forte, tkij, strong, sturdy, difficult, 1abo« 
rtoas, strange, severe, stropg-taned. 

Forte, «.fn..llower, strength, nerve,fortresf« 

Furtcmc'ote, Forte, aJv. vigorously, cx«* 

Forteru'xzo* Mi- ratlier strong, aour. 

Fortt^sa, s, /. stemlincss, forUtodc* 
strength, sourness, a fortress : lortesaa 
d' animo, constancy. 

Forttfka're, f. to foiliffC fortillcarsi, t o 
grow strong. 

Fortiiicato're, /.m. a fortifier. 

Fortilicazi</ne, s.ft Fortincame'nto, s.m, 

Furti'ifno, adj. sourish. 

Fnrti'no. '•*». a small fort. . 

Fortitu'dine, *./. fortitude. 

Forio'rv', t.m force, sharpness. 

furtiiitame'nte, adv. casually. 

Fortu'ito, adj. accidvntsi: caso fortuito, 

Fortu'me, Forto're, s. m, things strong- 

' tasted. 

Fortu'na, /./. fortune, dinrc-'S, want, con- 
dition, ti-mpe I : ttrner la torluna pc-f 
ciuflptto, to prosper. ' 

Fortuna'le, iv/J. casua', lielonging to for- 
tune : la roita fortunate, the « heel of 

Fortima're, v. to make fortunatt*. to met-t 
with misfortunes, to try one's luck, ta 
revoU, to rebel. 

Fort una ta me'nle, aJv. luckily. - '' 

Kortuna'tu, adj. foniinali*. 

Foi tuneggia'te, v. See torluna'rc; alsa 
to be sea-sick. 

Fortunosame'nte, etdxt. by chance, furi« 
oosly, lempe^luomly. 

Fortuno'ao,- Fortunes ule, adj. fortuitous, 
bazarduufi, ijortunaie, unforiuoat^^ 
stormy, tempestuous. 

Forvia're, V. to stray, degenerate. - 

Purvo'glia, adv. against one's will. 

Fo'raa, i./. force, power, constraint, vio- 
lence, troops: a forzn, adv. by force ; 
far forza, to compel; non ha toraa, 'tis 
no milter. ' ". ' .,^ 

ForKamc'nlo, s.m. force, constraint, vi^- 

IForaa^re, v. to force » forsarsi, to siri««. 
foraaUme'Atet a**/, by Utscm, 


f«na'(o, m{i, htned, violeal, Inpetaout; 

f.m. « faficy-tlifc. 
f urzjto're, s,m. he thai coniiwlt. 
Forziiina'io, s.m. a lrunk-iii«ker. 
torze'vole, a<(/. lorclblc. 
Forievolipe'nte, adiu violrnttjr, fertibly. 
f uriie're, 4.m. chest, trunk. 
#o'rzo, forcri, troopi. 
Tiirz4/r<*, ^.M. K>umc». 
rorxouQie'nte, * 'v. forcibly, 
twMyio, Forsn'su, <%(/'• Xrong. 
y.Niramrntr, lUv. oU^ u> el) . 
lo'ro, ai/. browo, U«n>, dark, cloudy, 

Vo'siuru, j.m. the morninp-star. 
toVa, J./, ditch, irfnoJi, giave: (o»<a 

d«l Itfunt, the boatswjin'i store-ruum ; 

t'05(A (tcilr gonwriic the L^ible tier. 
FossaViia, i./. a dilch. 
IfMsa'to, i.m. a liMk torrent. 
>o»i«'ua, /./. a Utile ditch, or gra»e. 
f(/nile, A^'. any thing dug up, loisile: 

Ml (onile, mineral ult. 
To'mo, JLm, a ditch. 
'Mtive'nto, /. m. a kestrel, a kind of 

Wn,fref, between, smongit, in : fri me, 

to myself;, trn, meanwhile; fra 

quanto? jn what lime ? 
Fra, i.m. (loi Frvte) bmther, monk. 

JriCMSanif'iito, *.m. clutter, havoc. 
raCM^wB re, v. to destroy, break. 

Frncjiiaa'to, aj/. broken, ruined, undone. 

Kra'^BSSl'o, J.m. crash, ruin. 

Fraca'ico, i.m. crasii, ruin, hafoc, notse. 

Tr4ccura'do, s,m. a puppei made ol rags. 

Fr4cidii're, t;. to rut, putrefy. 

fracidr ata, i.f. rotl(*nncss. 

i'rari'ti'ccio, ad*, ruttin;;. 

Fra'crdo, ai/. puirttied: lingua friclda, 
Tcnoniuu^ tongue. 

Fracldiu'me, rracidi'ccio, *m. rotten- 
ness, putrefaction, importunityf tcdi> 
ou nets. 

Iia'dicio, aii/- wet, rotten. 

trsgella'rv. See FlageUa're, and itt dc- 

Fr<i'gilc. a4/. brittle, frail. 

tragile'sia, Fraiiiiita', /./. brittlcnett* 

Fragilme'nte, adv. weakly, feebly. 

Fra'gnere, v. to break. 

Fra' tola, J./, strawb. fry. 

Frago're, J.m. noise, (t agraocy* 

F.ajfra'ntc, o.</. tmgrant. 

Fragra'nta, s.f, fragrancy. 

Ira'ie, a(/. weak, lecble. 

Fr<il«^«ai, t./. fr.'lity. 

Fralme'nte, adv. «<ali|y, feebly* 

Framme^nio, «.ai. fragn>eni. 

1 rammcicoia're, v, to mix. mingle. 

Framme'ssd, s.m. a iMng Inserted* 

IriaiMic'iM, «</• PMl halwccs. 


Frammetic'nte, a(/. patthif 

/.«». a go> between. • 
Framme'tterf, v. to put ammif : Cr, 

mc-tcrsi, to intermeo'lle. 
FrammUcia're, t*. to mix wiilu 
1- rana, * /. a prccip-ce. -f" 

Fran /re, t*. to fall down, to rutb down. 
Krjncame'ntc, aJv. freely, openly, ) oMly. 
Francame'iito, i,m. a safely, delivery^ kc« 

oiiritv, dcfcnCr. 
Fr„iic« ic, i». to frer, release. 
Fi-ancescanie'itte, aUv. (rv-i.cb-inw« 
f'rjnciscM'oo, J.m. a Francikcao. 
Franci-'SC'', ttJj, 
Fivinchogi la're, v, to counlenaoce, cz» 

emfit. free. 
Franchc'ssa, j. /. botducss^ iBlVflrity. 

freedom, liberly. 
Frnnchi'ift.i, s.f. fiancb se, privilege, m 

prifilegcd place. 
Fra'iico, a.{;. Jree, bol'l, sincere, opca» 

exempted; Frt.nch, of (rancc* 
Franculi'nu, J.m. a heath-cuck. 
Irange'nie, J.m. misfortune, oiilcry ; • 

wave. {Oii. m th'u last ttn**.) 
Fra'tiyerr, v. to break, split, vaoqiaiib. 
Fra'niilt, s.f. fringe. 
Fryngi'Dile, alj. brittle, fragile. 
Fr»ni;il>iliia*, s.j. frailty, brtlileneM. 
rruiigime'iiiUf f.m, n hrraking, treubliiif t 

frangimi-nli, fra^'mrnts. 
Vrannii'nulo, J.m. an old I'ooU 
Frant(.'ndii-e, v. to understand contrar0y. 
Ira'uio, a^. br ken. 
Franze'tfe, o U. Frrnclu 
Fia'ppn, *. f. lapp**!. 
l:r«ppj're, ti. lociii, j!if, snip, to cheat, 

Frappato'rc, /.m. aiharper, a lioaster. 
l-rappc. nia !>; r>. to paiin (uliagc. 
Kraupu'ne, t». to inier^Mntr. 
Fra RCd, J./, a bough, bush, branch \ anx 

idle story, a vain man. 
Frasca'io, J.m. arbour, a shade. 
Vtam hegg a're. i'. to bustle, snunaur, to 

play the fool. 
Frasrheh'a, j./. wantonness, jest, triAe. 
Fraschc'lta, j./. a smalt braacli, a pMr 

silly boy or girl. 
Frascliettt'oo, J.m. a little boagb or bush, 

a silly man, an idler. 
Fra'cbie're, j. m. an incooMant, <lddy 

Frajtcona'ia, J./, birding, fowling a Urae 

Iwig or bush, 
Frasco'ni, t.m. pi. dead bninchca to bu'a i 

also silly thing, or say ng. 
Fra'se, /./. phtase. 
Frasignuu'lo, j.m. the 8<ih>trre. 
Krasinc'ila,j./. Fraxine'Ua, {,ittutcr4^tam\ 
Frtsilnc'tlo, *,m, «n ash grove, or wwod. 
>'r«'asmo, j.a, aa Mli*irg«, 


7raaUg1iane'ata»» '.at. FrutuUpdi^cait .1^. 

a cattinp, a notcfa, nib, iht. 
frastagUa'ate.n^/.cutt ng, notching: t.m. 

be th4t cats or |asl.ei. 
Fr^siag mVe, v. to cut, notch ; tofiia!ter, 

or sianiver. 
Frutagla'u* /./• conrusfon, disorder. 
Tr.iitagliatame'Dtr, adxu c«<ni'asedly. 
Iraiu'glo. s.m. a cut, gash. 
Ir^steoe're, v. to arauye, to hold in play. 
J'rastoma'rr, v. to diAiirb, interrupt: 

frutornar uno dal cammino, to mislea^l. 
Tfdiiiu'oio, Frosiw/no, s.m, a touad, con- 

fused notse. 
fT;«ta'ccio, s.m, a wicked friar, 
Frattj'io, aj. rood ot' the company of 

Frwix'nto, a/o. mean while. 
Ira'te, Iriar, brother, father, com- 
panion, friend ; g glass fessel u^ed by 

alchv mists. 
FraieJla'naa, Frateri'a, /./. brotherltood. 

Fratellefrole, Fratelle'sco, aij, brotherly. 
>raieUevo]mc'ntc, adv. like a brother. 
Fratelk/o«, s.m.-ti younger brother. 
iur.<f,\o, J.m. brother : fratello di padre, 

half brotlicr; fratello utcrino, brother 

by the mothers side : fraielio cugino^ 

Frat-ri'a, i./. brotherhood. 
Jraierna'Ie. aJJ. iratcrnaj. 
Iraiernalme'ote, Fraiernaroe'nte, oJv.bro* 

therly, loringl,', kindly. 
Fratfrmlta*, j./. brotherhood, society. 
ffjte'rno, a.4/'. friar-iikc, fraternal. 
Fra-e'sco, alf. of a monk. 
Jratici'da, hm. fratncide. 
Iraiic 'diti, i.m. a murdering a brotiier. 
t ruii'itno, *.m. monkery, monks, 
tra'ita, /./. a place, or bush of thorns, a 
1^ raided place : essere per fe fratte, to 

be in a bad condition, 
fraiu'clie, s./.f:. t lie entraili, giblets. 
i ra'tto, fort, broken. 
Jrittu'ra, i./. a fracture. 
FrauxK're, v. to cheat, disappoioU 
»raud«o're, s,m. a cheat. 
frau'de, j,/. fraud, clieat. 
frauleiroime'nt-, aUv. fraudulently. 
iTAjdo'e'ote, ajj. Iraudulent. 
Inudolentemr'nt^, adv. : raudulently. 
Frmdole'nto, aJj. frau'luletit. 
fraudok'nsa, Fraudolt^nseia, t.f. fraud. 
fni'iojt, a./, strawhcrrv. 
rnsio'oc, i.f. breaking, traction. ' 

Frt/cca, s.f. an arrow : dnr la i'reccia, to 
^c iKtrrow frvm cfery oac, or to atlront 
' every one. 
Prvrcia're, v. to shoot a dart, to coxeo. 
I 'iXi:\if\M, 4./. the wound ol an arrow. 

.Freddame'ate, mdv, coldly. 

Fredda're, v. .to get cuid, to eodt: tttii* 

darsi, to grjw cold ; frediiarc uno, to kill. 
Jreddt^zaa, /./. coidnesa, indiffercoce^ 

slowness, heaviness. 
Frcfld/ccjo, freddulo'so, «(/. coldish. 
Fre'ddu, t.m. cold : ho freddo, I am colds 

a^. cold, frigid, tnditferent, remisiu 

iilly, dull. 
Frcd.iu'ra, i,/. cold, violeat cold, slow- 

tiess, itieness; a silly or c .td repartacw 
Frc'ga, /./. lust, rubbinu, friction. 
Fregacciola're, v. to mark, trace. 
Fregagio'ne, s.f. ]• regame'nto, «.m. rub- 
bing, friction. 
Fr gaVe, v. to nib, to affront, trkk^iuU} 

to make streaks ; to spawn.'u, s.f. a frigate. 
Fregatu'ra, s.f. friction. 
Frt'giaine'utu, i.m. orrameot. 
FrLgia'r«,,v. to embellish, adorn. 
Fregiatu'ra, /./. ornament, trimming. 
Frtrjfio, t.m, ornament, lace, tnmmmf ( 

glory, commendation, honour : a frieaw 

in architeciurei a cot, scar; disbonoui^ 

Fre'so,, « dash, line, gash, mark, di»> 

Frego'la, s.f. spawning, longing, fancy. 
Frc'golo, i.m, fisli spawn, frv. 
Freme'nte, «4/. Iretling, fuming S cavall» 

fremente, a neighing hDrsc. 

Fre'mere, tremi're, t». lo ragei war, fraC* 

Frt 'mito, J.m. noise, roaring, gnimbUBg* 
Frcna'io, j.jii, a bridie-maker. 
Frena're, t'. to bridle, curb, repress. 
FifnL'Jia, i.f. a bit of a bridle. 
FrcDt'lio,j.TO. a mjaslu; finery, orDAmCBlk 

tongue-tied, (a ivease.) 
Frenesi'a, t.f. phrenay." 
Freneticame'nto, s.m. delirinn* 
Frenetica'iKe, a^. raving. 
Frenetica'nr, v. to rave. 
Freneriche'aaa, J./, niadncsa. 
Frt-nctico, aJj. mad. 
Fre'no, s.m. a horse-bit, bridle, curK 

helm, rannagemcnr, conduct : rodere il 

freoo, to /ret; freno d'oro non ia mig- 

Iior cavallo, liae cloaihs do not make 

Frt^quenta'i-e, v. to frequent : frequeolar* 

con quaichediino, to converse. 
Frequ ntat! yo, a.ij. irequenting. 
Frequenia'tuj a4j. frequented, common^ 

Frequtntafo're, t.m. a frequrotcr., 
Frequentasio^ne, s.m, .usage, repetition* 

keeping company. 
Frequ«^ntc, a.lj. frequent, usual. 
Frequenieme'nte, adv. frtquentif . 
Frcquc'osaii <./. frequency, rcsorW 


VrcKsme'nte, *</• newljr. Just liow. 
rresciVe, v. \o Tret hen : \l Mnio fresca, 

- Ihr wind fretlient. 

Frcsche'ff »,/./. rreflhnen,Mooin,cooljieii. 
Frcfclie'Uo, 04/, cooliiit. 
Frc'sco, t.m, rretcu'ri, i./ coolncM. 
nv'ico, a4J. cool, freabf cooHng, green, 

- new : rento fretro, a fVeih breese ; 
pifl fresco, new bread ; ove fretche, 
new laid eggi; dipignere a fresco, to 

£int in fmcoi itiaroo freichi, tt if 
ird iHtii ux: di fresco, adv. newljr, 

lately : e arrivato dl (rcsco, he is lately 

Frc'tta, s.f. baste, ipci'd. 
Frettolotame'nle, aJxu haitlljr. 
Frettuio'so, aO'' nasty. 
Frigasie'a, /./. a fncasee. 
Fi'i ggere, v. to fry. 
Frinide'xxa, /./. coldneti, • cold. 
rrigJdJta', s./. frigidity. 
yrKglde, a4f. imuotent, frigid. 
Frigiu'nc, Fregiorne, t.m. a Itiad of bone, 

from Friratand. 
FrjgDii'ccio, i.m; ox: cercsrde frignucci, 
' lo fceir danger out of wantonness} a 

vulgar exprestion. 
Tri'nHno, ti4/. rain, fopptob. 
Fringue'lio, t.m. a clintflncb. 
Triice'llo, t.m. Hour, meal, milUdust. 
tri'ua, t.f, a mixture made by glaia- 

Frittu'tA|,.t. f'. a paiicike, omelet. 
Frltte'ih, s.f. a fritter ; a cuxcombi a spot 

or stain In cloth. 
Fri'tto, aij. fried : io son frilto, I am 

Vrirtii'iDc, s.m. Fritd/ra, i./. fried meat. 
Fr.'v«iJo, Qkj. friviloiis. 
Frisza'nte, aij. sharp, smart. 
Frif za're, v. to smart, to be sharp t uomo 

chr frixza, a man of wit. 
Fri'/so, t.m. an itching, wit, sarcasm. 
Froda.j,^.Fro'l,im«''nlo, t.m. fraud, deceit. 
Fruda're. v. to defraud, cheat. 
Frodatu'rc, t.m. a clirat. 
tn/dt, J,/. Fro'do, t.m. fraud. 
Frodole'nte, Frodole'nlo, a^. I'raiidulent. 
f rodolenteme'nte, aJv. tniudulcntly. 
Frodole'nsa, 1,/. fraud, deceit. 
^f^t't t.f. fl. the kkin over the nostrils 

ol a htri-se. 
FniK.ime'nto, i.m. tenderness. 
Frolla're, v. to maice tender. 
Fro'llo, aii, tender, weak, faint. 
Fr(/mba, s.f. a Hling. 
Fromhato'rf, t.m. a alinger. 
Fro'niim. a wtiisshig noi«e. 
Fri/iitboia, t.f a iMng ; also a Stone, (M 

tiinn u'th.) 
Wtvmintlgn, v. to ilbig s:«a«a«. 


Frombolle're, t.m. a slinser. 
Fro^nda, Fn/nde, /./. a leaf. 
Frondeggia'nte, Frondi'io, a4/. leafy. 
Frondeggia're, Frooda're, f. to produce 

f rondi'fero, Mf' leaf*bcarinf. 
Frondi're,Fronsi're,i>.tosboot forth leaves. 
FrondO'so, Frondu'io, a(/. leafy. 
Froudu'ra, t.f» a quantity of leaves. 
Fronta'le, /./. frontlet, bead stall; a plais* 

ter applied to tlie forehead. 
Fronte, s.f. the forehead, head, face, 

fropt: alia fronte, a front: oJv.ovcr 

Fronieggia're, v. to r sist. 
Frontispi'slo. F ontespi'xio, FroBicspi'cio, 

s.m. frontispiece. 
Frontie'ra, t.f. frontier of « coontry, the 

front or head of an army. 
Fronto'so, 04/. bold; br«izen-faced. 
Fronxu'tu, o^'. gn-cn, leafy. 
Froso'ae,Fniso'ne, t.m* an ospfer. (a HrJ.) 
Frusta, i./. crowd: in l'ru(U,'aiiofetber, 
Fro'tfola, ,.f» a ballad. 
Fro ttoia're,i'. to compose balliid'^ftobanter. 
Fruco'ne, t.m. a blo« with the Ifst. 
Frugacchia're, t*. to sound with a stick. 
Frugalita*, /./. frugality. 
Kruga're, v. to grope, sound, to Kek lQ>* 

patiently, to provtike. 
Fruga'ta, /./. a groping, sounding. 
f-Yu.satcIo, s.m. a long pole, {tuck asbartf 

men usf. ) 
Fruga t(/re, t.m. one that tries. 
rruglYero, u^'. fruitful. 
Irupnuola'rt', i*- to go a birdlng, or few!' 

ing witii a lanlhorn. [tl>o'o. 

Frugnuulato'i e, t.m. a hunter with a l»n- 
Krugnuo'lO, t.m. a hunting lantt>«ro. 
Prugoii'no, t.m. a child lull of tricks and 

Frugoln'rr, t*. to poke, fambic : fmgolsre 

il fuoco, to stir the lire. 
FruR-'ln, t.m. a wajtgish hoy. 
Frugu'n*', t.m. a broken piece of wood, t 

blow with one's tt^t. 
Kr tgo'ne, s.m. a lonK poleorstaifi a tbuaip. 
Fmi'rc, V. to enjoy, 
Fruizicrne, t./. fruition. 
Fru'lla, t.f. a trlile, toy, noise. 
Fnilit'rc', ti. to bu^tl<f, to rnstle, to whiff, 

to rn.ii : il venlo fruUa, the wind bSoel 

Fru'ilo, t.m. a whlf sinii a trifle, notbisfi 
Krullo'ne, t.m. a buHer to silt meal. 
Krumenia'rio, (!•(/. ol corn. 
Frami-ntle're, t.m. a sut'cr, purveyor, 
Fniinc'nio, s.m. com. Hheat. 
Fnimenio'Kt, a(/. yielding wbeak 
Frumla'rc, v. to wander. 
1: rttsco,Fi-u'scolo, t.m. straw, motoi fa 


"a^r/ne, s.m, a batfinch. 
ru«<f, y.fft. a kind of game at cards. 
Hi sta, $./. a wbip, a scoorge. 
nuta'gno, s.m. Tustian, dimity. 
nutaTre* 9. to whip ; to rainb!e ; to ow, 

tJ near oflT: fruatarc on abito, to wear 

oat cloth«9. 
niica'to, a4J. whipped, afed, fnittrated, 


ruttaio'rr,^.!!!. a whipper. 
'rj'«tati/rio, adj. Taio, aseletSf oot sop- 

ported bjr reason. 
''rti«t«iu'ra, s.f. a whipping. 
:ru'«to, J.m. a piece; «</. worn out: 

frjst? a frusto, dip. bit by bit. 
'ru'iira, 0iv. in •vala, to jm pofpose: 

t:vttT frustra, to be disappointed. 
■rjsi.ri'to. a J/, deluded, disappointed. 
Yu'iice, t.m. sJtnib, sprout. 
rj'tla, /./. I'mit. 
niiuiuoi'io, s.m. (niiterer. 
' ' uita'ne, v. to yield, bear, produce* 
rita'o, aJj. fructified, ' planted with 

rjfti'i'ero.Fi attt^vole, Pruttiftc«'nte,Frut- 

ii'/ico, Frattifen/so. djy. fruit fat. fertile. 
r itiifica're, Kruitoafrr, v. to fructify. 

uttificazif/oe, /./. fructification. 
nj'cto, t.m. fruit, rent, interest, pro- 

Rre*i, effect ; a frott-tree : le frutta di 

trittr aiberito, blows, a Cttdgelllng. 
r iituosamc'ntr, adv. useririijt, profitaUy. 
run iKHita*, *. /. fru U ful ness. 
ruttJO^M>, a4}. profitable, fruitful. 
a', atj. deceased: H fu re, tbe late king : 

i./. a sort of oard, a slirub. 
nra'io, /orl. painted, disguised. 
ocile, s.m. rlie steel to strike fire : focilc 

-i<.-II' arcbtbugio, fire- locks. 

'ici'na, /./. a forge, 
iicinii'ta. s..t. a great namber. 

iro, t.m. a drxMie. 

/na, «./. flight, escape; meCtersi In 

tuff4, lo run away ; a (ugue in music. 

' i\e, atj. s*ift, fugitive. 

a •im^ntOt t.m. raut, disorder. - 
•'•I'm, V. lo chase. 
(i/rc, s.m. he that puts Co flight. 

•<.'(-'nte, Fugge'voif, aJj. fiying away, 
r^n>a<Mry, swift. . 
't^^camenie, adv. by stealth. 

' -.-i/«eo, aij. fugitive : t.m. a fugiUTC. 

•iis 'bile, a4f. avoidable. 

^/ifati'ca, t.m. ao idler. 

• '«'i?ne'oto, t.m. flight. 

>-. Ki're, tr. Co iy away, avoid, shun ; to 

^■■*nx, fajl: mi fugge I'animadi vederlo, 

I lidve Bol tbe courage to see him. 

' ;7.\i, s.f. flight. 

..-«.ti'c^o. Fufgiti'o, FuggitKfo, *{/. fa- 
five, transitory. 

u^i'toy fft, led away. 


Faggltyre, t.m. a run-away. 
Fu'io, atj. obscure, dark. O&r. 
Fuici'rc, If. lo underivup. 
Fulg 'itte,a<;. shining, bright* 
Fu'igere, v. to shine, iilaae. 
Fulgide'aaA, Fulgidita', t.J. fuIfCMy* 
Fu'igido, a^. shining, brigbU 
Fulgon'to, <!<(/. brilliant. 
Falgo'rc, s.m. splendour, 
(lili'gjrine, s.f. soot. 
FuHg^im/so, aij. smoaky. 
lulmfna'nte, aij. tbunderiof* 
Fuiminyre, o. to thunder, rage^to 

tence, to be in a passion. < 

Fulminatg^re, s.m. lie thai thunders. 
Fulmtoazio^ne, s.f. fulmination. 
FttHtnine, «.fls. thunder, liglitalng. 
FulmKneo, aij. thander-like. 
Fu^vido. aij, bright, shining* 
FU'Ito, aij. yellow, ruddy. 
Furna'cchio, i.m. fumiisatioo, acoal which 

smoaks mncb. 
FumauK/lo, i.m. a smoaky coal, the chim> 

aey lop. 
Fumade, o^/. smoaky. 
Fuma'nte, aij. smoakiof. 
FUma're^ v. to smoak. 
Furaa'ta, s.f. a smoak made for a signal. . 
Fume's, s,f. smoak. 
FumicaCnte, aij, nnoaking. 
Fumtca're, v. Co perfume, fumigate. 
Fumicacto'ne, Fumigaaio'nc, s.f. Funri''- 

gio, «.». fumigation. 
Fu'mido, aij. smoakv. 
Kumi'i'cro, a4j. causing smoak. 
Fumma're. See Fuma're, and all its de- 
Fu'mo, s.m. smoak, fume ; vanity, raiii 

hopes : convertirsi in I'limo, to vanistt 

in fume ; aver fumo, to be haughty ; 

fnmi, fumes, vapours. 
Fumosita*, s.f. fume, steam. 
Fumo'so, aJj. fumv, haughty. 
Fummofte'rno, s.m. iumitory, {a floHl.) 
Funa'.o, Fufiait/.o, s.m. a rnoe-mak^r. 
Funa'ta, *./. many people t:ed together » 

fare una funata, to make m my prisoners. 
Fund t(/re, s.m. a sl'mger. Obs. 
Fi/ne, J./, a rope, rack, (ort«»'-e: tene-re 

u r, o i n sd la fu ne,lo keep one i n suspcncc* 
Fu'nebre, Func'reo. aij. funereal. 
> unerase, t.m. a funeral. 
Punc'sto, <!.(/. fatal, unluckv. 
Fu'ngo, i.m. mushroom : fungo marlno* 

sea sponge: fun go di candela, snuff* oi 

acandle: fungodi piombo, scuraof lead* 
Fungo'so, aiJ. fungous, full of mushrooms, 
l-unice'ila. /./. a tittle cord. 
Funici/Io, s.m. a imall cord* 
Funsio'ne, t.f, doty. 
Fuo'co. s.m. Are, passion, discord, lovfr j 

caustic ; far fooco Ml orcio» w. «••• _A 


trivc tecrelljr ; ogni arqaa tpcfne il ftK 
oeo, \n case oif necevtiiy every thing ft 
good ; dar fuoco, to fire a |un ; terr« di 
Cento ruucitt, a town contaimnK a hiui- 
drcd liottAJs : fuoco laTor.ito, firework ; 
fioco Mlvatiro. tetter or riiia»orm; 
fttoeftt, the crlesiifll spirits ; raoco di 
San Elmo, the fire of St. LImo, a vapour 
•fen at sea and on tborr. 
ttx^r,Tw/n, Ta&rc, ruo'ri, aiv. *ttAprep, 
w thout, not ia, abroad, from home, 
•ut of, except, besidea: fuor di mano, 
out of hand ; fuor dl miiura, «ery mucb ; 
fuor d I ccrvcilo, out of hii wlUt 
Fuorcite*, frtf. except, only. 
Fuorcltirnere. tic.* Forcinu'.lcre. 
Fuocmlau'ra, aJv. exceaslTety. 
Vaoru^cl'to, i.m, an outlaw. 
Vuorsolaine'nte, adv. except, 
rura'rv, Fura'nte, aJJ. tliievinf. 
Tura're, v. to iteal. 
Fiira'tu part, stoh n. 
Furato're, j.ffi, a ihief. 
Fnrba'ccio, i.m. rogue, ktiave. 
Furbaifie'nte, aJv. cunoingly. 
Furbcri'a, t.j. a clicat, impoatoret 
Furbetcame'nle, ajv. rogulthly. 
Furbe'KM, a^f. dece tful. 
} urbc'ito, s.m. a little knave ; ai/. kaavlsh, 

Fu'rbo, i.m. a knave, a rogue. 
Fui'o'tto, s.m. a ferret. 
Ku flinti'cclo, j.m. a ftreat scoundrel. 
Furian(t're, live the llie ofa acoaiidrel. 
FuriVi'nte, * m. t rogue, rascal. 
Furfiuite'Iia, Furfiinti'no, /. m. a little 

Furunitri'*, <•/. wickedness, wicked ac- 

Tur'anii/nr, t.m. a groal roftte, v llaln. 
FiiVta. /. /. lury, paiilon, Aerccnc-s, ini- 

p«*(uo ity : a iiirin, aJv, furiously. 
Furib'uid/re, Vuri«i'i-«-, v. to rag« like a 

irufibyitdo, Furla'to, a4/. furioui, raging 

Furic're, t.m. faarblnger. 
Fttn'osarnK'nie, aJv. madiy. 
Furiu'su. a-0'. fierce, mad, raging, great, 

Fnro're, t.m. madness, fury, force. 
Furtivamv'nie, din. sciretly, hy stpahb. 
Furti'vo, a>U. sttilr, done by steal ik, pri- 
vate, surreptitious. 
fU'rtis ■'•'"• rubbvry : di furtp, aJv, pri- 
vately . 
Fu^a'tRin<% t./. the spindle-tree. 
rusa'lo, i m. spindle- maker. 
yua«iM(/io, i.m. a whirl tor a spindle. 
Futci'llo, i.«v. straw, r skewer ; alio aca*, 
mill-dust: rompcre il imceUiao, to 
tocak I'ricodslup* 


Fu'ico, *(/. dark, browo. 

rush/ne» i./. /uiion, mcltiiiB* tlMwIng. 

Fuao, i.m. a spindle, sbalt of a aiita : 

fuso di ruota, spoke of a wheel ; fuvo 

deir ancora, the thank of the asclHM-. 
Fuso, a4/. melted, cast. 
Fu'solu, s.m. slihi, shlo-lxme; tiie es^tc- 

tree of a grind-stone. 
Fuso'ne, t.m. a sort of ilage : e fmaone, 

aJxf. picfltitully, 
Fusia. J./, a sort of light galley. 
Fusta'gno, i.m. fu<tti4n. 
Fu'sto, i.ffi. stalk, stem, sbank, irsssk of • 

tree, corpulence. 
Futur^mc^ e, a/i*. for the future. 
f utu'ro, a<0\ loture; t,m, lUe futiare* ibe 

future teoM. 


r^ABA'RRA. t./. a lighter. 

^^ CabarrcTO, t.m. a Iightenwuiy • «•• 

Cabbadc'o. i.m. a hyporrite. 
Cabbiimr'ntu, s.m. cheat, trick. 
Gabbanc'ila, i./. riding coal, or sbrCouC 
(iahba'DA, sm* a felt cloak, t'T gabcrdiae. 
Gabbu're, v. lo deceive : gabbarsi* to mia- 

takc, bantvr, jcrr, «lcride. 
Gab)>atu'r.-, s.m, deceiver, nsocker. 
Gahhe'vole, a4/. sportive, bantrriof. 
Ga'hbia, i./. a cage, a Jail; a Trail to prrst 
olives in i tlie round top of a issaei ^ a 
mux tie; gabble, top-saila. 
Cabbia'io, t.m. a cagc>n«ker. 
Gabhia'nn, i.m. a tea mew, gull, clovo. 
Cittibiu'no, (hi/,, clowoith, unpotttea 
CrfbMa'tJ, s.f. H cage fuli. 
Gnhbii^r, G<ibl>lc'ro, t.m, the onoi placed 

in ihr ruund to^ia lo look out. 
Cabbioli'na, s.f. a tmall cage. 
Cdbbiona'ia, s.f. an inircuciiincRl made 

witi. (abion.>. 
Citbblo'nr, *tm, a Urge cage ; gal^IoM km 
lunilioatian : mrtlere n«l gabbioor, la 
alluii- b) Palirr.ct. 
G.ibho, i.m. jeering : preader a gabbo, lo 

Ga'e'ila, i.f. toll, duty, lav. 
G><l)e la'ri*, v. to pay duty : aoH gaWtlo 
quel ch« dite, 1 do not believe a ws 
)ou say. 
Cnbi'lHc'iT, t.m. custooi-lioutc oIKcer. 
Cabioe'Uo,- i.m. cluael, prea*^ elicit 

G4'^j>i:i, J./, tbc skuttle ofa abip, 
G iKkt'ii, s./. ncaccia, {a mv.) 
Ga'aaiu, i.m. htiatagc, pledge | 

larv, rccoinpencF. 
Caglia'rda, i./. a 


sgKardamc'nte, */ti. briakfr. bcldlx. 
a4li4rdi'sso» adj. very hardy. 
igliarde^xsa, GagliardKa, uf» atreagth, 

courafc, prowess. 
>ai$Ua'rdOy a\j. stooC, timnf * brave : di 

ceorcl gaf iiardo, stubborn ; far dei gag- 

liardo, to brave it. 
yi'gUo, (.M. rennet, that {urns milk. 
;a.Ii»fa'cciOi Gaglit/ffb, /.m. a great ras- 
cal, rogue, knave, coward. 
: a«l Mffa'gine, /. /. roguery. 
:^4glioff'ame'nte, adv. roguishly* 
jsgiioirerfa, «./. knavrrjr. 
>asiii/M, <iij. clammv, glaiA. 
^ I liuolo, i.M. cod, husk, shell. 
S«Vno, /.a*, a place aboanding with hart- 

<ul beasts ; a oMse, snare, trouble, in- 

i^agnolame'nto, GafnoHio, #.«». the howl- 

ing of adoff. 
'^ipnoiyfYa «. to howl, ronr. 

> 1 1 a in4/ale/irJo.merrily , pleasantly, gaily. 
'iiex<9. '•/• gaiet*, clieerfuine«t. 

• 1'i'j, a^*. gay, joyful. 

:>4'la. i./; ornament, finery, dress: far 
Fala, to be merry ; star so le gati', to 
f o 1 1 1 w I h;:* fashion : d i gala ,a4r. m« rrrj I y . 

ii-i'tiRi, t,f. falangal. an aromatic plant. 

.il./nie, a4/> accomplished, brave j gal- 
lant, fine. 

> 'i.iniemt^nte, 4iv. grnteelly. 

.J intrri'a,/./. civility, bravtry, finery; 

t.*v, trifle, 
riljnii'no, o^* pretty, delicate: un ga- 

ianttnn, a bean, a spruce ft- How. 
•aUiKuo'mo, «.«. a gallant man, a gen- 
>]'-f'p:>io, um. a trap. 
. Ij'ssia,*./. the milky way, rataxy. 
'Jiba'no, tlir gum yalbanum. 
.'ale'a, Galc'ra, «./. a galley. 
;.<i'-a'raa, t,f. a double galley, 
-it^'rrii'f e, V. to jeer^ banter, laagh at. 
':.Ax-f/nct *'it^ • galleon. 

aleo'ita, J./, sm-ilt nallay, a gkUiot. 
' •L-«>'tto, um. a gallfy-slave. 

•iiiga'pr, V. to dasxie, to dim. 
u tlla, s.f. an a«oni, a gall-nut \ a swelling 

in horses' feet. 
c^aJU're, Galleggia're, v. to swim, to cxiiU, 

loiretul tike acock, 
uaiiastrc/ne, s.fx. a targe cock. 
r .1 ! lev at a'nie, a</. swi mniiog;' 
C<) Irri'a, $./, a galltry. 
i.xiie'ttn, #./. a kind of grape, 
'^alle'tto, i.m. a ginan coach, also • young 

i^diiicfao, «.«• cock-crowfnf time of the 

'^WVfiM^M,/. a bens gallina. dl faraone, 

a fisiMM bca \ itfUna ttAlM^ an iodUo 


GalUna'tecia, s. /. a useless hen \ a kM eC 

Gallina'cclo. alj. oTa hen. 
Gallina'ccio, j.m. a kind of mosfarooas, 

also a turkey-cock. 
GalUoa'io, a poulterer ; ahett^aofC^ 

a hen-coop. 
Galline'Ili, t.f.fU the Pleiades. 
Oa'llo, i.m. acock: ^allod' India, aturicey* 
Gallo'ne, «.«• gajcon ; lace \ the side or 

Caiio'ria, t.f. tranKNirt of joy s far gatlo* 

ria. to make a holyday. 
Gallo'ssa, Galto'szoia, «./. aaat-gaIl{«lM) 

bubbles in water. 
Calluxza're, «. to be merry, laog h. 
Galoppa're, v. to iaJl<^ t. 

Galoj»pa't<Hv. i. «. a galloper* 
Galo^ppo, «.m. a gallop. • 

Galu'ppo, i.M. a poor object { (he bar 

who carries a soldier's knapsack. 
Ga'mba, s,f, leg ; dolersi di gamba sarv 

to Complain without reason ; daria « 

gainbe, to run away } andare a gambo 

icvMte, to lie ruineo. 
Gamb^/lr, $.m. stem of a plant. 
cambaru(/Io, Gamberuo'Io,i.fn. See Gam* 

Gamba'to, s.f, a gambol, a kick ; a kind 

of rustic poetry. 
Gaml>erra'ccia,j./. a sore leg. 
Gambe'ro, i.m. craw-fish: fdr cone it 

gambero, to go backwards. < 

Gambe'tia, t,f. a wooden leg, a sore lef* 
Gaml>etta're, v. to play with' one's legs. 
Garebe'do, s.m, a trip up : dare il gao»> 

befto ad uno, to tuin one out of com- 
Gambie're, »,/. greaves^ armour for ttas 


Ga'mbo, ^.m. stem, stalk. , 

Gambu'ccia, s.f. a small leg. 

Gambu'le, utn. the part of the breeches 

which covers the knee. 
Gambu'to, aJj. high suiked; having «ohI 

Gammau'tte, s.m. a surgeon's instrament. 
Gammu'rra. s /.a kind of woollen cloth. 
Gamrou'rra, Gimmuri'oa, s.f, Gammurif- 

no, Affl. a large robe. , 

Gana, i./. eagerness, desire : far una cos« 

di gana, tudo a thing willingly. ' 

Gana'icia, t.f. the iaw. 
Ga'icio, s.m. a hook : gan'cio di ferro vU 

rante, a swivel ; gianci, iron dogs* 
Gangbera're, i>. to set on hinges. 
Ganghcra'to, aij- on hinges. > 

Ga'nghero,J.«».ahinge. pivot* clasp: dam 

un ganghero, to run away \ sure ntf 

ganghari, to tak9 tl««4s utclr de 

iheri,' to blunder. 
•I Ga'ngola, /./. glanduW;, kemek 



C^ngolo'flo, aJS> full ofglaDdulev , 
r.ingre'ni,'./. gangrene, mortilicaliqn. 
C'l'r;), s.j. striic, cuntcniiou^ ciniiUtioo : 

tare a gnra, to be riviilsr. 
Carabulla'rr, t% to cbeat. 
Canri'na, i./. a Mexican kite. 
Carba're, v. to •mile upon, piesK; alio to 

have a genteel air. 
Carbatamc'iite, alv. gr.icefulljr. 
•Carbale'fia, i./. gracefulneti. 
Carbaio, a4J. comely, gracctul. 
Garbfggia're,v. to pleaie. 
Carbi'no, s.m, the 9. W. wind* 
Carbo, s.m. garb, carriage, beliartour: 
' oomo d< garbo, a polite man ; Tin garbo, 

wine that hat a sharp taste \ garbo, a 

Carbu'gllo, s.m. tiinittit, confusion. 
Gareggiame'nto, t-m. See Ga'ra. 
Caroggia'nle, aJJ. itriving. 
Gare«Ria're, %u to contend : gnregglar 

ncllo stNdio, to study with emulation. 
<(arcggi.ito'rr. s.m. a rival, competitor. 
GareL'giuSo, aJj. llticioiis. 
Gan-'uo, s.m. (he thigh, the ham. 
Ciirgacliu're, v. to iTiurmur. 
Gargaglia'ta, s.f. a peddling, dabbling. 
Carganti'glla, s.f. a necklace. 
Gargari^smo, gargle- 
Cargarixzj'fe, v. to gnrgic 
Gargu'zza, s.f. Gargoaau'.e, s.m. wind* 

pipe, liiroat. 
■Carla'ndro, s.m. a sort of precioiu itonc. 
Giiri'bo, s.m. dance, ball, 
•CarKngal, s.m. a rout so called. 
GariotiU'ts, //• the herb Benaet. 
*G>trot'ahflre, v. to spice. 
Carofana'lo, <!<(/• spiced. 
Gnro'iiino, s,m. clove, gilly-llower. 
GaroHtola'rr, v. to beat wtth one's fist. 
G.ironto'lOf'.m. a blow with the (ist. 
C8ro!»c'll«», Garo'so, fl</.lltigloBS,quirrel- 

aome, stubborn : garofc'llo, i.m. a kind 

0( jOUitt. 

Ga'rpa, /./. ipavlns* 
Ganre'vole, aij. scoldingj 
Garrimc'mo, Carri'to, s.m. a chiding. 
■ Garri'K, n. to chide, blame, scold ; to 

chirp, warble, s-ng, chatter. 
Carrtto'rr, s.m, a woldlng man. 
Garrulita', s.f, habblinp, chattering, rail* 

(nf t detraction, slatidtr. 
Ga'iTulo, «•(/, 


-ulo, A(/. prntllng, chattering. 
: t', s.f. a ja/i a hearn, ■ sort of 


Cmaoaa'ccla, Cnrtona'stro, sjn. a stout 

<;aVxii'n«, j.fM. a boy, a lad, K'nant, ap- 

prcntice> a cabin-boy. 
-fiarzoaevolnc'iitCj tUV. ChilAishW, impru- 

icnliy, "5 

n ; ^- -. . . . , . 1 «• -_ . 

C E L 

Cargone'gxa, #./. childhood, inltecf. 
Caraunl'lc, aij. boyish, childiah. 
Oarsuno'ito, J.m. a young man. 
Garxuo'lo,/.m. the heart of iicrba, aa cab* 

bage» lettuce; also a sort of iM-mp-arert. 
Gastigagi(/ne, /. /. Oasligami/itto, s.m. 

punisliment, chastlxrmeac ; education* 
Casiina'nte, a4J. cbaatixing. 
Gastiga're, i>. to chastise^ tp teach. 
Gastlgat(/re, s.m. punishcr, censor. 
Gasii'KO, Gasiigatyio, t.m. Gasitgatu'ra, 

Gastig3alo'oe,i./. cliastuctncnt. 
Ga'ttfl, s.f. a she cat : gatto,i.m. a iiccat ; 

an engine to batter walls: vender It 

?atta in sacco, to sell a pig in a ptAc ; 
ar la gntla morta, to dissemble ; ihi.r 

mar la gntia. gatta, to speak one's min<i, 

to cdll a spade a spade ; pig Hare a pet* 

tare una gatta, to undertake a dilKciiiC 

Ga'iirru, s.m. cat-mint. 
Ga'iticr, i./. a plant a» called. 
Oatti'r.M, s.m. a kitten. 
Gatiiuo'ia, s.f. a cat's hoTe. 
Caitomammo'ne, /.m. a kind ofape. 
Caittf'ne, s.m, a large cat ; fare U gaitone, 

to connive at \ gaitoni, the miisnps, a 

Cattoxibc'tto, s.m. a civet cat. 
Coitu'cclo s.m. Gattu'ccia, s./. a kittea ; 

aim a sea-dog. 
Gava'sza, /./. Gara'azo, C^aTaJtanc'sio, 

t.m, shout lor Joy. 
Gavaxza'rCf f. to re|oice much. 
Garazaie're, s.m. he that rejoices vitk 

much noise. 
Gaude'nte, aJ.J. biythe. merry. 
Gaudentame'ntc, adv. Joyfully* 
Ga'udio, joi, mirth. 
Gaudlo'so, a4j. Joyful, .glad. 
Gavcggta'rc, v. to regard. 
Caveggi'no, t.m. a fop. 
Gave'tta, /./. a buuch of mttstc.<tr{afi. 
Gavl'gnc, t.f. pt. kernels in the throat. 
Cavilla'rc. Sec Cavilia're, and iu dcrivar 

Cavi'ne, i./. ^^ the king's evil } moai-s. 
Gaso'cciolb, t.m. a bile, a tumor. 
G.ivo'nchio, s.m. a sort of eel. 
Gavo'ua, s.f. a sort of 0«b. 
O^'tt^, Ga'aacra, s.f, a Jey. a magpie. 
Cazz.i'rra, /./. a fea»t; a pinnace. 
Cazze'lla/i./. a gaael, an aaimal like a 

roe, which yields muaft* ' 
Catze'tta^/./. faaette. 
Cazzorila'clo,/,m. treasury. 
Cazzu'rro, s.m. noise, thanderlng adte. 
Gvlamc'nio, s.m. GcU'ia. s.f. frost. 
Gola'rc, v. to freef e, to be frozea; ge>a« 

it frcezas. 
Grlfltamc'atel ahu eotdly* fesrfittfy. 
Ge!«tl'na« CdtJrt'a, i./. jtUy, 


Cila'ui^ Geflido, a4j. froxen » terrific* 

(M-'ldra, s. f, rabble, mob. '^ 

( elici'dU), j.nx. frosty weatlier. 

Ct-lide'zza, s-f. coomes^, frcshnest* 

i'.t'\o, f.m. ice, frost, cold. 

Ci'losa'ccio, aJj. very jealous. 

(.closime'^ite, adv. jea:ou«l)'. 

O Uui'a, /./. jealousy { a lattice or frtle 
to a window. 

Ctlo'so, alj. jealous: negozio geloso, a 
nice point. 

Pc'lsa, ».f. a mulberry. 
- Ge'iso, j.TOi a mulberry- tree. 

Cclsomi'iio, s.m. jasmine, or jessamine. 

Oemdld, /.n. a twin. 

(k'me'Ui/.flt.^/. tlieceleattal sign Gemini. 

Geme'ou, adj. groaning, lameniiog, drop- 

Ce'roere, GeraKre, v. to groto ; to drop, 
t rickle . *~ 

CeAmPre, v. to double. 

Cemina'to, aJj. doubled. 


('e'mino, aJJ. double. 

Crmiti'o, /.III. droppini? of water. 

Gcnii'to,/.«n. groan, lamenting.rompUInt; 
■ilstf, spring, dropping of water. 

Cf 'inma, s.j. a jewel ; bud*. 

f>-mma're, v. to bud, to shoot. 

(■i-mma'to, adj. covered with gen I. 

(,c^na, *./. cheek. 

rk-nealogi'a, *./. genealogy. 

c.enera'bile, adj. that may beengrndered. 

Cenerabfiiu', i./. tlie power oi'beingen- 

Giri'Talii'to, s.m. getieralihip. 

tanera'le, aJJ. general: s.m, a general. 

OcncraJi'i'rimo, s.m. adj. tlie supreme 
commander, tery general, common. 

GvneraliU', *./. generality. 

Ceneralme'nte, adv. generally ; gcneral- 
mente parlando, commonly speaking. 

J.cneraroe'nto, s.m. generation. 

C^nera'ote, a4/. begetting. 

Genera re, v. to biget, bring forth, cause, 
create : generarsi, to grow, spring, form 

r;rneratiVo, aJj. genentire. 

Crncra'to, fc/t. begotten. 

Gtncrato'rr; J.w. progenitor, father. 

Cenerazio'ae, s.f. Generame'Qto, s.m. ge- 
neration, jprogeny. 

Cc'ncre, s.m. genus { q>cciet, aort^ way, 
tnanaer : no genere dl vita, mannftf- of 
liA- ; gesere, (fii grammar) gender: in 
genrre, «iiv. generally. 

<;encricam«'nte, adv. tee G*neMlme'nte. 

Ccne'rtco, 04/. generical, common. 

G« 'ocro, J.w. a son-in-law. 

C'n^rosnniv'nte, adv. gerieroosly. 

( '•rtrroslta*, *./. generosity. 

crncre'w; «>(/• ftficrout, frtfitful* 


Ge'nesi, /./.Genesis, {the/lrst bo$k^M9ff$,) 
Censi'a, Gengi'va. s.f. the gums. 
Centdt/vo, s.m. ginger. 
Ceni'a, s.m. s.f. the rabble. 
Gcoia'ccio, s.m. wonderful genius. 
Cenia'le, adj. agreeable, genial. 
Ge'nio, j.m. genius ; a iamiliar spirit, hi> 
mour, temper; wit, taleoia, parts: an- 
darc a genio, to please. 
Geniia'le, 04/. genital. 
Geniti'ro, s.m. the genitive case. 
Ge'nilf^ adj. begoitco. 
Genito re, s.m. father. 
Genitn'ce, s. /. mother. 
Genitu'ra, «./. birth : la primo geniturs, 

birth-right ; casting one's nativity. 
Genna'io, 4.m. Janu^iry. 
Genovi'ui, $,/. » Genoese coin. 
Gcnta'ccia, Genta'glia, s./. Gcnta'me, «.ffi. 

rabble, mob. 

Ge'oie, s.f. nation, men, people, crow^, 

kindred, family : la gente del re, ll>e 

king's soldiers; gcnte a cavallo, horse- 

° men ; buona gente, good people ) di 

bassa gente, of a mean extraction* 
Gen.tere'lla, s.f. common people. 
Gent/ldonna, s.f. a gentlewomao. 
Genli'Ie, Centile'tto, 04/. genteel, Boble, 
nice : gentili, gentiles, pagans ; gentile, 
a falcon-gentile, {in falconry.) 
Ceniile'sco, adj. handsome, genteel. 
Centileii'mo, /.ffl. heathenism. [ness. 
Gentile'zza, s.f. gentility, courtesy, kindr 
Centilitre, v, to make nub!e. 
Gen;i]tta', J./, heathenism ; nobility, gen- 

teel carriage. 
Gcntiti'zio, adj. common to a country, or 

Gcntilme'nte <iit>. courteously, ricbly» 

Genti-o'tto, s.m. a country squire. 
Gentiiuo'mo, s. m. a gentleman. 
Gentu'ccia, s.f. rabble, mob. 
Genuflesslc/ne, /./. K'enuflcxioo. 
Genufle'sjo, aij. kneeling. 
Cenufle'itere, «. to kneel. 
Genzia'na, s.f. geiitian, felwort. , 

Ceograli'a, /./. geography. 
Geo'grafu, s. m. gcoRrapher. 
Geema'ntc, s.m. geomanccr. 
Gcomanzi'a, s.f. a kind of divination. 
Geo'otetra, 4.fl}..iieameirician. « 

Geom^trl'a,/./. geometry. 
Geometricame'nte, adj. geometrically. , 
tjcome'trico, Gco'metro,rtJ;. geometrical* 
Gerai'i'ca, s.m. W high-prlest. 
ment, emVarraWment. , _ ^r 

Cera'rchle, s.m. hierarchy, the order ot 

CcTa'rc Uico, adj/o^ >"''''"• J'^JflflTuu fc. 


M^tf^, C«r|o^Mf i,m. tbc eUnkurt capt of 
(liieve«. ^ 

Ce'rii, /. /. « ba Act. G" CT 1 . 

CemM'nIv'o, <t</. Ucrman. 

Cenna'no, i.M. brotlier, cooa'a'f ermaD ; 

-<3erma'Q0, a4j. right, proper, true. 

Gc'rmc, a bud, a shoot. 

Germlna'rr, v. to bud, shoot. 

Germina'Ve, Am, a buddiag, ahOoCiof 

GcrmioatiSo, At/. 4t to engender. 

Ormlnato're, i.fn.(}ermina'.ri'ce, t,/, he 
or she Utat produies. 

CcrniogHame'nto, J.m. a biiddiag, a bad, 
or sprout. 

Cermoglia'nie, aif, budding. 

Germo.'lia're, v. to bad,blaason« increaie, 

Cemiofil/o, >. m. bud, blosfom. 

OrogliTin're, v. to make hieroglyphics. 

Ccrogli'fico, i.m. hieroglvphlc. 

Cerog^i'fico, aJj. hieroglyphical, obscure. ' 

Cerwtlc'ra, /. /. order of the ganer. 

CSe'rsa, *./. a sort of paint. 

Gen/ndio, /. m. a gerund, (hi frammar.) 

Cessa'to, Gesso^ a4f. chalky. 

Ce'iso, $ m. chalk. 

Ge'sta, i./.ft. acts, exploits; race, family. 

Gesia're, v. to bear, carry, wear. 

Cesteg.ia're, Gesti're, v. to uie too much 

G«'<to,/.nB. action, grsture; acts, eirploitl. 

Gesui'ia, tm a Jeiu t. 

Cesui'dco, a4f Jesuitical. 

Ge'ti, i.m. fl. Jetsrs for hawks : becarsi i 
geti, to onderl ke some difficult thing. 

Cetta're, t>. o liirow, shoot, burl ; briug, 
cause, procure ; bad, or bloum \ to 
cast in a mould: gett^re lagrime. to 
ahed tears; gettar sospiri, to nicb 
alfihs; grtiarvia, to throw away ; gettar 
i foniamcntl, to lay the fouiida(lon<« \ 
fcttar motto, to mention ; tetiar al *ol- 
to, to reproach one with ; gettani ban- 
Wto, to go on the highway ; gettar 1j 
penna, to gain, to Ret ; gettirai ad una, 
to addict oRtf'i self to a thing ; gettar a 
male, to cunsume, waste; gettare una' 
campana, to catt a bell \ gettar I'erru a' 
fondo, to cast anchor. 

Cetla'ta, i.f. a cast, throw. 

Setta'io, aii. thrown, cast, melted. 

Gcttato're, t.m. caster, fouitder. ' 

■Ottti'to, i.m. jetam } the rigid over things 
caat up by the sea. 

OCho, /.Mr. throw, cast : chnnose dl getio, 
a brass cannon ; getto, a foundery ; io- 

Ghe rabo, (M/. crooked. 

Giieppio^ Ln, kfcsurel) tu ghcp|^o« to 
■iC* •*• ■ 


Oherbhio. «.«H. the soath>ii«iC irlntfla 
Ghermin^lla, #./. jugtllag, tricfca. 
Gbermi'rc, v. to snatch, seise. 
Giiert^Taao, «.«>. a |llty>floircr, or clore 

Clicn/ne, /.m. gaaset. 
Che'tto, I.m. un abode Tor Jewa. 
Gh^zso, t,m. a moor, a negro, «4/. moM^ 

Cblacche'sco, a^. icy, fh»ten« 
Ghiaccia'ia, $. /. an iCtt>ooua«» 
Ghlaccia're, t«. to freeae. 
Ghiaccia'to, alj, troaen. 
Chia'ccio, i.m. ice : a4J, fitwen* 
Ghiaccio'so, aJj, of ice. 
GhiaccuO'lo, s.m, icicle. 
Ghlaci'nlo, i.m. a stoac so callkd. 
Chia'do, i.fls. extreme coM; blade or 

Gh{aKgiuo1o,j.OT.corn- flower, tword^raaa. 
Clti/,i, I.f. gravel : Gitia'ta, Giaia'ta, t./, 

tiie mending of ro«>la with crarcl. 
GMjIo'so, <i<4/* sandy, gravelly, grictjr. 
GliiH'nda, 4./. acorn. 
Chianda'ia. i.f. a jack>daw, a mannre. 
Chlandi'fero, o^. bearing acoma. 
Chi<i'ndulo,i./. kernel in the Heals, sLi«* 

ders, measles in pork. 
Ghiandu'ccia, Gitiandu'saa, j. /. « anall 

acorn ; tumor, sw< lling. 
Ghiardbalddt'nxA, Cliieralda'Ba,J./'. trifle^ 

Chiaxseri'no, i.m a coat of mail. 
Ghiazscruo'la, i. f. a cuck*boat. 
Ghibelli'ao, o^. of the ChibflUne facttoiu 
Gbie'ra, i.f. a ring of metal abtnat or at 

the end of any tiling, tlie loCkci of ^ 

sword, or dagger \ a quiver i a kind o? 

ChignaDtcme'nte, adv, in smiling. 
('higna're, v. to smile, simper. 
Ghigiia'ta, i.jf. laughter in derlaioa. i 

Gliignatt/re, i.m, a grinner. 
GliiK0asa4're, v. to laiif h, grin. 
Ghigne'itlno, Gbigbc', gim* 

pe^. ' 

Gui'gno, I.m. a smile. 
(Wifo, I.m. a boom-sail, 
GUit/ita, I.f. a dripping pan. 
Gliiottaiwe'ote, aiv, greedily. 
Ghiotterelli'oo, GhioiU-re'llo^ 04f» <aiatr» 

Chlollo; i.m. « glutton { A<f. greedy, ain' 

r*:i as. 
Chiotio'ite, I.m. a glutton. * 

Gitiottoneri'a, Obiotto'nAa.a./. gtaltooy/* 

daintiness *, .waggiihness, knatcrr. 
Ghio'ira.i./. clod, turf of earth. Ms. 4 
Gliio'siOi i «i. a bit, morsel i ahlocfeheadn 

a gudgeon, (a>EiA.) ^ 

Ohiribiaxa'ce^ V, 

«• ««^.^»^a n4 

I'tariMgnti/Te, «.m. a faaUstieal «hia- 

tical reilow. 
:-vi)iribi'zsio>i>>n. a dcrice, infention. 
U^biribizso'so, adj. fmU$itc. 
<:;iiiriKi/ra, s.m. ». dasb, a itrok* of • pea. 
Chirb'adi, J. /• garland. 
Ci'iiro. km. adormoiue. 
Cifrynda, J./- a m si^*'' iMtrament. 
Cta', adv. formcnr. already ^ now : fla 

la sera e renuta, it i»alri'ady night : gia 

» used sometimes to ktrengtben th<:.ex> 

preasion in lUUan, but not translated ; 

a<, noivTorcsie gia cb'io paitis»if you 

woald not have me go away. 
C a"che\ con;, since 
€:j''.clicra, *./. * pla»> roguish trick. 
Caccha're, v. to squeak, also to cry like 

a crow. . - 

Clii'ccbiok /. m. a tweeiMiet, Iramroel :. 

gittare ilgiaccbio tontlo, t» spire no 

person ; f it.are il gvaccUio tuUa ticpe^ 

tn do a prejudice. 
C i\cio, s.m. ice. 

i iacc'nte, aj. situated, seated, lyhif* 
Ciacc'iv, V. lo lie down ; to be situated, 

to depend, coosis:, lo be stagnant ; to 

Be indis|K>»e(l. 
Ciace'rc, s.m. a harCs form, Iddging, If- 

tni down, 
r •aciine'Dto,ikm. a lying down. 
<'taci'nlo, 4.>f»« fayacinCb. 
(<' icito'lo, S.M. bed or lodging, 
c atitu'ra, *./. poatorein lyings order, or 

arrangemenl of words, 
f/.^t'co, j.m.coat of mail. 
(.MfoasecoMche', adv. supp^fiing. 
C> a'ida, s /. an ancient weapon. 
C 4l)ami'DA,Gia'Uoniina, s./. kpls eal»- 

m maris. 
C ilicggia'ntCrAf/. yellowish, 
t. illegKia're, v. to grow ;reilow. 
«. ■tle'ito, Ctallitcio, adj. yellowish. 
c a le'txa, «»/. paleness. 
t. -Mo, aij. ye low, pale. „ , ^ 

(• d;>«/gno, Giallt/gnolo, a^. yellowish, 

C .I'losa'Bto.i.m. a light yellow. 
Ciitc/My, AW. a ton ol worm. 
C i'!(/rv, Giallo'mc, J.m. yellownen* 
C<B nba'--«, tf. (o jcti, jeer, rail. 
Ca'tnbo, » tn. iambic fene. 
Ciaramal, a^. never, ever. 
Cam-TTc'iigola, «. /. a noall matter or 

»HB!»c'tt«, s, /. a wrt ofanni, ttick, pike. 
Sunaeua^no, i.m. a soldier armed wkU » 

Ci«niKrtt*'ra, f. /. a blow with s pike. 
Utnneitrna, a. /. t half pike. 
Cbnoc'to.Aiii- a Spanish hone* 
9i«Boi'asoro»j.«i. aiaeiMiy* 
Han, J. /•••■MM. 


GtiMiti, /./. oMCkenr, trick ; • dbatK te 

a horse's hoof. 
Giai'rdinaiq^Giardinie're, M.m. • gardener* 
Giardl'da^ Ciardinc'iU}, s.m. a ^.ien, 
Ciargo'ne, s.m. a stone, lo called. 
Gia'ro, s.m. calPs foot. 
GJa'rro, s.m. a jar 
Giatta'oza, s./ brag, bouU 
Giattu'xa, J,/ loss. 
Gii'v.i, 4 /. magazine, storebonae; 
'^ii<rel4u>'Uo, sjn. a javelin. 
GJ'bbo, .'.m. a iiump. 
Gibbo'so, C bbu'io. «^. huncb-backed. 
Gibe'rna, i. f. a scrip. 
Gieliocu'so, 04/, full of mirth. 
G;e^o, s.m. ice, frost,. cold. 3eeGe!o,att4 

its derivatives. 
Ci'ga, s.f. a jig. 
Giga'hte, $.m, a giant. 
Cisantescame'nte, oifv. in e glanslikt ' 

manner. . 
Gigan e'dco, Giga'htco. «dj. gigantic. 
Giglia'io, j.m. florrr»(ine, Kfu^ qf mow/*) 
Gielia'to,<i</,strewed,or planted with tUiec 
Giglia'io, s.m. a iily garJen. 
G4fflt«'tto> *%m. a small lily; fringe. 
Gigi'lo, s,m. lily, fleur-de-lys. 
Cina, s.f. breath, strength. 
Ginepra'iOk Ginepri/tOrfkin. a place vherw 

juniper grows. 
Gine'pro, s.m. juniper-tree:- Glne'pra,/^ 

the juniper berry. 
Ginc'stra, s. f. broom. 
Ginestre'to, t.rn, a plare where brooB 

groas :- troublcH^onfufion, labyrinth. 
CJnestre'vole,d^y. full of broom, brooray.- 
GIng/a, s.f. the gums. 
Gingilla're, tn to be fantastic. 
Cingi'llo,.i.m. a sabtle but fantastic in-^ 

Ginna'iio, i.flk a-coUege, school, gymea- 

Gfnna'stico, ai}. belonging to exercise. 
Ginne'tlo, *.m. a Spanish horse. 
Gi'nnico, aij, of a wrestler, of wrestiinf . 
Ginocchiefllo, J.m. a bog's foot, or knee* 

Clak/ccbio, i.ftu a knee.. 
Cioocchio'ne, adv. kneelingly. 
Gioca're, v. to play. 
Gloche'^ole, aij. merry, jocose. 
Giochevolme'nie,.aiv. merrily. 
Oit/co, J.m. see G^uo^co. 
Ciocofo'rsafr./. necessity, foreeb 
Giocola're, aii„ jocular, merry t *«. 9 

jester, a merry andrew. 
GiocoUTe, t». to joggle, or play legerdc- 

Giocolarme'nte, Adv. merrily. 
Giocolato're, J.m. a jus8»er. 
Gin'colo,^.m. ^ai^^e. •i'*!^'*,, _,.,,_^,. 


CMocendirre, iiblo b« nerrf , Njoke^ tlMT 

Ciocondt^U), «4/. cootentcd, Joffulf mcr* 

rj, diverted, glad. 
C4ocondc'Tole, ai/. Joyfal, tf rceable. 
Cioconde'sxa, Giocondiu% /• /. mtrth, 

joilitjr, content, pleararc* 
CioC(/ndo, adj, merry, gayi 
CiocuMmratc, adv, racrriljr, in jrrt. 
CioC(/fO,<M/. gamcDome, liiortfui* 
Cioga'ia.i./. the dew-lap of an ox } a ridge 

oi iijiis. 
Cioaiia'to, 04/. mixed with taref* 
Gio^llo, i.m. darnel, tirea. 
Gio'go, M.m, a yoke, alavery, bondage; 

top of a mountain. 

,_./. jewel, joy, mirth » a fool, a 

ninny : giola del pozxo, the mouth of a 

Gioia'nte, a4/» chearful. 

tlolclla'to a4/. let with iewell. 

Giuiellic're, s.m,t jeweller* 

Clole'llo, i.m. a jewel. 

(iloiosaroe'nte, adv. joyfully. 

Ciofo'to, <M/. merry, cbearfuU 

CioKre, v. to rejoice, to cheer, enjoy, 

Gbin?lla, s./, meunre of two handful*. 
C»lorieri'a,i./. valour, courage, {inmoeh 

Siornale, t.m. Journal, diary, 
ttomale, Giornalie'ro, *</. daily. 
fiHomalmt/nie, adv, dally, 
(ilorna'ta, #./. a day ; a daf'a woili. a 

day's journey ; AgiU, battle t a gior- 

naia, alia glomata, adv. daily, now-a. 

Oiome'a, /./.a •oldiert coat : aflibbiarel 

la glornca, to preiuroe too much. 
Clo'rno, #.m. day, day -light: bon giorno, 

^ood'morrow : di giorno in giorno, advt 

daily, from day to day : a giorno, adv. 

by break of day. 
Gl/str^, /./. Jouiiing, tilting, fight. Jest, 

Oiostra'nte i.m. a Jouiltfr, tiller; «<f. 

Jousiing, tilting. 
CioitraVe, v. to joust ) emulate^ itrire. 
Giostratu're, um. a jouster. 
GioTgme'nto, good, benefit. 
Giofana'cclo, i.m. an unexperienced 

youth. ^ . , 

Giovana'glia, i. /.youth, quantity of young 

Gli/vaor, i.fn. i. /. a young person. 
Gto'vane, 04} . young, tcoden giuvanctto, 

0jJ. rery young. 
Clovane'sco, adj. of a young roan,chlldiih. 
Giovane'gxa, «./. youth. 
Giovant'le, «.</. youthful. 
Gioranllroe'nte, adv. youlbfuUf, 
Gi«VMlM'dl«e,i./. youUi. 

Oifmuftt6, $*m, a fin* yooai 

Ciora're, v. to help, aid. ptwfit, pleait» 
delight, take pleasure in, lof« : Uvt » 
glof a giova, to heljp one nnolben • ''" 
fiova, what •Igoinct; cite ai glo*t| 
what avails it to me. 

Ciovati'vo, ai;. profitable, oaefnL 

Giowato're, fen aider, helper. 

Cio've, i.m. Jupiter ; the Dmmo given by 
alchymista tb tin. 

Glovedi*, i.m. Thursday. 

Ciove'nca, /./. a heifer. 

Ciove'nco, t.m. a bullock, fleer* 

Gioveni'ie, adf. Juvenile. 

Cioventu*, i. /. yootli. 

Ciovcre'ccto, ««(/. agreeable, clean, «• 

light lul. 
Ciovc'voIe,o<</. useful .profitable, availtblc. 

Glovevolc'aaa, t,/. profit, nCiiity. 
Giovevoimc'nte, adv. uaetully. 
Gloviale, a^f. Jovial, pleasant* 
Giovince'llo, t.m. Glovincc^ *• /• • 

young man, a young glr(, 
Giovi'ne, i.m. See Oiova'ne, 
Oiovintnio, adf. of a young man. 
Oira'fl'a, i./. a beut found In Abrsritflt. 
Girame'nto, i.m. a turning rcHind, wiad- 

ing, witetflinf, 
Clnnd(/la, t. /. a sort of chandelier ; fvi* 

slon. excuse t a wheel Arc-woft. 
Girandola're, I'. to feign, devise, initgu>& 

Gira'ntr, i.m. the loom of so oar* 

Gira're, v. to turn, wind, rove; encom- 
pass, convert, changes ouestu lw>f* 
gira tre mtglia, this tiiace isUtrremiirt 
about ; f irare i danari, to assign ssoorri 
far girar il Cervcllo sd uno, t«ni«>< 
one mad ; col sirar degli aoni, in pro* 
cess of time ; In un girar di cifliOi ■■ 
the twinkling of sn eye; girar U «•»* 
cello, to tJCk, to put atNMt a ship* 
Giraso'lCfi.m. sun-rtower. 
Gira'ta, t. f. turn, way, compsni lu aaa 

giratx, to takes walk. 
Qiraii^o, adf. circular, orbicular. 
Glrav«/lla, i.f. a turning and wtadlni i 
dare una gtravoils. to take a liitie iuni.1 
Giratio'ne, s.f. & tuming rosMd, vkm^" 

Ci're, V. to go. . . ^^ 

Cire'ila, i./. a small wheel, weatbercoct^ 
puiry, turnstile, a caster of « tabKS 
dsr iielie girclle, to grow nutd. J 

C n*IU'io, J.m. a maker of polhiSJ ^J* 
inconstant, wavcrlnfl* . | 

Cire'llo, t.m* a circle, wealbercoclt. I 
Girr'vule. odJ. light, fickle. 
GIrtaico, i.m. a gerhiioon, (s *■*'•) 
Gi'i", i.m. a turn, tour, wtik ; oeP*"^ 
circumi'crencct giro del vise, (ks co«^ 
tour of the faoe 1 in a\tQ,Mdm, bf *''*' * 
, per firo« eUv. reuM abtnu 




.\ttat</iie« s.rm. lionMa conaMter. 

iuta're, v. to throw, caR. 

^itta'tB, *./. a cast, ikrmr, tbe earth iog 
out ofa grave. 

Siuac^ aif. tkroani, rained. 

cttut^yrc. «•«". a darter, a thrower. 

Gitto, GittawK'ato, sjm» a tbimr, k«i, da- 
mage : a gitto, aif, oppotite, encfty^ 
to a nicety. 

Ciu*, ari». dDvis beiow, beneath : gin per 
le acalc^ down lUirt ; porre gio, to ta* 
aside; por gltt la pauia, to recover 
from a (right ; mandar giu, to twallow. 

Gmbba, «./. a pMiooat, a coat. 

G I u '>berc<Uo, Giubbe'Uo, s.m, a little doo- 

Ci-jbbilc'o^ M.m. a jobikc. 

Ciabbo'oe, ».m. a dooblct, oader-coatt 
correre io giubbone, to nm-vcry fa». 

r. ubbiU're, v» to rejoice. 

c; .H>Wlalorre, jjm. one leapitig for joy. 

<' ubilasU/ae,J./.Giii'bilo,i.«. rejotciog. 

o.'uca're. See Giuocafre. audita deri?a- 


C udaTiCtt. A</. Jfewilh. 
Oijdai'saio, i.m. Judaism. 
Giudaiasa're, v. to imitate tbe Jewt. 
G.udae'sco, a4f. Judaic, of the Jew*. 
Gfude'o, s.m. Ginde'a, «./. a Jew, Jewets: 

adj. iafatuatcd, incriodulouf. 
Crude'ok Ai/. JadaicaVof the Jews; obiti- 

nHte» oBbelicTiog. 
Cijdicame'nto, /.M. jodgment, opiaioa, 

rc^Bon, mind ; decree ofa cowt. 
C;-udica'Bte, Mj. judgiOK. 
U.udicaVe, V. to jodge, decide, seateoce, 

think, belicTC, suppose. 
c...i<licaii'vaw Giudicato'rio, o4/. jodtdal. 
c.jJicai'to, s.m. jurisdictioo, oilce of a 

iadge, Jodgaicnt, sentence. 
Giulica'to, fart, judged: giodlcato ael 

ietio, gifcn overbj the fAysiciaas. 
f. •iJicato're, s.m, a judge. 
c >u-Jical</rio» aij. judicial. 
t ■adioalii'ra, a/, judicaiore* 
I. J iicaa:o'ne, V'. judgmmt. 
<. i'Jice, I.m. Judge, nrnpiie. 
Oudicbevoime'ate, adv. juslly,jiidickMs. 

C Jdiciane, Giadicia'le. Giodiciyrio, adj, 

t, jJicialme'nte, odto. jodicially. 

o irdi'cio. Ciodi'sio, s»m. coort or jua> 
tier; jadgmen', sentence, decree, 
reason, uodcntaodiag. oplnioa t cbia- 
mif« la gtadlcio, to sommoa before a 


judiciooilya nttonaUr. 

CI tJ 

AMIekAa, Glodlsh/tai «i;. 

Ciargcro, '.ifk an acre oi lanfl« 

Chi'ggiola, <./. ilM fruit of the jajaho. 

Giuggioli'no, aJJ. a sort of muddy red 
colour; alsotjnipof jujifbe. 

Giu'ggiolo, s.m. a jujube-irre. 

Giu'gacn, v. to arrive, johif reachi calc^ 
reduce, bring, decoive. 

CiuanlairBto, J.aa. imkm. 

Giu'gno, i.m. month of Juoe. 

Giuia'dro, /.as. a bufiooo. 

GfaleOfbe, Giale'bbe, /.m. julep. 

Giule'cco, j.m. tiie dress oi a gaUey-slast. 

Giu'lio, a.«B. a piece of money curreat ift 
Home : leggc Giulia, the Jidiaa lav. 

Giullrame'nie, ado. joyfully. 

Giulive'tto, a4f. joyful, gay. 

Ginlivfts\ J./, gaiety, mtith. 

GiuliHo, a^f. mory, g«y. 

Giulla're, tjm, a jcfter, a merry andrav* 

Giullare'sco, mif. comical, scorriloui. 

Giuileri'a. «. /. buffoonery, scurrility. 

Giume'ila, #./. twohandfula. 

Giume'nta. t.f. a breeding mare. 

Giumtmtie'fe, t.m. a driver. 

Giame'nto, t.m. a labouring beast. 

Giunca'ta,/./. Giuncl)e'io,/.m. a plaos 
. full of rushes. 

Giiinca're, v. to strew liowers. 

Giunca'la, $./. cream-cheese. 

Gittaca'to,«X/- covered with rnihrt. 

GiaocbPglia, i. /. jonquil. 

Gta'nco, /jsb rath, bulrush. 

Gtuaco'so,o^'. full of rustles. 

Cfai^cre. See Gii/gnere. 

Giu'nu,/. /. addition, encrease ; a eon«> 
cil; a joint gold measure: a prima 
gionta, adv. immediaiely. 

GtuDta're, V. to join ; to deceive. 

Giautati/re, s.m, a cheat, deceiver. 

Giaoterfa, ». f. iraud, deceit. 

Giu'nto, aij. arrived, joined, deceived t 
a ch«aon glunto, what I am come (o| 
star coa le mane giunte, ti> Wand idle. 

Ciuntu'ra, /./.joint, seam, conjunctitm. 

Giuocaccbia'fv,t». to play for trilies. . 

Giuoca're, v. to sport, play. 

Giuocat(/re, /.m. a gamester. 

Giuo'co, 4.ffi. game, play, sport; art, «ci» 
ence, skill : a giuoco,0iti. re^df, in iir*- 
der; giuoco di poCiic tavoir, small bu- 
siness; giiioca di testa, inventioa; g'u- 
oco di vele, a set of sails. 

Giuocofo'rza, «. /. unavoidable necessity 

Giuocoia'i-r, to play, toy. 

Ginocolato^rr, i.m. a loyer, wantoa^ 

Olurame'nto, t.m. an oath. 

Giunnteme'nte, ait*, with an oath. 

Giura're, w. to swear, depow, pro(«t^ 

M 3 


tHumtm, Mi* •wonis fratclll linralH 

itrsrn bratheri ; i.m. t compirator. 
C urau/rc, #.m. • •wearer, a UMphciiu>r. 
C;iur.*t(/r{o, a4J. iwetring, Qrtobcaworn, 

Ciu'ic, J.m.4aw« right. 
Ciureconiu'lto, /•<». • lawyer. 
Giuridicame'nle, adxi. legally, juridkallf. 
Ciun'dico, aJj. |aw(uL 
Ciurisdisiona^ie,<i4/« > elongingtoajudge, 

or JudgmenL 
Ciuriidiiio'ne, $./. a jurisdiction. 
<;iuri'iia»4.ffl. a lawyer; ai(/. lawful, icftl. 
Ciiu'ro, «.m. oalli. 
Ciuaa'rma, #./. a aort of batcbct used 

among the ancient*. 
Gtu'io, ah.', down, below. 
Ciiuiqula'mo, $.fn. iirn-baoe. 
r.'ii'kta, ^f^. according, near, hardly. 
c;'usiamr'nte, adv. juuily, agreeably. 
C^luiie'aaa, /./. exacmeia, ju.iiice. 
Ciiittlfica'nle, a4j. juBtifying. 
GtufiiAca're, v. to lustify, prove, clear: 

gluatificani, to clear onfi ae.f. 
Ciuitiflcaume'nie. adv. juttly, juttitiably. 
Ciustificaii'vo, oi^. iuailliable. 
Clunitica'to, fort, juaiified. 
<»iu«liAcatt/r<', i.m. aiustifler. 
fiiustificazio'nc, /./. justiiicatioo. 
Ctuati'zia, hf* juiticc: il fara fittitlaia 

oggi, to<day ia cxecui ion-day. 
Cius(i»i«'re ii. (o execute malcfacton, 

to torrornt, vex. 
Ciustiaiere'to, i.m. the Jurisdiction of a 

Ctastisie're, im, an executioner; juatice, 

Ghi'ito, <i4/. just, right, true ; $.m. an ho- 

neat niiin. Justice; oiv. justly, precisely; 

frtp. according. 
fJVba, i. /. a young plant, or alip. Obt, 
Ciacla'te, <M/. of ice. 
CladiaiaTre, i,fn. a gladiator. 
Gk'nduia, i./. kernel, gland, (be numps, 

a di!i^ate. 
Glandiiio'so, a4i. g'andulooa. 
CUMro,i.m.tlie herb woid. 
Clau'co, aij. sea giecn. 
Clare, i.ffl. (lie sword-flah. 
C«c'ba,4.y. slcbe, clod ol earth. 
Gli, the: gii scbolarf, tl>e scholar! ; gli, 

to him ; gli diasi, I told him ; gli vidi, 

I law him. 
Clo'ho, i.m. a globe. 
C»lobu)iita\ i. y. roundness. 
Clubo'su, alj- globular, 
tilo'rii, a./, glory, honour, fame; bles. 

Kdiicxs ul hvrfven ; glory, in painting!, 

(d ctrtU round tht head tf a lamt) : aapet- 

lare a gloria, to wait with patience. 
Cloria'nte, «<(/. boasting. 
Ctom'rc^ «. l»>pf«iw,- Mial, to botgl^ 

floriOt Horfarat, to ht c ow a t^ortmtg 

to praise one's self. 
Cloria'to. Cloria'H>, o^/. glorious, faoMDS.^ 
GlorifirVre. 9ee (;loria're. ' 

Clonrtcato're, t.m, glonfier. 
OlorJ|ica«i4/nc, Clonuio^n^; i./. glorii* 

Gloriosame'nte, adv. gloriously { with ho- 
Gtorio'so. a4/. glorious, ftauoiu, proud* 

Glo^so, i./. commentary. 
Clossa're, «. to comment, expound* 
Gloauto're, a.m. comiaentxior. 
Glosia'rio, j.m. a glossary. 
Giu'i ne, i./. xlne. 
Cliitlno'so, <M/. gintloooa. 
CnaiTe', bittrj. faitli. 
Giiato'ni', j.m. a parasite. 
Onsula're, v. to mew aa a cat. 
Gna'u, i.m, the mewing of a cmU 
Gno'cco, t.m, dunce, blockbead 1 1 damp- 

Gnomo'ne, s.m. a gnomon of the siui-d.aL 
Gno'rri, a4f. ignorant. 
Go'bbji #./. aliump. 
Gubbe'tio, <i<(/. humped. 
Gi/bbo, J.m. a\j. httucb«backed ; alao a 

Kpan if h thistle. 
Go^bbol-j, i.f. a common aajini, a bye* 

word, a proverb. 
Go'ci.ia, Go^ccioa, «./. a drop, a crack 

in the wall, where the water eaieri. 
Goccia'rr, Gocciola're, u to Gall by drops.^ 
Gucciolamc'nio, a.m. a droppiof . 
Gocclola'iite, adj. dropping. 
Giicciola'io, aij. dropped, spccUed* 
Gocciolato'io, a.m. gutter, drain. 
Gocciolalu'ra, a./, a hole oMdc by water 

Goccioli'no, a./, a amall-drop. 
Go'ccio'o, t.m. a drop. 
Gocciulo'ne, a.m. a dunce, blockhead. 
Gocciolo^so, ddj. dropping. 
Code'nte, adj. rejoicings order of 

Code're,tMo enjoy, rejoice, possess, feait, 

make merry t godersela, to lake ooct 

plea sure. 
Gjderc'ccio, ad}, agreeable. 
Godc'voie, a.{i. plettaant. 
Godlroe'nto, a.m. enjoyment, diversion. ] 
Godito're, a.m. a luxurious person, * 

merry companion. 
Godu'to, fart, enjjved. i 

GolTit'ggine. CotTrri'a, Coffc'ata* g./. dik 

nest, awkwardneia. .x» 

Coffamr'nte, «dv. foolishly. ^^ I 

(;o'fl(u, ad}, rooliah, awkward. -^ 

Go'gna, a. /. an iron collar for poaidH 

mcnt of roalefactotl^ Mrlafs Ml. CW 

S(/<iia, s.m. a Tllltiii. 

04/la, J./; the throat ; last, panion. fn- 

. cy ; the mouth, or entrance, coudait, 

pipes gricTare^quttiiosen^na ndla gola, 

to cry u loud ts one can. 
Co\egKia're» v. to vUh. 

(.oic'tta* i./. a gorget, a stock. 

Go'Ifo, $.m. gulf, bay; andare a goUb 
Unciato, to sail straight to a place. 

Oolia're, v. to last, covet, loag tor. 

c.oloume'Dte, adv, greedily. 

oo'i>si'a, Golosita*, s.f. gluttony. 

(.oU/so, a</. rarenoas, grfcdj. 

(kilpa'to, 04/ . bad, spoilt. 

(;</1pe, 1./. a fox : golpedel grano, blight 

Golpyne, a large fox> a lagacioos 
crafty man. 

Ci'mbito, Goi'aiito f.«.aa elbow, ao angle 

- or coraer : goinito di mare, a crrek. 

Go'mena,/./. a cable: gomenetM, the 

Comita'ia, «./. blow wHh the elbow. 

Ccmito'io, s.m, a ball of thread, a cioster 
of bera. 

Camito'oc, adv. upon the elbowt. 

Go'miaa, J./, gum, a sort o( divNder. 

Gornmaral>ica, Gommara'ggia, t, f. gam 

G jrnmi'fero, *(/. prodaciog gum. 

G.immdrso, aij. gummy. 

Gof'ndola, /./. a Venetian boat, a gondota. 

(iondolie're, i.m. a waterman. 
. Confahwa'ta, *.f. a coqipasy of soUUers 
under one ensign. 

ConfaVne, iMu a banner. 

Coafalontera'tico, t.m. the dignity of an 

. eirdga. 

Gonfalontc'pr, t.m. an ensign, or comet. 

C</nfia/ f.Hi. a glai^maker, glaa-Wowcr. 

Confiagk^or, $.f. a swelling. 

Gonfiame'nto, um» pride) lamor. 

Cdndanu^lf, mdj. boasting. 

Confla'rc* V. to swell, to puflT np. to be- 
have proudly : gonlare ano, to p«C a 
penoa off with fair words. 

Coafla'to» /drr. swelled: goaOato dl an- 
. perbVi. conc^'ited. 

Conga oio, t.m. an lastruoicat to iwell a 
balloon, a caimon. 

Confl>i(/re, a «weller, boaster. 

Conff Jti/ra, Gonic'iaa, #./. C</ui(^ s.m, 
■welHag, Minor. 

C /nfij, adj. ptiiTed op, tain, proud i pa- 
role ftmHtf boaailof , aweUing words. 

Coniio^to, s.m. a bladder. 

Co'ngola, t./. ten tltroat, tweUhif in the 

<'30gala're, v. to ^eap for joy. 

Co'nna, <ioni^}i> , Gonnelt 'ita, GoaeltKna, 
coaiMtii/'ecia, »*/. • woman's gown. 

f./ato, s m. a bNbb)e,a ninny. 

Our*, s,/, a flaaal»aqiiedac t , oondail. •' 

en A 

GVrbfa, t.f. a ferre) { the potat of as 

Go'rga, G/rg1a, s./. throat: tirardi fot« 
gla, to oaaver, trill. 

Gorgheggia're, t». to qaa?er. 

GorghoFgiato^re, s.m. a warbler. 

Gorgbic'ra, s./. a neck-piece, mr, the 

Goffio'ne, s.m. a dronkanL 

Go'rgo, s,m. a depth of aater, a whirlpool. 

Gorgtie'tto, s.m, a currrnl of wattrr. 

Gorgosliame'hlo, s.m. a garidinf. 

Gorgoglia'nie, »(;. tbat gruniiilcs in (he 

Gbrgoglia're, «. to gargTe, baHble, boil, 
rattle in the throat ; to brcei vcmio aa 
poise does. 

Gorgoglia'to, 04/. gnawed by weevils, or 

Gorgo'glio, 4,m. a warbling, purling, gar- 

Corgoglio^ae, s.m. a weevil, mite. 

Gorgo'aaa, G frgoaxu'le, s.m. gul'et, wiai- 
pipe, throat. 

(So'ra, s.f. a square cap ; a plant so called. 

G/ij, /./, cheek, tide. 

Got.i'ia, t./. a siap, cuff, blow. 

Co'tta, jj". gout. 

Co'tto, « «»< a glass, a cup. 

Gotti/so, aij, gouty. 

Governa'ie, s.m. hein, rudder. 

Govemame'oto, «.ffl.govrmment,conduct. 

Ck>rern^nle, t./. governess. 

Coverna're, t». to govern, rule, swar; p-t- 
pare, manage, cultivate, season, beat: 
govemsrr on nave, to steer a 1)1 tp ; la 
nave govema bene, the ship answers the 

Govemato^re. s.m, governor. 

Covemaaio^ne, t.f. government. 

Govemi'me, /.as. dung, manuri*. 

Govc'mo, s.m. regimen, ore, rendac(« 
government f a rudder of a "hip. 

^x*/ia, «./.a wen; an invetrraie h^tre/t. 

GflCaao, s.m. crop oi a bird ; a wen m the 
throat; an o*l cruse. 

Goaxovi'fKa, g.f. pleasure, mirth. 

Gozzoviflia'nr, t». to be nieiry loffffber. 

Gosxoviglia'ta, s. f. mirth, good-living, 

Gozzn'io, aij. wide-throated. 

Gra'ccliia, /./. a rook ; s.m. a babbler. 

GracchiaVe, v. to rroak, prate gabble. ^ 

Gracchi atu're, Craccbiornc, s.m, a prat- 
tler, a blab. 

Gra^ctulo, s.m. a }ark-daw, jay. 

Gracida'ie, V. to croak, tu claik. 

Gracidat(/rp, um. a babbler, c batterer. 

Gr/cile, Ai;. sm .11, thm. 

Gra< ilita*, 1./. ll»inn««. 

Gra'da. s. f. a gridiron. 
I OradJrc, 94 to goaia# by slap* « 

em A 

Cir«4MUM Me, siv. by 4e|rN9. 

(^radMione, t./. gradation. 

Grade'iJa. /./. a grale, hurdle. 

6nide>oic, 0^. gratdul* acc«p4abl«* 

Gradefolme'ntc, «^. l«riiigly, freely* 

Oradlroe'nui* M.m» ftreur, kUutacw. 

«nuli'«9,i «.aUp0Oi'it«irf»Qro/'cUul4cr. 

CradKrc, t>. to accept, approve, saliiff , 
mount up atepe* 

«r44t'to, fori, ac^reptcd «Ub plcawire, 

<;ra'do, j.n. decree, dignUf ; step, tUir; 
• difpee In aatrraomn «Im» wiU,-ec« 
cord, pleaaure, lalislaction, obliiaikw : 
cone neglio vl lare a trado, u joa 
tbink (St : di frailo, adv. viUingly i awl 
•rado, in spite : taper f rado^ lo take a 
thiflfl kladijr oi om. 

Cradua'le, adj. gradual. 

CiadualoM^ou;, aipi. ceadoaUf* 

Cradua'rc, v. to diitioguiih by degrNi, 
le confer degirea. 

^IradMtaroe'ntc, «dv. gradually. 

Cradu/to, s.m. a graduate. 

CraaMi)c'Bbe,4>ni.Craflia4u'rar(>/'a wrttcb 

CSraiAa'nte, ai;'. acratcbini. 

rtraflia'rr, Vs to Kralcb. 

c;raflruiM'ntl, t.m, an bypocrite. 

Cra'ffio, S.M, a heob, a icratch* 

Cragnuo'U, i./. bail, driaaUni. 

<:raroa'gtia,*./. mottmtiw. 

firaaia'aaia, «./• nctrofnaacy* 

Crama're, v. to malie ueiiapp/, tA vex. 

VrrfaM'aaa, »./. asguhibb grief, miiery. 

C^rami'gM, Oramigauw'ia, <•/. doifgiMi. 

Cramiana'to, <i4/* overgrown witb wccda. 

Craiargooi '•">• a Mri of oUve'lrcc. 

(iramigni/ko, aij. full ol' daf-iFaai. 

Cramma'lica. »./. arainnuir. 
•iilraininatka'ie, o4/« gnmrnaticaU 

liramma'iico* «>m. framniaruip. 

(;raMiiMt]calrae'nie, oiv. grammaUcaUjr. 

Cramo, a4/. wrctcbed, poor. 

Cira'moia, *./. a brake /or ttKt u l» 
itrunem to kocaa doupb. 

li'ramoldVe, i'. to biuine Max. 

(Jramota'to^ ^'wf. OMilM-d. 

f^rn'iopa, s. /. tlMc paw o4 a beatt* 

Wami'd^, 4./. caol. 

(tiVna, i./. grain, cucbineal. 

ijrana'io, <i<^. ot corn, wheat. 

Crtoa'io, /.«. gnnary. 

CFdnaluo'lo, 4.01. cortt-ckaadler. 
OraoaVt', V. to irain. 

4;ranaVo, o<^. of wheat. 
Crana'ta, s./. a broom, a gfaoado t ciler 
di cau piu clic la granau, to be very 
na'to, «,«. pometraoale, fraaite* (« 
itfio. fart, grained, hard, atroof. 


€ranbc'stla, «./. an elk. 

Gnwce'voto, s./, a kind of craft. 

Granchie'Ma, /./. a cny'Aah. 

ijra'ociiiei, <•». a lobHer, crab, eraf •Mi t 
I lie cramp, caaeer, oae of tbe ■It** of 
tiic Zodiac : nuQvo grancbto, a Wocfc- 
bead i pifbar il granchio, to mialakc. 

Cra^Bcia, «./. cancer In tbe raoalb. 

Gra'nci«^ Km. Sec Gca'acbio. 

Grancipo^rro, t.m, a aort of aearcrabs 
pigliare un grancipotra, to naiaiako. 

Graiici're, «•. to anatch, to gmb. 

Gra'nde, sjm, a nobteotaa, l«rdi «4/> 

} treat, large, taU, bigh, fraa< 
ul; diVb greatly, very mach. 
Graodcfiiafre, v. to play tbe gical 1 
CrandemCnie, adv. greatly. 
Graode'ttOt 04/' aomewhal. Wf, or CalU 
Grande'aaa, s./. largeaett, diaatty»fr*n* 

Gran'ii'gia,«./. gnnde«r,greataci^nHikiy« 
Graadina'i-e* v. to baiL 
Grand ioata, 1./. a baiUstonn. 
Crandlnafto, *(/. apoiled by bail. 
Cra'wliiNi, #./. hail I calaaiHyt a lUtl* 

kard awelUn« la the cyc-Ud. 
Grandino'io, mJ, tcmpettttoai. 
Grand io'io, «4/. great, haagbty. 
GrandPre, v. to aofOMBt* lo 
CfMidii'ca, /.«. 4 ireat duke. 
Granduca'.o, Mn. a great iuchy. 
Cnoduche'Ma, j,/. great dechi 
Grandlo, t.m. grain, corn, berry* 
Grancll(/ao, a4f» M\ of grala% or f 
Gmnlia'lto, edi«. cerlalaly. 
Granigio'ne, Cranitu'ra, t. /. 

pooodlaf wed. 
GraaiaM^elo^ s.m. bcoooUag wad . 
Crani're, «. to aeed. 
Grani'to, J.flk granite* 
Graomae'itnv *.m, traad*aa>ler, a 

ed Man. 
Graaoieocc\ A/«. I five thaaka, 

Gram, Jwek-adbeat, grala, a grala la waifhit 

ogni uccci coR'iMe H graao* «vciy bodf 

kaows what to good. 
Grano'io, tdf. full of grala* 
Grappa. «./. tbe atem of fralC. 
Grappa're, ». to grapple, aetse* 
Gra'ppo, s.m, grappling, 4nfflng,aBaldi> 

CraMMll'no, OrB'ppolo,«.flai aaaMU kanch 

or grapea, a closter* 
Gra'aeia, #./. provMoo, pnAu a court oCI 

Jottice, a Komaa cdtic. ' 
Cratcfno, «ui»* a coatmtaary aflka |»ro* 

Ora'tpf, «.«.^l. tbe aulk af atOAchdC 

CraMiM'Bif^ ai», vltb I 


Gnuise'llo, i.m, a litlle-pMoe of/at \ atao a 

sort of very ioe liwe. 
Gnwc'uo, 04/. tomewhat fat. 
Gruftcfcs*. J.y. ft(D«9f> plrntf. 
Gn'Bo, aif' (*t, fertile, fruitful, \kklk,. 

Cr&'syo, J.fv. C|t : stirp lol tra^ao, to be in 
eaf 7 circumstaoces i giorno di grfaao, a 
mciit 4*Y' 
CragK/ccio/M;. f>t, om ill good CMwUiiMi. 
Craaw'iiv, j.«b. a very fal man. 
Grafa(/tta. «tf. pralty fat. 
Gra9wr«fi, 4.41. fa| (hiaas, 
Cr^'sta, /./. a flower- pot. 
{ir*tM, isf, a (Fate, gridiroii. 
GiauiBc'Mc. 4^. gratefully, 
graicnia, Cnti'cola, i./. gridiwi, inlr, 

Craii'ccta, i./. a lK»v-Ae^ or weel. 
Cratt'cciv, /.ffi. a Iwrale, grait, laUicc- 

Crati/Sci^re, v. t« gratifjr. 
Craiificasio'Bej «*/. gratuity, gratificglioii* 
Cnlit^ 4^. for Botliiog. 
GratiCu'diii'*, 1./. gratitude. 
Graio, adj. grateful, agreeable, bOBOtoiMii. 
Gr«'tai><.flk wiil,de9ire,plcasur«,grB(itu«k. 
Crato, aifu, TOluntariiy. 
4CrAttac«'po, t,n^ it£bing of tb« bci^di 

iroubl«, vexation. 
Crattame'olOt '•«i. afcntciiing. 
Cratta're, v« to Kratcb, claw, fcrnpc : 
grattar iatigoa ad uoo, to b«ng out; 
gratar gM orecchi, to lattcfx. 
GrjitatKRCio, f.m. icraiching. 
GfdUatv'ra, i./. a acar, scraicb* 
Grattii'giA, 4./. a grater. 
Grtfitugia're. v. (o grate. 
Gratuitamc'Dte, 04t'> frtcly, for«o(iii«g. 
Cratu'ilO, ati. graiuiious. 
Crxtula'ute, oil . cfwgratuUtiog. 
Gr4t|ala're, i>, to congr«tulatc. 
GntuUio'rio, a4j. ofcoogratulaUoB* 
Grava ccio, aif. duli. lic^vy. 
Ofavi'Me* i.Ok weight, burtbco* 
Cravanie' weight, ltcaTiaen,dttf7, 

lax. afTrojit, tojuslice. 
Crafa'oie, aij. heavy, weighty. 
i»rava're, v. to aggravate, trouble, op* 
preai, sefge, fequetier, tu be grieved or 
MNTf i BOB vi grave, be to kind, 
C avati'vo, aAj. heavy. [orTrAded. 

Crara'to, «4/« loaded, iniurcd, 9l>«sed, 
Cnivaa o'ne, i./. loadiM. gravity, weiglu. 
Cn^ve, «4/* b«**r> maitailic, grave, leri- 
oiM, inn, iajwrtaoi} tbgrp, abuaivej 
Crarece'inbalo, /.m. a barpaichoi4« 
Cravc'diiie, J-jdi cgt«rrb. 
brareme'nte, 9M>* frlcTOttaly* Itriottlly* 

Crgvcf'tto, #(/. raibtr tnmblttggMi haf^ 

Grave'zea, i.f. hcavincsiy dii^iet, wcigliC^ 

«earu>ew, diftcolty. iaJMnc, (M, duly, 

esteem, worth, account. 
Grayict'iiibalo, Gravioe'iBba^t «•«• kVBv 

Cravi^-'asa, Cravida'nsa, i./. Cra^idc- 

rae'nio, /,•». pregnancy. 
Gra\(do, »tf. tiiU, piegnant* 
Graviia*, «./. gravity, authoritj, ■Mjcstr* 

weight, vexaitou, trouble* 
pravitg'fie, v. to weigh. 
GravoMme'ote, aiu, grievously, senoaftlr« 
Grpro'M, als. heavy, ponderous } an«iout, 

agitated, ud, troubievonic, tirewme, 

i«i|»oftu«ate ; ffogt; cruel, rigid, tolor 

Qrf'gig, *^. (Ticc, af re ««bleB<cts, favour* 

bounty, love, request, pardon, thanks « 

<lt giagiti I dcsti^ you; mi dica di 

graaia, pray tell me; iar grasiat to tor* 

give ; le gruiCi the graces. 
Qragifi're, v. to favour. 
Gra2ia'.tq, aij. loaded with kiadntfi, in* 

rlfied, gfaciuua. - ^^ « 

Graxiosane'nte, «#v. graccfulii, fiar Bffv 

Graaiuaiu', s.f. gracefulness. 
Graxio'so, aij. gra|Mtt«l, agrecfbl«, Mb4 

benign, graciom. 
Gi««ani«'atv*, odv. after the (^npclan B««r 

Greclie'ico, adj. Qrecign. 
Gre'co, adj. Gr<^ian : vento greco, oortbv 

east wind ; er^co levante,easi>noFth-easb 
Crcca'rio, adj. ot ih^ flock* 
(HVcgl^^-tfs* Itock, herd, drove,BmlUUidg» 
Crc'ggia, 4./. slteepfold. » 

{*<*c'fgiQ> aJij, rude, unpolished. 4^ 

GrrggiiiQ'M), #.m« « iiuif Sock. ' 

Gre'la, /./. tl)e Mcrn of a «bi|>. 
Grembia'ie, /.m. an apron. 
GFefnbi>'t«t if. B taptul. • 

Greinbiu'l;, t,m, a woman's gpioo, g r^ 

ding epron. 
Gre'mbio, Gre'mbo, Gre'mio, j.«. lg|ib 

middle, womb. 
Grvoii're, v. to gripe, lay hold of. 
C^mi'to, adj. Utick, full, locked, Sl|Wtj| 

«•«, the key of a river or haven. 
Gre'ppia, t.f. rack, st4U, manger. a 

Giyppo, <•«». Gre'ppa, t.j^ a precipice, % 

but, a bank i also a broken earUien pot. 
Greto, s.m. a sandy^ ground, uifi^hy^ 

swampy ground : il greto del mace, ihf 

seg shore. 
Greto, adj. thick, muddy. 
Gccftola, /./. bar of a cag^ way, n»wi»» 

opportunity. . . • • 

Greio'so,fl<i/. gravelly, a»n*y*gr»ii3r.. - ^ 

(•rcUnw«'»|«««d«»AiM»rdlJ(»- .. •• '^^ 

meinn«K,leanneM, nar owneWofmind. 
€ce.lto, 'I'O'' covetout, stinfy. 
Cr«r<*, •<</. (In ^o^) hearj, w«l|bty, 

Grefcme'nlc, o^*. hMrlly, grlcrouSIr* 
Cre'iio, .<?</• roane. clownish, rude 1 di- 

•mentb ireBxo, a roagh diaisond. 
Criccfi/lo, j.m, caprice, lancjr. 
Cricci(/oe. t.m. a Kind of wHter-fowK 
Cri'da, /./. edict, rumour, report. 
Crida're, v, to cry, scold, murmur, (as 

watfr) ; (rldar merce, to be| one's life. 
<IHda't8, J./ Gridame'nto, t.m, cry, re- 
Cridato'rc, t»m. a common cryrr. 
Crido, /.m. cry, clamour, renown: a 

grido, adv. violently, in lull cry. 
Crie've, 04J. tietrj, dull, grave, serious, 

Crievcme'nte, aiit. Iieavily, grievously. 
Crila'gno, 04/ . ravenous. 
CrtlVre, 1/. to nib snout apalnst snout. 
Criffo, Grifo'nr, j.m. 8 grffiin : griffb, face, 

moutti ; torcere il grilTo, to grin. 
Criro,4.m. snoui> face of a man. 
Ori'gio, adj. Krey, gristle. 
CrillaMa, i./. a barren placet 
Qr iia'nda, /. /. a garland. 
tfrilU're, v. to fimmer. 
Crillc'tio, i.m. lri>ger of a gun. 
Cri'llo, s.m. a crlcl(e(, grasshopper, mat> 

got, whim : a block toplayatbowlflwith. 
Criilo'iio, a4f. (aniasiical. 
Orillola'Ipa.f./. an insect. 
Qrimaidc'ilo, .um. a picklock. 
G-i'naa. i./. wrinkle. ... 

qpi'nxo, Cri'mo, Gr n«o'so,<M/. wrinkled. 
Cripptii'le, /.m. a baov. 
Crisu'l'tn, /.m. Griso'lita, 1./. a chrysolite. 
driitoiia'xio, i.m. a sort of topu . 
GrispLnono, t.m. sow thistle* 
Cro'mma, J./, tartar, mud. 
Cromma'to.Grommo'so, «(/• full of tartar. 
Grooda. Orondii'ia, t. /. gutter, the eaves 

of a house, a sort of tile, the_rid^ge of 

( he ey e-lids. 
CroHSFnlf.'o^/* dropping. 
Cronda're, t». to drop, to Hqw In gutters. 
Cr(/ppa,i./. trupprr, rumps portare In 

groppat to lake up behind on horseback* 
Croppie'ra, t./. crupper. 
Cnrppo, f.m. knot, bunch, knob t grop- 

po di v(nto, a gust of wind. 
Groppo'ne, t.m. group, crupper. 
Croppo^so, adj. knotty. 
Cro'ssa, 1./. a gross, twelve doien) the 

mam point in ■ story : alia grossa, 

coarsely, grossly ; grossa d' un fiume, 

the swelling of a river. 
OroMacciuo'lo, <M/. ill-buiU, ilNmtde* 
6ro»a|n'n«, t./. • sort •( staffi 

CreciaiiMfBte, aiv. clowniihlf,' teverdf» 

rigidly, in great qanntlty. 
Grosseggia're, v. to brave, 4001. 
Grosscre'llo, a4f. sflly. Simple, coarse. 
Groaseri'a, «./. dullness, autcvardoessp 

Grosse'aaa, s./. Grossti'me, /. m. bigness, 

thickness, pregnancy, siinpHclty,coarse> 

Groasie're, t.m. a workmta ; t^f, iross, 

clownish, rude, dull. 
Gro'sso, i.m- the brggest parti 11 grosso 

della gamba, the calf of the legj il 

grocso d'un eacrcito, the body or *m 

Gro'sso, ai/. great, huge, coarse t groa^, 

wtth chil i ; il dito grooo, the tbamb ) 

uomo di grosao ingegno, a scapid man ; 

al grotso, adv. in general. 
RrasBola'no, a(/. coarte, thick, homelr. 
Gryita, t./. grotto, cave, a steep pUc«» 

the edge or ridge of land. 
Grotte'sra, './. grotesque work. 
Grottice'lla, *./. a hollow, cavity, wmaU 

den, cot. 
Grotto, t.m. a bittern. 
Grotio'so, a4J. like a fretto, bolioiv, ca- 
vernous, full of drom. 
Grovi'gliola, #./. twiittng, winding. 
Gru', Gru'a, cru'e, /./• the crane, a bird. 
Cru'a. the cat-ltead, {tea term.) 
Cru'ccia, t.f. a stick, crutch. 
Gnifola're, v. to grunt, to grub. 
Grugni're, «. to grunt, to growl. 
Gruani'to, s.m. grunting of swine. 
Gru'gno, I.m. snout s far il grugno, to post* 
Grullo. adj. lulled asleep, drowsy, be* 

Gru'ma, /■/. crast, (art. 
G'-uma'to, t.m. a sort of aioshrooau 
Gru'mo, 1.111. clotted blood. 
Gru'molo, t.m. a cabbage or Iclttice, the 

head of greens. 
Crumo'io, a4;. clotted, thickened. 
Gfuo'go, t.m. salfron*. gruogo lalvatico » 

bastard safftvn. 
Gnippe'tto, t.m. a knot. lamp. 
Gru'ppo, t.m. groupe, knot. 
Gru'xso, Gru'ssolo, t.m. a heap,qomttty, 

a heap of monev. a board. 
Gundagni/bile a{r. tobe aitafwodt terrt 

(tuadagnabile, fruitful land. 
Cuadagna're, t*. to get, gala, deserve. 
GuadagnatD're, /.III. a gainer. 
Gbadagneri'a, /./. coveto<iineat. 
G'tada'gno, Guada«nam«>i(o, 4.111. go(n, 

profit : mcttere a guadagno, to pltce at 

Giiadaeno'so, 4<(/. proilt.ible, lucrative. 
GusdaVv, V. to ford, w»<1e. 
Cua'dc, t. /. a sort of fithlQ|HMt»' 


;.taaM0, AW. ■ ford, puugfi, way. 

..tiadyso, a4*. fordable. 
L.taa/nie, *.m, after*gra8S; also blast. 
Oua'i! te/cr/. voe! alail taaiame! voe 

Oaai'BS, *./".* sb«atb. 
OuaitM'io^ i.m. one that m^es, or tells 


iBfofadog; oiv. fiercely, barbarously. 
Cuii'rr, Caaioiatre, GuaioU're, v. lo liowl 

iike a dot, to bewail, to bark (<u a dog.) 
CoalcM^ra, J^. a calender, clothes-press. 
OualcPre, r. to nmpic, crush, quash. 
Goalda'na, /./■ an anny» troop. 
Oua'Ido, i.m. a defect, wound, sore. 
Cualdn^ppa, t. f. a horse-cloth. 
Ciuale'rcio, Ciulc'rchio, a4;. nasty, dirty, 

Cua'naco, s.m. a beast ao called. 
<;u4'aria, /./. check: battcni la guancia, 

to repent of something. 
Cuancia'le, i.m. a pillow ; that part of the 

heltneC which covers the cheek. 
C ancialc'tto, i.m. a little pillow. 
GurfDcla'ta, i./. a box on the ear. 
Cuaocio'ne, i.m. a sound slap. 
Cuanta'io, j.m. a glover. 
<faanti<<ra, i. /. a ailrer-bason, waiter, 

dish, a ^love-case. 
Cua'nto, s.m, glore i araor passa il gaanio^ 

among friends ao ceremony ; mandare 

il guaato, to send a challenge. 
CuaiVgoo, 4.m. a stallion. 
Ouaragoa'sto, i.«. an herb with yellow 

Cuardaco^rpo, t.m, a body>gtiard. 
Giiarda4i/.)a, i./. a nurse. 
t.u irdama'cchie, i.m. the cuard of a fan. 
(.BirdaoM/nio. a look, a place to keep 

ihinga sxfe in. 
Cuir^ana^ppo, i.m. a napkin. 
Cuardanfa'nic, Cuardinta'nte,, a wo* 

nan's hoop. 
Cuard^nKdiOfi.m. a nest-egg. 
C anta're, v. to took, to behold, to keep 

guard, to defend : guanlaie a' fatti vos- 

tri, mind ) oar own business: toconai- 

d<rr, regard, reflect, deliver, assure, tbr^ 

he Jr. 
Cii>r1an/1>a, s./. wardrobe. 
Oiardaro'ba, it«i. a yoonan of the ward- 
Giiidatu'ra, i./. regard, a guard- 
Oua'idia, i./. guard, lj«rotectlon, guard!* 

aitship, vigilance s caier di goantia, to 

be upon guard* 
Guardiam-r.'a, i. /. office of a guardian. 
Cuardia'oo. i.m. keeper, guatdian, the my 

DPI tor of a monasiery. 
CoardinfUMi'ate, <Uv» (autiou^f* 

^ — 

0|Utt3i'o«a, a4f. circaoMpfCti 
Guardi'ogo, ».m. a 

castle, fortrtf. . 

rjuardio'lo, i.m. aguard,gnanliaa. . , 

G lario, i,m, regard, look, sight, afpeet* 

Guarrnti'gia, Goare'ntia, t.f, goanii^* 
surely, defence. 

Cuareni/re, v. to warrant, dcfiriid. 

Gua'ri, aitt. much, loog, many : guarf d| 
tempo, a great while; noo c goari, no( 
loog Aince. \ 

Cuarif io'ne, .*./, Guarine'ntOi^.i.m. tnrtf 

Guari're, v. to Cure, heal, recover : fua^ 
rirsi, to be cured. 

Guarna'ccia, i./. night-gow^. ^■ 

Guamallc'tto, i.m. a thin veil, or soomb^ 

Guarne'Ilo, J-fn. fusti in. 

GuamigtoAie, i. /. garrison. 

Guarnime'nto, t.m, furniture, omane^tf 

Guarni're.. sec Cu^rni're. Goaraire an'^ 
nave, to rig a ship. . , 

Guarnitu'ra, Cuaroisio'ne, s,/. trimmfhi 
for clothes. ^ 

Guasca'ppa, i /. a sort of ancient •i'ress. 

Guasclieri'no, a4/. young, little, {n* */raw 
fli fl nejt.) 

Gu/sco, Guasco'ne, aif. bori^ in Gasconr 

Cuasco'tto, a4f. hair bofled or roasted. ^ 

Gvasta'da,i./. a decanter. . ^ 

Guastafe'sta, i.m. a d sturber. 

Gtiastames'ie're, t.m. one who undertakei 
what he knows iiitle of. 

Goasts'rr, V. to spoil, mar, deprave, de 
bauch, rot, squander, destroy, executi^ 
hang: guastarsi, to hurt one's seM. 

Goastato're, i.m. a 8()uanderer, a destroy- 
er; a pioneer. 

GuastatuVa, s./. Gua'ato, Guasti'me, Ga| 
stume'nto, t.m. spoil, desolation, hi 
vock, pillage : dare il goasto, to' laj 
waste ; non far guasio d'aoa cosa, yi 
lav a thing aside. -^ 

Gua's(o, a4J. Spoiled, rotten, broe, drtij* 
late: can guasto, a mad dog( ubm 
guasto, a man in love. ' . 

Guatanic'nto, s.m. Guatatu'ra, i./* a ptf* 
ing,. watching. ^ 

Guati're, v. to look, watcii, peep: gitir 
tarsi, to behold one another with asto* 
nishment. ^ 

Cnatatu'i a, i./. lock, eve, countenance* 

Gua'to, i m. snare, nmbush. 

Cua'ttero, GuaiteWccio, i.m. a iCuUiod,^ 

Gua'zz;*, s.f. dew. ^ 

Guaraabu'glio, i.m. mixture, mediey« , 

Guazaa're, v. to sbake, toss » to waue* 
ford ; to rejoice, cheer up, 

Cuasaaw'ioj i*f»* a wal«ria|-pUce* \ ^ 



CoMMMCTt/ne, «.«. a frag nto^ • ^Mi^ 

lappet, hem. 
Cua/zc/u*, t,m. niiauc>ne«l, a iiaah. 
tiUiftMB, s,pL a fiord : yamu iw Aumc a 

fuazzo, to ford a river. 
QvAxt&tQ, aiJ. dewjr* fiurny, damp. 
Cuft'ffa, i./' « cage. 

f ;uc'iro,A^. bal<uiffin;i ta the Cuclph |Mr(y. 
£ucli, dutUM, ia jaetim afamst 

Cuc'rcio, (Uj, •qaintinf, one>cfc4. 
Cuerlgiai'ne, s.f. Oiierfnaaia, '•«* cura. 
Ourn'rr. bee Cuari're. 
CMicrnltio'aa, ij^ a garrlaon, a fertilatl 

Currniijie'nta^ s,m> a garriion, irimning 
' ofclnathf, doTaitoa, lonWcalioa. 
Cuemi're, v. to store h Kh ammttoiUoa, to 

Cu«rnIzio'Be, Oaeraitu'ri, «./. ornament, 

Cuc'ira, './. war, atrife, enmlt)r> troubk. 

ditQuiol, fatifue, otetacia: uumo 4i 

Suerra, a s<ildieri a gHerra finlta, to 
eatli, tnartally. 
Cucrrcggic'vole, Guerregfio'w, «4^. var- 

lllce, threatening, terrible. 
•ueriyggiovolnM'Ma, adi*. tarribly, la a 

v^rllkr manner. 
Ouerrrgffamf'filo, /.m. i baltla, combat, 

(kc art of making war. 
euerreggia'nte, adj. Agtrtiag. 
c;uerr«:fRia're, v. to make war, qttirrel, 

ditputai i.m. war. 
CucregRiato'rt;, t.m. one thac makei war ^ 

a (|Ui<rrelaoate fellow. 
CSueirirciuo'la, i.f. a •Hglit ikirmfch. 
Cuerrlfr're, t.m. a warriar. 
Ca<*ri le'flD.Cuerre'aco, *^. warlike, brare. 
CuVrf, t». to mock. 
Cufo. J.m, an owl, a dunre. 
Cifsiia, i./. an obcllak, a needle* 
CuglU'ia, './. a needteluU 
Vuida. t./. a guMc. 
CuidAf*0| '•"*• loll» cuatom. 
Cuidaiui/U, «•/• Hta Icadlog beutof (he 

Cuidulc'tco, KM. a fhactioB, lalUagton i 

horae*« back. 
Cuidame'nto, J.m. conduct* 
Outda'nte, a4/. gtilcHng. 
Oulda'ie, V. to fuHe, govern. 
Cuidato're, J.m. Culdatn'ce, «./. a guide, 

director, governor, govcrneai, conduc* 

trcai. • * 

€uiderdotia'r«. Ouidardoaafre, w. to ra* 

ward, gratify, 
^iderdonalo're, J.m» rewarder. 
Cuiderdo'nc, Culdardi/ne, Guldefdona* 

me'ato, t.m, rcwrfrd : gurrdoo, aalvagt 

on the rc-cap(ure of a priae. 
Cuido'oe, #.Mi a r«|M« ckcat^ kmMf«» 


CaidMcri^ *,/. raMCVf. 
Goi'ggia, J./, the upper laathcv of « 

(he strap ofa iiif>dal,tke Mrapo ofa 9M9UL, 
Gtti'ndolo, i.ab a rral, tpiadle. 
Guinza'glio, J.m, a cane knot, a haifcaa^ 

a leash for dogs« 
Guirmliic'l<a,i./. a trick. 
Cui'sa, j.f. way, manocr, CaaUoAS {« 

guisa, 4iv. like, so. 
Ctti'to, a<0. assty, greair. 
Caiaxa'ote, o^. gliding, iliding. 
Cuiaaa're, v. to slide aioag. 
Cui'aso. i.m. the iliding o?a Ask la vater# 

or. of a aaake pa laad{ o^/. Ma^uT» 

limber, wltherad. 
Gtt'miaa»tf./. a cables 
Ou'scio, barii, scale, tbell ; (ka body 

ofa coach, tkc bulk ofa ahip. 
Costaliile, o^/.taitable, that may te tasted. 
Gusia'ccio, J.m. a depraved t«-ic. 
CtiAaoie'Bto, «.«. a UMSting, the taste. 
Custa're, V. to taata, reliab. 
Guiiaio're, *.m. a laater. 
Guste'role, 04/, pIcaMot f tbm taece* 

Gu'sio, «.«. taste, palate, trial, aatinfac* 

tion : ho graa gosio dl fe4tnif l Mm 

glad to see you. 
Quilamina'atc, adv. plaasantlr. 
Cust(/Bo, 04/. relishing, safoary* 
Qittto, t.m. a enact for oil. 
OttttHra^Je, t4f, fttttural. 


CModem writers discard the letk-r B. aa 
aflTordlag ao increase of aound to the 
vowels, and therefore usrtem. Vor »• 
staacr, buonio is prooounced uome. 
Tlie same rale is observed la all weeda 
beginning with lliis letter | but ky pai- 
ting it with the letters C and C, and tbe 
•owela F., 1 1 tlie U, betvaes c» or G, 
has the same sound as wl«ea the c<m«o> 
nanis are jolaed with A, O, U, aa <:bi«a, 
Cheto, Citerone, Ohlro, which aasuaC be 
proaouaced thus, kiao. kete, Ac. It 
Should, however, be used ia the bcglo* 
Blag oi some words, aa in lio, 1 liavc i 
hil, thoii hait( ha, he hasi haaeo. 
they have { in order to distiafotab «hera, 
more to the eye thaa the ear, from «• 
or i s, to { al, to the 1 anno« jrear.J 


f ar#. that I llbri, (be boaks; 1 
^« tructioD for io, 1, i aeoBl, | caaae. 
laci'nto, t.m. a hyacinth. 

1laculato'rio,iM/. ol 1 short* feraeat a^eeckb 
u'cuio. i.m. a acrpcat Hut laddwslt daru 

\f{\,s.r. pL Uiefcr»4c*. 
ifinbiCcQ, mU' iojalHC. 

'mbo, an iambic. 

'lo. s.m, the biri^ 

I'to, j.«R. hutiu, an openinf. 

•ta'nxa, j./. jvcUlHW. vain. cImt. 

tti're, V. to j^9, sq«««k. 
x::ti'ra, «./*. km. aiitfiarluoe. 
i^rno, ««ry. of witttor. 
Ii.n«>uni{/ne, s.m. (he Ejyptiaii lat; tfce 

^oaocl«%(a, 4.*B. kvaoclasL 
icon</aiaco, o4r* aveiM to iaafe^ ieoii»< 

Eciaii'^ «./. « bubble, or Mister faU •£ 

vtf cr« which, tn*» in tbe AJn. 
Iddi'o, s.m. (Dio) Gofls kUio Boa tMlia, 

He'a, j.y. idea. 
locale, a4^, Mc^, of, W b^n^Qt to an 

(deVre, v. to imagine from ideas. 
Kieotlu^ *./• idcDtily, ttac laniciiew «f • 

^i, ides. 

^io'aM, '.«. iiioa. 

'iio'ta, «(/• idMt. tmr, fisolkh: ub ldi> 

Ota, an idiot, « fool, a niaajr. 
I^Ioia'gcine, s,/, fooKsbncis. 
dioit'aao. S-m. idioUtoi, pecjiliartpeech. 
<lo]a'tra, Idoia'tno, ».m, a» idohier. 
ti jlatrame'iito, aju. iiloiatry. 
I'ioUtra'rKu v. to cmubU id«Utrr. 
I'loUtri'a, /./. idolalry. 
tdola'trio, <»(/. of, «rbe)on«int to an idol, 
i'dolo, i.9u Md, image, or statue of false 

deitia; an object that one is foad of. 
Idoneame'nte, oiv. futficieally, conroDi- 

estly, aptly. 
t<looeiuV «./*. fitaess, aptacsi. - 
Mo'neo, a4/> rit, pfopar. 
idra. ^/. hydra, a fabaloos aefpeot. 
Idria, J./, a sort of pitclior. 
t Jr</leo, « sort vS medfcameat* 
idroma'«tc, '.«. a oonjorer who pmlicts 

bf mooM of vatec. 
tdromanai'a, #./. liydroaaaorfdiTiaatloD 

bjr vaier. 
idromeOe, /./. hjrdroael, a deeoctioo of 

hooey oMl water. 
Idn/pico* Mf» dvofticaU 
MroMtPa, a./. droNy. 
Jfji/oOv #.«. one of thi 

tbc boirdt. 
1 cm ale, €i4j. vinterly, byonal. 
ic'na* i./. bycaa. 

li/ra, *.fi a sort of medfcinal coofoctioB. 
I«>rarchfa, /./. Uerarcfay. 
leni'tte, #./. a procious stoa«. 
leri, 4*m, yo s to rda y.' 
iTU'ltnK J^fB. ibo d«y boforo yfttorlay. 


T*fBofttiM^.y«M«niisiit.'ibe B%bl bdbN* 
lerogii'fico, «.m. hieroglyphic, 
lerse'ra, /./. last nifbt. 
Igna'ro, aH. igBoragt. 

ignato'M, *,m. a jieat eater, a Bum of atf 

IgOtt'Tia, J./, jgaonuiee. 
l(«nR'vo, i> IJ. wor(hiee.coBleflBptibio,«ilc» 
Igoe'int «4r. igaeotfs, Aery. 
igni'colo, A«. a qiarb o<' Are^ 
Igni to, aJJ. ftatnit»g, bureiag, tbiDJaf. 
Igoo'bile, ai,. ol niean birth, tile. 
ignobilu', IgoobiltUV ^./. bascBCit of 


U«0'«eOk an. ilMpld. siUy. 
ignomt'nta, t.f. igoomisy. 
l«n«iBiiwosaiB</!&io, «<v. InfMBOuly. 
Ignominio'so, adj. ignominious. , 

IgRoranu'ggiDe, s.f, fbUy, t«Bunaco« 
(gnora'ate. a4j, tfooraac. 
lanorsBleaiefiite, min>. igBonntly. 
Ignorante'ne, j.w, a coxcomb. 
ifMora'oya, fc/.^gwraoce. 
igonra^ra^ tv to be ttnoraat of. 
Igoora'to, aij. uokaown, idd. 
Ignottame'ate, aiv. oaknowbigly. 
Ignoto, A4r. BBkoovfi, prtrjde. 
Ignuda're, v. to ttrip nalwd. 
Ignuda'to, ignu'do, a4f. oakcdl, Uxt, a«s 

cessitoas. t 

Ignu'no, t.m. somebody. 
Igua'na, 4./. a «aier-«ft. 
li,«r«. fibc, hiiBt U cavallo, Ibe horMi^ 

11 conosco, 1 know him; ii cot, (il dl 

CBi) wboe. ' 

I'kre, aJj. merrT, joy fid. 
llarita*, i./^ rairtb. 
II di cbe, adtt. Mrberefcore. 
lUaccia'jK, V. to ii«|, omborcaM, CBttBglei, 

to be entaagled. 
lU«BCuidi're, v. to langBlah, tobe<ic*» 

or faiBt. 
I||«B|Widi'to, 04/. hMguid. faint; 
lilaxigi'oe, j./. lafcn:i«e. 
Ille'cebra, /./, allnnemeat, cbanaii. 
lU«ctt«mfl^te,odn.<»atowluJiyw . 
llle'cito, air. uolawl'ul. 
Ule'M, iiij. UBhurt. 
Ilii'bato, 04/. uospottod. 
iHibera'Jc, a</. iHiberai, covelOBt,. i 
iUicitamo'aie, Aft». BBiawfiiUy. 
Uli'cito, j.«B. a crime, wIcfcedBCSi. 
initiiiia'to, a4}. bouadloaa. 
iniaaidi«re, v. lo liqoidate. 
lila'dcK, V. to'lUttde. deiade. Jeer* ; 
tUoraiaame'nto, s.m. ao illurainatioBr 
Ulumiaa'nte, «^. esHghteoteg. 
[tluraina're, v. to ilbi«iaate» to Biskf 

lUumbiati'wo, MJ. lUumiaatire. 
Illumina'tOf^rr. enltgbteaed. , ^ 

iUaata«io're«M»t«iiii|^MwMr. '^fl 



llfBfiiiaafioroe* #./. ilhimhMUAa, iMnl- 

IHiisiofne, s.f. itlusion. ch««t. 
iHo'w, a4f. mocked, railed «l. 
UloM're, ».m. a deceiver, ■ tcoffer. 
IHattranie'nto, s.m. an illmtration. 
Iliuitra'nie, iM/. explaining. 
Illuitni're, v. co illuttrate. 
Illaiirato're, s.m. one liiat iiloitritef. 
IlldRtraai</ne, /./. explanaUoB. 
iWMn, aJJ. Uliiatrioui. 
lUastreme'iite, aJv. eminentlf. 
UJuatrl'Nimo, a(/. molt illattrtoug. 
II perche\ aJv. whjr, wherefore. 
Ima'f e, Ima'go, /.-/. (to fottfy) ao imaf e, 

flgure, reaemblaace. 
Ina'iltte, #./. See imma'fiae, and all ita 

Imtaccola'to, 04/, bearing a pack. 
Inbacucca're, v. to dlatu'ie, to mink, to 

put on a hood or cowl } alio to drew, 

Imbagna'to, 04/. wet; aagacfoot, canning. 
loibalcona'io, *(/. purple: roM imbal> 

cooata, a damask roae. 
ImtialdiaajVe, v. to embolden. 
Imbaldonzi'.o, 04/. emboldened. 
Intballa'rr, v. to pack up. 
loibalordi're, v. toatun. 
ImbjIaam^Ve, v. to emhalni. 
Imbaliimi're, v. to become balsam. 
iBibamboIa're, v. to be -alTected. 
iBbamboia'to, fori, alTected, harlni tear* 

In one"a eyea. 
Imbandime'nto, s.m. Imbandigio'De, «./• 

* dish, or meat. 
InibandKre, v. to get dinner readf . 
Imbandi'to, fort. dreated, prepared. 
Itnbarana're, t*. to ptrp\tx: Imbaras- 

xartl, to entangle one*! aelf. 
Itibana'jrco, s.m. confaaloo, embarreu- 

niem, Infricacjr, hinderinre. 
lmbarba(H«'te. part, wrapped In cotton. 
Imbarl>eri're, v. to arow barbarooa. 
Imbaj|ferl''o, aJJ. cruel. 
Imbarbogl're, v. to grow chUdtlh through 

Imbarbolt /to, a^f. made Mke a bark. 
Irabarcame'nto, i.m. embarkation. 
Imbarcd're, i>. to embark; imbarcarana 

onda, to ship a heavy sea ; Imbarcarsi, 

to engage; imbarcartt spnaa biscotto, 

to ?o hand over head. 
Imbarcatt/re, t.m. he wlio embarits. 
Imba'rco, s.m* cmbarcatlon ; a wharf, or 

lnibardu'i*e, v, to barb a hone ; to allure, 
' captivate, procure a friendtbip. 
Imharda'rsI, v. to beroma very amoroat. 
ImbarrVre^ v. to bar t imbarrare lastrada, 

to'ttop t be way. 
tailMMiiicfaiay «««. ft baila. 


'TmlMtrerfa, *./. embatvf. 
Imbaaclado're, Irabasclatt/re, J.M. 


Imbaacta'ta, /./. embasfr. 
Imbascialri'cr, /./. an ambaaaadstit. 
Imbastardi'rte, v. to drgenerate. 
Imbastard/to, a4f. dcgrnerated. 
Imbasta're, v. to pack-saddle, 
imbastimc'nto, s.m, Imbastitu'ra, t,/:, « 

basting on a piece of dolba fcwiag on 

Imbasti're, v. to baste, or sew with lone 

St Itches, to lay a table, begin aa ftflkir. 
imba'ito, s.m. a pack-saddle. 
Imbatte'rti, t*. to meet with. 
Iroba'tto, s.m. anobitade, hindcra^e. 
Irabaragliyre, v. to cover a peraon^ fhce* 

blindfold a person. 
Imbava're, v. to ilabbrr. . 
imbecca're, «. to bill as birds, to bit a 

horse, to give private io*tructions, to 

Imbecca'ta, i./. a bill-full: |>icltar 1' 

imbeccata, to be bribed, to awallow 

thr bait. 
Imbecca'to.^tfrr. fed with a bllt, deceived. 
Imbechara're, v. to suborn, cormpu 
Irabrci'llei adj. weak. 
Imberiliita*, /./. feebleoe«i. 
Imbe'lle, tulj. cowardly, fearfal, onmrmt^ 
ImbeUeita're, v. to paint. 
Irobelli're, v. to embellisli. 
imbendafre, v. to bind, pat a hand to. 
Imbe'rbc, a^f. heardleaa. 
Imbercla're, v. to hit, stick. 
imberciatoCrr, s.m. a shooter. 
Imbe're, Imbe'vrre, v, to fmblbCb ii< fttf g » 

tb inspire, to drink up. 
Imbertesca're, v. to fortify with pafspctf. 
Imberctirf'to, ai/. with a cap on. 
Imberron^'isi, v. to fdll in lo«e. 
Imbeitiall're, vw to become a bent; or 

mad, cruel, brutish. 
Imbeatinlf to, aJJ. llkf a beast. 
imbestia'rsi, Sf. to be like a beasC 
Imblacclame'nto, s.m, a pamtiag, white, 

or white-washtof. 
Imblacca're, ti. to paint with white ; to 

deceive, palliate. 
Irabiada'to, ptirt. sown with com. 
Imblancami^ntoy t.m, a wlilt^waslifiif, 
Imblanca're, Imbiaachfre, w. to wach, 

wiilten,to grow grey, to suborn, ae- 

duce, expound. 
Imblancato^re, s.m. a whitster, white* 

tmi>iancatu'ra, s./. washing. 
InibietDli're, v. to be alTvcted, to 
Imblelta'rp, tf. to pdt in the ircdg«. 
imttfendt're, lmMonde*re; t*. togr»wfatf 
imblaaceMM; «. to put tea »«» 

Imbuxarrime'nto* s.m. witpltlMes*. 
Imbtzjtarn're, v. to £aU into panion. 

\mhitzan'io, adj. rery angry. 

lab«KC«'re, v. to leed, cram; to dis- 
charge, disembogue; to insliuct. 

Inbocca'to, part, fed, diaclurged ; in- 

Ifflboccatu'w, «./. a borae-blt« the en- 
trance of a atreet, mouth of a riTcr. 

Jmbocia're, t>. to dirulge, pabliah, blab. 

'■nboglieou'to, a4j. boUiog, scalding hoL 

Injboia'rc, ti. to rob, steal. 

ImboUto're, :tn. « robber, thief. 

toboli'o, t.m. robbery, theft : d* imbolio, 
aiv. by surprise. 

Inboliicame'uto, a blistering. 

irabollica're, v. to break out into blisters. 

j'^bobime'nto. s.m, straitness of breath. 

l:.ibA{si're, v. to be short- vinded ; to 
«n>w paisy. 

imbolji'io, a<;. pursy. 

Iroboni're, Imbuoni're, w. to appease. 

Imborga're, v. to grow p ipulous. 

Iniborsa're, v. lo pocket. 

Imborsatu'ra, Ireborsaaio'oe, i./* • laj- 
ini up in a purse. 

Irnbosca're,.!/- to lay hid. 

loibosca' a, t.f, Imboscarae'nto, urn. aoi- 
busli, ambascdde. 

iQboica'to, €Uj. in ambaah. «4- 

JaboschiTre, v. to grow wild. ' 

Imboschi'io, adj. grown woody. 

liabotsola're, v. to lay the beams of a roof. 

Imbotta're, xu tu put in a cask : imbot- 
Ure all* arpione, to buy wine by quarts. 

labotiato'io, s.m. a funncL 

ImboiK're, v. to quilt. 

linbouPto, fcart. qailted. 

imbottitu'ra. t.f. a quiltiog. 

I'nboisachi're, tu not to thrive, to wither. 

^mbozsi'inare, v. to starch. 

liobraccia're, v. to embrace, to pot In 
one's arma s imbnicciarsi, to arm one's 

Imbracciatu'ra, /./. a handle. 

Iiioraodt're. t*. to handle a sword, &c. 
, l-^brattanM/odi, <.m. a spoil trade. 
^loibratVre, Imbrutta're, v. to soil, to 

Inbraitato're, $.fn. a dauber, a floven. 

l<a'>rattatu'r>, «./. Imbratumc'nto, s.m. 

lAbra'tio, s,m. dirtiness, disorder, con- 
fusion; food for fowU, hogs wash. 

imbreoci'na, #./. a abrub called in JLatin 

Iiib.-iaca'rsi, v. to get drunk. 

iHi'triacatu'ra, Imbriacbr'zsa, ».f. Im- 
bri;ican}e'nto, s.m. drunkenness. 

In>bna'co, Unbiiaca'to, a^, druok. 

i 'Obriaco'ne, s.m. a. drunkard 
luib(i<coii^fe« v.,t9 |row iUMTHb* 

I MM' 
Imbcigtmc'ato. t.m* peqilexkr^ 
Imbriga're, o. to perplex ; to make shift. 
Imbriga'rsi, shift, endeavour, soeddie. 
Imbrtglia're, v. to bridle, to keep under, 
imbrocca'n:, v. to oppose; to hit tto 

mark ; to peach. 
Imbnscca'U, /./. a thrust, a blow. 
ImbrodoU'rc, v. to soil, daub. 
Imbroglia're, v. to perplex, confound. 
Imbrogliato're, s.m. a busy meddling feK 

Imbro'glio, Imbrogliame'ato, s,m. trou^ 

ble, confusion, aucumbrance. 
lmbroglio'oe„«.fn. atrifler, cheat, amei^ 

Imbroncia're, v. to be angry. 
Imbroncia'to, aij. angry. 
Imbruni're, Imbruna're, v. to grow brown, 

black, dark : suli'imbrunire, about da»k« 
Imbruschi're, ». to grow sharp. 
Imbruscbi'to, <m. sharp, t<irt. 
Imbruiia're, v. to soil, to daub. 
Irobrutli're, v. to grow ugly. 
Imbuca're, v. to put, or creep in a Iwle* 
linbuca:a re. v. to wash with lie. 
Imbufonchia're, v. to^gcunible- 
Imbui're, v. to become ignorant. ~ 
Imbulietta're, v. to draw a bill upon, 
(rabolletta'to, aij. that has a bill upon. 
Imbuonda'to.otfv. abundantly, many, givat 

Imburchia're, v. to dictate, prompt. 
Lmburiassa're, xu to instruct. 
Imburiassato're, s.m. he that teaches, or 

encourages mischief. 
Imbu'aio. s.m. body, breast, bulk, stays : 

bello imbusto, a fine figure. 
Imbu'to, t.m. a funnel : mangiar coll' im* 

buto. to swallow greedily, 
[ntene'o, s.m. nuptials. 
Imita'bile, adj. i mi: able, 
tinita'nte, adj. imitating. 
Imita're, t;. to imitate. 
Irailaii'vo, adj. imitative. 
Imitato're. s.m. imitator. 
Imilaaii/ne, J./, imitation. 
Immacchia're, xu to hide behind a bush. 
Immacula'to, aJj. unspotted. 
Immdgina'bile, aij. iinaginabte. 
Immaginame'nto, s.m, im4gination ; rew 

flection of images, 
immagina're, t>. to imagine; «.m.Jma9inA- 

tion, thought : imm<igiD«rsi, to believe. 
Immaginariame'ate, aii>. imaginarily. 
Immagina'rio, oAJ. imaginary. 
immaginatiVa. *. /. imagioalion; tko 

imatjfoative luculty* 
Immaginati'vo, aJj. imaginative. 
Immaijina'lo, o^/* inuigiaed, devised, 

immagihaaio'ne, i. /. fancy, conceit, 

thought, ... - • 


immifflBfl^ iu/».liMifC, piolola^ 

ImMMine*0lmc'nte« adv. ia ioMgiMtfen. 

launrf*. 4. /. {kt fottryy an ioMfe* 

Immagri'rr, v. (o grow teas. 

IminalMm're, v. to weaken, cBfecble. 

Irama'De, a^/. cruel. ' 

ImvaknWttm, 04/, atcreti private. 

teminitaS ». /. cnieltr* 

Immansue'to, adj. cruel. 

laiinantlM'nte, a4v. fDimcMatelf, flow. 

Inimarceaci'bilc, <M/. incomtpUble. 

Ittnancl're. v. to pine away, to fret, roC. 

Immargina'io, <M/' joined. 

ImmatcheraVfl, v. to onik. 

laiinasrhera'(o,ai4/. diigulted, dlnenbled. 

IXOoMstHccia're, v. to plaster. 

IwiMteria'le, a^. immatcriaL 

Iromaterialnw'iite, ain. hnmateriallf . 

lmmatttraiDC'Bte,«toi. untimeljr* ooMaton* 

Xnmatu'ro, «(/• unripe, onieaienable, 

ImfBedialAOM'atc, lounediafte, aiu, Im- 

Immedia'io, «^. Imniediate. 

Immedica'bile, a4/, remediless, inearable. 

ItnmeJa're* v. to gi«e the taste or hooey. 

ImmeWto. W. awcet, aireeable. 

Xmraelatu'ra, t./. a mixing with hoaey* 

Immeaiora'MIe, 04/. paat memorr. 


ImnieMitaS i./. imincMily. 

XmiDe'nao, aO'. immenie. 

iDiroe'rgeffe, v. to immerge, plimge, dire, 

ImmeriCatne'iitCt adv. undeaervedly* 

Immerite'vole, a4f'' ondcierving. 

Imme'rito, 04/. unworthy. 

Iminertio'ne. t.f. dipping, plunglBf. 

Imoie'rao, d<i/. inunerwd. 

Xmmeasa're.Immexai're.v. to grow flaggy. 

Immine'ntc, a4/..iraniincnt. [threat. 

Immine'nsa, i. /. declivity, propention ; 

immirra're, v. -to season with myrrh. 

lofinitura'bile, <M/. unmeasurabie. 

Immo'bile, tt^/. Immoveable. 

ImmohiiitaS i./. immobility. 

immobilme'nie; adv, immoveably, flrraly. 

Immodera'uaa, s,/. incontinence, intern* 
• prraDce. 

Immoderatamc'nte, adv. Immoderately. 

Iromodera'iOt 04/* excesaive, violent, im- 

lamiodcatamt'nte, adv. immodestly.. 

Immodesti'a, *./. immode-.ty. 

Immode'sto, adf. Immodest. 

immotatae'nto, i.fii. a sacvlfica. 

Immola'rc, v. 10 saciiKce. 

Imnoliame'nto, f.m. a wi'ttiog, dipping, 
Makta&iO((teBiBf,iDoUUjiing, allay tag. 


Immolli*!*, «i to wet, dip, fott, 
IromondCsaA, Immoadi'tta,!./. filtb« dirt. 

Immo'ndo, a4f. foul, dirty. 

ineiortala'rc, «. loimnMMtalises hmsKsr- 

Ularsi, to iflUDoctalise, or tit««li«« 

one't aelf. 
Immorta'le, a^f. immortal. 
ImmortaUta*, f. /. ittmortaUfy. 
Immorulme'nte, mhf. Immortally. 
Immoscada're, v, to perfinne wlili tttufc. 
Immo'lo, a^f. Immoveable. 
Immu'ne, aJj. eaempi, free. 
Iromonita^ s./. Immunity, esemtlsm. 
inunatafblle, *(/. lounataMe, uachasife^ 

Immutabttfta*. «./. innmtabntCf. 
Unmatabilmt'Bte, aiv. ottchaofeably* 
Imrauia're, v. to change, vary. 
lamutavto'Be, s./. coustancy. 
Imo, t.m. the bottom, lowest part; da 

Imo a somrao, from head to fiaoc 
Imo, A(/. low, deep. 
Impacciame'nto, #.«n. embs 

binderance, disturbance. 
Imp^ocla'iv, V, to hinder, 1 

perplex, be Iroubltfaome. 
Impacciati'vo, adj, troubtaiotoe. 
Impaeciata^iv, «*flk ooe who li 

Impa'ccio, s.m, bhiderance, obatocle; 

pain, vexation: trar dMmpaeciv oook 

to relieve from, 
impadroni'ni, impodrooi're, v. to eeixet 

iropadulsme'nto, i.m. growing OMnliy. 
Impaduia're, v. to be manby, or swanpf . 
Impadula'to, 04/. become swampy. 
Impaxlia'to, a4j. packed witb atrav. 
lmp;i}andranfr'to» a4f. cloaked op. 
impala're, v. to impale. 
impaU'to.d^;. impaled, siralgbtas aatakc. 
impalastt/ne, s./. an Impaiiog. 
Impalea're, v. to bulM a scaltold. 
Iinpilizza're, v. to paliisade. 
Impailidt're, lmpaliida're,v.tO(r(nrpalt» 
Impallidrto, adf, pale. 
Impalqyime'ntOfi.m. abaking bands. 
Impalma're, v. to give tlie band, to pr^ 

mise marriage, lo shake hands. 
Imptilnia'ta, part, promised, betrodMd. 
Impalpa'blle, 04/. not to be felt. 
Iinpalpabllme'nte, aJv, impalpobly. 
impaluda'rri, v. to grow onrMiy, tarny. 

impanca're, v. to sit down at table. 
impania're, I'. to daub with bird-Uvc ^ to 

ensnare, allure. 
Impanla'to, a4f. entangled in blM»lla« 

in love. 
lmp«niccla'rc, v. to plaster, daub. 
Impa'nio, t.nt. a trouble, encusnl 
.iapaanaltf, #./. p ap ag ' 


lapamiifdo^ A/, haviiif papfer, *r IIbM 

tninatasai'rfe, v. to be mined, ce |tro# 
muddy : impantaatni, to become a 
liBpaataDa'to, d^/- MMiMy, Muck In the 

Impappeticafre, v. Co pot od e hood. 
Impap^la'to, adj. dirtied, tpoiled^smcar* 

e4 with fMD. 
Imparacchia're, v. to learn little. 
Imparadlsifre, v. to make bapp]% 
iiapangona'bile, a4/« inoottpiiralrfe* 
Impara^ote, adj, Icarolof* 
Impara're, v. to lear n^ tea ch, 
imparati'ccio, adf, not well taofht. 
Impara'to, a</. learned. 
Imparcgfuf^le, a^f. -iacomparable. 
Imparenta're, v. to enter aUlance, to f»> 

Impamta'u)^ adj. allied, relattd. 
Impa'ri, adj, uneqoal, odd. 
imparita*, i'f. inequality. 
Irnparola'to, a4f' fuJI of words, 
/mparti'bite, mdj. Bot to be divided, tadN 

I'npasti'btle, a4;. that cannot suffer. 
impaMibiliU*, s./. IdipMsibtfity. 
irnpasta're, v. to knead, to paate; e hn> 
paicato di viei, he ii veVf ficiom; 
bene laipastaM^ of t ttronf ConftUtiition. 
Jfnpastoccbia're, t>. to triSe. 
I'n^tastoia're, v. ptft ahacUeaopoM one. 
I ripasiofa^to, ad;, having (hackles, tied. 
1 n^fti/ra, J./' the pasiern of a hone* 
1 iipaii'bilc, a</. infufferable. 
Jmpatrtn'iv, t*. to return to oMfs own 

I m p«tta're, v. Co be quite clear, fhee. 
impaura'ote, adf. frightful, 
impauri're, Impanrx're, v. te fkigbcen, 

IratMxie'ote, a4/. impatient, 
(cipcaienteme'nie, adv. impatiently, 
I'lpaxiebti'i-e, v. to lose pttieacc. 
1 '.)>axi<''aKa,'>/- impatience. 
I jjiassame'iito, s.m. madness. 
1- >paxza're, impazai're, v. to grow mad. 
iupjaaa'io* Imp^atl'io, adj. mad, dis>- 

im}>eccnb4'le, adj. that cannot sin. 
..peccabUlcn',//' Impeccability. 
..pccia'ic, <». to pitch, to ilue. 
u .yrci^'to, f**t- pitched. 
.>ctiatu'i», './. « pitching, 
.c Jaia'rc, ti. to gather strength, 
ipediine'otok ''i"* hinderance; baggage. 
riix- Ji're, impcdiea'ie, «. to hinder. 
M pedial'to, dV . hindering, 
ou -Ut'CD. f*ft, hindered, cfipp1«d. 
notr<iitl/f*» ■'•'■*• <^' ^*< hinders. 

UapaiMni, t* 


} fmfCfMr la foAe, \»ifi^\ 

Impe'gno, /.as. engMmtn^ ticw 
i m ng oUCwe, v. to pitch. 
Impelaga're, v. to embarraaa, to be kia* 

dercd ; to fo deep In an affaiP. 
Inpdaga'to, porf. embarrancd,cmbfl«i^ 

lmpela're,9. to thrust forth Ikahffc 
Impe'llere, n. to fmpef , but, rimot. 
Impelticcia're, w. to pm oH a ganneiC 

made of akin. 
Impende'nte, «{/. hatifing, Impen M nt* 
Impende're, v. to hang over. 
Impenetra'bile, adj. impenetrable. • 
iiiipenetrabilita^ s. f. iinpenrtnbitityt> 
Impentte^nte, adj. impenitent. 
Impeidte'nfta, s,f. Impenitence. 
Impennacchia'to, adj. plumed. 
Impenna're, w. to be fledged, tb condem% 

ciiastiaet impemmni, to prance, M 

rear up. 
Impenna'ta, /./• a penful of ink. 
impenna'to, parr, iedged, prtnced. 
Iropennatu'ra, t.j. floe; condemnation. 
Impenmslla're, v» to fllve « aCnoke with A 

impenaatame^te, aitt, tnddenly. 
impenaa'to^ a^J. sudden, unfoKteen. 
Impensierrto, adj. pensive> tfabaflliefuly 

Impepa're, v. to pepper. 
Imperado^re, Imperato're^e.fls. an «mpt> 

imperadri'ce, Imperatri'ce, 4./,aM ca» 

press, queen, miatram. 
Impera're, v. to command, 
imperaii'vo, a^;'. Imperative. 
Impcrato'rio, ai/. imperial, behngiai Ul 

an emperor, 
impereetti'bile, adj. Imperceptible. 
Impercettibilita*, /./. imperceptibiliCf. 
imperebe\#.m. the reason why. 
Imperclie', adv. because. 
Impercio*, <i^. therefore. 
Impefciocche', aJv. wiiereas, becaoae^ 
ImpcTfeitame'nte, adv. irapert'ecily. 
Impertc'tto, a^'. Imperlect. 
impirfeeio'ne, j./. imperrection. 
liiiperia'le, adj. imperial, eminent. 
Imparieirae'nte, adv. impvriousiy. 
Impciirolosi're, v. to be in danger. 
Impericulo^i'tu, p<irr. Iiazarded. 
impeTO, impe'rio, s.*n. empire, fflonaF, 

chy: con impcrio, a,iv. imperiousty. 
Iroperiosit*', *./. pride, atroganCe. 
imperio'so, imperlaCnte, o^. lmpcrloa% 

imperitame'iite, orfv. Ignorantly. 
impcrl'40, aif. unskilful, raw. 
imperial ia, i../. unskiltulness. 
l»perUqtiU»rta,«#s». «haraia*fc 


i HptiU 'w, V, to eoibcliiflb with penHa, 

to ornsmcnt. 
iDipenni'^Kf. a4f. unmix' d. 
lnip«rmut«'bilc, adj. uncbincetble, can* 
• slant. 

ImpermulablliU*. i./. Iramutabilitf . 
iapcrnt're, v. to weigh, poise. 
|ini>erna'io, aJJ. poi)i|;d, weighed, ilxed 

on I Divot. 
lm\M:Wf adv. therefore. 
SmperocckeS adif. lierause. 
imperscrilti'b.le.a^/'. that cannot be pre- 

Impencruta'bile, mdj. iDConrrirable. 
ImperaeveFa'nsa, *. /. iaconvtancjr. 
Impenefcra're, V. to be incub&tHnt, fickle. 
IropcrsonaMe* a4J. impersonaU 
Impersona'to, adj. corpiilenl, iat, well 

Jmpcrsoa^i'bllP, «4/. not to be persuaded. 
SmperU'nto, ndv. Itowever. 
Imperline'iiic, a4j' impertinent, absurd, 

ImpertJnentemc'nte, adv. Unpcrtinently. 
Iinpertine'nta, i./. imperitneoce. 
ImpertHrba'bilc, a4f. (hat cannot be dt^ 

lmpcrturbabiliU\ /./. nnconccrnedness. 
lmperrena'nte« *(/'. n|iof, in a passion, 
.disturbed. . 

Impenfena're, v. to rage, rate. 
Iinpenrcna'to, lrDpenreiii'to,fl4f. exaspe- 
rated, possessed, cruel, furiuus. 
Im pervert i're, v. to pertert. 
Impe'io, a4/' hanging up. 
Iropests're, v. to infect, corrupt. 
Iropeti'ginc, i./. a teller, rinicworni. 
implteiino'io, adj. having tetters, ring- 

< worms. 

l'mprto,/.fn. impeiuwlty. 

ln)petragl</ne, *./. an obuinlng by ear- 

nesi intreaty. 
Impetra're, t<. to obtain by intnaty j to 

be pctrifted. 
linpetratt'vo, rt^/. •btainable. 
ImvVin'tOffart. obla nrd, pctnOed. 
Impetrato're, i.»i. twpplicalor. 
|mprtrati(/ne, «•/. intreaty. 
Impeirica'to.aJy. I>ard likr a stone, stony. 
Impett/to, adj. lirolishl, upright, erect. 
ImpetuoMmcMilc, aJv. impetuously. 
ItnpfUiiJSlta', i./. Impeuoslty. 
imprtiw'so, A(/. Impetuou*. 
Inpi^cevoli're, v. to make, render afrte* 

Imp aga're, v. to wound, hurt, 
jnplaaatu'ra, /./. a wound. 
Impialldccia're, v. lo sue kle, Inlay. 
Impijllaccla u'ra,i./. inlnid work. 
linuiannella're, v. to pate wUH square 

imfitotafn, v. to pltBt, t WW. 


hnplMla'm, V, to place one"! Ibir; talr, 

a stand, 
mptastragio'ne; i. /. Impiaalrame'ntot 

Am. ingrafting, ioocaUtlof, niictioD, 

mpuuitra're, v. to plaster, ingraft, adju^tv 

mpia»traaio(nc, /./. uncUoA, applying a 

mplastriccia're, v. to apply a pl«i«er, to 

mpiasinccialo. Imptastricclca'to, f,irt. 

dautwd, perplexed. 

nipia', j.m, a plalster ; acofflpromiic, 
mpiccMiiu'ae, i./. hanging. 
mpicca're, v. to bang » impiccarai, to 

bing one's seK. 

mpiccatc'lio, s.m. a little Tillala. 
iSpicca'to, t.m. a great eaguc. 
mpiccatu'io, adj. old enough for tha 


nipicciiiu'ra, /./. act of hanftog. 
muiccia're, iroptccia'rsi, v. to loCcnncd- 


mpi'ccio,» cncumberaoce.. 
mptccoh're, v, to become liltl«« to di* 

mpidocchi'pe, «•. to breed lice, to bara 


mpiducchi'to, a4/. louty. 
mpicta're, v. to employ, direct, 
mpie'go, f.m. employ, woili, place, oficck 
'iipleta^ /./. Impiety, 
mpietosi'ne, v. to touch with pity, 
mpie'pt're, Impieira'rc, v. to pefrify. 
mpictri'to, Impietra'to, a^. petrified. 
mpiglU'ie, V. to stop, take, to embroil* 

to bustic, put one's self forward, to ■»• 

tcpmeddle: impiiliarst, to- catch at. 
mpi«liat(/re, s.m. one that arreau, or 

embroilS) a bu:ty*body. 
mpi'sJ'u, J.m. trouble, care, hiudcrance, 

iniricacy. , 
mpi^iinrre, v. to posh, impel, to puak 

ot'c'H jeif, to oppose, withstand, 
mjiigri're, v. to grow idle, 
mpillacclieia're, i>. to ftU witJi nad, t* 

Smear with dirt. 
ropiHgua're, w. to fatten, 
np/nto, adj. forced. Impelled, 
niptnsa're, v. to All, to cr-to, to cat 90m:'9 

nil : impinaarsl, to be Ailed, 
mpi'o, a4/. cruel, wicked, 
mptomba're, v. to colour wltJi k»A, i« ■ 

nipiomba'to, a4J. leaded, 
mpi'rro, i,m. thr bigbcai beaten* 
mplaca'bile, a^. imptoceble. 
mplacabilmc'ate, rndtt. implacaMy. 
mpiica'rc, w. to estoaglc, perplex. Urn- 

iprtcat(/f»» s.m. an enungter, 
np'.ica«io'ne, s.f. iropiicatioo. 
ivlicitafn^ Bte, adif impiicUIy. 
npll'cito, ai^. implicit. 
\ )'ora're, v. to implore, beseech. 
~i,»ela'nH, t^ to became* port. 
x,)oirniQa'tQ, ai/. pale, yeikw ; in ft eon- 
sum ption. 

'npo ironi're, t». to grow laxf. 
tipjitroni'to, a-//. 1a*^, i<lle. 
m,)olvera're, v. to powder, to dust one's 

Irr.poma'to, di/. full of fruit. 
i^-piinieiB're, V. to rub with t pumice 

l'v<iunit</ne, f.m. he tikflt imposes, lays on. 
1 Tipjca'rc, V. to furrow. 
1 n.wrpor^to, rti/. itnpurpled. 
1 - pona're, v. to grow mouldy, to rot, to 

■ju.o Tie weary. 
rap/rrf, v- to impose a tax, to order, 

I'j «rap, ascribe, impute; to begin to 

!>inctbe offices or prayers: impurre car- 

ne,lo grow lat. 
nip<jr;a'bil«, Importe'volc, a4f. hard> in> 


r,.[yyna'utc, adjt important. 
'^■ijrtn'nM*., 4. /. consequence. 
I' Ps/rtaVe, V. to import, denote, mean, 

rr.ittir', or signify; to amount to: 

r, .c-tu importa B me, tliat concerns 

>'■(.■ ; non importa, no matter. 

I pan jnaiely. 
' i-'jr{un./re, v. to ithportune. 
''i,)or(Mnitd\ Ira(M>rlune'zza, Importu- 

nj'nza, s.f. importim ty. 
npiftu'no, adj. troub.esome, imperti- 

i< nt, grievous, lad. 
-I pjsito're, 1.171. an orderer, commander, 

in poser. 

">) isizio'ne,;. /. imposition, duty, tax. 
',>i^enii^.e,v. to talie p3Sse9«ion, 
' ■[>oisi'iti\c, aij. impossible. 

' ;)>ssibili(a\ /./. impjs«)fbiHiy. 

> '-'j'fibilita're, v. to render impoasibte. 
■ iiostuilme'nte, adv. impossibly. 
'I'.'i'iU, i.f, impost, tax, duty ; a mtio* 

''"» or door case. 
'>' o-.ta're, f. to set on the Impost to a 

'^nv or window. 
i'ni>j'>ia'(o, dri/. placed to one's liking ; 

■'•wng an impost. 
'"'p^taiu'ra, $.f, posts, door cue. 
" )v<itemi'i-e, v. to imposiumate. 

^'> ''«to, aij. ordered, commanded^ im« 

V ' «?d upon. 

'' r'-ntc/re, i,m. an impostor. 
■n,x)!>(yra, /. /. imposuice, calttmoy, 


I'potc'nte, •ij. Impotent. 


Infomf fe, v. to ignm^ poor, to Imp*' 

Ii»pOTeri^to,(i4r. redncetf to poverty. 
Impratica'bile, di/. impracticable: uom^ 

impraticabilc,' an unsociable man. 
lasimiichi'to, aJf. conversant, accustofl** 

eJ, expert. 
lotprecare, v. to corse. 
Imprecati'vo, aJJ. cursing. 
Imprecazio'ne, s.f. imprecation. 
Imprcgname'nto, s,m. impregnatu'ra,/.^ 

Impregna're, vn to imprrpntte. 
Impregna'to, aJJ. impregnated, 
imprende'nle, i.m. a sciiolar, one whp 

Impre'ndere, v. to learn, undertake, at- 
tempt, begin. 
Imprendimc'nio, ».m. undertaking, enter* 

Imprendito're, s.m. he that begins. 
Impre'nta, i./. a print, stamp, impret* 

Iraprenla're, v, to print, stamp, impress. 
Impre'sa, *./". undertaking, enterprizty 

attempt, design; un emblem, a device. 
Impre'so, alJ. undertaken. 
Impressiona're, v. to insinuate, prepossess; 

Impressiona^o, *flrf, prejudiced. 
impressio'fTe,'' i. /. impression, priat, 

stamp, idea, iliuughti 
Impre'sso, oij. printed, fixed. 
Inipretende'nte, adj.- indiftVr nt. 
Imprezza'biie, a2j. inestimable. 
Imprigiona're, w. to imprison. 
lmprigionato're,4.fn.he that imprisons, « 

Impri'ma, Iroprimame'nte, aiv. firs^ 

Impri'mere, v. to print, stamp, fix. 
Imprlmierame'nte, aJv. first of all, 
Improba'bile, adj. improbable. 
Improbabili'.a', *./. improbability. 
Improbita', J. /. wickedness. 
Improme'ssa, Iniproraessio'ne, *, f. \vaf 

prome'sso, s.m. promise. 
Improrae'tUTc, v. to promise. 
Impro*nta. s.j. a print, type, figure. 
Impronta'ccio, aij. very importunate. 
Improntamc-'nU-, aiv. with imiwrtunitr. 
Improntaroe'ulo, s.m. impression, import 

Impronta're, v. to print, stamp ; to im* 

portune, to request, to borrow, (a* 

usti in the kut sen^e.) 
Impronte'zza, Improntllu'dlney /./.en- 
treaty, sollcHation, importunity. 
Impro^nto, adj. importunalc.trouMcsooiev 

tlmpro'nto, s.m. print, stamp^ i«M<«-i 4 
request, dem.ind. 
Ivpropc'riOj ■'••»• reproacfc- 



tnifropiflme'ote, iiBpropri«rae'D(ef ait: 

ImproprietR*, ItnpropleU\ s. /• Impro- 

ImpruVrio, Tmaro'pio, a^. improper. 
Imbroporziona .e, Improporxiuna'lo, o^. 

oisproportioned, unequal. 
Imprupoi ciooalme'nte, adv, dUpropor- 

Improfpeii're, v. to kn happy. 
Iroprovali'vo, a^/. Uiai doea not prove, 

make good. 
Improvera'ie, v. to rrproach. 
Improvjda'me'iUe, adv. iiiconslderately. 
Improvide'nia, s, f. iTiprovidencc. 
Impro'vidu, adj. unheedlul. 
Itnprovveduiame'jile* aiv. imprudently. 
Iihprovvedu'to, aij' unprepared. 
Improvvisiame'n.e, aiv. suddenly. 
lmprovvUsa'nie,<]<(;. making of reraet ex- 
IraprofTJssa're, ^, to make rhymes ex- 

Improvvi'so, aij. un-xpecled, unprovi- 
ded : al improvriso, suddenly. 
Improvvi'sto, aij. unprepared, destitute. 
Imprude'nte, <i.(/.-1inprudcnt. 
Impruclcnteroe'iite, aiv. imprudently 
Imprude'nia, t,/. imprudence, indiscre- 

Impruna're, v. to enclose with hedges, to 

Rlioot up with (horns. 
]rnpu'be,lmpubc'rc,fi^'. beardles8,unripe. 
Impude'nte, aij. impudent, saucy. 
Impudenleme'nte. alv. impudently. 
Impudt-'nza, /./. impudence. 
Jmpudic.une'nii'.dJf '.wantonly, obscenely. 
Impudici'zia,//. wiintonneiisjmmodcsty. 
Impiidi'cu, a<ij. loose, obscene. 
Impiigname'nt^, s.m. grasping, 
impugna'ie, v. to seize, gripe, grasp, 

oppose, impugn: impugnar la spada, 

to draw the sw6rd. 
Imp igiiAiu're, s.m. iie that oppoes. 
impughatu'rk ;di spada) s.f. tlie hilt of a 

rmpugnazi</nf, i./. oppositioni hinder- 

Impuli'to, aHj, rough, un wrought, unpo« 

Iropu'lso, s.m. impulse, motion. 
ImpuAemc^nie. aiv. wich impunity. 
Iropunita\ t.f. impuniCy, indulgence. 
Impuataree'mo, aiv. with impunity. 
Impuni'io, aJij. unpunished, 
impunta're, v.' to poin:, to break off in 

ditcQurte, to forget one's self. 
Irapimta'to, aij. siu k in, siopt. 
Irapurame'nte, div. impurely. 
Impuriu', i. '. impurity. 
Inpu'ro.a^. obscene, immodettf Impure. 
lmptttft'i»U«| aV* impuubls. 


mputJiiiie'oto, /.m. imputatios* 

mputa're, v, to impute. 

mputato're, <.ni. an accuser, repnMcher( 

mputazio'ne, /./. impuiatioo. 

mputridi're, v. to rot. 

mpuzzoli're, Impucxa're, ti. to ftiok. 

mpuzaoli'to, aij. stinking. 

n,^«/>. in, in the, into, a^ for, npoii 

against, .towards, abouu 
na'bile, aij. incapable. 
nabi]ita\ J./, incapacity, 
nabilita're, i'. to disable, 
nabissa're, v. to swallow up. ruin, 
nabissa'to, A{;. deep as an abyss, 
nabita'bile, adj. uninhabitable, 
aabiu'to, oi/i uninhabited, aoHtarf. 
nacceai'bile, aij. inaci-essible. 
naccorda'bile, aJij. disagreeing, 
nacerba're, tmo exasperate : macerbirsij 

(o become sour, 
nacela're, Inaceii're, v. to become sour) 

to wet, rub with vinegar, 
naccti'io, aij, sour. 
nacquHme'iito, s.m. watering. * 
nacqua'i e, v. to water: inacquare it v^nO) 

to mix wine wiih water, 
nacuti're, v. to make sharp, 
naddie'iro, aixt, formerly, 
nagguaglia'nza, t.f, inequality, 
na^ri're, lupgrcsti're, v. to grow soar, 
naia're, v. la spread the sheaves upoh tlM 

nalbame'nto, t,m. a making white. | 
nalba're» v. to make nhite. 
nalbera're, v. to mount a tree, to set up I 

inalberar la croce, to set up the croU|| 

inallMTarsi, to fly in a psNioa. 
nalbera'to, aJj. up in a tree, 
nalid 're, v. to grow drv. 
'■altera'bilc, aij. immutablr. constanL | 
nalterabilita*, s.f. immutabi iiy. 
naliord'to, aij. unaUereii,uocharfcd. 
o alio, aij, highly ( in alto marc, an ;hsl 

main sea. 
iialza're^ v, to rai^e, advance. 
nama'bili, aij. not amiable, 
nama're, v. to take with a book, to eai 


namariVo, v. to grow bitter, 
nam^nda'bile, aij. incorrigible. | 

nainida'rc, in to starch. 
n4mi»ta'rr, v. to enter into friendshiij 

With any one. 
naneila're. v. to curl, to put in rlags, t« 

m.irry with a ring, 
nnnima'iv, v. to animate, encourage, 
nanlma'to, aij, animated, eacoungedi 

inanlm.tte, iilcjess. 
nanim4to're, A,m. an encoarafer* 
nanlmi're, v. to encourtge* 
nape'r!o,aiT>. openly. 
a«spa«itoM'(c^ v, to put U a vutAm* 


taappella'bile, aij. not to be appetled 

Inappete'nte, adj. sqaetmiib, listless. 
iButert're, V. to pitnt trees, to rear the 

standard ; to go on (he lop of trees. 
JMrbora'to, fart, plaaled with trees, 
wtrca'n!, v. to arch, lo grow crookcJ. 
toircato're, i.m. one thai frovnS. 
Isargenta'rc, i». to silver o»er. 
InargcQta'to, aij. silvered over, as white 

l«aridi're, v. to dry up» wither, coosame, 

"eaken, enervate. 
In.rpira'.e, ti. to climb. 
l^arriT^bile, ni/.^ncooceivable, not to 

laaniccia'to, J.m. a baming blast, aJj. 

<lned up. 
fnjrtirola'w, aij. uoarticulated. 
'RSicu'so, lnasc(?sto, aii>. under-hand, pri- 

vitciv, secretly. 
WiHo/rc, V. to be a fool, an ass. 
Inajpcra're, v. to Tex, exasperate, to be- 
come cruel. 
In^'-pef lamtr'nte, aiv. suddenly. ' 
l»aspflta'lo, adj. unexpected. 
li»pn're, inaspra're, v» to exasperate, 

twcaine cruel, severe, 
'1 »va'nf i, o/tL before ; d' or in avanti, 

''Hin're, i». to become avaiirioiis. 
' ^ii!l/i).]e, aij. nut to be lieard. 
'"audi'to, aij. unheanl. 
I'l'ura'lo, aij. gilt, ot gold. 
I'a.V(-du:aine'nte, adv. imprudently. 
lr.avve iu'to, a//, unweary, heedless. 
•'•'nvrntB'ra, aiv. by chanct. 
If. 1' vrrtentemc'ntc, Inavvertitame'iite, 

M'. incunsider'itely. 
•"<»vertc'naa, s.f. inconslderateness, in- 

liihTeni'to, aij. impnident. 
'i hrere, alv. shortly. 
'■' I' Vn era, aiv. prithee, pray. 
{" ' I'ccia, a>h<. hastily. 
'i(Ku're, T'. tu season with cheese. 
Imnlaveh're, v. to become lean, lo rof. 
'"ndaveri'io, aij. like a skeleton, rot% 

''>(>i!!ta'rr, ti. to Stick to, lo be at a siand, 

'u run aground, lo puszle, perplex. 
'*tuna'io, auj. angry. 
'" cigne'sco, aiv. sourly, sternly : stare 

■B c>tgnesco colla morte, lo struggie 
, »itli death, 
ucili^pia're, f. to soare, cobfound, to 

plot, embroil. 
Iniaica'rc, i*. to trample onder foot, de- 

<(»ite, to preas* squeeze, crowd, force, 

IncAiciugi^at«,i.iib lifhU 


Incalcla're, v. to hunt, drire amqr , chace^ 

Incalcina're, v. to calcine. 
Incalcitra're, v. to kick, to wince* 
Incaligjna'to, adj. sooty, dim, obscure* 
Incallime'nto, s.m, calosity, a com. 
Incaili're, v, to grow bard. 
Inc4lva're, Incalvi're, v. to grow bald. 
Incalaa'ie, v. to chase, pursue. 
Incalaato're, i.m. a pei-secutor. 
Incalzona're, t>. to put on breeches. 
Incamata'to, Incamati'to, aij. straight a 

a stick. 
In ca'mbio,ait>. instead. 
Incamera're, v. to imprison lo a chamber, 

to confiscate. 
Incjmicia're, t>. to parget a wall, or house xf^ 

again ; lo put on one's shirt, or shift. 
Incamicia'ta, J./, assault by n'ghu 
Incanucitu'ra,i./.a rough casting, a house, 

or wall. 
Incaminame'nto, s.m. putting forwards. 
Incamlna're, v. to begin, to set out. 
InramufTa'to, aij. disKuised, hooded. 
Incancbera're, Incancheri're, v. to fester. 
Incani'to, aij. enraged. 
Inc.iiina're, %>. to wind bobbins, to swallow 

up, devour. 
Incannii'tta, «./. cherries passed througfi 

a split feed I intrigue, tmbarrassmenU 
Irjcannuccia'ie, v. to covtr with reeds. 
Incannuccia'ia, s.f. a sort of bandage. 
Incannuccia'to,^rt. closed, shut up with' 

Incaniame'nto, Incantagto'ne, t.m. ea*, 

Incania'rp, i». to enchant, charm ; !■- 

c mare la nebbia, to take a whet in 

the murning; to sell by auction. 
Incaniato're, s.m. a sorcerer. 
Incante'simo, Inca'nto, s.m. IncantazU 

o'ne, s.f. an enchantment, charm, auc- 
tion : guastar I' incanio, to Irustrate . 

another's desig.ns. 
Incante'volc, aij. ii. chanting, 
litcaniuccia're, v. to hi^ one's self in a 

Incanutame'nto,i.fn. grey hairs, old agcit 
Incanuli're, v. to grow grey, 
locanuti'to, aij. hoary, grey. 
Incapa'ce, aij. incapable. 
Incapacita", 1. 1. incapacity. 
Incaparbi're, v. to be obstinate. 
Incaparbi'io, aij. obstinate, wilful. , 

Incaparra're, v. to give earnest, lo Insure 

a bargain. 
lncapa'n.i,tJU to be obstinate. 
Incapestra're, v. to snare, catch, to hal- 

inwpestratu'ra, '• /• "n*"™^": ^^ Jf^i'.""^ / 
on a muzzle, (also) mark of a muzzle* i 

or baiter. , . • 



1ncapoccl)/re, t<. to become ilupld. 
Ineaponi're, v. to persist, to be obatinii'e. 
iDcappa're, v. to siurable, to fall into a 

marc, to be catched ; to meet with. 
Incappa'io.^r/. catched, snared • having 

a cu^flk on. 
iDcappella're, t>. to put on one's liat, to 

cover: incappcHire le Turcbe, to set up 

llw shrouds, {ffiterm.) 
In' api^elU'to, ptirt. covered with a hat, 

crooned, adurned. 
IncappcruccU're, v. to be ditgaiscd, 

Inrnppu're.i'.to entannle. to tic to f^isten. 
Inca'ppo, i.m. stumble, fall, accident, hit. 
ini-'ppiccia're, v. lo put on * bood, to 

cover, to wnip. 
lficappu''r!.i'(o, part, hooded. 
Incnpricci'rc, v. to fall in love : inca- 

prtcciriii, to be prepossrd, to fancy. 
Incara're, v. to inakc dearer, to grow 

dean r. 
Iniarbonchia're, v. to take tJic colour of 

a carbuncle, 
incarca're, v, to load, to charfe. 
Incarcera're, v. to Imprison, 
incarcerario'nc, Incarceraglo'ne, /. /. 

mcn'rco, s.m. {in pietry) charge, load. 
Incarlca're, v. to charge with, to trust, 

to commiind, tu rail at. 
Jncari'co, s.m. Inca'rica,i./. charge, load, 

tax i affront, oifeace ; office, duty ; in* 

InCkrnVute, a^f. tt coming Incarnate, 

taking flish. 
incarna're, f. to stab in the flesh, to 

represent tu the life: iocamani, to as- 
sume human nature. 
Inraniat 'nu, urn. fl^j^li-coloured. 
liaarnaii'vo, aJJ' that maktrs the flesh 

Srow. made flesh, flesh-coloured. 

Inc.irnaii(/ne, i./. assjmiuf tite flesh. 

Incarogna'i'e, v. to become carrion : io* 
carognarni, to fall fn ilishljr in love. 

Incarrucola'ie, t . in get out oftlicpullles. 

Irfcarta'r>', v. to »rap in papeA 

li caitcggia're,!'. to set down, tu wrUe,(fnr 

locartoccia're. v. to twist paper like a 
Jioro, to roll up. 

Incassa're, v. to cave up. 

Incastagna're, v. lo furnish, adorn with 
wood{ to watnfcut, to lortifjr with ches> 
nut ; to amuM, or deceive by fair words. 

iDcaitellaaic'oto, s.m, a scaflTold ; a bat- 

IncaitelJa're, v. to fortify. 

IBravtcna'to, a(/. fortified, shut up in a 
cjiitTe : cavailu in casttllato, an incas' 
Ulled| or narrow-botffed borK. j 


IncaatOQfl're, v. to eacltMe. 
Incastooatu'ra, i. /. encha>iD5, joint, 

Incastra'rc, v. to enchase. 
Incarraitt'ra, s,/. loca'stro, 4,m. eachat* 

ing( a buttress. 
Incauirri're, v. to catch cuM. 
Incatcnaccia're, v. to fasten • door with 

a boit. 
Incatt*na're, vi. to chain, to put in irons. 
Incitenaiu'ra, s./, chaining, ioining tvge> 

locatoraoiimc'nto, t.m, a moulderiog of 

fiui's ; titc rolling of tree*;. 
Incaio'-sult're, v. to wither away. 
iBcaturzjI/to, a^f.fudcd, dried, blasted. 

IncaiiamaVe, v. to tar: Una iocatranata, 

tarred natt-cloth. 
Incattivi'rc, v. to grow wicked. 
Incaiiivi'iu, a4/. wkked. 
tnCHvalca're, f. to place upon: incavat- 
care un can none, to irouni a piec« ot 
ordnjnce on its carnage. 
Inc4v.ilcatu'ra, s. /, a laying one thing 

over another. 
Incavalla're, v. lo provide one'* ■elfwii^ 

liorsei ; to mount a horse. 
Incav.i're, t». to dig. 
incava':o, aij. dug, hollow. 
Incavati'/ra, J. /. hollowinf . 
incaverna'to, aJJ. U<d in a cave, hoHovi. 
lncaviccia'(o,/>irf. joined, set in. 
incaviglia're, Incaviccbta're, «». to peg, 

or pin. 
Inca^o, s.m. cave, hole, ditch. 
Incautaroe'iite, alv. unwarily. 
Incaute'ia, /. /. negiigcocc, carelcmen. 
Incau'to, adj. negligent, 
tnce'nderc, v, to burn, to {oflamr, to b« 

Incende'vole, aJJ. easy to be burot^cocn^ 

InccndiaVe, v. to burn. - 
Incendia'rio, 5.m. an Incendiarjr. 
Ince'iidin, Inccndimc'nto, *.m. conflagra- 

tion, burning. 
Ineenditi'vo, aJj. kindling, setting on fire. 
Incendito're, s.m, an inceodiary* 
iQcrneri're, Incenara're, v. to butn to 

ashes, to throw ashes upon. 
Inceoeri'to, fort. burnt. 
Incensame'nio, s.m. Inrenia'la, /. /. a 

p«*rfuining with frankinceove. 
Incenisa're, t^ to Incseofe, -praiae, coat* 

Incensle're, t.m. i cen*cr, perfamlBg-paas. 
IncensKvo, otj. intl^miiig. 
incr'nso, part. k(ndl«*d. 
Ince'nso, «.m. Inceuaet dar I* iaceBlOi t* 

laceusur/bllei #</. MbUo^aUw 


Ineenl^ro, s^m, an incenthre. 
incentra'rsi, v. to meet io a center. 
icera're» r. to wax ; to grov yellow like 

riprtitng corn. 
Incera'to, fiart. waxed, 
'ncera'to, t.m, oil-cloth : incerate, tar* 


Dvcrcioafre, v. to put a ro]] on the head. 
txrerconi're.Tf. to grow spur. (a> wiiu Joes) 

nceiiVre^ v. to join, or fjsten together ; 

to f'nt earnest: to hire. 

ncCTtc'sxa, iDcertitu'Uine, s.f. Ince'rtOj 

s.m. uncertaintr* 

nce'rto, a4j. UDcertain. 

ncc'so, part, kindled, burnt ; s.m. a can- 

(erf, an i»u«. 

ncapJB're, Incesp'tcai're, v. to entaof le ; 

to graw, iocreaae-, to line, or covet with 

nceaia^ilc. 04/. cdiltinual. 
ncesnbiloie'nte, Incestanieme'nte,- aix*. 

r.ceaaa'Dic, atj, conftoual. 
■■cr«ad', Incessabiic'z^a, /. /. conti- 

n 03 nee. 

"'•i-^ta're, t>. to Injr in a basket. 
■ ce^Bio, s.m. ince^l. 
~^i*sttiosainc'tite. aJxt. tncestuooaljr. 
r>ccf\iio'»o, ttJf. inccatuoiu. 
"•( t/(ta, s.f. A parchati'. 

(cCii'rc, f. tu bujr to ktII again, 
icrttstu're, s.m. an engroiber, dealer, 


riiMva'fo. V. to lock. 
'I li=a/eIU to, oi/. naikti. 
"J.iiviutcllj're, t». to bolt. 
r.< hu'dcri.', f. ro jHc. 
"Ciiic'sia, >./. Inchierime'nto, s.m, Io- 

c,ii rf. 

- iiiR-iiDe^nt'>,i.m.pironene99,hnmiliaiion, 
^''iiioa'nr, v. to bumble, to fubmit, to 

bu« du»n, to bend ; to set ai llie sun ; 

to diTrrm with a H'hI ; to t^ke a nap. 

. 'i'ni' a, J./. Iminllialioo. a bow. 

ih t..i/iu'Mr, <./. buuiiliatioo, incHaa* 

•ion, dt<p9&liion. 

r(h n\:'foU-, atj. inclinable, prone. 
■■ < hi'nj, s.m, H cour.ew, a bow. 
' > li"-/cca, udv. abundantly, pirntifaUy. 
'AiiijdiKrr, V. to n^il: inchiodare un 

cannnne, to spike a C-innua. 
m hioda'i.t, fitrt. nailed, spiked, 
ncliiodata'ra, Inchiovatu'ra, s.f. a prick 

in a iioraci foot. 
rcbio«itra're, v. to daub with ink* 
nciiio'siro, $,m. ink: acriver ad uno di 

huon tnctiio>tro,to write I'amiliarly. 
nchiuMene, v. to incldic. Contain. 

' liiu'vu, iart. included. 
:>< lalda rsi* v. todreaionr'saftif inwhite< 
r.ri^mpa're, Inciampica're, i>. to Mum* 

M«, 19 ■«! bj ctriMC^ to eir« 


Incia'mpo, t.m, ituoibling, risic. 
Incide'nte, s.m. incident, event. 
incJdenteme'nte, adv. accidentallf* 
Incide'nsa, s.f. digression. 
Ind'dere, v. to mnke an iaciiion, to en* 

grave, to cut, to digress* 
Inciela're, v. to place in heaven. 
Incifcra'to, Incilra'io, part, made, or 

written in cyphers. 
Inci'gncre, v. to impregnate. 
Inci'uto, aJj. pregnant. 
inciocci/r«, V. tu knock, or run against, 
Incipriato. part, powdered. 
Inciprigni're, v. to exasperate, to flf ia « 

inciVca, adv. about. 
Incircon^-:'ao, adj. unCtrcunicised« 
Incirconacn'ito, a^j. bjuadlen. 
luc'scli'a'rc, V. to in 1 nee. 
Incisio'ne, t.j. incision. 
Incis'vo, adj. incisive. Cutting. : 

Inri'jo, adj. cut. 
lnci«o'i-e, s,m. a carver. 
Incisu'rj, J./* incision, a CaCr, 
luciianie'nto, s m. lnc.tazl</he, s.y. .t 

stirring, pnnoking, incitement, motive* 
Incita'rf, v. to incite, induce. 
Ihc (tti'vo, aij. inciting. 
lnci'\ile, adj. qncivit. 
Inrivili're, v. to grow poJfte. 
Inciviimc'nte, adx>, uiiciviily. 
incivilta', s.f. rudeness. 
lnciu$chera'rsi, v. to dnnk exceatireiy. - 
Incleme'nle, adj. merciless, cold. 
Incleme'nzft, s.f. severity : -indemengf 

dell aria, del vento, inclcmeiicy of tlic 

air. the wind. 
Indioa'brlc, adj. inclinable. 
lticIit>aine'nto,i.m. declining,dec}inatia « 
Inclina'nte»ai/. inclining, 
inclinafiteroe'ote, adv, readily, ailltogl « 
Inclina're, v tu incline, hind. 
Inclina'to, adj. ben', disposed. 
InClinaxio'ne, s.f. inclination, 
liicline'voie, adj. inclinable, piroiie. 
Incli'to, adj. iamous» noble. 
Jnclu'dere,.v. to ipcli'ilc. 
Inclu'sa^f,/. the enclosed Igtlr^. 
Inclusivt'ine'nic, adv. inclusively. 
Inclu-u'vo, adj. Inclusive. 
Inclu'so, ;^i2rf. iiiclu-*c<l. .. , 

Incorca're, t'. to shammer; to put tiie 

bow-string into the notch of the arrow* 
Incofca'rs', v. to be obstinate. 
IncodarJi're, U. to despond. 
Incoire'nte, adj. discordant, incoherent* 
Incoere'Axa, s.f. dijprop >rtion. 
incogila'bile, adj» inconceivable. 
lnco.;lie're, t>. to catch, surprise, hap* 
.pi'D.beial. • 

Incognitame'Bte, adx-. iflCOfnltA* 
Inco^n't'io,- 4^* iiakoown. 


l^eoU, J.m. an inhabitant. 
Ificolla're, v. to glue. 
Incolla'to, adj. glued, pasted. 
Jncoileri're, v. to be angry. 
Incotleri'to, at/, an try. 
Incolora're, v. to colour, dye. 
Incoipa'bile, adj. blameless. 
I'icolpa'nte, otO. that blames. 
Incolpa're, v. to blame : Incotpare uo 

altro, to Iffy \he Tault upon. 
Jncoipstto're, t.m. an accuser. 
Incolpe'vole, a^. unblaneable. 
liicoltaaie'nte, oiv carelessly. 
Inco'lio, adj. uncultivated i undress, na- 

Incombatli'bile, a4/> incontestable. 
Incombe'nsa, s./. a commission. 
Jncombusil'bile, a4/. incombustible, 
locomincid'glia, i. /. an imperfect be* 

ginning, a rough draft. 
Incominclame'nto, t.m. Incomincia'nsa^ 

i./. a beginning. 
Incomlacia'nte, t.m* beginner. 
Inromlncia're, v. to l;egin. 
lacomincia'u, j./. Incomincla'to, s.m. 

a beginning. 
Inoominci.ito're, J.m. a beginner. 
Incom mrnsura'bile, ai/. i ncommensurable 
Incommcnsurabilila', s./. incummeniu- 

lACo'mmudOi i.m. See Inco'modo, and 

its derivatives. 
Incommula'blle, a4f. constant, uncbange* 

locommoja'bilita, /./. constancy. 
Incomodame'nte, adtu Incommodiously. 
Incomoda'rc, f. to incommode. 
Incomodita', './. inconvenieucy, trouble, 

ailment; disiretf at sea: signale d'in- 

tomodita, sign»l of distress. 
Snco^modo, t.m, '.rouble, disadvantage: 

04/. inconvenient, urievous. 
iBcompara'bile, aJJ. incomparable. 
Incomparabilme'nte, adv. incomparably, 
locompati'blle, otU. disagreeing. 
IncompalibJliia\ »./. inconsistency. 
XncompensVbilc, <i</. not to be rewarded. 
Incompcte'nte, adj. incompetent. 
Incompetenteraente, adv. incompetently. 
Incompete'nza, i./. insulficiency. 
Incompiu'lo, a4f. imperfect. 
lmcomple'«io, a^/. without mixture, 
locomporta'blie, Incomporte'vole, adj. in- 

Incomportabilme'nte, adv. intolerably. 
locompo'sro, adj. simple. 
lncom|)ren<»i'bi]e, adj. incomprehensible. 
locumprensibiliU', i. /. incoroprehensi- 

lacoinunica'bile, adj. incommanlcablf. 
la comu'Be, adv. in common. 
lAConcepi'bilci a^\ iocoscatvabla* 


Inconcepibillla\ s./, iaconptthenaibla- 

Inconcilla'bile, aif. inconc ill able. 

Inconclude'ate, Inconclu'so, 04/. incon- 

In conciusit/ne, aiv. finally. 

Inconcu'sso, ai/. unshaken. 

Incont'usaroe'ntc, adv. coofosedly. 

Incong iungi^lle,a'(/.thai cannot be joined* 

Incongia'nto, a4f- divided. 

Incongrue'nte, adj. incongmoos. 

Incongmenteme'nte. adv. improperlf • 

Incongnie'nza, <./. incongniuy. 

Incongruita', t.f. disproportion. 

Inco'ngnio, h4f' incongruous. 

Inconnochia're, v. to wind a distaff*. 

Inconquassa'bile, «<(/. 'unshaken. 

Inconscgue'nia^ t.f. iDCOuseqoencc, la- 
cons id.' raicness. 

Inconsidera'bile, iM/. Inconaiderable. 

incbnsideratamc'nte.dii'. inconsiderately* 

Inconsidera'lo, adj. rash. 

Ini'onsideraaiu »e, Inconsiderat^aaa, <./. 
incoDSideration, rashness. 

Inconsiste'nte, adj. incunsistent. 

Inconsola'blle, ajJ. inconsolable. 

InconsolHhiline'nie, alv. inconsolablf. 

(ncunsta'nte, a^/. inconstant. 

Inconsta'iizi, s.f. inconstancy. 

Inconsultamc'nte, adv. inconsiderately. 

Inconsu'ito, a4f. inconsiderate. 

Inconsuraa'bilc, adj. not to be cooaumed. 

Incoosu'tlle, adj. not sewed. 

Incontamina'bile, a4j. incorruptible 

incontamlnatc'iza, j./. purity. 

Incontamina'to, adj. undehled. 

Incont^ne'nle, aJv. presently. 

Incontcnta'bile, a4f. insatiable. 

lucontentabiljta', s./. insatUblencM. 

Incon esta'biie, adj. indisputable. 

incontine'nte, a4J, unchaste } aiv* iaim^ 

Incontinc'nsa, /./. incontlBeacy. 

Incu'nto, a^j. unadorned. 

Inco'ntra, frep. against. 

Incontramc'ato, a conrcreACe, necl- 
\ng, parley. 

Incontra're, Incontra'rsi, v, to meet, to 
happen, to confront. 

Inconirasia'bile, a<^'. iodispatabte. 

incontr^iita'to, adj. inc»ntc«tcd. 

Int'ontro, J.m. a rencounter, accidott 
chance, occasion, opportunity; aodar 
all' inc;pnlro, to go to mceC; ff. 
against, opposite towards. 

Incontrovena'bile, adj. not to be qeet* 

Incon turba'bile, aJJ. aerene, calm, Dndi»> 

iBConvenie'nte, locoovene'votr, ft(/* ^ 

lAcOBvcaicnttnc'Atei odiclMWi «1««U^ 


eonrenfe'nza, /./. inconmiencf, dis- 

c-jnTincKbil", ttdj, inrincible. 
T jraggiame'nto, t.m. encjuragement. 

* -oraggja'rc, V. to encourage. 

c ora're, v. to pcrsuadd, to lake jn one's 
head, incite, put in mind, encourage. 

inc^fda're, v. to be benumbed} to string 
an Jn-lruroent. 

I-rorda'to, adj. benumbed. 

Inc jrdatu'ra, *./. a slitT neck. 

• ''C:jrni( ia're, v. to frame. 
If.c xonH'rc, t». to crown, 
lacorooaaitj'ne, J./, coronation. 
lncorpora:'bile. adj. that can be incorpo- 

Iftcorporabilita', t.f. incorporclty. 
•jcorpora'le, adj incorporeal. . 
I r.c •jrjjoraroe'nto, s.m. incorporation, 
i'icorpora're, v. to incorporate, annex, 

ncorporazio'ne, s.f. incorporation, 
icorpore'o, adJ incorporeal, 
nco'rre, v. to surprise, 
nci/rrere, v. to incur: incorfere 

rori, to commit faults, 
ncorre'tto, adj. incorrect, / 

ncorrigi'bilc, lncorreg/b:le, adj. incor- 
'"icorri^ibilita*, s.f. tncorrigibleness, ob' 

strnacf , slubbjmnf8.s. 
■icorro'ito, adj, incorrupt, 
^corrutti'bile, adj. incorruptible. 
:corruiiibilila', *./. incorruptibility, ir. 

he •rrtittJbilme'nte, adv. incorruptibly. 
p.vorruzio'otr, J./, incuri'upiion. 
I 'j'lsi, alj. incurred, 
n-'ortina're, t». to set curtains round. 
'>'ortina'io,<ii/.surrounded witii curtainB. 
■1 coicit'aaia, aiv, in conscience, 
f^'-ojta'nle, adj. tncocst:4nt. 
•ic^stantemv-'nte, atv. inconstantly. 
icosu'njsn, Inrosta'nria, J./, fickleness 
'>"^'i'\.\o, fixrt. boiled, baked; incotio dal 

'<>le, »un-'»umt. 
••'overcliia're, v. to coyer, to put a Ud on. 

>• "t I'naa. J./, incivility. 
^'tr-'jt J, adj not created. 

cr-di'.Mle, alj, incredible. 
•^reJibilme'ncc, adv. incrediblf* 

■( re ill Ilia*, s.f. unbelief. 

•c re'dulo, adj. increduluoi. 
■'creme'nto, s.m. increase. 
icr«-«cc'ii«a', s.f. grief, vexation. 
'crt'scere, v. to be tired ; to 

icrate, to be sorry, 
"crescc'vole, adj. tedious, pitiful, 
'•vivscerotme'nte, aiv. tedtou:fly. 
Mcreicinae'fiio, t.m. weariness, vexation. 
:>( respame'nto, /.m. locresj>atu'nj s,f, a 

iurl| or eorliog. 


Increspa're, v. to curi, to siiHnk. 
Increspa'iOy/.Tr/. curled.shruitk, frixzle^. 
Incrctit're, v. to daub with clay. 
Incrina're, v. to cr^rk. • 

incnst/tl a'r«, v. to appear like crystal. 
Incrocia're. s.f., (j sea-ttrm.) 
Incrocffcchia're, v. to cross, to lay across* 
Incrocicdiia'EO, adj. across. 
Incj-Jmica're, v. to meddle ^n affairs. 
I icrosia're, t>. to encrust. 
|ncros:a'tq, alj. crusted, rough cast. 
Incrus acu''r>, s.f. a crusting. 
, iqcrudciinit/uto, s.m. the act exercisini 

Incrudeli're, v. to grow cruel, to exas* 

perate, to make worse. 
iDcrudcii'to, fort. become cruel. 
Incni.l/re, v. to make har-ili, ro fh* 
Incrue'nto. adj. not bloody, 
rncrusca're, i'. tu fill with brao. 
iticrasca'rsi, v. to meddle, 
i'ncubo, s.m. incubus. 
I'licude. incu'dine, s.f, an anvlL 
Ineulta're, v. to inculcate. 
iRtulcatame'ote, adxt. earnestly. 
lncuIca'to,p(ir/. inculcated. ' 

Incu'.'lo, adj. uncultivated. 
Incumbe'nza, s.f. charge: assumersi 1* 

incumbeniSa, to lake upon one's self. 
Incuo'cere; x>. to boil, or bake a little^ Ui 

concoct, to scald, to blast. 
Incuura're, v. to take in one*s houL 
!ncurd'bile, a:^, incurable, 
locui-a'to, adj. neglected. 
I ncuri'd, J./, negligence. 
Incursicrne, *,/. incursion. 
Inriirva're, v. to bow, bend. 
Incurva'to, part, bent, crooked. 
Incaivaura, Incurvaaio'ne, s.f. inctup* 

vjtiua, ur bending. 
Incu'rvo, iidj. bent, crooked. 
lncus.i're, v. to accuse, bJame. 
incustodi'io, oi/. not guarded. 
Incu'te^e. x'. to thrust with violence, 
t'ndaco, j.tq, endigo. 
indjga're, v. to search into. 
Indai^^zio'ne, Inda'gine, s.f. a carefal 

Inlamja're, v, to bespeckle. 
Indanaja'lo, a4j. bespeckled, spotfed. 
Inda'rno, adv. in vain. 
Indebi'i'ic, v. to grow weak. 
(ndebitame'nte, aJxt. unduly, 
fndebila're, v. to run in debt. 
Indebita'to, adj. indeb;ed. 
lode'bito, adj. umlue: ora indebita, an 

unseasonable hour. 
rndeboil*re, t». to grow weak, to enervaM^ 

to decay. 
Indeboli'io,^arr. weakened. 
Indece'nte, <ii/. indecent, 
iadcceolcme'nlei aiv. iod«cci>tij« 



Jnrfccr'nxi, /./. indeceocf. 
Sndt^i'so, adj. undetermined, 
JhMccMna'bile, aij. indrclinahlr. 
liid' coranu^'ii'tc, adv. sliiiinefiUlf* 
lnde'cf>re, adj, {infceir/) unbecoming. 
Indeed', o, adj. indi'cenU 
ladrft-ssame'ntc, aJt>. indefatif«bl]r. 
Jti<Iefe''j''o, a'Jj. uowearicd. 
Indefirk/iitc, n^/. nol dcHcIcn't. 
Inrle/icii^ntt-mc'nd', adv. continually. . 
IndeHcit/nx.i, j,/. abund<ince. 
JndvRn''Lo, adj. indefinite, anbdunded. 
lodcMnitiioie'ntt*, adv. iindeterminately. 
Jlldifini'to, adj. indvfinitr. 
inlc^inamc'oie, adv. unHorthilf. 
In-iegna'to, adj. indignant, angry. 
Indcgnuzit/nc, j./. indiisnation. 
]nd('«t iui\ Indegnita'de, ladcgoitifte, jy. 

Inde'gno, a^'. anwortltjr. 
In lele'htif, alj. Uiat cannot be CMCefled, 

or bloti d out. 
In-lelcbi!nx-'nt(', ndv. Indelibly. 
In Icin in a'to, a!J. posiiessed with i dCvil. 
InJc'nnp, adj. unl.urt^ »a('r. 
lndcnniiR\ Tn>Icnniu'Je, s./. indemnitv. 
Jnder.nizaa're, v to Intlemnily , {Unv tmn. ) 
ladcnnixzjxiu'ne, J. /. indemntiication, 

Ipdr'nim, «r<'^. witliin, inivJiyd. 
Xndepcndc'ni'e, aij. rndcpendcnt. 
Indrptndentrin ''nu*. «./»». ind -ptiKlenlly. 
Independt/nzn, i/. inAv pendency. 
Indet^rmina.anK-'nie, adv. indctcrmina- 

lively, ir:-es.)lu(ely. 
Inc!ete: min.i'to. aJJ. undecid(.>d,waverhig, 

doubtrtil, uiiliiiiiCe.l. 
Indcternilniziync, s.f. IndetcrminaUon. 
Indtillfl're, V. to agree, icioivc. 
Indc»u'to, u// ungoJ'y. 
Indcvoziu'iif, i./. ungodllneis. 
Indi, (tdx: from tiitnce ; alter, afterward): 

Indl a poco, a iidle after, 
Indinmanta're, n. to counierfcit diamonds. 
Indi<t'na, adj. Ind an stutr, printed cotiun. 
India'rsl, v. to make one's K-lf a god, {a 

burletqut word.) 
India'.o, alj. deified. 
IniiiavoUYo, x>. to lall into a pasalon. 
Indiavoln'io, a^. mad, furiooa. 
Ind ca^tte, adj. demonittratlngj (hewing. 
Indica're, v. to fliew, indicate. 
Ii.d| ati'ro, the indicative mood; 

a4J. demonitraiive. 
Idica'io. part, indicated. 
lodicaaivWf i.f. iDdicame'nto, i.m. ln« 

Tadice, i,m, index, contenU, the fore- 
Indi'crre, v. to Imitate. 
iBdici'bile, Indic«'r9le« a^J^ locffable, UO' 



Indtribitme^otc, <biv. iaexpreniblj. 
l^ldico, alj. Indian, of InSla : legno fo' 

dico, logikood. 
lodie^iro, adv. backwards: rolgersi in- 

dietro, to look back; correr indielrQ, 

to nin after.'io. adj. defenceless. 
InditFcrrnte, adj. tnififferent. insensible, 
Indifi'crenteme'nte, adv. indifferenily, 
Indittere'naA. s.-f. indiflerence. 
Indifinitami'iKf, adv. indefinitely, 
Indige'nte, a.^j. ind g- nt. 
In.-lige'nza, s.f. indigence. 
Indigesti'biif, «?<(;. iudige^tible. 
Indigestiu'ne, J./.,indit;estiun. 
Indlite'fito, di;. indigested. 
Jndigna'iO), adj. provoked, Tull of indif* 

Indignaaiynr, s.'f. indignation. 
Indipru'ftso, adv one wiUt another t vera- 

no imiigrjsso cinquanta, there «e'e 

about til'y; coinprare, or vcodcre in- 

digrosso, to buy or sell wholcMle. 
In dilc'tiiio, adv. very 
Indjlige'naa, t,/. negligence, saptncness. 
Iiidiinoilr./bile, alj. not demon it rable. 
fndipcnie'.ite. Sue lAdepvndc'Dte, and 

it4 derivatives. 
Indi' e, v. to announce. 
Indireiiume'nte. <i<<v. indirectlf. 
Indlre'tio, atj. indirect. 
In djri'iia, adv, rlglnly, directly, |us'Iy. 
Indni'ito, «iJ. directed, addivssed, indi« 

reel, U' just. 
Indirizza're, v. to direct, rule. 
indiriiza'rsi, v. to begin a jowroey, to 

fct out. 
Indirizza.o're, s.m. director, ruler* 
Indiri'zzo, Intiirizzanae'oto, /.f», dfrec* 

tion, management. 
Indiscerni'bile. adj. Impercrptlblc. 
Indisciplina'biltf, adj. undisctpUbable, In* 

Indikcipllna'to, (j<{/. unruly. 
indlHcrctame'nttf. adv. Indiscreetly. 
Indiscre'to, ai{j. indiscreet. 
Indiscreiio'ne, ind.xrete'iiaj /./. Indi** 

Indiscu'sso, aiJ, uadeteroiined, not ex«* 

Indi'aia, i./. t kind of tilk. 
Indisia're, i*. tu excite de*ire. 
Indispa'rte, adv. uparl, aside* 
Indispcnsn'bile, ai(j. indUpenaable* 
Indispcnsabilita\ $,/. an IndispeaMblc 

Iniispensabilme'nte, aiv. inditpemably. 
indisposiziw'ne, t./. indispo9Uioa» iU«cm. 

f.iult, defect. 
Indispo'sto, adj. Indisposed. 
Indisputa'bile, d<{/. incontettible. 
,^dUMhn»lltf| a^. iadlnglttblc. 


idissdfa^Hif a* i.f. iiidiBsolubilky. 

idissolubilmc'nte, aJ.v. indissolubtf. 
uli»'tntanic'n(e^ aiv, conrusedly. 
tv'liati'nlo. alj. indistinct. 
^A. 9;inziu'n«, s./. coomsioa* 
I'l 'via, s.f. end ire. 
r. 1 vidua'Ie, alj. individual. "^ 

; i:vidualmc'nte, aiv. individually. 
• lividua'to, adj. peculiar, lingular, 
r,.-li,!duH're I*, to specify. 
iTlivida-iiio'ne, s.f. a specifying, 
ndiv/duo, ttJj, ioicparablc; j.flt. an io- 

Inlfina'gHa, ^./. a eaess, a riddle. 
1 .'Hvinamtr'nto, i.m. divination. 
hi vina're, t». to fdrcte', to divine. 
la iittnaco^rto, dW/. bclouging (o tbe art 

Infl^vinizit/ne, i./. divination. 
idivisamefote,' iUv. indistinctly, C0D> 

fiFedly, inseparably. 
■I I vjii'bile, alj. indivisible. 

■iivisibiliifi'', /./. imiiviiubility. 
iid:»isib:lm«-'nte, aiv. indl^ri^il'ly, 
'iJmi'oo, aij. undivided i ii^^ts separate- 

^•, in privitv. 
ndiv i'\ I, alj. irrelicious. 
■.•l.vozio'nc, /./. irrcligioo. 
i 'li/ia're, t», to give suspicion. , . 
ud/xio, i*/»- sign, token, notice: pur- 

gar gt* indizi, to undergo tlie rack 

Hitlio .t conles>inj(. 
i..lizi</ne, s^f. indiction : matare iodi- 

;'i.>nr, to t liange condition. 
r, 1 1, alj. In liar, from India. 
r. l/ci e, aij. indocile, dull. 

. ivK-iJit*', s.f. indocility. 
fiJilt/rc, inUolca're, Indolcia're, v. to 

• A '-eteo ; assuage, alfay, 
•1 t..'.ri'K>, parU sHcctrned. 

i I / «». t.f. inclination, nature. 

1 J > .'nto, alj. in lolont. 

T '♦.'.c'n/a^*./. indolence, 

Tljicn«t're, t'. to benumb. 

'. loiiia'bilc, aij onuraeable, 

n lomanaa'io, alj. unasked. 

'^'lyinitOt tilj' fierce, unruly, untamed. 

idooni'ml, x/. to seiie upon.. 

nlo >pi.'ic, V. lodouMe: indoppiarsi, 

lo Ii«* clo-^e together. 
', !.)rj're, v. to gild; 
Tj.jra'lo, ^*t. gilt, 
;.d<>raiu'rar'-/>l"''o''>"*^ ato^.m.gildiof. 

iormeota'tp, ii//. sleep,. 

I irtncntlmt'nto, sm. numbness, 
Tlorm'r«, v. to care VC17 !iiil«, 
udjrmi'to, aij. drowsy. 

1 ;..rinc«»i're, v. to ttupify, 
ry*Ji o, aiv. upon the b^ck. 
n iot«'o. aii. without dowry. 
B I vj'ita. i,/ InducemeBl. 
aJ jiiame^Die, aJv, unte*roedIy. 

In^ottt'vo, tAj, perauasivr. 

Indo'ito, adj. ignorant ; alledged, quoted* 

menlioncd, induced, produced : J,** 

inducement, motive, inciten^cnt, 
Indoiirina'bile, oi;. iadocible. doll. 
Indntirina're, v. to instru: t. 
Indorina'ie, tf. to d:vine, forelel. . 
Indovinato're, j.m. adiviner, conjecturer< 
liidovin ixio'ne, j /, Indovina'tico, Indo- 

vinaint'oto, s.m, divinatioD, divininf^ 

Indovine'llo, s,m. an enigma, > riddle* 
Indovi'no, a conjurer, a guener;, 

cUj. prophetical, 
luduvutnme'ntc, unduly. 
Indovu'to, a^. undue, iinUwrul. 
Indozzireb'mo,}. sorcery, sicknrfs. 
indozza're, v. to bewitch, to fail away* 
Indiaga're, Indraca're, v, to grow Airidut^ |- 

to rage. f 

Indragoni'to«v?^. furious, mad. 
tnrtrappa're, t<. io mskeclotb, 
indrappeila'rc, v, to draw up an amy \% 

Indne'to, frrp, bchiad. 
Indrifza'rsi. See Indirizsa'rSt. 
indruntVe, v- to grow amoroni. 
Initia're, t«. to divide in two, 
indubita'bile, aJ.j. indubitabie. 
Indubilabilita* t.f, ceKainQr. 
Indubiiabiime'^n e, <iiv. undoubtcdlf* 
In lubita'to, aXj. undoubted, 
Iniu'cere. Sic indu'rre. 
Inducime'nto, j.7/1. indticerocnt. 
Inducito're, s.m. an cnticer. 
Induge'vole, a:^*. slow, late. 
Influgia'te, v. \<a delay, hinder. 
iiidugia'in, jrcri. delayed, 
indii^'iato'rc, s.m. a delayer. 
Inuu'gia, s.f. Indu'gio, lndur:>mf'nfOf 

s.m. a di-lay, hinderancc : senza indu* 

gio, «>itbbut delay. 
indult;e'n!e, alj. indulgent, kind, tender- 

Indulge'nza^ s.f. indulgence, forgivenesa, 

pardon, fondness, tolerdtion. 
Indu'lgcre, xu to indulge, grant; attri<« 

btite, impiiie. 
(ndu'tto, J.m» pardon. 
ln<luine'nti>, s.m. a dress. 
InduiVbile, alj. that grows e:ttily litrd* 
Indiirame'nto, s.m. hardiness, 
Indura're. laiun're, v. to harden: iodU'* 

rarsi, to grow hard-hearted, 
Iniluri'io, aij. obduriite. 
InJu'rre, %>. to induce; lead; pitch* 

drive, thrust in. 
in-1u'>trc,a^/.indu^lrioas,cunn>ng» subtle* 
iniu'sti'ia, s.f* industry. 
Indujina'rsi, \>. to do tor the best, to b«* 

stir one'i self, , 

Isdusaiosaine'ittQf <^V. indvttrioiulf* • j^ 



ftictoftriyM, IiMiu'strio, aij, Indoitrloul. 
lAdutti'ro. aJ{f. inducing, 
lodutto're, t.m. an enti er. 
Induziv'ne, J./. Induction. 
Inebrlca're. See imbriaca're, «nd its de- 

lnrccitk'i>ilr, alj. (hat onnot IM excited. 
ln*rclis«a'to./ttir/. ri'lipucd. 
iBp'dij, i.f. H dii-t, Hhninence. 
Ine'dito, aij. un printed. 
Ini'.T/ji c, aij. incifdljle, unutterable. 
In- ff.ibiliia', $.f. unucterablenrss, 
iBe.Ubilmtf'ntc, alv. Inefrably. 
InefH'- 'ce, alj. ineflTcctua]. 
Ineffica'cia, /./, inefBcHCiouanctt. 
Inesujslia'iixa, Inesualiu*,/-/. ioequftlitjr. 
Inp^Uit'l,., aij. un-^qu'il. 
Inogualme'ntr, aiv. unequallf. 
liieieya'nte, aij. inelegant. 
Incligi'bilf, aij. inrliuiblc. 
Inelutla'btle, aij. ttnavoidjble. 
Inemvnda'bilr, aij, incorrigible. 
l*<-narra'bil«', aij. not to b« related. 
Jnr'ntro, aiv. witliin. 
Inrqii i'U*, a4j. See Inegiu'le, and lu de- 

rivd tires* 
IneqtMval^nte, aij. not equlralent* 
Inerba're, v. to covrr with frail. 
Inere'nte, aij. inherent. 
Inere'nia, i.f. inherence. 
Ine'roie, aij. unarmed. 
Inprpica'rc, i'.- to climb. 
Inc'rte, aij. slujU-ish, laif, 
Ineruli'to, aij. Itnorant. 
ln»'rzia. j./. «loth. 
Ineiaun'bilc, alj. Incxhauttlble. 
Incsa'usto, aij. inexhi-isivd. 
lii<>!icame'n(o, i.m. allureincot, InticC' 

mrnf, bait. 
Iliea a're, v. to entice. 
Ifiescd'to, ftrt. allurd, enticed. 
Intrtcofriti'iiiie, alj. not to be dCTiied or 

found o-it. 
Inescogi Vto, aij. unthoitght of. 
Inearusa'f iie, aij. Invxcusable. 
l:ie«cuni>ilmc''nie, aiv. Inexcuiahly. 
lacteKui'hile, aij. not to be cKccutrd. 
Ineierciid'bile, alj. not to he exerted: 

monte incicrci'.abile, an impracticable 

Ine«orM'bile, a.\j. Irpxornblc. 
Inesjrabilinc'ntr, aij. inrx >rabljr. 
tae^pene'iia \, t f lnc\pcTl«rnce. 
Ins^pc'rio, aij. inexperi'-nced. 
lne4>iH'bllr, ai/. inexpiable. 
l«-jspliCit')iilp, ri.(/. Inexplicable. 
l.>espl.CflbilmL''nt , aiv. inexplicably. 
Imf primi'liile, aij. inexprus>lbl<?. 
Innuugn.i'liilr, aij. imore]i'<4ble. 
lueticca'hllc, alj. ine«haii>lihte. 
Ineitima'bilcr, aij. inttiimable. 
lacHlflMbllniKittei *ft/, ineitiaiabljr. 


Tneitinfolline, a^j. inextfafaMiible. 
In estre'mo, aJiv. extremely. 
inettrlca'bile, Inestriga'bile, cij. ioc» 
• tri cable. 

Inestnca'to, o^'. entangled, at a loM. 
Inetcrna're, T'. to make eteraal. 
In eie'rno, aiv. for efer. 
Inettame'itle, aiv. foollthlr. 
Inettitu'dine, J./, incapicitjr. 
lne<tto, a^/. inept, foolish, 
in.'vita'bile, a (J. inevitable. 
Inevitabilme'nte, aiv. tneritablf* 
Ine'aia, s.f. lolly. 
Infacoeada'to. aij. rery boty. 
Inface'to, a^. insipid, cold: oomo li^ 

fijceto, a sorry jc«tcr. 
Infaco'ndo, atj. not fluent in speech. 
Inulla'nte, lofAllantemc'nle, oJi'.wilbsut 

In/ail/bile, aij. inftllibte. certala. 
InfallibilitaS Inlallibile'tfia, /./. infeUi* 

Inlallibllme'nte, aA». infalliblj. 
In la'llo, aiv. in vain. 
Infama're, v. to defame, 
miama'to, a4J. defamed, loftmoag, sou- 

dalous, base. 
Infaroalc/re, s.m. defaroer. 
Infamato'rio, alj. defamatory. 
InlamSzio'ne, /./. InramaOiL'ato, 

In fa 'me, aij. Infamous, 
infa'mis, Infamlta*, t.f. Infimy, disgrace. 
InfamlKlia'rsi* v, to marry* taiie a bouse, 

Inl^mi'i-e, v. to contract the malady of 

bring too hungry. 
Infa'ndo, aij. fnghtlut, doleful. 
Ini.ing4'ie, v. to dirt, mire. 
}nt:tng4'ta, /irf. dirt red, full of dirt. 
Ininntanichi're, t'. to grow fantasitcal. 
Infa'ntc, s.m. aa Infant, a child; tnunto. 

any of the oliildren ot the kiog of 

Spain, or Portugal, {txvrpt thi tUett.) 
Infantcri'a, s,/. fooi-«uldters, iBfaairy, 
Iniant/lr,'. chihltth. 
Inra'nsia, In!aotilit«*,i./. infancy. 
I'if.irci're, v. 10 stuff". 
Infa.-da'rc, v, to be«incar, foul. 
Ini'arl^'to, aj, fouli diriy. 
Infarrlra'tu, aij. armed Wiib a quiver. 
Iniatin/iY, v. to poAderwith mval. 
Infarinu'io, part, whitened with meal; 

witu lijt a superllcial knowledge o( a 

Inrarin^iu'ia. /./. smill knowledge: ha 

un in.iiinatiira dl moUe ling'je, he Las 

a ^matirrin^ o! many lan^nages. 
Infasticlime'nto, i.m. weannesa. 
Inra.tidia're, v. to loathe, to nauieale. 
Infastidi're, v. lo troublC| ycjc« bccoiM 
^ pttTish. 

faftcalrfle, Infatisa'bile, a^j, Indefati- 


ifaticabiJme'nte, adv. indefatigablr. 

nU'tti, la fa'tto, adv. in fact, in short, 
fe»IU, after ali. 

nuiua're, t». to becoiiie stai>id. 

ntaiua'to, part, infatuated, bewitched. 

^"'aosiame'ntr, <M/. inauspiciously. 

wa'usio, «4/. onluckv, omtnoaa. 

nfccondiu*, s.f. barrenneaa.'ndo, aJJ. barren. 

urede'ie, 04/. mfidel, aofaithful, treache- 
rous, disloyal. 

nf delme'ote, aiv. anfaithrully. 

u>'edclu\ lnfe<ieliu\ t.f. infidelity, dis- 


lofeden're, v. to put 00 a piliow'Case. 
nif 1,'ce, adj. unliappy, unlucky. 
[I'eliceme'nte, adxK unhappily. 
■if^eijctij', i.f. misfortune, misery. 
'■li.-lloni're, t». to grow cruel, or wicked. 
^'elbni'co, adj. cruel, blood thirsty, 
n.emmini're, i». to be eflfeminate. 
fi tra nini'lo, a^j. eflfeminate. 
'i'rri'gno, aij. as pane inferlgno, brown 

or household bread, 
nftrio're, adj. interior. 
n'crioriu', s^f. inferiority. 
°^r/re, t;. to inter, 
f' frmame'oie, adv. weakly. 
nierma'Fe, Inferma'rsi, v. 'to fall tick, 
nttrma'io, lofe'rmo, adj. inlimi, feeble, 
niernieri';!, s.f, infirmary ; a contagion, 

or sickness, 
nf.rmi'ccio, Infermu'ccio, a^. infirm, 


'f rmtc're, s.m. overseer of an infirmary. 
f.i'Tinria', s.f, infirmity. 
'• rina'le, aij. Iielli:ih. 
■•'Vrno, s.m. bell; adj. infernal, hellish. 
j.ifroci're, v. to grow fierce. 
nitrra're, Inferia're, v. to cliain. 
nTcrri'ta, Inferria'ta, s.f. iron ban. 
nA-rr.i'to, /<jr/« chained. 
n^e'rliie, a^. barren, 
fiicnrora're, Inferrorl're, v. to animate, 
f ervoM'to, adj. ferreot. 
ti'-'i/a'iu, adj. made like a wliip. 
ii'Mt^me'iilo, s.m. Infcstagiu'ne, /./. 

rn\)!e3iailon, trouble. 
I" "^(ame'nte, aiv. importunately, 
f'a'nle, aij. infcstmg, molesting. 

I !■ f'l ''if, t». to infest, annoy. 
■■'<4ta'io, aij, infented. 

■ •< statu're, s.m. a disturber, vexer. 

li c<(ia2iu'ae. s.f. molestation. 

Q c'st I, in rests' vole, aij. troublesome, 


rUti'to, s.m. the foundering 0/ horses. 

II iia're, v. to infect, taint. 

Mtu'io. Infe'tto./arr. infected, taiated. 
ii«tui(/iVf /•»• a corrupter* 

t N F 
Infetti'vo, adj. infectious. 
Infeiida're, t». to infrof, {law ttrm.') 
infeudazio'DP, Jt/*' infeoflrment,(<<nv rcTM. ) 
Infezio'ne, s.f. .nfection. 
infiacciine'nto, s.m. a weak.^ning. 
Infiacclji're, f. to become wrak. 
In fiamma'bile, adj. combustible. 
Infiammagio'ne, 5./, inSammame'nto.J.M* 

In.'iamma're, v. to set on (ire, to lnflarae» 

incite, incense, illilminate. 
Inftammatame'o e, adx>. ardently. 
Infiammati'vo, aij. inflammatory, apt to 

Inflamma'to, part. Inflamed. 
Infiammato're, s.m. he who inflamet. 
Infiamma^^io'ne, /./. inflammation. 
Infiasca're, v. to bottle. ^ 

Infiasca'io, >>arr. put in bottles, bottled* 
Infidame'nie, adv. unfaithfully. 
Infidelita', s.f. See Infede'lta. 
lnfi'do,»!//. fa ihless, fa se, pcrfidioas. 
Infieboli're, v. lo weaken, debilitate. 
infieLi'r^, i>. to make bitter with gall. 
Intievolime'alo, s.m. a weakening. f 

Infisivoli're, v. 10 weaken. 
Infievoli'io, p«r/. weakened. 
Infi'gerc, t». to naii, or drive. 
Inft'jjnere, t». to feign: inGgners!, to d!9> 

guise- one's seir. 
lnngne'vo'e,>»<irf. feigned, dissembled. 
Infiifniroc'nto, Infingime'nto, Infignitu'- 

dine, s.m. dissimulation, «iisguise, teint. 
l<itignito're,In/ingilo're,i.fn. a dissenibler. 
Inficura'bile, aij, that cannot be ima« 

gined or conceived. 
Infiiaca'ppi, s.m a hatter's needle. 
laflU're, Infilza're, v. lo Uiread, string 1 

infilisar on discorso, to tell a long story; 

infiiare le pentole, to fail ; Infilzarsi da 

se, to fall into the snare. 
Infilaa^a, s.f. a ribble-row. 
Infilaa'to, inflia'to, part, threaded. 
Infi'mo, adj. lowest, extreme, vilest. . 
lofinalta'nlo, Infi.iattanto'che, Infintan- 

toche\ Infinoata'ntochc, InfinoatantOf 

Infinta'nto, aAu until, 
lofinche', In(ineclM:\ adv. since, until. 
Inh'n d.\ 01 a, adv. henceforward). 
Infi'ne, d.iv. in short, at last. 
Infingirda'gj^ine, Infingardch'a, Infingai^ 

di'a, s.f. lazineM. 
In/intiardi're, v. to grow Idle. 
Infingardi'to, Intinga'rdo, adj. laay. Idle. 
Inii'nge.e, v. to teign, 
Infingime'iito, s.m. Infingitu'difc, s.f, di»> 

In Anita*, .♦./. infinity. 
Inflnitamc'ne, adv. Infinitely. 
Infini'to, Inftniti'vo, s.m. the infinltl»» 

mood in grammar: adj. infinitive; 

In&nito, adv. VAfiniltlyi cn4i«W» 



IfiU'no, vrff. till, uatil, M far Ml fD6iiO 
dal prlncipio, from the beginning; ia- 
iinu ad ora, lili now, from tiiai mo- 
ment ; inAnu allora, from tUis time, 
till then, until tlun; in&oo a <iuaodo, 
until, when, how long. 

Infi'oo t oul. eUv. hitiierlo. 

Infinoccbia're, v. to impose on. 

Inflnocchlatu'ra, s.f. deceit. 

In/intamr'nter a2v. deceiifulljr. 

Infi'nta $.}. In/i'nlo, i.m. duplicity, dii- 
■imulation, disgniae* 

Infi'ato, aij. feigned. 

]nfin2io'ne, Infintu'ra, I./, dlatlmulation. 

Xnfiura'rr, v. to adorn with tloweif : in- 
fior«ni, to blossom. 

Inflori'rr, v. to bloom, or blow* 

Inflrmiia', /./. infirmity. 

Inb'rmu, aij, infirm. 

Innsca'rc, x>. to confiscate. 

Infl's^o, alj. Axed into. 

Infiistiili'n;, 1'. to turn into « fistuU. 

lnHii;;iu'nr, t./. (welling. 

Inflej-si'ii.le, aij. inflexible. 

An^csiii'ilnic'nie, aiv, obstiRalcly. 

InTlcssio'nc, s.j. ibrtection. 

In tie' Here, t». tu bend, curb. 

Iiifli'to, part, inflicted. 

liiflur'nza, j./. influence. 

Inlui'rc, Infiu'cre, t». lo influence. 

I iflu'iso, ^r/. influenced. 

I/idu'tso, Inlu'Tio, /.m. influence* 

lofocdme'nto, Inruocaiiii-'ttio, $.m, Info- 
cazio'nc, t./. cdnfljgra.ion, heat, lef 
Tour, mailing red hui. 

Infoca'rc, n<. to heat, mAft red iiots in- 
focarsi, to take fir-. 

Jnt'oc./iu, aJj. on fiie. Colour. 

n>oc<izio'ac, Intuoc^slo'ne, s.f. Iteat, 
|ilo!g.)r<t'to, aij, sinick wiUi thunder. 
Infjlirre, v. to grow m>id. 
In u'n.lere, v. to tnl'use, ln.'.'uencc« ow- 

In Ton dim c'n to, i.m. infusion. 
Iflforta're, v. lu iork, i-.ang: Inforcare 

J ill arcione, tu be on horseback. 
orca'Co, alj, caught with a pitchCork. 
Infprc4iu'ra, s.f. a boly clclt; aiso a 

InforuiaRio'ne* See InformaKio^nr. 
Ini'ormynle, atO\ that gives lurm. 
Inrorm./rf, v. lu intarm, to give foim or 

shape: informarsi, to enquire} ta take 

a siMpe. 
Informa'tivo, a4/. (hat informs. 
Jnformtt'to, 04/. informed, trong-limbed. 
Inforrn^tc/re, s.m. inl>)rtMcr. 
Informazit/nr, i./. iniormation, educa- 
^tion, iniipticlion. 
^-vrf o'rme, a4;. formk'M. 
Joformicolame'nto, t.m. an itcbiaf like 

liie sUiitiBf Of aau* 


iBformleoIa'ra, v. to be subject fdflcUag; 
InCornapa'ne, t.m. a bakers aboveL 
Inforna're, f. to put in the otcm. 
Inforna'ia, /./. an ovcn-fkill. 1 

Iniornd'tu, ai/' baked. 
Inforsa're, v. to out in doubt. ^^ " I 
In fo'rte, «iii. in itispcnce, ia doubt t 

enlrare in forse, to suspect. 
Inl'ortKre, v. to itrengthca ; to trow tour. , 
Inlortuna're, v. to be shipwrecked. 
Infortunalame'nte, adv. unfortuoaielr* 
Infortuoa'to, a4j. aufortanate, bad, ma- 
Infurtu'nio, i.m. misfortune. 
inforaa're, v. to strengthen, to grvwl 

Ntrong, to grow sour, 
infirxa'to, o4f' Mrar Ir, sour. 
Infosca'to, fart, darkened. 
Infossa'rc, v. to burt. 
Iniossa'io, a4/. laid In the grkre, holloved 

Intrtffrep. between, amonp, amidst, in. 
abuuL; infra 'I measw giomo, aliout 
hoon; infra mare, far in tlie sea ; intra 
me, within myselt; infra, on lliissldr. 
Infracidmie'nio, lufni'lici^me'oto, j.m, 


Infracid^re, Infradicia'r^ v. to pu'riA j 

inlracidare uno, to linpdnune,or ACiry 


lniVacida'to,lnfrad)Cta'to,^art. corms/ti'il. 

Inirictd4tu'ra, InHadic.aiu'ra, 4. J. roi- 

tenners, puirefaciion. 
InirH'uniri-, Infra'n|(cre, f». to break ,cro«' . 
Inlranaime'nio. i.m. tofragnilu'ra, /■/• * 

I 'iragra'nti, aJv. in the fart. 
InlrJime'nto, J.n. laintne-<s, ordrjecttoo. 
inirali're, i>. to grow weak. 
infrtili'to, ai/. ac^k. 
Inirame'esa, s./. Inframe'sso, i.m. inter- 

Intrameiic'nte, /.tn. a mediator. 
Ini'ramcttenleinc'iae, d.'t'. by the meJis« 

tion, or me^ns. 
Inframe'ttert, i>. to insert, to irtermed<re. 
liiiranco^aVe, v. to repeal over and over. 
Inlra'ngere, v. to break. 
Intrangt'bllv, aJj. cot to be broken. 
Ku'rs'nio f>irt. broken, 
liifiarij'io, i.m. iin oil-mill, or pre*s. 
iiiiVaniu'ra, / /. Sice hiiragnitne'iit 1. 
Iofiai«.a/nc'nl«>, i.n. a stripping oil le.(«e9. 
Inirj^ica're, v. to cofcr wttb brancbis, to 

entangle, involve. 
I II i raic I I'l tu.^orr. un'iem ri tten^tgbscr.bed 
Ini'rascn'vere, v. to subscrilM'. 
In ra2i(/iiv, j./. ruptuiT, fiacitoa ; also • 

breael), tiolaiio'i* 
Inlredd.<mc'nlo, *.*n. cold. 
Inircdd /re, v. to lake cold, to cooU 
InircMaii'vo, 44/. living cutd. 


Tredda'to, part, haring cot cold, 
troddatu'ra, Infreddagio'De, s.f. acoM. 
'fr.aa're, v. to bridle, curb; to keep 

jnder, or in. 
Vrtnescj're, «• to grow Trantic. 

ire^ctira'to, aJJ. oiad^ fMDtic, furioufl. 
■."^rque'D«=»,-*./' unfrequency. 

- iVetcaroc'Dto, J.«s. rernestimcnt. 
treicat(/io, '.in* a a>jlcr; a Tcsseiso 

•ri/iia, <fc/T». in liastc. 
rig^di'nte, adj. cooling. 

■iiigid^'re, InJrigi^i'jTe, v. to cool, to 

?r.i* cool, frigid. 
I I'ri'gno, aJj. wrinkled, plaited. 
'"ri'ngere, v. to infrtoKe. 
I ronds'rsi, fr. to sitoot forth learcs. 

;'n/(ta, diT>. iji a company. 

iTa$ca'i;e, t». tO conluse. 

^!ru<ica'to, oi/. dark, ambiguous,ob8care. 

•r'rutti'i'eno, eictr. unfrui I'ul. 
'■:'rut'uasam<^nte, aiv. unprofltably. 

i'ni{tuo';i^, ti-U' uni'ruilful. 
'■''■'I^a'tc, V' to pui to flight. 

' :'rnii}a'U>, aJj.tioi tiuindeMtnick. 
^■cQi'rc, V. to tie wilh rope). 

in itu'ra, s./, a bindiog witli ropes. 
''jiiJi'Uulo, i'ln. a funnel. 
Joca're. See lnfoca're« and all its de- 
rivatives. .' 
.^ fuyra. In fuo'ri, adv, out, without, 


r' jri4a(j're« V'' tp grow knavish. 
I'-ia're, Infuri.i'r9i, f. lo be mad, to 

ni irialame'nte, adv» furiously* 
•• xTx^io, aij. furious. 

'jaame'ate, a^x*. confusedly. 

Tifio'ne, s.f, infusion. 

I iM>, part, infused. 

- j'ura*rsi, i/. to grow old, or to be pro- 
h,n^c^\ IjifuUirare, to last, to extend 
t ) <u:urity. 

' f ibbia're, v. to put in a cage. 

- :.V4 s^'re, V. to' engage; lo challenge: 
i:i<drs-are a OHura, to pawn, 
itgliardi'a, j./. weakness. 

. i.-liardi're, v. lo grow strong. 
r jsliardi'io, aij. brisk, strong. 
. .' •ioppM're, v. lo set up : in/taiioppare 

jn albero, to set up a mast, (sea term.) 
M;aloppia'rc, i>.to catch in a trap. 
i .'iliuz2a'r;il, V. to be proud. 

>: ilioxxa'to, aJJ. prHid. 

.. imbs're, v. lo run away. 

/.loghera're, v» to put, or hang on the 

-»7 (nna'bile, a4;. deceitfuU 
r ^inna'nle, adj. deceitful, 
ij^inna're, v. to cheat: ingannarsl, to 

tn i 5' ake"; «' lo aoa m' infanuo, If I »!•• 

Uke ooU 


iQiannatc/re, s.m. a 'cheat. 

inganne'volc, Inganna'bile, Infsnao'svjr 

aJJ. dcceittul. 
IngiinneToline'nte, oiv. deceitfully. 
Inga'nno, Ingannamt/nto, i.m. mistake, 

oversight, blunder, cheat, trick : irar 

& inganno, to undeceive ; a ingaono^ 

fraudulently. . 
(ngar ibulla're, Ingarbuglia're, v. to de* 

ceiye, perplex. 
Ingasia'da,'a'ra, InguistaVa, /./. a 

glass vessel so called. 
Ingasiiga'to, aJJ. unpunished. 
Inpasiavio'ne, s.f. impunity. 
Ingavinu're, v. to fill with mumpaorglM* 

Ingazauli'to, aJJ. rejoiced, emboldened. 
In gazau'ro, adv. cssere in gazzuro, to be 

Ingegname'nto, s.m. craft, cunning, todui^ 

Ingcgna'r^i, v. to endeavour. 
Ingegne're, ingegr.e'ro, s.m. an engineer. 
Iqgr^nc'iio, j.m. a small machine, or ia» 

ing.'«no, f,m. genious, wit, craft, dJs* 

crction, knowledge, talent ; a machine, 

eneine, spring; a ingegnu, cunningly. 

slily. T 

Inge^nosame'nte, adv. ingeniously. 
Ingegno'so, adj. ingenious, witty. 
Ingfjsnuo'lo, s,m. malice, cratt; a petty 

ingriosi're, v. to f row jealous. . 
Ingelosi' o, adj. become jealous. 
Ingerornamt'fito, s.m. an adorning with 

Ingemma're, v. to deck with jewels; to 

inoculate, to engrallr. 
Ingemma'to, adf. adorced trith jewels.; 

inoculated, ingrafted. 
iDRenera'bile, adj. incapable of being en* 

lDgener.ibil!ia',j./.abseBceof the genera* 

tive power. 
In genera'lc, niv. generally. 
Ingenerato're, s.m. he who begets. 
Ir.genera're, t», to engender. 
Ingenerazio'ne, s.f. Ingenerame'nto, /.nt. 

Ingenio'iio, adj. ingenious. 
Inge'nito, adj. innate. 
Ingenliii're, v. to become noble,to (aiBC 
Ingentili'io, ni;. enobied. 
Itigcnuame'nte, adi'. sincerely. 
Ingenuita% s.f. sincerity. 
Inge'nuo, adj. ingenuous, free-born. 
Ingeri'rsi, v. to intermeddle. 
Ing;;S9a're, v. to chalk. 
Ingessalo'ra, s.f. a chalking. 
Inge'sto, a4;. inserted. . ^ , . 

*nghcnni're, v, lo caicb, tik« h«M^ 



tnifhloUlme'ato, 4.m. a awallowlvg; pool, 

. pit, abvn. 

loghiottrre, v. to iwa low, ibiorb : infhi- 

oufre un iogiuna, to pat up an affront ; 

inghSotUre altrui, to lurpass one. 
Ingttiottt'to, adj. swallowed up. 
Ingiiiottito'io, /.#». Ibe throat. 
IngliirUndame'nto, s.m. a crowaing with 

a garland. 
IngiiirlandiVe, v. to crown with garlands ; 

to environ. 
Ingiara're, v. to put on the cuirass. 
Ingialli'rc, lugialla're, t;. to dje, or grow 

Inglardisa'to, adj. full of gardens. 
Ingiella're, v. to freeze, to be frozen. 
Xngiglia're, v. to produce or abound with 

Inginocchia'rsI, v. to kneel. 
lDgij)Occhia'to, a4f. kneeling. 
Jnginocchiato io, s.m. a stool to kneel on. 
Inginocchia uVa, j.f. a bending. 
Xaginocchiaiiu'ne, i. /. a genuttexion. 
Inginocchio'oe, Inginoccbio'ni, adxu 

kneeling upon one's knee . 
Ingloco'ndo, aJJ. displeasing, tnelan. 


JDgiutella're, v. to adorn with jewels, 
iigioviini'rc, v. to grow young. 
lngiu\ odx: downward. 
Ingiuane're, v, Ui Join, put together, close. 
Ifl^iu'goerc, v, to charge, command, en- 
Inglunca'^e^t^ to strew with rushes. 
Ingiu'nto, alj. rnjomed. 
iMgiu'ria, J./, injury. 
Ingiurfa're, v. to injure, abuse, offend. 
Ingiura'to, adj. injured. 
Ingiuriaio're, i.m. an injur er. 
Ingiuriosame'ole, aJv. injuriously. 
Ingiurio'so, Ingiuria'nte, adj. injurious, 
liigiu'su, adv. downwards. 
Ingiuslaino'nic, aJv. unjustly. 
Ingiuitic/a, f./. injustice. 
Inpiu'.'ilo, alJ. unjust. 
IriKlurio'M), tidj. inglorious. 
Inglu'vir^ i./. voracity. 
InKobbiVc, v. to giMW hump*ba(ked. 
iQfQit'a're, v. to box, to givca tufl. 
Ingu'iro, i.m. a fisiy-cuff: pigliare I'ia* 

goll'o, to lake a bribe. 
InifoiA're, Ingulla'rc, v. to swallow, en- 

f ulpji, detour. 
lngoia'.(/i-e, f.m. One who bolts his food, 
liigulia're, V. toenler the main ocean! 

ingolfarsi, to gratity one's self { to form 

a »u\} .or creek. 
-igolia ti>, aJJ, addicted. 

«omi>rami:'ntv>, j.m. encumberance. 

lombra're, v« Co hinder, stop, take, 

leizc, encumber. 

lomkigi'io, a4J, hindered. , 


Ingo'mbro, f Dgorabri'o, s.m. Iispedhaeti 

ngorbia'rc, v. to put a ferril on • cane, 
ngordame'nte, adv. greedilv. 
ngordi'gia, Ingordl'a, Ingorde'csaf i./» 

greediness, eagernest. 
ngo'rdo, a4;\ greedy, eager ; presto in* 

gordo, an trxorbiunt price, 
ngorgamt^nto, s.m. gorging, 
ngorga're, v. to g.>rge : fiume che s* In- 

gurga, a swelling river, 
ngorga'to, a<^'. gorged, 
naorgiame'nto, t.m. the act of tvallow* 

ngorgi'are, v. to swallow down, 
ngozaa'rt, v. (o gorge, cram, swallow, 
ngrada're, v. to proceed grttdually. 
ngramigna'M, v. to overrun, as weeds do. 
ngraiidime'nio, t.m. aJvanccment, use, 

ngrandi're, v. to Increase, cnlarie, ad- 
vance, aggrandise, 
ngrandito'ie, i.fls. an ampllAer. 
hgrassamfc'nto, s.m. a falieninf. 
ngrassa're, v. to fatten : ingrksur i caas* 

pi, to manure. 
ngrasMti'vo, a4j. fattening, 
ngratame'nte, adv. ungratefullf* 
ngra(icc)la're, v. to tncloscf to rail, 
ngraticol I'to, a4j. railed. 
n^> atitu'dine, Kigrate'zia, «./. lagra I* 

ngra'to, a4/, ungrateful, unprofitable, 


ngrividame'to, s.m. ingravidatlon. 
ngr.ivida're, i>. to impregnate, to breed. 
ngraai-mB'riii, t'. to ingratiate. 
ni;rc-CM're, 7>. to grow obktin^te. 
ngre'lif'ntc, j.ffi. Jngredicnt. 
ngre'iiso. s.m. In^ircts, acctis. 
ngrogna're, v. to repioc, grudge, freU 
ngroppa're, v. to add, to carry on one's 

ngrustiame'nio, t.m, an encreasing, swrl* 

liRg, tiiickness. 
ngrusisa'rc. «>. to make big, .to get with 

child ; to be angry, to grow obatinaie. 
ngrossaii^vo, <i4/. apt lo swell, 
ncirnsso, adv. in the whole, in grov, ia 

great quantity s vendere all'ingro.*o, lo 

sell by witolrsalf. 
ntirugria'ie, v. tu b ^ angry. 
nxrugn I'to,^. angry, 
iiguanti'rsi, t*. to put on one's glovet. 
ngiiania'io, a^, that has gloves oa. 
ngubbia're, v. to eat voraciously, to fill 

one's self, 
n^ititdalesca'io, «4/. full of wounds or 

ST pes. 

nguiderdona'tj, adj, unrequited. 
ngaiggiu're, ti. to tit on thocs or dippcfl. 
'oguiae, «./. the iroiu. 


gui'sa, adv. like as. 
iibi're, v. to forbid. 
I'bi'ta,/./. inhibition, (law term,) 

• bito'rio, a4f. th'at probibita. 
>ibizio'oe,J.y. pruhibitioo. 
liv-iio'iii, J./, injection. 

limica're, v. to Use one like an enemy t 
iQimicarsi> to mnke an enemy. 
■iniica'to, a4/- used like an enemy. 
i»mfchev</Ie, adj» hostile, inimical. 
iiniichcTolmc'ote, aJv» like an enemy. 
"iii .ici'«la, J./, enmity. 
nmi'co, s.m. an enemy. 
nimi'co, a4f. unrriendly. 
nm.ia'bile, a4f. inimiuble. 
'''immagina'bile, cM/. unimaginable* 
° infini'to, adv. infinitely, 
o'ottll gi'biie, 04;'. obtcure, not intelllgi* 

"iqj^me'nte, adv. perfidiously, wickedly. 

^iquica\ *./. iniquity ; Inequality. 

Etquiti're, t». to grow angry. 

^'^ujto'ao, a4;'. wicked. 

BJ quo, (iJj. unjust, wicked. 

'irasci'bile, a4j. not irascible. 

1 '^pezzielta% adv. particularly, especi- 


' itta nte, aJv. instantly. 

iiu'rid, /.y. injury. 

-■■ JMi'zia, J./, injustice. 

1 '!ijie',ai/. initial. 

vzia're, t». to in tiate. 

' z\i'i:i, aJJ, instructed, inlUated. 

ziaio're, a beginner. 
ii'zio, /.m. beginning, 
n'zzame'nto, s.m. instigation, 
^uza're, th to instigate, pruroke, urge. 
I' xzato're'#.m he that instigates. 
n la', adv. on tiiat side, that way. 
Mircia'rei v. to fall into snares, 
'luccia'to, atO. ensnared. ' 
o^anguidi're, v. to become languid, 
ohppoia're, t*. to h'll with burs. 
' :jquea're, v. to entangle, 
'"^uta'biie, a^;. unworthy of praise. 
>• cc tame'nte, oJt'. unlawfully. 
' Vcito, a4/. unlawful, 
r ' za adri'to, adj. embellished. 
8 liroiU*,/./. Illegitimacy. • 

'c.i'itimo, a.ij. illfgitimaie. 

>ircra'fo, adj. unlearned. 

'bra're, v. to balance. 

! >id *r»', V. to bruise. 

■luci i./rsi, V, I'J clear op, to grow dear 

n'un^a, adv. mandar in luoga« to pro 


• luugo, adx*. insteiid. 
'Tnallnconi'rr, Inmallnconlchi're, In 

msilincanica're, v. to he melancholy. 

ii)alvagi'to,4<(/. depraved, spoilt. 
I iiia'ntre. In nne'ntre che, Aiv. wbibt. 
im^ck're, v. to rot, putrify. 


lonabissi're, v. to be swalloved ap, rolii 

Innacerbi're, v. to grow acid. 
Innacquame'nto, s.m. a watering. 
Innacqua're, v. to water, soak, sprinkle t 
innacquare il vino, to mix wine with wa* 
Innacqua'to, adj. watered. 
Innaffiame'nto, s.m. watering, sprlnklinf* 
Innafth're, v. to water. 
Innaffiato'io, s.m. a watering-pot. 
InnagreKSi're, v. to grow sour. 
Inualba're,'v. to blanch, wiiiten. 
Innalbea'ie, f. to get up a tree: inalbe* 

rare le insegne, to hoist the colours. 
Innalzame'nto, s.m. Innalaatu'ra, t, f, 

Innaiza're, v. to exalt, raise, advance* 

Innama're, t>. to join in mutual love. 
Innamica're, v. to become a friend. 
Innamtda're, v. to starcli. 
Innamoracchia'rsi, v. to fall in love. 
Innamorame'nto, Innamoraizame'nto, 

s.m. courtship. 
Innamora're, v. to fall in love : innamo* 
rarsi al prima uscio, to fall in love at 
first sight. 
Innamora'ta, «./. a mistress, 
lonamoratame'nte, adv. lovingly. 
Innamora'lo, s m.& lover; />tirf.enamoured< 
Innamorazza'i^, x>. to be lo love. 
Innanella're, tf. to curl, tu gi^e the nup* 

tiai ring. 
Innanella'to, a^'. curled. 
Innanima're, Innanimi're, v, to animate t 
innanimarsi, to take courage ; to be aa- 
Innanimi'to,ai(/. heartened, emboldened^ 

Inna'nto, Inna'ajti, pref. {in fsetrj/). See 

Innan(iche\ adv. before. 
Inna'nii, s.m. a model, original. 
Inn:i'nzi, pr^p. before i ini)aazi al alba, 
before day : xnnunx}, adv. rather, bctlir, 
allerwai ds. alter, herealer, since ; an'* 
dare innanzi ad uno, to go to meet one ; 
andare ionaoii, to thrive; venire intian* 
ai, to present oiie'ti self; piu iiinanzi,lar> 
tlier; mettere innanz , to propose i noia 
ancfate piu innanzi, say no ii)ur<- ; innaa* 
zi innanzi, 6r8l of all, particularlv. 
Inna'nxf traito, adv. firsi of all, before- 
Innaridi're, v, to grow dry. 
Innarra'hile, adJ- not to be told, 
innarra're, v. to relaie ; bespeak, give 
earnest. . . . ... 

Innarstccfa'to, s.m. a burniof j adj. laa- 

ned, Bun-bumt. 
loaaKi/ndwe, v^ t,9 bid*. , 


fmiawo'so, aJJ. hid, concealed. 

InnaapH'rc, v. to wind yarn. 

Innaipri're, v. to make lurd, to exaspe- 

Inna'io, adj. Innate, natural. 

lanatura'Ie, alj. unnatural. 

InnauraVe, t>. to gild. 

Innebbia'rsi. v. to grow dart. 

Iftnebriatne'nto, s. m. Inncbria'nza, s.f. 

Innebriii'rr, v. to make drunk. 

Innega'bile, atj. InoontwUble. 

Inncsia're, v. to iiigrait. 

Innestaiu'r.i, Innestaoio'nc, .«./. lnne«ta- 
mc'nlo, .♦.»». a grai'l, a scion graflc 1 ; 
Inoculation ; the act of graliing, or in- 

Iniie'Bto, i.m. a graft ; innesto d' una tra- 
gedia, the plot of a tragedy. 

Inno, J.m. an hymn. 

Innobillta', s./. ijinob'lity. 

Innoce'nlc, (uij. innocrnt, silly. 

Innoceniemc-'ntc, aJv. Inhoccnlly. 

Innore'nsi), Innocenai'a, s.f. innocence, 

Inndltn'mi, v. to adtance, exceed. 

X-itnOtnina'brie, adj. not fit to be named. 

Innomina're, v. lo name, lo cdll. 

Innuminatamc'nte, adv. witljoul naming, 

Innuraina'to, adj. namelesi. 

Jnnonila^re. Sec Inonda're. 

Innu'nio, aij. harm ess. 

Innoitra're, v. to cover with (carlet cloth. 

Jnnova're. v. to innovat.-. 

Innovato're, s.m. an innovator. 

Innovacio'ne, s.f. ciiange, innovation. 

Innuvella're, v. to renew. 

Jnnubcdic'nza. /./. disobedience. 

Jniiumiraiii'ic, Innumerc'vole, adj. innu- 

Innumerabilmc'nte, aiv. Innumerably. 

Innundazio'ne, s.f. Inundation. 

Innuicoli're, v. to excite a desire. 

Inobbcdic'ntc, adj. disobcdlcril. 

inobbedic'nza, s.f. disobedience. 

XJiocuia're, mocchia're, v, to inoculate, to 
graft. , . 

Xnoculazlo'ne, s. f. inoculation. 

In ocu'lto, aiv, privately. 

Inodori'fero, aij. without any smell. 

Inonicio's), a4j. uncivJi. 

In ogni niudo, nix*, liowcver it be. 

Inolia're, t>. to oii. 

Inulira'ni. See JunoUra'rsl. 

Jn(/ltre, inntVitrr, adv. bcsidea* 

InombraVe, v. to shade. 

Inonda're, v. to overflo\^. 

Inoodaziane, i./. Inondamc'etOf i.m. 

Inone'sta, <• /. dailnneity. 

iMM'ilo* «(/. dlfiiOBen« 

nonora'to, aiJ. dishonoured. 

nope, adj. indigent. 
nu'p<B> •*•/• indigence, 
nopina'bile, aiJ. incredible, 
nop'natami'nic, adx>. unawaref* 
n jplna'to, aiJ. unlhougitt of. 
nopportunatamc'nle, aiv. uii?ea«on&1>ty. 
noppiirtu'nj, adj. unse.isonable. 
noraVc, t;. lo gild oveo to liooour^ bc^ 

nora'to, aiJ. not glided. 
nMrdinatanifc'nte, adv. immoderately. 
nor.iinatc'zzB, $.f. exiravagaacc^ irre- 

nurtlind'to, (iXJ. out of ofdcc 
iiorguglt're, V. to make proud : ioorgo- 
giirsi, to grow proud. 
norpeMamc'nto, s.m. a pAintlDg, a 4it- 
norpella're, v, to counterfeit, to adom 

with fflUe gol'.l. 
noi-pellii'io, adj. counterfeited, 
non-id iVe.v. to shake for fear, to THghtcn. 
nospttit'ie, adj. ioliospsia))le, barbaroua, 

no*pitalit«', /. /. JnhospiUlity. 
no'spiie, adJ. unioiiabited, iMirbaroua^ 


no>s«!4-va'bi1e, a-\J, unobservnble. 
nosierva'nza, s.f. unobscrvance. 
ousierva'to, adJ, unobserved, 
n paie'sp, adv. publicly, 
n parago'ne, adv. comparatively tow 
n prt'ric, adv. partly, 
n pariicul.i're, aiv. particularly, 
n pe'l c, adv. superficially, skin-deep, 
n pcfjjf'iuo, adv. pcrpetu Jly. 
n peiso'm, aiv.' personally, 
n pic'di. In pie', adv. on loot, 
n po'i, adju except, 
n pri'a, in pri'ma, aiv. first, at first, 
n prollrlo, adv. in profile, 
n pro'nto, adv. ready, 
n pn/va, adv. on puri)ose. 
n pn'nto, aiv. ready ; in danger; in itood 
condition: tono in puaiu di partirr, I 
am ready to go; un ravallu chf c m 
punto, ahorse thit is in pood condiiiun. 
In qun*,(tJv. since; this side: da allora 

in qua, since thU time. 
In qu/nto, In qaa'nto che\ aitt. |q a| 
much as, concerning ; in quanto a nie. 
as (or my part. 
Inquril're, v. to search, Inquire. 
Iiiqttlriume'nte, aiv. onquietly. 
iiiquieuVe, Iiiqulet/rc, v. to dliquiet. 

InquietSfSo'nex i* /. the act oT alvlM 

Inquieie'zza. /./. uaea^locM* 
tnqu'eto, aij, unquiet." *" 


'DUCf:^ia|^«t. billed, adwd. 




fntinatU'nto, lotinta'ato, bMlnttntocIi^j 
Insi'no, iosioche\ adv. lil), until. 

iHStnquj*, aJv, as Ur at here. 

lu!iinua'i-e, V. to iiuinuals: laalnuani, to 
•teal, creep in. 

Insinuaaio'ne, t,/- inslnualion. 

liuipidame'ote, adv. i'ooliilily, ioiipldlr. 

ln»ipide'2xa, i./. losipidiiy, flatncas, ilUi* 

Insipidi're, v. to become Iit*ipid> 

Insi'pido, adj. insipid, unsafory ; lilljr. 

Insipic'ntc, adf* foolish. 

Insipie^nza, Insipic'saiftt s,/» If oocancej 

Insiste'nza, s./, obstinacy. 

]B%i'sUTe,t'. to insist, p«:rsl«t,to be abore. 

frtsi'tn, ad/, innate, natural. 

Inioa've, adJ> unpleasant. 

insocia'bilc, adv. unsociable. 

Insaiiicie'nie, adf. See lusullicle'ntej ud 
its derivatives. 

losoiTri'bile, ad/. iniuiTerable. 

iBsoggetta'bile, adf. untameable* 

Insoftna'ni, v. to dream, fancy. 

loso'gao, j.m. dream, fancy. 

InsulCa'rei v. to dray the plafl of a build- 

Xntole'nte, a^. insolent. 

Insoientemc'nie, aJv. insotenlly* 

Insolcnti're, f. to grow saucy. 

lnsolc<n2a, Initolenzi'a, j./. insolence. 

Insolfa'to, ad/, daubed with brunatone. 

In Bo'iido« adv. in the whole. 

Inso'lito, ajy. unusual, rare. 

IniollaVe, v. to 4(row lolt» to dimlnitb, 

Insolli're, v. to/riie up in arms. 

iiMulu'biU'i 'I'!;' iodjssolubie: argomento, 
probleoia, ^c insoluble, an argumejit, 
a pfublem, itc. that cannot be solved. 

Insolubilme'nte, oJv. indissolubty. 

|u so'mma, adv. ai last : in somma deUa 
sumina, liiwilly, af^er all. 

Insoitna're, v. to lull asleep. 

Insu'nle, a^'. innocent, hannlesi* 

Insopporta'biU-, adj. insupportable. 

Insordi'ie, i'. to deafen, to become deaf. ' 

Inso'rgerr, v. to rise against. 

Insormonta'bile, ad/, insurmountable. 

Inio'rto, ^rr. rien up. 

lasospctti're, v. to grow lu^lci^ua, to 

Insospetti'to, ad/, rasplcloui. 

Xosostcni'bile, ad/- unwarrantable. 

Insoxia're, Insotai'te, v. to foul, ftalB, 
grow dirty. 

iQspera'biJc, a4/. unboped.for. 

iMperatamirnte, adv. uncxpectedljr, 

Inspera'to, ad/, unexpected. 

iBSpessame'nlo, i.m. condensity. 

Intpetto're, im- an inspector. 

iMijfuWut, i./. iRtpCCtlUft. 


K. 8. Tl>e letter ■ in thm 

words, at far as loslup.di'io, may be 
left out. See Ispeaio'ne. 
impira're, v. to inspire with, lo tttSBc^t 

to prompt. ' 

Impiralt/re, J.m, he who (nsplrea. 
Inspiraaio'ne* '. /. Ins^iraroc'DtO', #. „. 

Insponta'neo, ad/. inTohtntary. 
Insta'bile, ajj, unsuble. 
InstabiliU', J./. instabiHty. 
Inatanca'bile, ad/, iodetatigablr. 
inHtancabilme'nte, adv. indufatigably. 
lnstantaneame'iite,aiT'. toimeUiately* 
InstantaWo* adj, oionientary, <loa«*)a m. 

Insta'nte, 4.m, an iastant ; adJ, carocsi 

urgent. ' 

Instantemc'nte, adv. inkUntly. 
Insta'nza, Intia'naia, «./« inaUaoe, ooii. 

citation ( ad inslaaza vostra, at your 

tnst.i're, v. to urge, insist, preas, 
Insterili're, v. to grow barren. 
Instiga're, v, toinstigatr, suggest. 
Instigato're, t,m. iiu>ii{tator. 
Instigazio'nc, J./. InstigaiAc'alo, s»m, ia< 

Injtilla^rei «• (" inuii, iofuae, pmu. 
tasiVnto, j.m. inviinct. 
lustitui're, v. lo iufiitutei Instituirv a|. 

cunoercde, to make sonebady oitc'a 

Institu'ta, s,/. iMlitutes. 
losiiiuti'sta, i.m. a reader of i|tc Ittma* 

Instiru'lc, J.m. an inatihitc. 
Inatituio're, t.m. an io»iiiuior. 
lnstltuaK>'Qe» i./< inaiitutlon, loatructton. 
Inarui're, v. to Instruct, 
lostrumenla'lr, Instrutwenta'rlo, ad/' in- 

sirumenial: mukica IfistrumenlaJc. is, 

strumciital mu ic. 
instnuoe'iiio, j.m, itMtvmvnu , 

instrutii'ro, ai/. InstructiTe. 
Instru'tto, fitrt, instrurted. 
Instrutto'rc, j.m, a tutor. j 

Insirusio'nc, t,f, instruction. 
Instttpidi're, v. to be sururiarA. 
Insiupidi'to, ad/, slupiHcd. surprixed. 
lo suS adv. above : audare io au e ls» mi, 

to go up and down ; da due ' 

cept two : in su, ftff, upon 

tavola, upon the table. 
Insflcida'ie, V. to grtasr, foul, toil. 
Iniuflicie'ate, ai/, intufticieni. 
InsuRicieniente'nte, adv. iniuflkleotlr. 
iMufliciu'fla J, /. /. insuOtcieacy. 
in su'l, adv. ujHin : in aul far del all»« 

break of day; in sul bcUo. la Uic o 
Iniu'iko, adJ* tooliih. 
lofulu're, v« to IsiMilt« 

pnaect. j 

su e lis ^^ 

in •«. «d 





m1UIVk« «.«. ha wtM tflTroACb 
isu'lto, j.m. an imult,. if ra*c« 
Aipera'btle, aij, iniupcnble. 
Mperbi'ic, v. to groir proo4« 
superbf't«^ *{f . pMlidk 
1 8ur, frrp. upon, (mr it mt used htfort a 

*t'rwen, v, to riM agMust, to retiii by 


iMt'rtt»,/<irr. riwn up. 

I iU!io, adv. abote. 

Kuniste'nie^ adj. mat lubfislent, not 


uuHiMe'oxa, «./. the invaliditf •luMf 


>wiam<rc, v, f murmor. 

itabacca'rsi, v. to fall in love, to- fiva 

uncs sell' up. 

•tacca're, vac jat» notch; to offend, huity 

injure ; Contract a debt. 

icccaiu'ra, «./. a notchhig, or notch. 

"^;,'liame'nto^i.fif. incision, cut. 

'i lu're, V. to eofrdve, to canret in- 

t <.<:iire, ad acqtul lorte, to etch. 

ii\i3k'\o,adJ. engfared, carvdd> propoi> 

'iono«l, welhsbaped. 

'i^l a((/rc, s.m. an engraTcr, canreiv 

:<'Jo, t.m» Intagltatu'rt, t./. tm en- 

(rr!%!nj, capving. 

>''! Iiuzza're, v. to mince. 

.^raiVre, t'. to exatc an rag«r »ish. 
y-iUura're, v. to accme, mpeacht 
.ibui'aaio'ne, i. /. tiii|»cacliing. 
■:.a'i«.-, intana'ni, v. to iiide ooe'twlf 

• ' J I live, 

'■i.ia'rsi, t>. to grow mould jr. 

'ii'ble, aJJ. nM to be touched. 
u\iu,, adv. inasTiHicbr in ilie mean 
«:> ii* : so, so much ; nil. 
•iioci»«', ndv. vhilK, so that, ontU. 
'*■ iiine'oto, i.m. wonu'ltole. 

• ria're, o. to be moth, or wonn-eaten. 
■1 la to. A^. mothk or worn'Oatcn. 
■iMa'ne, v. to inlay. 

^f* a'li'fa, s./. iaUid-work. 

^run'io, adj. co?ercd with tartar* 

aitm^-'iito, j.f9K. intassaitt'ra, t.f. the 

•u ot ktoppiog aa obstmction ; the de* 

' »K i>i lartar in a iHne-cask. 

*^*'tv, V, to act tlKs cloae logellier, to 

)li H.ih urtar. 

lacyrr, tv to poakct Mp,to selce opon. 

ma're, v. to prepare to abooc an srroi*^ 

I'tto, f.irt. untoached. 

iroi j're, t». to mrinscot, or rail in; alio 

) make a drawn tame at checi,idraugh< % 

c. tit tvt in notes ; to ceH in boanH : 

lUkoljre ■■ DcfMtio, to propoond an 


raU'to, fart, arainscotted, ec. 

vo>atu'i-a,4t^wahMcotf niL>, lastnic* 

w, >-tihlauwf»(a«MiHa tflrm^ 


lRt«tt*rat'rei v. to put In the ^atf. t 
Integrate, integra'ntc, aij, in'egni : parf, 
. intcgralit tjle paiai wbteh mako up lutf 

lntiegi>4loMi'nte,adlPk oon^talr, hoiMfliTi 

Iniegra're, v. to make iniire. 
ln(«trita*, «./. intetriip, pfMfeotiM. elw 

Inte'gro, «<(/. whole, iBtlrv,llofint, Jult^' 
Integnmc^nto, s.m. toreriag. 
IntcUia're, v. to put upon tbo loom, 
lotelaiato'ra, i.J. the riMJetoa of a bnll^ 

IDg, Ac. 

latelleiti'Ta, i./. intello'flD, t.m. mtderfc 

standing, intellect, capacity^, meaaldg. 
Inteiietii'TO, adj. inteilectaal,. rational* 
Intellettua'le, adj. intelloeiual. 
Inteiiettiiama', s.f, intcllaOtiWl facaHr. 
Intellettualme'Dtc, adv. In llie intellect or 

Iniellezio'De, #./. intelligiencok 
Intelli^e'nte, adf. toteliigant, ksowin^- 

skilled, learned. 
Intelligc'naa, «./. knowledge, cormpoa- 

dence, anion, lecnting: inteillferisa 

•ecreia, a collusion, deceit; intdlivengo^ 

spirits, angds. , 

Intdligi'bile, ad/, plain, easy. . 
Intelligibilmc'ate, adv. intelligibly, 
intemera'ta, s./. a long rouml<abotttttorf { 

Intc>mtrra'u», <t(/> u|idefiled» pai^r. 
Intemiieila're, o. to procrastinate. 
Intern pera'nie, aJJ, Intemperate. 
iBtempem'Rza, mtempcraia'rat t./, tx» 

cess, intemperance, 
intempera'ni, v. to grow temporate. 
IntempenCto, adji, immoderate, excesiif •.> 
Intcmpe'rie, /./. intemperature. 
IntempcMlvemcfnie, adt. umimelf, u«^ 

Intempesti'ro, aJJ. uasetsonable. 
In tempo, adv. in lime. 
lntende'Dte,Am. aa attendant, a connoft* 

seur: adj. intelligent, skilled, knotring, 

prudent, discreet. 
Intende'naa, s.f. knowledge, uadetatand- 

»«g. * 

Inlende're, v. to understand, to desigli, 

intend, to agree together : intonder gli 

occhi, to Ax one's eyes; inteadersi, tot 

undcntiMid each ot)icr ; to ptar bootyv 
Intende'voie, adj. intelligible, clear. 
iBtendcYolme'nte^ dUv, lekroedly, car^ 

Inteiidinn^nto^j.a». uMdmatawtiov; Inttm' 

tlon, meaning, will, pleasore, plot. 
lntendito'c«,ii.flr. an undersUndlos man 

a buon iniendltor pocbo parole, a-tford) 

liiieaebramg&Ui^ mm ft 




if ntexMbn're, InteaebrKref v. to daifcen, 

dwmage. fpoil. 
iDtenebra'to, part, obicurad, perplexed, 

loteneri're. v. tft tnolliff , totln : iateoe- 

rlrti, to be ttltcied. 
IntenMine'ntc, adv. inteiiNly. 
loicuPfo, luuf 090, a4J. lotoie, exres* 

IiBtcBtanie'Dte, adv. ttteDtlvelT, dUigcndr. 
IntentaVe, v. to attefflptt intentare un 

asione, to commence an action at Uw. 
iDteola'to, adj. attempted; not tempted. 
)ntenlazi(/ne, i./. atleinpt'ns. 
Inte'ato, #.«*. design, Intention; adj, at< 

lentfve, readjr ,dtspoMd. 
Inte'oaa, <./. darling, love. 
Intenztona'le, a^f. inienilooal. 
latensionalroc'nte, adv. inteotionallf. 
Intrnslo^oe, j./. Intention. 
Intcpidi're, t*. to grow lukewarm. 
Interd'me, t.m. tlie fntrails. 
\i»lecamc<nie, a4v> intirely. 
Intercala're, v. to add, to iniert ; M.m. 

intercalarf , or odd daV in the Icap-jreari 

•■Torie often repeated, Ibe burthen of 

tbe long. 
Intercede'/e, v. to intercede. 
lnterces»io'ne, s./. intercetiioo* 
laterccMo're, t.m, a mediator. 
Intcrcctta're, v. to inteicept. 
Jnterce'tto. fort. intercepted. 
IwtercezU/ni*, s./. intercepUnf. 
Interchlu'dere, v. to enclose 
Inrrrri'dere.t*. todivide in iwo} to hinder. 
Intercisame'Btc, adv, in an Interrupted 

Intercolo'nnfo, s.m. lnterco!umniation. 
iBterdt/tto. t.m, interdiction, fufpenaion, 

l»tenli're, Interdice're, v. to prohibit, 

loterdixig^oe, i./. Interdicirae'Bto, t.m. 

a lui pension, prohibition. 
mtereiVnte, ad), interest inf. 
Xntereaia're, v. to intereat. 
ln'ere9sa'io,/iir/. interested, concfmed, 

coretoua, aeifisti. 
intcre'sie, IntcrCMo,, interest, pvo- 

At, also loss, prrindicei badare a Sttoi 

interessi, to mind one^ own business, 
latere'asa. $./. entireoeat, tntegritf . 
iBterleziorne, loterghiecio^ne, s. /. intcr> 

Jaterio'ra, «. /. /I. Intcrio'ri, i. hi. ft, 

entrails. " 
latcrio'rc, t.m. mind, beart : adj, later. 

nal, interior. 
Inleriorme'nte, adv. intcmallf • 
laierlinea're, v. to interline, 
lotcrlinea're, alj. between tin« Md Hoc. 
Inierliataflo, fori, Ut«rliji«d* 


InterlocMo^re, t.m. a speaka*, fCfor. 
lnteriocut(/rio, adj. Interlocutory. 
Interme'dio, t.m. an interlude } adj, in* 

Intermeiiti're, t;. to be henanbed* 
Interme'sso, adj. Intermitted. 
Inlerree'ttere, V. to intemipi.diseontlnue. 
Inlermettimc'oto, t.m, diecootiauance. 
Interme'xzo, adj. intermediate. 
Intermina'bile, adJ* interminable, endless. 
Iiitermina'to, adj. boundless. 
Intern issio'ne, intermitte'nn, t. /. ia- 

Intermi'sto, fort. Intermixed. 
Intermitte'nte, 04/- intermitting. 
Intermittc'nza, t./. Intermtttency. 
Intername'Bte, aJv, internally. 
IntiTna're, Interna'rsi,t>. to penetrate* 
Intema'to, part, pierced tbroagh. 
Intc'rn J, (h;. internal, inward; t.m. the 

interior, the heart. 
Intcrno'dio, i,m. the space bctwcco two 

joints or Icnots. 
Internu'nzio. s.m. an Internuncio. 
Inte'no. adj. intire, perfect^ sure, certaio j 

sincere, ingenuous; sufficient* 
Intcrpclla'rc, v. to summon. 
Inttrrfttllaziu'ne, »./. a legal call. 
Interpeta're. See lnterpretafrv,aad tCi de> 

Inlcrpola'io, a4J. Interpolated, Inserted 

falsely into tlie text. 
Interponime'nto, t.m, iDterpositMNk 
Interpo'rre, v. to interpose. 
Interposito're, t.m, intercessor. 
Interposizio'nc, /./. Inierpositlos. 
Interpo'sto, fort. interposito, ai/. inttt^ 

posed i per Intcrposita penoaa, by • 

third person. 
Interpivla're, v. to Interpret. 
Interprttati'ro, a4j. intcrpreiatife* 
Iiiterprcta'to,^(»f. interpreted. 
Iiitcrpretazio'iie. t. /. inicrpreuaefato, 

/. m. interpretation. 
Inte'rpretc, Interpretato'rc, t.m, •• io* 

Interpunzio'ne, t./. punctoatio*. 
Interra're, lotemaVe, v, to do otcr with 

clay, also td bury. 
Interrv'gno, t.m. interretann. 
Interria'to, adj. pale, 
interroga're, v. to examine, ln(errofr»1«. 
latcrrogttlTame'ate, adv. In an intcnxHi 

gatory manner. 
Interrogati'ro, a4f. iaterrofatlve. 
Interro^ato'rio, t^m, Inlerrogaxk/oe, a. /J 

examination. J 

Interro^mpere. « intemtpC* atop. ' 
Interrompimrnto, t,m. loterruzit^e.z./. 

Interro'tto, fort. Interrupted. 

tKlenecaTre, latenefa'ie, v. to cat Mm- 

Interseca'to* fOrt. cut asander. 

latenexic/ne, *./. fntenection* 

Iniersti'^to, J.m. intrnticr. 

iMcrtent're, v. to dct-iin. 

loiertenifne^nto, f.m. entertainment* 

lotenrm'ilo, J^m. iDterral. 

la.erTenimc'nto, t.m, inlenrention, acci- 
d«ot, assittance. 

laterreni're, v. to happen: intervcnire 
ad una GOsa» to be prf?seot. 

mterve'nto, presence, conaenl, ap- 
probation, interposition. 

loterreno'to, part, interrented. 

Inicrza're. v. to come in u a tiiird* 

Inte'sa, J.y. intention, underttandinf « 

latcsnme'nte, adv. atlenlirely, 

lateacbia'to, a4/. siubiMrn. 

iDie'so, adj, understood t Iterdful, intent. 

late'asere, v. to weave, iotcrnitngle. 

lotessu'to, part, woven. 

Intesta'rsi, v. to be o1><tinate. 

Intexta'to* aJj. atubborn, intestate* 

Jhtestaiu'r4» Sm/. a scarf. 

IfiimioAlc, a»ii» beionglui lo tlie intes* 

Inlesti'no, h]J. intestine. 

I ntest i'n i, j. m. pi. i nte ^ti nes. 

Ibtiepida're, Intiepidi're, v. to cool, re- 
lent, abate 

Inti^pida'to, Intlepidi'to, aij, cool« lulte- 

tDtigna're, v. to grow moth-eaten. 

IntigDc'ie, V. to dip, soalt, sleep. 

iaignoei'K'4 v. to maite scurl'y, or scald- 

Intimame'ntc, aJv. intimately. 

Iniima're, v. to signify, give notice, aum- 

Intimazio'ne, /./. intimation. 

latioi;di're, v. to grow fearful* 

Iptiinidi'to, <M;. tioUd. 

Intt'oiido, aJj. bold, intrepid. 

Inti'oia, a4j* iavard, intimalCj hidden, 

lotimori're, v< (• tcrrifjr* 

latimori'to, fort, frigJited. 

intt'ngolo, Inti'ato, um, a ragooj nace, 
. grarjr. 

Jnii'oto, 4Uj' •oalied, plunged ; concern- 
ed with. 

IstiaiuTra, #.A4ippinf> dying. 

tntirixxame'nto, t.m. a stiffening. 

Inttrixxa'rc, l^inriat'rCa v. to atiffct, to 
■ b« benvnbed. 
K Intirlxaa'lo, aij, •tiff'ened, proud. haughty. 

lattttirhKf ^vtv m givw. consuJS{>tive. 
* InUtpUmiKata, 4.0. Um ^i ot givltig a 
title to any thing. 

lAOtola'r«» st< l«.«|pii^l4^ \hin|| (o^ to in- 


pote; dedicate, addreast litUtaUnf, t* 

IntitolastoTne, «./. title, dedicftUoa, ie* 

IntolkRi'biie, aij, intolenble. 
Intollerabilme'nte, aiv. inColerablf. 
Intollera'nte, a^j. impatient. 
Inonaca're, Intonica'rc, v, to plaster. 
Into^naco, Intooica'to^ Into'mco, «.«fc J.« 

plaster. "'T 

Intona're, v. to tune, to ting, re«ound« 

ring ; begin. 
Intonii'tOf/ar/. tuned, resounded. 
Intonato're, sjn, a tuner, singer. 
Intonaxio'nt;, t. f. tune, tuning. 
Intonchia're, t>. to he eaten up withmhci* 
Intonicatu'm, s.f, rough cut. 
Intoppame'nto, s.m, hinderancc* 
Intoppa're, v. to meet with. 
Inio'ppo, s.m. a meeting, adventure, oh* 

•titcie. ■ 

intora're, r. to put one's self in a passion^ 

to rage likr a bull. 
Intorbidame'nto, *, nu Intorbidiuia^ne« 

*-/. a troubling. 
Intorbida're, Intorbid/re, Intorbiafre, fr* 

to make (hick, or muddy ^ to disturb. 

vex, confound : intorbidarsi, to gnnr 

muddy ; be overcast, to grow doudf. 
Intorbida'to, oij. tliick, muddy, troubled* 
Inturmenti're, t>. to benumb, make ttid*. 
Intornia'rr, intomea're, v. to surround* 

inLomiam&'nto, «. m. a turn, turainc 

Intornia'to, part, surrounded. 
Into'roo, frtp. about, concerning : alF in- 

torno, round about ; guardar Intomo* 

to look about ; la iotornu, tltereaboat ; 

d' ogni iniorno, from ail aides ; inlOrai* 

intorno, every where. ■ - 

Intorpidi're, v. to grow stupid. 
Intorpidi'io, a4j. stupid, drowsy. 
Inturticcin'to, Into'rto, aij. t«ilte4*- 
Iniussica'ie, v. to poison. 
IntossJca'to, part, poisoned, 
intozza're, v. to grow thick, or clumsf * 
Iniozaa'to, (i^J. clumsy, tiiick and shoru 
Ir:tra, prfp. between, amongst. 
Intrabrsca're, v. to liUin love. 
Intrabiccola're, v. to clamber up. 
Intrachiu'dere, v. to enclose, encompass* 
Inlrarhiu'ss iii/. shut up. 
Intradu'e, aJJ. doubtful, uncertain ) oiv* 

la suspense. 
Intra d'lto, Intrafiocfa'tto, adv. entirely, 
iniralasciame'nto, s.m. Interrupiloiv,',in« 

lntr=ilii»cia're, t;. to interrupt, lo later* 

meddle, Ica^c off. . ^ " ' .' A 

|totr«i»>ci^'ta,/«r(. totfrr«tt«jV - ; . . M 


raisment, rntunfleinent. 
iMtr^idafn, th toambanaH, Intoke, Ib> 

Intra'mbo, intxafmbi, Utra'mbc, Intra- 

tnt/oiiiie, •«<</. both, both togelUer. 
Intrime'ntu, s,m. entr«nc«. 
laiRNne'tti, /./. iiitrrpoahion.meAIalion. 
laitnmt^iUnm, v. to put bcUwcn : fatni« 

mettrrdj to intermeddle. 
l^inm^UQ, sJj, put iNftwflrn. 
Intramisrhti'naa, i. /. a mtUure. 
mtramittbta'lo, a4j. mixed tvieUMfi 
IritramUiiiynr, #./. mediation. 
Tntransiti'ro, ^M/. iiMranstU«e. 
lirfaipuViv, «. lo iflterpMe. 
Intraprc'ndrre, v, to undertake ; toorer- 

talce, Caleb. 
Iniraprrndime'olo, t.m» en tor pr lie, an* 
• dertafcinf. 

Inrraprendlio're, IntriprenK/re, t.m. an 
, undertake!-, eaterpriaeri iie wko orcr- 

VtrtpM^ i./. undertaking, cnierpriie. 
inirapre'no, a4j. uoderlakeo, 
Iiitrrre, v. lo enter. 
lAtrtrompe'iT^ v. to interrupt. 
■ntrate'Mere, v. to Intermix. 
Intratta'bile, a<U. intractable. 
lAtralU'ato, a*v. in the tntan while* 
Intrattene're, v. to entertain. 
Intrattonime'Bto, t.m. delay, atop, hinder- 
. aaec. 

Intr.-iTcni're, v. to happen, bcfal. 
latrareraa're, v. to «i«ai, to lead aitray, 

Ko aitrar, to oppose. 
IntrarertanOf Mf* laidacnm, croned. 
Jntraveraatu'ra, s.f. oppoiltlen. croiitinf . 
Incrtcria're, v. to weave, iwiii j inlreccl- 

arc i ctpelll, to braid hair. 
JMMCOi a' to. pari', worm, twt*ted. 
lntrecciato''u, t.m. omammt for ti>e head. 
Intrecciatu'ra, i./. a trvM, garland, knot, 
intre'ccio, Intrecciame'ntOf i.m. mixture, 

(«e», twift. 
Intremrnti're, t>. to ihake Tor Tear. 
IntrementKio, «4/. aliaking lor fear. 
iNirrpidainc'nie, adv. intrepidiy. 
Inowpide'fta. i.f. intrepidity, 
inircpi'do, Aif, mirrpid. 
Intretca're, v. to iOTotfc, Intricate, prr> 

IntHealre. let Intrlf a'rc. 
iiitn'dere, v, to temper, ^itute, allay, 
• foil, dirty, attln. 
Intrlgamc'ntp, i.m. Intrigue, perplexity, 

dinculty, eonAifllon. 
IMrlfo'rc, Intri«a're, v. lo embroil, con- 
found, mingle, perplex. 
"^'riiataaM^nie. o^. Intricately, 
riga'io, aJj, intricate, perplexed* 
rliats^iv, i^m* • ibtt>iH Mlow* 

, t.m. iWfffue, •!•(. 
intrinaicame'nte, oiv. tntrintically. Inti- 
Intrinsica' to grow intimate with one. 
Intrinsira'to, a^. intimate, I'amllhir. 
inirinsicbt^zza, i./. iamiliarity, i'ricnd» 

ship, InHmacy. 
loir/nsiro. Intn'aaeco, «•{/. hitifflate, Iti- 

Jtemal, nmiMar, beloved. 
Intri'nsicu, Intii'nieco, i.m. an hHlmate 

lntrt'so,/.f». a liolch*potc1i ; »dj, knendtd, 

tf rope(<od, d Muted , allayed, 
intriita're, v. to grow wicked, tAgrowr nd. 
IntrltiiVe, t«. to dry away, not to frow. 
Intn/cque, adv. {fiy Dmtt) at the ftam« 

Ind'odo'tio, fort. introdored. 
Inlroducimc'nto, f.m. an introduetios. 
Inifwlucito^rr, t.m. an Introducer. 
In'rodu'rre, v» to introduce. 
lritroduU(/re, t.m. introducer. 
Introduilo'ne, #./. introduction. 
Intn/ito, t.m. entranee,avenue,beg{iniifig. 
Introineaiiyne, s.f. introducing. 
IntromoHio, t.m. dalnty.diihea; pwrr. fn- 
trodnced, entered, or let in, iutcroied- 
IntroiTie'ttrre. v. to let in j intronetterai, 

to intermeddle. 
Introna'rr, Iniruona'rf, v, toitun.' 
Intn>natu'ra, «. /. Intronam^nto, #.«*. 

•tunning, tingling In unc'aears. 
Inironfia're, f. to put one'a self la n pv^ 

lion ; to swell. 
Intronnlrxa'rr, v. tw enthrone. ^ 

Iniru'dere, i*. to intrude, thntat In. 
IniruRio'nc, »./. intrufion. 
Intiv'ito, par*, intruded. 
Intuit! vame'nte, aJv, intuitivetj. 
intuiti'ro, a4f, inrultirr. 
IniuMo, t.m. a looking upon, intuition. 
In tu'tio, adv. quite, entirely s In tnito hi 

lutto, in iliort, in a word. 
Intuaerro, t«. to blunt, abate, repd, ra» 

preM, reitrain. 
Invaga'rNi, i*. to be cbarmed wItK 
invaglilcchia're, V. to be a iittin amoffoof* 
lnfaffhlmc'nlo,«.ni. deaire,iow. 
iDvaghi're, v. to Inflame with deaire t la* 

vafhani, invapbini, to fall In loee. 
ln?aahi'to, a</. tn love. 
InvaiaVe, Inralola're, v, to grow tnrayw 

I Invalidamc'nte, odv» vainlf • 
invalldaVe, i'* to annul. 
ln?alidlta', /. /. invalidity. 
Inva'lido, mif. weak, invalid, of no fbrCiW 
Invalori're, t>. to grow Mfwig. 
iDvani're, t>. to grow pnmd; to fan thecor* 
in wlnnowinf { to f uMi 1 4llfnct« <*» 

la f-a'BA, niV. vainly. 
invariH'ixtCt ^J invariable. 
inv4r>«i»ttaie'ntc, adv. conManllf. 
Intasa'rc, v. to invade* attack, puons, to 

be stirpriaed ; dip, pimige ; to be pat* 

acsscHt villi a dcirih in^uani <|aaK:lK 

cota nella memorii, to imprint oa the 

InTasa'to.f^vt. ponoKd, aaMaei» itapid, 

plunged, iBvolTCd. 
iBvajM W«e« t.f\ bcaettingt funaioa. 
UtaseHafra^ v« to put iato a aewel. 
Inrasio^ne, s. f. invasion. 
Inva'ao, /KJTt. Invaded. 
Inuabidfe'nza, #./. disobedience. 
Inubbriaca're, o. to make, or get drank* 
Inuii'tA, (Uj, unheard of. 
]nrccclii«'re, i>. to grow old, to weaken. 
InreccbiK'to, »i«rf. gjovoold, OMtofdaie. 
Inrecchiuxza'rc, v. to waste, decay. 
In veer* «A'. instead. 
iRTclcoi're, V. lo irritate. 
inTeleni'io,/<2^/. exasperated. 
Ir.vendica'to, aJ^. uorcrenged. ' 
Invt/nia, ».f, humiliation, worship, su> 

pcrAiiotts worda and actions. 
laTtmta're, t». to invent, devise, contrive. 
Inrentarij're, r. to make an imeulory. 
lavcnin'rio, J.m. an inventory. 
InTCDta'to, part, invented. 
Invento'ie, Infcnlato're, s.m. inventor, 

ln*en«iu'nc, In<enti'va, J./, invrotioa, 

trick, device, 
larentura'to, «ij* liappy, TonuDale. 
In irr^ «iv. towards, also, in (rutii. 
Iiivera'i^i, T*. to be likely. 

inverdi'rc, v. to grow green. 

Invergof na're, t>. to dd'ame, dlign^'e. 

InTeri«<cnatanie'nte, aM>. skametuliy, lf> 

Inrertco'ndia, i.j. impudence. 

Inverco'ndu, a^i. immodest. 
. InvpfM'mUe, *(''. impivbable. 

lovcrisimtlitu'dine, /./. uolikdibood« \n^ 

lovcrmiglia'rr, v. to redden* sake red. 

loverminame'ntQ, i.M. corruption, breed- 
ing of worms. 

Invermina'rr, v. to breed worme. 

Inrerminalo, /«4rf. coniiptedj full of 

Inverna're, t;. to winter. 

tovvma'u, 4./. a wiater. 

Invemicia're, v. to vamislu 

lovemicia'Uk fart, vamiaiiod. 

Inveroiciatrra, t, f. a ranilaltlBi* 

Inve'mo, «*m. winter. 

In vero, adv» in tniili. 

laee'rao, 4^v. towardSj against 1 In com- 
parlsoo to. 

Bav^nnrcf »• It IjiTcrt| to ffdrtiini* 

Inveralca're, f. to flotirikh, wax green. 
Invesca're, Inrevhia're, x*. to ensnare, !• 

daub wiih biril'ltnre. 
Invesiiga'bile, aJLj. not to be traced. 
InresligHtne'uto, s.m. an Investigation. 
lavestif a're, o. to investigate. 
Investtgaro'ne, s.m. a st* archrr. 
Inre»ti!{a2i(/nr, j./. invi-sMM<*oR. 
iDvesti're, f. to inrc-ji, suit, hit, wound, 

attack : investire un vasreSK), to lM>ar<t 

k sbip< nave iavetdta, a ship on shore. 
Inrrstiine'nto, s.m. ln*esttgiu/'ne, Inires- 

litu'ra, s.f. investiture. 
lovetera're* t*. to grow old. 
Invetera'to, aij. invett rate, 
inretra'rc, invetria're, v. to redace to 

glass, congeal. 
Invetria'ta, t.f. a glass window. 
Invetria'to, fott. glaaed : fronte invetri^ 

ato, brasen faced. 
InveCti'va, /./. infectivr, raiiing. 
lavetti'vo, euj, ratling: parote invettivr* 

abusive words. 
Invezio'ne, s.f. iBveccire, exclamation. 
InuggiolKre, Inuxzoli'ie, v. lo sei one % 

Inu'gnere, v. to anoint. 
Inugua'lc, aij. unequal. 
Inviame'nto, s.m. a way, or mean to, in* 

sti uctioa,! ntroduc t ton,bualness,employ* 
Invia'rc, v. to send, direct, 
invia'tu, part, sent ; «.fM. an envoy. 
InTi'dia. j./. envy. 
Invidu'biie, a4j. enviable, 
luvidia'ntc, a4j. envious, jealous. 
Invidia're, t». to envy. 
Invidia'to, part, envied. 
Uvidiato're, s.m. an envious man* 
InvidIo>'Mro<rnte, A/v. enviously. 
iavidio^, invi'do (Is poiiry\\ t4j. Invi' 

diou-^, envious. 
Invieta re, f. to grow obsolete. 
In* igila're, v. to watch, be vigiJant. 
in vi goitre, tr. to strengthen. 
Inrigoii'to, pitpt. sirrngtliened. 
Invili're, v. to discourage ; invilirgi, tol>« 

discouraged, deS(iond. 
Invili'to, part, aflfrighlad, disheartened. 
iBviluppame'nto, i.m. confusion, iovoli^ 

tion, intricacy, 
inviluppa're, v. 10 wnp up, perplex, en- 
Invilu'ppo, t.m. buwdle, parcel ; coofif 

sioo, dlsordvr. 
Invinci'biie, aJJ. unconquerable, 
iovincidi're, v. to sotlen. to grow SoO, 

Invt'o, s.m. direction, address. 
Uviola^blle, *t/. invio»«We. 
tnviolabllme'ate, invlo4aia«»rot«t««^«^ 

1 Igf M4'lo» 44/. iavWial* 


tnvioIc'ntQ, «4/. mIM. grntte. 
larlpcMfrct lnviper/#e, v. to r«|^ to be 

tferce, crart ; to iwaf gcr. 
Vnvipcri'to^ /orr. enr«ted. 
Savijca're, f. to entnare. 
Inflachert're, v. to penetrate the bowclt. 
lovisctiia're, in to 4akb wlUi bird-Uac* 
iBTiai'blk, aif, tofiMMe. 
lAfisibilita*. i./. Invitibility. 
lnvi•ibilroennte,A(^ inviaiblf. 
lB*itanM/D<o, t.m. lavtl^'naa, laviU'ta, 

t.f. an invitatioo. 
Invlta'/e, v. to Invite, ■llure, entic^ : lo- 
Titarti, to invite onCi ieUi to iotcude. 
Invlii'to, part, invited. 
Invitato^re, «.m. an intitrr. 
lnvl(at(/rio, t.m. inviiatorjr* 
Invite'vole, ttdj. iovltinf . 
Inri'io, tf (/. aaafnat oiir'fl «i)l. 
Jnvi'tn, t.m. Invltaziu'ne, s.f, invitation. 
Jnvi'tto, 04/. Invinclbir, uncon(|uertd. 
Inviaia're, i*. to corrupt, ipoii, alter. 

Jnvlzxi're, v. to wiiiier, decay. 
Inii'itOi a4f. unrevtngvd. 

Inunanamc'nte, adv. cnielljr* iaIiumaDljr. 

iDumanita*. t./. Inhumnnlty. 

Inuma'no, a4j. barbarous. 

Inumidi'rr, v. to mobten. 

Inumidi'io.^rtff. moist. ne.I. 

In un, In u'no, fre^. tofether, with*. 

Invoca'rr, i*. to call upon. 

f nvoLH'to, fart, invoked. 

Iivocato're, t.m. he tliat invokes. 

Invocnzio'ne, t./. invocation. 

Invo'glia, <./. • wrapper, packing cloth. 

Invuslia'rc, v. to give a detire, to pack 
or .wrap lip. [wrapt up. 

Invogtia'to, fM/< with longing, dcilitKiti 

Jnvo'gHo, t.m. boodle, parcel. 

lovole'rr, v. to rob, ateal i involanl, to 

XnvQia'io, A(f. itoten. 

Involato're, /.m. a thief. 

I n vo'lgere, V. to w rap up. to Cover, I nvol ve. 

Involgime'nto, t,m. a beating about the 

Invoti'o, t.m, theft. 

Invoionta'-iame'nte, adv. Involuntarily. 

InvolontaVio, t.m. an involuntary dwd ; 
e.lj. Involuntary, forced. 

InvoionUVe, a4/. Involuntaryi 

Involpa're, v. to be blighted. 

Involpi're, v. to grow cunning. 

In volta, adv. about, here and there i an- 
dar in volta, to go about ; eiNre in volta, 
to be ready, to run away* 

Sn*oUa're, v. fo wrap op. 

Involto, p0rt. wrapt. Involved. 
Involtu'ra, J./, a round>about dlaooarM. 

Invo'lvere, v, to wrap up. 
Involvime'nto, s.m. lovoluaio'ne. $./. a 
wnppioi up i cnfl^ 4ecclt| (rick, ftaod* 



la vo^, alvt to no purpoie, la vain* 
Inurbanita*, t./, iocivilKy. 
Inurba'not a^. uncivil, dlacourteooa. 
Inurba'rai, v. to come in a city. 
Inuaa'io, Inusita'lo, a4/, not in uie* 
Inuaitame'iite, tUv. oocommonly, 
Inu'tHe, a4f, oaetcai. 
Inutiimc'nte. adv. in vain. 
Invuiocra^bile, a4/. Invuinerable. 
fnuf aotPre. See Inuggioli're. 
Inaaccl>er«'re, v. U cover with dirt. 
Inzaccbera'to, a^. dirty, intricate, ia- 

Incaibra're, v. to adora with npphira. 
Inzampogn^re, v, to impose upon, 
loatvardrf're, v. to soil, to greaae. 
InzavardA'to, fttrt. diriied, spotted. 
InseppaiD- 'uto, *.m. a heap ; an «f ging oa« 
Inacppi re, v- to gather op, amaaa. 
Inaibctta'to, part, periuroed. 
Inzorcola'to, ti^. having wooden Jfaoes. 
Inzotlcitl're, t*. to grow aukward, coarse* 
In zu'cca, (tJv. with a bald pate* 
lozucclicra're, v. to sugar. 
Iniuccliera'to, part, sugared. 
Inzuppame'nlo,, aoakinf, sopping* 
Insuppa're, v. to sop» or aoak. 
Insuppa'to, part, soaaed- 
in xu'rro, adv. joyfully : cnere ia lurroi 

to be merry. 
lo, proit. I. 

lo'mco, a4J» the Ionic order. 
iu'ta, i.m, lotM, Jot. 
ipe'rbole, Ipe'rbula, #./. hyperboI«« 
lp« rboiirggia're, v. to exaggerate. 
Iperboltcaroe'nte, */t>. hyperbolicalty. 
IprrtM/lico, Ipe'rbole, oJJ» hypcrboUcaU 
Ipr^riC}, t.m. Saint John's «oru 
IpocitiI'de, t.f. the Iirrb clstus. 
Ipoco'ndriH, /./. mrlanc iioly, spleea* 
Ipacu'ndrico, Ipoco'odro, «</• bypochOO* 

Ipocrfaia, t.f. hypocrisy. 
IpuVrita, Ipo'crito, j.m. an hypocritcw 
Ipo'crito, adj. hypocritical. 
Ipociito'ne, t.m, a gi-cat Itypocrite* 
Iposa'rca, «./. a sort ol dropay* 
Iposta'tico, a</. hypoktaticu. 
Ipote'cn, /./. mortgage. 
Ipu'trsi, t.f, hypothesis, 
ipote tico, <M/* suppositious* 
Ippo'mane, t.m. a bit of llesh on the fore* 

head of a colt. 
l| p<>tK/tamo, Ippo^tamo, t.m, blppopt^ 

tarnu), a sea-horse. 
Ipsoia'ito. aiv. presently. Immediately, 
ira, Iraco^ndia, i./. irane'ato, s.«k ao* 

ger, wr-ith. 
Iracondame'ote, /i<ln. angrily, 
iraco'ndo, Iracu'ndo. lracondi<^le, Ira- 

rundio'so, o^/. haaty, paaiioaaU!^ da^ 

Ira're, v. to be anfiy. 

irasct^lle, adj. pasiioiMte* 

irucibiliU*, «./. wrath, anftf* 

Iratjmc'iile, orfv. angrllj* 

In'to, aif. aof ry. 

Irco, /.0i. a lic*gMt* 

Irr, V. (o go. 

inr'iH, AMI. flower-de-loce. 

Inde, Iri, s./. {m foetry) raln-bow ; an 
berb w called ; the iria, (a fart ^ tkt 

Ironra, i.y. (ronr* 

irMicaiac'nte, aMu ironically. 

Irc/niro, o^y. tronicat. 

irra-lia'pe, Irraggia'rr, t*. to irradiate. 

Irradia'to, part, irraitiaied. 

Imdiaiio'ne, /./. irradiation. 

Irngionevole', Irraxiona'le, a^f, onrea« 

Irrafioneroime'nte, IrrasioaaWIrae'ntr, 
aip. unreasonably. 

Irrtgionabilita, IrraciooaliU', s./, unrea- 

Jrreconcilia'bile, a4f. {rreconclleab1«« iow 

I-rrcupem'bllc, adj. irrecovffable. 

irrrfragk'bile, 04/, undeniable, irrefra- 

Irrrgola're, a>0- IrregMlar. 

Irrrgolariu^ /./. ir regularity. 

Irrcgolatame'nte, flit». irregjiarly. 

I'T.-goia'to, /or/, disordered^ immodente, 

Irreilgmsamc'nte, aJv. irreligiously. 

1 rreligUMlta\ s./. irreliglon, profooeness. 

lireligio'M. alj. irreligious. 

Irremedianbile, irrcmedic'role, 04/. with- 
out remedy. 

Irremiai'bile, a4/« onfMrdonable. 

IrremiaiibiliiHB'nte, adv. oopardonably. 

Irremonera'bile, adj, not to be rewarded. 

Irrrmanera'lo, adj. not rewarded, 

Irrepartf^ile, adj. irreparable. 

IrreparabilaH.''nlc, adv. irreparably, 

Inreqaic'to, aJj. rcsfleM, uneasy. 

IrreMlo'tOi adj. irresolute. 

Invaoltttif/ne, t./. irretolatloii, toipcme. 

Irreti're, t». to net, ensnare. 

Irreti'ro, part, caught in a net. 

Irretratu'bile, «</. not to be retracted. 

Irrevere'nte, 04/. irrewerent. 


Irreffere'nza, J./, rudeness, irreverence. 

Irrevoca'bile, irrevoche'roie, a</. irreTO> 

Irrlcord^«ole, 04/. onmindfal. 

Irrtga're, v. to wet, moisten, water* 

lrrigat(/re, «.<n. he thai waters* 

Irrigidrrc, v. to grow itiflT. 

Irrisio'ne, t./, derision. 

<lrrfso^r», t.m, a mocker, teerer, t derider. I 

IrriUaM'oto, a.iM. irritatioo. . .1 


trriU'ra, «r. to i«ceMe, frriUtt, 

Irritati'vo, &(/. pro*Oking» . 
irrita'to, fart, irriCaiad. 
Irriiat</ve, t.m. a provoker. 
Irriuato'oe, t.f. irriiotion. 
irrtrere'ate, aij. gee Jrrewn'nte, ••• 

its derivattrea. • ■ 

Irrora'r*. t«. to bedci^. .. - 
lirog«!iiV're, ir..lo.nistA 
irruggini'to, 04/. mstyw • 
irrugiada'Be, », t» sprinkle, to bf4e«. 
Irsu'to, irto, Unfortiy) a^y'^nragii, brigtied* 
l«c)iio, s.m. honn-oak. -.x 
l«oia, «./. island, isle. 
isola'oo, /.in. an islander. 
Isolato, adj. surroundfld with water, thai 

stands by ittelf. 
la/po, Isso'po, s,mt an hyssop, <a« kerh.) 
Iso'sceie, a4/' isosceles. 
Ispezio'ne, j,/. 6ee iaspetio'ne, .and Mi 

Ispido, adj. rough, bristled, buaby, fMut 

til or ns. 
lapi'gnere, v. to effsce, to put out. 
I-ipira're, v. see inapira're, and its dcrl* 

va lives. 
Ispressaroe'nte, adv. expressly* 
Issofa'tto, oiv. immcdisteiy. 
Kta'bile, adj. unstable. 
Istabiltu% f.f. Instability. 
Istantaneame'ntc. adv. instantly. 
Isianta'neo, adj. instantaneous. 
Ista'nte, s.m. moment, instant t in Mi 

Istante, in an instant. 
Itta'nte, adJ, instant, pressing, earnest. 
Istanteme'nie, adv. instantly. 
Isra're, 4. to insist, urge. 
lAe'rico, <i4/. hysteric;] I. 
iste'sso, •ran. See Ste'sso. 
Istigame'nto, t.m. isttgazio'ne, s,/, tast^ 

Istiga're, v. (0 instigate. 
Istigato're, t.m. instigator, 
Isttlla're, 1'. to instil. 
Ist/nto, t,m, instinct. 
Istitui're. v. to institute, enact, decree. 

establish, found. 
Istitu'to, s.m. an Institute. 
Istitu'tore, t.m. an institutor, inttnictof« 

Istituzio'ne, t./. Institution, eiubllsl»i 

nent, education. * 

tsto^ria, t.f. history. 
Istoria'le, adj. historical. 
Istorialme'nte, adv. historically. 
Istoria'to. a¥/. set out with fignres, painted* 
istorlrame'nle, Istorialme'nte, adv, histe> 

Isto'rico, t.m. an historian. 
UMrig'tUff ./. A little Moryj t tal% 




|MorW/fnfo, s.ftt, hUtart.i$nvltert 
litntrurAiii'ggine, s./. negligence* 
l^tricc, a fwrcitpine. 
Ist'iu'nr, s.m. a comediifl. 
litruKn-, T>. to inacnict. briaf o|r. 
Iltrtii'to.^rtrr. (NitniCtod. 
fMnnnenttt'lc^ «^'. iMirmneiiUl, tenrice- 

IsirunK/nlo, t.m, iiiMniaieat, tool, im- 

Istruui'ro, a4/. initnirtive. 
istru'tM^ ori/. inftructrd* trtlnei ap. 
UU-usio'nc* #./. ioatnicUoo, c4«cat(oa, 

KtupidtVe, V. to wonder, to be itupified. 
I'lri, adv, ye«, yc«. 
lu'lico, mif, Italian. 
Itt-ra're, t«. to do orer again. 
IferaioVc, t,m. he Uiat does a thing over 

ItincraVio* t.m, llineniy. 
Itie'rico, aJJ. having the yellow Jaundice. 
Itteri'ala, /./. the jaundice. 
Iva, i./. at. John'i wort, 
lu'vrro, t,m, an acre. 
Ixpala're, o^y'. jugular. 
I VI, aJv. there. 

lore, s.m. law t in lore, according to law. 
liiridicame'nfe. «4f>. lawruUy. 
I-rri'dico, A(r. iHwful, juridical. 
Iuri»run«u' to, lurii|Mri'lo, luri'fta, t,m, a 

lurisd «it/3e, /./. jiiriidictiofl, authority. 
|u<, A<n. law, or right, 
liispaii-ona'io, $.m. paironage. 
lif'mirn'tQ, 4.m, acquired right. 
iiitqiiia'ino, /.Iff. heo'baoe. 
l<«a, #./. ant«-r. 
Ix/mmVv, 1'. to dig. 
I«X4Ve, V. to hoisi, iua-ttrm,) 


LA, art. thf t fnn. Iter, ahe i la donna, 
the woman ; la vedo. I we Iter : la, 
4»4v, there i kniale ia, go there t la giu. 
below ; la notte e aiaai bene in la, it is 
late in the night t qua • la, here and 
, there ) correr qua, e la, to ruo up and 

down ; pamar plu la, to March Into. 
4ah«'rda, s./. hatbard. 
ta'bbro, t.m. a lip, brin, edge, tip i tab- 
hru fr«o, a bare-lip | labbro^ th« bort 
fuilet'i weed. 
Ubbru'tOffl^. larga lipped, 
taberi'nto, «.ni. maao. lroubli< 
fa'bile, *//. fliding, ilippery, tramitory. 
I*aborlo<ame'nte. adit, laboriooiix. 
L«boriotiu*, i./. labour, trouble. 

t Al 

Labn/fca, /./. a wild grape.' 

Lacca, /./. a bank, deaceni ( a leg of « 

qiiadrupedt lacca or tack, a coluur) 

tacca di saWaticinfl, a haunch of wtm'f 

•on ; lacca di rastrato, a log of nnoitoo ; 

cera lacca, lealmf wax. 
I^cche', J.m. a running fooCman. 
Ucclie'ita, i./. a raAot, leg, huttKk^ 

Laccheaai'no, faccbe'azo, s,tn. a dalntjr, 

or lavoury thing. 
La'ccia, ^/. a sh^d lith. 
La'ccio, t.m, a anare, a nooM^ ambiMht 

LacciiM^h:^ sjm, a aprlng to catch birda. 
L^ceraintrnto, t,m, a laceration. 
Uceni'tite, «^. tearing. 
LMcera'ra, «. to hiccrale, tear ( to dcfiani^ 

Uicerasi^'nct i./. a tearing, 
fji'cpro, itdj. lorn, raggad. 
Ucv'rto, t,m, a atncv. 
(jico, t.m. a lake. 
l^'cHma, «./. aoe La'grlaiat aad all Hi 

Lacu'na, t./. a fen, or OMnb. 
Ucuna'lc, adj. like a nurth, 
i.ncuno'yo, a4/. full of feni, or manhct* 
LadH'no, t.m. laudanum. 
Ladd(/ve, adth then, where. 
Mdri'noi tjm, a pilferer. 
La'dro, t.m. a thiel, a lubber ; «4/. bad, 

nasty: ladri dvtti, ba^ic d>sc>Nirae. 
Ladrona'ia, t./. • tet of thiovca, a faag t 

aito ma 1.0(1 miniatration. 
I«idroncf llrri'a, /./. robbery. 
liBdnince'lla, f.m. a vooug thief. 
Lndii/ne, t.m. a robber. 
Ladroni''g|iio, t.m. robbery, 
('idronc'aco, <M/. of a robber,'iitro, adv. iIm rr, within. 
I.4ge'n4, s./. a faggon. 
Uggiu', fjtggiu'ao. itdv, down, yondefi 
I agliv'Ko, t,m. a lake. 
Ugnnmc'nto, i.m. Laina^aaa« i./. ceoi» 

UMoe're, Ugaa'ni, v. to f ricvot moaa» 

Ugnc'vole, ai/, plaintive, 
r.if no, t.m aAiction, grief, lamoalatioa* 
La«no«ame'nte, adu*. with complalnta. 
LagnoV, «4/. plaintive. 
La'go. t.m. a lahr, concavity. 
La'grima. t./, a tear ^ a dro|^ 
Ugrima'if , t,m. the comen of Iko ffct 

from whteh the toara proCTOd. 
i<airriaia'rt. v. to weep. 
Lagrimazio'ne, t,/. weeping. 
Ugrime'vole, Lagrinia'hiW,ii^.doplonblt. 
Lagrimt/M, afj. »ct*plog, wootuU 
Laiu'aa, t.jf. Lag'i'me,/ m, i 
Ui, s,m.ft. voM^, plateta« < 

Uicame'iMe, Laintine'iite, a^« pro fiM te- 
*ir, ualrariwdly, in « iKviar ar t(eaip»> 

x*\ way. 
U'ico, o^'. secular, iKooranC, illly. 
U'ico, Afli. a laynuin. 
Laidaroe'nte, tUv. agly, bnely, fllthilf. 
Uidc/alNi, Lsidiu', /./. defannity, nuti- 

nns, filthiii«M. NC^ 

Lai.ii're, Laida'n, v. ta (Sal, Mil, dirty. 
La'ido,<L(/. ucly,dcfor«ied, dirty, wieted. 
L' altra ia'ri, oiv. the day bcfarc yoterw 

•A^r ; ratlirr^ay. 
la'ma, j./. a blade, atJiiaplileaf metnl; 

also a pliin Ofieii Add t iwaOTe amtriMi 

iaan, to coaia la a coadailon. 
/ l ambicca're. v. to distil : lamMccarsi il 
r certcAo, lo laiazle oaCH kraios. 
Umhi'cco, s.m, a still. 
UmMmc^ato, i.hb. a hipping. 
hMibi're, v. to lick, to lap. 
laaMti'vo, /.M. an etcctuary. 
lanibnx'sca , «• /• Lambni'KO, ami. a wild 

Tine ; wild frapea. 
IjiDbrtMcafre, v. to trow wiM. 
fjimenta'bile, adj. lamentable. 
Lateeatabilme'nte, o/o. IvaentaMy. 
Lamenta'naa, #./. Lamaatame^ato, <.ai> 

Laaieata^re, Lamenta'rat, v. tbcomplaia, 

bewail: lamenlani, to cxponuiatc. 
lamentato're, $.m. a lamcntcr. 
I.anirnlatO'rio, nij. piaintivf*. 
taoiaataaia^ac, J./, laaientattoa. 

Lamente'vole, nJj. plaintire, lamratablc. 
LamenteT<»lm«'nie, a/t>. Iitaientably. 

Lamc'nto, s.m. compiamt, groan, latnen- 

I^mento'so, aij. laaientable. 

fca'ioia, /./. a Umla, (iM>^f.) 

Liiniica're, v. to drizxic. 

Lamii-'ra, t.f. a culraaa, aa Iron p%t^. 

Ia'mitt«, /./. a pAate ot* metal, a blade. 

Laminc/ao, <M/. made like pUuet of metal. 

Wmmia, j;/. a wReh, a M»rc«Ki9, Aiiry, 

L^mpa, «./. liffit, iplendoar. 

la'mf«da.La^adB,La^mpBaa,i./.a lamp. 

I'ampana'iQ, $,m. a larap-maker. 

fampe'nta, «4/. brWiant, shinlnf. 

Lampa're, i*. to thtne, to blasa. 

La mpeg g lawe'oto, t.m, a loitrc, ililnlaf. 

fjirapcif tare, v. to shine, blase, iMh. 

iampe'ggio, La^mpo, i.m. a talk, btaact 

lanqM^ne, /.m. t rMpberry* 

lampre'da, i./. a lanprey, eel. 

Lampredo^tto, am. a Mcowe of Uw en> 
trailt of a calf. 

^'na, #,/. wool, fleece t Air dfofiil Uda 

■ p»aa*taplayiillMrc«ortflcka» 

J^wliM'l9» «•». a dochicr* 

faa^to, e^. vootly. 

Lance, s.f. a balance, (^ar^ieal.) 

Laace'ttB, /./. a lancet, a t title lance } 

alee the gaamow of a dial, band of a 

La'acia, s.f, a lanor, a apD-ir; honemea 

arm«d wilhlancn: fard'tm-t lancia un 

aipollo, lo ride a free horxe to death ; 

lancie, a Itaacb, a baet Iwloaging to a 

I^ncii/pe, v. to h>irl, dart, throw, thoof. 

to strikCf or wound with a lance ; to 

amplify, or exngfprrate. 
Laocia'ia, f./. a darting, a blow wkh a 

Law da itei^w, *.m, a lancer, loldier armed 

with a lance. 
La'ncio, s.m. a jtimp, roneing a deer: 

starting a hare, unkenneling a fox : di 

prinio lancio, at tlie first stroke. 
Lanehmie're, «.». a tbfx>wer of a dart, of 

I^ncioiijt're, t>. to wound with a dart. 
Lanciotta'ia, «•/. a wound of a dart, 
rancio'tto, ».m, a dart, or }aveHa ; also'% 

La'nda, s.f, a plain, common field, heath. 
U'ode, s.f. pi. chains, plal*^ of a ship, 
r^ne'tta, s,f. buatiwe, a kind of cloiii. 
(.anfa, s.f, onin^r*wHter. 
I^nguc'nte, ai/. faint, feeble, amorouik 
Lnn;;u>dc'x2a, /./. M(ntne?9, weakness. 
Iji'ngaiclo, ^ij, languiahine. 
Langai're, v, to langiiisli, pine, droop. 
(jsoguo'fWy s.m^ weakness, feebleness. 
Lqnia're, t». to icjr lo pieces. 
Laniato're, s.m. he lliat mangles, tears td 

Unie'ne, «.«. a tanner, a star hawk. 
Lani'lVro, adj. employed in the woo'Ied 

b«i««ne3s; lanitenMit. 
Laaiii'cio, s.m. wjollen mnnuflictafe} tho 

art of spinning or weaving wool. 
Laai'tico, aij. woolly. 
Laal'no, s.m. a worker of wool* 
iVno, adj. made of wool. 
LanaW, adj. woolly, shapgy. 
Lante'rna, s.f, a lantern t mostrar altrtti 
lucciole per lanternc, lo m^ke one ba> 
Here aay thing. 
Laoterna'io, s.m. a lantern«maltvr. 
Lantcmu'to, «dj. Jhin, laniera-jawed. 
Lanu'giae, s.f, down, wool, cotton, nap^ 

or mossiness of frutts and trees. 
Lanugiae'ao, rntj. downy. 
Lanu'to, adj. woolly, 
Lanao, s.m, a German f<*ot-«nldler« 
Lao'ltre, aim. yonder, there. 
Lao'nde, <iit>. whereuaon, therefore* 
La* ove, flit». there, where. 

Lapa'slo, *.*. sorrel. 


tApidii're, V. to itone, pelt vlth iloocf* 
L<ip»da'rio, $.m, • lapidary, a jeweller. 
LapidiiK/re, s.m. one that throwi alonat. 
Upidasii/ne, /./. lapldatioo, sionlni to 

Lipi'de, /.«. • aiMc^ « tomlHitone, a 

prcciuM Mone. 
Lapide'o, tUJ. iionr, hard. 
Lapidv/io, 04/. atony, fail ofitonet. 
f.ipilla're, v. to cut into imall atonei. 
Lapilia'to, a<0, cut into amall atooea. 
Lapi'llo. t.m, tmali stone, flint. 
Lapiala'aaalo, Laptoiyaaari, Upiala'««olI, 

Upifla'aiuli, «.«. Upil Uf a nil* a aky- 

coloured stone. 
Iftppuaa're, r>. ex Uppuaa're un alkc- 

ro. to fsh a maat. 
La'ppota, I./, burdock, bar. 
l^uea'to. part, pilrd. boarded. 
Jjifdatu'ra, i./. a Urding. 
Urd«lU're, urda're, -v. to lafd, greaae* 
iTde'llo, t.m. a iardooo. 
I^rdo, #.«n, lard. 

Lifilo'ne, /.m. bacon, pickled pork. 
l.arKame'nte, adv» largely, freely, fulif, 

Larga'r«, i». |^ enlarce. 
'••rga'io, pivrf, enfaricd. 
I'')rgh<'gg>aV(f, V. to give leave, to deal 

Lxrg hi'iKiNio'ro, «.m. a spendthrirt. 
f'arglte'tto, aJj. wide. 
I^rel;p'x23, J,/, breadth, wideneaa; also 

liberality, bounty, <ibundanre, Irticrty, 

Jeavc, plenty; larglieaza d'uoa nave, 

the breadth of a «liip. 
targi're, v. to Rive libenlly. 
t'^rgita:. i./.breadth, iargeneaa, Hberalitr. 
Largiiyre,i.)n.a liberal givei-; apcodilirift. 
Urxicio'ne, i./. liberality. 
Lir^ii, ai;. bru^d. vide, large; copiooa, 

abounding ; Cree, iMunteoui, advaniage- 

ous: coecienga larga, a conic ience not 

tcrupuioui } faral far make one's 

self to be respected ; alU larg«, adv. 

t.a'rgo, t.m, larfenets, apace, latitude. 
Wrgo, adv. laigely, abundantly. 
iarfuVa, 1./. widcness, extent. 
Lari. t.m. pT, tares, bouiehold goda* 
Lari'ce, t.m. the larch-tree. 
Larlci'ao, adj. of the larclftree. 
lAri'ngc, t.m. the larinx, or ibro^t. 
u'ro, t.m. a sfa>guil. Cnaik.' 

*■ Larra, /./. a ghost, phantom { a vitard, a 
Lasa'gna, /./. a kind of paiie, 
Las«gn^lo, t.m- one that makeithtn paste; 
* Laaagno'ne, /.M. a coxcomb, a blockhead. 
t.«ici^ a./, a miilkt- 
k Laiciamrnto, t.m. « leafing. 
V iJfth'rt, V. folfivei TorSik^, abandOO,' 
1 Jl0tt lilfftr I lC4Vfl Of ) bcqiMdllte' ' * 


J^icla'to, fart, left, ^Ni*daiie4« 
Uici^ilc, «4/. iooae, Uceatloai. 
Laact'o, t.m, a legacjr, vill { « Iceih for 

U'scito^ j.m. • legacf. 
Lascivame'ntr, adv. waotonlf* 
Usci'via, I,/, wantonness. 
Uscivie'ntc, a4J, tuvtful, laacivlofli* 
Laacivi're, v. to grow wanton^ 
LaKi'vo, a4f. laacivioui, diaaoiute. 
iViCO, *(/• slothful. thMT. 
Una, #./. a collar for liuntlng dot I* 
Lasaa^re, v. to weary, tire, leave« fomfcti 
Uaaati'vo, «(/. laxAtUe. 
Usaa'to, fort, wearied, fonaken. 
Laaae'aza, U»a«io'ne, s./, weariocM* 
U'lao! tat a:/, a last 
Uno, otU, wearied, tired, fatigMd, ut- 

Ixppy* miserabli*. 
Usau*, i.aasu'ao,(i)i^«ffy>iiv.therr,«bore« 
Lastra, t. >'. a flat broad stone : porrc uao 

insu la lattm, to kill one 00 the spot* 
LaatM^uo^lo, t.m. a paviour. 
Lastra'to, part, taken in a snare. 
Usirica're, 11. to pavj;, to prepare. 
Usirica'io, fort. pavt-d. 
Ustrica'to, La'strico, t.m, the pavcnieat, 
Ustricatu'ra, t.f. a paving. 
lAHn/nc, t.m. a large stone, (la mvt act/A.) 
t.a'tfbra, /./. obscurity, a lunklng place, 
(.atrbru^so, adj. dark, concealed. 
iJite'nte, aJj. secret, bidden, 
tatenieme'nte, adv. privately. 
Laiera'le, d^/. aide>ways, belonging to the 

liaieralme'ntc, adxi. on tlie aides. 
Lateri'na, t.f a sink, a privjr. 
Ljiir'zza, t.f. latitude, breadth, 
ijitl'bulo, t.m. a lurking place. 
Latlnarae'ntr, aJv, largely, comfortabirt 

like the Latinv. 
Latiniia*, t./. die Latin toog*te. 
Latinisirf're, Uilna're, v. to speak, or 

write {.alio, to play the pedant. 
Lati'oo, t.m. ilie l.atin tongue ; lafiguage* 

speech : Udno di cucina, Um LAttn. 
Uii'no, a4/. Utln) plain, intelligible t 

•too spacioua, large { r«la laiisi^ tb« 

Laii'no, adv. in Uda, In the Latin mnnoen 
' UiKn re, v. to hide one^eclf. • 
Ljtitu'dine, s./» latitude; alao birfcnc«a 

■ bretihh. 
lato. t.m, side*, lasrlar da tato,- to leave 

a»ide; a I.1I0. ■n<laliaiti,./i<<i'.biy. nenri 

aorrila dri UiodI madre.inlMeniaiaKter. 
I^tyre, /.«!. b' ar«r i latore dt ieifelf lo« 

gislator : ad;. ap«0)Oii«,'wtde, beuad. 
r.a'rainp'nio, ««Mt harMn^t ' 
Lilra'r**, v. to hark, to cry. ' • 

utr/io, i.ns. n bJrkliM( poit, Miktd^ 

bayed. . > « . < f f • - .... 


Utr>r</re, s.m. a barker. 
Uir/a, J./' worship, (due tnly to Gtd,} 
Uiri'na, /.X. a dungbill, a prtTy. 
Utroci'nio, J.m. thcA, robbery. 
LaV>oci'oo, a4/\ detestable. 
Utta, /./*. tinned iron, tin. 
UttA'io, adj. that has mach milk. 
Utuiuo^la, i./*. the milk-ireed. 
Latxainolo, J.m. young tooth. 
Utta'nie, aJf. sucking; that gives suck : 

nutrice lattante, a vet norse. 
Litta're, v.- to give suck. 
Utu'ta, s.f. orgeat. 
Litt4'to, aJj. sucltied, milkf, milk-vhite. 
Lmatri'ce, /./. a nurse. 
Li'ite, s.m. milk: latte rdppresso, card- 

Jed milk ; laite di pesce, soft row of a 

fi*h; vitella di Jatl^, a sucking calf; 

fratcllo di latte, a Toster-brother ; latte 

di galliaa, the best ; la bocca fU puzxa 
. di iaut*. be is very young. 
Laiteggia'ntc, aJj. milkr. 
La'tteo, aJj, iacteoas, railkf : la via lattea, 

the milky way, the galaxy. 
ItaiteruClo* «.m. curdled milk. 
Zattici'neo, s.m. milK food. 
I^atticioo'so, Latli'fero, adj. milky, ('/M.K 

ini of plants.) 
LattilS'ccio, s.m. the milk of an unripe fig. 
l<->tti'ine, J.m. scurf. 
Lattimo'so, adj. scurfy. 
i.3tto^ozo, Lattonzo'ia, s»m. a sticking calf. 
Lattofs'ro, EAttoa'rio, Latttu'io* t»m, an 

Latlu'ga, s.f. lettuce ; a tucker. 
Lavaca'po, s.m. a rebnk«>. 
Lavace'ci, j.m. a blockhead. 
Lava'cro, s.m. a bath, bagnio^ font. 
Lava'gaa, /./ a slate. 
Larama'ne, s.m. wasli-band stand. 
Larame'nto, s.m. a washing. 
I.aTa'mla, s.f. Ijveoder; a washiof. 
La«anda'ia, Lavanda'ra, s.f. a washer^ 

ijTfe'i e, V. to wash, water, scrub ; lavar 

la testa ad uno, to speak ill of one : 

lavar la testa alJ* asino, to lose one's 

labour; lavare il suo, to waste, to 

Uvascado^Ue, s.m, a sculUoo* 
Xarati'vo, s.m, a glister. 
lavato'io, s.m, a laundry. 
Laratu'ra, LnuWot, J./. « wwibtAg, 

la'oda, s. f. an bymn, praise. 
Lauda'bile, a4J. laudable. 
IfludaMlfne'nte, aiv. laudably* 
laoda'no, s.m, laudanum, 
lauda're, v. to praise : laudaru, to be ia> 

JLtuda'io, fart, praised^ 
iM^AU'rCf #.«•. a pniicl^ 


Lcude..i.iis. praise. 
Laudrvole, aSj. laudable. 
Lauderolme'nte, oiv. laudably. 
Lave'ggio, s.m. a kettle, or pot. 
Lave'ndola. /. /. laf ender. 
Lavoracchia're, v. to work slowly. 
Lavorifcchio, s.m. clumsy work. 
Larora'nte, s.m. workman, journeymaw. 
LaTOi^'re, v. to work, lahour; plough, 

cintivate, till: larorar a giorratr, to 

work by tbe day ; lavomre di sotto, iv 

work under band ; laTOiare la vigna, to 

dress the vine. 
LaroratiSo, aij. arable: giomo lavoca- 

tivo, a work-day. 
Lavora'to, part, tilled, ploughed, worked,- 

artificial : fuoco lavorato, fire-work ; 

s.m. ploughed land. 
Lavorato're, s.m, workman, bosbaadman.) 
Lavoren'a, Lavorie'ra, s.f. coUiTated land* 
lavo'ro, Lavori'o, s,m. workmanslup. 
Laufrea, /./. crown of laurel. 
Laurea'io, adj. laureate : poeta laureata^ 

poet laureate. 
Laareazio'ne, s.f. the ceremony of crow »> 

ing a poet laureate. 
La'ureo, aij. of laurel. 
Uure'ola, s,f. spurge^laurrU 
Laune'to, s.m, a laurel grove. 
f.aori'BO, aij. of laurel. 
Lauro, /.as. laurel. 
Lautamc'nte, aiiu. gallantly. 
Laute'xaa, s.f. galiastry, magnificence. 
La'oto, aij. fine, stately. \jAxwt, 

Lauazi'no, s,m. be that lashes the galley 
Lassere'tto, t^m, a pest-house. 
Laaaeniona,/./. a small medlar* 
Lasaeruo^o, $,m, a medtar'tree. 
Laaxtf'tto, alj, sourisli. 
Laxae'ssa,LasziU*, s.f. sourness, tartnesik 
Laaao, aij, sour, tart ; s.m. drollery, jest. "^ 
Le, orf. (be: le donne, the women ; le, 

frtm. her, them; le conowot 1 ItxMt 

tiiem ; parlatele, speak to her. 
Lea'Ie, aij. loyal. 
Lealme'nte, ahi. loyally. 
r>ealta% /./. fidelity, loyalty, 
l^a'rdo, aij, dapple: leardo pomiaatOk 

dapple grey. 
Le'bbra. Lcbbrosl'a, s.f. leprosy. 
Lebbro'ao, aij. leprous. 
Leccame'nto, s.m. the act of liking* 
Leccapia'tri, s.m, a spunger. 
Lecca'rdi, /./. drippmg-pao. 
t^cca'rdo, aij, greedy. 
L,rcca're, v. to lick, lick up. get, catch. 
Leccatame'nte, oitn with affectation. ^ . 

I^ecca'to, aij, licked, elegant, clean, nice. * <■ 
I.eccato're, s.m. a spunger, a parasite. 
I^eccatu'ra, s, f. a scraUrh. 
fjeccc'to, f m. Intricacy, bum ; a grove m 





Lrcrhe^to, #.m. sumetMnf »lii«h laticM 

one lu cai wIick hoc huitgt7< 
r.r'cciu, 5.m. hulni'irec* 
LeVco, i.m. gluuooy, lechery; the Jack 

at bowlf . 
Lecco'nei s,m» a glutton* 
Lcc-coneri'a, Leccorai'i» t./, flotCony, 

Leccu'me, j «. i daintjr, or tit-bit; alto 

an excrement. 
Lece're, v. to be Uwful, {usedmNimhe 

thhriipfrjon tHigular y'tha frtuM tout of 

tht inJk-iiilve mood,) 
LecltAnt'ntc, ad*: UMrfutljr. 
Lc'cito, aJj. lawful. 

I^e'ia, I«ga'nM, t./. laaflu^, alliance, al- 
loy ( a leatue, (tfirre mUa) : monrta di 

buuna lega, good nioucy* 
Lega'cvia, *./. a garter, 
lega'ccio, t.m. a siriag. band, garter. 
lA-jja'le, a4/. legal, lanfuU 
I^galita* J./. lvg<ility. 
LegaJma'tile, adv. k«ally« 
I^ga'rme, s.m. ligatui'e. 
Lcgamc'Rlo, t,m, Lcgatu'ra, «./. bindinf, 

Le^u're, v. to tie, bind, ceiiiiCrain, knk, 

laiteii ; oblige « t<i Uali Oim phtatt) : 

legar iaiino, la sleep very sound ; le- 

garsi, to make aleagaa; tar legati, to 

heqiicatlij Icgtra i depU, toaaiond 

treili un vdnc, 
lArg«iiifiitt, <,m, le^tee. [gacy. 

Lcga'io, t.m. ilir pope'* legale ; abu a It- 
L«i(a'((i, ^art. tied, bound. 
Lc'gatu'ie, t.m abladwrt legaioredilibri. 

a book- binder. 
Leg4tu'i-ii,.«./. iigaUirv, flileu 
Leg^xio'ne, i. /. lugatioa ; legatesbip ; 

the oMre or ]urii(lictioB of a legate* 
Lc'gge, /./. a law, st4iulr, way, laabioo. 
Legte'oda, s.j. legend, a ailly atory. 
l#M«ndA'iu, *.m, a Heller ol' little Mory 

Letffft'nrta'rio, s.m. Irgenlary. 
Lc'tgere, v. to read, pentimte Inta, teach, 

in truct. 
Ufnere'Ma. Lergien/aaa, t /. nimblfr- 

ne«s, Ivi^ily, Hckirn ■«. 
Leggcrme'nle, iWi'. hglitly, swiftly. 
Lcggiadrainr'nte, aiv. beautilully,cbann- 

ingly. Sharply, iM). 
L'tgiadrr'tio, aJJ. genteel, agreeable. 
Jx-geudii'A, /./. beauty, grace. 
Lcggiii'dro, a^/. Iiandioaie, graceiui, (air ; 

i,m. a lover. 
U(gi'bUe,a^. Iiwiblc. 
Lfl««ieram«'flle, aJu*. lightly* 
Lcf^c'ro, UHgle'ri, I*t gaiu'rai a4f» iighl, 

easy, liith:, sllalit, iiwft, eftty ol digit* 

ttuAt all* lat(Mi'ra»-*<**« lislttly, rashly, 

li»«:ont)deratcIy ; di leg|ierl,«MMtll|r' 

Leggiermcf nte, l.evftraac'nteiAlt'.Vftatly^ 

eaally, reably. 
Leggfo, i.M. a writing-desk. 
Lcggitu're, i.m. a lecturer, reader. 
Legiona'rio, adj. belonging tua ie|iM» 
Legio'ne, /./. a legion. 
I^t»'ii>laii'vo, a4j, legialative. 
LegislatoVc, ^.m. a law-glrer* 
rcgislatu'ra, s.f. leglsUtive authority 
l.egisk«io^e, t.f. legialalure. 
Legi'dta., a lawyer. 
Lcgi'ttima, t.f. portion'by la*. 
I.egittimaine'nte, adxu iawfully. 
I.cgittima're, v, to legitimate. 
r^gittima'to,/><ir/. letillmated. 
Legitiimagio'oe, i.f, legitimatioa* 
U'giltiiniti*, s.f. legitimacy. 
f.('gi'tlit.M>. adj. lawtui. 
Urgna, Lt/gne, t.f. pi. flre-wood. 
^gtu'Kgto, t.m, fantiljr, race, pcdifree* 
Lognaiuo'lu, I«gnaina'ru,i.m. a carpenter, 
f^gna'me, t.m. limber. 
Legaa're, i>. to cut wood* 
r.egnu'ta, s.f. a blow with a codfel. 
Lc'gno, t.m. wood, a ship : legoo ttnio, 

lignum vitx. 
Legoi/fo, a4/» woody. 
I.>cgor/xia, t.f. liquorice. 
Legu'me, aw* putae, {at ptatf, &mw.) 
fxri, tron. pert. s.f. hrr. 
l^lliVe, 1/. to dally, (0 /nv wird.) 
iVrabu, hem, cd^e, border, ridge. 
Lu^mma, i./.a prupoiitiontobediacuaed. 
Le'minc lemmc, Jit', gently, 
l.e'na, t.f. ■inf|i||th. viifuur, hroath* ^ 
Lena'ix', v. to recorer st cuglk. 
r.L-'ndiiif, /.m. a nit. 

U-nditie'lia, './. a kind of coarse cloth. 
Lendiiiu'v), aJj..f\i\\ of niii. 
Lc'nc, a^, kind, humane, (ie ^eiery.) 
Lcnii'nte, aJj. >ortrniag, lenient. 
Lenificam«/uiu, /.m,soitneH,aaauageaient 

01 pam ur aiiet. 
I.enifir4'i-e, t>. to ea>c, assuage, mitigate* 
l^enidca. i'vo, a v'. l<^nitl*«. 
l^nimc'nto, t.m* a softening. 
I^ot're, t'* to suiU'i). 
Utiil.t«, Urnittt'dr, t.f. lanily. 
Lcnili'vo, aJj, lenitive. 
Le'uo, aJJ, l4lnt, w«4l^ flexible, pltaat :. 

rinu Icno, flat dead wine* 
r^noci'nio, t.m. piiaplng, cbarm. 
r4ano'ne,u.«. a- Dim p. 
Lfntfl'gKinc, i./. a wild-plant* 
l^nUme'nte, «Wl». iMowlyw 
r^nU'rsi, ti. 10 sUcken. 
Lcnte, Lenta, »,f, icntiilt a leu* « 
• vex glass. 

r^ntf mv'iite. tdv, t\'om\f>, 
l4*nte palu'iirc, t.f. Hater lentil. 
JiA'nte'xza, s.f. tlowoeae. 
fcAU'cciiia,i./. »«mU kaiUt 


Tratif fi'ne, t.J» « tackle, pimple. 
l«it«fitn«>'ao, a4/. liinecklcd. 
Icnti'scliiui i.m. the Irndiik'tree. 
Lento, ad9, slowlv ; aid. slow, idles lea* 

ta Diocgia« sraait rain. 
Lenta re, J. mi. licaviaeM. 
L>:i>za, J./", an angjing Hoe. 
Ltriutto'lo, J.m. a slu>et. 
Lrot'a'nle, s*m, an clephanC. 
Ltoiice'Ho, Leooci'oo, «.>■. a yomg, or 

litiie Ikm* 
IXM'at, ».m. a Uoo. 
Veose'aM, «. /. a she-tioiw 
Leoni'oo, oJy. ieooine, ofa Uon{ a latin 

rrne which rbjrines. 
L(c»pa'fid(H->*«k a leofMrd. 
l^piitaio«'Dte> ait', plrasanily. 
Lcpidtf'^sa, J. /'. racetiousnc»t pleasant- 

I^pitlo, aJij. piea«ftni» joroae. 
Lejiord'io, Lepora'rio, i.iR. a park for 

liiirea, a warren. 
Lc'pore, '.m. gr^refalnM^ 
Lrpori'oo, «4/> beloofing to a. hare. 
f«ppa're. v. to rob, steal, run away. 
Lrppra'tto, /.m. knreret, or yuung hare. 
U-'pre, um, a han% 
tcproac tr'llot Lepn/tlo, i.m.a >oung bare, 

a lev re I. 
I^cia^rr, i». to soil, sullf. 
Ltr'rcioy aJJ* dirty, foul. 
Lt-'ro, s.m. the bitter tare or vetcb. 
Leii'na, uf, an awl ; thrift apariBiMtf. 
L«»io'ae, i.J. wrong, hurt. 
Le'ao, <i<(A wroaged : dllcUodi Ic 

la^ high treaioo. 
I^etaa're, v. to boil. 
Leasa'io, fan., boded. 
LetMiu'ra, «./. a boUing. 
Le'nicok **m. lexicon, (a ^fcf iMwy.) 
L<'isic</graro, t.fn. a lexicographer. 

{^rasoi, i.fla. a boiling • boiled meat; 

Lrstame'nte, aiv, aimbljr. 
Lcne'xxa, i./.aimblenets \ cuBning, craft 
Ift^tu, 04/. Btmbte. ootfik. 
I^cta'le, a4j. mortal, deadly. 
Leiama'io, tjm» « di|Dgbiil. 
Let^maiuo'lo, i.m,% »caveoger. 
Leuraa'i e, LctMaiai^re, «. to daag^ aa> 

Leta'oic, i.«.d«ng« nttck,marl* 
letamiRgme'akit *.m» Uumiimiu'ni. Jjt- 

taminaxi(/ne, t.f. a manuriuK,maiiiiic. 
Lrtamioo^to, <M/. coreaed with manure. 
I^-tani'e, Uewoe, t.f. litany, 
Leia'rcico. a4/- )etto«rgJe. 
tela'rgo, i.m. LelargKa, «./. lethaivy. 
UUco*ao, 04/. iitisieub 
Lctiflc/nle, aij. r^oiciag. 
L«(iAc*'rcj V. iom4liagla(L 
L«ti'g|iAe, i./. a pimple, ireckt^ 



t LetfrgiRote, t4j- pimpled, fraCkledL 
I Leii'icU, *.f-, mirtis jny. 

Le'iltra, t. f. a teller: letter* di cambfo^ 

- a bill ofexclianKC : iettrr^^^di procura, 
a letter ol attorney ; letiera, learning, 

Leciera^, adj. Meral. 

Letleralnie'ntr, aJv. liierally. 

LettcraVio, adj. literary. 

I^ttera'to, mij. learned. 

LcMeratu'ni, t.f. learning. 

Letteru'iOyi.*!. a loaracd aiaa, (a Imrhsqut 

Letiic'i a. t. f. a Instead. 

Leiti'ga,i./. a horse-litter, a warming-pan. 

Le'lto, A.fs. a bed ; letto d' an flame, die 
cbaAnel of a rirer j ffglio del primo o 
del secondo let;o, a ctiild by the lint or 
aecond nurriaite ; lettu, dregs or tees oJP 
wine, the bottom of a valley, liie lodge 
ol a deer, ilie layer of a »Ug« 

Lelto're, s.nt. a iecieprr. 

Lettori'a, t./. a Icctartabip. 

[^itucci'no, Letu'ccio, t.m, a coucb, « 

I^ttu'ra, /./. a iecture. 

Leva, /./. a J«%er i leva da mills ia, ralafof 
suidiers }. inettere o dare a leva, to littf 
up witit a IctMrr; far leva di soldati, to 
ealilt soldiers. 

Lerafbile, 04/. moveable. 

Lenado're, j.flB. a Ux-gatherer, {law'tirm. \ 

LevaMi'na, t.f. a theft, robbery. 
' Levaaie'ato, i,Mk a raising, rearing up. 

l<cva'nte, /.as. the east -, adj. raisiug, lift* 
ing up : aodare ia let ante, to go on tiM, 

tavaati'no* a^f. oae bora la the east. 

Le'va, t.f. a swell of the sea. 

Leiate, V. to lift, beaaet levar 11 bollore^ 
to boiit levar aoldati, to raiae sol- 
diers; levar il capoello, to lake off 
the hat; levarsi, to-ine* lift up» get up, 
leave a place ; levar le carte, to cut at 
cards ; levar del sacro fonte, to stand 
gadfluJier; levar la pianta, to take a' 
draoght ; kvare in capo, to work or 
ferment, as beer does ; levarc il capo, 
ta ba pufled up with pride ; levar la' 
tavola, to take away ; lesare il pane, to 
leaven the bread. 

Leva'u, J. f. a raiiiag apt levata del 
sole, the sua*riaiag ; dl poca levata, oT 
Nttle conacquenco. 

Lcva'to, fOrt. drawn, coplad, lifted up. 

Levat(/io, i*m. a draw-bridgo* 

Levalo're, f.m. be iliat rataas upi a whol^ 
■ale manhaoi. 

I^vatri'ce, t.f. a midwife. 

Levatu'ra, t.f. wit, uodcnundiai* 

Levaxio'ne, t. f. a Ui'ting up. 

<Uf ra, a4/. light la «ci|bU 


tnraitiffflte* oiw. lofUr, quicklf. 

Jxrviflti'cho, s.m. the lierb lorage, 

Levi («',/./. Icvitjr. 

tcvita'rr, t>. to I'erment. 

Levvi^rt, J.m. a grey-hound. 

Leu'io, i.ffl. a luir. 

LcfzU, t. /. Lc'xio, i.m. endearmeDU, 

Lfxio'nr, «./. lecture, lewoo. 
LcxiuiM'Kiine, J./. cOemlnacy. 
LexioiamCnte a4it, wantonly • delicateijr. 
l^aio'so, aiJ, wancoo, eff«miiuae« 
1.012 a' re, i'. to ailnk. 
Lp»o, t.m, stink. 
Jxxzi3fao,adJ. Minklnf. 
Li, art. the : ii fiumi, the rivert K. pfoiL 

him ; ii bo detto, I told itim : li, adv» 

there : eccolo ii, there it ia. 
Libasio'iie, /./. Libamc'ato, «.0i> a liba- 

Uba'aiioa i./. fl. perfume*. 
Libra're, v. to uate, to tip. 
Li'bbia, /./. a branch cut from an olive 

Libbra, /. /. a pound weight, ■ 11? re, a 

eound iterling. 
eccia^ta, j./. a gale of •outh'Weit wind. 
Libc'ccio, s.m. the soutli wind, 
tibe'llo, s.m. libel « a amall book. 
Libera'le, a4f. liberal, geoeroua, aflTable, 

amoroua : paroletta liberate, a Ucenti- 

oua word ; arti liberali, the liberal arts, 
tiberalita*. i./. iiber«lity. 
Liberalne'otc, adv. liberally. 
Liberarae'nie, adv. freely, abaolutely, bjr 

■II meana. 
IJberamc'oto, s.m. dellverf. 
LIbeiVre, v. to free, releaae, fct rid of, 

five up. 
Uberaioi're, s.m. a dellrrrcr,a u? lour. 
JJberaai</ne, Liberagio'ne, /./. deliter- 

a nee. 
Li'bcro, A^/.free, frank, looie, licentious, 

Liberia', !./• liberty. . 
L.bertina'ggio, I.ibcrtini'imo, s,m. dcbaa* 

cilery, (in old boolu uttd in tim sams ssnte 

MS Liberu'.) 
UbertKno, s.m. the aon of a freed BUn« 
Ijbc'rto, s.m. one made free. 
IJb/dine, i./. iutt, lentuaUif. 
IJbidinoaame'nte, adv. lusllully. 
libidino'aot a4f. wanton, seniual. 
Li'btio, s.m. pleaaure, wi I, mio4: faiti 

libito, to pleaae one'i aeif. 
Libra, s./. Libra, (a sign 9/ilm uodish:) 
libraflo, s.m. a bookaeiler. 
Lihrame'nto, s.m. a weighing ( Ubratlon, 

the motion of the pendulum. 
LIbr/re, v. to weigh, couider : Uhnni, 

to hofcr in the air. 
Libr/to, fdrt, wcl|hod» 


libracit/oe, /. /. llbratloii. 

Libref i'a,^. /. a library, aiio the bodk- 

■ciling basinen. 
U^bro, t.m, a book: libro maestro, o 

ledger ; libro di lo, tlie log'buok. 
Li'cci, s.m. the woof. 
Li'ce, V. it la Utwful. 
Lice'naa, Lice'naia, /. /. licence, Imre, 

also licentiooaoeaa* 
Licensiamc'nto, s,m. u dismlaiion. 
Licensia're, v. to disroisa, diabaodt H- 

ceniiartl, to take leare of. 
Llcenaia'to, ^ort, dicmiaacd, ditbanded s 

un licensiato, a licentiate. 
Liccnaiatu'ra, j./. licence. 
LicenaiOMme'nte, mh'. Kcencloinly* 
l.icensio'*-), o<</. licentioua, luoic. 
Li'cere, hnp. to be lawful. 
I.icitame'nte adv. IjwfuUy. 
Liciie'asa, i./. right, juatice. 
Li'citu, adv. lawful. 
Lico're, s.m. {h foetry) a liqoor. 
Lido, s.m. bank, ahore. 
Lleoteri'a, /./. lienterr, (a dbitfar.) 
Lietame'nte, d^. gladir, mer.ily. 
Lieie'saa. /./. Joy, mirth. 
Lie'to, adi. merry, chearful ;open, aunnf, 
Lic'ra, «./. a lever; moment, weisLCf 

Lie'va li<rva, adv. stand out of the way. 
Lie've, [>e've, aJJ, Jiglit, nimble, awtfc. In- 
considerable, mean,^oor. 
Lieteme'nte, adv. swiftly, casUy, dexte* 

rouiiy, kindly. 
Lieve'aca, Lievtu*, s./. lightacsi* 
Lievita're, v. to ferment. 
Lie'vlio, t.m. leaven. 
Liga'mc, s.m. a tie, binding. 
iJgnmc'nto, s,m. a ligament. 
LigamentolSD, adf. full of ligamcBtt. 
Uga're, v. to tie, bind. 
Ugia'rc, v. to make fmooih and aofl« ca* 

Llaiatia're. v. to register. 
Li'gio, adf. subject to, servUe. 
Ligittima're. SceLeglttima're, and itt Amm 

LiRna'ggi o, s.m. race, lineage* 
Li'gnco, adf. wooden. 
LiRu'ttro, s.m. a privcl, throb. 
Li'ioa, s. f. ftle : lima lorda. a soft i1«. 

a cunning blade orsharper; lima, mud- 
dy ground ; far limn lima, to baotor, \m 

Lina'ccio, s.m. mod, mire. 
Limat.cio'so, adf. muddy, mirf. 
Lioia'rc, v. to flh:, consunt, waHts tm 

Limata'ra. /./. filtaiM, tlr-diist : v|ffr«4 

limntura, lu live by one*! «tt». 
Limbc'iio, Uab«Udr«cio.i.i«i 



.imbicca're, f>. to distiL 
-imbi'cco, Lambi'cco,, a limbeck, 
.i'nibo, *.m. limbo. 

:.iniita're, a threshold } v. to limit, 
stint, confine, 
■m\ui/ro, aJJ. thatUmits, 
I'miitazio'iie, s./'. limitation. 
'^'miie, s.fn. limits, bounds.'trofo, adj. bordering, {Uno ttrm. ) 
^'oio, j.m« mire, mud, dirt, oozy ground. 
L mo'ne, s.m. a lemon. 
i-raone'a, jf. lemonade. 
'•'n]</sina, s.f. alms. 
Linojina'nte, (M;. mendicant. 
t-imotina're, v. to beg, to give alms. 
^:mo3ina'rio, *.m, Rn alms-giver. 
•!mosina'to, part, begged. 
.imosinate^re, Limosinie're, Umosiaie'ro, 
i.m. an alm»-giTer. 
■'■nosita*, /./. muddinesff. 
iino'so, aif, muddy, mlrf.. 
impide'csa, Limpidita\ s. ^. clearness, 

'mpido, a^*. transparent. 
^'ncc, a lynx. 
:'nceo, a4j. or the lynx, 
'ncf, orftr. from thence, 
ndame'nte, atht. fluently. 
ndc'zza, Lindu'ra, J./, neatness. 
'ndo, a{f. oeat, spruce, fine. 
'nca, s.f. a line, lineage: lineadt scan- 
(lagilo, the lead or sounding line at sea. 
nralme'nt''. Linear me'nte, adv. in a di- 
rec: Ui>c. 

nc'am«/iito, s.m. lineament, feature. 
nea're, t*. to draw. 
ncVrio, a4j' linear, 
nca'to, fan delineated. 
nt'azio'ne, s.f. delineation, feature. 
nTa, /,/. water {in poetry.) 
nfa'tico, aij. full of water. 
ngeiVa, s.f. linen. 

'ngua, s.f. tongue : pigliar lingua, Ux 
fnq<iire; lingua, language, nation, the 
tongue of a balance; lingua di terra, a 
cape or head'land; lingua di mare, a 
freck or cotre. 

'n gu« buo'na, /. /. bvglois, (ArrA.) 
"^ua'ccia, s.f. a bad tongue. 
' ,:uacciu'to, <.•«. a prater.^ 
•irua'ggio. /.m. language. 
'iKuaVdo, s.m. a back-biter. 
'd«tia serpeftti'aa, s.f. the- iierb adder*!- 

'mieggia're, v. to chatter. 
i^'g.ic'lla, *' /. n straincn 
•ieuolUlffe, '%f. *tty stammeF, lisp-; to 
strain or rack lit«iior. 
n^vttfw^t 04lf*^katSeiiBf.' 
aMne'ato»:/.fR» ariittidkeDt, or thin oiot- 
nam. '■^•*,." . » 
av, t%Uh ^ "A6i U3( ' Jpa&ne UaO| itmm 


tinse'me, i.w. linseed. 

Lioru'Fno, s.m» an unicora. 

Liofa'Dte, Lionfa'nte, i.m. elepliaiiC* 

Liona'to, 04/. tawny. 

Lio'ne, /.01. a lion. 

Liune'ssa, s.f. a lioness. 

Lioni'ooriji^*. belonging to a Hon. 

Liopa'rdo, s.m. a leopard. 

Lippitu'dine, s.f. blear-cyedness. 

Li'ppo, Air. blea.*eyed. 

Li quaere, xt. to declare, publish^ mawfesCv 

Liquefa're, v. to liquefy. 

Liquefazic/ne, /./. a liquefying, 

Lityuidame'nte, adv. clearly, easily. 

Liquidate, v. to liquify. 

Liquidazio'oe, «./. liquldatieo, settliBfl 

Liquidi're, v. to become liquid, 

Liquidita% s.f. liquidity. 

Li'quido, dJj. liquid, fluid, clear, plain. 

Lfquido, «.!». a liquid; liquidlj tbcliquiil 
fetters, 1, m, n, r. 

Liquiri'aia, s.f. liquorice. 

Liquo're, s.m. liquor. 

Liquore'tto, s.m. a light liquor.- 

I.i'ra, s.f. a livre, a harp,, a lyre. 

Lire'ssa, s.f. a badlyra. 

Li'rico, a^. lyric. 

Li$ca, s. f, fish-bone; a trifle; also tbr 

coflrse hecd'i o< flax, or liemp. 
Lisce'aza, \.f. sinoolhoess.. 
Li'scla, s.f. a slfdge. 
Lisciamt/nte, adu,. fluently. 
Lisciamc'iito, t.m. smoothing, flattery, 

Liscta're, tv to smooth, polish, flatter, 

r.iscia'rsi, v. to paint. 
lkisciatO''re, j.fflr. a polisher. 
LiiciatuVa, s.f. polishing, painting. , 

Li^cio, s m. paint, such as women use ; -f^ 

adj. polislied, smooth, slee{(. 
Lisiina'cchia, s.f. water-willow. 
Lis rui'ie, /./. a cordial. 
Li'su, s.f. list, band, flliet, stripe, roll, 

Lista're, v. to strip, to lace. 
Listw'ila, /./. a small square. 
Lita'me. s.m. dung. 

Liu're, v. lo sacrifice, please, appease. 
Lita'rgia, s. f. lethargy, 
/iita'sgit'o, 04/. letbacgic.- 
Litargi'rio, Litargi'ro,. Litargi'lio, s.m. 

Mihargc ; silver, gito. 
ute, J. /. strife, variance ; a suit at law. 
litigamt/ntOk ''<"• coiMest, dispute, 
lltiga'nte, smi. a pleader, a Utigtous per- 

•"''■• ... .J 

t^tigt'ce. Litica'rc, i>« to litigate, plead. 

• BtW atlaw. • ,. . . 

lUtigato're, s.m. a pleaderi a Utigif 



tttPtfioCf >'f' > Pinple, freckle* 

LiU|in«'io, a^, plmpied, rreckled* 

Litrgio, i.«n. vtrife, debate. 

I.i(igi(/io, 04/. quarrelsome. 

Lito, i.m. a ahore, bank* 

Litolog I'a, J./, litboloff. 

litorrle, Liuon'ie, a^, beloo|is| to a 

Liitera^, «rii}» literal. 
J^itteralme'nte, odi*. literally. 
Littefi^rlo, <M/. literarr. 
Llttera'to. av. sklllecl In letters. 
Littcratu'ra, i./. lUcrature. 
LittorafnOk am. an inbabteaal of the lea* 

Utt(/fe, ^.ffb a Roman Uclor* 
LlU/ra, «./. a blouiof out. 
liturgi'a, J. /. IHur^r. 
Uft'lla, J./, a i«»el. 
Livella'rr, v. to level, to make lefch 
Ufclla'rio, a tenant, or copyholder. 
Lifeila'to, fort* levelled, 
tjvellato're, i.m. a lercller, a lord of tbe 

Llre'Uo, t.fiu tributcmoney ; a lerel. 
Livide^ila, i./. a kind of grapes. 
LiTide'iaa, <./. envy, ipite, livldily. 
Li'vldo,d4/. livid, black and blue, covloui, 

Lifido^re, /.m. Llvidu'ra, /. /. llvidUy, 
black sn^l blue apota \ rancour, spite. ■ 
Uviri'tta, adv. utt here. 
Lifo'rc, i.m. ciivy, rancour, also Uvldity, 

black and blue apota. 
Livorosamu'nte, aao, maligD8nUy» enri- 

JJvoro'io, At/- envioua. 
I.irre'a, /./. Hvcry. 

Liu'to, Lru'to, urn. a lute, (a miukal in- 
ttrumtnt); liuto, a .pinnace, a little 
U'asa, s.f. Hat, career ) alio a rampart, 

1a>, art. tbe : lo Studio, the stad/ 1 prm. 

him, lt:lo vcdo,.lsee bim, or it. 
lo, r^iche, i.m. tlic log (orwa): sagosa 

del lo, the log«line. 
lobo, s.m. lubf, Uiftlit liver or tungi.) 
Loca'le, aij. local. i 

lAcalme'nie, aiv. locally, personally. 
Loca'nda, s.f. lodging, ready- furnliiiecl. , 
Locandie're, t.m. one tb^l lets riady fur- 

ttlabed lodging*. 
Loca're, place, settle, lay op in some 

Locaaio'ne, t. f. potlilon, place. 
Xoeo, /.m. i^Uce, oppuriunivy, time. 
I4>cu'sta, i.f. locust, an insect -, a lobster. 
l«e««lo'ne,i./. ljCHtion,pbraac,laiiguage. 
JUmU. /./ praise. 
■btfafbilc, (M/. laudable. 
l«4abUiUV <•/• wbAt ia coiMMtteUe. 

Lodame'nto, t.m. a praiainft 

lA>da're, v. to pnite,comaaend, UDprote^ 

allow : lodarsi, d'uno, to be well SAti» 

fied, or contented with one. 
Lodatame'nte. a&u. in a laudable maniaer. 
Lodati'vo, a^, in praiae. 
r^odaio^re, t.m. a prahcr. 
Lo'de, s.f. praise, commendation. 
I>odevoi'le,(H(/. laudable, commendable. 
L.KteTolnM^ote, atiu laudably. 
Lodo, opinion, sentence. «^ 
lx>'dola, t.f. a lark. .^i^ 

LodiVito, «.m. salted meats, salUda* or 

sauces in pick'e. 
Lo^gBiu* «•/. • lodge, an open laUcry, % 

high terrace, lod«iog. 
lAi'gica,'/. logic. 
Loglca'ie, 44/. logical, of logic. 
Losica're, ^t. to suinilise. 
Lag ICO, «.m. a logician. 
Lo'giio, t.m. tare,d<irn«l, cockle-weed. 
Loflio'so, a4j. lull of cockle-weeds. 
Logora're, t'. to wear out, wastes loc<^ 

rarti, to \icar out, to wear oflT. 
Logorato're, <.>n. a spendthriA. 
Loaori'aia, /,/. liquor ice. 
Urgoro, t.m, hawk's lure; a^f, ratie4» 

worn out. 
Lo'ia, i./. dirtiness, dirt, 
fx/ica, 4./. See Lo'gica, and Us deriTativefl. 
Lola. s.f. cbair. 
f^ll.'gine, it/, cuttle-fish, 
f^mtia're, <24;'. belonfing to the loins. 
Lo'ron, i.m. loin, haunch, fl^nk. 
Lumbri'va. «.m. an earth womi. 
rx>in/a, t.f. a sweet lemon. 
Lc/na, t.f. aail-clotb canvass. 
Longanim.ta', t.f. Mtlence. 
Lon^c'vo, adj. long lived. 
Lx>nginqui(a*, t.f. great diiUnee of llne^ 

or place. 
Ijong/nquo, aif. distant. 
Lonniludina'le, oOj. longitudinal. 
Loogitu'dine, imj. longitude. 
Lontaname'nte, tithf. far, afar off. 
r.ontanii', ixMtam'as 1, <•/. diataacc. 
Liin:ana're, v. to send away, 
uintyiio, ai\i. far distant! da lostai 

adv. a I a distance. 
Lu'nira, t.f, an otter. 
Lu'nie.1, /./. a paniher. 
U/wid, atj. ehervated. 
Lop pa, /./. fbalT. tue bosk of 
Lop)H/au, ditr. hu>ky. 
Loqu.i'ic afj. loqa^cloua. 
l.oq ncita*, J./, talhatlvcnas. 
Loque'ia, /i./. suo«ci>, discoune, 
lA>rdamc'nie, dch«. nsstlty. 
IrftrdaVe, v. to foal, dlrif • 

Lorde'ssa, tj, aaaiiocsa. 

Lu'rdo, «!;, Mlt7i filUi7« ohic— , la) 

Lordo'ra* x/. Lordu'sie, t.m. aatthMH. 

lo'ricay s. /. a coat of mail. 

Loro, firsn. tbem. tbose : diss! l6ro. I told 

them ; fl loro Iibro» tbdr bo6k ; 11 loro, 

tbeir properijr. 
Losco, aJJ. purblind, shorMighledj one- 

eyed, dull, blunt. 
l>oif re, V. to plaster with earth. 
UfXo, s.m. tnu^, dirt, mire. 
Lotola'ntc, Lotole'nte, Loio'ao, aJJ, nud- 

•ir* diny. 
Unu, s.f. a wrestling, dispute, debate. 
I^cta'n^, rottegf ia're, v. to wrestle. 
Lottai(/re, /.»>> • wrestler, 
totto, s.m. lotterr, l«t,'Chaiice» 
Ura. /./*. a she wolf; a prostilute* 
lobrica're, v. to loosen. 
f'Ubricatt'vo, adj. looseoing. 
LubricHa*, Lubricbe'ssa.j./. lewdness. 
Lu'brco, s»m, a slippery place ; <ii/V slip* 

pcry. fallacious, deceitful, inclfnid to 

eril; loose in the belly. 
lazchefn'iiQ,s.m. a kind o f scarlet cltfth. 
L.irctic'tto, i»m. a padlock. 
I.u'ccia, /./. a*plant fo called, 
luccia'nie, adj. shining { t.m* an eye» 
Lurcia're, ik to shme. 
' Lu'ccio, J.m. a p'ke. 
U/cciola, s.f. a glow-wortnt far veder 

lucciole ad uno, to give one a bard 

blow; to make him see the stars at noon. 
I.u:ciola'to,>.m. a kind of gloW'Worm. 
L icco, s.m, • gown, a robe, (worn a$ Fto^ 

Luce, i./. tight, briglitness; the eye-ball, 

an optic-glasi; understanding, hint! 

dare in luce, to publish • work; ve> 

n I re in luce, to appear. 
Lurc'nie, aJj. shining, bright, glittering, 

lu'cere, v. to shine, to be bright. 
Luce'rna, «./. a lamp, 8plcodour«. light ; 

tne eye. 
I jcerna'ta,/./. a lampful of oil. 
1 jicrnir're, t.m, a candlestick to Mt a 

iHinp on. 
luce'rtoU, Luce'rta,/./. a Uiard* 
I.j'chera.J.y. mien, look. 
l~i(.lK-ri'no, s.m. a goldfinch* 
I.'Jcid4me'nie,(3Jv. brightly. 
LucidaVe;, v. Xa elucidate, .unfold, ex« 

I. cidi'io, part, illustrated. 
Ucide'2«a, LucidiuV*/' light* 'plendoar, 

Lu'culo, <t4j' bright, lucid. 
I/ic/fero, /.«. th< morning *tar, Lucifer. 
Luci^ca're, v. to thine. 
Luciitnola'to, a^f, twisted like a wick. 



Lucnll'fO, a^. lucratite* 
Lucre, s.m. gain, profit. 
Lucrosamc'ntc, adxu gainfallyv / 
Lucr</8o, a4f. prolitable. 
L^i'dt're, ti. to play, sport. 
Ludi'brio, s.m. 9. mockerf. 
lAidi&caVe, v. to deceive, or jeer. 
Ludificaxio'ne, /. /. a mocking, or 

Ludimagi'8tro,/.m..a scho(^*mastcr. 
Lado, s.m. play, game. 
Lue, s.f, pkgue, pestilence ; marrain 

Lu/To, s.m. a bundle. 

LuAo ro«estro, s.m. seneschal, bead mall* 
Lualia'iico, ai^j. that grows in Jaly. 
Lrglio, $.m* lite month of July* 
Lugu'bre, aij. mournful. 
Lui, /iffl. a wren. % 

Lui, pirm. be ; di lui, of him* 
Lui'ssimo, prM. himself. 
Luma'ca, s.f. a snail : scala « lunuc«( • 

■winding stair-case. 
Lumaco'ne, s.m, a large snail, a ineakiof 

Lume; s.m. light, brightness, knowledft^ 

notice, hint} eye. 
Lumeggia're, v. to illuminate ; to oolotir 

map% prints, or books. 
Lumie'ra, Lumioie'ra, /. /. a torch, ot 

light, also a lustre, a chandelier. 
Lumina're, s.m, luminary. 
Luminasio'ne, s.f. illumination* 
Lumine'llo, s.m. socket of a lamp» 
Lunf i nos i la* , /./. brightnesty aplendodr* 
Lumino'ao, aJj> luminous. 
Luna, s.f, the moon, a month : luna piew 
na, full moon; luna seconda, the se- 
cond quarter ; luna sceroa, the wane of 
the moon. 
Liiname'nto, s.m, lunation, the coune 

of the moon. 
Luna're, adj. lunar; s.m (he lunar coonok 
Lana'ria, s>f. lunary, (<i« hirh,^ 
Luna'rio, s.m. an almanac. 
Lun<iri'sta, s.m. an aimanac>maker* 
Luna'tico, adj. lunatic, whiiDSical.- 
Luna'to, aij, like a lialf-moon. 
Lunasiprne, s,f. lunation, (Mr eoursteftU 
moon,) ■ I 

Lujie'di, s.m. Monday. 
Lu'nga, s,/. a tlioag of leather. 
Lu'nga, adx: long : alla.lunga, at the lonr 
run ; andar in lunga, to llogec ( aumdir 
In lunga, to put off. 
rAinga'gnoui, Luaghie'ra, s.f. a kind of 

net ; a tedious speiclt. 
Lunganoie'nte^d^v. a long while. • ■ 
Ujln^tpOdv. far, a veat way o<r, {infof 


'gnolo,, the wick of a caodU» or Lunghe'iso, oditK loog,>near.. - ■ 
mp I also a disUff-ful. I Lunghe'isa. Lungherl'a, «. /. kagL 

Lacrarre, v. to S^Oi prpftU 

I riiUooi pceli»ity< 



|t, adv. r«r,<ltMint ; near, hj : fnnif, 
f. along i lungi U riri, near, along 
: ibore* 

(o, a4J. long ; brodo, or f iaiebbo 
igo, brotlif weak julep, 
;o, adv. a long time. 
io, t.m. place, room, dwelling ; fami* 
, lineage, exlraiiion; stead, llett: cc 
re 11 luogo, to give the preference ; 
ere 11 luogo, to liareihe precedency. 
loient/nU*, i-tn. liruicnant. 
luteni/naa, i.f. lieutenancy. 
I, s.f. a shc'woir. 
inH're, s.m. a brothel, 
itti'no, Lupici'nu, s.m. a young wolf. 
:'9Ci>, Lupi'gno, Kupi'no, adj. belong- 
% to a wolf, of the nature of* wolf, 
'no, t.m* lit pi net. (•! lort^pulst.) 
o, t.m. a woll : quello Cbe ba ad 
ser di lupi non lara roai de cani, lie 
at Is born to be bmged will never 
; drowned t cbi ai fa pecora tl lupo 
mangia, dnub younelf witb honey, 
•u'll never want tllet. 

ccrvirrc, s.m. a lynx< 
polo, s.m. hops. 

1 do, adj. black and blue, or pale. 
(inuoHo, t.m. a nightingale. 

:u, a.{j. purblind. 

nga, Luaingherl'a, t.f. Luilngame^* 

, s.m, flattery, coaxing. 

ni{a'r(^, v. to flatter, coax. 

rii;«i't(>, part, flattered. 

ngrfto're, t.m. a fljiterer. 

nghevo'lp, adj. flatierinnr. 

nglicvolm-.'nie, adv. flatteringly. 

n-btf'ro, i^iinghie're, ai,-'. Haltering ; 

I lusinahiero, a flatterer. 

izlu'ne, t,j'. a luxation, {Jhe bt'mt out 


o, s.m. luxury. 

iiregf ia're, v. to be wanton ; to luxu- 

lie, to grow rank. ' 

u'ria, J./. ■en«uality. t^ftile. 

uila're, t>. to be icniual, to be over> 

urlu'to, a4/. wanton. 

r»,s.f, den, cave. 

14'le, adj. tiut which la done erery 

ih year. 

ra'nte, <M/. ihlninp, bright. 

ra'rr, V. to illustrate ; puHth, burnlah. 

rato're,/.m.lie who illuiiratet, puliih- 

, or roakca bright or clear. 

ratu'ra, Lustraa lone, t.f. a poliibing, 

ttrauon, (tt tairijl.e.) 

re, J./, ft ihilis, evatlona. 

ri'no, i.fli. iutcitrinj, (<t khdoftUk) ; 


ro, Lustn/re, t.m» luatre, tplendour; 

e (pace of five year*, (Arpar/«y.) 

na, *</. bright, polished. 

'nil V. i« liilc, or Mv«r with clay. 


Lutah/ra, /. /. dirtinen, the ict of toting^ 

or plastering with clay. 
Luterani'smo, t.m. Lutheranltou 
(.utifi'golo, t.m.M potter* 
Luto, s,m. dirt, mud. 
Luto'so. aif. muddy. 
Lutia, /./. wrestling, i debate, combaf. 
{.ulta're, v. to lament, aourn, wrestle. 
f.utto, t.m. mourning. 
Luttttosame'nie, adv. raoumfttllir. 
(4it(uo'ao, Lutto'so, At/, sorrowful, tad* 
Liitulc'ato, adj. nmddy. 


\TA, evnf. but, nay: ma cbe pro; to 

*''* what purnose ? 

Ma'cca, s.f. plenty, store. 

MaccateHIa, /./. • defect, flaw ; a bale of 

Macche'ria, t.f. a calm, stillncts. 

Maccherone'a, i./. raaccarunici, a bur« 
lesque kind of Latin rerse. 

Maechero^ii, t.m, pt. a sort of paste* 
meat : un roaccherone, a Irfockhead. 

Ma'cchia, <./. spot, stain i a note of in- 
famy : also a bush, or bushy place t 
moneta alia macchia, bad money. 

Macchla're, v. to slain, spot, blur. 


Mflcchlna'le, adj. machtaal. 

Macchiiiitmenio, t. m. a machJa^tloa, 
device, contrivance. 

MacchinH're , t». to contrive. 

MacchinatoVe. s.m. plotter. 

Macchiitaxio^ne, /./. a plot, device; ma- 
chine, engine. 

Macchini'ila, s.m. a machinist. 

Macchio^e;, s.m, a thick bush, a place 
fulV of briars. 

Macchlu'so, adj, spotted. 

Maccia'nghcrx}, adj. Mrong'Iimbed, dull« 

Mh'cco, t.m. beans boiled to a mash : a 
macco, adv. plentifully ; easer maccu 
duna ciisa, to br plentiful and cheap. 

Mii'ce, t.f. the iniddte hu»k of a nuim.g; 

Macefliilo, MacellaVo, t.m. a botcher. 

Macellame'nto, t.m. butchering. 

Macella're, v. to butcher, kiiri waste. 

Macelle'sco, a4J. bclonginf lo. or like « 

kl4ce'ilo, t.m. shamble, slaoghter>house i 
massacre, carnagv. 

Macera're. v. to steep, or soak, to weak- 
en, conquer, bridle, curb. 

Maeera^o, pott, macerated. 

Macerasio'nc. ». f. iofofioa, ai«tltCft» 
tiOB, maccnrtha* 


iiiloiii oii^t, iprint, roMi t iiuii 

4). suicd. J 


Maglo'ni*, i./. abode, habltnlion. 
MagiorVfCO. t.m priinog(.Dlture« and the 

rlgjits ttf rlri'd from it. 
M«(1</Ain, i./, hautboy, (o large ttraw- 

Magitirra'to, '.m. a frrtmtvft right. 
Migiste'ro, MartNtc'rio, ».m. wurkmin- 

thip; d-scipline, instruction, a doc- 
• tort deurei'. 

Magistra'Kf, ajj, msghtrrfal, great, nuble. 
Magistraliia'. t.f, doctrine, science. 
MaKiitralrornte, airt. chiefly, learnedly. 
Magiitra'to, s.m. a magiilrate, a cojrt, 

Miiii(istraiuVa, 1./. magiitracy. 
fl.igiitre'volc, aij, magttteriat, with the 

air of grealncH*. 
Ma'glia, t.f. mail, armour; a Mitch, a 

net, a web in the eye : maglia, or mag- 

fieitone, (he clinch of the cable. 
M.igltane>e, t.m a l(ind of plum. 
Maslia'io, A(/. ina<Ic of n-'aii. 
iM/i/tro, s.m. a millet, a beetle, mail. 
Maeliuo'lo, s.m. layer, sh.iut. 
Maenanlmumt'nte, ad%>. mugnanimouity. 
Macniinimita\ t..t, greaines^ of miud* 
Magna'nlmo, <T<(/. migi<animou9. 
M^gn/nn, i.m. a 1 >rksinirh. 
Magna're, v. Sec M ngia're. 
M!«gna'(c,A<</. principal : 1 ma|ttat!j pcert. 
Magiir'sia, /./. miirnrjiia. 
tiagne'te, i.f. loads' one, 
MagnCiico, aU magnetic. 
Mignirtcamt^ntr, <i/p. roaRr.iflceotljrt 
Magtiificamc n^Of ''W. a praise. 
MunifiCH'rc, t». to magnify, extol. 
M.ignidca'lo, part, extolled. 
MJgniflcaio're, s.m. a prai«er, 
MagniRct'ntt;, aJj. magnificent. 
Matniflcc'nrfl, *./. ma,'nirtrence, pralie. 
Ma,{ni'rico, itlj. m^Bn'ificenl. 
Magnlloque'nia, s.f. emphanli. 
Mn/{ni'toquo, Ot^. etiiitnical, 
Magnilu'dine, t.f. grenlnrn. 
Ma'gnu, aij. grc.u, eminent. 
Mago. s.m. a mngkinn ; aij. migfeaf. 
Mairofa'to, i.m, earth lying b«tttecA two 

Mngo'na, i./. pten'y. 
MHgramc'nic, >.ilv. poorly. 
Miera'nj, s.f. nu-grim, head«arh. 
Magrr'tto, M.'Kn'no, a.(/. thin, lean. 
Mjiirc'^ta, i.f. leannem, scarcity. 
M/gio, iidj. lean, meagre} dry, barren | 

pour, little, pitiful \ void, Jejune, d^-v 

tiiuto : giorno magro, flsh day ; man* 

f iar dl magn), to iorbear meat { 11 mi. 

Kro, le^n ine.<t ; tcrrrno magro, a bar- 

"en pround ( far migru, to ea' flth. 

li, oJv. ii«ver) avert iMlpitt,oacC| it 

cut, ' 


Malale, t.m. a barrow-pig. 

Maieota*, t.f. majcaty. 

Mafno', aivt no, no: at an. 

Ma'io. i.m. a gicen buugii, a bunch* 

Maio'lica, s.f, eartl tn wart. 

Maiura'na, s.f. m.!noram. 

Mai pi'j*, cutv. never beloi^e : m«i aeiDpre. 

al»a}a. "^ " 

Ma 'Hi, adv. ye«, truly. 
M«iu'»cola, t.f. capfal letter. 
Malac olto. oJ/. Ill.ficelved. 
r4.ilacco'ncfo, a^. illU'Cd. 
Majiifco'rto, (t.\J. artless, inconai derate. 
Ma! icrea'naa, /./. incivility. 
Miladc'tlo, ^r. cu nod. 
M-.l(di're, Maladi'ceri*, T'. locurte. 
Maladlsio'ne, i.f. malcJiciion, inicction. 

Mdlafo'tta, /./. a slip In weavinf, «r 

knitting ; also a mistake, an error. 
Malaffe'ito, ni). immlcl. 
Mai fi'iia, s.f. ground thatalirinks, 
Mala^^c'vi'li', aiJ. difficult. 
Malagevole'xza, s.f. difficulty, fatigiae. 
Ma'apevoliae'nte, adv. difliculll) . 
Ma*a(!ia'ta, adJ. unprovided. 
Malagiii'Ja, J./, a bad tufdc. 
Malagu'ra, /./. a bid omen. 
M il ;;ura'to, oU- unfort nate, wlck«4. 
Muirffiu'rio, J ffi. a ba I omen. 
Ma!a^urio'so,ii(/. ill-omeoed, unhappjm 
MaJarae'nie, arfv. badly, cruelly; vcrv 

much. ' 

Malanda'r«, r>. to ruin onCffttlf. 
Mal»n<la'to, aif. wretched. 
Ma andn'no, t.m, a roblKrt a^f. roguiab. 

kn :vl!ll«. ■ 

Mola'rtno, .*.m. misfortune, dis<ase. 
MMlapprii|>o'i)io, adv. uoaeaMnably. 
Ma.anli'ro, a^J, rash, imprudeai; tattCr. 

impudent. * 

Malarrivrt'tu, a (/. unfortunate. 
MaIas«etti'io, Mrr. disordered. 
Malati'ccio, ai). sickly. 
M.ila'(o, d^y. Ill k, ill. 
Milato'lta. Mala loUa, #./. « rAberr 

(heft ; also a tax, impost. * 

Maiotit'a, 4./. diseas., -^Ickneaa. 
Ma!avrntu'ra, t.f. rolsforiaoe; discord 

strife. * 

Mslaugun/so, <!<(/. Ill-omened. 
Malavi/glia, MaUfOglic'naa, t*A III win 

malevolence. • 

M iLivvcdu'to, aJj. impradem. ill-Mi«isc<i 
MiilavviMitura'to, <!.(/. uiit'ortunaie. 

Ma ta we niurosamt^nie, Aiv.uiilortttstAi*i., 
M 1 1 ive'a,«o, a(/. Ill.brcd. -*«»J« 

MalaaxM'iu, o.(;'. sick!}-. 
Maibigi/i'o, adj. in-minded, 'tf kw tv«nf.i 
Malciidu'ro, t.m. falllhg IcItBeaa. ~""^* 
Milcauitj'to, a^i. ruined, und9B#» 
Malca'u'.o« «V> iA^nidcQt« ^ 


Ma!cemp(/ito, «4/. diMrdererf. 
Malcafnci<^ adj. abused. 

Malcondesceode'nte, oi/. uocomplaiMttt. 

Ualcon4u'tto, fitrt. Ul-uaed. 

Malconosce'nte, <».</. UDgrateful. 

Mdiconsigiia'U), aij. ioconkidcrate. 

y/tkXcotaxfttio, aiJ. discoateated, ilk-sf- 

Malcostuina'to, aiJ. UDcivjl, iadeccnt. 

Malcrea^to, aij. ungenteel> rude. 

Malcuba'lo, a4J- sickly. 

Malcura'ntc, adj. supine, Careless 

Maldice'nte. aij. slaoderous. 

Ibldice'nxa, /./. slander. 

Mitldic>t(/re, s.m. a slanderer. 

>fcU4i8p</sto, adj. iU'ininded. 

• Mdlduru'role. adj. of a s!iurt duration. 

Ma'le, s.m. erii, miachjei; barm, wicked- 
aesa, impietsT} damage; sickness, dis- 
ease, pain, torment: far male, to do 
wrong ;. farsi male, to hart one's self. 

Maic,aiTMll,ba4Iy,liat dljr, with much ado. 

Male'd!COfa(/.slaodenng ^ j.w.a.aUadcrer. 

M4*e4i're, v. to curse. 

Mulcdixto'De* »»/, curse, ualcdictioV/ 

. plague. 

Ilalc'fica, s.f. a sorceresi. 

Malrficia'to, aij. bt; witched. 

MUef/cio, j.ffi. witrherait, crime. 

Mfllc'fico, Maleficio'iOt aJ^j, miacb^evo^s ; 
s.m. a sorcerer. 

Malesla'itte, adj. po<H>. 

MaievoU'osa, Maievoglit/oxa,/./. balredt 

Maie'volOf a.m. adversary. 

Malfacime'nto, t.m. a crime. 

Malfa'ne, v, lo 4o wrong. 

Maira'tto, ».m. a crime, guilt} ^'.d«- 

Mallatto're, t.m. a malefactor. 

Mairaitori'a, s.f. witchcran. 

Malfera'to, «.m. a disease in horiea, a 
shrijikiiig up of cincws in ihcir loiat.- 

M^ifonda'to. aiJ- iil'Srounded. 

■Malfnwce'M, 4.mj the French dlieasc.. 

Malgove'rno, s.m. «Iaugh'.er. 

Malgrddi'io, <M/. (inacceptable. . 

Mjlgra'do, fftp. in tpttc. of; s^m, dui-' 
pleasure, spite. 

Miifravioriio, 44/> diMgreeable. 

Mili'a s,f. sorcery, «itc4icrafu 

MsUa'Kla, s.f, a witcii. 

Malu'rdo» s.m. a sorcerer. 

Mal^alo, s.m, see Malcfi'cio, and i|s 
derivatifMt ' 

«alt'gn«, Mali'oa, t.f, a spring-tide. 

Mahgnane'nie, adv. maliciously, eavi- 

MdiKoa^iv* V. lo grow maUgnant.. 

Malignlu'. t./, mailcc, hatred, maligaUjr-i 
• diMTOcr in the air. 

^AWv^^tOdJ* inalifiioua, ha rtfu I, unlucky > 

M At 

MalfncoaKa, /./, mdancholf* 

Malinco'oico, adj. meUncholy* 
Malinconicamc'nte, adv. sadly. 
Maiincooio'so, Malincooo'ao, adj. oielMir 

cboly, sad, sorrowful. 
Malincyrpo, Malincuo're, ad%>. caaUre« 

maliitcuore, to sing unwillingly. 
Malinle'so. aiJ. misinformed. 
Mdlinventura'to, adj. unfortunate. 
M^io'ao, adj. enchanting. v 

MHiisca'Jco, s.m. a quarter- master j ar<4»< 

rjcr; a nobleman. 
Mali'io, adj. poor, puny, sickly, 
Malivole'naa, i./. malevolence. 
Mali'zia, s.f. malice, craaincss, quatit*, 

disease, sickness, infirmity. 
Mali7ia're, v. lo grow wicited. 
Mallzi'a'to, M^haio'so, adj. •maticious, 

miachievou!!, ac^itcFated, sophisticaieiL 
Mdl'ziosame'ate, adv. maliciously, cra^ 

tily. . 

Malli-a'bllc, a**, malleable, (Mid^ mttatf.) 
Malle'o, s.m. a hammer. 

Malleva<lu're,«.i». M^ileradorFati./. l»a>iL 

security. • 
MiileraVe, v. to bail one. 
Malleva'to, s.m. Maleveri'a, #./. a bail, 

MaPo, j.m, the green shell of walnutg. 
Mai mae'stro, s^m. the fnUlag-sickness, 
Malmeaa're, v. to afflict, torment, iU-usig* 
Malmeri'to, s.m. an ill-office. 
Malm-yucre, v. to souande^ aw^y* 
Malniu'ndo, s.m. helf. 
Maloa'to, adj. uncivil, rod^ little l(nowa» 

not well born. 
Malo, a^j. bad, ill. 
Malo'ra, s.f. andar ia malora,- tp rulii 

one's srif. 
Maiordtna'to, adj. disoriered, c^nfti^d* 
Maio'rtf, s.m. evil, disf-ase. 
Kf^lo't CO, d^/. malignant. 
M<)1p;:ra'tp, (!'(;• deslituic, depriT.ed. 
Malpi'glio, s.m. angi y look. j 

Malpixo'ne, s.m a disease in horses' fedft 
MaipiVticj. a^f. unexperienced. 
Malprcpara'to, aJJ. ill prepared. 
Malpro*, s.m. ha. t, damrige. 
Maiproce'dere, s.m. incivility* 
Malpru'pHo, a<<;. improper. 
Maiprovvedu'io, <zi/> ill provided^ 
Maisani'a, i.f. ill habit ol body, bad healtti 
MaJsani'ccio, adj. sickly. 
Malsa'no,o^'. unhealthy, insane, xmA* 
Maliticu'ro, <ii^'. uncertain, 
M:ilsinCc'ro, oilj. unsiDtere. 
M a Isufl eremite, adj., im,)atient. 
Malta, <i,/ dirt, mud, mortar. 
Malto^ta, f.m, tax.exactiun ; <j4/. VrODif* 

fully obtaiofd, extorted. 
Maltornl'to, a4j. rougJi, unpolished* 
^alUAUasDc'otVi ^tUf ^1 ui«|e. 


fRaltntti'iv, V. to III uie, abufe. 

Maltrovaine'nto, /.m. a bad iurention, t 

Ma'lva, J,/, mallows, (a sort nf herb.) 

Mi\r»gi'sk,s./. malmaej wine ; wickedneai. 

Mahaciamc'nte, aJi'. wickedlv. 

Milvi'gio, a4j. wickrd, unlucky, filflc. 

Malvagi</nr, j.m. a «illatn. 

MalvagUa\ j./. wickcdnets. 

Malva'go, djy. ill-ditpo>H, dinincllned. 

Malvarrachio, J.m. marsh-ma-low*. 

Malrede're, v. to look with an evil eye. 

Malvedu'to, a^y. hated. 

Ma)resti'to, aJJ. shabbily dressed. 

'MaMci'no, t.m. an ill neighbour. 

Mdlvi'ilo, ai/. hated. 

MalriVo, n4J. half dead. 

Malvoglie'ntr, adj, malevolent. 

Malvolentie'rl, aJv, aowiilingly, with dif- 

MalTole're, /.m. ill-will. 

Malrolu'to, adj. udlons, hateHil. 

Malun'a, i./. bad omrn. 

Maluri'/«Ot (i<^. ill-omened. 

MaluaVto, part, ill employed. 

Ida^nma, /./. mamma ; also tbr Temale 
breast, (iufortry.) 

Mammalu'cco, t.m* a blockhead, a ftw], 

Mamma'na, s,/. a govcmcis, a midwife. 

Maramc'lta, /./. a 

'Maromulc'tta, t./. a double violet. 

Mammoli'no, a4J, childish. 

Ma'mmolo, t.m. a child, an Infant; ay. 
double,(af ^/i^d to vhlrts and other flTivfrt. ) 

Mammo'ne, i.m. Matnmof'na, «./. the gnd 
titrichcs; amarmos('t,ntunkuy,wild cat. 

U^na'ta, /./. a handful. 

Ifancime'nto, t.m, vice, crime, want. 

Maoca'nta, /./. want, defect, slip. 

Manca're, v. to want; fail, neglect; de- 
spair, to abate, wane: mancar di pa- 
roU, to break one's word ; mancar il 
colpo, to miss one's aim ; mancar d'ani- 

\>no, to \>t disheartened, 
ancato're, J.m. an unfaithful man. 

Maoceppn're, v. to emancipate. 

Maoceppaziu^ne, t.f. emanclpittion* 

Mancht/vole, «</. imperfect. 

Manclterole'asa, Manche'sxa, j/. defect ; 
fault, imperfectioo. 

Ma'ncit, /./. drinking money. 

Mancia'ta, /./. a banclful. 

Manci'n.-i, t^', a lacklo-beam of a ship. 

Ma'ndno, a,lj. left-handed : latu inanci- 
no, the left side; manciiio manrito, 
ambidexter; using both hands alike. 

MancKpio, t.m. senrant, slave. 

Ma'nco, s.m. want : ne manco, neither. 

Manco. a4j. left, left'handed : unhappy, 
disastrous, defective; aiv, Icsa, even; i 
fenlni manco, to fainr away. [sion. ' 

llaadAa«raC0| 1.111. « mandate, « coufflJ** I 


Manda're, «. to send, order* ihform, ie« 
quaint : mandar a dire, to send word ; 
mandar fuore, to pour oat ; mandar ad 
elTetto, to effect ; mandar bando, to 
proclaim ; mandar a male, to waste, 
squander; mandar f<uso, to ruin, to 
•waliuw down; mandar via, lo4JsmiU| 
mandar in lungo, to differ. 
M^nda'ta, /./. a sending. 
Mandata'rio, t.m, a commissioner. 
Maoda'to, part, sent : mandalo, /.m. an 

order, warrant. 
Mandato're, t.m. he that sends, orordert. 
Mandiri'ttu, t.m. a blow from the right. 
Ma'ndoia, Mando'ria, t.f, an almond. 
Mando'la, t.f, cithern, {fl muikal butru* 

Ma'ndulino, t.m. a mandoline; a small 

musical insti-umenl. 
Mqndo'rla, t.f. tn almond. 
Ma'ndorlo, t.m. an almond-tree. 
M:/ndra, t.f. a flock, Iierd. 
Mandra'cchia, t,f. a prjttitute. 
Mandra'ccliio, t.m. tlie inner harbour. 
Mnn'lra'gola, J./, mandrake, {a plantJ) 
Mundria'le, Mandrli^no, i.m. a keeper of 

large cattle. 
Munduca'n*, v. to eat. 
Ma'ne, i./. morning. 
Manepgia'bile, Man egg ie' vole, <M/. trac* 

Mancsgiame'nio, tjm, management. 
Mancggia're, v. to govern, direct, treat a 
siibji'ct, handle, feel, loucltt maneg- 
giar un cavallo, to manage a horse ; 
maneggi^rti, to stir a(>out. 
Manc'giilo, 4.m. a riding liouM; also a 
negotiation, management s maoeggio 
occulto, a plot. 
Mane'lla, /./. a sheaf. 
Mine're, v. to remain, stav. 
Manesca'Ico, t.m. See Mrliscalco. 
Manescamr'otc. ohi, with one's iiandt. 
Mane'sco, adj. bandy, of liaads, pasiioo- 

a(e, angry. 
Mane^tte, /./. plur, handgun. 
Manrani'lc,<.fn. tb« handle ol a flaiL 
MJingana're, Manganegaia're, v. totbroir 
sionri with a chmi-dow ; to press or 
f alendar linen. 
Manganc'lla, t.f. a crott-bow; a crane 

for goods. 
Mangane'lle, /./. pi. bencbet, (la eMr««) 
Mangaoe'llo, s,m. a cross-bow. 
Ma'ngano, t.m. calender, oiuiflc, croif 

MMngere'ccio, adj. eatable. 
Mangcri'n, i./. extortion. 
Mangiafe'rnt, t.m. a cut-tbroat, ft bravo. 
Mangiamc'nio, s.m. an eating. 
MMngiapa'ne, t.m, one good f«r aoUaioa 
but to eat, an idler. 


manglmtufU^, t»m, a modi. 

Mangta're» •«•«>. the act of ealiDg ; ibo 

rood, rictuali ; a least. 
Mangta're, f. to eat, waste. 
Mmgia'ta, J./, a beil;ful. 
Mangiati'vOy O^'. fit iO ea(. 
li%nsia'to, pari, eaten. 
Mangiatc/iA, i./. a manger, a tabic. 
Mingiaii/re* '•fl*. ao eater. 
Mingiate'nto, t.m. a loiail ftudding sail. 
Mangio^ne, J.M. « great eater. 
Mani'a, f./"- madness. 
MiDta'co, a4j. mad, furiout. 
Ma'nica, /./. a sleere, the handle of a 

Loire, &c. manira di tromba, a pump- 
hose ; nianiche di lona, thred» of sail- 
cloth, («■<! terms.) 
Jfanicame'nto, j.m. an eating, a corn>> 

ding, or corrosion. 
Mjnica're, v. to eat, (hw weri) : mani- 

carsi, to detest one anotlier. 
Manicare'tto, s.m. a ragoa. 
Maaichi'BO,/.m. aruffle; a rauiT; a small 

handle. . 
Ui'nico, s.m, a handle: manico d' on 

violina, ibe neck of a fiddle. 
M^ntco'tto, s.m. a mufl*. 
Maoico'ltolo, s.m, a hanging sleeve. 
Minicri'sto, s.m. a kind of contection. 
Mdnie'ra, t./. manner, way, sort, lieha* 

viour, nature, fa>hion, custom. 
Mjniera're, v. to adorn. 
Mauit/n*, Manic'ro, s.m. a pleasant, and 

noble house. 
Manii'ro, »4/. tame, tractable: falcone 

manicrro, a hawk so called. 
Mjnivro'na, /./'. ii noble manner. 
Mmieru'ao, a4/. mannerly. 
Minif.iti/rc,s.m. workman. 
Mtiiifatiu'ra, /./. workmanship; mana« 

factory ; aflairs, business, art, skill. 
Mjnii'cstame'nle, adv. plainly. 
M4airc«taffle'nto, s.m. maniiestation. 
Mantfesta're, v. to manifest. 
Manifestaai(/ne, s./. manifestation. 
Uiaite'tto, a4f, plain, erident; t.m, a 

manifesto, decree, proposal. 
Mani'glio, s.m, Mani'glia, s.f. a bracelet. 
Manigo'/do, s.m. exccalioner. 
Minigoldo^ne, s.m. a desperate rogue. 
Manime'sso, adj- cut. 
MinKna, /./. Manl'no, s.m. a little hand. 
Maninconi'a. './. fee Malincooi'a, and 

its derivatives. 
Minipola'rr, V. to work nith the hands; 

aij. soldato manipolare, a common aol* 
« dter. 
Minipolato're, urn, be that works with 

hia hands. 
Manipolasio^oe, s.f, composition. 
Mani'polo, s.m. an handful ; alio a maai- 

pic, (MMl lor pcfUh frkM.) 


Maaiscalco, «.iak farricr» galth. 

Manna, s.f. manna, anjr cxquMfe foodl 
a sbeaf of com. 

Manaa'ia, s.f. an ax, a hatchet. H 

Mannare'se, s.m. a cutting weapon* 

Manna'ro, adj. lupo ounnaro, a woU^ 
man, or were-wotf. -'. 

Mannert'no, <.m. a lambkin. 

Ma'no, s.f. band, iiand'Wilting, sid«| 
aid, ass'stance; power, authority ; qoa» 
lity, condition ; a handful : porger ta 
mano, to favour ; dar di mano, to taka 
up; cader per mano, to happen; dar 
delJe mani, to push ; dar neiw mani, to 
fall into one's hands, to meet by chance; 
venire alle mani, to come to blows; 
mcnar le mani, to beat, to light ; far 
una cosa a mano, to do a thing design* 
ediy ; mutter mano, to abuse ; tenet 
mano, to assist, to bean accomplice j 
di bassa mano, of mean birth or con> 
ditlon ; di lunga mano, .of long stand* 
:ng ; Icvar mano, to leave ofl', cease ; 
fuor di mano, oat of the way, apart { 
ugner le mani, to bribe ; dar la mano 
ad un cavallo, to give a horse the bri- 
dle ; ujcir di mano, to run away, ea> 
cape ; -aver buooa mano, to be handf 
or dexterous. 

Manome'.vsa, s.f. destruction. 

Maoome'aso, part, tapped, wasted, de- 
stroyed, manumitted. 

Manome ttere, v. to make the first cot t 
to set free ; to destroy. 

Mano'pola, /./. a gaoniiet, a half aleevew 

Mnnoscri'tto, /.ffl. a manuscript. 

Mano'so. a4;. soit, tractable. 

Manovaldeh'a, s.f. tuition, administn- 

Manovaldo, s,m. a tutor, or guardian of 

Manova'le, M.taoale, s.m, a manual ; a 
bricklayer's labourer. 

Manove^la, s.f. a levers manovella del > 
timone, the- tiller; manovella delliP 
tromba, the pump'brake ; manovelle, 
handspikes ; the bars of the capatera 
a.d vindiass. 

Manc/vra, s.f. the tackling or rigging of 
a ship: mnnovra firms, the standing 
''■gg'ngi manovm corrente, the running 

Manovra're. v. to work a ship. 

Manrove'scfo, Marrove'scio, s.m, a back 
strukf, a box. 

Mansa're, v. to tame. 

Manstona'rio, s.m. a chaplain. 

Mansio'ne, J./, abode; balling. 

Manso, ad;, mild, tame. 

Mansuefa'i-e, v. to tame, appease* 

Maosuefa'lto, part, tamed. 

Mansue'Kere, v. to grow tamt* 



Mtn9ue<Ml^ale, adv. moaUf. 
UwMifyte^ 4n|y. nild, tracuble. 
Mansuetu'dinc, j.f, meefcneis. 
M-intaca're, v. to blow tfac Sortie bailor %, 
Ma'otMo, i.iii. bdiowi; Uieluogi. 
■M«i»tcfc&., s./m pomatttia. 
MinteilAc, v. to cloak: manteUarti, to 

cloak one's atif. 
ibntelie'tta, /./. a rocbet, a bithO(i*« 

Maniele'tto, s.m. • aiBaH tnantie: man- 

telletii dei portelli, tiie pori-Iids of a 

Manielh'no, t.m, a veil, a curtain. 
Wtioivnu^ s.fn. a cloak, preteace; tUc 

coat or colour of a hortc. 
Mantcne'nic, ai.1% jtut now ; d.{;. durable. 
Man(eii>i're» v. to keep, mainUin, sop- 
■ port, govern, sterrj^ defend : aiaoleaer- 

ti, to subsist, Hre. 
M4n.cni<D«'nto, i.m. roalotentince: naan- 

teniincntJ in possesso* a poliieiiiioo ad* 

judged upon a t'uH triai. 
M.iotciilio're, s.m. a prcitcrver. 
M intcnu'co, part, malotaine^a 
Mtt'nti<-e, s.m. bellows. 
Mautico'ra, t./. inan«iygec* 
Manii'elia, <./. a womao's cloak. 
1M<inti'lL', a towel, a tablecloth. 
Ma'nto, s.m. a clonk, a niiiik. pretence, 
• a woman's cloak ; a cable ; oiaati, ruft* 

ntn, (In a ship.) 
Itaotyre, adv. oitcntlmcs. 
Mrfntrugia're. v, to rumple. Obs* 
|f«Bua'l«, Atr. maattel} iJQ. bricklayer's 

Manualine'nle. aiv. maouallr. 
Manu'bro, s,m. a handk, levcr> wiach. 
M.u)iica're, v. to lat. 
M^Miaainie'ne, s./. nuiwinbsion. 
Manuscri'vto, s.m. a s.-rt of swci'tmeat. 
M*Duwr>'t(Oi ^*"* <^ maou>cript. 
Manutenxio'nc, J./, a posites^ioo adjudg- 
ed upon a full trial. 
*Ma'nxa, s./. a swtetheart, ■ 
Mt'ntafS,m. an ox. 
Mani(/ita, s./. an licifer. 
M't.jinmetii'no, t.m. a Mabotnelan. 
Mappamj'ada, s.m. a map. 
M /ppe, s./. pi. liiDges. 
ICaraciie'lla, t./. a spy ; a deceit 
Mira<nuo'la, 1./. a h^y>siack. 
Mara'm^', J.a|. rriuie, parings i trick, 

snare, fraud ; abundance of every thlnR. 
Maraago'oe, s.m. a Joiocr, diver, a bird } 

also one who divev. 
Mara'sca, s./. a kind of sour clirrry. 
Mara'jmo, s.m. nriirasmiu, {a aUfve.) 
M ■> ra V > 'i li a, «./. wonder) the plan* called 
balm » a mara vUlia.oJv. womlrriully. 

ijriviglla'bile.MardVigiic'volCi a4/t won* 

aerful, aaioBUbiiif* 


Maravigliame'nto, s.m. admlmtfmi. 
Mdra«ijiia'ni, v. to wonder. 
Maravigltosainc'ote,4iv. wonderfully, ex« 

M-itnvigMo'co, a4/» marvellous. 
MaVca, s./. a country, frontier, land* 

miirk, beacon, token, badige ; mark, (a 

M'lrca're, Marcbia're, v. to marii, to bor- 
der upon. 
Marratsi'ia, s.f. marcassite, {a minrrd/.) 
Marcbc'sa, Marchesa'na, s.f. a aiarchio* 

Mtrclieta'to, s.m. a marquisate. 
Marclic^Ne, s.m. marqoM. 
Marchia'na, s./. blaik>lieart cherry. 
Mn'rchlo, Ma'rco, s.m. mark, sigo* 
Maixi'a,Jv^ corruption, pus, ibick matter. 
Marciapie'de, s.m, causeway, foot-palh { 

a foot-rope. 
Marci I're, v. to muvh, to rot, potrefy. 
Ma'ixido, Ma'rcio, a4j- rotten, vile, ab« 

jeci, mean ; camparil marcio, to bat« 

saved one's lurch, at a game. 
Marciglio^ne, s.f. corraption. 
Marxio'so, a4f. corrupted, rot tea. 
Marci're, v, to be rotten. 
Mircia^me, s.m, roltcsncss, neuiaeae, 

Marco, s.m, ti mark of gold or silver ; « 

sign, token. 
IMarcore'lla, J./, mercury, (<w kerb.) 
Ma're, t.M. the sea : mar grusso, a rough 

St-a i mare di ponente,the western ocean j 

alto mare, the oAng. 
Mai-^a, Marreggia'ta, /./. the tide; flux 

and reflux: marea massuna, spring 

tiles ; alia marea, hifb water; narreg* 

giata, sea sickness. 
Mareggis're, v. to float upon tlie sea t to 

rise in waves : mareggiarsi, to be aea* 

Mare'ffgU),/.*!. tlic billowing of the vnvee. 
MaPi/inma, s.f. neartbc shore, overftaw* 

e.l occiisionally. 
Marcmroa'no, a4/. maritime, manby* 
Mareicia'lio, '•'»• * marslaat. 
Maro^sco, cO. marine. 
Mire'sc, s.m. a nTarslt, pond. 
Marcfsa'to, <M/> unduUtiog. 
Maressa're, v. to m4rble, feia. 
Mare'aio, i.m. a marbling, a cbaofeablo 

Ma'rit"* '•/■ marie. 
Mtniari'ta, Mangberl'ta, s./. pearl. 
Marglitfriti'na, t.f, a daisy, {a ihver.) 
Ma'rgine, i.m. a scari margin, edfo, 

border, brim. 
Ma'rgo, i.m. margin, bank, {Infoairy.) 
Margola'to, «.m. Margo'ua, s»j; • U}«r^ 

(»/ oti* pUifU.) 

Margotu rtf, ». u Ht Uftnt , 

M Aft 

Margt/ttD, aij. xigly^ and malkiotM. 
Marice'Uo, s,m. a bay, gulf. 
Ufarfefa'na, s.f. a kind ofwiWdtick. 
Man'na, *./. the sea coast ; the nary : 

tnsnna inarina, a rt». atom; the sea coast. 
Marina'io, Marina'ro, Marinie're, Mari- 

nie'ro, s.m. a mannrr. 
^arina're, v. to pickle; ro veir, fret. 
Mariaarescame'nte, aJv. in a seamanlike 

Marincn'a, i.f' a nary. 
Manne'sco» Mariture'sco, Mari'ro, aiJ. 

belonging to tite sea: vetito matino, 
. the west wind ; terra marina, a sea-town, 
mriola're, v. tocbe it, trick, gull, bubble. 
Miriolcri'a, s.f. a cheai. 
Mario'lo, J.fli. a rogue. 
Marisca'lco, s.m. marshal. 
Miritrf'ggio, sAti. man lag*. 
Maritale, aij, marital, of a husband. 
Maritame'nto, i.CT matrimony, 
Mdriia'rcj v. to marry: niantaral, to 

Miri'to, s.m. hn">band, spouse. 
•Mari^t!mo,.o4/. maritime. 
Mariuo'la,/./. a kind of herb. 
M ir uoleri'a, s.f. a knari^h trfck. 
Mariiu/io, s.m. a knare, cheat. 
Uarma'glia. /./. the mob. 
Itarme'ggia, s.f. a maggot or worm io 

Ma'rrao, s.m. marble. 
Marmo'crhio, s.m. a boy« 
Marroora'ria, s.f. sculpture, carving. 
Mannora'rio, s.m. a stone-cutter. 
Marmora'to, s.m. incrustation of pieces 

of marble; aij. marbled, corered with 

Marmo'reo, (Uj. like marble. 
Mirmu'tta, s.f. Marmo'tto, s.n* a mar- 
mot te. 
Ma'rj, s.m. an herb I ke marjoram, 
'Ma (/!io, s.m a wave, billow \ a marsh, a 

boggy place ; perturbation of the mind. 
M/rra^ t.f a pick axe, mattock i iVrro 

di due marre, the anchor »f a ship; 

ferro di quaitro marre, the anchor of a 

M4rniiu«/lo. s,m. a pioneer, a delvcr. 
Marra'no, s.m. a traitor, infldel. 
Marrecgla're, v, to harrow, 
Marre'tto, t.m. a mattock. 
Mtrrlme'nto s.m. atRiction, trouble. 
Marr/i «. uf. the n;:ht hand, 
Marri'tto, adj. right-banded. 
Mar.b'bblo, t.m. bore- bound, (d svt <f 

h^h ) 
M^rrorcbt'oo, t.m* Morocco. 
Marru^ne, s.m. a mattock ; aho cheSnuUt 

far uh marrone, to blunder. 
M<u*i'onc'to. t.m. a grove urcbesnuMreelt 
MamiTci'icio, /.m. « b«ck-itn9k«i 


Wirru'ba, t.f. ft kind of pfwn. 
Wamifli'ao, s.m. t master- weavMV 
MartB^gone, t.m. a kind of lilf . 
Ma'rte,- s.m. Mars, {a planet.) 
M iri'edi, s.m. Tuesday ; martedi , 

MarteilaVe.v. t^lmmner} teaze, plagoei 

to beat, pr pant. 
B^rtelki'ia, /./. i Mow with a hammer. 
Marie'llo, s.m. a hammer: martcHo di 

tenayli^, a clench- hatnnfier. 
M.artina'ccio. s.m. a large shell, or praii* 
Marti ne'ilo, s.m. a crane, (iw fngint.) 
MariiVe, s.m. martyr, vexation, pang. 
Miirti'rio, Marti'io, /.flt mart>rdora. 
Martirfframe'nto, t.m. martyrdom. 
Martirizaa're, v. to nrartvrt martiril* 

aarsf, to torment ono*s self. 
Marliroio'gio, s.m. mart) roiogf. 
Ma'rfora, s.f. a martin. 
Ma'rtore, s.m. a martyr ; aHo a elowii. 
Martore'JK), s.m. a poor feilow j a young 

Martoriame'nto, s.m. the rack. 
Martoria'pe, Martini're,Martorezza'rej «• 

to rack, to torment. 
Marto'rio, Marto^ro, s.m. tormeot. 
Marza, *./. a graft, or graff, 
M.iraaco'tto, s.m. a kind of ointment, or 

MaraaiuoHo, a(/. growing in Marcb. 
Maraapa'ne, s.m. roaivfahpane. 
Maraia'iC, adj. martial, warlike. 
Marzo, s.m. March, 
Mara^/cco, t.m. a cast, or painted Kon % 

a fool. 
Mar«uli'no, Marauo'lo, a^J. belbnging to« 

Or growing in the month of March. 
Masca'gno, aJj, cunning, cr.»fly. 
M'lsca^ci'a, t.f. the art or skili of a tx^ 

rier; a gating on a borst'i back. 
Masicalzi/'ne, s.m. a raflian, a soldier* 
Masct'ila, s.f. jaw, clieek: 
Mascella're, s.m. side teeth. 
Masceilo'ne, s.m. a great Jaw-booe; 9 

slap on !he face. 
Maschera'lj, s.m seller of maska. 
Mascher ,'re, t». to mask. 
Ma'schera, s.f. mask. 
Ma«chera'ta, *./. a masqueradei 
Maschera'to, part, masked. 
Mas -hen'zzo, s.m. a livid mark. 
Maschero'nc, j.m. asculptarcdor paittte<| 

head, an ugly face. 
Maschiame'ntf, adv. manly. 
Mischjf'jfza, s.f. virility, manhood. 
Mjschi'.e, rt.<;. manly; maschilc penn^ 

the longest or bignest feathers. 
Ma'Chil-nie'nte, Masciiilme'nte, oA*. In 

a manly, masculine manner. 
Ms*schlo, J.w the male; a4/. male,lar 
' WAn\Yt stout, uasctitiBe, flforotis,^ 


.4^ t>1e, genefotti, elevated ; mMCbip d'uu 
fonefMi the dungeon or tfTRITe; ma»- 
chio d'una ruou, the nave of a «lteel| 
maschi peniieri, noble thoughts. 

Mascolinittt", s.f. the being a male. 

Mascoli'no, Masculi'no, <u^. maacuUne. 

Masna'da, /./.a troop of 8oldien« a f«- 
milf, a company. 

Masn adie' re» /• m. a Mid ier,robber,ruffian* 

ASa'sta, J./, heap. 

Massa'ia, 4. /. houacwife. 

MaUd'io, s.m, a steward. 

Masieri'a, j./. a farm-house, a quantity 

Qf gOO'J». 

Mas9i;ri'ala, i./. furniture; sparingneis. 

Masserlzio'BO, a(/. thrifty, economical. 
^ Massi'ccio, a4/, massy, strong. 

If a'ssima, s. f. maxim, rule. 

Massimame'nte, adv. especially. 

Ma'ssimo, adj- supreme, very great. 

fAino.s.m. a rock, a targe stone. 

Maste'iJo, t.m. a bucket, pail. 

■Ma'atica, s.f. the gum iriR^tic. 

Ma.iicVre, Masticacchia're, v. to chew, 
to deliberate upon : n.nsticar paternos- 
tri, to play tlie hvpocriic. 

MasttcatuVa, J. /. Mis.iciimc'nto, Masti- 
cati'ccio, s.m. chewed meat. 

Masiicas^io'ur, /./. mi^-ticaiiun' 

Ma'stice.^.m. iTi.4tiic, fn gum) lip-glue. 

Mastici'oo, tUj. belonging to mastic. 

Mastietta'rc, v. to thrust in a hook for a 

Ma!itieitatu'ra,j./.the iron>workofa door. 

•Blastie'tto, um» a hook fur a hinge. 

Masti'no, t.m. a raastifl'>dog. 

Ma'atio, tiie male. 

Ma'stro, t.m. master ; d({/. principal. 

Mastruscie're, ».tn, a door-keeper. 

Mata'ssa, <./. skein, heap, parcel. 

Matassa'ta, J./, several skeins; also em- 

Matcma'tica, *• f. malliematics, divina- 

Matema'tico, s.m, a malhematiciaOi a 
conjurer; Oil/. mathematical. 

Maierassa'io, s.m. a mat tress- maker. 

Matera'sao, s.m, MateraSsa, i. /. a mat* 

Mate'ria. Mate'ra, /./. matter, subject, 

Mati ria^e, a^. material, coarse* 

Materia'!!, s.m. pi. materials. 

Materialita^i./. the substance of matter. 

Ma(erialme'nte,a<<v. materially, coarsely. 

Matema'le, aij, maternal, motherly. 

Maternam<rnce, oiv. in a motherly man- 

Mate. nita\ /./. maternity, motherhood. 

Miite'nio, adj. maternal. 

kMaten/siolo, um, a piece of wood tied to 
4 buach ei kcjs^ to ffonviX leilog lUsa, 


MatKU, *.f. a pencil, or crtTOiu 
Matitato'io, s.m, a pencil-case. 
Matrafccio, s.m. a retort, (a glass vessel. y 
Matrica^e, J.fft. mother-wort, (Arrfr.) 
Matri'ce, i./. womb, mould. 
Matrici'da, s.m, murderer of a mother, 

Matrici'dio, s.m, matricide, murder of a 

Matri'cola, s.f. matricniar book, money 

paid at setting up in any trade. 
Matricoia're, t*. to matriculate. 
Malri'gna, /. /. mother-in-law, a rough 

MatrignaVt.', Malrigneggia're, v. to use 

roughly, like a mother-in-law. 
Matriroonia'le, adj. matrimonial. 
Malriroo^nio, s.m. matrimony. 
Matri'na, s.f. midwife. 
Matrisa'ivia, s.f. clary, (a scrt tifherh.) 
Matro'na. s f. n. matron. 
Matrona'lc, adj. matron-like. 
Maftaccina'ta, /./. a wanton trick* 
Matia'ccio, s.m. a droll foul. 
Maitacci'no, s.m. a paniomimlcal dance^ 

a puppet. 
Mattame'iite, adv. madly, foolishly. 
MattaVa, /./. melancholy, ill-humour. 
Mattapa'nc, s.m. an ancient coin in Ve- 
Matta're, t». to mate, {.at chess.) 
Matieggia'rc, v. to play the fool. 
Mattema'tica, s.f. 8ec Matema'tIca,anA 

its derivatives. 
Mattere'llo, s.m. a wanton fool ; also a 

roller (/s thin dough v>Uh.) 
Matte'xxa, Matiert'a, Matii^a, s.f. foolish- 
ness, n)adnes8. 
Matti'na, /./. morning. 
Maitina're, v. to sing under one's mi«> 

tress's windows at sun-rising ; to tiag 

Maitina'la, s.f. a serenade in the noro- 

ing ; a whole morning. 
Matti'oo, s.m. the morning. 
Ma'tto, adj. mad, foolish. 
Mattona're, v. to>pave with square tilet. 
Mattona'to, fart, paved: il matlooato, a 

Mado'ne, s.m. brick, an errant fool. -^ 
Mattonie're, s.m. a brick-maker. 
Maitu'cio, a4;. of the Smaller kind, in 

Mattutlna'le, a4;'. matutinal. 
Mattuti'no, s.m. morning prayer, matting; 

also morning ; <!<{/• of the morning. 
Maturamc'nte, adv. maturely, deliberate* 

1y, prudently. 
Mator/ime'nto, s.m. matdration. 
Matura'rr, v. 10 ripen, to finish; to weak* 

en, enervate. 
Matur«ti'v0,d</.luviag a ripcoim qttilU|'« 


ICatomfo'Be, MatuiVzxa, Maturtta*, s.f. 

maturitj, ripeness ; «Iso wisdom, mo- 
Matu'ro, adj. ripe : eta matura, advanced 

age; aomo maturo, a discreet man; 

consigHo maturo, mature judgment. 
Mavi*, um. sky colour. 
Maujole'Oj s,tn, a sepulchral edifice, mau« 

Ma'zsa, s.f. a club, a mace : menar la 

iiiazza tooda, to rpare nobodj ; mazza 

da pado, a mallet \ condurre alia maz* 

za, to betraf. 
M :zzacara'Uo, i.ffl. an engine to draw 

Mi/za'cchera, s.f. a pole to catch eels. 
MazzafruTs. a, s.f. ballast. 
Mizzamarro'ne, s.m. a blockhead. 
Mazzama'rro, s.m. crumbs of biscuit. 
Mazzapicchia'i e, strike with a maUct. 
Mjzzapi'cchio, i.m. a mallet. 
Mazzasc'tte, s,nu a bravo. ' ' 

Mazza'ta, s.f. a blow with a stick. 
Mazzera'nga, s.f. a rammer. 
Mazaeranga're, o. to ram, to poand. 
Mj'zzero, s.m. a knotty stick, a club. 
Mazzc'tta, s.f. a mallet ; a small bundle. 
Mazcica're, v. to beat, bang. 
Mazzicato're, s.m. a worker with a ham- 
mer, or beetle ; a goM-beater. 
Mazzicula're, t*. to wallow. 
Mazzfc're, s.m. a mace-bcarer ; a beadle. 
Ma'zzo, s.m. a bundle, bunch, malltrt : 

mazzo di carte, a pack of cards: maz- 

c«) di fiori, a nosegay ; alsar i mazzo, 

to pack up, to run away. 
Maczocchla'ia, s.f. a woman that dreises 

hair; also the whole hair of a woman's 

head ; a large bundle of any thing. 
Mazco'cchio, s.m. a kind of corn, the 

•prouts of suc( ory ; also a tott of hair, 

a band, crourl, troop. 
Macz.icchiu'to, a\j. knotty, crabbed. 
Mazzolfno, s.m. a nosfgay, a little bundle. 
M^izzuo'la, t. f. a small stick. 
Mjzzuo'Jo, s.m. a little bundle, or nos^- 

gay ; ais > a pick, a kind of hammer 

used by statuaries. 
Me*, adv. better, or middle (di fvtry) 

abridged from meglto: per me', alv. 

through the middle, between. 
Me, fnti. me. 
Mea'JKtro, s.m. win'ling. 
Mea're, v. to pais or glide through. 
Mea'to, /. m. a pore of the body. 
Meccanicame^te, <*#t>. m^rchanically. 
Mecca'nico» adj. mechanical, vile, mean, 

Mecca'nico, i.«i. a mechanic. 
Meccani^ino, s.m. mechanism. 
Mecc«fre, s.m. master, (iaeaw//.) 
W«GO| /mo. /ny. with mc 

Meda^glta, t.f. medal. 
Medaglioi'ue, t.m. a medallfom 
Medasli'sta, s.m. medalist. 
Mede'mo, adj. sime. 
Medestmame'nte, Mede'simo, adv. Tlkf^ 

wise, also. 
Medesime'zza, Medesimlta^ /./. identity^ 

Mede'simo, adj. same, self; to medesi* 

IRQ, myself. 
Media'nfe, />rrp. by one's help, by meanly 

through, amidst, between. 
Mediatame'nie, Mediate, aio. mediately^ 

by means. 
Media'co, adj. interpo8ed| also eommodl^ 

out. Ht. 
Mediato're, s.m. mediator. 
Mediazio'ne, s.f. mediation. 
Mc'dica, s.f. lucern, (terfr.) 
Medica'blfe, adj. curable. 
Medicame'iito, M;dica^me, s.m. a inedt» 

cament, remedy. 
MedicamenluNo. adj. medtcinal* 
Mcdica'nte, s.m. a physician. 
Medica're, v. to heal, cure. 
Me:lica'stro, Medicastro'Dc, Medicastron^ 

zo'lo, s.m. a quack. 
Medicato're, s.m. a physicia^i. 
Medicazio'ne, .f./. a remedy. 
Merliche'zza, s.f. a female physician, 
Mediche'vole, adj. susceptible of cure. 
Mcdici'na, s.f. physic, medicine, the art 

of piiysic. 
Medicina'le, ai/'. medicinal; s.m. remedy* 
M(*d;cii)alrae*nie, aJr. physically, like » 

sick person. 
Me'dico, s.m. a physician ; adj. medicl^ 

Medleta*, s.f. the molerT. 
Me'dio, s,m. the middSe finger ; adj. of 

ttie middle, half. 
Medio'cre, aij. moderate, onlinary. 
Mediocretne'nte, adv. indifferently. 
Mediornta', s.f. mediocrity. 
Medita're, v. to meditate. 
Mediiaiamc'tite, adx*. designedly. 
Medita.i'vo, adj. given to meditation. 
Meditasiu*ne, i. f. Meditame'hto, um* 

Medtterra'nco,o<(;\ Mediterranean ; mare 

Mediterraneo, tlie Mediterranean sea. 
M«/glio, aiv. better, best, rather, rooret 

andar di bene- in me^lio, to grow better 

and belter ; all-a nteglio, for the best { 

meglio di quatlro, mjre than four. 
Mevliora're. See Migliora'rc, and all its 

Me'la, s.f. apple. 
Melacci'm>, «•(;. very sweet, said ofwhiM 

Melaci'tola, s. f. balmgeiHle. 
Mctacou/ina, #./. a quiace. 


^rtadolct'to, ndj. tweetenod wIlhboBrjr. 
Kfel<tgra'na{ M«Ugra'n«ta, /./. )>oiue|{r«< 

Mclagra'no, pomegranate-tree. 
Melanco'nia, t.f. mcUncfaolr. 
Melanco'nico, aij, melaticlioly. 
MelanM'^gino. MelenaA'gginc^j./. folly. 
Melara'ncia, Mela'ngola, j. /. Mcla'ngolo, 

t.m, an orange. 
Melara'ncio, /.m. an oraage*tree. 
Mela'rio, /.m. a bec»liive. 
Mela'ta, sj: the Augiut dew ; alio an ap- 

.pic marmalade. 
Mela'tsa, j./. treacle, {tee* cf sugar.) 
Mela'co, a4J. lionied, sweel aa honey. 
Me'le, honey : mele, «./. j>L applet; 

the t/uttockt. 
Mele'nio, a4f. ifllyyTooliah. 
Mele'to, j.m. an ajiple orchard* 
Mella'ca, s. /. a kind of apricot* 
Melia.'ro, t.m. an api icot tree. 
MHichi'no, i.m. mead. 
Me'lico, aiif. melodious. 
Meli'i'ero, aJJ. fruitful in honey* 
Me'liga, /./. Turkey corn. 
Mcli'Ma, balro-gcntle. 
Mtrllifica're, v. to produce honey* 
Melll'fluo, 04/. mdliflooui, sweet, agree* 

Metlilo'to, clover. 
Mellona'ggioei /./. foolithnest, dullnen. 
Mcllonii'io, s,m. a cucumber bed. 
Mello'ne, s.m. a cucumber ; also a block- 

Mclma. s,/, mud, dirt, 
^felmo'so, aJJ, omddy. 
iMeio, i.m. an apple-iree. 
Metocoio' quince-tree, a Quince. 
Melodi'a, Melo^de, t'f. melody, oos. 
Velotiiosame'nte^Aiv. melod.ously. 
Melod'o'so, Melo'diro, ai^, melodious* 
Ifelograna'lo, s.m, pomegranate. 
Melu^^inc, J.m. wild apple. 
Melu'me. J.fn. mildew on vines. 
Membra'na, i./. membrane, ikitt* 
Membrano'so, aJJ. membranous* 
Mc'mbro, s.m. limb, member. 
Mcmbru'lo, a4f> strong-limbed* 
Kfemma. s.f. mud, dirt. 
Memora'bile, M/. "x morable. 
Kl«mQrtt'ndo,Mcmort'fD!c,<i<(/ celebrated. 
Memora're, V. to call tolhlnd. 
Memorait'va, s.f, the mcmoiatlve faculty. 
Memordti'ro, fJiU- meniorative. 
Mrmorafto, part, mentioned, aforeiald. 
Me'morr. aty, mindful, recoiled ing. 
Memo'ria, i./. mrmory, remembrance) 

memorandum : the crown of tlie head, 
Memnrta'ic, t.m, .meniorial, nemonin* 

Mcmorlo'so, aJJ. memorable. 
Memoriii'cca, 4,/, a ilu>rl meownrt 


Me'ni, #./. aegociation, state, coAdUiOBa 
quality, kind, nature. 

MenagcMJ'a, s.f. a menagery. 

Mendgst(/ne, J./, stirring, motion. 

Mund'ltf, J./, the chord of an engine. 

Mcnaroc'otd, s.m, behaviour, a conduct* 
ing ; agitation, motion. 

Meiia'rc, t^. to lead, bring, loosen, pro- 
duce, brget; plot, contrite : menare un 
pugno, to beat, to strike ; mcnar a capo, 
to bring to an end ; menar buono, to 
grant s menar per la Iiinga, to delay | 
mi^nar &maui, to be road for love t 
menar moglie, to narrv ( menar via. 
to take away ; ueoar 1 gtomi, to spend 
one'i days. 

Mcnarro'sio, s.m. a Jack. 

Mena'ta, s.f, a handful ( a leading. 

Mena'to, part, conducted. 

Menato'io, s.m. an instrumeottolead witlik 

Menato're, s,m. a conductor, guide, ma* 
nager, contriver. 

MenaluVa, t./, a joint, notion, agitation, 

M e'ncio, a4/, thin, tender ; also limp, 

Mcoda, i./. amendment, penalty, forfeit} 
defect, vice. 

Menda'ce, a4/. lying, false ; s.m, a liar. 

Meiidacemc'nte, adv. deceitfully. 

Menda'cio, s.m. a falsehood. 

Menda're, v. to amend, to make amends. 

Mendica'nie, aij, begging: un mendt- 
canie, s.m. a beggar; irate meutficanlc, 
a brgging friar. 

Mendira're, t;. to beg. 

Mendica'to, a4/. begged. 

Mcndicalo're, a l)cpgar. 

Mcndicazio'ne, 4./. begging. 

Mcndlcita*, Mendlciiu'de, Mendica'ggin^ 
Mendicagiu'ne, s.f. beggary. 

Mcndi'co, i,m, a beggar. 

Me'nUu, s.m. amendment s vice, fault. 

Menipo&flc'nie, <]<;'. less powrrlul. 

Mendo'so, a^'. faiWy. C^ain. 

Menno, aJj. beard e«9, defective, wanting, 

Mv'no, <!<(/. lets: il meito, the Icavl ; di 
mono, at least ; non possu far di menu, 
I cnnnot forbear; nun !>i puu far 41 
meno, one cannot du otherwise ; a 
mcno, unless ; e^ser da menu, tu be In- 
ferior; venir mcno, 10 grow poor, to 
faint away ; oJv. less ; nulla roeoo, lar 
from iL 

Menomamaroe'nlo, s.m. a decreasing. 

Mcnoma'nia, s./, fault, aapt, diminution, 

Menunu're, Menomena're, Menova're, v» 
to diminish. 

Mc'numo, Me'nlmo, otU* lets, least. 

Menova'lc, Menovt'k^ A(/. iMlgailican^ 
poor, OMan* . 


Me'att, i. /. a ubie ; appareccbiaf k 
niessa, to Uy ibc ciotli ; meosa epia- 
copale, bishop's revenue. 

Mensa'Je, o^'. b^luDging to tiie table. 

Kfc/osoUj i./. a bnckvt, a corbel* 

Mensua'le, aij. iBOOlhiy. 

Mc'ota, i.f. miot. 

Menia'ie, aij. beloufing to the miod, 

Menialmc'iite, aiv. mcotallr. 

Menta'stro, i.m. wild m at. 

Mente, /./. undentandiof, mind, judc- 
incnts willj all'ectiun, memory, con- 
science: por nitrnte, to reflect; im- 
prare a mcnte, to get by heart ; uscir 
di mente, to foi'gei ; sapere a mente, 
lo know by heart » teneie a mcMtr, to 

keotecatta'ggine, i. /. foolishnest. 

MentecaUcfvole, Meoieca'tto, «^/. OMd, 

Meoticu'rvo, t^j: indiaed to madoeai* 

Mrntica're, v. to forget. 

Men i're, v. to lie < mentire le sue parole, 
tu dissemble \ meotirc allrui» to give 
one tlie lie. 

Menti'ta, *,/. a lie. 

Menlitame'ute, aiv. faLsely. 

Meau'to. aii' false, lying, UlMembllDg* 

Mentito're, i.m. a liar. 

Me'ntOr^M. chin. 

>iea;o'aco« adv. later. 

Meatova'ie, lleoxiona'rr, v. to mcDtioD, 

Mcntowa'to, Mi* mentioned. 

Mcatre*, MentrecUe', Miv. whilst % men> 
tre cb'io vivo, as lung as 1 live* 

Mentu'io, «i4r* with a long chin. 

Uenslo'iie, ^./ men t Ion. 

Mes^M/gna, *,f. a lie. 

M<ro20gnaio'rc, ».m. a liar. 

Meaaognc<ro> aJj. lying, false* 

Merame'nte, oat;, mert-iy. 

Msravif lia'rc. See MaraviglUi're, and its 

MercaaieKiaVe, v. to trade. 


Mercanai'a, Mercaianx/a, i. /. goods, 

Mercaia'nte, Merca'nte, i.m. merchant, 
tradesman \ inercante di paono, a 
woollen-draper} marcante di setia, a 
sUk-merccr ; far oreccliie di roercante, 
to pretend not (o mind; roercante in 
digrosao, a wholesale dealer. 

Mercata'bile^ aJj. merchantable. 

Mercataoie'acod^/. mercantile. 

Mercatant(/nc,/.m. an opulent merchant. 
Uttcaln, llercat«'re, cheapen, tnde, 

iferca^to, «.«. market, a bargain* treaty, 
fmm a ri i U ci « .« buoa.inciMUitf chtap . t 


Uereatii'ra, t. /. the art of tradtnr. 

Mtrrce,*./. commodity, roods, nierchafl;* 
diae; recomptnce, reward, desert, de» 
merit; kindness, lavour; pit), mtrcy, 
compassion, hel|i, aid; gran merce,i 
thank you. 

Merceche' ndv. becaose. 

Mtrcc'de,^./. reward. 

Mfrceoariamc'nte, adv, mercenarily. 

Mercena'io, Mercena'no, a^j. mcrcenarfa 

Mercenii'me, $,m, work dene by hire. 

Merceri'a, s^. mercery. 

Mercia'io, s m, mercer. 

Merciaiuo'lo, t.m, a pedlar. 

Mercinio'iiio, i.m. an illicit trade. 

Mercoledi', Mercodi*, s.m. Wcdnesdar* 

Mercoie'lla, t.f. dog's caul, an herb. 

Mercuria'le, aj. mercurial. 

Mercu'rio, *.m, mercury, quicksilrer. 

Mcrdo'cco, i.m. a drug to :ake away baifa 

Mere'nda, »./. bc-ver, collation. 

Mereiida're, v. to eai' one's berer. 

Merendo'ne, j.m. a blockhead. 

Meretrica're, t<. to play the strumpet* * 

Merelr/ce, s. /. a strumpet. 

Meretriciamc'iiK, eula). whoringly. 

Mereiri'cio, j.m. wenching, whoring, a 
1m wd) -house. 

Me'rgerc, t». to plunge. 

Mei go, s.m. a divtr ; a didapper, (a birit) 

Meridia'no. e^. s.m. meridian. 

Meridiona'ie, a4j. southerly : noon. 

Meriggia'oo. Mcrri'gio, ocij. meridian I 
sonno mcriggianc, a nap after dinner. 

Meriggia're, i'. to put one's sell under-a 

Meri'gjio, Meri'gge, s.m. Meri'ggia, i. /. 
mid- day, noon. 

Meriggio'ne, auv. at noon-day. 

Meritame'nic, (uSv. deservedly, rightly, 

Meritanae'nto, i. as. a reward, desert, mesU* 

Mcriia'rc, t;. to deserve, to reward. 

Met ita'tu, fart, deserved, due. 

Merite'vole, a4;.dtM:rving. 

Meritevolmc'nte, adv. deservedly, duly, 

ML-'iiio, t,m. desert, reward, merit, inter* 
est, profit. 

Meritoriamc'nte, adv. meritoriously. 

Mirito'rio,.a((;. mei itoi ious, deserving* 

Mci la're, t». lo build baUlemcnts. 

Morla'to, a4j, indented like battlement!^ 

Mc-r atu'ra, /./• pinnacle, battlement. 

Mcrle'ito, Me'rio, Merhi'szo, s m. lace. 

Me'rio, s.m. a balLlement ; a black'bifiV 

Merlo'tio, s.m, a loggerhead; a young 
black- bird* ^ 

Mrrlu'aao, i.m. a melvcl, {a small cod.) 

MeVo, Oh;, mere \ acqua rocra, clear wa- 
ter I mero imp^iio, absolute* or dc- 
fpotic power* A 


Mf n/ITi, #./. marrow. 

Me'rse. Merse'de. See Me'rce, Meree'de, 

Mesa'ta, t, /. an entire month, a tnontl/i 

• p«y. 

Me'scere, v. to miic or pouf. 
Meichiaine'nto, /.m. McKhia'nza, #. /. 

mixture* a mixing. 
Me«cl)i'n^ j. /. a aerrant-roaid. 
Meflcbinaxcio, t.m. a poor wretch. 
Meichiname'nle, adv. poorly . 
Meschine'JIOt Meichine^ttOj a4f. poor, 

Metcliinita% Meichini% /./. miierjr, po- 
Meschi'no, a^f. mtMrable« poor. 
Me'achio, a^. mixed. 
MeKhi'ta, /./. a Turlclsh mosque. 
Mcscir(/ba, s.m. an ewer. 
. Mesciti/re, t.m. a cup-bearer. 
-'Meaco'ame'nto, t.m. Metcola'nea, s,/. 

mixture, miscellany, a sallad of small 

Mescola're, v. to mix, blend, meddle : 

mescolar 1e carte, to shuffle the card;). 
Mescolatame'nte, adv. promiscuously. 
Mescola'to, part, mixed, blended ; t.m, 

4 mixture, miscellany, medley. 
Mtscolatu'ra, /./. Mescu'glio, t.m. a mix- 
Metcura're, v. to neglect. 
Me'se, t.m. month. 
Mcsenie'nu, t.m. mesentery. 
Me'ssa, i./. a mas4, a service at table; 

alto a slock { a shoot, sprout. 
Measateri'a, /./. an embassy. 
Messdggic're, Messaggic'ro,i.0t. mestcn- 

Messa'ggio, t.m. a mesjenger, message. 
Me'ssale, t.m. missal. 
Me'sse, t./. harteat. 
Messera'tico. s.m. mastership. 
Mene're, t.m. sir, master : mesaersi, yes, 

Messi'a, t.m. the Messiah. 
Mrssio'ne, /. /. remittance ; misaion, 

Mesaiti'ccio, t.m. a bud. 
Mtftao, t.m. mesaenger ; • lergeant or 

beadle ; a course at table. 
Me'aso, ftrt. put, placed : mesio io oro, 

■wrought in gold. 
Messo're, t.m. a reaper. 
Meata're, v. to mix, stir. 
Mescatu^o, t.m. a tool to mix with. 
Mi-'stica, i. /. a print, impreasioa. 
fti -sticaYe, V. to plaster a cloth to paint 

• upon. 

Mestic're, Mrstie'rl, Mestie'ro, t.m. bu* 
sinen, trade, want t ml f* mcatkrt di 
partire, I must go. 

Me^li'za, i./. brackish water* 

Meiti'«ia, *./, mcUMbolyt 


Me'ito, a4/t nd, peMire, sotftarf* 

Me'stola, /. /. a ladle, a trowel^ battle- 
dore, racket ; a blockhead. 

Mestolo^ne, t.m. a i'ool, a loggerhcada 

Me'struoj <i4/. monthly. 

Mettu'ra, /./. a mixture. 

Meta\i/. (he half, moletf, 

Me'ta, /./. limit, boundary. 

Meiaci'smo, t.m. Metaci'smus. • fatilt in 
composition, consisting in the loo fre- 
quent use or the letter M. 

Metafi'sira, t./. mctaphykica. 

Metafisica'ie, MetaA'sico, «[/. meUpbyti- 

Metafo'ra, t. f. metaphor. 

Metafc/rico, a^. metaplAricat. 

Mctaforirza're.T'.to speak metapboricalif ' 

Meta'llico, Mctall/no, adj. Metallic, me- 

Metaliie're, t.m. be who works on metak 

Meta'llo, t.m. metal. 

Metamo'rfosi, Metarao^rfoae, t,f, metiK 

Metapia'smo, t.m. a figure in rhetoric. 

Metate'sJ, /. /. metalhesia, 

Meteo'ra, t.f, a meteor. 

Meieoroio'gico, aij, belonging tometeon* 

Mi'tl'ccio, ai^j. mongrcK 

Metodicame^nte, adv. methodically. 

Meio'dico, (Kf/. metliodicak 

Me'tudo, t.m. method, rule. 

Meto'pio, s.m, a tree so called. 

Metricame'nte, oiv. in versea. 

Me^rico, a^. metrical. 

Mc'(ro, i.m. metre, measure in verw» 

Metrt/poli, t.f. metropolis. 

Melropolita'no, adj. melropoUtaa. 

Me'ttere, v. to put, lay, set, phice, §!(»> 
ate, deposit, propose, present; to shoot 
or bud : mettersi, to set about ( roetterat 
in cammino, to set out ; meiter com- 
passione, to move; meiterai in cuore^ 
to resolve; mettersi • i'are una cosa, 
to begin to do a thing ; mettere In aa- 
setto, to pr pare to settle ; mettere in 
abbandono, to forsake ; mettere in voce* 
to seek, or enquire lor ; metter ia ta- 
vola, to lay the cloth ; metter tavola, 
to feast ; metter ne*e> lo-snow; mcttens 
alia vela, tu set S4ll ; mettere in uno, 
to anger one ; metter aroore, to fix the 
alTectton ; mettere a ftl di spada,io put 
to tlie aword ; mettere a sacco, to pil- 
lage X metter paura, to frighten ; met- 
tere in luce, to publish ; metier bottega, 
to set up in business ; metier indugio, 
to dfiay i metter sotto» to put honMt 
to the carriage ; metier le mani addoa- 
to, to seiie ; metter scala, to cast an- 
chur near shore ; metter sotto lepra, to 

Kt topsy turvy ; mcicenf a corrire,4o 
|ia to nifti mttuni tU* IU44«| \% 


go upon the highwaf ; nctteve addono, 
to accnsr ; ncttere alia via, logetrrady. 
to set out ; mellere a partito, to pro- 
pose ; ncttrre a petlo, to compare ; 
mettere cu6re» to eocounge; metter 
innanzi, to propose ; metter in forae, 
to doubt ; mettere hi no«eUe» to raiJ at; 
metier in puntOk to get remljr ; mettere 
Delia Yia, to sliev one tiie way ; melte^ 
re io opera, to accomplisii, to make 
use or; metter in serbo, to put by. 

M«ttilo'ro, s.m, a gilder. 

MettJto're,«.«n. he who pats. 

Mcttitu'ra, s./. poiition, setting, patting. 

Meszatuo'lo, s.m. a farmer. 

Uezcala'na) s.f. cloth made of wool and 

Mczza'na, J./, the misxen>sail, a square 
brick ; a procuress. 

Mezz an amir nte, aJv. so so. 

Mczzanita*, s. f, mediocrity, mediation. 

Mrzza'oo, s.m. a mediator, intercessor ; 
04/. middle, middling, so so. 

Mfzza're, v. to grow flaggy. 

M«-'zzi'na, s*.f. a pitclier. 

Me'zto, j.m. tlie middle, tlie half; means, 
aid, mediation : ncl niesao del carom!- 
no, half way ; in questo mcazo, in the 
mean wliile ; produrre in mezao, to 
produce ; star di mezso, to stand neu- 
ter'; (orre a mezzo, to take in common; 
mezzo ebriaro, half drunk; senza 
mezzo, immediately; dar!a pel mezzo, 
to renounce appearances, to Iwcorae 
impudent ; andarne dl mezzo, to be a 
victim to. 

Me'zza, aJj. middling. 

■trzzobu'sto, s.m. a bust, or half bust. 

Mezzocc'rcliio, j.m. a semi-circle. 

Mczaocoiyre, s.m. a weak colour. 

Mczzodi*, Mezzodi'e, Mezzogio'mo, s.m. 
noon, noon-day ; also 
of ttie world; the south; south-wind. 

Mczzogra'ppolo, s.m. a kind of grape ; a 
k>ni of thin wine. 

Mezzorilie'vo, t.m, basso. relievo. 

M , pnm. me : mi place, it pleases me. 

Uia^oiame'nto, J.m. Miagola'ta, s. /. 

Miggula're, v. io mew. 

M.c/, aJv, not, not at all. 

Mica'nte, aJJ. shining, bright. 

Mi'cca, i./. pottage, broth, soap. 

Mi'ccia, J./- match. 

Mi'ccia.J. /• Mi'ccio, S.m. a she ass, an ass. 

Mtccic're, t.m. he that rides 00 an ass. 

Micci'no, adj. little. 

Micidia'le, Mici'da, aij, marderlng. 

M-ciMio, J.m. murder. 

Mi'cio, i.m. acau 

Microco'smo, /.m. microcosm. CP^T* 

MicrocoMBOfrt'Aa, /./. aicrocoiaegra* 


Hierotco'pio, /.«. microscope. 

Mido'lla, s.f. marrow, pith, crumb. 

Mido'llo.i.m. marrow, substance, the bdk »^ 

Midollooa'ccio, s.m. a blockhead. ' 

Midollo'so, aJJ. full of marrow. 

Mie'le, Me'le, s.m. honey. 

Mte'tcrc, v. to reap, mow, crop, gather* 

Mietiio're, t.m. a reaper. 

Mictitu'ra, s.f. harvest, crop. 

Mietu'to, fart, mowed, reaped. 

Miga\ adv. not at all. 

Miglia'ccio, J.m. a millet pudding. 

Miglia'io, f.m. a thousand: a migliaioi, hf 

MTixliaro'la, /./. shot, hail-shot. 
Mi'glio, s.m, a mile ; millet, hirse. 
Migliorame'nto, /.m. amendment ; tlio 

Miglion'nza, #. /. excellence, prerofft* 

MigltoraTe, v. to mend, grow better. 
Migiiora'to, part, grown better. 
Mialio're, aij. better, best. 
Mt'gna, s.f. a great many olive bloSMmgi; 
Migna'ita, s.f. a leech. 
Migne'ila,f.m. a miser. 
Mignola're.i;. to bloom, (as the o/hw /rw.) 
Mi'guolo, s.m. tiae little finger, or toe( 

the blossom of olive-trees* 
Migno'ne, s.m. darling. 
Migra're, v, to migrate. 
Mila, //. of MiUe, thousands. 
MilentA'gginr, J./, foolishness* 
Milc'nso, <M/. silly, foolish. 
Milio'ne, s.m. a million. 
Milita'nte, adj. militant. 
Milita're, v. to militate. 
Mihta're, adj. mi.itary : ordlne mill tare, 

Militato're, s.m. a warrior. 
Mi'lite, s.m. a soldier, a knight. 
Mili'zia, t./. militia, the art of wart mi- 

lizie, troops. 
Milla'nta, s.f. thousands and thousands.^ 
Millaiita're, tx. to amplify t miliiutarai, to 

Miilantato're, s.m. a vaunter. 
Millanti-'ria, s.f. Milla'nto, Affi. boasting^ 

bragging, ostentation. 
Mille, s.m. aiJ. tliousand : a millea mille* 

by thousands ; star io sul mille, to lord 

Miilena'rio, Mille'simo, adj. thousandth. 
Mille'dinio, j.m. athousand years, the date 

of coins, arc. 
Mtllefo'giie, s.m. miUbil, (as Arrfr.) 
Milza, i./. the spleen. 
M 'Izo, adj. flabby. 
Mi'roico, MJ. mimic. 
M imo, s.m. a mimic, a bJlToon. 
Mina, s.f. lialf a bushel, a mine. 
Minacce'volei Minaccio'io^oi/.mcoacini 


Mi«a'cc!a, MlnnccUiu'ra, /./. Mtoacdk- 

mc/nto, i.m. threat. 
Mfnaccia're, v. to tlireateo. 
Mina'ccio, s.m, threat. 
Mino're. i>. to mine. 
Minatu'rc, /.m. a miner. 
Minaif/ria ^dj. ihreatenin?. 
Minchion 're, v. to jeat, banter, cosen. 
Minchionatu're, s.m. a raikT. 
Minchionatii'ra, s.f. banter, railery. 
Minchioni^ri'd, s.f. folly, fopperjr ; joke, 

jfsi ; error, fault, 
Winchio'ne, s.m. a blockhead. 
Mnera'lc, alj. mineral ; s.m. minerali. 
Mlnc'sira,*./. pottige, «mjp. 
Mtneitra're, t>. to serve up soup. 
IMinesirir'rej s.m, a aoop-maker. 
Minghcrli'no, adj. thin, 
Mtnia're, t>. to paint in miniature : mini- 

arsi, to paint. 
Minfato're, s.m. a miniature painter. 
Miniatu'ra, t.f. miniature. 
Minie'ra, s.f. mineral, a mine. 
Mmicra'le, adj. mineral. 
Minime'nto, s.m. diminution. 
M.nKma, s.f, a minim in muaic. 
Minima're, v. to diminish. 
Mi'airao, a//, least! frale minim i, mi- 
nim friars. 
Mi'nio, <.fn. rermilion, painting 
M'niste'rio, Ministe'ro, i.f».ministry . 
M>nistra'rc, v. to officiate, ad.iiinister, 

supply, •iTord, fumlsfi. 
Ministratc/re, s.m. administrator. 
Minisirazio'nf, s.f. administration. 
Mini'stro, s.m. a minister, a natter. 
M nora'nza, i./. minority, diminution. 
Minora're, v. to lessen. 
Mlnorati'vo, aiJ. diminutive. 
Mino're, alJ. less, least ; s.m. a minor. 
Minorita*, s.f. minority. 
Mrnotau'ro, s.m. roinotaur. 
Minua'le, a<lj. of n luw descent. 
Mini/gid, s./. Minu'jio, s.m. a gut, intet- 

tine, string of an instrument. 
Minui're, t/. todiminish. 
Minu'vculo, aJJ. Iea>t. 
Minu'ta, S.J. a minute, or draft, (Ai si/r/- 

Mlnuta'glia, /./. am ill ware; the mob. 
Minutamc'nte, adv. minutely, carefu ly, 

nute'zaa, Minuieri'a, /. /. a trifle, 
sraallness; minuteness. 

Minu'to. s.m. a minute, oit». preciwiy, 
very sronll; nj/. thin,i*xa(t, pirticniar: 
venderc a mlniito, to se!i by ri'iaii. 

Minu'zia, s./. a small thing. 

Minuirz:i'm>,j.m. a grrat many bits. 

MtnuaxVre, t*. to consider ; to mince. 

Minuaca'ta, s.J'. leaves Hrewed on tbe 


Minu'nolo, «.m. a mortel. 

Mio, jfrm. my, mine ; s.m. a plant called 

MiVa, /./. aim, Intent: pigliar di mira 
alcuno, to prosecute one. 

Mira'bile, ad), admirable. 

Mirabilme'ate, adv. wonderfully. 

Mirabola'no» s.m. a k nd of plum. 

Miraco'io, s.m, miracle, wonder. 

Miriicolu'oe, s.m. a great prodigy, (<s lu- 
dicrous ivord.) 

M ruculo'ijo, aJJ. m-raculous. 

Mira'glio, i.ffl. a looking-glAsa. 

Mira'ndo, adj. wonderiui. 

Mira're, v. to behold, aim at, ponder* 

Mira'io, part, beheld, viewed. 

MIra'.o're, i.m. a spectator. 

M'ri'ce, s.f. tamarisk. 

Miri'fico, aJJ wonderful. 

Miro, adj. Burpriaing, {inpvtry.) 

M'trra, s.f. myrrh. 

Mirra're, r. to perfume with myrrh. 

Mirte'o, s.m, Mirti'no, adj. of rnVrile, or 
made of m> rtle. 

Mirttr'to.i.m. a myrtle grove. 

Mirii'Jlu, s.m. a myrtle berry. 

Mi'rto, j.m. m>rlle'lree. 

Misa'lia, s.f. pirkl?d pork. 

MisatiM're, v. to pickle pork. 

M)«4'otro|>o, s.m. a man-hater. 

Misaweduiumc'nte, adv. unaware!. 

Misavvenime'nto, s.m. misfortune. 

Miiavveni're,Miscade're,Y». tomisltappen. 

Misavventu'ra, s.f. mischance. 

Misce'a. s.f. oldatufl'if, tnltcs; a medley. 

Miscelja'n.'o, adj. mi^cellancuu<i. 

Mi'schia, .<./. not, fra;', dispute. 

MiKhia'nta, Mischia'ia,.f./.Misch{arai.-'a- 
to, s.m. mixture, medley. 

MiscliiVe, Ti. to mix, blend ; strive, 
quarrel : mischiarsi, to intermeddle. 

Mischintamc'nCe, adv. confusedly. 

M'schia'io, t.m. Miscbiatu'ra, s,f, a mix- 
ture, medley. 

Mi$chia't:>, a//, mixed. 

Mi'schio, mixture. 

MisconoKce'nte, a(/. ingrate. O^t, 

Miacono'^cerv, Miscogno'acere, v. to de- 
spise, not to carr for. Ohs, 

Miscunte'ntn, a.lj, di^ialisfied. O&f. 

Miicrede'nte, aiJ. miscreant. 

Miscrede'naa, s.f. Incrdulity. 

Miscrc'dcre, V. to miabeiiete. 

Miscu'glio, s.m. a mixture, adulteration. 

MisdKre, ti. to contradict. 

Miiera'bile, Mist re'vole, a4J. miserable. 

Misorabllila*, J. ''. calamity. 

Mi«erabilme'nie, div. poirly, miacrablr. 

Miwc-ra'tciij, s.m. poor wretch.«'nte, adv. miserably* 

Misera'iido, ni/. wretched. 

Miwrasio'iie, i. /• companltfiu 


Misere'llo, aij. wretched. 

Miserv're, taterj. have pity on roe. 

Mise'i'ia, /./. wretchedness, avarice. 
Miaericc/rdia, i./, mercy. 

Misericordiosaroe'nte, adv. mercirully. 

Misericordio'ao, Miseiicordie'rois. aiJ. 
mcrciiul, compassiunate, I .mentable, 

U.'iero, alj. sad, wretched, pi>or, wicked, 

Miferta*. s.f. Biinglnesa, misery, pover- 
ty. oA/. 

Misla're, t'. to do wrong, to contravene. 
MisiVtTo, J.m. misdeed* 

Misi'atto're s.m. a malefacior. ObJt 

Mi-gra.ii'to, aiJ. un^^itc^ui. 

Mi'si, s.m. a kind of ininrral. 

MJslea'le, aJJ. disloyal. 

H.sieiitaS s./. dsloyalty. 

Mispre'iidere, v. lo rebuke. 

MDSiona'no, t.fn. a missionary. 

Mivsio'ne, J./l misiion. 

Mistame^nte, adv. mixedly. 

Miste'rio, Mistc'ro, s.m. mystery, secr^'t. 

Misteriosame'ate, Mislcrialme'nte, adv. 
inysleTlousI;.. [scure. 

Misiero'so, Misti'co, adj. mystical, ob- 

Mi8ticrfme*nte, aiv. mystically. 

M'St'Cita', J /■. mystery. 

Mjjtio'ne, s.f, mixture. 

Miiito, part, roinuled. 

MistuVa, s.f. mixture. 

MKveni're, v. to taint away, to miscarry. 

MisvcntH'ra, s.f. a misfortune. 

Miiu'ra, s.f. mcisure, rule, orlerj re- 
compence ; time or measure in music: 
romper Ic misur^, to batile: fuor di 
misum, aJv. exceisively ; a misura Che, 
according a«. 

Miiiira'bile, alJ. m-jasurable. 

Mis^ralne'nt^>, s.m. mv-asuring. 

Mijjra'nz :», s.f. measure. 

Mi.'-ura're, v. (o measure, jionder. 

Miiuratame'nle, adi: raoderatvly. 

M'suraie'zaa, s.f. moicraiion. 

M lura'to, ^jr*. measured. 

Mukir.'li/re, s.m. a Ian l-sui-veyor. 

Misura* lo'iie, s.f. measure. 

Misure'volc, adj. measura'>le. 

M'susa're, t>. to abuse, misuse* 

Misu'so, s.m. abuse* 

Mi'ie, nV. gentle, mild. 

Miteme'nte, adv. mildly. 

Mi'lera, s.f. » pa,)e< mitre put on the 
hrad of a malefactor. 

Miter./re, z: to put on the above men- 
tiancd mitre. 

II icri'no, adj. roguish. 

Uiri'dto, i.m. m«tiiod. 

Miligame'nlo, s.m. mitigation. 

Miiiga're, v. lo paL-ify, assuag«» 
M.tigatl'TO/ 4^'« lenitive. 


Mitiga'to, part, allayed, cased. 

MftiKNCiv/ne, s.f. mitgation. 

Mitoiogi'a, s.f. mythology. 

Mito'ioga, s.m. a mytltoluijist. 

Mi'tra, Mitr.'a, Mi'teri, s.f. a mitre. 

Milra're, Mitria're, Mitera're, v. to make 
a bisiiop. 

M.tra'tii, a4J. mitred. 

Miirida'tj, s.m. milhridate. 

Mi'va, /./. A syrup of' quince juice, su^'ar 
and honey. 

Mo, adv. now, at present: mo su, mo giu, 
up and down. 

Mobila're, v. to furcish. 

Mo'bile,j.fl}. moremects, moveables, adj, 
light, moveable. 

MobiWta', *./. mobility, inconstancy. 

Mucaj^rdo, s.m. a kuidof hair-cloih. 

Moce'od, s.m. s.f. a blockhead; also 
idleness, or foolishness. 

Moccica're, v. to be lull in the nose. 

Moi'clch/no, s.m. a handkerchief. 

Mocrico'ne, s.m, a d-.ince. 

Moccicuneri'a, *. /. foolishness. 

MoccioLo'KO, Moccio'so, adj. snotty. 

Moccio, t.m. sn-it. 

Mocco!a'ia, s.f. mushroom. 

Mo'ccolo, s.m. snufTof a candle, or lampp. 
a hodgie; the tip of tir; nose. 

Mj'co, s.m. vsiclies. 

Mi/di, s.f. mode, fashion. 

Mjdinalu'ra, j./. setting in order. 

Mo'dino, Myctinr, s.m. moduie, an as* 
irological instrument. 

M<)'d:nio, s.m, mould, model,nelting sticky 

Model la're, v. to frame. 

Modi'llaio'ic, s.m. a model-maker* 

Modi-'iio, j.ffi. a m;)del, rule. 

Modeni're, v. to moderate. 

M.) lentiTje'nte, adv. moderately. 

Mjdcr^'io, aJJ. modirate. 

Mo lt•r;ito'r^, s.m. a moderator. 

Mjdfraitio'ne, Mo-k-ra'nza, s.f. Modera- 
me'iito, s.m. modcra'ton. 

Midername'nte, iiJv. ne*ly, lately. 

M.>lc'rno, adJ modern, recent. 

M id'^stia, s.f. modeUy. 

Modi-'sto. adj. modest. 

M> li'^ca'r?, V to m.Klify, limit, regulate- 

Modifica'to, adj. limited, moderated. 

.VI idificaaio'ne, s.f. modification. 

Mo'd'o, s.m. a builiel, (a Latin zutrd.) 

Mo'dOj s.m. manner, fashion, custom^ 
beh.ifiour; a mood of a verb: Irovac 
mjdo, lo find the wiy; ollre modo,. 
ver/ much ; por modo, to set bounds, 
to moleraie ; di modoche, inasmuch ;. 
a mio moio, At I plr'asc; ad opni mo- 
do, b)- all means; far di mjdo, to e* 
deavoar ; In cbe modo, how so ? 

M^dul/re. MoJola,'re, v. tQ moduUtfl^ 


Sitodulnxi(/ne, .<./. actof tuoiiif. 

M /dulo, a ntodcl. 

M(/gglo, s.m. a certain mearare of corn ; 
magpio di gmno, h Im hcl ufcorn. 

Mo'gio, aJj. dull, Ktipid. 

Moglla'ma, Moglie'ino, i./. ray wife. Oif. 

Moglia'l.i, s./. thy wife. obj. 

Moglia'sxo, s.m. nuptials. 

Mc/glie, Moglic'rd, Moglic'rp, «./. a wife. 

Mot'ne, s.f. pi. endcartnenti, aUureoienti. 

Moinie'rei t.m. a coaxer. 

Mo'la, /./. miU*itone, tympanyi moon- 

Mola'to, a^. sharpctied. 

Mo'iCe, imperf. v. it aisuafe*. 

Mole, /. /. a heap, mast, pile, ttnicture : 
J'iinnien«a raole del roondo, tlie rMi 
structure of the world ; la raoie dell' 
imperio, weight of command. 

Molc'nda, /. /. m i lie r*! toll. 

Mo!e«tame'nie, adxt. grlevoiiiily, aadly* 

MoU'iitamc'nto, ji.m. vexation. 

Molenta're, v. to fnolesi.vex, disquiet. 

Mnlestatore, J.m.a trouble^ume man. 

MolertK'Tole, Moleite'vile, adj. trouble- 
some, uneany. 

Molc'.'tia, /./. molenation. 

Molc'tto, aJj. troublc^me, irksome 

Mulla, i. /. a spring of a lock. 

Molla'me, soft ftcsh. 

Moll./rf, V. to loo94>n, unbend, be easy. 

Mt/\^c,aJj. wet, weak, feeble, voluptuous, 
kind, good-liumourcd ; noft, tender; 
s.m. a miirshy place, a safe retreat. 

Mo'tle, M(/lli, S.J. pi. lungs. 

Molleggi/re, v. tu spring. 

Mollcme'nte, aUv, weakly, slowly ; ttte- 
mlnatciy, coldly, heavily. 

Molle'tie, s.f. pi. pincers. 

Ifolle'zxa, s.f. sottncsi, delicacy^ moist- 
neis, eifeminacy. tenderness. 

Molli'ra, s.f. crumb. 

Molli'ccio, adj. soil, wet. 

Mollificame'nto, s.m. a molHfyinf. 

Mollifica're, v. to mollify, soften* 

Mulll/icati vo, alj. softening. 

Mollifica'to, ^irr. molliftrd. 

Molii/icasio'ne, s.f. niollificAlioa* 

Molii'rc, V. to soften. 

MollitiVo, aij. softening, 

Moili'xie, /. /. loftnesi. 

Moliyre, Molli/me, s.m. dampncti* 

Moio, s.m. mule, p'er, 

Molo'sso. s.m, a buil-dog. 

Molti'ccio, s.m. mud, dirt. 

Molttfo'rme, a-ij, of many shapes. 

Moltipa'ro> aiJ. britiginf fortli many tt a 

Moltiplica'bilo, a</. mnUipUeablo. 

Moliip'icaV,i'. to moUlplv. 

Moliiplicasio'ne, s.f. MoUipUcame'Qto, 
$M» mUdplication* 


MoTttptfcfta', *./. multipltcltf . 
Molti'pllce, s.m. rauUiplicaiion. 
Moliltu'dlne, s.f. multitude. 
Molio, aij. much, m my, very : molla fa- 

miji'lia, a great family; multo bcl.'o, 

very pretty I molto nicglio, much bef. 

ter ; molto bcllitsimo, very handsome ; 

mo!to a liuon ora, v< ry early: molto^ 

adv. m ich,g!«atly: molto, j.m. a great 

Momeittaneame'flte, aiv, shortly. 
Momen'a'neo. aJj. momcntaneoun. 
Mome'nio, s.m. momentt importance : 

'affare di momenta, business of conse- 
Mo'naca, s.f, a nun. 
Monaca'l ', Monachilc, aij. monkish. 
MonacaVc, v. tu shut up in a nunnery. 
Monaca'ro,/.fn. the inoiiaitic stale. 
Mon^ch/no, s.m. a gnat-mapper, \a blrd)i 

Monachi'smo, s.m. » monkish life. 
Mo'naco, s.m. a monk ; a marten,(a hlrd.) 
Mona'na.j.m. monarch. 
Mima'rchia, t.f. monarchy. 
Mona'rrliico, Monarca'le, «<{/. monar- 

Mona'ro, s.m. a miller. 
Mona'sreru, Mona<te'rio, t.m. coavent. 
Mona'siico, aJj. monastic. 
Monilieri'no, s.m. an handlcss arm* 
Mo'nco, ai/. maimed, defective. 
Mond4 rr 10, s.m.n bid mischievous world*